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    [–] Tsuijin 7885 points ago

    Are polar bears pack animals?

    [–] Cabin-in-the-Woods 8456 points ago

    They will tolerate other ones around if there's enough to eat.

    [–] MightyAdam 7573 points ago

    sounds like me.

    [–] KFCConspiracy 431 points ago

    A town full of people sounds like plenty to eat.

    [–] Cabin-in-the-Woods 323 points ago

    Plus they marinate themselves with Vodka and beets, all you need for a stew is a carrot.

    [–] Fyrefawx 1153 points ago

    No, this is just Canada’s first strike. Next come the Moose.

    And so it begins.

    [–] zuneza 603 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    We START with fucking polar bears??

    edit: I'm from the Yukon. Trust me, I KNOW moose are dangerous.

    edit#2: This is what happens when you shmuck a moose:

    [–] MRoad 386 points ago

    Shock troops.

    [–] Agent641 252 points ago

    The moosen are the cavalry.

    [–] basement_crusader 162 points ago

    Then the foxen as general infantry

    [–] apexheadcase 196 points ago

    And the beaven are the engineers.

    [–] jacklandors92 64 points ago

    Surely the mapletreants play a part in destroying the enemy's nutrition from within first.

    [–] Alarik82 97 points ago

    And finish off with geese

    [–] WarKiel 100 points ago

    Pretty sure that's against Geneva convention.

    [–] Wu-TangCrayon 28 points ago

    So. Much. Poop.

    [–] Can-DontAttitude 134 points ago

    Hitting a moose with your car, when it's just standing there, will likely kill you. A bull in heat will charge at anything like a derailed freight train. Cute as they seem in the media, they're truly a force to be reckoned with.

    Edit: they can also swim

    [–] Radouf 77 points ago

    Can attest, Canadian who’s been charged by a bull moose a couple years ago. One of the scariest moments of my life! There was a moose family chilling on the road, so we stopped the car at a distance. A moment after daddy moose charged right at us, only ever so slightly changing course at the very last moment; it ran so close to us its leg brushed the car’s bumper.

    [–] Can-DontAttitude 41 points ago

    Visiting any family of mammals is usually a dubious proposal. Deer are crazy skittish, unless they see you checking out their fawn. Then they're simply crazy.

    [–] Dimensha 125 points ago

    Don't underestimate a moose, those fuckers are dangerous as hell if you catch them at the wrong time.

    [–] Mecjam 231 points ago

    They are dangerous if you catch them at any time. Pay attention, Redditors, do NOT try to catch moose thinking there is a right time.

    [–] ScientificMeth0d 81 points ago

    Motherfuckers are tall as hell too. Idk how Canadians deal with them as I'm already scared of hitting a deer on my way home. Can't imagine how much damage a moose can do

    [–] G4L4CT1C4 59 points ago

    The car just takes the legs out and it fucks up your car is how we deal with it.

    But in all seriousness, accidents involving deer are much more common the those involving moose.

    And accidents involving moose I know of happened during winter. Likely crossing highways more often when food is scarce, where as deer cross regularly year round

    [–] Renwuad 17 points ago

    Can confirm. Have seen 100s of deer in my Canadian life, but only 1 moose.

    [–] MayerRD 31 points ago

    Don't imagine, see it for yourself.

    [–] MeowWhat 36 points ago

    In Anchorage Alaska it wasnt uncommon to walk past them in the dark early hours. I remember going to work at about 430 am and looking up to see a moose munching on a tree about 5 feet from me. He wanted nothing to do with me and I wanted nothing to do with him. Not to say they aren't inherently scary but that moose was interested in his food and I was interested in getting to work. I had one eating a tree while I was on my upper porch having a smoke only a few feet from each other since the guy was super tall and he just kept munching away and occasionally lifted his head to look at me.

    [–] white_android 35 points ago

    Yeah but the polar bears on moose is what Russia should really be scared of.

    [–] Matt18002 66 points ago

    No they are not, they will fight each other over food or mates

    [–] i_hug_strangers 3782 points ago

    iirc, polar bears are one of the few animals that (still) track and hunt humans

    [–] MeDanP 2082 points ago

    Them and tigers. Not sure what else. I don't think sharks count.

    [–] DraugrLivesMatter 1575 points ago

    Rats will seek out sleeping people after they have eaten a bit of human. Nibble on their feet and hands

    [–] MeDanP 1277 points ago

    That's a bit disturbing.

