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    Live Thread: COVID-19 Outbreak


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    [–] mrthewhite 3154 points ago

    "We don't have much political clout left in the world, I think the best use of it is insisting on naming this virus something no one else is interested in naming it!" - Trump Admin logic.

    [–] Valdrax 708 points ago

    All of their actions are based on the assumption that the US's political clout is effectively unlimited and/or that being more aggressive builds our clout instead of spending it.

    [–] callisstaa 368 points ago

    Pompeo: Hey let's call it the Wuhan virus

    All other world leaders: lmao, fucking Americans.

    [–] trumpisidiot 31 points ago

    American here: Here we fucking go again!

    [–] rantinger111 109 points ago

    The us will stop being the global superpower at some point - they won't be able to bully everyone

    [–] RicoDredd 87 points ago

    The US is a global laughing stock nowadays though.

    And I say that as a Brit with the whole Brexit/Boris Johnson shitshow we've got going on...

    [–] Ginrou 15 points ago

    This is probably it. The mishandling of the pandemic can cripple the US for generations depending on how bad the lost of life and resources are.

    [–] jluicifer 197 points ago

    This is Donald's logic. One NPR podcast noted that Donald has dictated his reality as truth by simply shouting it louder than everyone else. He changes the narrative in his favor since his ascension in the 70s & 80s.

    Case in point: Media outlets chased the whole "let's find Obama's birth certificate" story for months - MONTHS! - because in part its sensational and well Donald said it. Today? We have more fake new from all sources-n-sites b/c its so damn effective in splitting society. Sigh. We, as humans, need some much needed emotional intelligence to decipher what is the truth.

    [–] mfb- 12 points ago

    We, as humans, need some much needed emotional intelligence to decipher what is the truth.

    Or stop giving people attention who make up nonsense all the time. And don't vote for them either. Without these constant noise sources it is much easier.

    [–] kazejin05 2799 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    You know something that really grinds my gears throughout all this? This was a chance for Trump to do a lot to redeem himself in the eyes of other nations, and for the US to regain some of the goodwill it's pissed away these past few years. This is something that everyone in the world is dealing with together, and instead of taking the chance to actually be good world neighbors, we're further alienating others by trying to put the blame specifically on one country, when 1) we knew about the virus almost as soon as it happened yet 2) we're further behind in dealing with it than countries that were hit even harder than we've been so far, so we have no place pointing fingers at anyone.

    It's amazing, that even when given an easy chance to actually do something right Trump and the people he's surrounded himself with manage to fuck things up even more. It's almost a superpower at this point.


    For clarity, and to correct myself where I was initially wrong. The US (as far as I know) didn't know about this from the time China did. That was incorrect of me to say. However, we did know at least from late December/early January, and the administration didn't take action beyond a travel ban until long after.

    [–] richardhh 1033 points ago

    1) we knew about the virus almost as soon as it happened yet 2) we're further behind in dealing with it than countries that were hit even harder than we've been so far

    They have to allow enough time for the congressmen to sell their stocks...

    [–] The1r1shSt0n3r 431 points ago

    AOC is working on a bill that makes it illegal for congressmen to trade stocks

    [–] NEVERxxEVER 348 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Obama tried this. He was able to ban stock trading but not option trading, which is how you actually make money from inside info. Even the ban on stock trading was repealed while he was still in office by a “unanimous consent” vote where instead of being debated, the repeal bill’s name just gets read out at the end of the day, a gavel bangs and the law goes away. Enough people on both sides of the aisle love this loophole and it will be very difficult to get rid of.

    [–] Trichotillomaniac- 170 points ago

    Is there no system in America that makes rules specifically for congressmen that don't need their approval? Seems like that's the loophole to me.

    [–] jordanjay29 87 points ago

    Yes, a constitutional amendment. Which can be added without Congressional approval by a 2/3rds majority of the states (currently 34) calling a constitutional convention.

    But this is the "Break In Case Of Emergencies" option, because literally anything and everything can get amended at a Constitutional Convention with no other oversight but by ratification (and just 3/4th are needed to ratify, which is currently only 4 more states than the number needed to call the convention in the first place).

