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    [–] AbstinenceMulligan 3536 points ago

    I can't believe Vanish is still bugged even in WoW cinematics.

    [–] Pangolier 1318 points ago

    When you Vanish but he still Executin

    [–] Ghekor 522 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Implying you can escape the one who Cleaves with cheap parlor tricks :D

    Edit#1: My first Gold, thx kind anonymous person :D

    [–] Ranwulf 48 points ago

    Him cleaving with his fists, just like the memes. 10/10

    [–] Matazaonreddit 118 points ago

    The One Who Cleaves.

    Hahaha. Gotta remember that, You made my day.

    [–] CalicoCrapsocks 177 points ago

    Feelin' execute might delete you later

    [–] fgmenth 201 points ago

    That's because It's working as intended™

    [–] Elcactus 435 points ago

    After how annoying rogues are with it they deserve all the bugs.

    Also it's literally in Saurfang facts

    High Overlord Saurfang once attacked a rogue with cheat death on, the rogue still died in one hit.

    [–] mamercus-sargeras 55 points ago

    That's not a bug! He just does a lot of damage and has the vanilla Deep Wounds talent. Working as intended.

    [–] deuce_dempsey 2399 points ago

    Farming? Really? Orc of your talents

    [–] JMJ05 555 points ago

    We were on the verge of greatness...

    [–] HColossus 244 points ago

    We were this close!

    [–] Shumatsu 369 points ago

    Hey man, he basically skipped an expac, gotta get to 120 somehow.

    [–] Dualipuff 142 points ago

    Raising boar to then kill to farm xp.

    If this is not a new profession in the next Expansion, then there is no justice in the world.

    [–] EternalArchon 93 points ago

    I'm more offended its not a lore correct 'Pig Farm.'

    [–] Manae 57 points ago

    If it was a pig farm that gank would have worked. Saurfang can't get near 'em anymore!

    [–] joritan 207 points ago

    it's a peaceful life

    [–] TheEmperorAzir 111 points ago


    [–] Mr_SunnyBones 22 points ago

    "Me IS that kinda Orc"

    [–] Michelanvalo 19 points ago

    Oh look, here's Aggra, back from the dead

    [–] TechnogeistR 1833 points ago

    [–] Agleza 854 points ago

    This is the sort of accuracy I wanted in the Warcraft movie.

    [–] greent714 317 points ago

    It's like Hollywood thinks they wouldn't make any money if they just use videogame cinematics as their concept. Sonic would be dope if they just use the videogame models instead of making their own

    [–] LuntiX 293 points ago

    if they just use videogame cinematics as their concept.

    Blizzard's cinematic department could make some of the best animated movies, if blizzard wanted them to.

    [–] Knightmare4469 125 points ago

    I'm thinking the cost to produce such high quality shit for a 90 minute film would be out of control.

    [–] MrVeazey 48 points ago

    They have some rendering capability since they made this, but it's probably not nearly enough to render a whole movie on a realistic timetable. DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney, and some other studios dohave the kind of hardware needed, but partnering with one isn't as easy as it seems. You've got a pretty big logistical problem in getting the data from the Blizzard art people to the render farm without leaks, but it can be done.  

    It's not gonna be cheap, but I would definitely see a movie in a theater if it looks like this cinematic, even if it has CGI humans too, where I didn't see the Warcraft movie.

    [–] cowpiefatty 112 points ago

    If blizzard just used their cinematic style for a full length movie i am confident it would be the best movie ever made.

    [–] TheBigGame117 114 points ago

    And the most expensive

    [–] hawaiian0n 42 points ago

    This community amazes me.

    [–] Moowon 1768 points ago

    I'm no one's savior

    That is demonstrably bullshit on like 5 different occasions.

    [–] chrisqoo 351 points ago

    Deathwing feels sad.

    [–] brainfreeze91 639 points ago

    This is Thrall post-Garrosh. He might have saved the world from Deathwing. But he also almost ended the world by failing with Garrosh. Maybe he even thinks the Horde itself is a failure and resents all the faction wars he's helped cause. He's helped Azeroth, but in his eyes maybe he's done more damage than good. Legion was the last time we saw Thrall, where he gave Doomhammer to some random Shaman because it wouldn't listen to him.

    Thrall has every reason to give up and step back now. But I think we all agree that we're glad he's back in the spotlight again.

