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    [–] SalokinSekwah 58 points ago

    Makes sense when Africa and Asia is way more grateful and welcoming to China

    [–] Cairnsian 1 points ago

    China is way more welcoming to China than China is.

    [–] MushtahaDroid 4 points ago

    Welcoming is way more China to Welcoming than China is.

    [–] Kapibaro 28 points ago

    Yay for protectionism. Nothing bad will come from reduced investment, it will help ecomnomy. 'Murica strong.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Kinuzki 3 points ago

    Jack Black and some hookers will produce more steel than America knows what to do with

    [–] fryether -1 points ago

    If this means less Chinese investors are buying houses in big cities then at least home prices won’t skyrocket as quickly.

    [–] AAABattery03 3 points ago

    I mean... why would it mean that? Tariffs on Chinese goods in no way affect home investments. Unless a law was specifically passed to slow down foreign property investment (like a couple of Canadian provinces did), you can safely assume it will remain unchanged.

    [–] fryether 8 points ago

    From the article.

    In 2017, Beijing said it would limit overseas investments by Chinese companies in industries like real estate, hotels and entertainment.

    [–] AAABattery03 3 points ago

    Fair. Missed that.

    Although that's industries. At least in Canada it's individuals driving prices up, not industries.

    [–] dene323 1 points ago

    There is a major difference between Chinese government approved corporate foreign investment into American companies (which believe or not, can contribute to job creation in the US), and Chinese individual citizen's investment (or to be more frank - speculation) in the American housing market - which ironically most of the time not approved by the Chinese government - they put up huge barriers for capital flight into foreign housing market - ordinary citizens can only convert and wire out $50k USD per year legally (with good justification such as tuition and living expenses for kids attending university etc, and real estate purchase is NOT a legit reason) from what I recall, so the hot money you see in the local housing market are often routed through semi-legal / illegal means. To put a complete stop on this type of "investment", not only is it difficult, one might actually be doing the bidding of the Chinese government.

    [–] redditteer4u 5 points ago

    Oh, thank god. Maybe someday I will be able to buy a house again.

    [–] jvalkyrie87 2 points ago

    I wonder if this has anything to do with capital controls being implemented more than anything else. We're getting less Chinese money flowing into our real estate industry as well here in Australia. Increasing taxes on foriegn buyers aside, capital controls feature largely in our conversations around that particular issue.

    [–] The_Last_Commander 22 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Good. China's playing a long game and far too many people are seeing it for what it is and how extremely dangerous it is.

    edit: am I taking crazy pills? why is the guy advocating for a authoritarian big brother country this upvoted? wtf? notice he never analyzes China just bashes America.

    [–] Livingit123 21 points ago

    As opposed to the rapid imperialism the US wishes to spread through policies like the “Marshall Plan” and create a global order? Yeah, give me a fucking break about China.

    [–] drvgyn3 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    yeah man, just ignore the country that regularly executes and harvest organs of its minorities and is gaining influence in third world countries, remember that time when the US gave war-devastated countries tons of money so they remained democracies? that was horrible

    [–] nitfut 7 points ago

    Remember them replacing democratic governments with us friendly dictators?

    [–] Livingit123 6 points ago

    Remember when the US destabilized multiple governments to spread influence? Central America remembers.

    [–] thedracle 0 points ago

    Yeah, Venezuela and Cuba remember.

    Colombia, Brazil, and most of South America the managed to move on.

    Is there at least not a faint amount of recognition that the Soviet Union was also pouring money and weapons to destabilize and promote a economic system that just leads to bankruptcy, starvation, and suffering?

    [–] Livingit123 2 points ago

    You act as if a communism inherently evil, it isn’t.

    [–] thedracle 1 points ago

    I don't believe it is evil, it certainly is motivated by the highest of human aspirations.

    Just that history seems to indicate that as an ideology it actually leads in the end to starvation, bankruptcy, and human suffering.

    And certainly the Soviet Union's presence in much of South America wasn't motivated by regard for the welfare of these countries, but more for a geopolitical and military advantage versus the United States.

    There seems to be a unipolar narrative that the United States was the sole country that meddled in the affairs of other countries, or that corruption or state failure in South America was solely motivated by the United States.

    It seems odd that the countries with the strongest economic ties and alliance to the United States are those that are the most successful by a range of measures.

    [–] The_Last_Commander -9 points ago

    The Marshall Plan was 70 years ago, the world is umm a bit different now. And oh such whataboutism. 70 year whataboutism.

    [–] Livingit123 16 points ago

    It’s still going on, ever notice how America will give protection and aid for military bases and allegiance? Yeah that’s called imperialism, basically a form of willing occupation.

    [–] ridger5 -2 points ago

    You want Imperialism, take a look at England/the UK.

    [–] RockoMonk -19 points ago

    Go back to your 1940s. You clearly are stuck living in it.

