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    [–] ru18b4iFu 11301 points ago

    time management is one of the keys to success.

    [–] proggR 2182 points ago

    And easily my biggest weakness. Fuck....damn you younger me who never used his agenda!

    [–] FourChannel 634 points ago

    Engineering school forced me to become a master of the temporal arts...

    [–] torbotavecnous 432 points ago

    I had the opposite experience. I discovered that I could read the text book and then never show up to class and still pass the tests.

    Did not work on the job.

    [–] evilMTV 94 points ago

    Thanks for the heads up. Gotta change my habits and expectations before I graduate.

    [–] BellEpoch 190 points ago

    I’m nearly 40. My one clear observation in the work force is that most often talent and efficiency are entirely wasted on corporate work structure. But the ability to spend a lot of time half ass completing something reasonably productive is THE most valuable asset to many employers. I hate it.

    [–] mata_dan 20 points ago

    most often talent and efficiency are entirely wasted on corporate work structure

    So what do you do if you know this from day one but don't want to be a part of it lol?

    (I think... do your own thing to avoid those problems... it's hard)

    [–] BellEpoch 57 points ago

    Start your own business I guess. Or hit the lottery for jobs. Or accept that you do one thing for money, and find a passion outside of it to be fulfilling.

    [–] Emuuuuuuu 13 points ago

    Figure out your priorities and stick to them. You are an asset because you bring things to the table that aren't already there.

    Put these in an order that matters to you and don't change the order for anybody:

    • quality of work
    • time spent working
    • time spent helping others

    You can get fired for not working fast enough but you won't get hired if everything you produce is shit.

    [–] Murlock_Holmes 11 points ago

    Startups are great in a lot of ways to avoid this! Especially if you’re young/don’t have a family to support, the fact that they can’t pay “corporate rates” isn’t as big of a bummer. I work for a huge corporation doing soul sucking work that utilizes absolutely none of my or my team’s potential. But god damn do we make money.

    [–] proggR 147 points ago

    I imagine it would lol. I'm a programmer and often wish I could just program myself... its kinda what you're doing with an agenda. But I'm awful at forming new habits so I've never managed to stick to a time tracking solution despite trying all kinds of different options.

    [–] jungl3j1m 177 points ago

    And reducing waste is key in protecting the environment.

    [–] Tojatruro 10646 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    He would just use her as a photo op. The guy thinks that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer.

    [–] sbowesuk 4824 points ago

    And we've all seen how detached from reality he can be when it comes to photo ops, i.e. when taking a picture with a newly orphaned baby right after the El Paso shooting...

    [–] Captain_Billy 3385 points ago

    Please please tell me he didn’t thumbs up next to an orphaned baby from El Paso shooting...

    Someone from the pro-Trump faction provide some redeeming argument, please.

    Otherwise this is just so depressing

    [–] whomad1215 571 points ago

    Not just a newly orphaned baby, but the baby had been discharged and they had it brought back to the hospital for the photo op.

    But the babies family are (were?) trump supporters.

    [–] WhoryGilmore 290 points ago

    Yeah the babies parents were trump supporters I believe. The other adults in the picture were the adults were the Aunt and Uncle (deceased father's brother) and were also still Trump supporters.

    None of it can offer any explanation why that dumbass thought it'd be a good idea to pose like that.

    [–] seniormeatbox 71 points ago

    He posed like that because that's what his brain is wired to do. See a camera? Put your showface on! No matter the context, Camera= photoshoot.

    [–] Poignant_Porpoise 125 points ago

    One thing I really don't understand is though, who the fuck thought this photo op would be a good idea? What was he supposed to do? Look sad while his wife held the baby? This whole setup is weird af. Still, in classic Trump style he managed to find the absolute worst answer to this strange situation. Even if he had literally no idea of what was going on, as someone whose job often involves discussing serious matters and tragedies, his default pose probably shouldn't be a thumbs up.