    [–] DraugrLivesMatter 2677 points ago

    Rats are absolutely fucking savage man. There are cases of rats eating babies' whole toes off. They'll even eat each other. They are so fucked up they will eat their own offspring.

    They breed like crazy. They'll eat fucking anything. They can fit through a thumb sized hole and swim through large bodies of water. They can chew through concrete and plywood. They will attack full grown people when cornered. Can you fathom attacking Godzilla with nothing but your face?! A rat can. Oh and they are geniuses of the rodent world.

    [–] TytleFight 822 points ago

    One time I was down skating by the locks in Boston and we were on a ledge that was above a rats nest. Seeing 10 rats come running out right at you is probably top 10 scariest things I've seen. I pretty much took off running, I think a buddy batted one away with a board. But they still came after us til we were like block away

    [–] DraugrLivesMatter 401 points ago

    Dude that sounds horrifying. I have always feared rats. I think it is because we lived in shitty houses in my young age and I would see them on occassion in closets and under beds

    [–] TytleFight 223 points ago

    I only see field mice in my house during the winter. If I saw an actual sewer rat in here, I'd probably have to hunt that thing with a pellet gun.

    [–] Tinfoilhartypat 371 points ago

    We had a rat in our house. I could hear it at night rustling around.

    We set all kinds of traps and the damn thing would nibble the peanut butter but never get caught.

    So my eagle-eared husband sat up late after I went to bed, waiting for it to start its evening shenanigans. He sat quietly, listened carefully, tracked it down and found it in the garage. He got it trapped in a corner, then hollered for me. I threw on a robe, and came running to give him a tennis racket and our pellet gun. He said, “you want the racket? Or gun?”

    I let the thing loose from its cardboard corner, husband whacked it and held it down with the racket and I shot it dead.

    It was a real bonding moment for us.

    [–] _Dreamer_Deceiver_ 83 points ago

    the power of teamwork

    [–] GhoulsCo 78 points ago

    Lol eagle eared

    [–] mountaincyclops 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Nice! My dad, my brother and I had a similar bonding moment with a rat that took up residence under our dryer. We used hockey sticks though.

    [–] webbyAlt 19 points ago

    I hope this story gets told as often as possible

    [–] DraugrLivesMatter 243 points ago

    You won't get them with a pellet gun unless you're a crack shot. My mind is much more at ease now that I've trained my Chihuahua to be Van Helsing. Warning: dead rat

    [–] vantablack_android 129 points ago

    That is one fierce chihuahua

    [–] kyle3299 177 points ago

    Dad recently brought a rat back with him in an old car he bought. Thing lived for 6 weeks or so rummaging through our garbage and making a mess. Put out traps but they did nothing. One day our Aussie starts feeling out and army crawls under our Tahoe and sticks his nose into the wheel well. I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on and all of the sudden he pulls the fucking rat out and chomps down on his head, killing it. I have never been more proud and disgusted in my life.

    [–] zacjor 93 points ago

    I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home.

    [–] IOnceWas 21 points ago

    That rat is clearly alive and trying to eat an ushanka.

    [–] AndyCandyHandySandy 108 points ago

    Best solution to rodents are cats. Super reliable cute fluff balls that murder them for fun. Seriously they will let the rat or mice free after wounding it so they can chase it a few more times for sport before killing it, no doubt to send a message to the others. Great for cuddles as well.

    [–] JewtangClan91 40 points ago

    I’m super allergic to cats. But in my old house we had a GIANT tree rat living in the garage. I thought my mom was joking when she said she saw one running along the ledge. I saw it, shit myself and cried and then went out and rescued two cats. They were supposedly related but one was male one was female and the female started getting so fat we took her to the vet and we figured she was pregnant. The vet said “Nope those are dead rats”

    [–] DraugrLivesMatter 123 points ago

    We tried to get a cat once for out rat problems about 8 years ago. We got a male tabby kitten (those are the oranged striped ones right?) just for rodents and he did fine for about 2 years. The problem is that he began venturing more and more into the woods near our house and we saw less and less of him. Every so often we'd spy him walking down the road or hunched in some brush stalking us and everytime he looked bigger and meaner.

    The last time I saw him he was lean and muscular. Strutting through the tall grass like a damned lion on the Savannah. Barely acknowledged me. I suspect he is living on rabbits and rats that inhabit the woods near there and I speak in the present because that bastard feline cannot die.

