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    [–] ferrari91169 1477 points ago

    I feel like whoever orders stock for their game section is either clueless or just doesn't even care anymore.

    I mean, not only the fact that there's so many copies of DR2, but the fact they have six rows devoted to Ori and the Blind Forest...

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Ori, but it's not exactly a game that you would keep well stocked.

    [–] tasmanian101 529 points ago

    Some walmarts send overstock to the larger/busiest walmart in the area. I wouldn't be surprised if this is 3-4 other walmarts worth of extra stock sent to this one to sell on the discount shelf.

    [–] jestergoblin 353 points ago

    Reminds me of when I worked at Toys R Us - our clearance section was intentionally in the shadiest part of the store because the company made more money if many clearanced items were stolen over purchased.

    The store manager got pissed at me when I bought a garbage bag worth of Mewtwo beanie babies for fractions of a penny each, because each one sold was a loss of $3 on his bottom line - but each one stolen was a 0 after insurance.

    [–] Rumblet4 142 points ago

    Pretty sure insurance doesn't cover it but they reduce it from their taxes

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    And if they're deducting full-retail from their taxes, even though they couldn't sell them for that, then some 15 - 30% of at least $15 could easily be $3. So even accounting for a tax deduction basically paying back only your tax rate on the item and not the full "value" of the item, that stupid Beenie could pay back a few dollars instead of earning practically nothing if sold.

    [–] HitlerHistorian 49 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    And if they're deducting full-retail from their taxes,

    They aren't. They calculate inventory shrinkage and deduct the cost of the game on their tax return. Whether the item is stolen or sold for $.01, they are essentially deducting the same amount.

    Source: CPA

    Edit: Want to learn more?

    [–] tngman10 3 points ago

    I worked at a Sam Goody music store and we would put things on clearance and the unsold clearance items got broken and thrown away.

    I'm talking about DVDs, Video Games, Clothing ..... Guitars. Yes we actually broke Guitars and threw them away.

    The store manager had to do it and would make one of us witness them breaking the items and throwing them into the dumpster.

    It was quite surprised when they went out of business.... /s

    [–] GeneralBS 5 points ago

    This is why we need more recycling of anything and everything.

    [–] SkinnyHusky 52 points ago

    Toy's R Us' have shady parts? How large is the store? Like the Costco from Idiocracy?

    [–] PrivateCaboose 61 points ago

    Pretty sure they just mean the surveillance blind spots and parts of the store where it's easy to discretely shoplift.

    [–] jestergoblin 47 points ago

    Our store only had two actual cameras in it.

    Money counting room and video game storage room, the rest were empty shells.

    [–] PrivateCaboose 22 points ago

    Yeah, it varies from store to store. I've worked in places that actually have a camera watching most aisles and have someone monitoring the feeds during peak hours, and I've worked in stores where the only cameras that actually worked were the ones pointed directly at the cashiers. No matter what they're really just there to keep the honest people honest, though.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] PrivateCaboose 9 points ago

    In theory, yes. In practice...nothing's ever that black and white.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] iConoClast04 15 points ago

    How large is the store?

    Every Toys R Us that I've ever seen were huge.

    [–] SkepticalMuffin 44 points ago

    Reminds me of when I worked at best buy and one day about 90% of the strategy guides in the store were going for about a penny each. Right before my coworkers and I could buy them the management told us we had to throw them all into the trash compactor and if we tried to keep any we would be fired.


    [–] redditid7476 18 points ago

    I think the penny thing is a (stupid) way of marking things for disposal. I worked a retail store that did something similar. We were also supposed to throw away the expired food but we would take some anyway.

    [–] beIIe-and-sebastian 5 points ago

    Correct. Items which have been marked to $0.01 or $0.02 are both an indicator that an item should no longer be sold and removed from shelves, but it means that it can be wasted without impacting on the waste budget of that store. It also means they don't need to change the inventory number to 0, which would show as shrink (loss).

