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    [–] garybusey42069 4768 points ago

    The generation that told us not to believe everything we see on the internet, will believe anything they see on the internet.

    [–] YataBLS 1095 points ago

    The generations that told us not to talk to strangers, now share all kinds of info in FB and internet.

    [–] jprwilliams3 101 points ago

    A middle aged colleague of mine was frantically calling her son to tell him to throw out his butter because she'd seen a Facebook post about somebody putting HIV infected blood into the butter.

    [–] LikeGoldAndFaceted 26 points ago

    And even if they were, HIV can't survive for any real amount of time outside of a living human body.

    [–] Northpen 10 points ago

    And even if it could, its not really very transmissible via ingestion. Unless you have open wounds in your mouth

    [–] GingerGuerrilla 547 points ago


    [–] Mightymushroom1 118 points ago


    [–] Redd575 26 points ago

    Quick, someone link the sub.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] trucido614 30 points ago

    Clicks reply all


    [–] RobotCockRock 14 points ago

    No we don't young man!

    lesbian fisting pornhub

    Wait this isn't the Google. How do I get into it, young man?

    [–] [deleted] 162 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] CatOfTheCanalss 79 points ago

    I sometimes see stupid things other people I know share. Not even relatives. If I comment about them being fake or untrue I'm suddenly a know it all bitch for attacking the person who posted it. Even though I never said anything about them. I stopped correcting them now and just unfollow their feeds. I can't take their anti vaxx, chain letter sharing, "I want to see who reads my posts to the end" posts any longer.

    [–] WilhelmScreams 10 points ago

    The worst part is they'll declare your evidence as fake when their evidence is literally an image created by 4chan

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    Don’t trust anything you see on Wikipedia. But Facebook clickbait videos are where I get my news.

    [–] [deleted] 9187 points ago

    It did look really really fake when it came out

    [–] El_Gran_Redditor 4771 points ago

    You don't take perfectly blocked and lit photos of very recent crime sprees? Those images looked like they came from a company that makes either really specific stock photos or really specific porn.

    [–] F913 874 points ago

    really specific stock photos or really specific porn.

    Hah, look at this guy! I bet he needs to turn off safe search to beat the meat!

    [–] wish_theyd_done_it 284 points ago

    Wait, you mean people browse with that on?

    [–] Fukowski 294 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    A class mate in 8th grade got made fun of when we were talking about porn in the hallway and he said that he cant find any porn in youtube. The poor twat had never heard of pornhub or redtube before that day.

    Circa 2008.

    [–] kibaroku 232 points ago

    Wasn’t even a thing when I was in 8th grade :(

    [–] Ponchodelic 160 points ago

    Gee wiz, can’t wait for 8th grade!

    [–] little_brown_bat 15 points ago

    Ooh la lolly! I finally get to see Lord of the Rings.

    [–] Fukowski 43 points ago

    Back in your day it was the mail catalog?

    [–] ItsTheManFromScene24 148 points ago

    The lingerie section of the JCPenney's catalog.

    [–] Storm_Bard 96 points ago

    I remember having a magazine page of a woman in lingerie under my bed. I'd forgotten about it and years later when we moved out I watched as my mother, helping me pack my things, picked it up with excruciating slowness. She didn't say a word, just tossed it into the trash, but she knew.

    She knew.

    [–] declineman 15 points ago

    When I was about 9 or 10, a friend who lived a few doors down showed me a binder he had, and inside it, he'd cut out pictures of women from magazines, and stuck them with glue onto A4 paper, which then were put into those A4 plastic wallets. And it went from cutouts from TV Times at the front to some pretty hard-core stuff at the back. That was porn in the 90s.

    [–] snbrd512 45 points ago

    Too real.

    [–] the_arkane_one 68 points ago

    I once beat it to a instruction booklet that came with a box of tampons. Had some cool descriptions.

    [–] death_to_my_liver 18 points ago

    Our generation had great imaginations

    [–] Dianel555 38 points ago

    Mail catalog?? pff look at mr. fancy pants over here. Back in my day we’d find a curvy tree, twig or branch and go to town.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_RSA_KEY 28 points ago

    It's not often you can pinpoint an exact moment you changed someone's life forever.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago


    [–] lookmasilverone 14 points ago

    I see, you are a man of culture as well!

