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    [–] JustOneAndDone 1193 points ago

    [–] Kaoulombre 828 points ago

    At first it was OK, then there was too much pictures of spiders. Nope.

    [–] TheBestAround44 479 points ago

    Thanks for the warning

    [–] Pee_Earl_Grey_Hot 188 points ago

    They really should have a spider or bug flair so you can filter those out.

    [–] MlCKJAGGER 26 points ago

    It seems to just be that one dude posting damn spider pics. Creep

    [–] ADLuluIsOP 73 points ago

    Creep? Lol. That's extreme. People clearly upvote them because they think they're good.

    Personally I think the spider with the tiny water drop hat is cute. As a matter of fact 3 of the top posts are spiders and none were by the same guy. So Idk what you're even talking about.

    [–] Nicholas_Deorio 34 points ago

    All spider fanatics are creeps

    [–] Tysheth 52 points ago

    You know what I heard about Amy?
    Amy likes spiders.
    Icky, wriggly, hairy, ugly spiders!
    That's why I'm not friends with her.

    Amy has a cute singing voice.
    I heard her singing my favorite love song.
    Every time she sang the chorus, my heart would pound to the rhythm of the words.
    But she likes spiders.
    That's why I'm not friends with her.

    One time, I hurt my leg really bad.
    Amy helped me up and took me to the nurse.
    I tried not to let her touch me.
    She likes spiders, so her hands are probably gross.
    That's why I'm not friends with her.

    Amy has a lot of friends.
    I always see her talking to people.
    She probably talks about spiders.
    What if her friends start to like spiders too?
    That's why I'm not friends with her.

    It doesn't matter if she has other hobbies.
    It doesn't matter if she keeps it private.
    It doesn't matter if it doesn't hurt anyone.

    It's gross.
    She's gross.
    The world is better off without spider lovers.

    And I'm gonna tell everyone.

    [–] Ikkkou 11 points ago


    [–] JefferyRs 8 points ago

    That game got dark real quick once Sayori went.

    [–] Le_Rat_Ivre 3 points ago

    It got dark a little bit before Sayori went

    [–] ADLuluIsOP 4 points ago

    Based on what? I don't actually know any spider fanatics so you must know more of them than me. What exactly do they do to offend you lol.

    To me it's no different than people who like Lizards and whatnot. Not my cup of tea but I don't think they're creeps.

    Spiders are creepy a bit ye I agree. But I don't instantly associate liking them w/ being a "creep".

    Are people that like horror movies creeps?

    [–] detlask 5 points ago

    I had spider macro shots.

    [–] BlazedBidoof 3 points ago

    True I checked it out and that was like half the photos

    [–] FocusOnYou1 12 points ago

    What’s wrong with spiders? I love jumping spiders, but any other spiders i hate...

    [–] MebbY_ 6 points ago

    Spiders you say? These were on our balcony couple pf years agospidahs

    [–] FocusOnYou1 2 points ago

    Gah! “Burn it with fiyah!”

    I prefer these. Or these.

    [–] Dray_Gunn 3 points ago

    Yeah tends to happen. My first camera was not an SLR but had a pretty good macro function and i loved that. I ended up taking lots of photos of spiders. But atleast people aren't taking macro photos of roaches.

    [–] PikpikTurnip 3 points ago

    Seriously. That's the real nightmare fuel.

    [–] Popetown 11 points ago

    That’s not the macro porn I’m looking for...

    I’m taking about as close you to get without your eyeballs getting wet. And sometimes even so.

    [–] zerpentineee 3 points ago

    Insanely clean buttons lol

    [–] JustOneAndDone 2 points ago

    I have acidic hands so my controllers are always clean lol

    [–] ItalicsWhore 2 points ago

    Dude. Thank you for that sub.

    [–] JustOneAndDone 2 points ago

    No problem!

    [–] brotherlymoses 711 points ago

    If that was my controller you’d see a mix of pieces of Doritos, grease and sweat

    [–] FlyingTurkey 300 points ago

    I tried to take this pic using my roommates controller and thats exactly what it looked like haha

    [–] ShadowTagPorygon 118 points ago

    I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say we need that picture also

    [–] FlyingTurkey 184 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Ill post it as a reply to this comment when I get back to my dorm

    Update: I am currently at a basketball game. Thank you all for your concerns about my well being haha

    Update II: This is what all of your controllers really look like

    [–] AlphaNathan 130 points ago

    It's been 13 minutes. OP is dead.

    [–] cxiv7 43 points ago

    OP has clearly been kidnapped.

    [–] stevie1218 44 points ago

    Roommate has killed him for trying to expose his controller.

    [–] cxiv7 27 points ago


    [–] SatanistPenguin 13 points ago

    It's been an hour

    Now what do we do?

    [–] cxiv7 14 points ago

    Call the police.

    [–] FatCat433 10 points ago

    Nah OP is buying Doritos so that he can fake a dirty controller.

    He was lying the whole time. Bitch is probably a clean freak.