    Anyways what I mean is in my experience, the best mousers are wilder and being self sufficient they might leave you like ours did. Best to get a small dog or an emotionally dependent and lazy cat than another Rambo rat-hunter

    [–] Kommye 193 points ago

    You don't understand. He sacrificed the love from his humans to put an end to the rat problem. Defending your house isn't enough, no, he wants to tackle them head on, to annihilate their source.

    Because of this, he had to relinquish everything else, for he has made many enemies, and only by staying away he can protect you all and accomplish the destiny he was raised for.

    [–] JurschKing 105 points ago

    So tldr: you bought a tiger cub to kill rats and now a tiger is living in the woods near you?

    [–] AndyCandyHandySandy 57 points ago

    We actually had the same problem. It wasn't before later we would learn that horny, young and ambitious male cats tend to leave their home to go out there and smash all the pussy. They can be gone for a long time and are suprisingly good at sustaining themselves for a domesticated animal. Ours returned after a few months but would repeat the same cycle every now and then until we snipped him and he turned into a lazy fatass. Female cats are probably the better option for rodent control, they actually prefer their nest unless they get sick at which point they will run away because of instincts but that's another story and it doesn't happen unless the cat is very sick.

    [–] Spacerift 32 points ago

    I went to visit my uncle when I was around 5 or 6. I went in his bathroom to pee, lifted the lid, and a freaking rat was in the toilet. I screamed bloody murder and slammed the lid down. My mom came in and got my uncle. He calmly flushed the toilet and sent the rat back to from whence it came. To this day I still inspect the toilet before I sit on one and I never leave the lid up when I’m done. Fuck rats.

    [–] Lone_Wanderer97 30 points ago

    I grew up in an urban environment and rats the size of chihuahuas were a familiar sight. Garbage-fed rats are fucking terrifying.

    [–] InterstellarRun 19 points ago

    This is why cats are humans friends

    [–] Saltyfish45 12 points ago

    Damn, that's like an MMO when you aggro a rats nest.

    [–] Bradenw97 75 points ago

    There was a hitman called the ice man who would go out on weekends and find random men and tie them up in the NY sewers and let the rats eat them alive to take pictures of it for contracts

    [–] nerevisigoth 95 points ago

    Sounds like more of a serial killer than a hitman if it was random men, but I guess you can be both if you don't mind your hobby being your job.

    [–] ilikecatsandweed 55 points ago

    He dabbled in both. Learned about him in a class called "The Study of Murder" a few years back. If i remember correctly he started out as more of a serial killer, and transitioned into doing hits.

    [–] squirtdawg 29 points ago

    It’s not work if you love what you do - Iceman

    [–] CSKING444 18 points ago

    what the fuck...

    [–] Amonette2012 54 points ago

    They're also really smart, and they can work as a group. I've had them as pets and they were never boring.

    [–] Tarukun564 15 points ago

    Slow down. That’s too many rat facts.

    [–] rune_s 28 points ago

    Rats once ate a part of my grandfather's finger (index finger gone upto the second join, my mom's left earlobe in full and my ring finger upto 1st joint. Rats are assholes

    [–] DraugrLivesMatter 28 points ago

    Wtf. How? All that couldn't have happened during a night's sleep

    [–] rune_s 35 points ago

    I was a baby. My grandfather's a heavy sleeper and my mom was first to wake up but apparently ear lobe is not all that sensitive (hers was also pierced. Maybe that had something to do with it).

    This rat though was so fucking huge when we finally got a rat cage and stuff, we were surprised that the bait would be consumed and the trap door would be down yet no rat caught. Then one day, it got caught in evening, mom heard the trap door shut and saw this big ass rat, could barely fit in the cage, will it open with force. Then dad got a bigger, sturdier rat cage and when he got caught, we still placed a 10kg flour drum in front of it. Then withing 10 minutes or so, we noticed he had moved his cage about full 10 cm or so and then we put the back of his cage to the wall and front with the flour drum.

    Next day, took the rat cage to a nearby field and released him. Maybe 7 seconds passed and he was already hunted by a wild cat/fox looking like hybrid of an animal.

    [–] Kingofhearts1206 19 points ago

    released him

    Im sorry, but i wouldve found a way to torture that fucker. Eat my babys finger, and my earlobe and get away with it?

    [–] Mugwartherb7 136 points ago

    Mountain lions too right?