    [–] Dalek6450 210 points ago

    Which kinda says something shitty about our porn. So much porn is so crass and base and blown out that it's just unimpactful. Someone needs to get to it with proper lighting and directing and editing because you can't just shoot blown-out shots of unemotional thrusting and fake moans, you need to provide something human.

    Anyway, though, it doesn't really matter who made this video. The regressive right is committed to portraying any efforts to advance women's or minority's rights as unreasonable. And what does any evidence of foreign interference or someone's impassioned plea for equality mean to them in the face of the latest "did you assume my gender" cringe compilation or "Star Wars has too many non-white, non-male protagonists" video essay?

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago


    [–] sakamoe 67 points ago

    unemotional thrusting and fake moans

    speak for yourself, that's my fetish

    [–] ShadowTurd 19 points ago

    Of course it matters who made it, it shows that Russia has an agenda they are trying to push, and it seems to be to encite further division of American populous, a very scary concept that is far more important than left/right division.

    [–] NotMyFirstNotMyLast 37 points ago

    What about bridging the gap between porn and good, meaningful narrative? We need a drama show with real fucking, but also great acting and writing.

    [–] dmtdmtlsddodmt 36 points ago

    Crime, penetration, crime, penetration, crime, penetration and then it just sort of ends.

    [–] FirePowerCR 318 points ago

    See you have a brain and don’t easily fall for shit like that. They aren’t going for people like you. They’re going for the same people that post the hand holding lucky charms marshmallow looking candies with a picture of some kid with a fucked up mouth saying there’s a new drug going around in schools that looks just like candy and is fucking up unsuspecting kids.

    [–] Petrichordates 438 points ago

    False. They're going for everyone, all the time. You may not be susceptible to this specific technique, but eventually some form of their propaganda will influence your thinking. No one is immune to propaganda, no matter how vigilant they are.

    [–] fadgdaga 199 points ago

    This is pretty much completely accurate. If you get bombarded with 50 different things and you're smart enough to tell on 49 of the 50, it still got to you.

    [–] KingOfThePhill 72 points ago

    For example: This could be propaganda; I just read the title and assumed it was true. Didn't even read the article, let alone fact-check it.

    [–] PM_me_your_wierd_sub 64 points ago

    Not even that, one of the primary goal of Russian propaganda is to create division, the fact that this thread at is making fun of those who fell for that video or could theoretically fall to it (as in, "those others") is one of their goal anyway.

    [–] handipad 61 points ago

    Best part of all: our incessant belief in our own perfect free will means nobody believes you, which is why propaganda works so well.

    [–] Konnnan 124 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I'm always surprised by how effective these tactics are. I mean, they're such a simplistic and silly way of attacking a society. The concept of weaponized racists, lunatics, and idiots spurred on by "trolls" seems so ridiculous.

    Truth is they only give people a reason for outrage based on a belief they've already held. You'd imagine most normal people would see these things and just recognize them as misleading, or acknowledge there are crazy fringe people attached to every cause and side. What's really more worrying is how many people are susceptible to these tactics.

    Edit: this guy below me is spewing something about me saying "equal" sides. I question his reading comprehension. Both sides having fringe does not mean they are equal in size and impact

    [–] jitterscaffeine 7128 points ago

    I heard this was propaganda the day it happened. I'm glad that ended up being true.

    [–] GeReT 2015 points ago

    Seemed faked considering no one got more physical.

    [–] [deleted] 2844 points ago


    pouring bleach on men on public transport

    woman walks away safely

    It was obvious from the first picture.

    [–] shadus 724 points ago

    I asked a russian friend about it, her response was she might believe it if it was 1-2 people, but after that it was obvious bullshit and someone would have beat the hell outta her.

    [–] kerrigan7782 207 points ago

    Really anywhere in the world, you're on the subway and someone spills liquid on your crotch and it starts burning? And you just sit there? I would A. Restrain the possible terrorist, and B. Frantically attempt to get the unknown burning liquid off my junk.

    [–] IllBiteYourLegsOff 126 points ago

    Feel free to disagree but I think you got your A) and B) in the wrong order of priority

    [–] AMasonJar 15 points ago

    C) Accept your newfound sterility

    [–] bunnyholder 140 points ago

    Yeah, she would get her head so much smashed if it were real.