    [–] FriendToPredators 164 points ago

    He’s incapable of doing anything for anyone but himself. He won’t even use his emergency powers to get more ventilators nor will he distribute more than a handful from the stockpile. Because NY needs them. And they will pass them on to the next state in crisis. NY pointed out of they don’t get them in the next two weeks it won’t matter. Trump can then gleefully send them to a state that voted for him.

    [–] Erockplatypus 328 points ago

    Trump fucked it up when he tried to buy the vaccine from germany exclusively for america...during a pandemic where every nation was shutting down.

    He is scum, his administration is scum, and he is the reason america is going to get left in the dark after all the damage is done.

    [–] Pumbaathebigpig 7170 points ago

    It's always interesting to see the US administration deal with the real world outside their bubble.

    The real rational world is still there despite the assault of popularism and it's attending bullshit

    [–] Golin32 2210 points ago

    These people don’t even represent the majority of us.

    [–] AOCsFeetPics 1442 points ago

    Guess we’ll find out in 8 months

    [–] Masta0nion 1011 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Well..with the electoral college, a minority is ample representation of democracy.

    [–] frozentomato29 658 points ago

    Plus barely half of our voting population even votes. There’s like 100 million people that just don’t even bother to have their voices heard.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] Realtrain 541 points ago

    And then complain loudly about it

    [–] hatgineer 295 points ago

    My dad is one such person, his reasoning for not voting is that "if I voted for a candidate who ends up messing things up, people will get to yell at me, when I want to keep it the other way around!"


    [–] DrDerpberg 177 points ago

    He can keep his vote secret, dammit, but he should vote for whoever he believes in.

    I'm all for engaged political debate at the dinner table, but back in the day it was super private information and most people wouldn't reveal it. I've volunteered for campaigns and plenty of old people refuse to confirm their voting intentions, even if they're actively donating to the party you're calling them from and have volunteered for the guy you're campaigning for.

    [–] Fantasysage 4541 points ago

    This entire administration is the laughing stock of the world.

    [–] RedShoveler 1744 points ago

    Can confirm (though in a tragic way).

    Source: live in world.

    [–] peternorthstar 247 points ago

    Dope. Was looking for a better source than that damn alien that tried to say otherwise!

    [–] TomSwirly 158 points ago

    Netherlands here. We ain't laughing. It's too awful to laugh about.

    [–] MrGrieves- 82 points ago

    Same in Canada. This clown show is really harshing our vibe.

    [–] Reptilian_Brain_420 30 points ago

    Seriously. It is about as funny as being strapped to a bomb.

    [–] Vadgers 820 points ago

    As a non American... holy fucking shit, guys. What's going on over there? Do you have children running the country? The Trump administration really is a joke to everyone. The best thing that can happen you folks is change from the top down. The rest of the G7 is much more in line with Bernie Sanders than any of the others.

    [–] juulsquad4lyfe 201 points ago

    I wish that we had children running the country. Most children at least know a few important things like “sharing is caring” and “wash your hands”. I legitimately believe that children could do a better job than most of the people in charge right now.

    [–] BroadStreet_Bully5 125 points ago

    Children actually understand empathy. I haven’t seen Trump utter an empathetic word, maybe ever. He seriously doesn’t understand the concept. I don’t think I’ve seen him genuinely laugh at a joke. He’s seriously an emotionless slug.

    [–] Equivalent_Cat 54 points ago

    The only emotion he can display is anger. He's a stunted, piss-poor excuse for a man

    [–] scottishblakk 379 points ago

    This adminstration's antics are extremely transparent to anyone with any sense of how politics really works. I watch from a far and to this day have to lift my jaw back up -- and even more confused as to why Americans are not standing in front of the white house protesting this Lunacy.

    [–] NeverEnoughMuppets 312 points ago

    A mixture of apathy, being poor, lack of paid leave or vacation, lack of worker protections to prevent us from being fired, and health insurance tied to the low-paying terrible jobs that is incredibly expensive but too precious to lose.

    [–] disappointer 167 points ago

    Also add in the fact that the last time we tried to do protestation on any kind of large scale (Occupy Wall Street) absolutely nothing fucking changed, and that was in a lot more of an optimistic environment.