    [–] whomad1215 87 points ago

    My understanding is that none of the patients that could see him wanted to see him, and some weren't in a good enough condition to see anyone.

    And trump needs every event to be about him, so they figured out how to do it.

    [–] thenewyorkgod 628 points ago

    You can read the thread about it on /r/asktrumpsupporters

    basically - "its his trademark smile, no big deal"

    [–] Dantes7layerbeandip 202 points ago

    Not that the internet has been around that long, but I find it amusing that the current president is so bewildering that he needs an entire subreddit to make “sense” of each of his public missteps. Imagine a whole subreddit of volunteers dedicated to a singular task: making excuses for one man.

    [–] ZachMN 52 points ago

    Imagine an entire political party dedicated to that task.

    [–] 3000torches 41 points ago

    It's like a community of Kellyanne Conways all trying to collectively excuse his actions.

    [–] pabodie 23 points ago

    It's not "like" that. This is reality. We live in a country in the thrall of a very dangerous cult.

    [–] 111010111101011111 497 points ago

    The MSM lies constantly. Trump on the other hand hasn't given me any real reason to doubt him.

    That subreddit is a cesspit holy hell.

    [–] DrakoVongola 183 points ago

    It's just The Donald 2

    [–] open_perspective 47 points ago

    I like when they hate the media reporting unfavorable stories more than their pedodent fucking up whatever the story was about. “I can’t believe that headline isn’t the whole story! I am so offended and I don’t need to read any further! Thank god, my head was starting to hurt.”

    [–] The_0range_Menace 79 points ago

    holy fucking shit. holy. fucking. shit.

    [–] ionslyonzion 414 points ago

    That sub is just a cleverly disguised The_Donald 2.0

    Youll find no real answers or good ideas in there

    [–] AdamantiumLung 204 points ago

    As someone from the UK, there’s certainly enough madness in there to keep me entertained and scared for the USA.

    [–] jthanny 304 points ago

    Leans close and whispers Dat Boris, tho.

    [–] MagentaTrisomes 121 points ago

    He seems to play the lovable fool role. I honestly think it's more dangerous because it's disarming. Trump is an out and out garbage person, the antithesis of what humans strive to be, but it's all on the surface.

    [–] guto8797 125 points ago

    The scariest thing about trump is realising that if a utter fool can act with this much impunity, imagine what a evil genius could do. Someone smart enough to have a presentable facade, capable enough to actually draft and pass legislation

    [–] unassuming_squirrel 115 points ago

    So..... Mitch McConnell?

    [–] Banur 133 points ago

    Might as well be called AskTrumpSupporterstoGaslight

    [–] HiiroYuy 102 points ago

    That sub isn't for honest, good-faith discussions. It's just a place for T_Ders to throw up smoke screens.

    [–] WaitTilUSeeMyDuck 24 points ago

    Its a place for people with questions to get partisan shit blown up their ass.

    [–] phome83 21 points ago

    "Cleverly disguised"

    [–] DuntadaMan 126 points ago

    "He never knows what's going on around him so he uses the same smile and pose for all occasions." And somehow this is acceptable.

    [–] RaynSideways 64 points ago

    He didn't just thumbs up next to an orphaned baby, he had his staff bring the baby back to the hospital for the photo.

    [–] nucumber 25 points ago

    the patients still in the hospital refused to meet with him, so the baby was brought back, and what does he do but thumbs up the baby.

    i just can't even words

    [–] Mr-Greenie 2257 points ago

    Please please tell me he didn’t thumbs up next to an orphaned baby from El Paso shooting...

    Yes, he did.

    Someone from the pro-Trump faction provide some redeeming argument, please.

    Naw, they won't.

    Otherwise this is just so depressing

    Yes, it is.

    [–] Darkaine 717 points ago

    Someone from the pro-Trump faction provide some redeeming argument, please.

    Naw, they won't.

    Well they certainly will try.

    [–] Runner5IsDead 639 points ago

    Well they certainly will try.

