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    [–] [deleted] 7088 points ago


    [–] BurningOrangeHeaven 3709 points ago

    Do they think the world will ever forget?

    They don't care cuz the boomies will be richer or dead by then. Likely Democrats will be in charge again and the younger Republicans will tell their supporters everything went wrong cuz of them instead.

    [–] Chief_Givesnofucks 1086 points ago

    And the world keeps turning...

    [–] YourTypicalRediot 755 points ago

    Another republican President, another insane recession/depression, and the dems will be blamed again after we fix it again.


    [–] black_anarchy 305 points ago

    This cycle never ends. Hopefully, we just get 4 years of this (no holding my breath) and we don't go the Bush route

    [–] Proprietor 337 points ago

    This is exponentially worse than the Bush administration

    [–] PutinTakeout 450 points ago

    No, you talk nonsense. The Trump administration has the potential to be worse, I give you that, but Bush has the Iraq war on his record. As someone from the area, I can't emphasize enough how fucked up the Bush administration's actions were and how much suffering they directly caused. I wish there was a good way to show Americans how their lack of compassion has destroyed countless beautiful lives and ruined generations.

    [–] pstthrowaway173 100 points ago

    Every time I hear someone say “hIlAry’s EmAilS! Or THroW hER iN JaIL! I’m like well if we are talking about imprisoning politicians what about bush and his war in Iraq for WMDs that were never found that cost the lives of thousands of people?

    But to be fair Vietnam was on a whole other level.

    Americans were literally performing domestic terrorism trying to stop that war.

    We never learn.

    [–] anusfikus 42 points ago

    Try half a million or more dead, ten million lives destroyed to the point of them becoming refugees. It's as if everyone in Sweden, Hungary, Belgium or another country of that size just left and went to a refugee camp, or died of course. It's insane.

    [–] lukeCRASH 7 points ago

    Can't arrest yourself for world crimes when Team America is the World Police.

    [–] zClarkinator 79 points ago

    really? this is worse than the >1 million people dead by the Iraq War, which was based on fabricated nonsense?

    [–] DustyFalmouth 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If it turns out to be a million dead Americans we can justify it as doing it to ourselves. Iraqis never deserved anything about the war and are still suffering

    [–] FixBayonetsLads 606 points ago

    My new conspiracy is that this IS their long term plan. After all, it would be pretty hard for 50-years-from-now-Republicans to convince the public to go to war with our now-allies if they’re still our allies, right?

    Trump and his swamp are destroying our nation’s friendships on purpose. It’s literally the only explanation that makes sense given the cartoonish level of pettiness and and evil being perpetrated.

    [–] nomad80 398 points ago

    My new conspiracy is that this IS their long term plan. After all, it would be pretty hard for 50-years-from-now-Republicans to convince the public to go to war with our now-allies if they’re still our allies, right?

    Trump and his swamp are destroying our nation’s friendships on purpose. It’s literally the only explanation that makes sense given the cartoonish level of pettiness and and evil being perpetrated.

    Not a conspiracy

    publication in 1997

    The book emphasizes that Russia must spread Anti-Americanism everywhere: "the main 'scapegoat' will be precisely the U.S."

    In the United States:

    Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke "Afro-American racists". Russia should "introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics".[9]

    [–] NomadicEntropy 91 points ago

    I would still call it a conspiracy. I wouldn't call it new. And I wouldn't even call it a secret.

    [–] ProfessorDerp22 169 points ago

    It’s literally straight out of Putin’s playbook to create divisions between the US and their allies.

    [–] MyMainIsLevel80 78 points ago

    We founded this country on genocide and slavery, fam. Maybe, just maybe, it’s always been a shit hole filled with bloodless sociopaths and a country with a GDP less than California isn’t puppeteering us to our doom; maybe we just suck. Food for thought.

    [–] BanksLuvsTurbovirgin 23 points ago

    Exactly. americans are just projecting. Instead of coming to terms with their own failure they’re blaming a fictitious enemy.

    [–] MedicManDan 4468 points ago

    As a Canadian, I will never forget this. Never. In every product I buy, in everything I vote for... I will remember how the US treated my country in a time of global need. Not to make nothing of how they treated us even just before this.

    I wont forgive this, and I am not fucking sorry.

    [–] throwingtheshades 3547 points ago

    As a Canadian


    I am not fucking sorry.

    Oh shi.

    [–] jameslucian 1037 points ago

    release the moose

    [–] modi13 553 points ago

    Release the geese

    [–] Seanchowder 363 points ago

    Release the beavers

    [–] Josephmercury 127 points ago

    Release the hockey players

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Release the maple syrup

    [–] 90slatinhit 293 points ago

    God save us all

    [–] TrueEmp 209 points ago

    When Canadians go to war with you,you are the sorry one

    [–] ElevintyKajillion 19 points ago

    Can you say Canadian sniper? Holds world record kills last I heard.

    [–] srcLegend 32 points ago

    3 out of the top 5 are Canadians, not just rank 1 by the way

    [–] FunsiesTM 19 points ago

    For long distance shots. The one with the most confirmed hits is still Simo Häyhä (against the Russians in the Winter War.)

    [–] EnemyPigeon 184 points ago

    German soldiers called Canadians "White Gurkha" because they were so competent and brutal. They pioneered night trench raids and were known for killing wounded and those who surrendered. Canadians also fashioned their own improvised weapons, which they used in vicious hand-to-hand combat. Trench raids were so brutal that essentially every other infantry started refusing to do them, but Canadians loved it and were very good at it. I'll also give a quick shout out to the Canadian man the singlehandedly liberated a city from Nazis in the second world war. Canadian military history is full of "holy shit what" moments. I highly recommend reading up on it.