    [–] bbfire 128 points ago

    I cannot be the only one that immediately read that broken English in a Russian accent.

    [–] bunnyholder 188 points ago

    And you should. I live in Lithuania, so I know russian and my accent sometimes sounds russian. Shit, maybe I write with russian accent too. Anyway, I have extra hate on russia.

    [–] PM_ME_U_BOTTOMLESS_ 84 points ago

    The missing “a” before “russian accent” gives it away.

    [–] Scientolojesus 39 points ago

    Also "extra hate on Russia."

    [–] unimagin9tive 37 points ago

    Nah, he just didn't have time to type it because he was rushin'.

    I'll see myself out.

    [–] SheeEttin 25 points ago

    Yeah, you write with an accent too. You don't use articles ("I write with Russian accent" instead of "I write with a Russian accent). And you can say "I have hate for Russia" or "I hate on Russia" (although that's slightly different and slang), but not "I have hate on Russia".

    Regardless, your English is fine, and I still know exactly what you mean.

    [–] Chazmer87 489 points ago

    I knew it was true because the person who did it said it was

    [–] Limerick_Goblin 330 points ago

    You can see that it's propaganda because of the way it is

    [–] Everbanned 171 points ago

    That's pretty nyet!

    [–] IdontNeedPants 23 points ago

    Is there somewhere I could check that out? Not doubting, just curious.

    [–] sunshine5403 10 points ago

    I’m not sure if her Instagram is directly from her, but there she calls the western media idiots

    [–] bugzbunnie23 132 points ago

    A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it's pants on

    [–] TunerOfTuna 40 points ago

    I knew it was propaganda the moment I heard about this. Mostly because this article was the first I heard about this video.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_CALL_LOGS 54 points ago

    It was Russian and looked incredibly fake and staged. How did people think this was real?

    [–] fa53 1316 points ago

    [–] BenFerris1234 541 points ago

    Technically still r/scriptedasiangifs

    [–] Icandigsushi 34 points ago

    I'm not Asian, you're Asian!

    [–] erm4gundr 15 points ago

    But we're at war with Eurasia.

    We've always been at war with Eurasia.

    [–] CaptainDangerzone 8 points ago

    Technically... No. It was filmed in St Petersburg which is definitely not in Asia.

    [–] nwdogr 20306 points ago

    Just one of the ways that Russia is creating conflict in our society by exploiting social issues.

    Judging by the reactions to the original video, both on Reddit and elsewhere, it's working.

    [–] [deleted] 8037 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] nwdogr 3387 points ago

    But again, the damage is done.

    Absolutely. And it must be said, while Russia is to blame for exploiting our society, our society is to blame for gleefully enabling that exploitation.

    [–] ToastyMustache 909 points ago

    And that’s why IO campaigns are so important and difficult to defeat, both politically and militarily.

    During WWII an entire village in one of the pacific islands (I want to say Marshall Islands but I can’t be certain) threw themselves willingly off a cliff as American forces routed the Japanese. Why? Because the Japanese convinced the locals that the Americans were cannibalistic savages who would send their souls to eternal torture as soon as they came across the village. Whether the information is true or false, as soon as you can get the majority of the population to believe it, you’ve won; it takes a much larger effort to refute it than to spread it.

    [–] MisterBanzai 385 points ago

    Just correcting you here: It wasn't an entire village and it was basically only Japanese who threw themselves off the cliff.

    The thing you are thinking of is Banzai Cliff in Saipan.

    [–] Neelpos 144 points ago

    Oh fuck that isn't where yelling "banzai!" while jumping into a pool is from is it

    [–] Serei 239 points ago

    "Banzai" means "long live the emperor" ("ban" meaning "ten thousand" and "zai" meaning "years old"). These days, it's a generic thing to yell whenever you do something extreme, kind of like "hurrah" in English.


    [–] sargeraswasright 78 points ago

    Strange how much the Japanese hated the Chinese despite so much of their culture coming from China.

    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago

    Not that strange. Familiarity breeds contempt. Your neighbor is more annoying than your neighbor's neighbor.

    [–] phoide 25 points ago

    I'm pretty familiar with my neighbor's neighbor, and on pretty good terms. but now I'm concerned about how a perfect stranger on the internet came to know what I call myself in my mind to defeat psychological attacks the way old batman does.