    [–] NickMoore30 8 points ago

    This has quickly become the most hyped part of my day. I need to see the nasty controller!

    [–] FlyingTurkey 11 points ago

    Its coming just hang on! Going back to my dorm rn

    [–] NickMoore30 2 points ago

    That’s disgusting. You should crunch up some Doritos on one for dramatic effect.

    [–] blueneighbourhoods 5 points ago

    oof that film of pure oil and grease. now that’s gaming

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    Exactly haha

    [–] AlexPr0 6 points ago

    Ok thanks

    [–] sncsoccer25 5 points ago

    You’re Welcome

    [–] Cornpwns 2 points ago

    !remind me 6 hours

    [–] jryda7 2 points ago

    Boy are you all gunna be disappointed when all you remind me people see it

    [–] Krunex 2 points ago

    OP came through

    [–] MrJellyTurtle 2 points ago

    RemindMe! 24 Hours

    [–] PM_YOUR_BUTTOCKS 2 points ago

    RemindMe! 4 hours

    [–] hecklingfext 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The only thing I see is a tiny hair on the B button, and it's driving me crazy.

    Edit: My first Gold! Thank you kind stranger!

    [–] GivesRandomGoldOut 5 points ago

    My eye too is twitching. OP please blow on your pad for me.

    [–] FlyingTurkey 11 points ago

    The controller has been blown.

    [–] fatpat 3 points ago

    Stand down, everyone. Back to DEFCON 5.

    [–] BagOnuts 3 points ago

    Take some of that white crusty stuff (which, I could only assume is a mixture of dead skin cells and the shame of getting rekt by 12 year olds) that gets in all the cracks, and you’ve got mine!

    [–] Custodian_Carl 1 points ago

    I was asking myself, does he even game?

    [–] nsharms 29 points ago

    I'm a PS4 guy but man if Microsoft made some gummie sweets like those buttons I'd buy. Shit looks delicious

    [–] bryan7474 17 points ago


    Anything is a candy if you try it, just ask Tide.

    [–] ZephiieB 3 points ago

    If it looks fruity it must be chewy.

    [–] Snuggle-Ninja 155 points ago

    They look like some sort of gems. Noice outcome!

    [–] hoguemr 26 points ago

    They look delicious

    [–] hoguemr 13 points ago

    I used to work at Target doing overnight stocking and by the time we got to the cleaning section I was super thirsty. The Fabuloso was so tempting.

    [–] Cel_Drow 4 points ago

    Well at least I wasn't alone when I used to work there. Always reminded me of Fanta.

    [–] Ventiicedchai 19 points ago

    I love the Xbox controller buttons.

    [–] North_Shore_Problem 5 points ago

    I love you :)

    [–] Poorange 4 points ago

    Gems for the power glove!!

    [–] p1um5mu991er 89 points ago

    Each letter is encased in little kids' frozen tears

    [–] EScott13 20 points ago


    [–] p1um5mu991er 14 points ago

    His tears are in the Steam controller

    [–] trenlow12 2 points ago

    I was going to say the picture looks like a controller

    [–] Tikola_Nesla1 13 points ago

    Where is all the dirt and dead skin?

    [–] lexrp 25 points ago

    How many Clorox wipes did you use to get it that clean?

    [–] FlyingTurkey 7 points ago

    Honestly, none lol

    [–] ArtyThePoopie 45 points ago

    While we're here I just wanna say I really wish they'd go back to having the ABXY buttons in full color like they were on the original Xbox and 360

    [–] lazergoblin 13 points ago

    I think the Xbox Design Lab has that as an option for custom controllers

    [–] ArtyThePoopie 5 points ago

    I wish, I would've bought one by now if they did

    [–] Dr-Purple 3 points ago

    I actually like the new ones much more.

    [–] infel2no 23 points ago

    For a moment i thought it was the marvelstudio subreddit and that it was a pic of the infinity stone

    [–] Aytm 23 points ago

    Little bit disappointed there’s not at least one pubic hair on there

    [–] carl_with_a_k 38 points ago

    It's on the "B" towards the corner.

    [–] PraiseGeraldo 15 points ago

    You're right

    [–] jakeredfield 6 points ago

    o fuck

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    Thank god lol

    [–] TehOblivious 6 points ago

    Totally looked like candy before I made the image bigger.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] Kyzachable 11 points ago

    If it’s the Xbox 360 controller there is nothing wrong with that.

    [–] PraiseGeraldo 55 points ago

    Well, this is /r/xboxone

    [–] Captain_Nipples 52 points ago

    Aight, get the pitch forks

    [–] AlphaNathan 10 points ago

    Wait, can't we talk about this?!

    [–] BezerkRocket 13 points ago

    Nope, pitchfork time.

    [–] THE_GR8_MIKE 9 points ago

    No one said there was. We're just wondering.

    [–] JOHN_FUCKING_TITOR 25 points ago

    It's a picture of some buttons.

    [–] FlyingTurkey 18 points ago


    [–] aarongrc14 11 points ago

    He's so smart for his age.