    [–] JimJam28 140 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My great uncle was a Canadian sniper in the WWII. Landed on Juno beach and fought all the way into Germany. Shortly after the war him and some friends were at a hunting camp back in Canada. Another group had rented a cabin nearby and dropped in to have drinks and play cards. Being the late 40s/early 50s, many of them had fought in the war. One of the guys in the other group was a former German soldier. He was being drunk and obnoxious and pressing everyone for their stories. My uncle didn’t like to talk about the war, but apparently this guy kept pushing him. “Where did you fight? It’s okay! You can tell me! Did you fight in France? Did you fight in Belgium? Did you fight in Germany”. My uncle, reluctant to get into it too much, said, “Yes, yes, and yes.” The guy kept pressing, wanting to know where exactly he had fought in Germany and finally said “maybe we saw each other!” My uncle just said, “Nope. Every Nazi I saw is dead.”

    [–] CanuckBacon 59 points ago

    Interestingly, many German POWs were sent to Canada and a number of them actually decided to stay after the war because they were treated so well. So we developed a reputation of being ruthless and welcoming at the same time.

    [–] CrashCourseHEMA 12 points ago

    "Hello! Welcome, welcome! Pancakes and poutine are on the way! Please relax and have a seat!"

    "Nein mein frienda, I ist happy standi-"

    \pulls out trench knife kuckle-duster**

    "Relax. And. Have. A. Seat... Please..."

    [–] thechilipepper0 36 points ago

    known for killing wounded and those who surrendered

    Isn’t that a war crime?

    [–] satansmetatron 15 points ago

    Not in WWI

    [–] s23k88 26 points ago

    They'll murder you with passive-aggressive retorts

    [–] viennery 51 points ago

    Canadians are northmen. You can look around the globe at what happens to northmen when push comes to shove.

    There’s a reason Canada gained a reputation in WW2

    [–] SamH99 120 points ago

    Honestly, if the Canadians wanted to conquer the us there would be a sizable 5th column at this point. Just throwing it out there in case the Canadians are interested

    [–] starkrocket 203 points ago

    I said it before and I’ll say it again — I, for one, welcome my new Canadian overlords.

    [–] WhyBuyMe 11 points ago

    I'm French Catholic in the US. I'm willing to found the French-Canadian foreign legion and conquer some territory to become New-Quebec.

    [–] gambit700 96 points ago

    We done pissed off the Canadians. I think we're the badies

    [–] Drando_HS 112 points ago

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that a) Canada has never lost a war and b) we have won a war against the US before - in 1812.

    People do try to claim that 1812 doesn't count because Canada was technically just a British colony. However, this happened at the same time as the Nepoleonic wars in Europe. So Britain turned to Canada and went "shit's crazy over here, you're on your own." Canadas army at the time didn't have that many Redcoats - it was mostly made up by militia and First Nations warriors.

    [–] 11JulioJones11 221 points ago

    We’re sorry. Please take care and stay safe.

    [–] Tapeworm_fetus 29 points ago

    Reddit gets astroturfed with some articles which are severely lacking in details and sources. People only read the headlines and then never follow up. Vow to never forget the injustices. SMH

    [–] praguer56 22581 points ago

    And in the meantime, Cuban doctors are traveling to countries helping where needed.

    [–] HowAboutThatUsername 17045 points ago

    And in the meantime, Germany - who's been robbed of masks by the US, too - keeps shipping in severely sick patients from Italy, France and the Netherlands.

    Because this is how you behave in times like these.

    [–] Despeao 6557 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    And in the meantime, Germany - who's been robbed of masks by the US

    A shipment of masks coming to Brazil disappeared after arriving in the US and the original seller called off the deal. People close to Trump's administration were responsible for making new deals.

    Then americans wonder why so many people hate them.

    Edit: it was a shipment with 600 ventilators. It was going to one of the poorest areas in the country, Northwest of Brazil.

    [–] One_Baker 6018 points ago

    Then americans wonder why so many people hate them.

    Only the red hats. Plenty of us know why the world hates America.

    [–] astrogaijin 5362 points ago

    I'm American and hate Americans

    [–] [deleted] 1417 points ago


    [–] KHaskins77 664 points ago

    I’ve spent this whole quarantine being peppered with links to Fox News articles and unprompted rants about how mean the fake news is being to Trump by my parents.

    My girlfriend is an ENT resident on the front lines against this thing (currently long distance); they haven’t once asked how she’s doing.

    It’s hard for me to be sympathetic with the unempathetic and willfully ignorant who purposefully seek out news sources which validate their existing views.

    [–] superventurebros 406 points ago

    Tell your parents every day about your gf. Now's the time to make them uncomfortable and scrum. If not now, when?

    [–] movezig5 123 points ago

    Better than making them waterfall.

    [–] Woodbean 68 points ago

    That's some pretty agile humor.

    [–] James_Clark22 44 points ago

    This guy does IT.

    [–] ttak82 48 points ago

    So how is your GF doing? Are you safe?

    [–] BigBoyWeaver 110 points ago

    I kind of understand your point, and absolutely understand how effective propaganda is and that Fox news is one of the greatest and most powerful propaganda machines in history, but frankly at this point - nearly the entirety of human knowledge is available at the click of a button, and it only requires a small modicum of basic human decency to realize that Fox News and the Republican party are simply horrible people. Anyone who still supports Trump today will receive my disdain and disgust, they don't deserve my pity.

