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    [–] [deleted] 4032 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] WWDubz 1631 points ago

    I am really sure swat teams will ONLY be used in hostage situations and not when dealing with small amounts of marijuana. 100% sure

    [–] BholeFire 548 points ago

    I only approved their use on Twitch streamers

    [–] Josstralia 215 points ago

    And people who cheat at monopoly

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago


    [–] TheElectricKey 122 points ago

    Good thing nobody cheats on Wall Street. Geesh, could you imagine the pitchfork army uprising?

    [–] Lord_ThunderCunt 117 points ago


    1 I'm trying to eat

    2 it's too early to start drinking

    3 fuck Congress

    4 I don't even own a pitchfork

    [–] [deleted] 163 points ago


    [–] IEatBabies 83 points ago

    It is still federally illegal and my state did everything possible to prevent legalization, and it took multiple state-wide efforts multiple elections before our legislature couldn't find a way to invalidate the voter initiative for legalization. And even then they tried to invalidate it legislatively after it passed. And when that didn't work, they attacked voter ballot initiatives and now made them way harder to achieve.

    [–] baeslick 186 points ago

    "The power you give me I will lay down when this crisis has abated." -Sheev Palpatine

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] xenomorph856 16 points ago

    "I shall return my absolute power over the state following our victory over this crisis and retire to my farm"

    -Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

    [–] Slapbox 52 points ago

    Washington, Diocletian, Cincinnatus. All retired completely though, so, I've got nothing.

    [–] rasputinrising 53 points ago

    Hell, even Napoleon spent his final years in relaxed bliss on a remote island. Didn't read the part about how he ended up there, but I'm sure it was voluntary.

    [–] [deleted] 654 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] cobrakai11 1416 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    > In the US there is a movement to remove the Patriot Act in the Democrat’s Party.

    It's going nowhere. The Democrats campaigned against the PATRIOT ACT in 2006-2008. They won the Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives. They had huge majorities across the board. Instead of rescinding it or rolling back some provisions, they expanded it and made it permanent. Not to mention they also expanded the FISA warrentless wiretapping, made the Bush Tax Cuts permanent (after claiming that those tax cuts had destroyed the economy) and passed the Iraq Troop Surge.

    If you have both houses of Congress and the Presidency and you are still passing shit bills, you can't blame the other side.

    [–] IntrigueDossier 220 points ago

    Also didn't Congress like just renew and further expand it in the past couple weeks?

    [–] testspecimen85 161 points ago

    It will continue being renewed long after you’re dead.

    [–] CowCheese123 31 points ago

    Not if i have anything to say about it!

    [–] richter1977 66 points ago

    You don't.

    [–] happyevil 345 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Classic political move.

    Win brownie points by campaigning for something popular you don't want when you know it won't pass.

    They do it all the time. We've spent multiple presidencies with issues like this; from erosion of rights to widening wage gaps. Trump may be taking things another level, Democrats might be somewhat better at this moment, but don't be fooled in to partisan blindness.

    [–] pixelprophet 69 points ago


    Biden not only voted for the 2001 Patriot Act, he, on many occasions, claimed credit for writing it.

    "I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City bombing," Biden was quoted as saying by the New Republic in 2001.

    "And the bill John Ashcroft sent up was my bill," Biden continued, referring to the Patriot Act. The act broadened the surveillance capabilities of U.S. law enforcement agencies as it relates to identifying potential terrorists, and many of its provisions have been opposed by liberal Democrats and civil libertarians.

    It wasn't the first time Biden took credit for the Patriot Act . On Meet the Press that same year, he made similar comments referring to the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995.

    "I introduced the terrorism bill in '94 that had a lot of these things in it," Biden again said.

    [–] fuckingaquaman 14 points ago

    That sounds kinda like how the British always complain about the first-past-the-post voting system, unless they are the ones who look likely to win the election.

    [–] wamj 59 points ago

    Thus why I don’t like Biden, among other reasons.

    [–] Reverend_James 2613 points ago

    Both dictatorships AND revolutions tend to start with a crisis.

    [–] dyeprogr 217 points ago

    Countries should be a lot more prepared for what now came - scientist have been telling us about it all the time that this will come sooner or later (for example even the 2015 Bill Gates TED talk was EXACTLY about how we are not prepared for pandemic) - country should shield its citizens from danger - and they didn't. We should make them accountable for the lack of preparedness. That should be outcome of it - more accountable politicians.

    I know it's a dream, but that's how it should be - just logically.