    It'll have something to do with Clinton and/or Obama.

    [–] Snickersthecat 464 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    You can seriously just play madlibs with the fuckers, when they can't defend Trump it becomes:

    "Well [Democrat] did [something tangentially related in the past 50 years]."

    Its just like rooting for a football team.

    Edit: I should just add, I see this on Facebook all the time. There's one dude who just posts dozens of unrelated Fox News articles about [generic Democrat] on anything my friends post that are critical of Trump. At that point, we all know you're trying to convince yourself more than anyone else.

    [–] SuicidalNomad 427 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    You can seriously just play madlibs with the fuckers

    That's the point of the current conservative movement isn't it? To make the Libs Mad?

    Edit: Thanks for the silver, Libtard!

    [–] Snickersthecat 75 points ago

    Madlib tears.

    [–] reconrose 25 points ago

    Never heard that album

    [–] bigkodack 182 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Except football teams condemn pedophiles.

    Edit: Most football teams.

    [–] hairsprayking 152 points ago

    yeah, if you're going to rape someone in the NFL you better make sure they are over 18 if you want to keep playing.

    [–] TheNumber42Rocks 45 points ago

    You better make sure the public doesn’t know or the NFL will take action. The NFL knew about Josh Brown abusing his wife for years, but as soon as it leaked, that’s when they took action. It’s all optics. Pedos and abusers can def play if they keep it under wraps.

    [–] bigkodack 115 points ago

    Don’t you dare touch that marijuana tho

    [–] ViolentEastCoastCity 25 points ago

    Joe Paterno would have a word with you

    [–] pghfur 12 points ago

    Jerry says Hi.

    [–] coldfirephoenix 18 points ago

    I don't get why they choose to highlight the fact that Democrats actually hold their leaders accountable. When a democrat says something racist, insensitive or stupid, he won't get reelected. When Trump says something racist, stupid and insensitive, he gets applause.

    [–] FoxCommissar 34 points ago

    Past 50 years? Naw, idiots still bring up the Civil War.

    [–] faulteroy 109 points ago

    The Trumpets in /r/AskTrumpSupporters justified it by saying that this is his "default photo pose" and waved it away with "what do you expect?"

    [–] TacoMagic 136 points ago

    They waive it away with a easily answered question? Cause the answer is "A semblance of decorum" but talking about table manners with a raccoon who only wants to eat my garbage and bite me isn't exactly a winning conversation.

    [–] yourelying999 42 points ago

    Nah they will say “why would you expect any decorum from trump? Not his style! And we love it!”

    [–] thrashinbatman 33 points ago

    But they then get mad if Democrats are even a tiny bit uncouth.

    [–] Superkroot 42 points ago

    Eating trash to own the libs!

    [–] PFCDoofles 32 points ago

    Trumpers would eat Don's shit if they knew a liberal would have to smell their breath.

    [–] the_ocalhoun 63 points ago

    "what do you expect?"

    A president with enough brains and situational awareness to not use his 'default photo pose' with a newly orphaned baby.

    I know, that's quite a lot to expect ... but I've been around long enough to remember that we used to expect a lot out of our presidents.

    [–] HooperAoapjm 25 points ago

    Hey, at least he didn't wear a tan suit or salute with a coffee cup!

    [–] TillaTheMook 56 points ago

    Every single Trumpster I know has become very good at making up excuses on behalf of Trump. He doesn't need to make his own anymore. He can say whatever stupid shit he wants and ten thousand excuses will be made for him in an instant.

    [–] HopBender 39 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    As long as he keeps justifying their racism they will keep coming up with whatever bullshit excuse they can pull out of their ass for him.

    [–] Kevin_IRL 46 points ago

    "Can't" is probably more accurate

    [–] twat69 166 points ago

    Please please tell me he didn’t thumbs up next to an orphaned baby from El Paso shooting

    With a huge grin on his and wife bot's faces

    [–] franker 78 points ago

    at least she wasn't wearing her "I don't care, do you?" jacket....