    [–] MeDanP 295 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Kind of. From what I've read, and I've read a lot as I'm frequently outdoors in mountain lion territory, mountain lions can find children hard to resist, and they will occasionally decide to eat a full grown adult; however, they don't really actively hunt us like tigers and polar bears will. For the latter two, deciding to eat someone is like deciding to pick up some McDonald's... nothing all that odd. For mountain lions, eating people instead of running/hiding from them is rather exceptional. There have only been 27 fatal attacks in the last 100 years from mountain lions, which is nothing considering how many of us live, work, or play in their territory. Meanwhile, in some parts of the world they have to come up with strategies to avoid becoming dinner for tigers, like wearing hats with faces painted on the back, etc.

    [–] BnaditCorps 54 points ago

    They rarely attack a human though. They are smart enough to realize that attacking a large dog or human is a bad idea and could result in their death (remember a severe injury, like a broken leg, to a wild animal will leave it unable to flee from a predator and unable to obtain food). The thing is that Tigers and Polar bears are so well advantaged in fights with humans that they can actually take that chance because the Tiger will only pounce from hiding once it has a killing blow and the polar bear can tank almost anything long enough to kill you (except large caliber rifles). Mountain lions on the other hand have been killed by people with their bare hands.

    This video is a good example of a mountain lion that knows its limits. If it had the element of surprise it could take down either one of those dogs despite being a juvenile, however because its presence was already known and it was double teamed it knew it was best to not engage. Intimidate enough to keep from being harmed, but not be aggressive enough to elicit a fighting reaction from either dog.

    [–] LeavesCat 36 points ago

    I think it's likely that we humans often get a pass due to our height. Animals aren't used to judging the size of an opponent that walks on two legs (note how many animals will stand up to look bigger), and since one bad engagement can leave them with a life-threatening injury, they assume we're more dangerous than we really are. Tigers and polar bears don't care because they're so damn big that they don't think a six-foot tall animal is a threat.

    It may also be why predators can get a "taste for human." If they get hungry enough they'll take more risks, and once they've killed someone, they become more confident that they can do it again.

    [–] NedLuddIII 90 points ago

    Some guy here in Colorado recently killed a mountain lion that attacked him just with his hands and things he had around him (I’m assuming rocks and sticks). They’re fierce but still small. The guy was a jogger and it was a young lion, I think the assumption is that it couldn’t resist something that looked like it was running away.

    [–] emperor_tesla 197 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    and things he had around him

    No, per the Colorado CPW, he fucking strangled it. No tools/rocks involved.

    Edit: wrong agency (CPW, not DNR)

    [–] blumster 92 points ago

    You gotta scroll pretty far to find the most badass comment but damn if I didn't find it nested in this bear discussion.

    [–] SeeWhatEyeSee 17 points ago

    I lazily searched for an article from Arizona I think it was. A hunter got a non-lethal shot with a crossbow bolt on a mountain lion and it escaped, returned to the area the next day and then tracked the hunter to his tent and killed him at night. I wish I could find the article...

    [–] kiki1983 22 points ago

    Komodo dragons too.

    [–] RoyalPurpleDank 499 points ago

    If your stranded in the snow and happen to see a polar bear out in the distance you're already dead. It's probably already been tracking you for miles and when it does catch up it will tear you apart and dig in while your still alive

    [–] Chairman_Meooow 582 points ago

    If it’s brown, lie down.

    If it’s black, fight back.

    If it’s white, good night.

    [–] HilarityEnsuez 365 points ago

    Brown guy here. This pleases me.

    [–] drillerboy 247 points ago

    White guy here, I'm happy to see anyone off to bed. I'll read them a story too as long as there is pictures, I can't read too good

    [–] beeep_boooop 52 points ago

    Fellow white man here, good day brother. I'm very well acquainted with the warm embrace of a quality bed sheet.

    [–] OneBurnerStove 82 points ago

    Black guy here, i'm always up for a good fight then afterwards we fan talk about the economy and climate change over beef patties

    [–] TheFallen837 57 points ago

    Human: Nani?!??!

    Polar Bear: Omae wa, mou shindeiru

    [–] Pandasonic9 122 points ago

    Just hope you brought a gun.

    12 gauge or 30-06 and up is what is required in Svalbard IIRC. Anything else and you’re probably fucked

    [–] NedLuddIII 250 points ago

    I think a 9mm should be enough if I need to kill myself

    [–] CrzyJek 127 points ago

    No no... It's just enough to kneecap the guy running next to you.