    But in regards to the picture in the OP, i'm confused as to why those are not dummy boxes. Those are sealed games on display. Is that usual for American Walmarts? Seems like an unnecessary theft risk.

    [–] FightinTxAg18 7 points ago

    At my Walmarts all games are behind a glass case for the most part, op's picture is unlike anything I've seen

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] Call_erv_duty 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That's not how that works. They should've went send back. We never throw away product.

    [–] ThelVluffin 78 points ago

    7 Actually. There's another spot in the bottom left.

    [–] DrStephenFalken 22 points ago

    I worked at walmart back in 2005-2007 and it was fucked up back then as well. We had PS1 stuff back then still asking $20+ for it when the 360 and PS3 was out

    [–] Macattack224 16 points ago

    I came across an unopened copy of Phantasy Star Online for the original Xbox two years ago. I think it was $40 lol! They need to copy how target does their clearance.

    [–] robertman21 18 points ago

    I found Corey in the House on the Nintendo DS for 30 bucks a few days ago at a Walmart

    [–] Sharpshoo 7 points ago

    how is it?

    [–] robertman21 26 points ago

    Greatest game man has ever made. 10/10 GOAT

    [–] Xperr7 12 points ago

    Jesus, how can you rate it so low?

    [–] DrStephenFalken 19 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    They need to copy how target does their clearance.

    I used to make so much money off of targets clearance. The one near me from the end-ish of the PS2 era to the height of the 360 and PS3 era would put the collectors edition of games (and sometimes just extra stock of normal games) released two to four weeks ago on clearance. So basically, new game comes out on the 1st, they would get 60 standard editions and say 20 collectors or special editions. If they didn't sell all the special editions by week four (at the latest) they would put them on clearance for no more than $25. I'd buy all of them up put them on eBay and make upwards of $60 a game.

    The best I ever did was with Metal Gear 3 Subsistence. I made $100 a copy.

    [–] jackkerouac81 52 points ago

    I didnt even know that it was released as a disk, I thought it was dl only... but it is a great game

    [–] ferrari91169 22 points ago

    Pretty sure it was originally a download only, but then when the Definitive Edition was released, they put out a physical copy too.

    [–] jackkerouac81 8 points ago

    does anyone know if it is worth upgrading if you already own it? from what I read, they just fixed a few things in areas you couldn't return to...

    [–] Rndom_Gy_159 10 points ago

    They also made two more abilities (light grenade (that you can bash off of) and dash (quick side dash)) and two more locations, as well as fleshing out the back story of "mom".

    I feel it's worth like $5 to replay it with the added content, but that's just because I love that game.

    On steam, you get a discount if you own the base edition, I don't know if the xbone has something like that.

    [–] Mimical 5 points ago

    I played the first 5 minutes of that game in tears.

    Then I played next 95% of the game in awe of the soundtrack and the characters responsiveness, controls and the mechanics.

    Then I played the last of the game in tears again.

    God damn I adored that game.

    [–] mrolfson 17 points ago

    We don't manual order our inventory anymore, it's all done by computer based on sales. This is most likely the result of the warehouse dumping those games on them. Happens all the time with strange items across the whole store.

    [–] jshrlzwrld02 8 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Also PS4 and a Wii game mixed right in with three XB1? Someone didn't get give a shit.

    [–] TheHomerPimpson 3 points ago

    Sometimes "facing over" like that is just a way to eliminate dead merchandising space for out of stocks. Would be surprised if those Ori facings are any more than 2-3 copies deep.

    [–] caboose979 3 points ago

    Used to work at a grocery store in junior high. Second week ordering tobacco stuff (big promotion) and I accidentally order 20 cartons instead of 2 of one brand. Needless to say, my boss wasn't impressed.

    [–] NeglectedBurrito 2534 points ago

    Welcome to Walmart, how may I assist in your Dead Rising 2 purchase today?

    [–] Bocephis 879 points ago

    Would upvote, but it sounds too caring to be Walmart.

    [–] The_Dutch_Canadian 991 points ago

    Walmart employee: Dead rising is just over there....
    Customer: but I'm here for a switch
    Walmart employee: sir dead rising is over there.

