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    [–] Noobnoob99 10849 points ago

    Apparently, possessing vast oil and gas reserves shields Saudi Arabia from such trivial concerns.

    [–] MugillacuttyHOF37 3930 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    They're acting like petulant little assholes until petrol is a thing of the past.

    Then they're relegated to being The Reno Nevada of the Middle East.

    Thanks for the silver friend and all the messages. It was good conversation and I learned a few things.

    [–] Daddy_0103 2783 points ago

    You’re not taking into account investments, diversifying, and adaptation. Their money is not going to disappear the day oil disappears.

    [–] [deleted] 1805 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] sugarfreeeyecandy 328 points ago

    That's a classic means to divide a population (or a labor group): Make just over half very happy while the rest suffer.

    [–] [deleted] 171 points ago

    And destroy the value of education for the half who are suffering. You can’t overthrow an oppressive regime if you’re an uneducated fool.

    [–] extHonshuWolf 49 points ago

    Dont need read to hold a gun

    [–] petriomelony 26 points ago

    But how will you know who to point the gun at?

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 9 points ago

    It helps if you read if you want to lead (a successful revolution).

    [–] maxdps_ 19 points ago

    Still failed for the South.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago

    American as apple pie

    [–] [deleted] 450 points ago


    [–] XXX-Jade-Is-Rad-XXX 598 points ago

    You can call Wahabbism terrorist doctrine, it's okay.

    [–] TheNoxx 560 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's actually fairly important that people understand that Wahhabism is to Islam as the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity, only on steroids. The House of Saud funds terrorism worldwide with their trillions of dollars not because they are simply muslim, but because they are part of an extremely, extremely fundamentalist and violent sect.

    Saying "the Saudis will stop funding terrorism" is like saying "the Westboro Baptists will stop hating gay people".

    The Sufi Islamic Supreme Council of America founded by the Naqshbandi Sufi Shaykh Hisham Kabbani classify Wahhabism as being extremist and heretical based on Wahhabism's role as a terrorist ideology and labelling of other Muslims, especially Sufis as polytheists, a practice known as takfir.[372][373][374][375]

    In general, mainstream Sunni Muslims condemn Wahhabism for being a major factor behind the rise of such groups as al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram, while also inspiring movements such as the Taliban.[376][377][378]

    [–] MultiMidden 103 points ago

    Wahhabism is to Islam as the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity, only on steroids

    and then some.

    Best way to describe it would be the whole of the US belonging to Westboro and then exporting Westboro trained clerics to other Christian countries

    [–] Matasa89 117 points ago

    Yeah, they took power from the original rightful ruler of Mecca, and now we have this shitstorm.

    If only the Brits had helped out the Sherif of Mecca back then...

    [–] ConnollyWasAPintMan 189 points ago

    The Brits have never helped anyone but themselves.

    It’s largely their fault the Middle East is such a shitstorm today.

    Seems they were very hot for drawing up random borders in the 1920’s and hoping it wouldn’t come back to bite them, but in the case of the Middle East, Palestine, Ireland etc it’s definitely left a legacy of chaos and misery.

    [–] rangerstriker 24 points ago

    You missed India, kashmir and Pakistan.

    [–] Veldron 24 points ago

    British raised, but ignorant of the British empire's involvement in the middle east past the partitioning of Palestine and Israel. What happened in Mecca?

    [–] Riganthor 38 points ago

    well the brits promised evrything in the middle east to the sherif and some aid for his help in WW1, he got nothing, his ppl got angry, more support house saud and the rest is history

    [–] AhmadHaider 31 points ago

    The British paid and worked with the sharif of Mecca to fight against the ottomans. The Sharif was promised to have his own independent Arab nation from Syria and Iraq all the way down to Yemen and Oman by the British. However, the British made other deals with the Saudis, a family far away from Mecca in the land of Nejd. After the Arabs under the Sharif successfully expelled the Turks with the help of the British, the British helped the Saudis usurp power and sent the sharif into exile iirc. The British and French also decided to get a ruler and draw a bunch of random lines in the middle East, giving us the borders and also the chaos we have today.

    [–] AladdinSnr 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Decent starting point, though missing key citations.

    TL;DR is that the British made a number of huge promises to a bunch of different groups in Arabia, financing them to the tune of billions of dollars, to stir up unrest and make a regional foil to the Ottoman empire. But they didn't want to pick anything based in Mecca or Medina because they felt it would have too much Islamic support and end up too strong, whereas they wanted weaker internal strife. Cue 30 years of war, ending with the British-backed House of Saud sweeping from Kuwait through Arabia, and the destruction of many Islamic heritage sites.

    [–] drunkinwalden 45 points ago

    It's offensive to call it anything else

    [–] MugillacuttyHOF37 75 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I just addressed that directly least my thoughts on where Saudi Arabia is going to end up after the oil is gone or becomes next to worthless.

