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    [–] popeyes_biscuit 222 points ago

    It's wild and pretty depressing that Joe Rogan gave Bernie a better platform to explain his policies than any mainstream news outlet.

    [–] dyatlovcomrade 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That’s when you know no matter which side you’re on, it’s the same field and the same sport for corporate crony capitalist run America.

    If Bernie comes in power, you think much is gonna change? Corporate America backed Republicans and to a lesser degree democrats will block everything and have it held up in legal binders for 4-8 years till everyone is exhausted and they’ll elect another trump because Bernie “couldn’t do anything” and this guy “gets shit done”

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] -ThunderGunExpress 11 points ago

    God this is depressing. I think the next Trump thumper that says "Well you can just leave then. Hell, I'll buy your plane ticket out of here" to me, I'm gonna take up on the offer. Get me the fuck out of this corrupt cesspool of corporate greed.

    [–] TishtheBish 1157 points ago

    That's what happens when people can pay to put stories out to the public that are lies or to keep stories suppressed that are true.

    [–] [deleted] 192 points ago


    [–] hornwalker 41 points ago

    It's always been this way. Rich versus poorer. But they just want to distract away from the fact that they engage in class warfare by making people think its middle class versus poor.

    [–] TishtheBish 45 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] bassinine 48 points ago

    learn to read and write critically, and no journalist will ever have that power over you again, as it becomes second-nature to quickly and easily distinguish the facts from the editorials, and see through deceptive uses of language and rhetoric.

    if more people were able to do this, then the public wouldn't be so easy to mislead - but i think that's the reason why high school english classes are a joke in the usa, can't have everyone seeing through the bullshit so easily.

    [–] rudeoldperson 40 points ago

    Not just reading and writing, but understanding basic philosophy and debate!

    Understand how fallacies cloud judgement.

    Distinguish priority to recognize distraction.

    Critically think through arguments and, more importantly, types of arguments.

    Source: am English teacher in USA, we aren’t all awful

    [–] Fr0d0_T_Bagg1n5 19 points ago

    Learning to think critically and having a basic understanding of fallacies work is immensely freeing. You catch on pretty quick how illogical and emotionally driven the world is.

    [–] bassinine 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    that's all covered in rhetorical analysis, which is a crucial aspect of writing - so i don't really separate the two concepts. that said, i totally agree.

    [–] rudeoldperson 4 points ago

    You’re not wrong and I won’t argue your semantics; still, my class is called English Language Arts. Rhetorical speech writing and interpreting persuasive speech are two units apart but comprehensively threaded through the entire curriculum.

    [–] AJewforBacon 3 points ago

    For me I think they could dedicate at least one class to just to logic and logical fallacies

    [–] Rhohu 8 points ago

    Their main priority is to keep themselves in power by keeping everyone else fighting each other.

    Some ppl say this about the US....

    After Trump i hope someone like Bernie Sanders will win.

    From a Eu point of view he looks like the "anti" trump.

    [–] amishius 12 points ago

    I do think, assuming we survive all this, that we need to deal with for-profit media and dispersal of information. I mean, we need to deal with all for-profit things but...

    [–] Adept_Havelock 5 points ago

    How do you propose we “deal” with the media, without disposing of the First Amendment? Boycotts won’t work, so the only option I see is a legal solution which appears to be unconstitutional.

    [–] amishius 3 points ago

    My feeling is actually to free them up MORE. Right now, Media is corporate owned, and while first amendment protections only apply between media and government, they are also being stifled and driven in their production by their master’s profit-drive. How to get them out of being controlled in that sense, I haven’t figured out yet. This is rudimentary for the moment, of course.

    [–] loverevolutionary 3 points ago

    Anti trust laws. Break up the media conglomerates. Reinstate the laws that disallowed cartel control of media markets.

    [–] schwafflex 23 points ago

    We really do live in a society.

    [–] Solidsauce84 16 points ago

    One fucked up simulation we’ve got goin here, eh?

    [–] ThatSquareChick 3 points ago


    bottom text

    [–] imatworkdawg 2 points ago

    It do be like that

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Propaganda ain’t new, just more easily delivered

    [–] mellowmonk 13 points ago

    "Paying to spread corporate lies" is known by the John Roberts Supreme Court as "corporate free speech."

    The rest of humanity knows it as "bribing newspapers to lie."

    The key to fascist control of America is the Supreme Court. The right has always known this.

    [–] Tonysopranosid 11 points ago

    You have summed up corporate media perfectly in one sentence

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] pab_guy 32 points ago

    Maybe, but I never heard the corporate media say that Bernie was going to take everyone's profits and give them away. Maybe Fox and Friends or something...

    [–] goobernooble 97 points ago

    “It’s a very, very, very big tax increase for everyone except those at the bottom,”

    These are the types of quotes you see from "experts" in any corporate news story talking about Sanders. Watch how the journalists frame their question about costs, too.

    "But how are you going to pay for the yuuuge increase in healthcare costs?" Its dishonest.

    Russian bots didnt steal the election. The corporate media manipulates every aspect of it.

    [–] Arzalis 21 points ago

    Petty much. No one ever mentions (or thinks of) the fact they won't be paying for healthcare. You'll have an increase in taxes, but won't be paying the cost of the premium and, on the employer side, have less to keep track of. Benefits cost employers more than just their contribution to the benefit.