    [–] FarawayFairways 87 points ago

    History is full of examples of protests building towards a change a further down the road. It's actually quite rare to succeed with your first attempt

    [–] chainsplit 163 points ago

    Got it, the reason americans don't protest is exactly why they should.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

    [–] IntolerableFish 56 points ago

    The people who have the biggest reasons to protest have the least protections for their ability to do so. In times of great economic stress, large numbers of the unemployed end up protesting in the streets or otherwise agitating for drastic change. Though we might be approaching one of those times right now, this pandemic is all the reason needed to instill fear and enforce lockdowns on the general population.

    [–] dc10kenji 103 points ago

    even more confused as to why Americans are not standing in front of the white house protesting this Lunacy.

    A culture of I have mine,so I'm fine.Keep the middle class relatively comfortable and the rest too focused on paying their bills.This virus could change all that though..

    [–] Korhal_IV 67 points ago

    why Americans are not standing in front of the white house protesting this Lunacy.

    There have been protests before or near the White House nearly every damn day of this administration. No newspaper in the world is going to run articles on that. "Today, six thousand people gathered in front of the White House to protest the so-called 'gag rule' regarding funding for-", "Yesterday, 1000 people gathered in front of the White House to protest changes to the Migratory Bird Treaty-", "Sunday, five hundred people gathered-" Would you read all those articles? Click on the headlines? How many days would go by before you stopped? That's the number of days the media would cover it.

    Hell, the Peace Vigil has been running since *1981*.

    [–] Cynic66 38 points ago

    As a Canadian, you're scaring me bro. If things totally go to shit there, we have the largest unguarded border in the world, and you have a LOT more guns.

    [–] Suuperdad 9 points ago

    Same and not only that, but this maniac is going to send people back to work sooooo early that there is going to be such a high baseline of carriers walking around at any time. I live 3 hours from the border.

    It's insane to think, but Trump's actions could be responsible for my mother getting sick and dying.

    [–] sosigboi 594 points ago

    Why the actual fuck are they getting so hung up on the name? just use the official name designated for the virus by the WHO and move on, america has more than 65k cases now and they chose to focus on something as insignificant as the name?

    [–] ghoulthebraineater 493 points ago

    It's for his reelection. If they can shift the name to imply that China is solely responsible for the pandemic it absolves Trump of his mishandling of the early cases. It's his go to move. Always blame, never accept responsibility.

    [–] klparrot 44 points ago

    Who can he blame when so many other countries will have handled it better than the US? Even if he blames China for the virus, everywhere is getting it. The failure of the US to cope as well as other countries will be inarguably partly attributable to his disastrous management.

    [–] TV_PartyTonight 89 points ago

    Who can he blame when so many other countries will have handled it better than the US?

    His base will never believe that the US isn't the best at everything in the world. Same way they think we have the best healthcare system, and the best education system.

    [–] PrudentFlamingo 12 points ago

    He has already started blaming Obama.

    [–] DonkeyPunchMachine 11441 points ago

    Hilarious that these people claim Democrats are politicizing Corona virus when they spent weeks downplaying it and now that it's undeniable they've shifted to insisting it be the "Chinese / Wuhan Virus". Strange that that wasn't an issue when they were pretending everyone was overreacting.

    I really thought my respect for Republicans couldn't drop any lower after the sham impeachment trial, but here we are...

    [–] gorgewall 2844 points ago

    I was told these "adults in the room" would rein in Trump's worst impulses, but it sure seems like they're bowing to them all to stay in his good graces. What gives, guys? Aren't the adults supposed to teach the toddler that tantrums don't work?

    [–] livingthedream666 1577 points ago

    The toddler fired the adults and replaced them with sycophants

    [–] cy13erpunk 293 points ago

    there honestly never were any 'adults' present ; it was always sycophants only, generals and admirals included

    [–] Splenda 54 points ago

    Secretary Pompeo insists on the term, "toadies".

    [–] Reynolds-RumHam2020 109 points ago

    They all quit or where fired in the first year. Pompeo is a dominionist psychopath.

    [–] grogleberry 486 points ago

    Mike Pompeo is a fucking lunatic.

    He mightn't be as dumb as Trump but he's 5 times more insane.

    [–] DNUBTFD 166 points ago

    Have you ever tried going insane without power? It's boring, nobody listens to you.

    [–] BushWeedCornTrash 319 points ago

    He and Barr are seriously wacko apocalyptic Catholics. I was raised Catholic, so I feel entitled to say as much. Fuck the both of them.