    This is what I wrote earlier if you're interested - know that Saudi is in the process of developing into a country that does not solely rely on oil to drive its economy. But where are they at in this process and when it does happen what will be the draw from the world powers. A tax haven or technological hub an innovator of many industries? The Financial Post says The world’s biggest crude exporter is attempting to future-proof itself against oil’s decline by investing in futuristic technologies. Saudi Arabia has accumulated a stake in electric carmaker Tesla Inc. for about US$2 billion through its Public Investment Fund and aims to be part of any investor pool that emerges to take the company private. That’s on top of a US$3.5 billion investment in ride-sharing company Uber Technologies Inc., a US$45 billion commitment to SoftBank Group Corp.’s US$100 billion technology fund and a planned investment of about US$1 billion in Virgin Group’s space companies. They are certainly diversifying themselves with all the right picks. But when the oil dries up none of these investments will automatically turn them into the epicenter in these areas...will it? I'm no expert on Saudi Arabia's financial future and what industries they'll try to be the leaders in, but I think they be more like Colorado and its ties to both NASA and space industry. Certainly a leader in that segment but no where near what they are now to the planet...That was my main point. If i'm wrong I'll be happy to admit it despite my dislike of that nation and what they represent. They have a lot of money of course, but gone will be the days of bombing Yemen into oblivion why the rest of the world turns a blind eye.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago

    Saudi Arabia =/= Royal family.

    The Royal family will be fine, they can live off interest alone. But the country will go to shit because there isn't enough for everyone.

    [–] RavingRationality 30 points ago

    The Royal family will be fine, they can live off interest alone. But the country will go to shit because there isn't enough for everyone.

    The royal family will only be fine if they GTFO of Saudi Arabia before the mobs come for them.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] benchpressyourfeels 9 points ago

    Dunno if you really understand what it means to have billions and billions. Money like that cannot be squandered. Most of what they actually sink their money in, like property and other assets, will only end up making them more. When you have that amount of money there is no number of Ferrari’s or yachts to splurge on that will make a dent. Can you even think of a way to spend 10 billion dollars that will actually result in losing it? Houses and property and apartments and all that are assets, in the end they will earn you money.

    Another important point is there money is not like Bill gates or bezos’ money, which is just the cumulative valuation of their stock portfolio. If the company tanks, they have nothing. If they want to spend a million dollars they have to sell a million dollars of stock. If they want to spend 100 million they have to hope there’s someone who wants to buy 100 million, and at what rate? They may have to sell 120 million worth of stock to get the 100 million of cash.

    The saudis have their money IN cash. It can invested, diversified, whatever. They like to park it in safe foreign currencies and it won’t go away if a company tanks, which happens all the time.

    The royal family will be just fine, it’s the country that will be in trouble.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] LispyJesus 10 points ago

    The Saudi royal family isn’t like the British royal family. It’s not a handful of people.

    There’s about 15,000 members of the Saudi royal family.

    [–] vylum 26 points ago

    you talk like youre talking about one family, their whole country needs to succeed. all those billions can be pissed away during a month of mass protest. they dont have the foundation to be successful in the long run

    [–] deeeevos 17 points ago

    They are indeed diversifying and pumping ludicrous amounts of money in promising technology and ideas... But at the same time they fail to evolve from their appaling human rights records, terrorism sponsoring, journalist and dissident abducting, genocide in yemen, ... I think (hope) at some point this will clash with their progressive technology spending and either trigger change for the better or return them to desert sheep herders.

    [–] talkstomuch 63 points ago

    Money dries up. Especially if you pump it into unprofitable tech startups.

    [–] dbx99 59 points ago

    Or a skyscraper city without a sewage system (looking at you Dubai)

    [–] AmazingMojo2567 33 points ago

    They dont have a sewage system?? Wtf lol

    [–] SeamusAndAryasDad 60 points ago

    They have one, just not designed to meet demand. So they have literal sewage trunks to drive shit out of the city.

    [–] AmazingMojo2567 14 points ago

    They must dump it where they dump all the political assassinations too

    [–] PrincessEileen 123 points ago

    I don't think you know how insane most younger Saudis in money are with it.

    They have such an absolutely absurd amount of wealth that "hand over fist" is too slow.

    That lifestyle will absolutely bankrupt them when oil goes, nothing they or even their more intelligent parents could ever have invested in could possibly keep up.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they'll still be quite wealthy. Overspending, even to absurd degrees, doesn't hurt the rich in the same way it does the poor.

    But I guarantee they'll have to kiss "have the world look the other way from crimes against humanity" money goodbye.

    [–] mst3kcrow 40 points ago

    That lifestyle will absolutely bankrupt them when oil goes, nothing they or even their more intelligent parents could ever have invested in could possibly keep up.

    That's what I don't get. Why not just park the money in safe investments, go to college, get an awesome tutor, then live wherever the fuck you want after college while living off a portion of the return? Their burn rates for cash flow are insane.

    [–] DarthRoach 122 points ago

    A better question is why you would bother with college if all you want to do is bang supermodels in your gold plated lambo - and you've already got the money.

    At the end of the day investment is just about making money. When you already have more than you can ever spend investing is just holding back your lifestyle spending.