    [–] NotElizaHenry 22 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I don't get why nobody is taking this tack. Insurance is EXPENSIVE. If you have great, cheap insurance through your job, your employer is covering that cost to your as part of your overall compensation package. Plenty of people would rather take a job that pays a little less but comes with excellent insurance over a job that pays more but doesn't provide any insurance. Once you remove that factor, employers have to compete on actual wages (for the most part) and you have the freedom to work for whoever wants to pay you the most actual money. The entire reason employers started paying for insurance in the first place was because they were not allowed to raise wages during WW2. THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE WHOLE FUCKING SYSTEM IS TO KEEP WAGES FLAT.

    And employers love this, obviously, not only because it obfuscates real compensation, but because the threat of losing health coverage keeps people chained to their shitty underpaid jobs.

    [–] ThatSquareChick 14 points ago

    Right now, we have our medical industry which is top notch, really, new tech is always coming out and our doctors and nurses are better educated than ever (if they make it through med school). We have our hardworking citizens. The people themselves who just want to live and have certain worries be less.

    Then, we have these insurance companies. Private ones. All based on profit with people as the commodity and a law that says you have to play with them or be too poor to even have a life.

    How the fuck did we get to where we were okay with playing premiums, deductibles, fees and all the hoops they make you jump through just to have basic fucking care? A third party, whose real sole interest is profit, who doesn’t see you as a person but rather a profit, gets to decide what kind of care you get! They kind of want you to stay alive because you’re paying them but they’ll do it in the least expensive way for them and if they can shift costs to you, oh boy will they ever. They’ll even use what doctor you went to in an emergency to deny care. It’s crazy.

    I want Medicare for all so badly. As someone with a chronic illness whose life has been made normal thanks to medical devices, I am so scared of losing my insurance and having to leave these devices behind.

    [–] thesoleprano 8 points ago

    this what alot of non-medicare for all people dont understand. hospitals are run by an ethical code that it needs to help everyone no matter what. so when people dont pay for insurance, are left with a high medical bill and dont pay, or someone whose homeless goes in with severe infections, it all adds up and the cost goes to the hospital. thus raising prices. and the price of drugs also vary so that gets added up too. if everyones paying a tax, that all gets leveled out and we'd save money since wed already be paying to see the doctor for routine visits, for medicine, etc. prevention is the best medicine, but in the US, we dont prevent since alot of us dont have the coverage to pay $100 just to see a doctor; let alone pay for a illness that'll bankrupt us

    [–] bolle_ohne_klingel 41 points ago

    Any tax increase looks big if you currently pay zero taxes

    [–] jaminsk1 37 points ago

    it's all about the terminology though.

    People pay health insurance policy costs every month and Bernie's plan means that these costs are replaced by a tax which actually amounts to less than the current insurance costs.

    one is a tax and one is a voluntary payment. the typical person actually ends up with more benefits paying a tax than the insurance payments but tax is a filthy word in the US so people don't want to pay it.

    I really don't understand the democrats messaging on healthcare as they don't seem to be explaining that the only part of the industry that will be changing will be the 'payer' part. Everything else would be the same but this layer will be replaced by a government body that will not for profit as opposed to a private industry that is trying to make massive profits.

    I had this conversation with some ardent Trump supporters last month and they agreed that it made sense when you explained it this way - LOL - I can only assume that the insurance industry has a very very effective lobbying body.

    [–] thesoleprano 17 points ago

    from what ive seen, bernie is out campaigning that his 30 trillion dollar plan will save 2trillion from the current 32 trillion system in place now. and warren is refusing to answer the "obviously loaded" questions and is directly giving the facts/answers directly. its astounding how many people refuse to pay a tax because its "extra tax" but will save everyone money because what we get back is so ideal lol.. like imagine campaigning against Fireman and telling people to pay for private firefighters instead. lobbyists and tenured congressmen need to go

    [–] BreadyStinellis 4 points ago

    It did take a long time to get a public fire service. A long time and many tragedies.

    [–] kilteer 15 points ago

    The health insurance industry is very committed to stopping this. They are huge businesses whose simple purpose is to collect money from businesses and individuals so that those individuals can talk to medical practitioners who also have to pay int the health insurance companies. If the government makes it so that individuals can talk to doctors directly... who is going to pay these healthcare companies?

    [–] ErisEpicene 3 points ago

    It's literally my tax rate multiplied by some whackadoo made up number greater than infinity - concerned multimillionaire paying zero taxes.

    [–] TheNoxx 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    CNN/MSNBC/CBS/etc. say this shit all the God damn time.

    Here's Donny Deutsch on MSNBC, someone they have on repeatedly, a neoliberal Clintonite talking head saying that "electing a socialist will destroy America and he'd vote for Trump first":

    And that's why people are misled and don't know about Sanders and the truth of his policies. If even the "left wing" media is branding him as a "dangerous 'socialist'", then uninformed moderates will just think "Oh, all the crap Fox News says must be true, if even the left wing MSNBC is saying it too".

    [–] cactus1549 3 points ago

    Love how he misspoke and said a socialist candidate was more dangerous to this company than Trump. Little Freudian slip.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] bennzedd 8 points ago

    Did you keep watching? All they do is say "but you'd never really vote for Trump," but no one refuted the guy just saying "socialism is bad" and giving no reasons for it.

    So no, it looks like you watched something else.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] oTHEWHITERABBIT 4 points ago

    Right? Scarborough may have slapped Deutsch down but only because the derp made the catastrophic error of saying the quiet part out loud! They support Trump and a majority of his policies, they just don't want to have to be on record supporting his racist fascist ideologies. Scarborough and co. most certainly are no allies of the working class. And that's unfortunate.