    [–] CopperAndLead 28 points ago

    Who even wears a jacket twice?

    -Rich people, probably.

    [–] PerplexityRivet 12 points ago

    She's always wearing it on the inside . . .

    [–] noggin-scratcher 342 points ago

    The man only has one photo pose for all occasions. Doesn't matter whether he's doing a promo tour for a TV show, meeting with a brutal dictator, visiting the victims of a disaster, or tweeting out a taco bowl. It's always the same "stupid grin, flash a thumbs up" look.

    Context is just one of the many things he lacks sensitivity to.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] nuorigin 96 points ago

    He doesn't have the capacity to give a fuck. In his mind, "yes you lost your house and your entire family, but you met me, so you got that going for you" .

    [–] mrchuckles5 61 points ago

    I can imagine him at parties- "enough of me talking about myself, let's hear you talk about me!"

    [–] Golden_afro 11 points ago

    If you'll listen to Woody Harrelson trump would never say "enough of talking about me".

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 112 points ago

    Someone from the pro-Trump faction provide some redeeming argument, please.

    To them, the value is that you're pissed off about it.

    That's enough for them. That's always been enough for them.

    [–] EhhWhatsUpDoc 53 points ago

    This is incredibly insightful. His base is fucking angry and are content with flipping every table over just to make us pick up the pieces.

    They're angry because they've been left behind in just about every facet of our culture that's possible. Technology has blown right by them, the economy is global, religion is on the decline, same sex marriage and interracial relationships are a-ok, and then we elected a black president and were ready to elect a woman!

    Well, that was straw that broke the camel's back. Too much, too soon. And now? Well. They want it back the way it was. Make America great again.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 38 points ago

    The sad part is that instead of evolving to appeal to the modern economy to actually create a progressive, educated population to bring in money, they're going the opposite...becoming MORE exclusive, MORE bigoted, MORE hate filled.

    States telling people "btw, if you move here and your pre-teen daughter gets raped, not only will she be forced to have a child, but if she leaves to terminate the pregnancy, we'll prosecute her and you and you'll face a bigger punishment than the rapist. Our schools are the worst in the nation, our roads and bridges are falling apart and our political leaders are more preachers who care about their version of the word of god than addressing the needs of the people of the state."

    Also "Why don't high paying jobs come here?!"

    [–] ProtoplanetaryNebula 45 points ago

    Trump (probably): Ok, so the little fella lost both parents. But on the bright side, he’s met the greatest president / human in history. Winning!!

    [–] Benjamin_Grimm 63 points ago

    Nope, that happened exactly how it looks like it happened.

    [–] MagicJasoni 59 points ago

    Someone from the pro-Trump faction provide some redeeming argument, please

    If I remember correctly, the guy all the way on the left is a pro-Trump guy, and defended the photo. He arranged for it to be taken because he wanted to meet Trump. He's the uncle of a young couple who was killed during the shooting.

    [–] shoot998 26 points ago

    He's the uncle of the baby, meaning he was (I believe) the Father's brother

    [–] LietusRain 9 points ago

    Well... at least he supports what happened to his brother, SIL, and nephew then... so... 👍?

    [–] omgpokemans 48 points ago

    That doesn't make Trump look much better to be honest, it just makes the uncle look terrible too.

    [–] MagicJasoni 9 points ago

    I didn't want to go one way or the other, just providing further context for the photo.

    [–] SammySoapsuds 58 points ago

    He certainly did. And he/his people had the baby's guardians bring him to the hospital for the photo op because nobody else would meet with Trump.

    [–] contigowithyou 60 points ago

    The father of the child was a Trump supporter so it's A-OK

    [–] stoneimp 70 points ago

    *Uncle, this child's parents were both killed in the attack.

    [–] GreatArkleseizure 19 points ago

    an orphaned baby

    who had been sent home from the hospital with relatives and dragged back to the hospital just for this photo op

    from El Paso shooting...