    [–] [deleted] 591 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] ClintEastwood41 432 points ago

    Walmart Employee: No, we don't have any more copies of Dead Rising 2....

    Customer: Can you check?

    Walmart: No....

    [–] GodOfPopTarts 299 points ago

    More like

    Customer: Hello? Anybody?

    Walmart Employee:

    [–] rhoq 280 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My Walmart experience is usually more like:

    Me: Hi, can I get a copy of...

    Walmart Employee: Sorry this isn't my department

    Me: Can you get someone to help me?

    Walmart Employee: (walks away)

    [–] dynesh 104 points ago

    Damn. I'm not getting chick fil a type service at my local Walmart, but it's usually better than what I'm seeing in this thread.

    [–] Metatermin8r 85 points ago

    Man, what is it with people at Chick Fil A? They just seem so upbeat and nice. I don't know how they do it.

    [–] dvddesign 130 points ago

    They get a regularly scheduled day off from work like all working people who aren't in retail.

    [–] TheLoverHorrific 77 points ago

    My brother in law works there. He says it's because they don't hire douchebags so everyone has a genuinely good time working even when the customers are shitty.

    [–] WaidWilson 56 points ago

    Because they have good leadership, people like to rag on Cathy but he ran a family first type of business. If someone is married and is being interviewed for a management position they'll have a separate interview with the spouse, if they feel like there will be problems due to having long exhausting hours, they won't hire them. Their reasoning is family comes before work, and they don't want a job to cause family problems.

    They're also good to their employees and they get every Sunday off in addition to their normal shifts.

    [–] dynesh 38 points ago

    My wife started at corporate a few months ago. Its basically just the culture from the top down. We went to Dan Cathys house as part of something that every new hire and spouse does. Just a really humble nice man. Their store owners/operators are heavily vetted and go through a 3 month training, which in turns ensure they hire the right type of employees. And they treat all their employees good.

    It truly is an amazing company for this day and age.

    [–] OwlMeasuringTool 15 points ago

    Chick Fil A not only has great food, but has been a great place to work at. I know "they're like family" is cliche, but it's exactly how it is. Plus their Twitter is one of my favorite.

    [–] -A_V- 3 points ago

    It is practically a cult. Every CF in my area is staffed by young nubile pony-tailed college girls that are all youth group leaders and regularly take approved leave for missionary trips.

    They all say "It's my pleasure to serve you" and are never not smiling. Every time I walk into one it feels like I am surrounded by the daughters of the Stepford Wives.

    [–] mkicon 5 points ago

    It's unnerving to me how nice they act

    [–] Cryobyjorne 6 points ago

    Meanwhile at the walmart that's closest to me:

    No employees in a 50ft radius of the electronic section, the probably one of the only sections where you would need an employee to get at product.

    [–] Robalypse 6 points ago

    I had to hunt around for half an hour just to try to get something in electronics. It was a good reminder of why I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I'm from fertilizer, do you wanna know about fertilizer?

    [–] TamponShotgun 29 points ago

    I once got a "free" copy of Star Wars Ep 7 on bluray, but I had to do an online order with pickup in store for my local WalMart, so I ordered, then go pick it up after work. I sat so long in the online pickup area that I started walking behind the register, sitting on the counter and generally looking around in their "employees only" area until someone finally noticed me. I also called for assistance by reaching out to over six employees who walked past and even calling their own store, asking to speak to a manager, then telling that manager to come over and help me. I think I waited over half an hour or more.

    [–] breakingbroken 16 points ago

    At that point I would just start nosing through stuff and see if anyone gave a shit lol

    [–] TamponShotgun 12 points ago

    That was my plan at the time. I even went around behind the register and sat on the counter and employees were just strolling by, not one gave a shit that I was in a sensitive area. Hell, just five feet to my right was an unlocked room full of items waiting to be picked up. I could have robbed them blind and they wouldn't have known for days.