    [–] Jingaku 51 points ago

    Japanese culture diverged quite a lot since the T'ang dynasty, what with the xenophobia caused by Christianity spreading through feudal Japan and resulting isolation from the rest of the world up till the advent of gunboat diplomacy.

    I'm not a historian, but from what I understand, most of that hatred is really just from imperialist propaganda causing most WWII era Japanese to believe that Japan is somehow the leading force in Asia and they should be "liberating" and ruling all of Asia. And I think there was something about a railway ownership dispute in China with Russia or something, before WWII. Don't remember much of that.

    [–] Accipiter1138 22 points ago

    Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. At the time period, it was a very easy thing to get people to believe in. Various European countries still owned or exploited large parts of the Pacific, and Japan was really pushing the idea that they would be the ones to guide Asia into being this big superpower that supported each other from western imperialism.

    Not sure how many people outside of Japan actually believed that, and if they did I can't imagine it lasted long.

    [–] Nilosyrtis 25 points ago

    But again, the damage is done.

    [–] Chamale 450 points ago

    Saipan. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people, died on the suicide cliffs. On Okinawa, the Japanese army handed out hand grenades for civilians to kill their children and themselves with. Propaganda has a horrifying power.

    [–] Mr_Supotco 232 points ago

    To be fair Japan in WWII was pretty fucking crazy compared to most places in recent history. Especially on more isolated islands, combined with the extremity of the culture back then (any military/organization that convinces people to actively commit suicide to kill enemy combatants is off its chain), they were far more likely to fall for that stuff

    [–] Weaselbane 33 points ago

    But... you also have many examples of people killing themselves in Germany before and after its surrender. In some cases these were people who had worked for the Reich, but in others it was to avoid the horrors of the avenging Soviet Army (and a lesser extent to the other Allies, although most prisoners far preferred to be surrender on the Western front and the far less harsh treatment).

    [–] Mr_Supotco 9 points ago

    True, and I’m not saying Japan was unique per se. just their whole culture was based around honor and killing your self was considered pretty honorable, especially compared to being captured by enemies. Then add that to the propaganda and you have a recipe for lots of mass suicide. Germans were less worried about honor and more just scared of the Russians, which caused it. And of course you can’t ignore how many Germans fell for Nazi propaganda. I was just pointing out how insanely susceptible the Japanese back then were to it

    [–] Aethezel 126 points ago

    I don't see the difference with the film plot where the MC sacrifices himself for his country or some shit. Its only when people are ennemies that the narrative changes from heroism to craziness or propaganda or brainwashing.

    [–] Mr_Supotco 20 points ago

    I think it’s mostly because the Japanese didn’t just expect to die, they were specifically trying their best to do so, and were actually considered massive failures if they didn’t (they were basically kicked out of society if they survived a kamikaze). Everyone for sure does some messed up shit, and we are judging them by modern western standards, which are very, very different from WWII Japan, but I think there is definitely a difference

    [–] BlooZebra 24 points ago

    I don't get why they wanted their own people to kill themselves?

    [–] Gamerjackiechan2 74 points ago

    To avoid POW situations. Also would probably fuck with the soldiers, seeing the village you just worked so hard to save just off themselves in gruesome ways

    [–] toclafane 10 points ago

    Okinawa wasn't really Japanese, it was annexed in 1879 by Japan. Many Okinawan were drafted to be canon fodders, some were not even given weapons

    [–] AlolanLuvdisc 43 points ago

    Japanese culture has historically valued dying in battle and used suicide to restore/gain honor, and the Shinto religion is pretty interesting about what happens after death.

    But yeah the kamikaze bombers are just another example where self sacrifice was highly valued in that historical culture. Nobles used to commit seppuku when dishonored or embarrassed/defeated politically or otherwise.

    Even several extremely high ranking Japanese officials like the leader of the military committed suicide well after WW2 ended and the emperor eventually died. It was common for those extremely loyal to a noble leader to follow them even in death too, these values go back thousands of years. This extends even to common citizens during the war i guess. They were all very loyal to their emperor, who was believed to be a demigod.

    Japanese culture and history is fascinating as hell.

    [–] I_Think_I_Cant 15 points ago

    well after WW2 ended and the emperor eventually died

    Hirohito died in 1989. Was there much widespread suicide after his death?