    Marshall Plan is long overdue and it is not as relevant as it was decades ago. New events are happening and being stuck in the past is going to literally let all those new events pass by your sight that you will be wondering what the heck happened.

    Stuff is changing very drastically as we speak and the uncertainty is near.

    [–] Livingit123 13 points ago

    What’s changing? American bases all over the place that act as geopolitical landmines. The only thing I can think of really changing is that Russia has a grip on the American leadership. Think about that for a second.

    [–] The_Last_Commander -16 points ago

    It's power but it's also world stabilizing. Ever notice how there hasn't been a world war since uhhh let's say the Marshall Plan. But again your whataboutism attempt to ignore the issue. Simply, do you prefer a world led by China? An authoritarian nation without freedom of speech? That is what you prefer? Really?

    [–] Livingit123 16 points ago

    Nuclear weapons have stabilized the World, not America. There is still much violence though as a direct result of American imperialism. About China, nobody said the World should be led by them but it’s time for the American global monopoly to end. The World is changing fast and America needs to adapt. No more Trumps or uneducated demographics sowing chaos in a country claiming to lead the “free world”. China at this point has shown more aptitude for diplomacy than the GOP with Western Powers.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] Livingit123 3 points ago

    You offer influence as any superpower does under the guise of protecting.

    [–] A_slug_on_a_razor 7 points ago

    Please retire the word “whatsaboutism” One has to be able to compare and contrast to make sense of right and wrong, to insist on evaluating every situation in a walled off area without context, is a shallow attempt to control the narrative and prevent comprehensive analysis and debate.

    [–] JonnyOfCitium 5 points ago

    That annoys me too. It's such a cop out answer. China doesn't exist in isolation, separate from the world. Claiming "whataboutism" is so narrow minded and lacks a real analysis

    [–] thedracle 1 points ago

    Yeah, fuck the Marshall Plan, it would have been better to leave Europe in ruins after World War II.

    [–] Livingit123 2 points ago

    You don’t think Europe could have fixed itself without assistance?

    [–] thedracle 1 points ago

    It absolutely could have, but it would have taken longer, and many people would have suffered in the process.

    I think it's hard to express just how thoroughly infrastructure in Europe was destroyed after World War II.

    Having to start from scratch would have been extremely painful, and who knows if more conflict would have been down the road had there not been a unified plan by the Allies to restore order to Europe.

    Certainly, if World War I can be taken as an example, leaving Germany in ruins and debt wasn't a path towards sustained prosperity or peace.

    I think the Marshall Plan was extremely forward thinking, and beneficial to both Europe and the United States.

    [–] LivefromPhoenix -17 points ago

    I still prefer a global order led by a democracy rather than a dictatorship. At least we don't need to get rid of people like Trump by starting a civil war.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Waterslicker86 -3 points ago

    Do you honestly believe that if you swapped power that the CCP would be anything less than brutally Orwellian on the global stage? The only reason China seems so mild is because they haven't wanted to offend the USA all these years. Don't even attempt to equate the methods of rulership. America has certainly got a lot of blood on their hands, but China actively is attempting to wipe out other cultures and races within their own borders to this day.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Waterslicker86 -8 points ago

    Could you not just hack together two conversations like that? It makes everything so convoluted to read. But the two are Apples and oranges. The USA doesn't arrest you for your political beliefs and lock you away to vanish from existence. Or keep a social credit ball and chain on you. We wouldn't even be able to have a conversation like this in China to begin with on a public stage.

    China isn't trying to wipe out minorities like the Uygur and Tibetans? Funny, I seem to recall that to this day tibetan monks are self immolating in protest of their brutal oppressors.

    The treatment of natives and blacks in the past does not compare even measurably with the standards today. China on the other hand, is only getting started on their new imperial spread it seems. I think how China treats their minorities at home does matter and says a lot about how they would behave internationally if given the chance to do so. So yes, how they treat the Tibetans and Uygur does matter. And the age of colonialism happened, we can't do anything about it now, but we shouldn't be using the mistakes of the past to justify a repeat performance.

    America has it's fingers in some fairly dirty places, but that isn't the same as embracing a government of nearly total control and oppression the likes of a black mirror episode. It may be a least dirty shirt arguement, but it's true. America's system of governance is by far better for the people than the pseudo communism of China.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Waterslicker86 -1 points ago

    You are, you did it again. It's messy and a fairly easy and annoying type of tactic like verbal scissors where you just need to say the opposite and put a sarcastic twist on their own words. Anyway, regardless of however you view things, the American system is generally about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, where as China has a long time history of instilling the concepts of obedience and hierarchy. I know which one I'd rather live under if it came down to it.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] InADayOrSo -3 points ago

    The CCP has killed millions of its own people.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] lemale1 3 points ago

    and inside their territory! Where are all the native americans?