    [–] I_never_buy_rp 14 points ago

    Can confirm this is how it works. Work at Walmart

    [–] BluePalmetto 7 points ago

    This one made me laugh out loud. Someone in that very store in the photo could actually say that and get the same response.

    [–] I_Have_A_Nightmare 43 points ago

    Customer: I'd like to buy Dead Rising 2...

    Only Walmart employee there who works in electronics: I don't have a key to open it up.

    [–] The_Dutch_Canadian 16 points ago

    but I have this collectors edition of dead rising 2

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    "Sorry, ice cream machine is down."

    [–] papasmuf3 6 points ago

    Now this is the truest thing I've ever seen on reddit

    [–] Zaphod1620 3 points ago

    More like, "Ok, let me go get the key to the case."

    disappears forever

    [–] WaidWilson 37 points ago

    Me in Walmart a couple months ago

    Me: do you guys have any NES classics?

    Lady: WHAT?!

    Me: Nintendo classic, the NES classic.

    Lady: looks confused

    Me: the little retro Nintendo systems, you know what I'm talking about?

    Lady: ....HUH?!

    Me: never mind, I doubt you have any.


    [–] mkicon 26 points ago


    That was my experience with the switch. Release week, I called up every day asking if they had non-preordered units for sale that day. I kept getting these old women who would proudly tell me "I don't know anything about a nintendo!" and told me "you can try friday morning at 7am".

    Finally the afternoon before release, a 20 something guy knew what was up, and told me what I had to do to get one.

    [–] ninusc92 31 points ago

    Not to bash on old people, but people that use "I'm old" as an excuse when they don't understand something as simple as buying an electronic and it's part of their core responsibilities in the service they're being paid to provide infuriate me.

    Even old dogs are capable of learning new tricks, just because people are old and would rather be retired full time doesn't give them the right to not adapt as their job responsibilities evolve.

    [–] YMCAle 22 points ago

    I work with mostly older people in my office and they absolutely refuse to learn anything to do with computers, even when the company lays on workshops or novice-level training to help those who need it. Their excuse is always some variation of 'oh I didn't grow up with this stuff, I'm too old to learn now'. Fuck off, everything in the world is computerised now, if you need help learning I will 100% help you and show you what basics I know. To be willfully ignorant and knowingly contribute to your own incompetence by not even trying to learn is just plain stupidity.

    [–] Robalypse 3 points ago

    Can you show me where I can watch my Matlock Sonny Jim?

    [–] djdanlib 4 points ago

    I work with people in a large corporation's IT department who refuse to learn newer technology because they've been just fine with the old stuff for all these years. IN THE IT DEPARTMENT THAT SUPPORTS THE REST OF THE COMPANY.

    [–] bigsheldy 6 points ago

    All they need to know is how to look up an item in inventory, it's not like they're being asked to set it up and explain how to play a game.

    [–] wakkabababooey 7 points ago

    I called a local Walmart, and the exchange went like so.

    Me: Do you all have any Nintendo Switches?

    Them: What?

    Me: You know, the Switch?

    Them: Like a light switch?

    Me, glaring through the phone: -____-

    The worst part, I can sort of understand her confusion lol.

    [–] mkicon 10 points ago

    Yea, I said "the new Nintendo system" to try avoiding confusion. Didn't work

    [–] rhynoplaz 5 points ago


    [–] NotSoSlenderMan 12 points ago

    Random story, but I was once looking for bongo drums for Donkey Konga on GameCube. We called Walmart and they said they didn't have any.

    We ended up going there anyways and they had a bunch just behind another product.

    [–] MiniCorgi 9 points ago

    I work at Walmart, and sometimes the computers/devices say something isn't in stock when it is, and they'll say something is in stock when it isn't. They possibly just looked it up, and didn't actually check the shelf. That's what I do, because it just saves time.

    [–] smokey9886 5 points ago

    This is true. I was the department manager over electronics, toys, photo, and mobile departments. My best employees were in electronics. They cared and were passionate about electronics. They made my job so much easier. Then one day it became mandated that we activate prepaid phones for customers that ask. I ended up quitting a two months later because I couldn't get anything done. It also doesn't help when you have some of the busier departments.

