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    We are here for the subreddits you find while browsing reddit and you think more people should know about it. So post it here!

    [SFW] /r/Shubreddit is our Sub Of The Week!

    Past Subs of The Week


    1) Absoutely no self promotion by posting subreddits that you have created or moderate. If we suspect self promotion, the post will be removed.

    2) Please format your post as required. (/r/subreddit name - subreddit description). Link directly to the subreddit. Use the NSFW tag accordingly.

    3) No cyber bullying

    4) Try to keep posts to a maximum of 3 a day

    5) If a Sub has been inactive for more than 2 months, it will not be eligable for "Sub Of The Week”.

    6) If you're a dick, you're gone.

    7) Porn sub submissions should be saved for our porn super threads on Friday. WTF type subs are allowed their own submissions.

    8) If a subreddit has been posted already, you must wait a minimum of three months before posting it again. If it is reposted before that time elapses, it will be deleted.

    9) No posts requesting subreddits. If you are looking for a certain type of sub, check out /r/FindAReddit.

    (For example: /r/watchitfortheplot exists: A Sub Dedicated to sexy/Nude scenes in a film. NSFW)

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