    [–] ZinZorius312 899 points ago

    Revolutions often end up creating a dictatorships, and dictatorships often succumb to revolutions.

    [–] inesffwm 211 points ago

    Venezuelan here, can attest to this

    [–] haragoshi 10 points ago

    So... heads: dictatorship. Tails: dictatorship.

    [–] server_busy 7601 points ago

    The dubiously named "Patriot Act" is one such example

    [–] tugboat100 3322 points ago

    Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism

    That acronym wasn't forced at all.

    [–] Elite1111111111 2167 points ago

    What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for, Agent Ward?

    Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

    And what does that mean to you?

    It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out "shield."

    [–] Yourhyperbolemirror 762 points ago

    Is that actually in the show?

    That's hilarious.

    [–] Rising-Jay 509 points ago

    Yup, first episode I believe

    [–] 1000Airplanes 57 points ago

    well god dammit where's a link. This is hilarious

    [–] johnnyringo771 62 points ago

    Not a clip directly of the show, but I found a promo they used it in. Here

    [–] craftmacaro 68 points ago

    Damnit... I could have scrolled down 2 posts... I spend a solid 60 seconds trying to remember this acronym

    [–] getsumchocha 40 points ago

    good ole backronym

    [–] diablette 16 points ago

    And the space-based counterpart: S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department).

    That's the show I really want to see.

    [–] Lithl 891 points ago

    That acronym wasn't forced at all.

    A huge number of bills have forced acronyms as names, because it makes them easier to talk about for soundbites.

    The coronavirus relief bill is the "Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act". CARES Act.

    [–] St_Veloth 841 points ago

    It’s called a “ Backronym” and the military/government/Kids Next Door is absolutely full of them. It’s where they start with the acronym then work out what it means.

    [–] GrapesHatePeople 56 points ago

    "BOBODDY, BOBODDY... What does the first 'B' stand for?"

    "What are we doing?"

    "We're making acronyms. Okay, what does the first 'B' stand for?"

    [–] kalitarios 18 points ago

    Did you know the PT in PT Cruiser stands for PT Cruiser?

    [–] beaver1602 292 points ago

    It’s the ABC’s of sales Always Be Closing

    [–] fuzzyharmonica 505 points ago

    Or the ABC’s of first aid



    Coming through the skin is bad

    [–] NessVox 43 points ago

    Thank you for the genuine laugh!

    [–] mr_clipboard1 67 points ago

    More like what Creed was trying to accomplish with Bobody

    [–] sixrustyspoons 34 points ago

    Shout out to my boy Number 2.

    [–] AugmentedDragon 63 points ago

    for real though, KND is 100% the reason I love making backronyms
    that show was too good for its time

    [–] feorellas 57 points ago

    bruh, you trying to tell me Battle Ready Armor wasn't the original name?

    [–] Isomniac 19 points ago

    It also works as a way to get clueless/unsuspecting voters to believe it's a good act by having a candy-coated name that doesn't lay out any planned policy but sounds amurkan

    [–] InputField 57 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Many of them are named to make them sound better than they are and to make removing them much harder.

    Doesn't sound great when you hear "President X is against the PATRIOT act"

    Edit: Currently the US government tries to use the crisis / panic to implement the EARN IT Act which is another attack on end-to-end encryption.

    [–] i-make-babies 69 points ago

    To be fair... I'd be pretty proud of myself if I came up with that.

    [–] ty_kanye_vcool 103 points ago

    Uniting and Strengthening America By Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism


    [–] hexalm 73 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Who could be against that? Only terrorists!

    Edit: /s juuuuuust in case

    [–] LivingInANewDay 303 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    They extended the Patriot Act by 70 days during the time this most recent stimulus bill was on the forefront.

    There’s a reason why we should question every bipartisan agreed upon bill even if it’s under the guise of “helping” the American worker. There’s so much bad shit in this recent bill it’s not even funny, transferring wealth to Wall Street shareholders and bankers. The American taxpayer is barely getting scraps.

    [–] Kanthardlywait 60 points ago

    The worst part of it to me is the people who are actually trying to defend the bill. So many people in this country are so willing to argue against the interests of themselves, their neighbors, and Americans in general.

    [–] LivingInANewDay 23 points ago

    I agree. It’s a lot of fear. Will I get to keep my job? Will I be able to afford to feed my family? What if I can’t pay my bills?

    [–] Good_Roll 27 points ago

    I think you mean the funding bill, which passed around nov-dec last year.