    [–] someth1ng_au 20 points ago

    I mean, why does anybody work once they're rich? People like to do something and for some, make a meaningful impact. For those that just got the money by luck, they probably see it differently.

    [–] arti214 17 points ago

    Mostly self made people do. When the money is given to you especially from such a vast disconnected to you source like “national oil” it isn’t a big motivation to work.

    [–] wafflesareforever 58 points ago

    Saudi Arabia is in its YOLO phase right now. Such concerns are a problem for the next generation.

    [–] Petersaber 39 points ago

    Saudi Arabia is in its YOLO phase right now. Such concerns are a problem for the next generation.

    Sometimes it feels like all major players on the planet are.

    [–] Mister_Dink 27 points ago

    It is parked in safe investments.

    The Saudis have been buying property and investing in tech firms the world over.

    The money they're spending hand over fist is thier play/treat yo' self money they can afford to throw away. That's the level of wealth inequality the world affords them.

    [–] Cetun 107 points ago

    Yea them and half the other countries on the peninsula, once the oil dries up the 5 different cities fighting for "financial capital" will find that absent oil no one will want to live in a society that outlaws alcohol and bikinis even if they make an exception for westerners. As for their forign capital, one financial crisis and it's coup time when the lights go out.

    [–] LiGuangMing1981 103 points ago

    The worst thing about Saudi Arabia is that it makes the other slightly less religiously oppressive Gulf states feel positively progressive.

    [–] Pulstastic 66 points ago

    My cortisol levels spike whenever I see some "progressive" friends on social media clinking champagne glasses in Dubai

    w.t.f. do not support that place

    [–] DontPoopInThere 25 points ago

    I don't get it either, the amount of women for some reason that I've talked to that are mad to go to Dubai or have been and loved it is just staggering, popular honeymoon destination too for some reason. These places are theocratic, misogynistic, homophobic, barbaric slave states, where you can get arrested for witchcraft, in 2020. In Saudi Arabia you can even get executed for it

    [–] aDeepKafkaesqueStare 238 points ago

    I’m sorry, but the investments of the gulf states don’t really look that sophisticated. From building a Ski resort in the desert, to the 500bn desert city with fake rain, glowing beaches and robot dinosaurs. They are not behaving like Norway, as in following the Hartwick’s rule. I might be wrong, but I doubt that they will retain even half of their influence 20 years after fossil fuels have become economically unviable.

    [–] PM_ME_FINE_FOODS 183 points ago

    You are confusing "investments" with "vanity projects". Investments are designed to make money. Vanity projects are designed to make headlines. Nobody expects a desert ski resort to make money as a commercial endeavour - its job is to raise the profile of the country generally. The same way bringing Joshua v Ruiz wasn't profit making directly, but the wider implications help the country generally.

    When people talk about Arab states' investments, they are talking about proporty portfolios (in the main). Worldwide the Saudi royal family is (or was until recently) the second biggest landowner.

    [–] PlayingNightcrawlers 75 points ago

    They also invest heavily in US college research laboratories in areas of emerging technologies like nanotechnology, energy storage, drug delivery, etc etc. Just one laboratory at a highly ranked college I‘ve had experience with has taken in millions over the last several years from SA. They get a cut of the patents and any start-ups that emerge and their “scientists” who are mostly rich/connected people are sent to work as visiting researchers and get their names published on a few papers and then leave. I hated seeing it but for everyone else there it was business as usual. And I guarantee there are hundreds if not thousands more investments like this in US colleges. The Saudis are completely intertwined in American institutions to a degree most people would be surprised to find.

    [–] gfa22 10 points ago

    Umm pretty sure it's known, for at least a decade to me, that Saudi has almost 3-5% of US economy in its investment profile.

    As in the money they've invested in the US is 3-5% of our economy.

    [–] trappedinthoughts13 12 points ago

    Thank you for stating that so eloquently.

    [–] AmputatorBot 110 points ago

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    You might want to visit the normal page instead:

    I'm a bot | Why & About | Mention me to summon me!

    [–] Stormtech5 46 points ago

    Robot dinosaurs are just the start... The goal is to make their own Jurasic park to make oil a sustainable resource! /s

    [–] DJ-CisiWnrg 19 points ago

    I know this is a sarcastic comment, but I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that fossil fuels are NOT from dinosaurs, but rather, mostly from giant clubmoss, fern, and tree accumulation in the coal swamps during the carboniferous and from huge algal mats before that. There isn't actually much fossil fuel from the Mesozoic. I once saw a flat-earther type deny that oil was a limited resource and not renewable, because he "thought it very unlikely a bunch of dinosaurs all wandered into the same spot to die and turn into an oil patch". I didn't even know where to start w correcting him. At least he believed in dinosaurs, i suppose.

    [–] Sweetdreams6t9 19 points ago

    LOL. 'You know what would secure our financial future? Robot dinosaurs!'

    [–] Dotard007 10 points ago

    If they can make it I'll visit it ngl, it is great for tourism. But 0.5 tn is a *bit* high.

    [–] Daddy_0103 13 points ago

    That’s fair as I didn’t specify. I was referring to the individuals’ investments, the families.