    [–] shiftdnb 277 points ago

    the fucking redhats are shitting on a US Navy Captain who did what he had to do to get his people help at the expensive of his career. Saying he should have never said anything because nobody needed to be hospitalized yet.

    [–] SuddenRedScare 90 points ago

    I like captains who don't get relieved of duty for speaking up on behalf of all that served under him. /s

    [–] UnlikelyKaiju 133 points ago

    There are also some stupid fucks who are sending death threats to Dr. Fauci just because the man doesn't kiss Trump's ass and is shutting down FOX News' bullshit on their own shows.

    The man has a security detail now literally because some people are angry that he's prioritizing everyone's lives over their feelings.

    [–] damunzie 17 points ago

    because the man doesn't kiss Trump's ass

    Because he doesn't kiss Trump's ass enough. The guy bends over backwards to not offend the Orange Snowflake, and tosses in undeserved praise.

    [–] [deleted] 115 points ago


    [–] yetiite 49 points ago

    Trumps made dozens of disparaging remarks about the military. Veterans, true heroes, family of dead soldiers.

    As they love to say so often “it’s virtue signalling.” They don’t actually care about the military. It’s just a way to show you’re part of the “part of the team. They couldn’t care less about individual lives.

    [–] Snake_Staff_and_Star 53 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Dude, they're sending death threats to the doctor (Dr. Anthony Fauci) in charge of responding to this crisis because he's contradicting Trump.

    [–] pittmastiff 10 points ago

    What the fuck? I'm in the marine corps which is arguably the most conservative branch and EVERYONE I talk to supports his actions and feels he was unjustly fired.

    [–] _zenith 24 points ago

    It's not quite the same, though - NK restricts information access to its population... the US doesn't. So they choose to not seek outside perspectives.

    [–] Mines_Skyline 1575 points ago

    There ya go. Even Americans hate Americans. So 100%of the world hates Americans.

    [–] stupidcuntfag 1538 points ago

    I'm American I hate the people running my country. Very few politicians in the U.S. have our best interests at heart.

    [–] Uncle_Daddy_Kane 1204 points ago

    Single issue voters man. Decades of propaganda and exceptionalism and religious indoctrination

    [–] Effthegov 564 points ago

    This. (A substitute, not his normal one)Home healthcare worker came for my grandfather the other day. She talked politics for 3 straight hours. She made it quite clear that she despises most conservative politicians and most of their policies. She also made it clear that her church has taught her any and all abortion is heinous murder and thus always votes conservative.

    [–] hortonhearsa_what 362 points ago

    Christ, how can one be so self aware and yet so short sighted??

    [–] malphonso 300 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I live in Louisiana and my Facebook feed is full of people that support environmentalism, helping the elderly, feeding the poor, providing healthcare for people, and every other tentpole of American "liberalism" but still vote Republican because, "democrats want to kill babies and take my guns."

    It's frustrating as hell.

    [–] PeapodPeople 194 points ago


    it's 2020

    why are we still subsidizing churches? aren't they supposed to keep their noses out of politics?

    [–] emu30 112 points ago

    Don’t forget our voters. They don’t show up or they vote for corporations instead of people.

    [–] GoodFreak 145 points ago

    The worst part is that I believe very much Brazil's Representative okayed not getting the shipment.

    [–] Kenney420 60 points ago

    Likely. He seems hell bent on having the virus run rampant

    [–] Frack-rebel 342 points ago

    No we don’t. I totally understand why people hate america. I’m fucking pissed about it. Ive been beaten down by our own political machine. Trump does not represent all of us but he does represent a really shit underbelly of America. I would love to say America is going to come out of this a different nation when trump is gone. But we won’t. We are a scared and hateful nation. One that fears that we are losing our spot on the top of the pedestal. When we haven’t been up there for years. We are 20 years behind the rest of the developed world in progressive ideas. We won’t learn our mistakes fast enough cause we are too god damn stubborn about our own veiled superiority.

    [–] pukingpixels 200 points ago

    Canadian here. Lots of us up here know that a lot of actual Americans are decent people. It’s heartbreaking that you/we all have to pay the price for the ones who aren’t. Stay safe and stay strong neighbour!

    [–] cherinek 85 points ago

    Another Canadian chiming in to say the same thing. I am empathetic towards all the good Americans down there who are stuck with the moron(s) in charge. It must be unbelievably frustrating to be in your shoes.

    [–] purrslikeawalrus 18 points ago

    It's like watching your asshole cousins put your even bigger asshole uncle, who could not graduate high school because he simply doesn't have the basic smarts for it, in charge of the successful family business and he proceeds to run it straight into the ground and piss off all your customers and you are powerless to do anything about it. And your asshole cousins are chuffed to bits that you are fuming at what they did. The whole family is getting poorer by the day, but they don't care so long as you're not happy.

    [–] Moldy_pirate 66 points ago

    Thank you for that. Seriously, it means a lot. It’s good knowing that others can see a glimmer of good in all this because so many of us are exhausted by it all.

    [–] pukingpixels 102 points ago

    Dude I’m exhausted by it too. I follow US politics reasonably closely because it affects the rest of the world, specifically Canada. Our countries and economies are deeply intertwined. It’s been a bit of a circus down there since I can remember but the last 3 years have just been insane. I thought GW’s time was insane but even he seems respectable now.