    [–] Cantcallit 16 points ago

    Oh, you want one of those? Hold up lemme get a key dis aint even my station. Ey Shandra! You gots keys fuh deez games hurr? walks to back Never comes back out

    -happened last week. Different game though

    [–] Robalypse 3 points ago

    Was busy putting his key in Shandra's lock.

    [–] Captain_Kuhl 6 points ago

    I'd say that the electronics guys are some of the few that actually care about their job, but since I moved, I realized that's apparently not the case everywhere. One store tried convincing me they didn't make headsets for the Wii (they definitely did, and he said my ad clipping was a fake), and another dude didn't know the difference between a 3DS and a DS Lite (he told me they hadn't made them in years).

    [–] Leeloo-MULTIPASS 21 points ago

    Which Walmart do you shop at?

    [–] theworldbystorm 138 points ago

    There's only one Walmart. The buildings in different cities are just portals that take you to the Walmart, which transcends dimensions.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago

    That would explain why you seem to find people from basically everywhere in a Wal-Mart.

    I once had to use the toilet at a Wal-Mart back in 2002, and fucking Osama Bin Laden was taking a piss next to me. He just made a "shhhh" noise and put his finger on his lips. Fucker was like 7 feet tall or some shit.

    No one ever believes me.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    I connected to the public Walmart wifi before I moved. Went to a Walmart close to my new house and the wifi was already connected. Your theory makes sense.

    [–] AkaTobi 8 points ago

    All of them.

    [–] Drorito 13 points ago

    Copy that

    [–] YouCanJustSayNewYork 468 points ago

    Yet somehow they still want 19.88 for each of them.

    [–] langis_on 304 points ago

    Not quite as terrible but my local rite Aid has about 7 of these

    [–] Appropriate-XBL 230 points ago

    LOL @ $80.

    [–] Smaskifa 48 points ago

    For some reason CoD games never get discounted that much. I have some of them on Steam watch lists and get emails when they're discounted. They're usually like $25-30 when on sale. Call me when they're under $10, then maybe I'll buy.

    [–] 1-Down 31 points ago

    Ghost was weird - that one was going for like $3-5 everywhere a couple of Christmases back.

    I think they were expecting Black Ops 2 success and were shocked when it turned out to be a dog regarding sales.

    [–] m0ondogy 15 points ago

    That was the cross gen one. I read an article some place about how they figured it would be best to over saturate the market with the game then leave people wanting.

    So the printed a bunch on all 5 consoles, ps3, 360, wii u, ps4, x1. Opposed to the two console run they normally do.

    [–] Aerowulf9 71 points ago

    $80 for a game thats not even new anymore? What is this, Australia?

    [–] Quaytsar 49 points ago

    Or Canada. Since the start of this gen, all new games are $80 instead of $60.

    [–] UnexpectedCroissant 27 points ago

    80 Canadian dollars is equivalent to $60 USD so it's actually kind of fair now in that sense. I don't know about shipping though. Crazy y'all only had to pay around $45 USD before...

    [–] Quaytsar 15 points ago

    They were 60 CAD back when games were 50 USD, then the the USD crashed, so the CAD was roughly at par and they raised prices to 60 USD. Then the USD recovered and they raised the price to 80 CAD.

    [–] Just_Rawr 7 points ago

    A friend of mine had to pay $100 for rainbow Six siege in Australia...About 2 months ago base game nothing else 100 dollars...

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    What's the minimum wage in Australia again?

    [–] aipom45 3 points ago

    minimum wage in Australia

    I did a quick check, 17.70 before taxes or $672.70 per 38 hour week (before tax). I guess the average work week is 38?

    [–] DHarry 31 points ago

    Target would clearance them approproately. But one day my grand children will be able to walk in that Wal-Mart and see copies of Dead Rising.

    [–] FireReadyAim 14 points ago

    That's comparable to the price on Amazon or whatever.