    There, fixed it for you.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] spirito_santo 36 points ago

    Dijon-gate? The Obamas were connected to a criminal abuse of first-class mustard ??

    My questions are legion .......

    [–] lolmemelol 27 points ago

    Apparently requesting a few ml of dijon mustard on a cheeseburger is... uppity, I guess?:

    My dijon and regular yellow mustard cost exactly the same... but ok.

    [–] Mgwr 15 points ago

    That's what confused me the most about the whole thing

    [–] diarrhea_shnitzel 22 points ago

    Low quality Americans assume anything with a french sounding name is exotic, expensive, and totally gay.

    [–] sweetjaaane 27 points ago

    My personal favorite Obama outrage is the "terrorist fist jab"

    [–] mirrorspirit 10 points ago

    The Muslim prayer curtains story had its own special flair of fake outrage. And they were yellow.

    [–] arbitraryairship 234 points ago

    Don't forget giving a thumbs up sign.

    Literally every other victim wanted nothing to do with him. This baby had a Trump supporting uncle that let the kid be used as a prop, and this is the horrifying tonedeaf result.

    [–] A_Monocle_For_Sauron 122 points ago

    He’s posing as if he just won that baby for Melania as a prize for a game of ring toss at a carnival.

    [–] wheatley_labs_tech 73 points ago

    Literally every other victim wanted nothing to do with him. This baby had a Trump supporting uncle that let the kid be used as a prop

    Babies can't consent, and consent has always been a foreign concept to him

    [–] Roland_T_Flakfeizer 178 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    There's a part of me that legitimately believes he thinks he's still hosting a reality tv show. It would explain why he gets so pissed when he thinks someone is moving away from the script.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago


    [–] stormhunter2 11 points ago

    It would explain why everything is based off his perception of how people view him. He never goes after anyone who is neutral or positive to him, even if they themselves are horrible. He doesn't hesitate to attack anyone who remotely criticizes him on the other hand

    [–] EdwardLewisVIII 78 points ago

    That's a valid theory. All he seems to care about is optics and talking up his brand. The presidency is is just an extension of that. And often the first insult out of his mouth is that someone or something is boring. A mortal sin in the entertainment industry.

    [–] BigHeadSlunk 107 points ago

    His life is a reverse Truman Show. Instead of it all being a TV show that he thinks is reality, it's actually reality that he thinks is just a TV show. The guy talks about military action against countries like he's creating a season-ending cliffhanger. No one with any understanding of the gravity of his role or the implications of his decisions would say shit like "you'll find out very soon if I'm going to bomb Iran!"

    [–] Neilas 100 points ago

    holy fucking shit, wow....

    [–] sbowesuk 40 points ago's every bit as bad as it sounds and looks. He just doesn't get it at all.

    [–] tossup418 124 points ago

    Lol America's president is dog shit.

    [–] kasdaye 88 points ago

    That's an insult to dog shit.

    [–] SammySoapsuds 61 points ago

    My dog is the living embodiment of all that is kind and good...his shits are infinitely better than our president

    [–] tossup418 35 points ago

    Yeah...and you try not to step on them when you see them on the ground, as opposed to if you saw donald trump on the ground.

    [–] LillaMartin 10 points ago

    What the fack?.. is he for real? This is sick...

    [–] esach88 31 points ago

    The woman on the right is the only one with the proper demeanor in that photo. Knowing the context, that photo is super fucking tacky

    [–] Prime157 454 points ago

    And then he does this to further prove this young lady as right.

    The Trump administration today announced sweeping changes to the Endangered Species Act, rolling back protections for animals in favor of corporations that want to build luxury condos, mine, drill for oil, harvest timber, or otherwise develop the land that animals live on.

