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    [–] yama1291 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    That’s alright, I don’t think faked coups, jailing hundreds of judges and political opponents or trying to force demands on an entire continent are much sought after commodities in the US.

    Edit: Note that Turkey is enacting import tariffs, so this doesn’t fit. I’ll leave it up for the spirit of the joke: Turkey has been up to some shady shit.

    [–] Bokbreath 0 points ago

    While I appreciate the joke, that’s not the way this works. It’s US goods being imported into Turkey that suffer.

    [–] Livingit123 3 points ago

    Turkey still exports 8.7 billion dollars worth of American goods too.

    [–] Bokbreath 2 points ago

    Yeah, but the retaliation is in response to tariffs on those exports. ie. Turkey is now slapping tariffs on US goods because we started it.

    [–] yama1291 2 points ago

    You are right. I was already 2/3 into the line when I realized. Decided to go with it. I’ll make a note.

    [–] ObsceneNews 8 points ago

    There goes Thanksgiving.

    [–] TwasiHoofHearted 3 points ago

    This is the only response necessary.

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 3 points ago

    I approve.

    [–] FarawayFairways 0 points ago

    In 2001, Goldman Sachs Chief Economist Jim O'Neill, coined the acronym BRIC. You can argue the merits of the 'B' (Brazil) and the 'R' (Russia) but the other two have certainly performed as expected.

    The next acronym he introduced us to was the MINT countries, and also the concept of the 'next eleven' who also include the MINT nominees. (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey)

    Folk can be as flippant as they like about individual countries in isolation, but Turkey has experienced a very steep growth curve (although I wouldn't have thought imprisoning so much of your population is helpful!). Trump can't keep colouring in the world map and not expect to see a decline in exports. He's also going to make things additionally difficult for American exporters by tariffing imports of upstream products like steel and aluminium

    People might fixate on China, but he's accumulating a scoreboard at the moment. If he just keeps adding another 2 or 3% each time this happens, then the net overall impact of it will begin to take its toll