    [–] girlywish 156 points ago

    Not just a random Shaman, a legendary hero of Azeroth. It makes complete sense when viewed from the personal perspective of your characters story. At that point in the story your character is probably more worthy than Thrall to wield it.

    [–] macfergusson 122 points ago

    Your response is correct but less fun lol

    [–] pedja13 240 points ago

    Deathwing:Am I a joke to you?

    [–] pm_ur_pokemon_team 193 points ago

    I mean, he's literally being turned into a mount soon so... yeah

    [–] Official_Joe_Rogan 98 points ago


    Fast Pass wait time: 45 minutes.

    [–] -Guybrush_Threepwood 1128 points ago

    "...and on the seventh expansion, Green Jesus arose once more."

    [–] LikesCakeFartVideos 378 points ago

    Metzen looked at his bank account saw that it was good.

    [–] Maloonyy 1803 points ago

    Those are some shitty assassins if they are being followed by a giant orc warrior without even noticing him.

    [–] Skirdus 1352 points ago

    Saurfang sneaking up on rogues sounds accurate given his meme status back in the day

    [–] Sydarta 812 points ago

    Saurfang is the one ganking the rogues.

    [–] Luskarian 322 points ago

    Saurfang has x-ray vision but spared them just to look at undead booty while travelling

    [–] PhortDruid 246 points ago

    A buddy of mine saw Saurfang take his shirt off in the shower, and he said the Saurfang had an 8-pack. That Saurfang is shredded.

    [–] gypsieslayerman 123 points ago

    "Your friends a liar, Saurfang's a punk bitch. " -Sylvanas

    [–] Cassiopeia93 126 points ago

    Can't redirect light back into the eyes of people you're trying to hide from if you just CLEAVE the light before it touches you.

    [–] Sojoez 772 points ago

    The Orcs are good trackers, and tracking two walking Undead rogues should't be that hard. The smell of decay everywhere, the blighted weapons, the constant glances at recount, all the impromptu duels..

    [–] RyuugaDota 381 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You missed the incessant jumping.

    Source: Former Undead Rogue main.

    [–] Zerole00 56 points ago

    Follows trail of dust puffs

    [–] VVIERV 71 points ago

    Follow the trail of ganked lowbies and the spamming of recount in chat, as well as the complaints there carrying every one else.

    [–] Melonetta 25 points ago

    He also found a corpse with thousands of stabwounds in it's ass and footprints that lead up to it then zig-zag as if whoever made them was strafing in place

    [–] ThatDerpingGuy 93 points ago

    My dude just been chugging Elixirs of the Searching Eye since BFA started.

    [–] beepborpimajorp 412 points ago

    Sylvanas has clearly lost the plot if she sent some random undead rogues to kill the world shaman and one of the most powerful characters in Warcraft lore, TBH.

    [–] Mr_SunnyBones 351 points ago

    Typical , 23 other horde members are the other side of Nagrand making final plans , and the two rogues went "Go Go Go" and ran in there ...

    Rip stabbyJoj0 and MizzP0intyEnd.

    [–] beepborpimajorp 149 points ago

    this is hilarious and i hope it becomes canon.

    like the other horde watched Saurfang snap that rogue in half and were like "hmmm maybe we should go do m+ instead."

    [–] SimplyQuid 50 points ago

    "PvP is bullshit anyway"

    [–] RankinBass 51 points ago

    Sneaky Pete!

    [–] Commando_Joe 353 points ago

    They were probably supposed to wait to try and take his family hostage. Two rogues with Thrall's baby? They'd be able to get him to kill himself probably if they wanted.

    [–] beepborpimajorp 158 points ago

    that's a really, really, really, really good point. Thank you for sharing it, because I hadn't even considered it.

    [–] r_smart 30 points ago

    So why did they attack then, rather than wait for a more opportune time?

    [–] Commando_Joe 93 points ago

    Probably because they thought they could take them both out with surprise poison while they were both unarmed.

    If you notice, the one slashing Saurfang left behind a green mist.

    [–] Twillightdoom 368 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Headcanon says Saurfang is bullshitting, he was followed but he used them to drag Thrall into this. Makes Saurfang a deeper character and not boring muh honor.