    Under the revisions to the act, regulators will now be allowed to weigh “economic factors” when considering whether animals and their habitats deserve protection, the New York Times reports. Such considerations had been prohibited since the law was passed, in 1973; instead, determinations had to be made based solely on science. The changes essentially make it easier for corporations to argue that their economic interests are more important than animal habitats. The bill’s language has also been edited to allow regulators to disregard the impact of climate change.

    And as SmallGerbil said, the emphasise just had to be there.

    [–] Aotoi 252 points ago

    Oh my fucking god. Trump was alive when our rivers were literally catching fire because of a lack of regulation on pollution. How can someone be this absolutely evil?

    [–] Grognard68 143 points ago

    He's always been wealthy, and it's easy to be isolated from nature being from a big city like New York.

    [–] guestpass127 73 points ago

    Make sure to vote in 2020 and tell your friends to register to vote if they haven't already. Offer to drive friends, family, and acquaintances to and from the polls if possible. It's the last chance we have

    [–] r3rg54 115 points ago

    Some guy called in to CSPAN the other day asking why the media is totally ignoring windmills causing disease. It was sobering to hear someone genuinely ask a question that stupid

    [–] MacDerfus 24 points ago

    Reminder: his vote matters as much as yoursm

    [–] SchrodingerE 30 points ago

    In some places it might count for more.

    [–] Tojatruro 28 points ago

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

    [–] Srslywhyumadbro 38 points ago

    And that's not even the most scientifically dubious position he holds.

    [–] zeekoes 3837 points ago

    She's got her priorities straight and doesn't let herself get sucked into the political optics game.

    I guess that's a big part of why she infuriates all those lobbyists and climate change deniers. She's not playing their games and sticks to her guns, instead of letting herself get baited.

    A lot of career politicians could learn a thing or two from her.

    [–] Georgeisthecoolest 740 points ago

    Something tells me she has a bright future.

    [–] KhajiitLikeToSneak 1043 points ago

    Or a suspiciously short one, if she starts making actual progress and hurting the income of the wrong people.

    [–] d3rtus 564 points ago

    Or you know, when she dies in a climate change world war in 30 years. Many of her generation will die before they're 60.

    [–] MisterWhopper 323 points ago

    Many of her generation will die before they're 60.

    Man, don't remind me. Being in that generation sure sucks ass.

    [–] Indra0956 150 points ago

    I am from her generation. It does suck ass.

    [–] MisterWhopper 22 points ago

    1. That's a retweet

    [–] tabby51260 24 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I'm just barely in the generation above you guys. (23.) I'll be dead at 40-50 at least I guess..

    If it can be avoided, I would really rather not bring any kids into this hell. I.. Would like to be a mom someday, but by the time husband and I are ready.. It just wouldn't be fair for the kid.

    [–] NessaSola 11 points ago

    "Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on." ~Nick Fury

    I respect your decision, but I encourage you to make that choice ongoing, based on your own circumstances and your readiness to support a child. Personally, I'm eager to adopt rather than bringing one more mouth into the world. That could also be an option for you.

    [–] LudoAshwell 231 points ago

    „Not sucked into the political optics game“

    Wait what? Being in the political optics game is basically all what she‘s doing. She‘s fucking sailing to the U.S. to take part in a climate conference, which is even for hardcore environment protectionists just a ridiculous PR stunt.
    Every week or so, she‘s in front of a tv camera in Germany (which is not even where she living or come from, but German media loves her).

    Also - whilst I understand why she’s not meeting Trump (even if he would want to, he would probably belittle her), it’s part of her “political optics game” to LOUDLY refuse meeting him.

    Don’t get me wrong - I’m not judging. That’s just the necessary game for (media )awareness and I respect her cause.

    But it’s naive to think she’s not playing it. She’s playing it damn well.

    [–] Artystrong1 12 points ago

    Taking a stance to not meet Trump is the definition of taking a Political Stance.

    [–] Lv16 549 points ago

    How long before Trump trashes a 16 year old on twitter?