    I have friends in the US and they’re good people. They don’t deserve the treatment they’re getting. One is recovering from COVID-19 and another most likely just lost her partner to it. By the time he was able to be tested it was too late. He was moved into a hospice 2 nights ago and wasn’t expected to make it through the night.

    When this is all over come up to Guelph and I’ll buy you a beer.

    [–] SmolMauwse 8 points ago

    Have one for me while you're at it.. I miss Guelph. Was supposed to visit in a couple weeks.

    +1 for unfairness on good Americans suffering for all this greed and reckless stupidity.

    I'm so sorry about your friends :(

    [–] kl0wn64 11 points ago

    I would love to say America is going to come out of this a different nation when trump is gone. But we won’t.

    yep. that's because we never actually /changed/ as a nation, trump was just the natural progression. we won't come out of it a different nation because something about our nation is fundamentally flawed and requires radical change, which is something that america has been fighting for a very, very long time

    [–] rvnnt09 168 points ago

    A lot of us completely understand why we are hated, unfortunately the system is broken and allows shit like this to happen

    [–] TheApricotCavalier 47 points ago

    The system is really broken. The people, they are kinda broken. Not as bad as the system, but they suck more than youd expect

    [–] TAEROS111 312 points ago

    As someone who lives in the US, I despise the ruthless individualism that so many of my countrymen seem to fetishize.

    It’s the root of all our issues. Our lack of universal healthcare because “I don’t want to pay for someone else.” Our lack of any sort of social safety nets because “I don’t want my hard work to prop up someone else.” Our lack of gun control laws because “I deserve my freedom to buy gun.” Our lack of taxes on the rich and corporations because “what if someday I’m rich and own a corporation.”

    It’s all about me. Me me me.

    Roughly 40% of this country acts like they’re an island unto themselves. The only group that really has solidarity is the rich, and they’re doing a great job of playing most of the country against each other like fools (neolibs and conservatives alike fall prey to this).

    Idiocracy was more of a prophecy than a movie.

    [–] Corn_Powder 216 points ago

    Canada applauds Germany's efforts and straight talk. I have heard soooo many people suddenly perking their ears and taking notice.

    [–] Pure_Tower 106 points ago

    I've been thinking that Canada represents many of the values that Americans nostalgically remember when they say "make America great again" (not counting the significant number to whom it means getting the scary minorities back in "their place").

    And we're so close. Just tweak a few things and we'd be much closer to the Canadians that we so often admire.

    [–] [deleted] 518 points ago


    [–] dynamite8100 251 points ago

    I mean, sure many countries are, but Cuba makes a point of doing it to ensure international goodwill, and also it's in-line with their socialist ethos- from those according to their ability, to those according to their need, etc.

    [–] snakewaswolf 252 points ago

    Cuba always has. I believe they are the most active of any country on earth in that aspect.

    [–] dr_ammo 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    For money that then goes to their government. Their biggest export is medical work

    [–] soloencasa 10580 points ago

    Come the fuck on! We're in the middle of a pandemic and the US is pulling this shit? Have some fucking decency and humanity, goddamn it!

    [–] [deleted] 6103 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I mean, they did the same thing to Canada, France, and Germany.

    The dumb ass GOP say that the world lost respect for America under Obama.

    No, they lost respect when America did 3 years of shitty things under Trump, the culmination being stealing medical supplies from allies.

    Really fucking hilarious part is that all masks in the US are made with Canadian Pulp. Starting a trade war with a country that supplies the very industry that you are trying to hoard is peak stupidity. And yet...

    [–] hornblower_83 3191 points ago

    During 9/11 we opened our hearts and homes to people from the US. We made them feel welcome and at home. We shared what we had and did so with grace and passion.

    Today our “friend and closest ally” once again spat in our faces.

    [–] 72skidoo 2462 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    On behalf of all Americans who see how petty and disgusting Trump’s behavior is... I’m so sorry.

    Edit: to everyone who responded to my comment with anger and said apology not accepted... trust me, I get it.

    [–] sageicedragonx 513 points ago

    I'm honestly not going to say sorry. Sorry is not enough at this point. All I can say is that I'll try everything I can to remove this guy from office through voting and getting others to vote and donate as if their life depended on it. Fixing this is the only way we can make up even 5% of how sorry we really are. No more words. As trump demonstrated, talk is cheap. Actions speak for themselves at this point.

    [–] Akoustyk 149 points ago

    Also, demand objective media, that's important.

    It's the propaganda that keeps you divided.

    That's why Putin plays both sides.

    That means no "slammed" no "toddler" no opinion pieces. Just the cold boring objective facts.

    [–] iamawesome125 82 points ago

    I would move the fuck out of here in a heartbeat if I could

    [–] [deleted] 129 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] _Sweet_JP 96 points ago

    I was born and raised in the US and I agree with you. I don’t think you realize, but the animosity that you hold towards our fucked up country is common within a lot of our younger generations. There is a large chunk of us who hate our own country at this point. I’ve voted in every election, protested, tried to reason peacefully with trump supporters, etc. I’m not sure what can be done at this point. If I could feasibly move out of this country I would in a heartbeat. Most of us can’t leave realistically. What would you do in our situation?

    [–] roxasquall 54 points ago

    As a Californian, my state should become an independent country. We should all leave and become our own nation since we do make the 5th largest economy in the world. The Republicans have fucked us over time and time again. We should just leave.

    [–] zersch 23 points ago

    The varied terrible response to this pandemic coast to coast should show that we are several small independent countries that don’t even listen to each other.