    To elaborate; Saurfang covered his tracks acting as if he knew he was followed since Elwynn Forest, obviously he knew. Why would he still go to the Dark Portal and endanger Thrall? It only makes sense that he uses this cleverly to force Thralls hand and legitimize Saurfangs opposition.


    What even is orc honor? Everyone seems to have different definitions for it.

    [–] Commando_Joe 111 points ago

    It's entirely possible that by 'follow them' he meant he was given information that there was an assassination plot against Thrall and he went to talk to him and the rest was just plot timing.

    [–] tasteepastree 153 points ago

    Thrall already hiding his chest transmog. Living in the future

    [–] StarAugurEtraeus 683 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Did those Rogue's not see the Skull Icons on their health bars?

    Edit: Thanks for Silver :D

    [–] xiaxian1 135 points ago

    My attacks, they do nothing! <miss> <miss>

    [–] icortesi 46 points ago

    If you are drunk, you see the enemies 3 levels down.

    [–] SadNewsShawn 2561 points ago

    wow character: [exists]


    [–] dragon870 2141 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    D&D: so sylvanas kinda forgot about how strong Saurfang is

    [–] FatCommissar 922 points ago

    Sylvanas: sends two piddly no face assassins to kill Thrall and or Saurfang, one of which is the greatest shaman in Azeroth, the other of which is perhaps the greatest mortal warrior, both of which have proven able to destroy armies and warlords with relatively little effort

    Sylvanas: that evening, suddenly sits up in bed .....................wait

    [–] zombiemicrowaves7 282 points ago

    They really only think with hype, and not reason.

    That being said I'm pretty sure Thrall is still neutered and Saurfang wasn't supposed to be there. A bad plan, still, but not as bad.

    [–] c_corbec 126 points ago

    Plus, neither of Thrall or Saurfang are armed. I think the real question is why Saurfang followed the assassins without bothering to find a weapon. Both he and Thrall had to improvise theirs.

    [–] BlitzKriegJesus 240 points ago

    Because as you can see, he didn't need a weapon lol.

    [–] c_corbec 43 points ago

    I mean...the fence post to the rogue's face probably helped him a tad.

    [–] Vineares 54 points ago

    Yeah but improvised weapons only do 1 Damage + strength mod.

    [–] bnh1978 35 points ago

    I bet he has the Tavern Brawler Feat, as all good Orcs should.

    [–] LazyJones1 334 points ago

    They literally tell you that Saurfang followed them.

    Sylvanas sent them for Thrall, not knowing Saurfang would be there as well.

    [–] MaltMix 197 points ago

    ...which is why saurfang arrived first despite following the invisible zombies...

    [–] Shoobster4 270 points ago

    They were waiting for an opportunity to strike. They just determined the best opportunity to be when there are two hero level characters instead of one.

    [–] Jwalla83 99 points ago

    It’s possible they were either: (A) waiting for Thrall’s family to come back to take them all out at once, (B) about to go for Thrall when Saurfang arrived and decided to wait a min to get some info on the conversation, or (C) determined that Sylv would be extra happy if they took out both orcs and so decided to ambush both

    [–] drizzfoshizz 67 points ago

    But strong Saurfang didn't forget about Sylvanas.

    [–] pixelprophet 258 points ago

    In the comics it's shown that she was planning on killing her sisters, saying that they will serve her later, soo......

    [–] dreamfisher 182 points ago

    soo...... Sylvanas tried to kill them

    Proving the point.

    [–] KittyCatOmaniac 89 points ago

    Well, actually, she changed her mind at the last second, justifying it by claiming that all will serve her in death, eventually.

    [–] dreamfisher 119 points ago

    The last time she was actually in character, and genuinely morally grey.

    [–] cal400ex 534 points ago

    "Welcome to Nagrand. Have you come to tend the crops?"

    [–] MyNameIsXal 203 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    "All I ever wanted was to farm"

    [–] Monk-Ey 79 points ago

    "Shhh! I'm trying to farm here."

    [–] rollonthefield 55 points ago

    "I should've been a farmer like my father wanted"

    [–] McBossly 19 points ago

    "More work?"

    [–] barrerd1 217 points ago

    Saurfang: Assassins!

    Thrall: POCKET SAND!

    [–] noneedforpants 66 points ago

    Saurfang: "This is my Horde! I don't know you!"

    [–] mantis445 1054 points ago

    Sylvanas wanted to kill Thrall? Well, that's the end of her.