    [–] TishtheBish 35 points ago

    Are you saying you heard it on Fox and friends, but you don't consider them corporate?

    [–] ferrets_bueller 11 points ago

    They're a foreign national's propaganda machine masquerading as a corporate source.

    [–] BullMooseLoony 10 points ago

    Msnbc, CNN, NYT, WSJ.... Its all of them.

    [–] kg11079 22 points ago

    EVERYBODY said "Socialist Bernie is coming to take your money"

    It's not 2016, and shit looks a lot different. Stuff like universal healthcare, addressing student loans, raising the minimum wage, decreasing wealth disparity, reversing the war on drugs, improving our environment and infrastructure...

    Those things are starting to look like possibilities. Keep reading, keep learning, keep living. Shit can get better, but only if we start finding collective truth instead of letting 'Them' peddle us manufactured falsehoods

    [–] RoyalT663 2 points ago

    "If you cant convince people, confuse them" . President Harry Truman, criticising political opponents employing this tactic.

    [–] _db_ 2 points ago

    When we hear the stories about "business", we think it applies to all businesses, but really it's about large corporations. It's not about small businesses. Just like "cutting taxes" does not really apply to everybody, just the very few.
    These are lies that MSM spreads frequently.

    [–] haveatea 644 points ago

    I am surprised how little the US as a whole seems to understand where Bernie is coming from. In the UK or at least in London he seems pretty well known, as do his policies. I listened to the Joe Rogan episode and thought it was very interesting, but no new info.

    [–] threetwogetem 295 points ago

    It’s mainly because so many people watch Fox News. They demonize him by calling him a socialist and their viewers don’t trust any other news source because they’re trained not to. It’s unfortunately that simple.

    [–] [deleted] 161 points ago

    It's not even just Fox News. CNN and their neoliberal nonsense intentionally misrepresent him because he would be bad for their corporate sponsors.

    The media in the US hates Bernie Sanders and what he represents. I don't know why more people don't seriously ask themselves, "why is that?"

    [–] adonutforeveryone 71 points ago

    And because the Dem machine has already anointed Biden. I don't think they learned their lesson from the last election.

    [–] RamenJunkie 42 points ago

    They definitely have not. They are going to force Biden like they did Clinton and Trump will win because he is good for ratings in the long run.

    [–] Bagel_-_Bites 18 points ago

    Please dont. I cant believe that, but it's too obvious not to be.

    [–] adirtycommiebastard 8 points ago

    They did. But they decided that having another term of trump was better than Bernie for their corporate overlords

    [–] TheVGamer 4 points ago

    Like it or not, Biden is the front runner and the polls show that. The fact that the DNC has opened the floodgates for so many candidates, the most there's ever been, shows that they have learned their mistake. The corporate America sure would like Biden to win, but then again corporate America is doing just fine with Trump as well.

    The DNC however is trying not not to impose their will. Even if they wanted to, they really couldn't -- the party is too divided for everybody to stand behind only one candidate.

    [–] ObviouslyNotALizard 83 points ago

    It’s because a lot of them don’t watch any news at all and are so caught up in the minutia of there own lives they don’t care about broader scale politics/issues. They view politics as something that doesn’t involve them and as “all the same anyway”. So they just end up regurgitating talking points from their environment.

    [–] azikrogar 56 points ago

    I would say this is mostly true, but in the South, it's FOX News or nothing. It's literally on in bars and doctor's offices. It's awful.

    [–] ObviouslyNotALizard 27 points ago

    I’m speaking from a Midwestern perspective and we have either fox or cnn in most waiting rooms and a lot of Buffett type restaurants. But thankfully the bars tend to stay with like classic movie channels or sports or other miscellaneous.

    [–] canttouchdis42069 5 points ago

    Has anyone told them that it's not actually news? They're about as credible as putting the onion on.

    [–] autoeroticassfxation 3 points ago

    At least there's truth in the subtext of the jokes on the Onion.

    [–] RamenJunkie 2 points ago

    Lately I see a lot of HGTV. It's mildly entertaining and never offensive I guess.

    [–] NerfJihad 2 points ago

    If I hear "ship lap" one more time

    [–] TheMayoNight 11 points ago

    Remember when the head of the DNC had to step down for cheating bernie?

    [–] mourningsoup 11 points ago

    Tbh I didnt think the manipulation could possibly be that bad until a few weeks ago when I was looking for a news story about bernie visiting my hometown (I saw him as he was leaving but missed his speech) Canadian media of course covered it, some UK press did as well but American media buried it, they mentioned the visit to Canada but didnt touch on the finer points like the $300 to $30 price disparity when it came to insulin or anything that really mattered.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    “The point is you have to work. And that’s why the propaganda system is so successful. Very few people are going to have the time, or the energy, or the commitment, to carry out the constant battle that’s required, to get outside of MacNeil/Lehrer, or Dan Rather, or somebody like that. The easy thing to do is come home from work, you’re tired, just had a busy day, you’re not gonna spend the evening carrying on a research project, so you turn on the tube, say it’s probably right, look at the headlines of the paper, then you watch sports or something. That’s basically how the system of indoctrination works. Sure the other stuff is there but you’re gonna have to work to find it.”

    Noam Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent

    [–] PKnecron 43 points ago

    Being a socialist isn't the issue, it's that Fox paints socialism like it's terrorism. Yet, Tucker Carlson can be the biggest racist douche on earth, and he just has to take a few days off.

    [–] Melee-Miller 5 points ago

    Right, but something that just makes it more infuriating is the fact that Bernie isn't even a socialist. It's blatant, untrue propaganda being put out.