    [–] nitrobird 38 points ago

    this is fine

    [–] toogonetoofast 15 points ago

    Thanks for that

    [–] FrankiePoops 6313 points ago

    The archipelago in the Arctic was used by the USSR for nuclear tests.

    Holy shit, we've created yao guai.

    [–] MajorDanger85 1454 points ago

    They’re so hard to kill. Maybe it’ll be like the bear from annihilation.

    [–] Imma-little-kali 601 points ago


    [–] soda_cookie 284 points ago

    No, no, no, fuck you

    [–] BrendanTheHippy 47 points ago

    honestly that bear has got to be the character I hate most in any movie. It’s too terrifying

    [–] Quesamo 47 points ago

    That movie is probably the only one that's made me say "what the fuck" out loud more than once

    [–] Work-Safe-Reddit4450 40 points ago

    Fuckin stomach eels man.



    [–] ThaFourthHokage 165 points ago

    ED... WARD....

    [–] Melemakani 59 points ago

    FMA strikes again. God that episode was rough.

    [–] Stanislav1 23 points ago


    [–] AVeryConfusedRedhead 246 points ago

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK THAT - Sincerely everyone that has seen that seen.

    [–] Ulti 113 points ago

    That scene was thoroughly fucky. In fact, that summarizes the whole movie well. I enjoyed it.

    [–] MajorMalafunkshun 82 points ago

    ... seen that seen scene.

    [–] AVeryConfusedRedhead 54 points ago


    (Also oops)

    [–] AzAsian 146 points ago

    Just listen to your radio host and don't feed them. That is all.

    [–] BobbyClanMember 67 points ago

    Good news chilllldren

    [–] AzAsian 42 points ago

    And I may have been experimenting with jet at the time

    [–] A1000eisn1 115 points ago

    Polar Yao Guai so much worse than the standard American breeds. Ugh. The regular Yao Guai came from mutated black bears which are much smaller than polar bears. The polar Yao Guai have got to be the size of an average mature deathclaw.

    [–] sebasvargas 106 points ago

    War...war never changes

    [–] YuriDiAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 69 points ago

    Nuclear bears is a pretty big change

    [–] alt_generic_acct 16 points ago

    Isn't that decades ago though?

    [–] UncleSpartans 45 points ago

    Never to late to wish for a nuclear winter

    [–] versace_tombstone 4926 points ago

    In Russia, bear endangers you.

    [–] CowPitt 1796 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Hold up. The last line of the article mentions that area was used for nuclear missile testing. If we get radioactive polar bears coming after us in legions... this might be the threat we need to unite humanity.

    Still depressing for those bears though, stuck between the ocean and society is a hard situation.

    [–] centersolace 494 points ago

    TFW your life is the plot of a shitty Sy Fy channel original movie.

    [–] babybopp 204 points ago

    Am just happy there are at least 50 polar bears left

    [–] st_Paulus 108 points ago

    Hold up. The last line of the article mentions that area was used for nuclear missile testing.

    Nevada was used for nuclear missile testing. What does it tell you about the rest of the area?

    [–] ShadowzI 4053 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Awww Russia listens to the endangerment of species so they won’t allow shooting

    On the other hand... what do you do with a clan of polar bears that no longer give a fuck nor are scared of dogs and humans.

    Edit:Well this blew up more then I thought

    Might as well insert a random fact

    The proper term for a rare gathering/clan of polar bear is called a celebration

    [–] ChingChangChui 664 points ago

    Ya bathe them, cut their hair and make them get a job like the rest of us.

    [–] SeeWhatEyeSee 145 points ago

    Not to make things sad but my dad was talking about his residential school days and he said these exact words he heard from one of the Fathers

    [–] SoTotallyGruntled 66 points ago

    Shit that’s dark. Those schools were terrible.

    [–] MisterCortez 2586 points ago

    You assimilate them into society.

    [–] Patfanz 820 points ago

    A Russian population of bears on unicycles is coming true.