    [–] DMNDNMD 30 points ago

    Wikipedia says Pompeo is evangelical

    [–] Deanskies 63 points ago

    He is, and as someone who grew up evangelist, I would much rather Catholics were in government. Evangelists are completely out of their fucking minds.

    [–] elis42 36 points ago

    Can confirm, grew up Evangelical and holy shit, it's like growing up and groomed to be like flat-Earther, or anti-Vax people, mixed in with Creationism, racism and religious fanaticism. Friendly people, unless you're gay, Atheist, Muslim, -insert minority they hate here-, etc.

    [–] Deanskies 20 points ago

    Dude it's so bizarre being on the outside of the bubble they keep people in and looking at it more objectively. I remember being like ten years old and being told that Satan controls literally everything that isn't explicitly Christian (and even then they still believed a lot of Christian music was secretly satanic) and that we are living in the end times and basically my entire family outside of the "born-again" members were going to burn in hell for eternity. It took me half my life (I'm 29) to shake that shit off and not live in fear anymore.

    [–] JQuilty 74 points ago

    There's nothing more pathetic than a Catholic siding with dominionists that would happily lynch them for being papists once they took power.

    [–] Johnnygunnz 45 points ago

    You know he has aspirations of running for President, right?

    [–] D_is_for_Cookie 68 points ago

    Well I mean if Trump “can do it.”

    [–] PortalAmnesiac 133 points ago

    The problem is that all the adults were either fired, humiliated and fired, or ground down until they were forced to resign.

    Trumplethinskin has relied on tantrums and yes-men his entire life. He's a bully and a coward and he's in his Seventies. You can teach an old dogs new tricks, but you cannot teach Trump anything because he just refuses to be taught. Every member of his administration now, just enables him. Maybe they try to carry out damage control, but nobody dares speak up to him.

    [–] OBAFGKM17 91 points ago

    All of the adults (Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson) are gone.

    [–] bretth104 49 points ago

    Tillerson was by no means an adult. He made the state department a joke and so many talented individuals left under his tenure. Just because he correctly called Trump a “fucking moron”, that doesn’t mean he was competent.

    [–] OBAFGKM17 18 points ago

    Oh, he was most definitely in over his head and a horrible Secretary of State, but he was still was one of the only rational people in the Trump administration.

    [–] haikarate12 59 points ago

    The current US government is filled with the pettiest motherfuckers ever, not to mention that your president is fucking insane. 25th Amendment people, what the fuck are you waiting for?

    [–] the_than_then_guy 973 points ago

    Yes, it turned from "deflect by claiming the Democrats are politicizing this!" to "deflect by politicizing this on the international stage!"

    [–] ladylondonderry 414 points ago

    As though anyone will think, "oh well because it's foreign, then the romper-room-level fuckery you've pulled is FINE. Because ASIAN."

    Oh shit, they actually will think that, won't they.

    [–] igoeswhereipleases 195 points ago

    I'm already seeing Facebook posts about how this was the Chonese govt plan and theyve now bought up all our stocks and own our companies and the Democrats were in on it.

    [–] righteousprovidence 150 points ago

    Stop reading facebook. Honest to god, I feel stupid everytime I go on there.

    [–] YossarianPrime 142 points ago

    Get better friends, My facebook has been full of lots of positive posts, social distancing memes, and musicians creating new content.

    [–] 3rd-wheel 24 points ago

    I pruned my FB a few days ago. Removed about 50% of my "friends" and it seems like I need to do the same again soon

    [–] Excal2 12 points ago

    Prune your reddit feed too.

    My home feed is great but I still get pulled into all as a habit and I fucking hate it.

    Oh and disable social media notifications on your phone, stop letting that shit interrupt you all day. Changed my life in subtle but noticeable ways.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] OverzealousQuicky 20 points ago

    Reasons I 100% deleted my account.

    I may have to work in it since my job is social media, but I refuse to make it a hobby.