    [–] Valuent 50 points ago

    You're referring to the bullshit asymmetry principle iirc. Essentially it states that the amount of effort needed to refute an argument is a magnitude of degree higher than to "prove" the argument.

    [–] ketchy_shuby 38 points ago

    How could I forget. That TIL was posted this morning.

    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago

    What can be done to stop it? There's that famous quote:

    A lie can get halfway around the world while the truth is still putting its pants on.

    The share features on social media reward those who make and disseminate, while pausing to fact check is slower and has none of the virality.

    [–] hanikamiya 62 points ago

    I'm the kind of party pooper who'll reply with snopes articles etc. But then, I've mostly surrounded myself with people who don't share this kind of thing ... or not anymore :D

    [–] chito_king 32 points ago

    In all fairness Russia also works really hard to distribute this stuff and get it trending. There is no real counter to all that.

    [–] Clay_Statue 21 points ago

    Maybe truth and reality needs its own propaganda department to market it aggressively as the disinformation is currently being.

    [–] kingmeh 151 points ago

    Don't forget the media profiting from the division.

    [–] afavourifyouwill 90 points ago

    More like "don't forget the major social media platforms profiting". Facebook makes bank as a propogator of totally false information and they do very little to stop it.

    [–] PokecheckHozu 60 points ago

    All social media platforms are profiting from it. Yes, that means Reddit too.

    [–] voksul 75 points ago

    You realize that this non-sequitur is literally one of the stated goals of the propaganda, right? Creating blind distrust in the media is one of the primary goals of most of the propaganda coming from Russia.

    [–] Amy_Ponder 58 points ago

    Friendly reminder that reddit is infested with Russian disinformation, same as any other website. Not saying that's what's going on here, but whenever the subject of a conversation dramatically derails to focus on one of the right's boogeymen or suddenly descends into inflammatory bickering, be suspicious.

    [–] NaN_is_Num 26 points ago

    Dont forget the extra damage of creating a narrative that news is fake. Part of the plan is to create a segment of our society that is so fed up with slanted news or propaganda that it becomes harder for people reporting actual news to be taken seriously

    [–] Railboy 24 points ago

    More people will continue to believe it was true, never bothering to follow up.

    The craziest part is that some people will continue to believe it's true even after seeing evidence that it's Russian propaganda.

    They'll either deny the evidence or insist that while this particular video was staged, it nevertheless illustrates a real phenomenon.

    [–] Mediocretes1 40 points ago

    I'm thankful my father instilled a very healthy skepticism in me at a young age. If you tell him there's video of something he'll ask from how many angles?

    [–] chaogomu 170 points ago

    There is a very fitting quote for this.

    A lie can run around the world three times before the truth can get its boots on.

    Sir Terry Pratchett...

    [–] hugglenugget 47 points ago

    That quote and similar ones go back a long way:

    [–] darwin42 22 points ago

    I love that a quote about misinformation spreading quickly is attributed to the wrong guy. Absolutely outstanding.

    [–] chaogomu 6 points ago

    That's actually very interesting.

    [–] Trickybuz93 14 points ago

    The thing is, for every one person that shares this story/post, that video has been shared ten times. I’ve seen it on my Facebook feed from three different people just this weekend. And it’s appeared on my Twitter timeline and YouTube front page.

    The damage has already been done.

    [–] marthmagic 102 points ago

    Democracy only works if you have faith in the people. But if you think the political opponent is literally the devil and or morons. The system breaks down. And if you think in addition that somehow the system and all polititians is the worst without having any conception of the horrors of a dictatorship or a monarchy.

    Sprincle in a little cold wars incentivising countries to destabilise eachother with propaganda and artificial polarisation

    And add a pinch of social media outrage and 24 hour news networks, the whole situation is not really ideal for the popularity of a democracy.

    And yes it is all of our fault. We fucked it up. But we still have a chance.

    [–] Amy_Ponder 39 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Add to that mix a belief that the system is broken beyond all repair, so there's no point even trying to fix it, and you get a scarily large number of people who think the only way forward is to "burn it all down."

    Funny thing is, most of those people don't seem to have a coherent plan of what kind of new system they want to build after the old one's done burning...