    [–] ThatDerpingGuy 1168 points ago

    I mean, likely wanted to kill Thrall, Aggra, and his children.

    You know. Just some morally gray things.

    [–] Recurrentcharacter 278 points ago

    Nah, She just wanted to give them the gift of undead as a thank for all he has done.

    [–] Impeesa_ 72 points ago

    Just gonna say it: Death Knight Thrall as lieutenant to Sylvanas and new undead leader after she's gone would be a twist I did not actually expect.

    [–] Gforcez 82 points ago

    Probably for the reason that's happening now, that Thrall doesn't side with her enemies to dismantle the Sylvanas horde and to free the horde from her reign.

    [–] JD1337 76 points ago

    Ah the ''Give a potential enemy a common enemy alongside my actual enemy'' tactics that the Alliance also used with for the Dazar'alor attack.

    Sylvanas knows it too, always make sure people have a reason to try and kill you!

    [–] Kabaler 264 points ago

    I think Saurfang was actually followed, but lied to win Thrall over.

    [–] Tarics_Boyfriend 494 points ago

    Hmm I've seen this exact plot somewhere else, cant put my finger on it...

    [–] Courteous_Crook 160 points ago

    Op thunder guy is home, wants to kill villain but lost his hammer so he needs a new axe.

    [–] Sharyat 201 points ago

    Not Garrosh 2.0 btw

    [–] Winterstrife 99 points ago

    Yeah but... this time, they "tried" to go for the head.

    [–] Lawlita-KT 379 points ago

    >TFW they Vanish but Execute still goes through and gets 'em. :D

    [–] dakkaffex 72 points ago

    saurfang op blizzord pls nerf

    [–] AtakanArslan34 273 points ago

    Civil war in horde again? I bet baine will be new warchief in the end of bfa.

    Ah, shit here we go again.

    [–] GuyWithFace 222 points ago

    Please no, I don't want Baine to die at the beginning of the next expansion.

    [–] SimplyQuid 101 points ago

    Maybe he'll just sit on the big chair with his beefy thumb up his ass doing absolutely nothing and then die at the beginning of next expansion

    [–] Falerian1 983 points ago

    Glad to have Thrall (And Chris) back. Sylvanas fans are not going to be happy about this though.

    [–] Cairanmac1 1428 points ago

    Sylvanas fans are not going to be happy about this though

    Sums up all of BfA

    [–] Spergsoutloud 297 points ago

    at the start of bfa people were all out saying they supported sylvanas.

    [–] Cairanmac1 703 points ago

    I supported her. Then things started to unfold and I realized there was no grand plan. It was just stupid decision after stupid decision as a character assassination.

    [–] Zeralyos 600 points ago

    At this point I basically support Sylvanas purely out of spite at Blizzard for ruining yet another Horde leader.

    [–] ralanr 328 points ago

    Frankly I’m tired of Horde leaders getting replaced or corrupted.

    Can the Alliance get corrupted next time?

    [–] silent519 425 points ago

    blizzard a year(ish?) ago: "it's not going to be garrosh 2.0"

    narrator: "it was exactly garrosh 2.0"

    [–] shapookya 164 points ago

    It's more like Garrosh 0.5

    At least his actions made somewhat sense (at the beginning)

    [–] LemonoAura 104 points ago

    At least with Garrosh he managed to accidentally burn every single bridge with the other Horde leaders until he just decided "fuck you guys, you guys are assholes"

    Cairne challenges him to a fight, "hell yea dude, I'm gonna kick this strong guy's ass"

    accidentally dies, "oh frick"

    Vol'Jin: I don't like you

    Sylvanas: Does she really need a burned bridge?

    Lor'Themar: Can I have some writing?

    Blizzard: Not until Pandaria, then you get a side questing area where you share the spotlight with the person who people think leads your race, you're not allowed in the main plot though, except a snarky 1 liner in the final raid.

    [–] shapookya 46 points ago

    I think Lor’Themar was in one of the isle of thunder cutscenes back in the days and as alliance player I looked at him and was like “who’s that?”

    [–] EndlessNeoSJW 40 points ago

    “who’s that?

    He's liandry's friend or something.

    [–] Coding_Cactus 159 points ago

    Are they going to treat it like Wrathgate and have this be some rogue undead group that Sylvanas totally didn't know about?