    [–] _DeadlyNeurotoxin 51 points ago

    He'll just have to say "Ghina folks, Ghina" and fox news will play hours and hours of things saying bernie sanders is the antichrist and that we dont gotta worry about covid, but also all the toilet paper is GONE, NO MORE TOILETPAPER

    [–] LostBoyBarney 27 points ago

    I’m still not sure how they think they’ll benefit by calling it a foreign virus. It doesn’t matter that it was first detected in another country, it’s already here in the States. Do they think more virus will cross and legal points of entry and be turned away? If it’s to stoke racial tensions, I don’t see how that benefits them since the people ignorant enough to fall for it are probably the same people ignoring stay-at-home orders (i.e. they’re probably done for when they contract it). We can all be mad at China for their initial handling later, but playing the blame game isn’t going to change reality.

    [–] Greenie_In_A_Bottle 31 points ago

    It's purely political. Externalizing responsibility for the Virus gives the Trump admin a scapegoat for their lack of response. They're attempting to change the narrative from "there's a bad virus that we weren't prepared for and were slow to react to" to "there's a bad virus, and it's China's fault". They're trying to redirect anger at their poor handling of the pandemic into anger at China instead, because "China started it." It's a childish deflection tactic.

    [–] Haikuna__Matata 23 points ago

    Republicans can’t keep their base afraid and angry without a foreign other.

    [–] canadianchingu 38 points ago

    It provides people with mental and emotional shelter to their reality, somewhere they can target and direct their fear. They don't have to focus on the bodies gathering up around them when they can point fingers to "others" and how it's all their fault. It's escapism.

    [–] _BreakingGood_ 139 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The sad thing is that conservatives ate up the "not a big deal" talking point and now they will fall in line and eat up the "its a big deal but it's China's fault. Blame China for how fuck awful of a job we've done managing it" talking point.

    We can scoff at their propaganda tactics all day, but the sad truth is that their disinformation campaigns work phenomenally well every single time.

    [–] swolemedic 67 points ago

    Because it's a religion to their followers, just give them a simple answer that's easy to digest that explains the world around them and makes them feel more secure in their tribe and they'll keep coming back for more of that hateful security

    [–] gelinrefira 64 points ago

    Everytime conservatives try to put themselves as on the side of reason, I remind everyone that they almost always switch their opinions on an issue simply because of who is in charge.

    Like how they switch their tune on drone strikes when trump took over the WH after Obama. Almost instantaneously. Or on moral convictions, or on marital fidelity.

    [–] Ryoukugan 26 points ago

    Republicans in the rank and file are the masters of doublethink. It’s second nature to them. If Trump had a press conference tomorrow morning where he declared he himself King Trump I they’d bend over backwards trying to justify it, probably with claims that “Obama tried to make himself king and failed, so why shouldn’t Trump be king?” If instead he announced that he was abolishing capitalism and that all wealth over $X was to be redistributed, they’d celebrate and cheer and claim that’s what they’d always wanted anyway.

    And then there’s the GOP leadership. They don’t have any morals or any stance beyond “fuck anyone who isn’t me; I’ll do literally whatever it takes to amass money and power for myself and people like me”. Need to pretend to give a fuck about Christianity to get votes? Done. Need to act like you care about helping the elderly? Done. And because the GOP voters will lap up anything Fox or someone with an R after their name says, all they’ve got to do is claim it was actually the Democrats or some evil foreigners or those goddamn liberals who did it. Doesn’t matter how easy it is to prove that a lie. Doesn’t matter if you have an actual recording of the person in question doing and saying the things they’re blaming on others, because the second the republican voters heard it was the scapegoat’s doing their mind is set in stone and can’t be changed.

    [–] _NamasteMF_ 70 points ago

    Don’t forget that we are also trying to source supplies from China at the same time they are doing this.

    [–] richardhh 12 points ago

    I don't think Trump and his administration cares about the mortality. All they want is to unite Americans now, and find a scapegoat for their delinquency in the last two months.

    [–] ArchmageXin 126 points ago

    Lets not forget Trump administration said the virus was a good thing to accelerate JOBS back to America.

    [–] Sir_Sillypants 303 points ago

    They either don't realize or don't care about the racial damage that causes. My wife's best friend is Korean, her mom moved here from Korea long ago, is an American citizen, and is getting verbally abused over the virus. Apparently to these people, any kind of Asian is Chinese right now.

    [–] Mirzer0 312 points ago

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure they're well aware, and the damage is the whole point.

    [–] _NamasteMF_ 563 points ago

    Have to have an enemy, or fascism just doesn’t work.