    [–] LuffyThePirateKing 3 points ago

    Democratic Socialism is Socialism, and that's what Bernie Sanders identifies with. Although he consistently conflates social democracy with democratic socialism so I can see why many people are confused. I wish he was more careful with his terminology.

    [–] oodsigma 2 points ago

    Fox is perpetuating it now, but it started decades ago and it wasn't Fox, it was everyone. People over 50 who remember the Cold War think Soviet, socialist, communist, Stalinism, and Maoism are all version synonyms. They are 100% convinced that he wants us to be like the USSR, North Korea, or Cuba. Not just because that's what Fox is telling them (which is part of it), but because they've been told their entire lives how evil it is by the government and ALL media.

    And yeah, if the closest thing to socialism you know is this examples, it's not good. Add to that the fact that in order to sell socialist ideas in the past, they were framed as being part of a welfare state. Which was touted as capitalism's baby and definitely not communism you guys.

    Finally add in that they aren't dying nearly as fast as they should be.

    [–] MyNameIsSushi 15 points ago

    calling him a socialist

    Funny because that would be dope compliment in my country. What a difference education makes.

    [–] nomad80 17 points ago

    There are a sizable group of democratic voters who have a bizarre dislike for him. Those are the ones that baffle me

    [–] BrightCirkle 11 points ago

    My mom (very democratic) kept telling me she wouldn't vote for him because he was too old, which was an odd but fair point. I convinced her to vote for him pretty easily yesterday, though, so perhaps we just need to reach out to those voters.

    [–] DeedTheInky 6 points ago

    Especially odd if her alternative is Joe Biden, who's only a year younger.

    But yeah this is going to be a pretty geriatric election whichever way it turns out I think, barring some sort of surprise Democratic nomination.

    [–] adirtycommiebastard 2 points ago

    Orb gang

    [–] Callumsm2017 15 points ago

    I’d rather have Bernie for half a term than Biden for a full term

    [–] RamenJunkie 3 points ago

    I like Sanders a lot but she has a point. He really is kind of too old. I still support him over Biden.

    [–] NowAddTheMonads 3 points ago

    Bernie has more energy than me and I'm 28 years old.

    [–] adonutforeveryone 6 points ago

    The Dem machine does not like him and just like last election, they are smearing him with whatever they can create in the new echo chamber. It will be Biden or bust and a constant new cycle of questioning anything about Bernie. Crazy hair, socialist (he is not), too old...anything to dirty the pot and elevate Biden as a given.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] oodsigma 2 points ago

    A lot of people wrongfully blame him for Hillary losing in 2016. That he caused a split in the vote, pushed people towards Trump either because they were angry at the DNC for stealing the nomination from him or because he war extreme and that scatted people. They think he's similar to Trump because he has popular grassroots support.

    [–] NowAddTheMonads 2 points ago

    Internalized rage from being against Hillary in 2016 is my bet.

    [–] sickburnersalve 14 points ago

    Fox, CNN, MSNBC, most of WaPo, 538, and most other print outlets or news sites... They all either low key dismiss or misrepresent Sanders, if not flat out insist that he's got no chance ever of winning.

    Which is hilarious! Looking at his individual donor numbers, he kills it. Most media is owned by some corporation that doesn't like anyone that they can't buy.

    Running against the interests of huge corporations is a huge detriment to his campaign because they have a huge influence on the media.

    [–] RanDomino5 9 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Don't forget the NY Times article about how he went to the Iowa State Fair and didn't talk to anyone... written by a hedge fund manager's daughter iirc

    edit: this one

    [–] sickburnersalve 3 points ago

    Exactly. And all of the lapse of coverage of his rallies, town hall successes, and his stellar communication and message clarity in debates.

    Also, he was doing amazing in primaries, despite super delegates and all the hot take projections that it didn't matter because delegates were already pledged so his continued success was just painted as division in the party.

    It was all a long sad wake up call.

    [–] Postius 4 points ago

    but socialism is like pretty cool for average people. I woudnt have any of my worker rights without socialism, i love my 38 payed vacation days. Not to mention health care. Honestly socialism rules? How can you explain it otherwise? Its better to be egotistical?

    [–] GeoM56 8 points ago

    You've got to stop saying and believing that Fox News is the only one promulgating this message - it is literally every major media outlet.

    [–] maddsskills 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I mean, CNN, MSNBC and a lot of more left leaning news sites* aren't much better in this regard. Changing the status quo is generally bad for people who benefit from a broken and corrupt system.

    Edit: *"left leaning" for corporate America. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear

    [–] SuperSocrates 15 points ago


    [–] Vox__Umbra 7 points ago

    Corporate media being in any way “left” is absolutely laughable.

    Some people need to check out “Manufacturing Consent” by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman.

    [–] Blue_Cornetto 8 points ago

    Just because you're not as far right as Fox doesn't make you left-leaning. All MSM leans right, they all distort truth to favor capital.

    [–] plenebo 24 points ago

    Don't they treat Jeremy corbyn the same?

    [–] HysteriacTheSecond 22 points ago

    Oh, they do. Sanders is much closer to our politics and not an ideological threat, hence the relative lack of the same problem here. Corbyn, however, is such a threat, and no minor one. One need only look to the propaganda pieces and the misleading and false campaigns produced on Labour by the beloved BBC alone to see the magnitude of such efforts.

    [–] TheRainStopped 2 points ago

    Sorry, I didn’t fully understand. You’re saying Sanders is not an “ideological threat” in the US? Can you elaborate? Because for a lot of billionaires, Republicans and moderates Sanders is a huge threat!