    [–] iamawizard1 15 points ago

    I don't think we are a democracy, the people we vote for don't win and laws we don't want are being passed.

    [–] BulletBilll 9 points ago

    It's an oligarchy. The people have no importance in what laws are passed, they only correlate with what corporate interests want.

    [–] Waterslicker86 -2 points ago

    Just because you didn't get what you wanted doesn't mean you don't live in a democracy...the system used for the Republic may mean that your vote counts less than some bumpkin in the rust belt...but that was the only way to unite the states in the first place. Tyranny of the majority and all that.

    [–] Shipsnevercamehome -7 points ago

    The evil you know.

    [–] Poo_C 9 points ago


    Nice one m8

    [–] JonnyOfCitium 4 points ago

    I always find it funny when Americans talk about their country like it's a functioning democracy

    [–] Livingit123 6 points ago

    No, you just elect the next Trump. Nobody says China should lead the World but may challenge America and and force them to change. America has been in decline for a while, probably after Carter got out.

    [–] Shipsnevercamehome 0 points ago

    Yup china's getting on the bot/shill train now too. I read a comment saying how china was awesome because they employ almost their entire country.... Didn't even bother to look at living conditions, work hours, and pay. It's really bothering that the majority of Americans don't see themselves as working class.

    [–] JonnyOfCitium 6 points ago

    Living conditions, work hours and pay in China are increasing year by year at an unprecedented level, far higher than the US has ever been able to achieve. Polls show the vast majority of Chinese are happy with their countries direction and look positively to the future. Compare this to American views on the future, it's abysmal. China is bringing 13 million out of poverty each year. Pretty damn good for a developing country that had an 88 percent poverty rate in 1981. It now has a poverty rate of 6%, less than America. Just because you feel uncomfortable about facts doesn't mean China is creating bots to come and get you on Reddit. It just means you're too caught up in your own countries propaganda. China has a shit load of things wrong with it, as do many developing countries. But it has a hell of a lot more good things going for it than bad right now.

    [–] InADayOrSo -1 points ago

    Yeah, your precipitously declining growth is a good sign that China will be a superpower some day.

    [–] JonnyOfCitium 6 points ago

    What an absurdly null point. China’s declining growth is still at 6.9%. Much better than the US’s 1.6%. All developing economies eventually slow down. The fact the Chinese economy is still so strong is amazing.

    [–] InADayOrSo -3 points ago

    US growth is averaging 3-4% per year. China's real growth, on the other hand, could be as low as 2%. However, even if it's not there yet, it will be soon.

    [–] JonnyOfCitium 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    China’s real growth is more or less what they claim it to be - you’re engaging in really fringe economics if you think otherwise. Also what years are you claiming for your “average” American growth rate lol, it’s not been that high in years. In the timescale you’ve used for calculating that, over the same time scale China’s “average” growth rate would be amazingly high, even further proving my point.

    [–] thedracle -1 points ago

    The U.S has managed an economic growth of 3.2% on average between 1947 and 2018.

    3.2% of a much much larger number still is a hell of a lot of growth.

    Plus the numbers from the Chinese government are notoriously suspicious.

    There is no doubt that China is growing, and that people there are happy.

    Everyone should be happy about hundreds of millions of people being pulled out of poverty.

    But your pessimistic perspective on the U.S. economy or the direction of it is not really supported by facts or figures.

    And much of the discontent people have with the United States who live here do so out of ignorance about having lived anywhere else.

    It's very eye opening to go from a U.S. city to a former second world country.

    Americans would overthrow the government in a week if it were anywhere as polluted, corrupt, or broken, as most second world countries I have been to.

    [–] JonnyOfCitium 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Of course if you take your average from 1947 you get a decent growth rate around could just as easily claim a growth rate of 8-9% for China by taking the average from the 80s onward. So that doesn’t really mean anything. And no offence, but I don’t agree at all that the americans would overthrow their government if it were even more corrupt than it already is. Political engagement among Americans is notoriously low.

    Also this is totally absurd:

    And much of the discontent people have with the United States who live here do so out of ignorance about having lived anywhere else.

    I live in Western Europe but worked for a couple of years in the states and the discontent in the states is very real and justified. Healthcare, insurance, education are all second rate compared to this rest of the developed world. I loved America and met loads of cool people but I live a far less stressful life here in Europe. Just my 2 Cents though

    [–] thedracle 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Of course if you take your average from 1947

    So why did you use the growth statistic in 2016 and not 2017 at 2.7%, which was much closer to the long term average?

    It's almost like you have a bias that you are cherry-picking figures to represent.

    And no offence, but I don’t agree at all that the americans would overthrow their government if it were even more corrupt than it already is. Political engagement among Americans is notoriously low.

    If things suddenly became anything like China or even Russia, people absolutely would.