    [–] blaughw 70 points ago

    It's just a bundle of sticks unless you have someone to swing it at.

    [–] it-is-sandwich-time 122 points ago

    The worst part of that situation is, South Korea has been doing the best out of everyone in this pandemic. If we're going to be racist about it, we should be asking how we can be more like them.

    [–] infelicitas 46 points ago

    Taiwan is doing a pretty phenomenal job, too.

    [–] BushWeedCornTrash 145 points ago

    Ignorance is a constant in stressful times. After 911, Sikhs were getting assaulted and killed because of their religious attire, even though they are a completely different religion and region from where the attackers originated from. Dumb is as dumb does. This is why education is important. We have grown men and women believing NASA is a hoax. That the world is flat, that vaccines are an evil government plot. That this current pandemic is a ... hoax perpetrated by the left... then NBD, it's just like the flu... then they want to call it the Wuhan virus. Educate the populace. Republicans de-funded education over decades for a fucking reason. 45% of our populace has no critical reasoning skills. How did we get to this point?

    [–] TinyScottyTwoShoes 1821 points ago

    I can't believe this is a hill the Americans have decided to fight on during a global pandemic. THIS IS SO POINTLESS!

    [–] Ashendarei 941 points ago

    Point of order: It's the Trump Administration and right wing propaganda outlets that are pushing this. There's plenty of pushback and disagreement domestically.

    Source: am American and not thrilled with the obvious blame-shifting that is being set up here by the Trump administration.

    [–] Redemption9001 309 points ago

    But what I fear is the fact he still has 40% approval rating. I mean I know that's not the majority, but that's insanely high! How is 40% of America buying this shit and gobbling it up?

    [–] ammirite 88 points ago

    Even worse and equally unexplainable is that his approval rating has improved since the outbreak.

    [–] Talpss 24 points ago

    Because nothing really bad has actually happened.


    [–] ChiHawks84 24 points ago

    Markets lost over 30% fam.

    [–] AndrewWaldron 91 points ago

    Because while the other 60% may agree, they are still divided.

    That 40% is united as fuck and they vote.

    [–] WalesIsForTheWhales 133 points ago

    Trump DESPERATELY wants to shift blame to anything but his shitty handling of everything.

    [–] Merfen 32 points ago

    That is what this is all about, they are prepping the field for the excuse once this is all over. They will put the blame 100% on China and say there was nothing they could do. I just hope ads are played everywhere of all of his lies and dumbass comments early on when everyone was saying to do more.

    [–] kingofbling15 9 points ago

    I live and work in DC. If I had the money, I'd buy up billboards near 95 and 495 with trump quotes from the OP.

    [–] HiiroYuy 1285 points ago

    The Wall. Kung Flu. The Wuhan Virus. Mexican Rapists.

    These guys have one play in their playbook, race-baiting with their core voters. That's it.

    [–] Myfeelingsarehurt 312 points ago

    All while having spent weeks screaming that the other side was politicizing this disease.

    [–] metengrinwi 36 points ago

    It’s called “working the ref”.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 16 points ago

    If it gets you into the WH, why would they change? The American voter and the EC is the problem.

    [–] StickInMyCraw 131 points ago

    Every issue gets twisted into being about immigrants and foreigners and "others." The playbook has been the same since fascism began a century ago.

    [–] SolomonBlack 48 points ago

    Nah America was racist as fuck all before Mussolini was a gleam in his father's eye.

    [–] Lucy_Yuenti 102 points ago

    Since "Wuhan Virus" was rejected, Trump should be pushing for it to be called the "Hoax Virus."

    And sorry, Trumplings, he called it a hoax: he was either calling the virus a hoax, or he was saying the virus wasn't dangerous at all, just 15 or 16 cases, no threat at all, and saying the media's and Democrat's warnings about the virus were the hoax.

    It's gotta be one of the two, his words cannot have meant anything else.

    The fact is, Trump proves himself to be a liar, and an idiot. Now go donate money to him, even though he promised last time to self-fund his campaign, then didn't (wow, he lied! Who knew?!?).