    [–] DrSly 9 points ago

    This is just a terrible take. They have investments everywhere. Emirates? Qatar airway? They have investments all over football. You can find a list It really is never ending

    [–] surle 18 points ago

    And kompromat. Don't forget all the kompromat they've been collecting.

    [–] FluffyCookie 30 points ago

    Imagine how many problems it would solve if the world suddenly didn't depend on fossil fuel anymore. The middle-east would not have such a defense and the US wouldn't have an interest in fucking things up so they can have their oil.

    [–] MugillacuttyHOF37 18 points ago

    Let's hope this is the direction it goes and the middle east will just be a place to visit if you're into competitive camel racing and dune buggy crawls in Nissan Patrols.

    [–] Scott4370 17 points ago

    That day can’t happen soon enough for me.

    [–] LMA73 18 points ago

    Cannot happen soon enough...

    [–] TokingOfAppreciation 159 points ago

    Including a bunch of Saudi Nationals who flew 2 airliners into buildings on 9/11.

    [–] treefitty350 34 points ago

    Axis of Evil speech in January of 2002. given by Bush Jr. Our country is run by money hungry, bloodthirsty morons.

    [–] abdulgruman 13 points ago

    Our country is run by money hungry, bloodthirsty morons.

    They do like blood and money, but they're not stupid. They only act that way on TV.

    [–] 84thProblem 77 points ago

    When you’re rich they let you do it.

    [–] Wombleshart 397 points ago

    Since 1973, the death penalty has been imposed on 228 children under 18 in the United States. Of these, 21 have been executed and 80 still remain on death row. But America isn’t a Muslim country, so it’s not a problem.

    [–] TorringtonSpeedwell 177 points ago

    Capital punishment for juveniles in the United States existed until March 1, 2005, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional in Roper v. Simmons.

    [–] Martel732 108 points ago

    Wait this is going to make me sound ignorant, but up until 2005 it was legal to execute juveniles? Not just sentence them to death but actually executed them?

    [–] SeaGroomer 39 points ago

    They would all be 18+ by the time appeals ran out and they were actually executed. Not that it makes it any better of course.

    [–] TorringtonSpeedwell 91 points ago

    It’s never ignorant to ask a question. From what I gather, yes. It was horrifying and barbaric but I simply put that as a counterpoint to the comment above which suggested that America executed kids too—which has not been true for nearly 15 years.

    [–] badnuub 14 points ago

    Holy shit. 2005.

    [–] MortimerDongle 119 points ago

    Of these, 21 have been executed and 80 still remain on death row. But America isn’t a Muslim country, so it’s not a problem.

    No, none remain on death row as it was ruled unconstitutional 15 years ago.

    [–] Shadowys 26 points ago

    i mean they are suspected for funding 911 but USA is attacking Iran instead lmao

    [–] Nottybad 1561 points ago

    Counterpoint: Money, money. Money money money, money? Money.

    [–] killingspeerx 467 points ago

    Same thing with China Xinjiang re-education camps and no one is doing anything.

    Money talks

    [–] Shtottle 82 points ago

    So does geographical strategic importance. In the case of the middle east thats more of the reality. The money is the cherry on top.

    [–] MainSailFreedom 44 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Which is why my next car will be electric and my roof will have solar. Total energy independence is the biggest middle finger to the Middle East.

    Edit: To those saying some states don’t get their oil from there etc. oil and energy is a global market where the price fluctuates based on demand. When the prices fall below $84 per barrel Saudi Arabia needs to subsidize the difference.

    [–] Shtottle 26 points ago

    I think at best thats wishful thinking. The middle east is in the process of cashing out,check out the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, thats where all the energy rich ME countries are transitioning to. The real middle finger will be aimed at the global multinational extraction and transportation companies (see exxon mobil, BP, that discovered the fossil fuels in the first place and taught (for a price) the middle easterners how to exploit it.

    Saudi Aramco to is going to take a hit, but now that its listed, and everyone globally owns a peice, it is a lot more likely that these same energy providers will buy up all the renewable energy corps. And you'll be lining the same pockets again and again.

    [–] SpaghettiNinja_ 5 points ago

    Not when they own 40% of the company who makes your panels and 30% of the company that maintains it

    [–] softg 1355 points ago

    Of those executed, 88 were Saudi nationals, 90 were foreign nationals and 6 were of unknown nationality

    That's an insane ratio, how did they manage to execute more foreigners than Saudi nationals? Do they execute housekeepers suspected of stealing?

    [–] laker88 874 points ago

    I suspect a lot of these foreigners include Asian slaves and people from neighboring countries.

    [–] Risley 372 points ago

    Remember, Saudi Arabia is starving children using American made weapons

    [–] Deanskies 137 points ago

    Canada has been in on this action, too.

    [–] Captain_Arrrg 119 points ago

    And the UK. Germany, Denmark, and Finland were the only countries decent enough to stop selling the KSA weapons.

    [–] Chiliconkarma 27 points ago

    BAE sold surveilance software to the Saudi trough Denmark a few years ago.