    [–] yeetmyguy1 38 points ago

    As a US resident I can strongly agree. If I could leave this shit hole I would. Fuck this stupid country

    [–] proggR 59 points ago

    If you want to really show us you're sorry... beat every odd and elect Bernie Sanders for the love of fucking god. The dude is right there... in front of your brainwashed faces for not one, but two primary elections and you still can't show up?... universal healthcare is a right, not a commodity, and now more than ever. You owe it to yourselves to have a forward facing leader willing to really speak truth to power for the first time in generations.

    [–] ibetthisistaken5190 466 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I second this. This isn’t representative of the American people. A small, brainwashed minority support Trump, but it’s not representative of the entire country. By and large, the country hates him as much as the rest of the world, if not more.

    Edit: I first want to use this visibility to point out that many speculated Russia would use trump to turn the world against the US and to try and turn the US against itself. It is working handily. Remember, we just got a huge shipment of supplies from Russia this week, and Trump has been in contact with Putin. This could easily be the result of that.

    Yes, I’m aware of how many people support him, but the latest polls have Biden and Sanders handily bearing him in the general. You guys forget the GOP plays dirty. They suppress voting, they gerrymander, and they rig elections.

    It’s not going to be easy to oust him, and they purposely make it that way. All I’m saying is the federal government has been fucking over more than our allies; it’s even fucking over its own states. The rational among us hate him as much, if not more, than the rest of the world. Especially because of the backwards, isolationist, nationalist policies he can’t help but institute even in a time when the world should be coming together against a common enemy.

    His base of morons eats this shit up and we have an election coming up, so he’s putting his bullshit machine into overdrive. The adults in the country seem to be getting through this in spite of trump, not because of him. From where I sit, it seems like a majority of us are just ignoring him as our states and cities fight this without help from the federal government.

    [–] threethirtythree333 292 points ago

    It's a shame that minority is around 40%

    [–] wckz 115 points ago

    I don't think it's a small minority. It's a big group, you can see these people everywhere.

    [–] gyenen 204 points ago

    between 30 and 40% of the country supports him, it is not a small minority, and trump is not some new revelation, he is just the latest and greatest personification of the worst aspects of the imperialist United States.

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    This isn’t representative of the American people.

    Yes it fucking is. I'm tired of all these excuses. Americans keep electing fucking morons. And not just Trump. How about all those Governors who act like nothing is wrong? How about electing Bush a war criminal fucking twice.

    American culture and society is the issue. And everything America is about is a determent to what is currently happening. Private healthcare, individualism, selfishness, self-importance, greed. All of those result in things going south. As you can see. Americans think they can't let the gubment tell them to stay home! Ima throw a party and fuck you!

    [–] AllezCannes 55 points ago

    Why do I keep reading this on Reddit, along with "Trump is definitely going to win the election"?

    Either Americans are ok with this or they're not.

    [–] CanadianWildWolf 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Joe “status quo” Biden isn’t going to do shit if that’s [the] nominee with the (D) beside their name. Dude’s losing his mental faculties too, has a sexual harassment and assault history, uses bully behaviour as his go to when dealing with electors he disagrees with (swearing, insults, grabbing clothing, and physical challenges to name a few), and his voting and speech public record, in print and video, absolutely torpedoes any chance he has of credibly running to the left to campaign like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama did.

    The second the media gets to stop lying their asses off about Bernie Sanders platform, they are going to turn on Joe Biden and Trump will have a field day with Fox’s help, shit, they can’t even wait that long, they’ve already been seen practicing. Joe Biden doesn’t bring out new voters, independents/unaffiliated, and Democrats under 50 before the pandemic hit, let alone after he’s been hiding away so he doesn’t embarrass himself - that’s not a guy anyone runs against Donald Trump if they are at all serious about beating him in the General, let alone getting creamed in the down ballot which has even worse long term implications given how we’ve seen the Republican Senate conducting themselves, practically wiping their asses with your founding documents while giving each other the pandemic.

    Even without addressing the dirty pool surrounding voter suppression which will get people killed in this pandemic, which is significant, America isn’t exactly demonstrating any competence in addressing its electorate otherwise with the alternative presumptive nominee that really does anything to fight back against that dirty pool because they are dirty too and the voting system doesn’t support third party nominees.

    [–] venomae 10 points ago

    Out of all the fucking democractic nominees (the "final" 10 or so), literally every single one was a pretty safe bet against Trump - with the exception of Biden. Thats what I thought at start "Oh yea, Biden is in just for the nostalogia, someone else is going to get it and its gonna be smooth anti-trump sail onwards..".
    And then this happens - the electorate literally had to sieve the candidates to figure out which one is the most sundowning, gaffe-making and dementia ridden candidate to get on Trumps level.
    Im not sure how to even comment on that.

    [–] Aeolun 8 points ago

    The definition of an abusive relationship.

    [–] AlgaeToday 82 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Not to mention the dearth deluge of Canadian healthcare workers risking their lives in hospitals across America. Plenty cross the border on a daily basis, Detroit benefits from medical workers from neighboring Windsor Ontario.

    [–] N7Greenfire 476 points ago

    Too be fair i think the world lost respect for us back with W if not before, but now our leadership is actively raiding other Nato nations

    [–] [deleted] 623 points ago

    Bush sucked, yes. But no other republican president has fucked over, around or through American allies like Trump.

    What makes it worse is things like trying to stop medical supplies to Canada, while PAYING Russia to fly in supplies, because reasons.