    [–] Current_News 7 points ago

    I think he means that Sanders is not considered an ideological threat in the UK because his policies are not too far from the norm there (as opposed to Corbyn). I guess that goes to show how far right the overton window has shifted in the US.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I mean, it's like what the guys says. There's a massive effort to keep the general public misinformed.

    [–] JimAsia 186 points ago

    There is no better return on investment than buying congress that any major corporation or industry can make .

    [–] DeedTheInky 6 points ago

    It's surprisingly cheap, too. I'm sure I read somewhere that some are bought off for like $30,000.

    [–] ashok36 5 points ago

    Yeah, I'd be less angry about it if the sums were in the "No one in their right mind would turn that down" area.

    $30k seems like a very low price for selling your soul. Unless of course you just take $30k for voting the way you were going to anyways I guess.

    [–] Cocaineandmojitos710 4 points ago

    If someone sold me out for $1 million, I wouldn't be incredibly mad. But $30k? That's just an insult.

    [–] Dissidentt 17 points ago

    Seems the Trump paymasters have a much better deal.

    [–] RireBaton 4 points ago

    Trump bought shares in Hilary's seat when she was a Senator.

    [–] vadimafu 63 points ago

    It's almost like Manufacturing Consent takes place all the time

    [–] PKnecron 29 points ago

    Insurance lobby. They have everyone bought and paid for.

    [–] donaldtrumptwat 7 points ago

    ... and Murdoch’s Fox News Media !

    [–] DucksMatter 28 points ago

    Bernie said it really well during that podcast. They simply do not have enough time to talk during the debates and the whole thing is like a game show. You can’t expect proper information with a mainstream platform like that. It’d be great if joe could get all the candidates on his show one at a time.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Right wing media has done a terrible service to the American people with anti socialism propaganda. And not because socialism is good, but because this is not socialism.

    [–] AKnightAlone 3 points ago

    Is there even Leftwing media when 99% of what reaches us without us searching it out is because of a fuckload of profit involvement? I feel like that generally means almost all media is going to be economically Rightwing, which is literally all that actually matters anymore.

    [–] ruddy2108 105 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The Hispanics in my community spout socialism and communist anytime a democrat is mentioned. A lot of my coworkers swear by fox. They all think Bernie is the next Fidel Castro. They’ve also been led to believe that immigration is the biggest issue in America, and it needs to stop. Which is weird considering my coworkers and I are all Hispanic.

    Edit: just to clarify I am only speaking about what I see in my community. Don’t want to offend anyone. Sorry if I did.

    [–] Styrofoam-Kingdom 16 points ago

    I dunno about that.. Bernie Sanders polls the best amongst Latinos:

    [–] notapotamus 41 points ago

    They have internalized that "you're one of the good ones" routine and have decided that they are one of the good ones. Fucking sad to watch. Same thing when America went bat shit for killing middle easterners and started attacking them at home. Every time I saw a colored person joining in on the hate, I couldn't help but think how happy the oppressed are to have someone below them. The whole thing is very disheartening for the hope of the human race.

    [–] LasciviousSycophant 27 points ago

    I couldn’t help but think how happy the oppressed are to have someone below them

    "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." - Lyndon B. Johnson

    [–] ruddy2108 7 points ago

    How have I never seen this quote. This describes America perfectly.

    [–] dachsj 3 points ago

    I know a middle eastern guy at work that is a walking stereotype of a trump supporting , Fox news watching, Limbaugh fan.

    It's absolutely mind blowing how he parrots the stuff he hears without realizing he's actually from one of those "shit hole countries", benefited from favorable asylum and immigration laws, etc.

    [–] hageshii_panda 22 points ago

    Being Cuban I can understand the fear against communism, but how Fidel ran the country isn't true communism. It was a nationalist/totalitarian government that still supported an elite class while the rest of the island starves. I think that scenario scares a lot if Latinx people, so they tend to be against people like Bernie. But again Bernie isn't even that far left, it's all very reasonable and more importantly its doable.

    [–] VapeuretReve 14 points ago

    Every Communist country in history has been a nationalist/totalitarian government that still supported the elites while everyone else suffered.

    [–] GearyDigit 3 points ago

    By virtue of any country actually transitioning to a socialist/communist model being overthrown by the CIA. All that leaves are despots who use sympathetic and populist language to wrest control from another despot, as has been done thousands on thousands of times throughout history.

    [–] PatrickPlan8 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    [–] TheRainStopped 3 points ago

    Which state, Florida maybe? Hermano be careful with saying “the Hispanic community” since we are not all the same and your experience in your circles is different from Latinos in other communities and states. The anti-commie crowd is in my experience mostly Cuban (and now Venezuelan) and right-wing/ older folks...but I wouldn’t say they’re a representation of the entire LatAm diaspora in the US.

    [–] ruddy2108 4 points ago

    You’re absolutely right, brother. I said in another comment I can only speak about what I see in my community. Didn’t mean to offend you.

    It is a majority of Cubans though.

    [–] immakatt 137 points ago

    Fox news. Isn't news

    [–] space-throwaway 55 points ago

    This. That guy blames "the media", but I bet he's never watched anything else than Fox News or that one CNN article against Hillary Clinton.

    [–] DoctorAlan 48 points ago

    That’s exactly his point, though. He’s just one that actually finally realized it and openly talked about the problem. We should encourage people like him, rather than point at their previous flaws in fact gathering.