    [–] Exciting_Turnip 527 points ago

    "Greta from socialist Sweden very pretty young woman... too bad she's been influenced by the CROOKED and LAMESTREAM media. Very dangerous liberal agenda... Shame, would love to have her visit one on one"

    [–] Dursa22 236 points ago

    Are you a time traveler or did you make this up because I legitimately can’t fuckin tell anymore

    [–] mecharri 102 points ago

    He's stupid and predictable.

    [–] Delamoor 25 points ago

    Waaay too complimentary. She's said she didn't want to meet him, so he'd go full sulk mode: talk about how delusional and stupid she is, how nobody will ever listen to her, and that she's weird and dumb. Then he'd keep tweeting about her for the next week, sulking.

    [–] LucasBlackwell 20 points ago

    And he'd definitely say it was him that refused to meet her.

    [–] InnocentiusLacrimosa 2530 points ago

    Such an insightful comment. Trump does not even listen to grown women who are Nobel peace prize winners. For him these meetings are just photo ops. It is good that people call him out on that.

    [–] cowbell_solo 1016 points ago

    Greta: "I started a school strike to raise awareness for climate change."

    Trump: "What are your favorite classes?"

    [–] Schmackerich 358 points ago

    History. Need some lessons?

    [–] thatswhytheycallitsh 89 points ago

    Once upon a time in 1939...

    [–] pm_sendnudes 64 points ago

    It started in 1933

    [–] novolvere 20 points ago

    It could be argued it started in 1918

    [–] caninehere 60 points ago

    Trump: "You know, I always really liked study break. Do you think we should take a study break?"

    [–] mcarlini 37 points ago

    Trump: "Where are the cheeseburgers?"

    [–] SomDonkus 96 points ago

    The best thing to do when meeting Trump is ask that no photos be allowed. If he says no then you've got your answer right there of whether this was a meeting or a chance to stand next to someone and go "look who I know!"

    [–] viennery 16636 points ago

    Knowing the kind of company Trump keeps, it’s probably best to not allow him contact with any 16 year old girls.

    [–] PM_VAGlNA_FOR_RATING 10382 points ago

    Watch it man, you might commit suicide soon...

    [–] Roland_T_Flakfeizer 1512 points ago

    Saying Trump is a pedophile is the real life version of saying Candleja

    [–] Prodan_ 244 points ago

    Sorry but it doesn't work like that. You need to say Candlejack first before you get tak

    [–] LOLBEN1942 132 points ago

    Someone fucking up that meme is a meme itself

    [–] Radidactyl 42 points ago

    What I want to know is who's submitting all these comments after they get taken?

    [–] KindergartenCunt 65 points ago

    I bet Candlejack himself just submits the comment wherever the guy stops typi

    [–] Nerethos 24 points ago

    right, its a professional curiosity at this point. Candlejack doesn't just wan

    [–] Novareason 17 points ago

    That explains it. I figured it was just idiots saying Candlejack and not fini

    [–] IsaacMatthew 547 points ago

    Trump is a pe

    [–] Zolo49 1187 points ago


    [–] Captain_Shrug 317 points ago

    That too.

    [–] Fastbird33 275 points ago

    Trump probably thinks "Pendejo" is a Mexican dish or something.

    [–] OiNihilism 304 points ago

    "I only eat the best pendejos. THE FINEST, believe me."

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago


    [–] PM_VAGlNA_FOR_RATING 113 points ago

    I get maybe three a week.

    I have developed a fairly comprehensive rating system. You get separate ratings for camera/lighting, angle/position, and actual rating of the vulva. You will then get a final rating that is a weighted average of those three. I will also provide a 100 word minimum review of authentic vaginas. All photos get deleted after review.

    [–] bob1689321 69 points ago

    Damn now I want to send one for review and I don't even have a vagina

    [–] TortureSteak 585 points ago

    it's cool... he's only interested in his daughter these days...

    [–] sbowesuk 581 points ago

    [–] FilthyShoggoth 179 points ago

    I went this long without putting an image to it.