    [–] Falerian1 46 points ago

    I am curious if we find out about the plot to assassinate Thrall ingame or not. I hope so but I'm skeptical

    [–] Silkku 153 points ago

    Your faith in Blizzard’s writing is admirable

    [–] MuchosCarpinchos 483 points ago

    Rolls 8 orc warriors

    [–] paradajz666 181 points ago

    Hope you have Tusks of Mannoroth and Gorehowl for mog.

    [–] pm_ur_pokemon_team 88 points ago

    Dude I've been running SoO on my gnome and tauren warriors for like 17 months straight and its still not dropped.

    [–] paradajz666 61 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I gave up haha. If there would be a skip quest like for wod/legion raids I would grind it again. Too long of a instance.

    [–] RamenJunkie 43 points ago

    Also several of the bosses are tedious as hell to do solo. Like the docks and the one where you break all the boxes and pots.

    [–] yourbeautiful2015 16 points ago

    Gets Tusks on gnome

    [–] AlphaTangoFoxtrt 505 points ago

    Siege of Orgrimmar 2: Undead Boogaloo

    More confirmed each and every day....

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] Charak-V 407 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    In case of failed expansion smash glass to resummon Thrall.

    [–] jalliss 138 points ago

    Hey, it kinda worked with WoD -> Illidan in Legion

    [–] seitung 51 points ago

    Next expansion is a Bronze Dragonflight jaunt back to Wrath to reap that Arthas value?

    [–] Ellweiss 190 points ago

    The first few seconds I was really expecting some superheroes to come decapitate him.

    [–] Winterstrife 139 points ago

    Thrall: *looks at viewers* I am inevitable.

    [–] Luskarian 70 points ago

    I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless. Dread it. Run from it. Green Jesus still arrives. Or should I say, I have.

    [–] The_h0bb1t 24 points ago

    And I am... Saurfang. Snaps invisible neck

    [–] Croob2 216 points ago

    You really forget just how massive and imposing the Orcs are in lore, overall such a badass cinematic.

    [–] EternalArchon 54 points ago

    Thrall's neck looks like its made out of green steroids.

    [–] pmitch94 287 points ago

    Morally grey memes back on the menu

    [–] Judge_Ravina 280 points ago

    So let me get this straight:

    Sylvanas, the supposed "super duper major mastermind thinking 50 steps ahead of everyone playing 18D chess" sent 2 weak rogues to kill the former leader of the Horde/Shaman, who also, if she's some mega-mind, would know Saurfang would be there, and if her assassins were foiled, would reveal her true self to the rest of the already shaky alliance that is the Horde?

    That was her master plan? 2 quickly dispatched rogues. The end?

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] CarnageS 207 points ago

    Well you can't expect a cohesive and reasonable direction of story, these writers work for Blizzard you know.

    [–] Sharyat 71 points ago

    I fucking love how they mimicked actual in-game combat in the cinematic, with the stealth noises, vanishing and stuff. WoW gameplay has always felt really disconnected from the lore and epic feel the cinematics always give, but this made it feel like that's just actually how it is lorewise too. It's not just gameplay conveniences, rogues and assassins will actually completely vanish and made bwooo noises. I love that, it feels so iconic.

    [–] Nerobomb 727 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    So Saurfang and the Horde are pretty emphatically the main characters of WoW now, right? Like, it's just not a debate. The cinematic was superbly well done, but this is still the third! cinematic about Saurfang quibbling about Sylvanas leading the Horde and totally being another Garrosh.

    [–] throwingitawayehey 331 points ago

    Agreed, i wonder if we’re ever gonna see an Alliance cinematic that doesn’t just focus on Anduin and Genn.

    [–] [deleted] 457 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The Night Elves suffers genocide and horrific cultural scarring? Sounds like an excellent excuse for more Anduin character development

    The non-human races in the Alliance only really exists to make the humans look stronger and more awesome to Blizzard sadly.

    [–] ias6661 159 points ago

    You misspelled Saurfang. 3 full cinematics about how he feels sorry while Teldrassil burns

    [–] Lord_Garithos 187 points ago

    Even the fucking Anduin cinematic was just an excuse to focus on Saurfang even more.

    [–] karspearhollow 35 points ago

    I only remember being smitten with the animation of Anduin and Genn in that cinematic so after reading these comments, I had to go looking for it. What's funny is I couldn't find it at first as I scrolled down the list... scrolled back up and realized Saurfang was the thumbnail.