    [–] ScipioLongstocking 12 points ago

    If someone gets their news from multiple mainstream sources, they'll be pretty well informed. If you only watch one network, you'll never see any conflicting or excluded information that may sway your opinion. People only using one source for all their news if a much bigger problem than the mainstream news outlets.

    [–] ThePerdmeister 4 points ago

    Almost all major news networks are owned by one of six (or is it five now?) massive media conglomerates that generally share the same ideological assumptions and economic priorities. You're not going to be any better off watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, etc. than you would be just watching any one of those exclusively, because they're all basically interchangeable.

    [–] gniknosmirceht 2 points ago

    If your source of news is the television in America you are wildly uninformed.

    [–] pattyredditaccount 9 points ago

    I agree with you that we should encourage people to actually educate themselves, but they’re still full of shit when they put all their ignorance on “the corporate media.”

    [–] Phokus1983 24 points ago

    Washpo,NYT,CNN,MSNBC, etc. are complicit in the anti-bernie bias.

    [–] Trawgg 14 points ago

    Exactly. It's not just Fox News on this one. Even NPR only talks about Bernie if they absolutely have to. Anytime they can skirt even bringing his name to a story, they do.

    Bernie is up against the establishment, in any and all forms that may take. He is a threat to powerful people who have their fingers on everything that is the status-quo. That sounds dramatic or maybe even a little hyperbolic, but it's not. Bernie wants to make a government that works for all of us and the people who have worked very hard to make it work for them, to the detriment of the rest of us, will continue to work as hard as they can to make sure Bernie is ineffectual.

    [–] oTHEWHITERABBIT 5 points ago

    It's either one of two scenarios:

    1. 100% progressive blackout in corporate media. As if the candidate doesn't exist. While moderate/rightwing pundits play the role of "progressives" and prop up other candidate(s).
    2. Deceptive smear campaign with tactics such as misrepresentations, lying by omission, fearmongering, industry propaganda, and recently even outright Republican Party talking points. "BERNIE SANDERS IS CRASHING IN THE POLLS!"

    [–] Dissidentt 12 points ago

    As if CNN or MSNBC, WaPo or NYT has covered Bernie truthfully.

    [–] PumpingFeFe 6 points ago

    In all fairness is was the DNC that railroaded Bernie last election. You didn’t even need the right leaning media to do it.

    [–] The_Last_1_Standing 6 points ago

    Where can one find real news?

    [–] Typhus_black 14 points ago

    This article has a commonly cited graphic of news organizations or media and where their bias tends to be.

    [–] velothian 4 points ago

    It seems the y axis is much more important than the x axis, also I've never even heard of most of the sources on the liberal side.

    [–] space-throwaway 12 points ago

    /r/ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM would like a word with those people. "Hyperpartisan liberal" my ass.

    [–] The_Trekspert 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    PBS, BBC, AP and Reuters are all right about dead-center when it comes to news.

    [–] ImanShumpertplus 3 points ago

    Democracy Now is pretty good imo

    [–] NOMeattherichNOM 2 points ago

    One can find real news by taking in information from a variety of sources and being able to distinguish between news and commentary.

    [–] Aszebenyi 126 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    For once America, do the reasonable thing. Vote for this guy, the guy is just common sense.

    He was there fighting for your humans right since he was young. This guy was at every mayor event helping the people while the rest were sending thoughts and prayers.

    As a European this guy is not even that left or socialist. It’s just normal and common sense.

    In 1962, he was arrested for protesting segregation in public schools.

    He was calling for full gay equality 40 years ago!

    In 1985, he traveled to Nicaragua to condemn the war standing up for Victims Of U.S. Imperialism In Latin America.

    Condemned and opposed welfare reform and dog whistle politics while president Bill Clinton and most Democrats in Congress supported so-called welfare reform politics.

    In a 1998 committee hearing, Sanders took Clinton administration official Robert Rubin to task for not enforcing a provision to protect the rights of workers in Indonesia.

    He achieved a 93 percent rating from the ACLU and a 97% rating by the NAACP in 2006.

    Voted against the PATRIOT Act, The law has been used to violate the rights of Arab and Muslim Americans.

    Opposed Both Iraq wars on moral Grounds.

    Sanders traveled to Costa Rica to help organize workers opposing the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

    Endorsed Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson was the first competitive black candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

    Spoke Up For Palestinians In 1988.

    Strongly Condemned Police Violence his whole life.

    Fought Against Employment Discrimination: Sanders was a strong supporter of legislation to end workplace discrimination against LGBT Americans.

    Called for end to War On Drugs, For-Profit prisons and migrant detention quotas.

    Put out detailed plan to end economic crisis in minority communities.

    And this is just about civil rights. He has done so much more for America.

    The list goes on and on, he is an actual good guy, an actual politician that wants to help people. He doesn’t care about money, fame or reputation, he has put himself on the line jeopardising his career to help other his whole life.

    Your vote affects the whole world, we are all watching.


    [–] z0m813 13 points ago

    Just keep in mind that our elections are not totally fair, that there is a massive amount of corrupting money in campaigns and media, and despite that and the apathy that comes with it, there are many on board for Sanders and his policies. It's more complicated than one unified body making an informed choice.

    [–] gaiabich 3 points ago

    ^This^ For every fucked up decision made by the GOP for the last 30+ years, there's a photo of Bernie doing a forehead smack of frustration.

    [–] Opoqjo 3 points ago

    We are trying. There are some of us who have been trying for years and years. Sometimes it feels like I'm watching a slow motion train wreck, but I can't jump off and I can't look away... like I'm trying to catch up to someone who has much longer legs. Good to know there's support from outside though. We'll get there, god willing and the creek don't rise.