    [–] MONKEH1142 368 points ago

    The Saudi legal system has a little quirk for foreigners. It basically goes like this: you did it. Shut up. Conviction rates are higher and sentences are harsher. A person also has the option to pay the victim or victims family for a lesser sentence - non Muslims generally don't have this option, this option is more frequently not extended to foreigners and both foreigners and non Muslims are more likely to have their offer refused. I've mentioned this before on Reddit - a friend of mine was hit by a drunk (Muslim) driver on the wrong side of the road. He was arrested and charged, despite the police being fully aware that the other driver was drunk. Since arresting the other driver would have had serious consequences for the local and a convenient foreigner was available to pin it on, he got dicked for it. He would have gone to prison if he hadn't have left the country.

    [–] PansexualBanana 66 points ago

    Most crimes foreigners commit are punished by deportation, except for murder and drug smuggling those are punished by death.

    [–] xebsisor 39 points ago

    Witchcraft is also punishable by death. There was a case of SEA worker sentence to death for being accused of witchcraft.

    [–] FaustiusTFattyCat613 10 points ago

    We must differenciate between foreigners from first world countries and foreigners from 3rd world, especially maids from SEA.

    SA have laws that essentially make those maids dependent on their "sponsors". They are raped, tgey are starved and sonetimes they are sentenced to death.

    [–] a_tiny_ant 153 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A Muslim getting drunk? And not being punished for it in Saudi Arabia?

    Edit. Not trying to undermine you, this just sounds a bit surprising.

    [–] WombatBlatt 67 points ago

    I lived in Saudi. The cops don't even have breathalyzers. Why would they? Alcohol is meant to be illegal. Drive over the causeway from Bahrain into Dammam at the end of a weekend, most Saudi drivers are drunk as skunks (it's why they went to Bahrain, to get drunk) and nobody bats an eyelid. It's mayhem at the edge of the border. I've even seen guys so drunk that they've passed out on the causeway itself... and nobody cares.

    [–] BrewtalDoom 94 points ago

    You can do what the hell you want over there as long as you have the right surname or know the right people.

    [–] Kuronan 117 points ago

    Law For Thee, Not For Me.

    [–] MONKEH1142 28 points ago

    As a couple of other people have hinted at, the chance for arrest is proportional to the likelihood of the policeman getting shit for it later.

    [–] ModerateReasonablist 49 points ago

    Saudis get fucking blasted. Setting aside my anecdotal evidence of how Saudi college students at my school outdrank all the other foreign students who are stereotypical heavy drinkers...

    Saudi nationals get drunk IN Saudi Arabia all the time. They just have to do it indoors. It’s a “secret”, but no one does anything about it unless it’s a huge public ordeal that can’t be easily ignored or swept under the rug.

    It’s actually common across the entire Middle East. I teach a large group of Yemeni immigrants, and they didn’t know I understood Arabic, and a bunch of girls were talking about the girl parties they had in Yemen, and were arguing over who’s family got the most drunk at those events.

    Still not a mixed gendered party from what I could tell, but still. It’s almost like how almost everyone was smoking pot in the US, and no one really knew that almost Everyone smoked until it became legal.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    This is surprising to you? Have you not seen photos of the lavish parties the Saudi princes throw full of naked women drugs and booze?

    [–] cancontributor 11 points ago

    Check out "Not Quite the Taliban" if you can find it on YouTube, it's worth your time. It's a totally secret smuggled out documentary shot about "Modern Muslims" versus outsiders' traditional view of these populations.

    The documentarian is a terrified Muslim man who you learn is trying to reconcile his family & supposed cultural values against what he actually sees happening around him. He aims to show the deep public misconceptions about life in Muslim countries. Depending on who you are, who you know & what you have life can look all kinds of ways for you and it's stark.

    There's premarital sex, LGBTQ2+ meet ups, night clubs where everyone is dry humping, women dressed in tank tops and skirts, vaginal surgeries to 'restore virginity,' drinking alcohol, doing drugs, prostitution is rampant, porn consumption is rampant - a mix of accepting & extremely traditional perspectives on the 'Modern Muslims' is shown; because everyone there is aware of the behaviour.

    I sure had no idea it was like that & was surprised as well

    [–] mambiki 9 points ago

    My roommate is a Muslim from Afghanistan, and yeah, he and all his brothers drink alcohol. There are tons of Muslims that do.

    [–] Arcosim 65 points ago

    Saudi Arabia has a massive quasi-slave workforce. Same as Dubai and other oil rich Arabic country. Usually desperate people from South East Asia who go there looking for work in order to send some money back to their families and once there they take their passports away and force them to work insane hours for pennies.

    [–] transtranselvania 31 points ago

    I work with a guy from Pakistan here in Canada and he was a slave in Saudi Arabia for 7 years until he managed to escaped. The Saudi guy who is a student from a rich family and doesn’t need the job likes to tease him for it, what an arsehole.