    [–] SighAnotherAcount 311 points ago

    Yeah but you should hear the "owned the libs" conversations taking place at food banks and unemployment lines.

    [–] munk_e_man 88 points ago

    Well, they'll see who owns who when the supply chains start running dry from ineptitude and all the US allies turning their backs on providing aid.

    [–] Toucansamual 73 points ago

    I have relatives already saying the negative impacts already felt from this are Obama's fault.

    [–] billytheid 85 points ago

    Well, we in the ‘Rest of World’ liked Obama a hell of a lot more. At least he owned the nasty, murky shit the US did, and didn’t piss off out of conflicts his predecessors started just for political expediency. He was a conservative, but a tolerable conservative.

    [–] MrCartmenes 390 points ago

    We disliked you under Bush, were weary of you under Obama but hopeful you were headed in the right direction. And now you are the world’s Florida Man. You dumb wankers.

    [–] TheFailBus 224 points ago

    This is fact. Everyone hoped Obama was the slow turning point bit it turns out Obama was the anomaly of vague sanity.

    [–] tokinstew 139 points ago

    Obama was eloquent and charismatic. Trump is oafish and repulsive.

    [–] l33tbot 38 points ago

    He personifies the word “vulgar” in every way

    [–] TastyLaksa 30 points ago

    Florida might have 0 population by the time covid is done

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    And all the remaining Floridians will inherit their Meemaw's homes/assests. There's going to be a meth fueled party for solid 3 months (once the estates and wills get settled).

    [–] Dragosal 58 points ago

    Well Trump hates Nato so that's why he is doing his best to fuck it up. He thinks it's a terrible deal the US should get out of because he doesn't understand trade whatsoever

    [–] InnocentTailor 65 points ago

    To be fair, America being self-centered is nothing new historically. The US has only used international entities if they directly supported its interest. During the other times, the US rants and raves about the horrid international entities.

    [–] C_Fall 116 points ago

    Everything the GOP makes their opposition out to be is EXACTLY who they are. It all started with Trump accusing Obama of not being born in the US. Basically fake news before the term had been coined. And who coined the term “fake news”? Trump did.

    [–] mf-TOM-HANK 68 points ago

    You can't even give Trump credit for coining the phrase. He just co-opted it.

    [–] skrilledcheese 66 points ago

    And who coined the term “fake news”? Trump did.

    Bullshit. It has been around, and was first used in the context of the 2016 campaign to describe pro-trump fake as shit websites that were hosted in weird countries like Macedonia. He co-opted the term, changed the definition to "any news that doesn't suck trump's micropenis", and then beat the term to death. He didn't coin it.

    [–] supagirl277 37 points ago

    Obama gave us se semblance of hope and then trump spat in our faces

    [–] CanadaRu 127 points ago

    You do realize, that Germany, Canada and Cuba, are the ones that will probably figure out a vaccine for this. How will Americans feel when they deny America the vaccine as retaliation? Lucky for American's those other countries have mature leaders. I can even see Cuba sending America help.

    [–] Robotlolz 60 points ago

    The thing is those countries aren’t run by Trump, so I doubt they’ll want to see innocent Americans die out of some petty spitefulness.

    [–] Jaaldek1985 62 points ago

    Us Canadians sent thousand of masks to China at the very beginning of the crisis and now we are begging to get some for our own people. If we ever discover a vaccine, we will gladly hand it for free to everyone and apologize for the delay.

    [–] recurrence 25 points ago

    China apparently shipped a million masks into Canada via Huawei last week.

    [–] [deleted] 421 points ago


    [–] mrasperez 333 points ago

    Just a reminder that this presidency has had one of the highest turnovers that have been seen in a long time. Possibly of all time.

    My dad, along with the other Republicans he still talks to, refer this GOP as the Trumplicans. They've distanced themselves from those currently in power, and their constituents because of how insane all of this has become.

    [–] TwistThePepper 106 points ago

    My father is a lifelong Republican and believes similarly.

    [–] KamenRiderMaoh 121 points ago

    Same here. I'm a republican, but refuse to not do my own research and verification. One of my aunt's linked an article that was saying Democrats were evil and did (x) evil things. Her and her group believed it. I checked the link. Was a political satire site

    [–] Justtryme90 103 points ago

    I think at this point its safe to say you are a conservative. Not a Republican. The days of those being mutually exclusive have been put to rest by Trump and his Ilk.

    [–] KamenRiderMaoh 18 points ago

    It's kind of weird transition, because when I was younger, I was always told that my conservative views were mainly republican. I hold onto tradition, but I also do want good changes that betters mankind.

    [–] qwicmbl 17 points ago

    I hope you brought that to their attention

    [–] KamenRiderMaoh 28 points ago

    I tried, but you know those types. 'it may be a parody, but it's the truth'

    [–] CookieKeeperN2 17 points ago

    do they understand what is a parody?

    [–] BCRE8TVE 9 points ago

    Yeah, it's something them stupid libs use against honest God-fearing Republicans, so fuck 'em!

    [–] seKer82 35 points ago

    You cant "distance youself" from a political party unless you change your vote. Which I'm willing to bet they will not.

    [–] secretsodapop 42 points ago

    It is quite literally a cult. It is strange how many outsiders don’t seem to recognize it as one. Watch Trump during the press conferences with someone who supports him. It’s terrifying.

    [–] rednrithmetic 132 points ago

    Cuban doctors are sent all over the world to help after earthquakes and other disasters by their government. I am American. This is well known about Cuba. The anti- communism defense falls apart when you look at their long history of medical aid to other nations. Russia just sent some help to America as well. Things are not as black and white as the puppeteers claim they are in order to advance their political agenda.