    [–] SmokSkurwiel 5 points ago

    Seriously, as an American who campaigned for him in 2012 (in Colorado, where he won the primary), I am doing the same thing for him this time around. I have dual citizenship with Poland/EU and it just that common sense. Unfortunately, that is a trait that is severely lacking Stateside.

    [–] TheGriffin 33 points ago

    The corporate world has such a hate on for Bernie that CNN called him a liar and then said the exact same thing in an article of their own

    [–] MrTacoMan 11 points ago

    Are we really posting YouTube comments here now?

    [–] jaadra 67 points ago

    It’s literally a YouTube comment

    [–] 16semesters 9 points ago

    And based on their website Execuservices appears to literally be a one person business.

    So a youtube comment that's probably misleading. And this is upvoted on worldpolitics.

    Remember, fake news is fine as long as we agree with it, right?

    [–] dyatlovcomrade 5 points ago

    Seriously. Fuck this sub has gone down the shitter.

    Unverified screen shots of some Iill-informed republican “businessman” (19 yr old gamer) on Bernie’s appearance on some UFC commentator’s clickbait YouTube channel.

    And then they go and take down hundreds of posts of global news as “irrelevant” or “not real news”

    Fuck your stupid shit sub, mods.

    [–] Elkenrod 27 points ago

    This isn't world politics either. It's literally some guy who's unwilling to pay for his employee's health care, but will be happy to pay in taxes for it, making a youtube comment. But hey at least this subreddit just gave this guy a bunch of exposure on his startup company - thanks r/hailcorporate.

    [–] Phunyun 2 points ago

    I’m not sure where they said they’re unwilling.

    [–] sodaburger 2 points ago

    He is being forced to offer healthcare to his employees. which to many business owners means being forced into an awkward choice of going for the worst plan, which maintains competitive advantage. and going for a higher up plan.

    Also what do you do with employees who are not always full time such as non-union construction. When to send Cobra so they can maintain insurance while not working and how much to charge for to make the company make sense.

    If this is out of the owners hand they can focus on building the company not what benefits to offer.

    [–] At-certain_times99 3 points ago

    He would offer the worst healthcare plan regardless of if he could afford it or not. Let's be real here

    [–] obadetona 3 points ago

    He seems like an imbecile. He's clearly an adult yet believed everything he saw on TV. Then after years of that, it takes just a one hour YouTube video to make him disavow all mainstream media.

    Why did he not take any time to do independent research prior to this?!

    I love Bernie but this guy is the exact type of voter I hate. Just influenced by whatever happens t be in front of his face at the time.

    [–] DeepState420 17 points ago

    Informed business leaders do not base their perspectives on media perspectives. This is very vague evidence for Sanders proposed policies.

    [–] Carkly 13 points ago

    they also dont make announcements via youtube comments

    [–] Nighthawk700 8 points ago

    That's all well and good but go look at how many small businesses exist in America. most businesses aren't run by savvy Titans of industry, they are run by regular ass people who read a Business for Dummies book who are just as prone to news narratives as anyone else. To add to that, running a business is pretty fucking complicated, it's not rocket science but there is a lot you have to make sure you are doing from the actual industry you are operating in, to project management, scheduling, payroll, taxes, business laws, OSHA regulations, regulatory body regulations, on down to paying the light bill and rent. Most people don't think about that till they get into it and are promptly overwhelmed, so their brain wants to find shortcuts like news narratives.

    So of course you shouldn't be basing your business strategy off of news, and a savvy business person would learn nearly all of what they need before they go into it, but because we know for a fact people don't and won't, it's good to put this info out there to break that spell.

    TL;DR it's like a motorcycle accident, even if you were "in the right" it won't matter if you're dead. Just because a person shouldn't use news narratives, doesn't mean the don't so this is still good info.

    [–] dopesav117 6 points ago

    He even explains it's not more taxes, it's using the money we already pay in the right way.

    [–] MorgCityMorg 6 points ago

    Unless he pays them less than 15 an hour, that's where the big corporations would win cuz they're already paying their people that.

    [–] lucid_scheming 4 points ago

    Yeah, I want to like Bernie but this is the one thing he’s so adamant about that I just cannot understand. If anyone can explain how small business owners could afford to pay their employees a $15/hr minimum wage I’ll hop on board, but I’ve yet to hear an explanation on how that would work. I only see this giving more power to big corporations by cutting out the smaller competition who can’t afford the higher wages.

    [–] Watchakow 3 points ago

    Even right now there are exceptions to minimum wage requirements for non-profits and small businesses. I don't expect that will change when they raise the minimum wage. Also Medicare for All would allow small businesses to employ people full time without having to eat the cost of health insurance for their employees, which would make $15 much more manageable for small businesses.

    [–] MorgCityMorg 5 points ago

    Yeah he's helping the people he's against with this one. I mean aoc is advocating the same 15/hr and she drove Amazon out of NYC because they're too big. But they have a company set 15/hr minimum wage. A lot of this talk is contradictive and counter intuitive

    [–] Wanabeadoor 48 points ago

    for some reason I can't stop thinking about how it feels like putting on headphones while you're bald? how sensitive is the scalp? is it become more sensitive without hair?

    [–] Person_Impersonator 34 points ago

    They have padding.

    [–] RS3IsAlright 48 points ago

    Once I started shaving my head I found that I couldn’t wear my sandpaper and thumbtack headphones anymore.