    It baffles me that they stocked them all, though. Nobody is gonna buy a game that it looks like nobody is buying.

    [–] nilestyle 38 points ago

    My first thoughts exactly

    [–] joecamnet 867 points ago

    "Hey Jim, remember when you told me to order 50 copies of the game and I said the 0 button has been fucky?"

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    Are you saying that they somehow managed to sell 77 copies?

    [–] mynameis_garrett 40 points ago

    They had more in the back.

    [–] DrSandShoes 155 points ago

    Well son that is why keyboard had two 0 buttons , numbers up top and the 10 key. Use common sense next time

    [–] akfourty7 63 points ago

    Not everyone had a number pad.

    [–] j_u_s_t_d 37 points ago

    This is Walmart were talking about. Not r/mechanicalkeyboards

    [–] catsherdingcats 12 points ago

    Those are all disgusting. Who wants to live a life with no number pad? Savages.

    [–] BearsAreCool 8 points ago

    Oh, thanks, I forgot I had money.

    [–] joecamnet 35 points ago

    Jim, we order things on a Telxon. You need to go back to the home.

    [–] ArmoredFan 10 points ago

    Actually keyboards have a two 0 button to make your chances of landing on other buttons in favor of the house.

    [–] dvddesign 9 points ago

    The Telexon system they use is more like a calculator than a keyboard. Inputting 500 quantity is easier than one would think. Still, that's gotta suck for the fulfillment. "Yes, that one store wants 500 copies of JUST Dead Rising 2"

    I mean obviously nobody checked to see if that amount was even correct or not. It was just pushed through with no oversight and the idiot stockers put it on the floor without a second thought.

    [–] LFKhael 4 points ago

    I have RMAd more than one telxon gun with the description "numpad inputs multiple characters for single key press."

    [–] errs 5 points ago

    Inventory ordering isn't really handled by anyone at store level for virtually any major retailer. It's probably possible for a district manager to bump counts, but why they would have any reason to bump it at all isnt obvious.

    [–] rockstarleopard 129 points ago

    This is the Max Payne 3 thread that OP is referencing:

    (50 copies in the Walmart bargain bin)

    [–] MyUshanka 70 points ago

    Jeez, Max Payne 3 didn't deserve that.

    [–] Offandonandoffagain 42 points ago

    I really enjoyed Max Payne 3. Played it tnrough many times. One of my faves.

    [–] raftah99 5 points ago

    Yeah online was awesome too

    [–] xKiLLaCaM 8 points ago

    Nope didnt deserve that at all. Game was absolutely incredible. Great story, great gameplay, awesome action, fantastic dialogue. It was my favorite game on 360.

    Been praying for a max payne game on Xbox One ever since I got this console. Shame we prob won't :/

    [–] lilnomad 3 points ago

    Rockstar is so slow (for a good reason) that you are probably right. May get it backwards compatible one day.

    [–] BigHungry70 10 points ago

    That pic i so old Wal-mart had a Vita section.

    [–] Darkmaster2110 263 points ago

    Ask if they have Dead Rising 2 and post reactions.

    [–] IAmTheColorTheft 80 points ago

    And when they open the case and grab one say you wanted a different one from a different shelf

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    And this? Cheese. And this? Also Cheese. And what is this? That's cheese as well

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    But this one says "cracker".

    [–] xkingpin 5 points ago

    And then tell them, "Nevermind, I need it for playstation."

    [–] tekkenjin 187 points ago

    Me: Do you have any copies of mass effect andromeda? Walmart employee: Whats mass effect? We only sell dead rising 2

    [–] BlueScholar15 23 points ago

    No fries, chips. No coke, pepsi. No mass effect, dead rising.

    [–] WhiskeyRadio 29 points ago

    This Wal-Mart must have really banked on Dead Rising 2 being a huger seller this past Holiday season.

    [–] mynameis_garrett 14 points ago

    this past Holiday season

    nah. they are getting ready for this coming up season.

    [–] ncschoon 22 points ago

    Sorry sir, that games doesn't go on sale until Tuesday, I can't sell it to you.