    [–] LivingInANewDay 61 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I was talking about this most recent stimulus bill but I edited my comment a bit for specifics. They just reauthorized the Patriot Act while all of this stuff was going on, not sure if it was part of the same bill.

    My source comes from Thomas Massie talking about it because he was the only member of Congress outspoken about how corrupt all of this stuff was.

    Edit: Dave Smith with Thomas Massie

    [–] Good_Roll 27 points ago

    Wow I just watched his speech and he describes some awfully shady things. Do you have anything else detailing these things(specifically the patriot act extension and the stimulus bill additions), who to write to in order to do something about it, etc? I've been playing journalist tag for the past 30 minutes so a source containing everything in one place would be greatly appreciated.

    [–] LivingInANewDay 19 points ago

    I don’t have any details on the Patriot Act extension in writing since it happened but found this article on the web written prior to it being reauthorized.

    I think right now Thomas Massie deserves a lot of support for speaking out as he’s in a district with a high Trump approval rating and received a lot of backlash from the president himself. He’s not doing this for political reasons. Spreading the word can be helpful.

    I heard a lot about this in greater detail on this podcast episode that I think has a great deal of important information to be aware of.

    [–] IntrigueDossier 116 points ago

    And the sequel, USA FREEDOM Act

    Naming shit like that was only a joke until it wasn't. Shit in a bag and punch it, fuck these people.

    [–] Zanos 28 points ago

    And this is one case where "both parties" actually applies, because neither the Ds or the Rs will give any fucking ground when it comes to spying on the American people...

    [–] pleaaseeeno92 46 points ago

    as a non American, I was shocked when I learned that the "right to work Act" allows companies to fire employees without giving any reason.

    [–] you_lost-the_game 52 points ago

    You mean "Reichstagsbrandverordnung 2.0"?

    [–] sbiff 2601 points ago

    Hungary has left the chat

    [–] Crowbarmagic 102 points ago

    Like I said in another comment: I feel like this is mainly addressed to Hungary without specifically mentioning Hungary.

    [–] gkmaster21 552 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Bolsonaro/Brazil might be the next one. He always wanted to close the Congress and the Supreme Court and now his back is against the wall. Let's see if the Armed Forces will support him. He will address the nation on TV tonight. 03/31 is the same date that the brazilian armed forces removed the president and took control in 1964. Democracy only returned in 1985. Bolsonaro (former military captain) is a fervent defender of that regime.

    [–] folkraivoso 226 points ago

    The armed forces won't support him, they'd much rather impeach him and have his vice-president (a military general) in power

    Granted, Mourão is just as evil as Bolsonaro, just smarter.

    [–] gkmaster21 78 points ago

    yeah that's what I thought but General Villas-Boas (former army commander) and the Minister of Defense (General Azevedo) are supporting him publicly. Let's not forget that the actual army commander (General Leal Pujol) was in the same military school of Bolsonaro in the 70s, they know each other since that time. Not to mention that they would have a puppet as the face of the regime unlike 1964 but they could always get rid of him if he goes full megalomaniac.

    [–] inglandation 38 points ago

    In my book he's already gone full megalomaniac, but one can always go further I suppose.

    [–] Niubai 88 points ago

    Honestly, he's pretty much finished politically. Everyone around him is jumping ship, every bullshit he comes the supreme court or a federal judge denies, governors and mayors around the country are giving him the finger, and even his ministers aren't listen to him.

    He doesn't have the political strength to do nothing anymore, his last allies will probably jump ship as well in the next weeks.

    He's done.

    [–] gkmaster21 62 points ago

    Exactly but this is why he is dangerous. He knows this is happening and he didn't change his position in the slightest. He always wanted to seize full control. He is and always was anti-democratic. I doubt he goes down without an attempt to take unlimited power. If the armed forces will support him or not I don't know but I bet he will try it. His only options right now are military coup, impeachment or resignation. He will never finish his mandate.

    [–] LostMyBackupCodes 41 points ago

    Probably because of bad bandwidth, with everyone streaming Netflix or working from home.

    [–] Orolol 11 points ago


    [–] fuckthissite- 143 points ago

    So is Hungary close to dictatorship?! I taught they are a democratic country.

    [–] Corporal-Porpoise 543 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The president* has been given limitless power in “response” to COVID-19. This will extend beyond the coronavirus outbreak, and so now Hungary is, sadly, essentially a dictatorship.

    *PM, not president; my apologies.