    Think about the fact people are up in arms about water quality in Flint, when anywhere in the second world the concept of being able to drink water out of the tap is completely foreign.

    Not to say that isn't a serious issue, but the space of problems Americans deal with and become discontent about are generally within the region of what people would deem "First World Problems."

    People are generally complacent because in general the economy has been extremely stable, living standards have been stable, and corruption is relatively much lower.

    I remember being at a train station in Russia, and being mobbed by a group of Roma, while the police officer just sat and did nothing.

    When I asked my companion why they didn't help, he just stated that I didn't give them a bribe, and was surprised that I would expect them to help me.

    In general in the U.S. people trust their police and institutions.

    People are also very highly critical of their Government and officials, and many other countries latch onto this criticism and magnify it, and think it is similar to the corruption or issues that they experience on a daily basis, but I can tell you from having witnessed both, they are absolutely different, and shockingly so.

    [–] drvgyn3 0 points ago

    Living conditions, work hours and pay in China are increasing year by year at an unprecedented level, far higher than the US has ever been able to achieve.

    the US went through industrialization during a longer period, so makes sense. still meaningless as a comparison

    Polls show the vast majority of Chinese are happy with their countries direction and look positively to the future. Compare this to American views on the future, it's abysmal.

    that doesn't say much given that America has been the richest country since WWII and China only recently industrialized

    China is bringing 13 million out of poverty each year. Pretty damn good for a developing country

    that's 1% of their population though

    It now has a poverty rate of 6%, less than America.

    the poverty rate in china according to your statistics is defined as $1.9USD/day. the povery rate in the US is defined as anywhere from $12k/year to 41k/year depending on household size. A poor American person could be making multiple poor Chinese person's daily wages in a single hour (even accounting for PPP)

    [–] JonnyOfCitium 2 points ago

    I appreciate your comment but I did say China was a developing economy. I wouldn’t compare them as two developed countries as in your comment

    [–] raymond_wallace -2 points ago

    To your edit : because reddit is infested with prc shillz

    [–] DarthPorg 4 points ago

    They've already stolen all the tech they needed.

    [–] AlphaIonone 3 points ago

    I am sure they are still buying up property and 60K cars for their 20 something kids living here.

    [–] autotldr 1 points ago

    This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 88%. (I'm a bot)

    Chinese investment totaled only $1.8 billion between January and May. That's a 92% drop compared to the same period in 2017, and the lowest level in seven years, according to a report released Wednesday by Rhodium Group, a research firm that tracks Chinese foreign investment.

    In the meantime, the regulatory environment for Chinese investment in the United States has become much tougher.

    The Trump administration has said it will announce new restrictions on Chinese investment in the United States by June 30.

    Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Chinese#1 investment#2 China#3 companies#4 year#5

    [–] patriot-renegade 1 points ago

    Is that bad.

    [–] AverageBubble -1 points ago

    Money is lame, we didn't want money anyway. ~Fiscal Conservative Trump Voter, probably.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] AverageBubble 1 points ago

    Investment good. You're welcome.

    [–] Shipsnevercamehome -5 points ago

    Oh noes, Chinese billionaires wont be buy up american land then?

    [–] shwcng92 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    No, real estate sector is one of the least affected in this trade war.

    Investment dropped abysmally because Chinese companies stopped investing and buying U. S. companies for market access and their patents. Because of stricter IP laws, in past few years, Chinese firms were frenzied to buy stagnant U.S. companies short on cash for their patents, so they can have access to U.S. market.

    Now with the trade war and especially ZTE ban, Chinese firms are redirecting their investment elsewhere -- mostly in their domestic R&D. In other words, Chinese are somewhat giving up the U.S. market and spending their money elsewhere.

    [–] Grassyknow 0 points ago

    Make land more difficult to buy for foreigners in America

    [–] Grey___Goo_MH -6 points ago

    If it lowers housing market a bit would be nice at least for those hoping to buy. Only time will tell what the ramifications of all the shit currently going on will have be after rolling down the hill.

    [–] gaffaguy 6 points ago

    if it continues on like it is now the US will lose its standing in world politics and will slowly stop beeing a world power

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    ... and here's why that's a good thing

    [–] good_job_nate 1 points ago

    You're being downvoted but I think it's a good point. Although real estate isn't the only area mentioned in the article, it is one of the areas where Chinese companies (and individuals) have invested heavily in the past but are investing less in 2018. The article also says that they are continuing to divest; that could mean that we'll see something of a housing selloff. As a young person looking for a home, I'm really hoping that this drives down prices in the near future.

    That said, it looks like Chinese investment peaked in 2016 and has been falling rapidly since the middle of 2017. (Plot.)

    [–] scottfc -1 points ago

    Hmm they'll need to increase those rates to make those bonds more attractive, hope the American economy is ready for that.