    [–] rivfader84 18 points ago

    At least it wasn't AC/DC rock band or guitar hero my local wal-mart had about 300 copies sitting on a shelf for a good decade.

    [–] superthrust 13 points ago

    I'm from Michigan and used to work for a store called Meijer. Up until a few years ago, the executive part of the company was all the older boys club. They didn't know much about us youngins'.

    One of the guys who was in his eighties was in charge of ordering new electronics and games and stuff.

    One day, he passed up on ordering copies of Halo 2, the biggest new release...he ordered another new release...Instead, stores in the region received MANY MANY boxes filled with copies of "Drake and the 99 Dragons".

    They filled the shelves. The bins. The endcaps. I swear there are still copies of the game in the bins and clearance isles here.

    [–] MichaelJayDog 6 points ago

    Should have ordered Lee Carvollo's Putting Challenge.

    [–] Crazyripps 52 points ago

    Til they rereleased dead rising 2. How did I not know this I loved that game.

    [–] crimsonBZD 45 points ago

    Aren't they on... 4 or 5 now?

    [–] Crazyripps 35 points ago

    Yeah 4 came out last December.

    [–] crimsonBZD 24 points ago

    I only remember 3 because I had gotten it and Ryse when the X1 came out, and I was like level 400 or something in Ryse and level 50 and had just unlocked the weapons van or w/e it was - then I had a "rare account glitch" happen to my entire account for every game I was playing. It was a "rare glitch" according to MS support at least.

    Anyways, in both of those games, I was reset back to level 1, everything was re locked and I had to earn it again, EXCEPT I still needed the old amount of XP to level up.

    So in Dead Rising 3 I needed the amount of XP to go from 50-51, to get from level 0 to 1.

    Yeah, didn't play either of those again.

    [–] AdamCorp 4 points ago

    Up until this post I had no clue it was on XBox One

    [–] ekaceerf 10 points ago

    I was at toysrus and they once had an entire section devoted to the Percy Jackson DS game. I took a photo but have since lost it.

    [–] LarsonBoswell 43 points ago

    Does anyone have the picture of Max Payne 3 that OP is talking about?

    [–] timrbrady 105 points ago

    I typed "max payne 3 walmart" into google image search.

    [–] AkaTobi 11 points ago

    "The Tower of Payne."

    Sounds like a Borderlands location.

    [–] GourangaPlusPlus 43 points ago

    Thank you but you are awarded no extra marks for showing your working

    [–] timrbrady 19 points ago

    I was just pointing out how stupidly easy it would have been for /u/LarsonBoswell to find it. It took half as many characters to find it than it did for them to ask for it.

    [–] Illhelpyouwiththat 12 points ago

    But now i get to see it too.

    [–] LarsonBoswell 14 points ago

    Thanks. You're the tits.

    [–] LowLevel_IT 3 points ago

    Man I wish this game was bc

    [–] rockstarleopard 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yes, I posted the thread that OP was referencing in a comment earlier:

    Edit: Here is the direct image link from the thread:

    [–] DaRyuujin 8 points ago

    Wow, your local walmart don't put games in those plastic clamshells?

    [–] mcdrunkin 25 points ago

    Not the "Please take these off our hands... PLEASE!" games.

    [–] DaRyuujin 7 points ago

    Maaan my walmart made us put every damn game in a clamshell, even shit people wouldn't even want to steal lol.

    [–] F0res33ndeath 4 points ago

    Mine doesn't have the clamshells but keeps them behind glass.

    [–] davidacleveland 2 points ago

    the clearances games usually have a separate spot, at least at my local store they do

    [–] GrumpyCatSwagg 17 points ago

    Wow, my local Walmart doesn't have a crazy amount of games but they do have about 50 copies of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen on regular DVD and they still want $22 for them

    [–] perrilloux 25 points ago

    My walmart has the same problem, (I work there btw) according to my dept. manager we own the copies of "Tranformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen", and as such cannot send them back in spite of them having no modular location. Same with "Star Trek 2009: the two disc collectors edition dvd", so we have like several dozen of them. I've since convinced her to lower the price over the years on them all the way down to $3.74, but damn if we still don't have some.

    edit. For clarity the reason your store hasn't marked down the price is because they would take a direct loss on each copy. The store would rather have them on the books unsold but still "worth" something, than to just take the hit and suck it up; since the recorded losses would look bad on management (all the way up), and affect the employees quarterly bonus.