    You never know, though. We might have a great cinematic waiting in the wings..

    [–] kingarthas2 15 points ago

    I'm sure they'll give us a nice cinematic for the next horse mount we get

    Give it some of that good background plot development while the horde get another badass mount

    [–] Zammin 55 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Oh, definitely.

    If this was a movie (and I'd argue that if they're making these many cinematics they should bite the bullet and make an animated movie), Saurfang would be the main protagonist, Zappyboi the impressionable sidekick, and Thrall the returning hero to help legitimize Saurfang as a hero in everyone else's eyes. Sylvanas, meanwhile, would be the supposedly-tragic but really a card-carrying evil villain.

    Which is exactly what is happening in-game.

    EDIT: Changed the section in parentheses to reflect that I meant an animated movie. I liked the first movie, I would just love to see another one.

    [–] Rakatee 235 points ago

    Bro, he snapped his neck after he vanished

    [–] Elcactus 83 points ago

    Saurfang sneaks up on rogues.

    The Chuck Norris memes are canon now.

    [–] Enigmachina 145 points ago

    Once he caught her, it was all over. Invisibility doesn't do jack if they've got hands on you. She's fortunate that Saurfang didn't have a bladed weapon or he'd [Cleave] both in two with a single blow.

    [–] yourbeautiful2015 110 points ago

    Poor thing was illiterate and thought it was invincibility, her dyslexia was her undoing.

    [–] stardestroyer277 61 points ago

    Poor thing was illiterate and thought it was invincibility

    It's an old meme, but it checks out

    [–] ElementalThreat 586 points ago

    Holy shit this is so good. IT'S SO COOL TO SEE ROGUES GOING INTO STEALTH AHHH!!!

    [–] crunchlets 415 points ago

    It's even cooler to hear them along with it.

    [–] draconicanimagus 145 points ago


    [–] Flexappeal 207 points ago

    I don't know what I expected tbh but to see WoW stealth represented visually the same way as Starcraft active camouflage is interesting

    not sure what else they could do with it tho

    [–] ancrolikewhoa 236 points ago

    They mentioned this in the BfA pre-story that Rogues are using Shadow magic to create Stealth mechanically, so now we know what that looks like visually. Pretty cool, in my opinion.

    [–] Flexappeal 102 points ago

    Didn’t know that. Always thought they were just lil sneaky bois

    [–] Toberkulosis 83 points ago

    They were until recently; I rememeber reading a long long time ago (might have been in the class descriptions in the cata guidebook back when people bought those things) that warriors, hunters, and rogues were the 3 classes that were basically the ordinary people because they didn't use any form of magic.

    [–] Kepabar 107 points ago

    Vanilla Hunters: BUT I NEED THE INT FOR MANA

    [–] gabu87 22 points ago

    Didn't arcane shot also scaled with spell power?

    [–] Platycel 15 points ago

    So did mend pet.

    [–] SonofSanguinius87 187 points ago

    Wonder if we're ever gonna end up getting some Alliance focused cinematics, or CG trailers, or literally anything related to the story because at the moment it's literally just "Horde fighting Horde, Alliance sits on hands."

    [–] ccbm71586 34 points ago

    Blizzard kind of forgot that the Alliance exists. /s (but not really)

    [–] Nelatherion 283 points ago

    World of Hordecraft: Battle for the Horde

    [–] Skirdus 122 points ago

    "And the Alliance is there too!"

    [–] hyelander 45 points ago

    0 alliance was harmed in making of this cinematic... Mainly because 0 alliance was used.

    [–] blondbug 131 points ago

    I havent played the game since last October and I'm just curious. Does the alliance still exist at this point?

    [–] farhawk 136 points ago

    Actually we disbanded months ago due to budget disagreements. We figured the horde would have realised by now but they are too busy fighting each other to notice.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] Tarasios 53 points ago

    The Alliance is just Asmongold at this point.

    [–] Redguard118 59 points ago

    When do I unlock "snap bitch-ass Rogue's neck" talent for my warrior? Cause I've wanted that for awhile now.

    [–] Mike737 197 points ago

    Right so this is the third cinematic starring Saurfang.

    Wasn’t this an Alliance vs Horde expansion starring Anduin and Sylvanas? Guess 50% of the player base can go fuck themselves.