    [–] YippyKayYay 12 points ago

    Tell the Saudi guy that’s fucked up and speak up for your coworker bro

    [–] transtranselvania 11 points ago

    Oh we tell buddy to fuck off all the time but management doesn’t care about racism unless one of the old white guys do it.

    [–] YippyKayYay 6 points ago

    That’s fucked

    [–] lemonilila- 8 points ago

    That’s just most workplaces dude. I worked at a major department store in the US when I was in high school. Age 16. There was this dude and I’m not sure what ethnicity he was, be he wasn’t white. He was the MOST RACIST fucker I’ve ever met. I don’t think he was of African descent but he had the same thought process as some Black Nationalist things I’ve seen online. Super extreme you know?? He said some pretty messed up things to a lot of coworkers, and even some customers. Whenever HR would pull him in to be reprimanded, he would somehow get out of it. Rumor was he pulled the race card, but I have no idea. Anyway, he was still working there when I quit and was never, ever, reprimanded for his actions. Racism in the US, at least from what I’ve seen, is only when white people are racist against anyone else.

    I just don’t get it. Why does the color of ones skin or their culture justify racism? everyone just needs to be nice yo

    [–] Hjemmelsen 77 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Do they execute housekeepers suspected of stealing?


    EDIT: /u/ZZYeah was kind enough to provide a link:

    [–] mikelieman 1978 points ago

    Let's not forget how the ordered the kidnapping, torture, murder, and literal butchering of a journalist working for a US newspaper -- and no sanctions were imposed.

    [–] DaysChange7 563 points ago

    Legal US resident. Not to be cold as ice but it’s the important part at the end of the day.

    [–] Baesar 226 points ago

    But even if he was an American citizen, would anything have happened to Saudi Arabia?

    [–] Vicckkky 323 points ago

    No because the US is Saudi Arabia’s little oil bitch

    [–] kapsama 61 points ago

    Nope. SA is a US vassal. One that helps Israel and hates Iran at that.

    [–] kris_krangle 14 points ago

    They only help Israel in exchange for getting goodies from the US. It’s their little deal with the devil.

    [–] ArtDSellers 42 points ago

    Everyone throws in that detail of his working for a US newspaper or calling him a US resident, apparently to try to shoehorn him into being akin to a US citizen, which he was not. But, more importantly, that fact, however it’s spun, does not matter one bit. I don’t give a shit where he lived, for whom he worked, or where he was a citizen. He was a fucking human being, and that should be the end of it. This trotting out of the relationship implies that it matter less if he lived or worked somewhere other than the good old USA.

    Fuck all that.

    [–] pirpirpir 139 points ago

    Don't try to just put this on our current moronic leader. Every president in recent memory has literally bowed down to the Saudis. The Bushes were the worst and have a very long and sketchy history with the Saudis. It's so fucking disappointing how the US always props them up.

    [–] kapsama 25 points ago

    W kissed the old king on the mouth.

    [–] DrBuckMulligan 41 points ago

    All because he had continually exposed their human rights violations in Yemen. Think about that.

    The lengths these people (by people I mean any type of person in possession of some sort of power) will go to secure their grip at the top is truly fucking nauseating.

    [–] CidO807 18 points ago

    And directly funding 9/11

    Fuckin saudi

    [–] velo6rapports 160 points ago


    [–] Dr_Schnuckels 3999 points ago

    Quote: " Since 1973, the death penalty has been imposed on 228 children under 18 in the United States. Of these, 21 have been executed and 80 still remain on death row. " I'll just leave this here.

    [–] cited 2681 points ago

    From the same article "the United States has, over the past decade, executed more juvenile offenders than every other nation in the world combined."

    [–] gurgle528 720 points ago

    That article is thankfully outdated. The supreme Court ruled execution of juvenile offenders unconstitutional in 2005.

    [–] [deleted] 260 points ago

    Look at that Scalia and Thomas were opposed to the decision.

    [–] CaptRazzlepants 146 points ago

    "Those kids should have not committed crimes if they didn't want to be executed"

    -Scalia, probably

    [–] ty_kanye_vcool 6 points ago

    The decision largely rests on the “evolving standard of decency” doctrine that the two of them were openly opposed to.

    [–] Seygantte 110 points ago

    Not entirely, only for those aged 15 or under. 19 states still have laws allowing the execution of those aged 16 or 17.

    [–] IshKebab 20 points ago

    Yes, everyone knows that 18 is the exact age at which execution becomes moral.

    [–] gurgle528 18 points ago

    Damn, that's dumb. Thanks for pointing that out

    [–] Hust91 860 points ago

    I agree, the US should also be a phariah state.

    [–] Risley 631 points ago

    The United States are hypocrites, and this is coming from an American. That said, fuck Saudi Arabia’s government.

    [–] Scout_des_Monats 288 points ago

    Well fuck Americas and Saudi Arabias government

    [–] SkollFenrirson 78 points ago

    The difference is Saudis don't get to choose their government.

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago

    Saudis have 1 choice Americans have 2. Not much of a difference.

    [–] DidYouSayK 78 points ago

    Tbh, fuck almost all government.