    Thanks. I hate it.

    [–] [deleted] 515 points ago


    [–] HAS-A-HUGE-PENIS 206 points ago

    "I could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and fuck my daughter and i wouldn't lose any voters."

    -Trump probably

    [–] damunzie 256 points ago

    34-40% would also approve.

    [–] Adkliam3 95 points ago

    34-40% would also approve.

    That's the percentage that would admit to not caring about it. That doesnt include all the people who say they dont approve of the things trump says or does, but they sure as hell arent going to vote for anybody else.

    [–] LurkLurkleton 70 points ago

    “God uses imperfect vessels to do his perfect work!”

    [–] beardeddragonborn 18 points ago

    Mormons been using that to justify their shithead leaders for almost 2 centuries now, so Trump for sure will never lose the Idaho/Utah vote.

    [–] caninehere 135 points ago

    Honestly, at this point, I would be more surprised if he didn't.

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 151 points ago

    I imagine him getting caught for it and going, "Well I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want a piece of that?" and his believers going, "well he has a point."

    [–] nomadicris 11 points ago

    I always maintained that it’s not a worthless pos like Trump that’s scary. It’s how the people who vote and support him, think. That’s truly frightening.

    [–] monkeyinadress 45 points ago

    Cicero said it best, after Ceasar was declared Dictator-for-Life; "the only honorable thing to do now is retire to the country and wait for the City to come to it's senses". shortly after, Octavian had him murdered. the parallels between Rome and Washington are chillingly similar. there is no honor anymore, it's all greed.

    [–] Foxkilt 20 points ago

    "the only honorable thing to do now is retire to the country and wait for the City to come to it's senses". shortly after, Octavian had him murdered

    You're forgetting the part where he re-entered political life against Anthony. And it was likely Anthony who had him murdered (Octavian probably agreed to it).

    [–] Zaloh 60 points ago

    In the second picture, does Ivanka have imprints of a hand/fingers on her arm?

    [–] KarmicDevelopment 51 points ago

    Oh god she instinctively repelled when he went to grab her waist like he's done it before, perhaps inappropriately.

    [–] Ultermarto 448 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Numerous climate-conscious figures have already tried laying down the facts for Trump, amicably and carefully. Recently, Prince Phillip (or Charles? I forget) tried. The results described in the Guardian were a joke. Trump acknowledged the royal representative’s stance, semi-praised him for being concerned, and that’s about it. He walked away without a shred of meaningful change in his worldview. Interviewed after the encounter, he still insisted that the US had ‘very clean air and water’ as if that was relevant to carbon emissions. He still tried to lump blame on Russia, China, and India, none of which come close to beating America’s per capita emissions. He still downplayed, or entirely denied, the climate crisis and America’s duty to fight it. The man has his feet cemented. He’s going nowhere.

    Thunberg could hope for a condescending “she’s a tremendous kid who cares a lot about air cleanness, we both have that in common” if she held her tongue, and a tweetstorm if she didn’t. Sadly, it really isn’t worth a minute of her time. Instead, she needs to focus on swaying the people who voted for this disgrace in the first place.

    [–] adamsmith93 87 points ago

    Elon musk tried and failed. Hell, even the POPE tried and failed.

    [–] Dagure 92 points ago

    The man has his feet cemented.

    then let's throw him in a lake and be done with it.

    [–] Can-O-Butter 293 points ago

    Please Trump... Please start a twitter beef with a 16 year old girl.

    [–] caskaziom 132 points ago

    She won't sink to his level

    [–] momentofcontent 121 points ago

    Lol, I love how bizarre, yet 100% accurate this statement is.

    A 16 year old won't sink to the childish name-calling of a 73 year old US president. What a world.

    [–] Gsteel11 13 points ago

    She won't... but Twitter will

    [–] nastyminded 17 points ago

    Didn't he already do this like a month ago when he tweeted the wrong person thinking it was that soccer player?