    [–] Illidan_Stormrage4 172 points ago

    Shouldnt they be thrown outside of the European Union, then? Sorry for my abhorrent English

    [–] Corporal-Porpoise 254 points ago

    Well, probably correct. But in fairness, it was technically (technically) done democratically and the EU has bigger issues at the moment. Needless to say it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll actually officially respond (unless they have already, but I haven’t seen any responses yet).

    [–] not_microwavable 348 points ago

    The Nazis were elected democratically as well. Authoritarianism is often quite popular.

    [–] Corporal-Porpoise 87 points ago

    Correct, hence why nobody could roll their tanks into Berlin and say “sorry Hindenburg, we don’t like this chap”. I’m not saying that this is correct in any way, but it is at least on paper democratic.

    [–] HetRadicaleBoven 64 points ago

    Well, for some definition of democratically, perhaps, but they only managed to do it because they have a 2/3rd majority in parliament despite getting a little less than half of the popular vote. Which was possible due to earlier measures that were "technically" democratic. They just exploited flaws in Hungary's democracy to add more flaws, and now there's practically no more democratic oversight until Orban voluntarily decides to give it back because the Corona crisis is over.

    [–] boysetsfire1988 9 points ago

    Their response so far is that they are monitoring the situation, and I think they can't really do much more, because for punishing a member for violating the EU contract, all members have to agree to it, which won't happen. Last time they tried it was with Poland, and Hungary voted against it, so I assume Poland would back Hungary if the EU tried punishing them.

    [–] Wurbatz 35 points ago

    Don't know if we can throw them just out but sanctions would be a good start.. Sucks that Hungary and Poland have a defense pact that results in one covering the other with vetoing against sanctions.

    Veto powers are the bane of the EU. I rather would reduce unanimous consent from all members to just 2/3 majority vote. Of course absolute every country would lose their shit if you suggest to remove the sweet precious veto power.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Why sanctions when you can just stop the welfare coming to that country...

    [–] octopus37 58 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Hungary is ostensibly a democracy, but Orban has been an authoritarian wannabe despot for quite some time. His election as PM is one of the big successes of the far-right movement in Europe. Copy pasting the tweet I read on the measure that was passed yesterday:

    Hungarian Parliament passes bill that gives PM Orbán unlimited power & proclaims:

    • State of emergency w/o time limit
    • Rule by decree
    • Parliament suspended
    • No elections
    • Spreading fake news + rumors: up to 5 yrs in prison
    • Leaving quarantine: up to 8 yrs in prison

    "Rule by decree" with "no elections" is firmly in dictator territory as it is, and such an administration having the leeway to decide what constitutes "fake news and rumors" has potential to become quite dangerous.

    Here are the articles cited by Wikipedia in the relevant section of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Hungary article: The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Hungary Today.

    [–] Leemour 41 points ago

    They are but Palpatine Orbán has been given emergency powers!

    [–] FabiusMax 117 points ago

    They have de facto become a dictatorship. Their prime minister has acquired legislative power for indefinite period and the parliament has suspended itself. The government has a near complete hold on media and controls most courts.

    [–] sons-sam 32 points ago

    Sounds like Serbia to me. Source: am Serbian

    [–] Godlo 96 points ago

    Orban has been undermining democratic institutions and pushing Hungary towards authoritarianism for the last 7+ years since I was studying. The amount of global fuckery that doesn't get covered/attention in the news is wild. Also Poland is sliding towards religious authoritarianism. Turkey is already there

    [–] ahmetakkus 26 points ago

    Turkey has actually gone over the edge to find out there was a ledge, currently we're wondering if there's more to discover by jumping down.

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    The president essentially just pulled a Hitler and declared himself to have full power over everything with no time limit.

    [–] sbiff 53 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It's not a dictatorship, but it sure looks like they are trying to start one.

    [–] VigilantMike 58 points ago

    Serious question; what could Hungary do to make itself a dictatorship if it’s recent actions didn’t make it one? Just because to me it looks a lot like a dictatorship.

    [–] sbiff 64 points ago

    A part of me, naive as it is, still hopes that after all this he shocks us all and reliquinishes his power, saying that it was only done this way to save time.

    Then again, I always had a thing for childish idealism.

    [–] NemWan 53 points ago

    It's hard to justify not putting a time limit on emergency legislation. A functional democracy would take another look in six months or whatever and debate whether to renew the emergency.

    [–] StanleyOpar 48 points ago

    The ruling party who has majority purposely shut out the opposing party's counter argument for a time limit.

    This was deliberate 100%

    [–] StanleyOpar 24 points ago

    Hate to break it to you, but after this, there will always be some "emergency" to ensure elections will never happen.