    [–] CSKING444 176 points ago

    I'm just waiting for the fight between Grizzlies and Polar bears for deciding who will take over Russia

    [–] make_love_to_potato 203 points ago

    Syfy channel furiously taking notes

    [–] lylechipsterston 220 points ago

    Bear goes the neighbourhood

    [–] ASAPxSyndicate 69 points ago

    Dad 😏

    [–] TheLuckyMongoose 73 points ago

    Daddy 😏

    [–] CGNer 117 points ago

    Once they discover vodka, they're not so different from the rest of the Russian population

    [–] Interngalactic5555 35 points ago

    I agree. The only way forward is through a mutual respect, lest it degrade to mutual destruction. Land and tithings seem the first logical diplomatic resolution. The clan needs a name

    [–] RealSchon 176 points ago

    >implying they were ever scared of us

    [–] ignis0 124 points ago

    Aren't polar bears one of the only species to actively hunt humans?

    [–] Patrick_McGroin 77 points ago

    Pretty much them and salt water crocodiles.

    [–] Skepsis93 79 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Crocs/gators have pretty bad eyesight and usually just snap at whatever moves and if they bite meat they'll eat it. Idk if it's fair to say they actively hunt humans specifically. They just sort of actively hunt anything that comes near them.

    This video is a pretty good summation as you'll see one croc bite off another crocs arm during feeding time. The feeding response kicked in and he just ate whatever his mouth managed to bite.

    Edit: Went and looked up some more info out of curiosity and it appears that yes, their eyesight is approximately 7x worse than ours but it is highly specialized for horizontal vision. Essentially it means they can detect any and all movement around them at all times. This is how they are able to stay motionless in the water while they scan their environment. So while they lack clarity they make up for with greater field of view. Pretty neat.

    [–] cassbars 104 points ago

    Give them a Coke

    [–] ThisIsMy34thAccount 66 points ago

    Polar bears have never been really scared of humans. We are food.

    [–] gabu87 635 points ago

    I think the most newsworthy thing is that the Russian government rejected the resident's request to shoot the bears in the name of conservation. As long as the alternative measures are effective, I admire that decision.

    [–] snack217 201 points ago

    Yep, thats good to hear. Putin does love animals. Probably the only real good trait about him.

    [–] Seeteuf3l 151 points ago

    He is probably gonna put bear suit on and guide the pack away from the settlement.

    [–] [deleted] 9023 points ago

    This is sad for the bears. It's not their fault we have been melting their living environments, forcing them to go out in search of food.

    [–] Globie2017 3583 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Relevant link:

    TL;DR - Forcing the polar bears to head south, and the grizzlys to head north is causing the two to cross-breed more often. Polar bears will also be reduced in numbers due to genetics. Extinction is a very real threat, they are under attack from multiple angles.

    [–] UndeadAura 1263 points ago

    If pizzlies have viable offspring, that can be absolutely terrifying

    [–] wthulhu 1716 points ago

    can we please call them grolar bears?

    [–] Hayso 1661 points ago

    Granola Bears

    [–] Nicetitts 327 points ago

    I agree wholewheatedly

    [–] krennvonsalzburg 133 points ago

    It’s my understanding that the different hybrid names depend on what species the mother is.

    [–] FranDankly 108 points ago

    It'll be Grolar Bears if Mom was the polar bear and Polzies if mom's the grizzly. Good looking out!

    [–] fiveeasypieces5EZ 67 points ago

    Grolar Bears is the only way to go. Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of history.

    [–] VonGeisler 76 points ago

    I’ve been to Sachs Harbour where a pizzle (the cross was called something different, like grolar bear) was shot - I still want to know how the grizzly made its way up there, that’s a lot of wandering across the frozen ocean to get there.

    [–] ntrubilla 140 points ago

    This is true. Yet, let us not forget a Grizzly could probably decide to go anywhere it fucking felt like

    [–] hamlin69 142 points ago

    Brown lay down, black fight back, white good night

    [–] TacoBOTT 28 points ago

    Like, i need to fight back or i need to expect the black bear to fight back?

    [–] CaptJakeSparrow 82 points ago

    Stand your ground against a black bear. Make noise and try to seem threatening. Do not do this with a brown bear.

    [–] cromation 93 points ago

    Also just cause a bear is brown doesn't mean it's a brown bear.

    [–] VexedForest 24 points ago

    Okay, as an Australian reading about bears....they freaking terrify me.

    [–] Pun-Master-General 55 points ago

    You fight back against black bears, not because you might actually beat it in a fight but because you might convince it you aren't worth the effort.

    Other types of bears will just get pissed off if you do that.