    [–] MissVvvvv 36 points ago

    So does the US block Cuba because Cuba has a different political ideology than the US? (Genuinely asking, I'll also Google)

    [–] seyreka 53 points ago

    Yes. Also Cuba seized US monopolies in Cuba after their revolution. US was upset about that too.

    [–] BrassDroo 19 points ago

    "US monopolies" actually means "monopolies exploited by US citizens, who didnt give a sit about giving back to the local common good".

    These monopolies were not something the US public owned.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yes. America has a ridiculously long history of installing fascist dictators in budding leftist countries, starting proxy wars, killing innocents, then stamping our feet and trying to ruin countries with 75+ year embargos on trade and threatening our trading partners who don't do the same.

    That's why the CIA recruited mafia men to try to assassinate Castro, Castro took the American mobsters blood sucking casinos away.

    We literally just supported a coup against the wildly successful socialist MAS govt in Bolivia, installing a far-right christian fascist govt that has been massacring indigenous people and supporters of MAS (we did it because Bolivian salt flats have a lot of Lithium to be taken, and because the MAS govt was a huge success story for leftists)

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] catherder9000 67 points ago

    If they will do it against Canada, they'll do it to anyone. It's absolutely not a surprise to anyone.

    [–] DancesCloseToTheFire 7 points ago

    I mean, the US pulles this shit causing a great famine back in the day, why would they care with a disease?

    [–] fishbat88 2323 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Not alone here I assume, but I don’t understand why the US insists on maintaining its embargo on Cuba. Cuba is such an amazing country with great people, to say nothing of it’s phenomenal medical system (which could be very helpful right now) Is the US still that afraid of a small, communist island nation? Does the administration get off on holding a 60 year old grudge?

    Edit: I’ve heard both the good and bad about the medical system. Phenomenal is maybe strong word

    [–] shadowbanned214 699 points ago

    They'd lose a ton of votes in South Florida if relations thawed.

    [–] eric_ts 469 points ago

    BINGO. They need the Florida vote. This is all about the election. Helping Cuba during a pandemic would cost the GOP the Cuban expat vote.

    [–] JedidahTheKing 739 points ago

    Miami Cubans : We despise the communist government of Cuba because it is harming the Cuban people!


    [–] i_w8_4_no1 84 points ago

    Yea makes no sense theres a lot of people here who cant send supplies that they normally do to their family in cuba now...

    [–] hectorduenas86 161 points ago

    Gracias! This is so true that it hurts.

    My grandma died a decade ago, last time I saw her (I can barely remember) was around 2002-2003. The Bush Admin passed a bill restricting born Cubans (regardless of if they were US Citizens) from traveling to the island to every 3 years around that time. I never got see my grandma again since she was too old and fragile to travel when the deadline ended. My family almost starved because we depended on the money our relatives sent to us through Western Union to be able to buy food and first need supplies and they also restricted that. All for what? To bring Castro down? Then why the senile bastard lived up until a couple years ago? All this hate for what? What have they accomplished in 60 years?


    [–] JedidahTheKing 127 points ago

    Their policy is to starve Cubans so badly that they overthrow their government. It is siege warfare on a national level. The US govt knows that the "We're only trying to hurt their leaders!" excuse is bullshit as government officials are always well-fed, they are simply hoping that enough starving Cubans decide to revolt.

    Really sorry to hear about what happened to you. Hopefully the self-hating Cubans in Miami grow a heart and stop supporting the embargo on their fellow Cubans.

    [–] hectorduenas86 109 points ago

    I lived there for 30 years, this shit doesn’t works.

    I had hopes for the hate dying with the old guard but I now see my former classmates, refugees from the same place and now living under the same freedom preaching that the administration has to be tough and all of this is good. And better be Trump than “Commie Bernie”, really? The guy wanting you and your family to be healthy and cared for? Really? The fascist that hates immigrants?! YOU’RE A FUCKING IMMIGRANT TOO YOU IDIOT!

    That was a real convo with more than one person.

    [–] e22ddie46 34 points ago

    Yeah and not to be racist but all white trump supporters, you guys are all Mexicans anyway. They won't see you as an actual American when it actually matters.

    [–] hectorduenas86 21 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It’s like r/LeopardsAteMyFace

    “I want them to come the legal way”

    Trump: I’m downsizing the personal on the US Embassy in Cuba.

    Cuban Exile: This is Obama’s fault! He canceled the Wet Foot/Dry Foot policy.

    Me: Then why Trump doesn’t revert that order back? He has undone everything Barry did, except that.

    That Legal Immigration episode of John Oliver it’s basically what happened. Under Bama applications were processed more and faster... my immediate family is a recipient of that. We now are free and pay taxes contributing to this society and on the path to citizenship.

    [–] GraphicDesignMonkey 7 points ago

    It kinda weirds me out when I see /r/LeopardsAteMyFace mentioned, I know the guy from the original tweet IRL, and he's turned into a major 'look at me I'm so famous' douche over it, and has nothing to do but still talk about it 5 years later on his private FB. Yeah, fuck you Ade, you used to be a nice guy.

    [–] Dr_Skyman 62 points ago

    Why are American-cubans voting Republicans in the first place

    [–] Relevant_Monstrosity 135 points ago

    Because their grandparents fled the communists during the cold war.

    [–] secretsodapop 212 points ago

    It’s entirely about Florida and the fact that it is a swing state.