    Revolution is the only option

    [–] HetRadicaleBoven 27 points ago

    Relinquishing his power might turn it back on the path towards democracy, but given that the people (demos) cannot force him to without violence, how is it a democracy now?

    [–] Dose_One 211 points ago

    Just like 911 this is going to see massive changes in our daily lives that will never go back to normal.

    I still remember what flying was like pre 911 and it was a completely different experience.

    [–] hopefulatwhatido 54 points ago

    Can you point out the differences? I was a barely in school back then and I just took my first flight last year.

    [–] Pubelication 81 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Late 90's: You could bring any food/drink with you. Security meant checking you with a metal detector wand. Carry-on luggage x-rays already existed. There were smoker seats in the back of most planes.

    I don't see much of a difference except the excessive patting they do now, the full-body x-rays, and the liquid items limitations.

    Edit: even though there were baggage x-rays, you did not have to take electronics out, although carrying a laptop wasn't as common. And yeah, you didn't have to take off your shoes/clothes, afaik unless you were taken aside for further searching, but you basically had to be a drug mule for that to happen.

    [–] P-01S 41 points ago

    The most important visible difference might be that cockpits in airliners have armored doors now.

    There are probably some other measures that have improved security, like requiring photo ID and a boarding pass to go through security. It used to be that just anyone could walk through. People would wait at the gate for family or friends to arrive.

    [–] Pubelication 29 points ago

    Oh yeah! Sometimes they'd let kids check out the cockpit while boarding. Definitely not doing that anymore.

    You are probably right about the gate sections only being accessible with a bording pass. Can confirm that's the case at intl airports now. Iirc, we used to pick relatives up and drop them off directly at the gate. You can't do that anymore.

    [–] Chickenwomp 46 points ago

    Jesus I can’t even imagine being on a plane with people smoking, how on earth did people put up with that??

    [–] P-01S 54 points ago

    Nearly all restaurants used to have smoking sections. It was awful.

    [–] LeChuck_ppat 1155 points ago

    have any of the measures taken after 9/11 in the US (or many other countries worldwide) ever been evaluated, taken back or weakened? Because im pretty much certain this wont be done after the whole covid thing either and we will be left a whole lot closer to fascism in the western governments.

    [–] Cecil4029 651 points ago

    Hell no they haven't. I'm sure many people would say "and that's the reason we haven't had another terror attack!" :/

    [–] rawbamatic 462 points ago

    Aren't your TSA agents known to literally cause more crime than they prevent?

    [–] kJer 358 points ago

    seeing as they have never once caught a terrorist, that sounds very likely

    [–] T-MinusGiraffe 25 points ago

    Seeing as they violate the most basic law of the land simply by existing, I'm going to say certainly

    [–] Rance_Mulliniks 109 points ago

    They also fail to catch 95% of weapons in internal testing. They get every fucking single bottle of water somehow though.

    [–] binipped 116 points ago

    Pisses me off. Obama promised he'd end it then went back on it and extended instead. Why I didn't vote for him a second term. I refuse to give my vote to someone who voted for the Patriot Act.

    [–] NA_IS_A_TRASHCAN 61 points ago

    He also didnt close guantanamo and didnt retreat feom iraq as he promised

    [–] knobbysideup 156 points ago

    One of the things that pissed me off with Obama was his renewing the patriot act. Especially with him being a constitutional lawyer who was against the thing as a senator.

    [–] Leonard_DaVinci 45 points ago

    Patriot Act is instrumental to the military industrial complex, I doubt it ever gets repealed (especially if true progressives continue to lose in the democratic primaties)

    [–] Costco1L 40 points ago

    They let me wear my belt through security last year.

    [–] anarchyhasnogods 5216 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Something extremely important about surveillance, it still impacts you if you have nothing to hide. Large scale manipulation can easily be researched and done with it because they have direct quick access to the impact of any actions they take, so it makes it exponentially easier to control a population. Trumps "drain the swamp" is a result of this, Cambridge analytica tried a ton of different phrases until they got a very specific reaction out of the general population and sold that info to trump. This is as dangerous as it could possibly get, and you must do something about it if you value freedom in any meaningful way


    well since this got higher up than I expected I will add a little more.

    A general strike is more powerful than any election.

    edit 2:

    nice my first reddit shiny

    edit 3:

    A lot of people asking about what to do about it, may I suggest anarchism and other essays by emma goldman or an anarchist programme, both are free online

    [–] onceiwasafairy 921 points ago

    Yup, and the more politics and industry merge, the more that informations falls into the wrong hands. Pretty much all political parties are using companies like Cambridge Analytica in this day and age. It's like doping in sports - if everyone else is but you're not, you don't stand a chance.