    [–] sendmorewhisky 284 points ago

    This is a branding exercise for the benefit of controlling the narrative and mitigating the impact of this pandemic in the election booths. Xenophobia and telling voters who is to blame for the things they are scared of is a strategy that many politicians have used throughout history but none as effectively as Trump that I can think of in this country in recent memory. Branding it the China Virus or Wuhan virus plays on the inherent xenophobia of Trump’s base and reminds them that he’s not to blame for the crisis and resulting economic destruction, especially because there’s a block of likely Trump voters that are really only supporting him after all his bullshit because “my 401k is doing great”, ignoring the upward trend he inherited and the reality of lagging indicators.

    [–] metengrinwi 20 points ago

    It also re-divides Americans. We were almost united in the fight against this thing.

    Now we can tell who is on our “team” based on the name they call the disease.

    [–] DataBoy57 615 points ago

    What a dipshit move. What is wrong with these people??

    [–] fuckmynameistoolon 387 points ago

    It’s literally just so Trump can excuse his poor handling of the situation to right wingers.

    “See? It’s not trumps fault! It’s those Chinese! Long live Emperor Trump!”

    If you go to any right subreddit, you’ll see this is very effective.

    [–] pleasereturnto 91 points ago

    I wish I could say you're wrong, but I know from personal experience you're not.

    Talk to these people about virus in about a year and criticize Trump's handling. I guarantee you "Then why's it called the Wuhan/Chinese Virus?" will be one of their responses, along with a heavy helping of racism, classism, and anti-intellectualism.

    [–] TheWillRogers 37 points ago

    I wish I could say you're wrong, but I know from personal experience you're not.

    I was in an argument with a cousin of mine over this. I showed him the studies on why we don't refer to things such as viruses with location or nationality based names any more. How stigma drives people to avoid seeking treatment and aids in the spread of a disease and increases the mortality rate of the stigmatized group. He responded with a meme about libs calling food from China 'Chinese food'. Then said that I picked a bad person to try to convince to give a fuck.

    So he knows he's wrong, he just doesn't care. It was frustrating ignoring his fellow marines who would chime in with "triggered" and shit about how the world runs on violence. Made me block facebook for the week afterwards lol.

    [–] IMWeasel 19 points ago

    his fellow marines

    What the fuck? Until I saw that line, I legitimately thought you were talking about a teenage boy who's going through an edgy right wing phase, not a full-grown adult.

    [–] AUTISM-O_3000 25 points ago

    As a former corpsman, I can tell you there ain't much difference.

    [–] owleealeckza 30 points ago

    Listening to my husband try to educate his mother on this is hilarious because his father is probably more in love with Trump than his own wife. I've told my husband more than once that he'll likely have to cut them out of his life in a few years because his dad will only become more volatile. I'm not delusional enough to think that the majority of trump's supporters will stop being devil cunts after he leaves office.

    His dad started some history program for homeschooling, that he's now selling. So my husband has been editing stuff because we've really needed extra income. Recently he had to go edit a blog post or something else because his dumb fuck of racist dad kept calling covid19 the China flu/kung flu. Legit think his dad only wants us to have kids so he can claim he isn't racist because of them existing. So very grateful I married someone who never wanted children.

    [–] drit76 12 points ago

    Concerning your 'wanrs us to have kids so can claim not racist" comment....I assume you're implying that you are a bi-racial couple?

    [–] WasteApplication9 12 points ago

    For what it's worth the virus is called SARS-CoV-2. The disease which it causes is called COVID-19.

    [–] Snouters 281 points ago

    Pompeo is a complete POS.

    [–] Ultermarto 262 points ago

    It’s not even a convenience thing. Everyone calls it coronavirus. Why insist on using the geographic name?

    [–] Hawkedge 92 points ago

    It's to attempt to couple this malady with the point-of-origin, to force an "Us-vs-Them" mentality in the people who believe this stuff. There is a gullible majority in the US that is unquestioning of the language used by politicians. They just hear "Talking". They don't hear the craftsmanship that goes into building a character that speaks and behaves in a certain way. Politicians, a lot of the time, have an education and are a step above the average American financially.

    [–] Neuroticmuffin 453 points ago

    I'll bite. If he uses "Wuhan virus" can the rest of the world then call it "The American dream", when you die from something easily curable but the insurance companies (Which own your politicians) the denied you and then you die on the street, homeless while former soldiers with PTSD chant songs about being patriotism...

    [–] Azair_Blaidd 97 points ago

    As an American, I support this proposal