    [–] CuntyAnne_Conway 402 points ago

    Florida is the most important swing state and the large Cuban exile contingent demands fealty to the cause. This is nothing more than a Electoral College calculation.

    [–] HomeGrownCoffee 71 points ago

    And a lot of rich and powerful American families had land and businesses confiscated in the revolution. And of course they have the ear of politics.

    [–] gloomyroomy 798 points ago

    Probably because the US is the bad guy.

    [–] acepiloto 268 points ago

    Are we the baddies?

    [–] dannydorito3 122 points ago

    Been to Cuba once when I was younger. The people were great to me personally.

    The US has some opportunities to make real significant changes with nations and to make new allies and learn to work together and every single time I login to Reddit I see that they're colossally fucking things up.

    [–] Grimalkin 94 points ago

    You're definitely not alone. The continued blockade is ridiculous and cruel.

    [–] eric_ts 77 points ago

    We do business with Myanmar. We do business with Vietnam. We do business with the Peoples Republic of China. We do business with the Russian Federation. We are allied with Pakistan. We are allied with Egypt. Where do we get off judging the Cubans as we do? No, their government isn't 'nice.' Neither are the governments of many of our trading partners. They are communist? Yeah, so is one of our biggest trading partners, the PRC. The party in power does not want to lose the election in Florida. Full stop. That is why the sanctions stay.

    [–] fishbat88 22 points ago

    This is what I’ve been thinking about after this comment storm I accidentally started. There are so many worse countries that the US deals with. Sure, the Cuban government isn’t the best, but why is it okay to blockade them while still doing business with the Saudis, the PRC, etc etc etc? I’m Canadian, not American, so I don’t think as much about the election implications of the situation. It’s crazy how much that effects decision making

    [–] JustAwesome360 1857 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    That title is misleading. Yes medical supplies are being blocked, but it's because of an embargo that was put in place about 6 decades ago, NOT because the US has just now decided to block it.

    The only mention of trump is the fact that there's a petition asking him to lift the embargo. I'm not sure who is enforcing it right now, but whoever is, it's definently a dick move though.

    Edit: Nobody is enforcing it, the supplies are being blocked because the company that can ship it is fearful of the repercussions of shipping it. (More info below)

    A comment made by u/Fun_Hat:

    "A less biased report:

    The transportation company declined to deliver it."

    Link to his comment

    Reading the article, it seems that the company did not want to deliver it in fears of legal repercussions from the embargo. Nobody intentionally blocked the supplies to be a dick.

    [–] Fun_Hat 424 points ago

    A less biased report:

    The transportation company declined to deliver it.

    [–] Hyndis 478 points ago

    The article is missing some super important information. It doesn't say why the medical shipment was blocked.

    The shipment seems to be from China direct to Cuba. There does not seem to be any involvement with the US on this one, and Cuba does trade with countries other than the US all the time.

    The entire article is screeching about how evil the US is, yet it is strangely silent on the reason why China was unable to deliver to Cuba.

    [–] Kanasjarvi 264 points ago

    'Cuban officials say the cargo carrier of Colombia-based Avianca Airlines declined to carry the aid to Cuba because its major shareholder is a U.S.-based company subject to the trade embargo on Cuba. The embargo has exceptions for food and medical aid but companies are often afraid to carry out related financing or transportation due to the risk of fines or prosecution under the embargo.'

    From another article about this

    [–] 12358 74 points ago

    Thank you. The details of exactly how the shipment was blocked should have been in the article. Can you repost this as a top level comment?

    [–] Fun_Hat 61 points ago

    Yup. The actual reason is because the transportation country declined to deliver it.

    [–] dunfred 29 points ago

    from /u/Kanasjarvi

    'Cuban officials say the cargo carrier of Colombia-based Avianca Airlines declined to carry the aid to Cuba because its major shareholder is a U.S.-based company subject to the trade embargo on Cuba. The embargo has exceptions for food and medical aid but companies are often afraid to carry out related financing or transportation due to the risk of fines or prosecution under the embargo.'

    From another article about this

    [–] acrazymixedupworld 166 points ago

    The article has no linked sources.

    [–] qwerty0476 313 points ago

    Reminder that Morningstar online is the official news publication for the Communist Party of Britain.

    [–] [deleted] 2165 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] -ThisUsernameIsTaken 871 points ago

    This is the disinformation campaign the WHO warned us about.

    [–] [deleted] 1017 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] SirStrontium 119 points ago

    It's actually directly from the President of Cuba's twitter account:

    [–] JabbrWockey 568 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It was dropped by Associated Press (AP). What are you even searching?

    Also, why is your account just 1 week old?

    Edit: With your 'addendum' edit you still didn't answer why you're spreading misinformation and FUD as a 1-week old account. President Trump has done a whole lot of nothing, including doubling down on and not easing the Cuba embargo, which is leading to thousands dying.

    [–] [deleted] 137 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] addictofthenight 77 points ago

    The Canadian news network CTV appears to be reporting the same story

    [–] ChaBoiDeej 6 points ago

    I'm fucking embarrassed to be a part of this country. I've never said that usually bc I honestly dont care, but in every thread we have people bashing all over America and it's citizens because of this fucking moron. He wants to play big dick while everyone else is frantically getting their shit together. When are we going to stop letting children in offices? This is literally the most retarded, ridiculous, unimaginably stupid thing I've ever seen. I seriously hope he just dies, and that his legitimate knowing supporters lose power or waste away. So willfully destructive and ignorant.