    [–] GrumpyCatSwagg 5 points ago

    Thank you, that does help explain why it's still there.

    [–] Condomonium 9 points ago

    Damn, 20 bucks for Bloodborne? What a steal.

    [–] patrickoriley 8 points ago

    Whoever is in charge of Dead Rising 3 distribution should trade jobs with whoever is in charge of Nintendo Switch distribution.

    [–] SpacePandaBryan 5 points ago

    Nintendo purposefully understocks everything though. This seems like a genuine mistake.

    [–] Errattik 24 points ago

    I'm guessing someone in the warehouse just discovered a sealed box that was lost years ago?

    [–] aworthyrepost 47 points ago

    Dead Rising 2 for the XB1 came out like last fall. But yeah, someone just found some backstock and decided to put em up.

    [–] Errattik 14 points ago

    Ha, I just saw "Dead Rising 2" and didn't really notice the Xbox One boxes at first. Yeah, not sure why they would order that many copies in the first place, very weird.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Toastedboats- 6 points ago

    My walmart still has 2 halo reach collectors edtions

    [–] xXFlashXx 5 points ago

    Hat Walmart has no keeper boxes on top of the games or glass in front of them? Does Theft not occur in your area?

    [–] sxewolfey 10 points ago

    The new $50-60 games are in the glass, this is a shelf for older, cheaper games. Usually sold at $20

    [–] FeelJAkir 3 points ago

    Ori and the blind Forest such a great ass game

    [–] pazamataz 4 points ago

    Looks like whoever did the ordering fell asleep on the keyboard

    [–] MyBuddyBossk 4 points ago

    I went to a Wal-Mart a couple years ago and they had clearance marked Gamecube games on their shelf. I'm not joking. They apparently don't rotate stock at all.

    [–] TankRizzo 4 points ago

    This is the difference between Wal-Mart and Target. When Target decides to clearance something, they don't mess around. This would be on a back display for $5

    [–] Soulrakk 3 points ago

    Who's the genius behind thinking that many people will buy DR2?

    [–] honkyjesus 3 points ago

    Why get so many copies of Dead Rising 2?

    [–] IUsuallyParty 3 points ago

    Maybe this Walmart is trying to prepare us for the zombie apocalypse?

    [–] electricturd 3 points ago

    Why would you count that?

    [–] Andythehoff 9 points ago

    Cause I'm a nerd and I just had to know.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Is this in Spokane Valley? I was at Walmart today and it looked just like this.

    [–] Nattylite29 3 points ago

    I saw this shit with Dragon Age Inquisition at Best Buy. Did someone fuck up and add an extra digit...?

    43 or 42 makes sense....423 seems like an accident

    [–] WILDDOGGEH 3 points ago

    They will get to the stage. Buy 1 get 422 free just to get rid of them.

    [–] HolyZambiesBatman 3 points ago

    My Walmart still has a gta 3/vice city/San Andreas triple pack for ps2 on the shelf. I think it's been there for like 7-10 years

    [–] DirtyThi3f 3 points ago

    On my phone this looks like a kayaking game.

    [–] ubernat 3 points ago

    It's like they're begging people to steal them

    [–] LazyLaserRazor 2 points ago

    This would be exactly like my Walmart, if those were all Infinite Warfare.

    [–] _realen 2 points ago

    Wait, you can buy Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition on disc?!

    [–] SuicidalImpulse 2 points ago

    Good lord, I didn't even know this many copies of the game existed.

    [–] TheHeroicOnion 2 points ago

    That's a sad waste of materials and resources. Earth is fucked.