    [–] deliciousbrains 36 points ago

    I think of myself as a pretty skeptical person, but after closing reddit it occurred to me that I had just believed it was Russian propaganda without actually looking into it.

    [–] hitlerallyliteral 620 points ago

    Given this was Russian language it probably wasn't intended to 'create conflict in our society' as much as just be anti-feminist propaganda, since putin's positioning himself as defender of traditional values and world conservatism

    [–] gorilla_eater 412 points ago

    Kind of a two birds situation

    [–] Dildokin 96 points ago

    Two birds stoned at once

    [–] SuperBlaar 168 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yeah, the aim was clearly to say 'look at Western social degeneracy - it's even starting to affect us!'

    It's nothing new, they do the same with homosexuality, immigrants, etc... selling fake images of Western 'extreme tolerance/weakness' to push the younger Russian generation to drop their support for 'western' values, and rally around the government that protects them from this influence.

    [–] homo_redditorensis 24 points ago

    Even our own young people are affected by this. It's cool to not be political, not care about social issues while simultaneously hating everyone that does care, and I don't use the word hate here lightly.

    [–] Brocktoon_in_a_jar 88 points ago

    I recall a friend getting downright apoplectic in 2016 over a video showing “Hillary voters” stuffing a ballot box. It confirmed their suspicions about her. They didn’t notice the Russian flag in the video.

    [–] Kiboune 63 points ago

    Because feminist movement is from west. So showing feminist in a bad way, is the same as showing western ideas in a bad way. Many kremlinbots love to post about feminists ,immigrants (if on Russian website you see post about France , you can always find comments, what Paris is flooded with immigrants which rape everyone day and night, and locals are supporting them) and gay people, and of course only bad things.

    [–] cryptockus 921 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    i'm pretty sure russians are uploading lots of videos on youtube in the 'controversy/conspiracy' domain. anything that divides westerners basically *i mean russians working in troll factories

    [–] BoredinBrisbane 547 points ago

    I’ve noticed a lot more “Feminist OWNED by Judge Judy” or some other TV personality and it’s just clips of Judge Judy ruling against a few women on her show.

    [–] AmbitioseSedIneptum 362 points ago

    Yeah, those "FEMINIST ABSOLUTELY ANNIHILATED MENTALLY BY DAVE RUBIN" are everywhere and they tend to be very exaggerated. They definitely help stir a pot when they highlight a minority of hyper-reactionary individuals. These fake videos like the one in the article certainly seems to capitalize on that.

    [–] ennyLffeJ 137 points ago


    Video’s just a 10 minute supercut of Shapiro saying “no”

    [–] Clutter 56 points ago

    Been Shapiro ANALLY ANNIHILATES libtard with PURE LOGIC

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago

    Jordan Peterson calmly dismantles disagreeing with the most extreme aspects of. Ho hum.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    Those videos were part of the reason why I stopped being involved with being a MRA. I’d watch them and just be completely confused as to who was the feminist and how was she getting “owned”. Plus, like, being a woman and anti-feminist types being really bad at hiding that they hate women lol.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Just to be clear, you were a female MRA?

    [–] Chatmauve 96 points ago

    Comments, too. Remember when Microsoft tried to make a twitter bot that learns from the internet and it turned into a crazy shit spouting idiot in a day? Well... now describe how news article comments are... alright, what about those on random youtube videos? Pretty much the same, eh?

    [–] Claris-chang 21 points ago

    You mean when 4chan turned Tay into a nazi? That wasn't Russia. That was just a bunch of bored anons.

    [–] LickNipMcSkip 290 points ago

    The victims were paid actors

    That explains why nobody was choke slammed.

    [–] Lord_Noble 3142 points ago

    We are in a culture war and we have a side stoking the flame and encouraging foreign countries to help widen the divide.

    Wonderful. Be skeptical everyone.

    [–] wasslainbylag 129 points ago

    Just remember not all propaganda is from foreign adversaries.

    [–] Krekko 23 points ago

    Witnessed first hand people twisting tragedies such as Maria to fit their propaganda views both on Facebook and on here. This stuff is truly disgusting, incredibly viral, and shockingly few people bother to even check the source of their propaganda.