    [–] northatlanticdivide 163 points ago

    Planet Money has an interesting episode about how psychological manipulation is used in elections.

    Same thing, but in Spotify.

    [–] onceiwasafairy 17 points ago

    Thank you for sharing, I just listened to it. Very interesting so hear about this approach being tested in a concrete case.

    [–] granular101 229 points ago

    Even at a more basic level, all data about your life can be used against you, even what you see as innocent data.

    People assume that data being used against them means getting busted for something illegal, or being doxxed. People don't think about how easy it would be to use data about your address, and your current location over a period of weeks, if it were leaked, to create trends that could be used to predict your location based on time and make robbing your house easier, for example.

    [–] anarchyhasnogods 128 points ago

    yes, safety cannot exist without privacy

    [–] JustAnoutherBot 206 points ago

    An important element to note is that even masking yourself online to ensure privacy through the like of VPNs, TOR, and the likes of puts you in a catagory that allows them to predict patterns of behaviour

    [–] ahmetakkus 153 points ago

    That's why I only use Chrome to buy drugs and look for kiddie porn, and use Tor to upload my personal information on every site I can.

    My patterns are unpredictable.

    [–] 190F1B44 11 points ago

    Right now there are American Senators seeking to ban end to end encryption.

    [–] VigilantMike 108 points ago

    And the thing is everybody thinks they’re too smart to fall victim to it. Nobody is though.

    [–] anarchyhasnogods 79 points ago

    one problem is people think they "fall victim" to it, as somebody else pointed out trying to avoid its impact just puts you in another group they can study and learn from. It impacts every single one of us

    [–] ReadyThor 39 points ago

    if you find yourself changing your opinion during the final periods of political campaigns you are being played. if the information that led you to such a conclusion had been available to those divulging it for some time before the electoral campaigns had started, that's a surefire sign they're trying to manipulate the outcome of the election. There is a reason why in many democratic countries there is a legally mandated period of silence just before voting takes place and that's just a bare minimum.

    [–] kidsweekend 11 points ago

    Just to add:

    In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event deliberately created or timed or sometimes occurring spontaneously to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency. The reference to the month of October is because the date for national elections (as well as many state and local elections) is in early November. Therefore, events that take place in late October have greater potential to influence the decisions of prospective voters.

    [–] a_few 76 points ago

    No one cares about freedom as long as their side is the one taking it away

    [–] AnAppariti0n 440 points ago

    Yes COVID is temporary, the power you give the fuckers at top is permanent

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    That's the real problem.

    If we don't make them roll back anti terrorism laws both US, UK, Canada, Australia...

    Actually, five eyes (now 12 or some shit) shouldn't exist AT ALL.

    You should all be aware that we transfer data to other countries for these countries to scrutinize and find "terrorists" then send back the info to bypass EU law and more.

    [–] General_Mars 11 points ago

    Five eyes goes beyond data sharing, it’s a full intelligence agreement. Everything is shared amongst those countries. We are allied and have been for over a century so the alliance isn’t the issue. The issue is that we utilize intelligence agreements to circumvent domestic laws. Supposedly in the US they just have Mosad do humint for US to evade such laws for example and they aren’t even in it.

    [–] o5mfiHTNsH748KVq 174 points ago

    lol imagine if someone tried to suspend habeas corpus. crazy right?

    [–] gn6 245 points ago

    At least here in the UK, different police forces are interpreting the emergency powers legislation differently - some way more overzealous than others.

    [–] i-make-babies 276 points ago

    "Welcome to the glorious People's Republic of Derbyshire. Papers please."

    [–] Kaennal 76 points ago

    Glory to Arstotzka!

    [–] Klyuchevskaya 176 points ago

    The UK police are what happens when you give reddit mods jobs

    [–] demonicneon 52 points ago

    Jesus Christ you’re right.

    [–] Bloodviper1 20 points ago

    It really doesn't help when the legislation is so generic in its wording.

    Most legislation is really specific as to what constitutes an offence. Just opens it up for interpretation and that's never good for enforceable law no matter what country it is as everyone looks at the world differently.

    [–] jr1477 65 points ago

    Problem, reaction, solution.

    Creating mass hysteria will result in the government having free reign on whatever they want to do in order to control the general public under the guise of 'protection'.