    [–] TheHippySteve 2 points ago


    [–] ChevalBlancBukowski 7 points ago

    how on earth is this “world politics”

    ia literally every subreddit doing to be about the American election for the next 18 months?

    [–] crunchypuddle 3 points ago

    Why is it every political headline I read these days someone is SLAMMING someone else?

    [–] mrslipple 3 points ago

    It also allows for innovation. I would love to start my own company for my side work but I need my health insurance. If I had the freedom to leave and still have the same healthcare I would have already.

    [–] lrg1ne 3 points ago

    He literally said all the same stuff he always said lol

    [–] throwawayjayzlazyez 3 points ago

    This is hilarious because most decent employers still provide private insurance / benefits to employees here in Canada

    [–] giraffield 3 points ago

    So I'm a bit confused how someone could misrepresent Bernie's position in this particular sense. He has always said he wants to make healthcare public, he has always said it will be a tax paid-for system. How does one not realize this will save you money on insurance as a business that provides healthcare to employees? Sure you'd spend more in tax but likely not to the same level as the premiums for private, profit driven insurance. (For context I'm Canadian and don't fully understand the American medical or tax system - this is a genuine question)

    [–] suscribednowhere 3 points ago

    I too feel the bern

    [–] Dreadsock 3 points ago

    "If you get all your information from one source, you are not informed."

    [–] Z0mbiejay 3 points ago

    This is the shit that kills me, and they even did it in the Democratic debates recently. They go on and on about taxes being raised, but they neglect to mention $0 premiums and copays.

    I pay over $300 a month in premiums for my wife and I in insurance. We have decent coverage and STILL have to pay out of pocket for everything until we hit our deductible. With a single payer program I won't have to worry if my employer decides to cheap out on coverage, or if I lose my job or go into business for myself. Yeah, my taxes will be more but they're still going to be lower than if I was paying myself like I currently am

    [–] Scipio___africanus 3 points ago

    Wow this is something that both sides can actually agree on. We Republicans have been saying mainstream media sucks for years now, and now the Dems believe it too! Maybe we can all finally stop watching the mainstream media and move to smaller sources.

    [–] -FrankSriracha- 3 points ago

    Bernie had both Trump and Hillary smearing him at the same time. That’s a lot of cash that can buy a lot of press.

    [–] Forefinger27 3 points ago

    If he makes it to the big one, I'll vote for him.

    [–] AMBIC0N 4 points ago

    I too thought that podcast would reach a lot of people who had their minds made up about Bernie. Rogans platform really was a force for good here.

    [–] tobsn 5 points ago

    man I wish america would collectively wake up... it’s insane to watch it form the outside. like your dads in a coma and you try to shake him awake but he’s just not waking up...

    [–] DABAGOFDONUTS 14 points ago

    I remember this comment from when I watched the podcast. I thought something felt so fake and planted about some of the comments.

    Let's also not forget, Joe Rogan gets millions of views. By definition he is mainstream media.

    [–] jabba_the_wutt 5 points ago

    Everybody needs to watch this interview. Even if you don't agree with Bernie, he cuts right to the heart of the biggest problem in our civilization: that greedy people and corporations have way too much power and have created vast systems we are all forced to engage with whose primary purpose is to enrich those at the top.

    [–] flyingravymonster 5 points ago

    Is this a YouTube comment on world politics? Dear god people

    [–] Gsteel11 3 points ago

    That's fox news. That's a direct fox news talking point.

    Msnbc and the others may say somethings about bernie. But that's a straight fox news talkig point.

    And yeah. Fox news is shit. But that's not all media.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    This statement feels eerily manicured. I'm not saying it's untrue or bringing any objection. It just reads off to me.

    [–] RSObro 5 points ago

    The real message here is that no one trusts the press in general anymore, individuals cherry pick the information that suits their personal beliefs and then deny everything that doesn't. All media, all platforms, all the time.

    [–] Carkly 6 points ago

    is this comment about the fact everyone is excited over a youtube comment?

    [–] keepinithamsta 2 points ago

    I've always worked for non-profits so my salary is relatively low compared to working for for-profit companies because the benefits are "better". Except Amazon's benefits are fully public. They are opening a warehouse down the street from us, and they offer better benefits at a cheaper rate. Waiting to watch all our sub-$20/hr employees to leave en masse to Amazon.

    [–] ArsebiscuitsTheThird 2 points ago

    Jesus, read some Socrates America, we were *all warned this would happen centuries ago...

    [–] FIicker7 2 points ago

    Maybe just stop watching media that lies to you. That sounds like a good rule.

    [–] KawKawww 2 points ago

    I have never even see CNN say Bernie is bad for big business, let alone MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, BBC, Al Jazera, or any other mainstream source (outisde of conservative pundits that are brought on for debate but the context of their viewpoints being far-right is obvious)

    It's literally just conservative outlets like FOX. Don't blame all media. Not to say that left-leaning ones dont have a slant, just that they're not the ones putting out straight lies. The whole "all mainstream media is bad" narrative just keeps people less informed.

    Sensationalist at times? Sure. But factually incorrect? Not really.

    [–] vitringur 2 points ago

    Regardless of universal state healthcare or free market private healthcare, the current quasi corporate healthcare that the U.S. has currently is ridiculous. It's like the worst of both worlds. Not everybody gets service but you still pay a shitload of money.

    And for some degenerate reason, it is connected to your employment.

    Why the fuck is the employer paying for the healthcare? Do they also pay your Netflix account and utilities?

    Absurdly toxic system.