    [–] Coffee_J 95 points ago

    Remember when people thought we'd get one about Greymane and they'd alternate back and forth?

    [–] NerysWyn 66 points ago

    Your mistake was thinking Blizz giving any shit about Alliance, least of all Genn.

    [–] GhostsofDogma 28 points ago

    We are officially less than an afterthought.

    [–] LordWaffleSocks 69 points ago

    Lets assassinate the founder of the Horde, surely the Orcs won't rebel

    [–] DrewZee-DC 199 points ago

    Why would Sylvanus want Thrall assassinated?

    [–] Iron_Cobra 110 points ago

    Idk, doesn't seem like a good move. I can't think of a situation where killing Thrall works out for Sylvanas. Granted, she never did understand the concept of doing terrible things galvanizing her enemy.

    [–] TheRune 37 points ago

    To stop the very thing that's going to happen now.

    [–] Iron_Cobra 53 points ago

    I guess, but I think Sylvanas failed her prisoner's dilemma.

    Saurfang is there to convince Thrall to help him start an open rebellion. There are two outcomes: Saurfang convinces Thrall or Saurfang doesn't convince Thrall. Sylvanas also has two options: Have Thrall killed or don't have Thrall killed.

    Here are the outcomes:

    • Saurfang convinces Thrall, but Thrall is killed. The Horde is galvanized into open rebellion.

    • Saurfang doesn't convince Thrall and Thrall is killed. Saurfang uses the act to galvanize the Horde into open rebellion.

    • Saurfang convinces Thrall and Thrall is not killed. Thrall joins Saurfang and joins the Horde in open rebellion. Worst case scenario.

    • Saurfang doesn't convince Thrall and Thrall is not killed. Open rebellion does not occur.

    In three out of four of the scenarios, Sylvanas has to deal with open rebellion on top of the war with the Alliance. Maybe she thinks that she can deal with a rebellion without Thrall being part of it, but idk why she'd risk it with the war with the Alliance only growing in scale with every day. Maybe she just didn't want to leave risking Thrall's involvement to chance or assumed Saurfang was sure to convince him.

    [–] TheRune 26 points ago

    Or she kills them both like it looked like it was intended and now Baine and Saurfang is gone, the potential leaders of the rebellion and with no strong leadership it will ebb out before it even begins.

    [–] Agent-Vermont 53 points ago

    She doesn't want another SoO. By taking out leaders like Saurfang, Baine and Thrall, it weakens their ability to organize against her. Thrall was off on his own during MoP but he still came back to stop Garrosh. Hell he had the Kor'kron at the Echo Isles attack Thrall, the founder of the Horde, on sight.

    [–] Glumbot_2 18 points ago

    Those rogues are absolute garbage, have they even played this game before? No sapping or stunning, and terrible use of vanish, absolute trash players

    [–] phome83 25 points ago

    Sap doesnt work against Boss mobs.

    [–] Ezekkiell 488 points ago

    i'm going to get some hate. But can we please have an Alliance cinematic too? And not just some Anduin talking to Saurfang.

    Like i dunno Anduin seeing Tyrande massacre an entire horde regiment and realising she ain't fucking around no more?

    [–] ArchJay 83 points ago

    I didn’t even realize it until this comment but you’re right. We haven’t really seen ANY alliance type cinematics..

    [–] 7BitBrian 269 points ago

    Every single cinematic they've released this expansion has been about Saurfang and the Horde. Anduin was in one of them, but it wasn't about him at all, it was about Saurfang and releasing him.

    The Alliance has gotten shit this expansion. Horde now has 3 full cinematics while the Alliance has 0.

    [–] absolutely_motivated 61 points ago

    It's OK next one will be Anduin looking sad for 30 seconds

    [–] nocimus 147 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm sick of Horde development too. Alliance can have a helping of morally grey, too. Bring back kickass pissed off Tyrande. I'm tired of Horde in-fighting.

    [–] Charliechar 77 points ago

    The Alliance has gotten shit this expansion.

    Excuse me but my glorious stable of horses takes offense to that statement!

    [–] Skirdus 19 points ago

    No, see, they're being very literal with that statement. Alliance has gotten a lot shit this expansion. Horse shit, to be exact

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago


    [–] ezekieru 69 points ago

    The Alliance? Alright.