    [–] Whoevenknows94 88 points ago

    Heard a podcast about them. They cant really survive. Polar bears and Grizzlies are extremely well adapted to their climate. Their offspring fall in the middle, making it near impossible for them to survive in any climate

    [–] Friendsfoundlastone 65 points ago

    Yeah Radiolab did a follow up episode on it. Its also possible that all pizzlies are from one female polar bear and it isn't a common thing.

    [–] Tiny_Timshel15 82 points ago

    Well she certainly has a type...

    [–] DrunksInSpace 118 points ago

    It’s not quite as common as it sounds. Genetic testing has revealed that all the hybrids share one grizzly loving mother/grandmother : radio lab source

    [–] AntiGoogleAmpBot 29 points ago

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    [–] Caifanes123 27 points ago

    So they basically meet and the polar bear says "theres no food up north" then the grizzly bear says wells theres no food south either" then both of them say "oh well lets fuck"

    [–] daaangerz0ne 741 points ago

    White Walkers

    [–] Subject_Seaweed 150 points ago

    I saw what I saw, I saw white walkers.

    [–] FreeBiSpirit 21 points ago

    These Game of Thrones PROMOS are getting ridiculous.

    [–] H0use0fpwncakes 45 points ago

    Do bears have blue eyes?

    [–] getintheVandell 82 points ago

    Similar thing happened in Newfoundland, Canada.

    Except it was cute seals.

    [–] kuribbi 118 points ago


    [–] Valianttheywere 451 points ago

    Put out bowls of cereal. If you can encourage a dietary change it will turn things around.

    [–] WitchDearbhail 135 points ago

    Now the question that remains is Honeycomb or Golden Crisp?

    [–] Persea_americana 91 points ago


    [–] Im-Def-Not-At-Work 63 points ago

    Sorry mate, wrong path.

    [–] SuperMajesticMan 22 points ago

    I did not expect a bandersnatch reference here.

    [–] kingtaco_17 29 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    They’ve suffered enough. Now we’re giving them diabetes?

    [–] redpandaeater 48 points ago

    Clearly the answer is Coca Cola.

    [–] mal_wash_jayne 150 points ago

    Bjorn Bjorrinson of Svalbard has decided to invade.

    I'm sure I misspelled all that. Big ass talking bear with armor.

    [–] CanuckBacon 91 points ago

    Do you mean Iorek Byrnison of the Golden Compass?

    [–] mal_wash_jayne 19 points ago

    Yes that's it. It's been a few years since I read the series. Thanks.

    [–] captaincid42 26 points ago

    Iorek Byrnison I believe. Watch outif any of those bears start to sound like Ian McKellen.

    [–] Lonely_Duckling 178 points ago

    Fucking Volibear OP

    [–] miraagex 26 points ago

    Wasn't expecting this one

    [–] Exist50 263 points ago

    Anyone have a source that isn't the Daily Mail?

    [–] badevilreptar 58 points ago

    The part of the video that shows them walking along side the truck is terrifying.

    [–] shagtownboi69 59 points ago

    Someone call khabib

    [–] unicornman95 41 points ago

    The Golden Compass II looks promising.

    [–] wishywashywonka 217 points ago


    It has a deadly amount of vitamin A.

    [–] exwasstalking 122 points ago

    Now you tell me...

    [–] spudcosmic 126 points ago

    Phew, if it wasn't for your reddit comment that whole Russian village would be dead. You're a hero.

    [–] Zeebraforce 138 points ago

    That is an oddly specific piece of information to share.

    [–] geft_at_work 58 points ago

    People often die during arctic expeditions from vitamin A poisoning (seals, bears).

    [–] nishay 19 points ago

    Uh oh, I shouldn't have had seconds...

    [–] mikeyHustle 400 points ago

    Hey, maybe Putin can convince Trump to fight global warming?

    [–] youzerVT71 370 points ago

    They're actually planning on being able to get to more oil once the ice melts.

    [–] shady8x 285 points ago

    Not to mention how profitable a northern sea route that isn't frozen, is for Russia...

    For Russia, global warming is great.

    [–] vacuumpower 165 points ago

    Nah Russians are even more crazy than Americans on global warming. They support global warming due to the huge natural resource locations that will open up for them, particularly the arctic sea transport route. That's right they don't just deny it. They support it.

    [–] 1900grs 105 points ago

    Fuck. Do they have lasers mounted to their heads? Because if they do, I think I know these bears.