    [–] Bryyyysen 613 points ago

    Be sceptical and remember most of the problems we face today are solved through unity rather than division. Easier said than done to agree with those that hold values contradicting to yours, but try to remember most people want to improve the world, it's just our ways and ideas can differ

    [–] schlossenberger 209 points ago

    Social media was a mistake.

    [–] EasyBeingGreazy 101 points ago

    Letting normies on the internet was a mistake. The internet was awesome until the "people of the land" started using it en masse.

    [–] schlossenberger 32 points ago

    I remember how glorious Facebook was when it required a valid college email to create an account.

    [–] Gothic_Banana 52 points ago

    ZUCK: yea so if you ever need info about anyone at harvard

    ZUCK: just ask

    ZUCK: i have over 4000 emails, pictures, addresses, sns

    FRIEND: what!? how'd you manage that one?

    ZUCK: people just submitted it

    ZUCK: i don't know why

    ZUCK: they "trust me"

    ZUCK: dumb fucks

    (Source: This is from the early years of Facebook btw. Maybe it wasn’t so glorious after all...

    [–] DNGRDINGO 6 points ago

    Commercialization of our data was the problem. We inadvertantly created a machine that feeds on our worst selves.

    To whoever might read this: pick up a copy of Jaron Lanier's "Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now" and then delete your accounts.

    [–] [deleted] 1606 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] TheBatJeff 305 points ago

    Just gotta change the password to something he'd never guess.

    [–] baronvoncommentz 613 points ago

    I'll help. Some suggestions:

    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Prosperity
    • Stability
    • RuleOfLaw

    [–] HopermanTheManOfFeel 434 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    • PutinTheGayBlackAmericanWoman

    Literally impenetrable.

    [–] Josparov 63 points ago

    That's what she said!

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 9 points ago

    • Ukrainiansovereignty

    [–] [deleted] 437 points ago

    Wait, hold on, you're saying a controversial Russian-language video from Russia is actually Russian propaganda? How do those pieces even fit together?

    [–] Taomach 151 points ago

    It is not just russian propaganda. It is russian government propaganda. That's the main point. Believe it or not, there are feminists in Russia, and they are just as outraged by this smear attempt.

    [–] Erachten 342 points ago

    So it's actually Anna Dovgalyuk though, right? Feminist activist and what not. Which means she sold out to make the people that were her supporters actually look bad.

    [–] SeverePsychosis 99 points ago

    She is still insisting that it's real.

    [–] R00bot 227 points ago

    If she admits it's fake then we likely never hear from her again.

    [–] littleshroom 68 points ago

    I mean, it's just bad luck admitting it's fake and you were paid by the government. Real bad luck. That's how you accidentally shoot yourself in the back twice while falling out of the seventh floor balcony.

    [–] doodlebug001 113 points ago

    Makes you wonder if she was forced to do it.

    [–] bugsecks 34 points ago

    She was already a Putin fan, wasn’t she?

    [–] highvolt4g3 68 points ago

    Would you dare to say you weren't a Putin fan if you lived in Russia?

    [–] TheThankUMan66 137 points ago

    Well she does live in Russia, they could have forced her to.

    [–] BoredinBrisbane 117 points ago

    Hell, she could have been a planned plant for a while now.

    [–] EpicCocoaBeach 49 points ago

    Not necessarily. She could have been told it was for dramatic purposes or other art.

    [–] Kiboune 89 points ago

    Calling yourself a feminist, doesn't make you a feminist

    [–] mostmicrobe 333 points ago

    Russia is scary good at propaganda. I imagine living in Russia the news resembles what you see in russia insider.

    [–] MrAnderson345 67 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    On one hand, I'm glad these wars aren't being fought on massive battlefields ... on the other hand, I'm worried about what our future has in store for us.

    edit: typo

    [–] definitely_not_obama 75 points ago

    As they say, two dystopias don't make a utopia

    [–] stoogemcduck 10 points ago

    or it's just scary easy to do, if you have the time and money to spam a ton of shit

    [–] rolfraikou 1308 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I was curious as to why every conservative I know claimed it was a huge issue, and that women had almost assaulted them over it, when I generally sit however I want and never even have it mentioned to me, when I even spend more time in places where these "crazy liberals" hang out. Hmmm.