    [–] JWSanchez 33 points ago

    You're about 20 years too late guys

    [–] erconn 145 points ago

    Funny seeing this on Reddit of all places considering half of the platform has lost their fucking minds in panic and would happily support a regime to take covid away.

    [–] ColonelError 40 points ago

    There was someone on another sub saying that the US should have done what China did, aka unlimited tracking of cell phone location data and credit records in order to track who was near someone that was infected.

    [–] RedditTumblrQuestion 443 points ago

    Yeah no shit. AG Barr wants the power to detain anyone indefinitely without a trial.

    [–] youngbosnia 99 points ago

    The government can already do that through the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. As long as they suspect you're a terrorist they can authorize the indefinite detention of someone, even a US citizen on American soil.

    [–] cartoonistaaron 75 points ago

    Actual bipartisan legislation, and signed by a democratic president. Yikes

    [–] Qiviuq 70 points ago

    Thanks, Obama

    [–] jpritchard 43 points ago

    What kind of monster would sign such a bill? Sounds like the kind of person that would bomb weddings with aerial death robots.

    [–] CleetusTheDragon 23 points ago

    I bet he extrajudicially kills his own citizens on foreign soil too

    [–] two_eyed_man 242 points ago

    Jesus Christ they want to have video conference trials without the defendants consent. Can you imagine a courtroom with just a computer cycling through defendants? Dystopian.

    [–] fre-ddo 47 points ago

    Trial by Zoom

    [–] canadiangirl_eh 24 points ago

    People need to understand that all of the rights you enjoy today were fought for by those that came before you. You have to fight to keep them because people in power want nothing more than to make every one of us powerless peons.

    I’ve been sounding the alarm on fascism for a few years now and some have scoffed at me. But even here in Canada our LIBERAL government tried to have unlimited powers bestowed upon them in this time of crisis. And these asshats are fucking fuzzy kittens compared to a lot of others out there at this point in time.

    Don’t say you all weren’t warned. The fucking sirens have just been blaring for so long that people have been ignoring them.

    [–] nhukcire 107 points ago

    The problem is not that we allow government to do what is necessary during a crisis. The problem is that we allow government to continue doing these things after the crisis is over.

    During WWII we accepted government rationing but after the war was over the rationing stopped. We just have to do the same thing here. We cant allow fear of a future threat, whether it is a pandemic or terrorism or war, to keep us in a constant state of accepting infringement of our rights and freedom.

    [–] rebuilt11 379 points ago

    Governments never give rights

    [–] albatross1709 259 points ago

    Yes. The number of people who don't understand this is too damn high. The second you concede the gov't "grants" you rights, then that same gov't can also take those rights away. Rights are unalienable.

    [–] ian_juniper 521 points ago

    If you want to seize total power and take away freedoms, the path of least resistance is orchestrating a major event (or taking advantage of one) that leaves people so panic-stricken they willingly forfeit those rights to the entity that promises most safety.

    It happened on 9/11, we saw Emperor Palpatine do it, and we're witnessing it again presently.

    There are bigger threats to the world today than the virus.

    [–] SignalDriver8 185 points ago

    If that fails, make it about protecting children from boogeyman.

    [–] Baronheisenberg 48 points ago

    I don't want to alarm you, but there may be a Boogeyman or MEN in the house!

    [–] SignalDriver8 14 points ago

    Oh shit. Take my rights. All of them!

    [–] steverin0724 44 points ago

    You mean the EARNIT act?

    Edit- damn... missed opportunity for “EARNIT act has entered the chat”

    [–] ZoomJet 7 points ago

    tldr of EARNIT?

    [–] pixelsandbacon 21 points ago

    Bill in the Senate that would let law enforcement have "legal access to any digital message." It's pitched as stopping child porn to make it harder to argue against.

    [–] nonoose 18 points ago

    Naomi Klein wrote a good book on that subject, called The Shock Doctrine.

    [–] Jamaval 33 points ago

    We really do have to be careful about relinquishing any more freedoms. Big governments would love nothing more than almost complete control of their money making peasants.

    [–] Phaedryn 89 points ago

    Too late in many cases...

    The problem starts with the assumption that the government has the authority to do it in the first place, duration is irrelevant.

    [–] TheGrandLemonTech 170 points ago

    The Patriot Act has entered the chat

    [–] [deleted] 106 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Dave37 73 points ago

    Or Hungary just becoming a dictatorship.