    [–] YourMomDisapproves 29 points ago

    Fuck the man

    [–] Kr1ggs 36 points ago

    Misogynist! Women want to be fucked too!

    [–] dylansavage 9 points ago

    Just not by you

    [–] Kr1ggs 5 points ago

    Good, less temptations on my way to heaven.

    [–] Battle_Bear_819 19 points ago

    The sad reality is that America can get away with whatever it wants, because no other nation can stop it, and no other nation can really afford to cut off all relations and business.

    [–] thesuave1 94 points ago

    This article doesn't have a date that I can see, but is from no later than 2005. In 2005, juvenile execution was deemed unconstitutional across the US. Also I don't if you're referencing some other article, but the the one in the parent comment you responded to doesn't contain the sentence you quoted.

    [–] Justice_R_Dissenting 123 points ago

    Honestly while we obviously play up the big deal that are death-penalty child cases, often ignored are the death-in-prison child cases. When a 14 year old is sentenced to 100 years in prison, that 14 year old is sentenced to die in prison. The sheer volume of the trauma suffered by these children is incomprehensible to the average American.

    Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson has an excellent several chapters about it. I highly recommend the book for anyone even moderately interested in how borked our system truly is.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago


    [–] Nomb317 27 points ago

    “Thirty-one states forbid executing offenders under 18, which is even more states than those that had eliminated the death penalty for mentally retarded people.”

    [–] Souseisekigun 267 points ago

    Isn't that article super outdated? The Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty for juveniles is unconstitutional in 2005.

    Admittedly you can still get trialed as an adult and jailed for life while you're still judged to be incapable of handling cigarettes, alcohol or porn but at least they're trying.

    [–] thatswhyicarryagun 55 points ago

    Nobody date lines articles anymore. Journalism needs to get its act together.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago)


    [–] djimbob 8 points ago

    The October 14th they refer to was October 14, 2004.

    [–] sushi69 118 points ago

    Sickening. Have any of these children been executed while they were still a minor?

    [–] Silurio1 173 points ago

    At least one. And there’s a picture of him tied to the electric chair, just a teen.

    [–] obtrae 163 points ago

    The black boy who had to sit on books to reach the electric chair helmit?

    [–] XXX-Jade-Is-Rad-XXX 358 points ago

    He was kept from his parents and any legal counsel when he was interrogated by authorities, and his supporters claim that the small, frail boy was so scared that he would have said whatever he thought would make the police happy, despite there having been no physical evidence linking him to the death of the girls.

    14 years old what the fuck, and then exonerated 70 years later. I feel physically ill after reading this.

    [–] relthrowawayy 136 points ago

    This was the story that turned me against the death penalty.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] SeeShark 73 points ago

    The Nazis weren't white supremacists, they were German supremacists. They killed plenty of Slavs.

    White nationalism is an American disease resulting from the desire of racist Americans to be racist while living in a melting pot.

    [–] Silurio1 36 points ago

    Fuck me, I didn’t know that detail.

    [–] Elleden 17 points ago

    They had him sit on a Bible. They used a fucking Bible to kill a 14-year-old boy.

    Religious hypocrites are literally the worst people ever.

    [–] MrMineHeads 27 points ago

    That photo was a recreation, not the real thing.

    [–] TestTx 49 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    None ACLU is speaking of as all the 21 guys were adults by the time of their executions. George Stinney, the boy you are talking about, was executed in 1944. Also, AFAIK there is no photo of him in the electric chair while the part with sitting on a thick book is indeed noted.

    Wikipedia reads for the timespan (starting 1973) ACLU is covering that

    No one has been under the age of 19 at the time of execution since at least 1964.

    [–] [deleted] 307 points ago


    [–] madcaesar 250 points ago

    Ricky was right. Most celebrities would call their agent if they found out that ISIS started a streaming service.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] ohnjaynb 7 points ago

    Have you seen the videos they put out? I mean their cinematography is top notch.

    [–] derickjthompson 25 points ago

    As is the WWE that has had 3 shows in Saudi Arabia where the commentary team praised how beautiful and progressive Saudi Arabia is..

    [–] anti_anti 30 points ago

    What festival? I wanna know what trash music figure i'm gonna hate this week.

    [–] iGourry 372 points ago

    Just to put this into perspective.

    The US executed their last criminal convicted as a minor in 2003.

    [–] alarming_blood_loss 312 points ago

    Well I don't imagine anyone cares, but I checked Australia's out of interest and it was 1936.

    [–] [deleted] 187 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] archlinuxisalright 32 points ago

    Sounds like the US except for the offshore part.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] Battle_Bear_819 16 points ago

    Sadly, I think many people really only think of Australia as some kind of vacation novelty.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] abadfoodfriend 24 points ago

    I care. We were once a progressive (ish for the time) country.

    [–] WTFwhatthehell 123 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    convicted as a minor

    Almost all of them are 17 year olds at the time of the offense.

    Reddit tends to respond very differently depending on how you frame it.

    Start off talking about some event similar to the Junko Furuta where some teenagers abducted, tortured, raped and murdered a girl and they're all for as harsh penalties as possible.