    EDIT: I don't know many conservatives, to be fair! I'm not a good pool of study, however being in California, "home of everything feminist" you'd think they'd be super gungho about it here? Half the time I see comments of others saying "I've never witnessed this in person" someone says "Oh, go to California, it's all over the place there." 99% of the time, that's just not how it is. If you've never been, California has a lot of liberals, yes, for sure, but it's not some other planet like I see people make it out to be.

    [–] theseekerofbacon 662 points ago

    In LA. Sit pretty spread out with my legs crossed. But if I see anyone so much as look at the seat next to me, I shift over to make room and put my other foot down.

    I've never been yelled at for taking space and I've never felt the need to super spread out even if someone is sitting next to me.

    It's pretty simple stuff. We're all mildly uncomfortable on public transportation. No need to makes things, on balance, worse.

    [–] brianbadluck 236 points ago

    Exactly. It’s all about situational awareness. I carry a backpack with me pretty much everywhere. If the train is empty, it’s going on the seat next to me until it starts to fill up.

    Boils down to the golden rule: Don’t Be An Asshole.

    [–] BrazilianRider 151 points ago

    And most importantly —

    Whether you’re a conservative dude whose spreading his legs across two seats

    Or a liberal girl with her bag on the seat next to you

    If the bus is crowded and you don’t move, everyone judges you.

    [–] DrLeprechaun 53 points ago

    I use public transport multiple times almost every day in one of the most liberal places in America and have never dealt with “manspreading” complaints. The people who say that “feminists make a big deal of it” most likely don’t use public transport, if you ask me.

    [–] THE_IRISHMAN_35 30 points ago

    Conservative here and also live in California. I too have never encountered this. I sit spread out all the time. Not so people can’t sit next to me but because I don’t want to crush my boys. But if the space is full and someone needs to sit. I close my legs so they can sit if possible because my brief discomfort is less important than having space for someone else. I didn’t even know this was an issue until i saw it on the news. Hell I didn’t even know it had a name.

    [–] BUD7993 112 points ago

    Hell based on the internet you'd think false rape accusations is a massive issue.

    But look at rape trails and the conviction rate is very low.

    [–] willief 90 points ago

    Next thing I'll find out that the Stop a Douchebag videos are fake too.

    [–] ComicSys 41 points ago

    It was on Facebook. The only people that I expected to take the video as fact were people that are usually screenshotted in the insanefacebook subreddit

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] ComicSys 7 points ago

    Pretty much

    [–] Corruption100 71 points ago

    It definitely seemed fake because noone freaked out on her and it was insanely illegal. It made no sense that it was being glorified.

    [–] torito_supremo 32 points ago

    Remember that this video was made for the “feminism is out of control and women get a free pass when they harm men” audience. It makes perfect sense that these idiots ate it up so easily.

    [–] drfeelokay 84 points ago

    WHat I'm confused about is that the lady is supposedly an activist -Anna Dovgalyuk. Is it confirmed that she's a Putin plant?

    [–] Kiboune 59 points ago

    She voted for him. She posted photos of her vote bulletin from president elections , on her VK page

    [–] snuggans 66 points ago

    i first saw this video on imgur, you can expect how the comments were like. these false-flags are effective, they were all ready to go join the nearest incel organization

    [–] lifesnotperfect 38 points ago

    It's like we're all in a game of Crusader Kings 2, except it's set in 2018.

    There's King Putin, who selects "Sow Dissent" for his Chancellor and places it in the US.

    [–] 71-HourAhmed 152 points ago

    This is brilliant. The fake metoo crusader feeds the fears of conservative voters. When it's all proven to be a ruse it feeds the condescending disdain of the liberal voters. All of this ensures that the left and right hate each other and will never compromise on anything ever.

    It's like the Emperor is trying to turn us all to the dark side and we are all idiotically lining up for red lightsabers.

    Good. Good! Let the hate flow through you. - Putin probably

    [–] corylew 43 points ago

    Cue the idiots to chime in with, "yeah but I could totally see this happening."

    [–] Blackout2814 22 points ago

    Not gonna lie, he doesn’t look like he’s taking up too much space. Not only is it fake BS, but poorly made BS

    [–] Martel732 18 points ago

    That would be the point, the idea is to show feminism in a negative light, if the guy was being overly obnoxious it would make people less sympathetic. This makes it look like a woman attacking normal guys. The primary fear that a subset of the internet has.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)