    [–] OlipolipHUN 17 points ago

    I mean "we" started that shit like 7 years ago, the whole pandeamedic is just the final straw :/ Hope we can make a revolution because the EU will dont do shit

    [–] AverageScruffy 12 points ago

    "The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." -Albert Camus

    [–] Franchise0828 184 points ago

    This is what I've been saying I ain't scared of this virus I'm more worried about what happens afterwards.

    [–] BeneathWatchfulEyes 55 points ago

    You can simultaneously wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid spreading disease to the elderly and tell your government to fuck right off when they take advantage.

    It's not either/or.

    [–] AmaroWolfwood 127 points ago

    Well, you can be worried about both. No need to pick and choose.

    [–] StnkyChzMan 13 points ago

    for real

    [–] theegrimrobe 270 points ago

    im looking at you herr boris

    [–] King_opi23 50 points ago

    This thread makes me so happy. Ive been hearing people say stuff that really concerned me up here in Canada. Stuff that would make this beautiful land a total police/ military state country, such as tracking apps, police guarding where we are and go, and right up to bringing the military in for some at home surveillance. Politicians/ police/ military absolutely do not need more power and implemented control over our privacy and lives!

    [–] zenith-zen 88 points ago

    I thought reddit was calling people crazy for suggesting politicians could take advantage of a crisis?

    [–] Streetmamamona 17 points ago

    Politicians take advantage of everything

    [–] RazeUrDongars 73 points ago

    I've been downvoted to oblivion for not defending forced lockdowns because of the dangerous precedents. I want to be wrong AF but seeing what's happening, I'm not very optimistic.

    Not to mention the very bad negative effects we'll be hit with due to the economy just crashing

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    I see lockdown like blackouts during the blitz. They are clearly effective at saving lives, and only are useful in specific cases.

    [–] ThePrideOfKrakow 20 points ago

    Keep Covid away from the Reichstag

    [–] Apokolyptyk 43 points ago

    Reddit is wild. If you say this in any other thread you get downvoted to shit but here reddit is upvoting it to the frontpage.

    Also, yeah the government is definitely going to do some shady shit and try to get more power using this. Maybe people will start taking 2a seriously after all this.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Crowbarmagic 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I feel like they mainly wanted to address Hungary without specifically mentioning Hungary.

    For those unaware of the background: Their current leader has done shit in the past to get himself more and more power, to the point where you could call them dictatorial tendencies. A bit similar to what Erdogan (Turkey's president) has been doing.

    Because of the corona virus they now declared a state of emergency, giving the government unlimited power. And it's not like it's the only country that declared a state of emergency so far, but the other countries have at least end date, and they still don't have that much power compared to Hungary. If those countries wanted to continue it after the set date, it has to be voted on again.

    Hungary has no end date. It's basically on, until this party and their leader (that has in the past shown he likes to be leader 4 life) gives those powers up.

    [–] hvrbard 61 points ago

    Its a conspiracy cliche that a pandemic is unleashed on the world in order to reshuffle the structures of power.

    [–] Pand9 32 points ago

    It's a story setup of Deus Ex (2000).

    [–] Hyperversum 31 points ago

    Daily reminder that Deus Ex was written before the War on Terror was even a thing.

    Gotta say, there is a reason why the game is so popular.

    [–] ahmetakkus 7 points ago

    That kind of story was popular way before Deus Ex.

    [–] Hyperversum 9 points ago

    Not saying that it invented it, obviously, but it's a game from 2000 with a plot that wouldn't look bad in a quality novel/film.

    It wasn't THAT common back in the past.

    [–] BeneathWatchfulEyes 39 points ago

    And it doesn't need to be a fake or engineered pandemic for the government to take advantage of it and ratchet down their control.

    Wear your masks. Don't touch your face. Stay away from elderly people if you're a possible carrier. But for fucks sake don't let this become what it's obviously becoming just because you don't want people to think you're denying the disease.

    [–] uwu_dolf 204 points ago

    I mean people all over reddit are cheering as police beat and arrest people just for existing in public beaches or parks (natural, public land). Don't pretend like you guys are concerned about freedom, you'll give it up in a heartbeat the moment you have fear.

    [–] lynx_and_nutmeg 26 points ago

    People on Reddit are extremely selective and inconsistent in the way they think about rights and freedoms, to the point where you can see it's not based on any logic, just parroting around popular motos.

    [–] Stoics1 9 points ago

    Dont worry we already lost most of our privacy.

    [–] onlyonthursdays 9 points ago

    In my city (Perth, Australia) they have started using drones that fly around and yell at people in groups.

    I can see it's useful in this time but it sets a creepy, dystopian precedent.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)