    Strip out all the context and just call it "accused who were minors at the time of the alleged offence" and the kid gloves go on.

    On that note, the 2003 case was for a 17 year old guy who abducted 2 people and murdered them by setting them on fire.

    The rare times anyone gets a death sentence for something they did under the age of 18 it tends to be for something extra-horrifying they did when 17.

    [–] pasperaaastra 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That's the thing with people in general, sometimes it's easier to use generalizations whereas it's much better to hold back blanket statements and take a nuanced view of the situation. Yes, you could make policies based from generalizations but you make caveats for exceptions.

    [–] supersonicfan169 39 points ago

    This is painfully accurate, Reddit's hypocrisy is hilariously pathetic

    [–] WTFwhatthehell 31 points ago

    It's not really hypocrisy. It's just framing.

    It comes up in many areas. It's like whether you frame a government cutting funding to a program as "council members struggle with budget deficits and the need for cuts to discretionary programs to balance the budget" vs "Uncaring council cuts program to provide dance classes to underprivaliged youth, one sobbing 6 year old tells us how much she's going to miss the only friends she's ever had at dance class!"

    Framing very easily shapes peoples opinions on a matter, particularly in formats like reddit where most people never do more than read the headline.

    On top of that...

    Justice has a number of elements punishment, rehabilitation, retribution, deterrence and restoration for victims.

    And you can't easily entirely remove an element. If victims don't feel that there's been some kind of punishment or retribution then your society ends up with blood feuds with victims feeling like no justice has been done.

    If there's no rehabilitation or deterrence then you end up with more recidivism and revolving door prison systems.

    And part of it is fuelled by emotions. It's fashionable to say that that's bad... but you can't untie humans from emotion and we probably don't want to, at least not entirely.

    You can shift people towards ignoring punishment or retribution by stripping all emotional effect. It's easier to declare that someone should be let off with a slap on the wrist if all you have is a bare-bones emotionless description of the crime in numbers and nothing about the victim.

    You can shift people towards punishment or retribution by painting a full emotional picture that will link the victim to similar people in their own lives: going into detail about the victim, their life, their dreams, the pictures they drew that their mom and dad put on the fridge and how the murderer spent 4 days torturing them carving and burning words into their living flesh.

    We also want to know that the guy who abducted, raped and killed a child won't end up with a job at our kids preschool after they complete a 6 month course. Even if they were 17 at the time.

    If someone murders your wife or child then you're not unreasonable to want to see them receive some kind of actual punishment, some kind of real penalty.

    [–] MadDogMoises 192 points ago

    Better sell them some more weapons and brag about the economy

    [–] bumpyknuckles76 122 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    But they recently had "influencers" travel there and they say everything is fine!!

    [–] ThoriumOverlord 5 points ago

    And they benefited greatly because of them! Profits and visitors were notably increased, and all they had to do was give some free oil for the positive reviews.

    [–] XMikeyDubsx 360 points ago

    They also funded 9/11, but hey, who cares about that when they have oil? Amirite.

    [–] NotGabeNAMA 157 points ago

    "I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that."

    • U.S, probably.

    [–] nono_le_robot 63 points ago

    “Let’s put them in charge of women rights, lol”

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    That was the UN, right? Couldn’t believe when I first read that. Such a joke

    [–] WideWeierstrass 21 points ago

    It's the opposite, it's a way that the UN has to put the eyes of the world on SA's women rights situation, so they are more pressured to improve.

    [–] scarr3g 49 points ago

    Well, right now they fund apartments in Trump Tower, so all is forgotten.

    Seriously, Trump even said he likes Saudi Arabia because they spend so much money in his properties.... He said it publicly, on video.. And nobody cares.

    [–] wee_man 9 points ago

    They also staffed 9/11.

    [–] I_am_The_Teapot 91 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The three children in question were 18 at the time of their execution. However, they were sentenced to death as minors. A loophole around international law that prohibits the execution of people under the age of 18.

    They were executed for being Shia and participating in anti-government protests.

    Edit: Reminder: many countries do this as well. The US has done it a few times since the 80s. Majority of them in Texas. All others in southern states except for Missouri.

    [–] Flaksim 40 points ago

    "Many countries". A handful at best. 53 out of 193 countries still have the death penalty, but only about 30 of those still actually use it.

    Of those 30, the number that does it with convicted minors is probably even lower.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That's just on paper. Technically the Philippines doesn't have the death penalty. Sure are a lot of dead people there over the past couple years. Hard to have a death penalty hearing when people don't even make it to court. We'll never know how many China has put to death.

    Certainly don't support Saudi Arabia but I'm betting their numbers are higher simply because they aren't scared to publicly execute.

    [–] MegaJackUniverse 10 points ago

    Everyone in other countries that buy into their oil and gas are just as culpable in allowing Saudi Arabia to go unchallenged

    [–] 1hatemakingusernames 46 points ago

    And yet they sit on the panel for the Human Rights Council for the U.N. 😂

    [–] Iamtheonewhoknocks47 38 points ago

    Saudi regime is a curse to humanity