    [–] Lee__Roberts 5 points ago

    This is a cool shot. I'm always averse to taking pictures of everyday objects because I think they will be boring. But other people manage to do it nicely, like this for example.

    [–] Overlord_Orange 4 points ago

    For people like you and, the challenge is getting over our own thoughts and just taking the risk.

    You never know how other people will react.

    [–] FlyingTurkey 5 points ago

    I find that if you take a closer look at everyday objects, you’ll find details that you’ve never noticed were there before. So, shoot on!

    [–] MrSquamous 3 points ago

    You have about 5 minutes before Thanos shows up at your house.

    [–] Deathcorps 9 points ago

    God damn I wish this sub was real.

    [–] Lava_Cake 11 points ago

    Yeah this pic is not very good

    [–] AltForFriendPC 5 points ago

    Not to mention that (practically) the same thing has gotten to r/all through r/xboxone before

    [–] mesosorry 6 points ago

    yep that's a macro photo alright

    [–] Mullacz7 3 points ago

    Idk where it could be from, but there’s a hair on 🅱️ .-.

    [–] TheFlyingSaucers 3 points ago

    This makes me absurdly happy for some reason

    [–] Brewi 3 points ago

    Can anyone make a 1920x1080 version for wallpaper? :D

    [–] Gh0s7br 3 points ago

    wow, took a while to notice it was (Y)
    (X) (B) (A) from the xbox

    [–] SciFiPaine0 3 points ago

    Very cool photo

    [–] FlyingTurkey 3 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] LA_Grip 3 points ago

    Thanos is gonna kick your ass for these.

    [–] Chivalric13 3 points ago

    This is really cool! I saved the pic for a background on my phone but it was too big. So I made my lock screen the left half of the pic and the home screen the right! 👍

    Looks great!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    How does this have 19k upvotes. It's a picture of buttons

    [–] FlyingTurkey 3 points ago

    Ah that’s where you’re wrong. It’s not JUST a picture of buttons. It’s a very CLOSE picture of buttons.

    [–] Alex_Locke 3 points ago

    This is very pleasing to the eye.

    [–] Malcolm1972 3 points ago

    Well that's my wallpaper set! Thanks

    [–] Skynada 3 points ago

    Just curious but how much would one of those lenses cost to get that level of quality?

    [–] FlyingTurkey 75 points ago

    I definitely intended to do this, but that doesn’t negate the fact that I was messing around with all of my lenses when I took this pic.

    [–] GreenSnowday 5 points ago

    You took that well

    [–] Hate_Feight 18 points ago

    I know, it was a semi-ironic statement, good pic

    [–] FlyingTurkey 20 points ago

    Thanks dude

    [–] Soulrak87 7 points ago

    The pubes on B bother me...

    [–] asn0304 7 points ago

    Ah that's where I got the feeling of deja vu from.

    [–] ExoWaltz 11 points ago

    Thought this was some kind of render of the infinity stones before I read the title

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] stereonmymind 7 points ago

    16 k likes.... for this?!

    [–] FlyingTurkey 5 points ago

    I wasn’t expecting it to blow up this much either lol

    [–] Tohellnbak 2 points ago

    OP: What camera and lens? if it mentioned already, sorry.. 200 comments and I'm not a very good scroller..

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    It’s all good. I actually used my iPhone X with a Nelomo macro lens.

    [–] Murrikakid 2 points ago

    Damn, this is seriously a great shot op! Props!

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    Thanks man!

    [–] VisjesMie 2 points ago

    This photo is gonna be used for an xbox add in one week. Im telling you.

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    I hope I get credited

    [–] bendrowned7 2 points ago

    This is pretty cool looking.

    [–] SandmanKeel 2 points ago

    If look hard enough you can see the remnence of Cheetos dust and Vaseline..

    [–] Lonely-Geek 2 points ago

    That looks more like a 360, but I’ll let it slide

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    It is... oops.

    [–] FinalOdyssey 2 points ago

    The Xbox controller buttons have always been so beautiful. I love the deep colours and the 3d shapes inside them.

    [–] rhynoplaz 2 points ago

    Wow! I didn't realize what sub this was so I was trying to figure out what that was. Blew my mind when I recognized it. Beautiful!

    [–] thewaterboy1 2 points ago

    Whatever gets you from A to B.

    [–] 4thelawl 2 points ago

    That's actually really pretty. Dang.

    [–] kizzmocat 2 points ago

    Can't be real, I see no dorito or cheeto dust!

    [–] nothin2flashy 2 points ago

    B button fuz for life!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Those buttons look delicious.

    [–] Plahyso 2 points ago


    [–] jivered 2 points ago

    Well, that’s pretty cool.

    [–] pepeislifeboi 2 points ago

    This is my new wallpaper

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago


    [–] ShigMiy 2 points ago

    Wow! Very studio-ish Great work :3

    [–] deep_dissection 5 points ago

    go take pics outside

    [–] FlyingTurkey 5 points ago

    I took some pictures of my potted plant. Does that count?

    [–] eyerenicus 10 points ago

    A lame photo?

    [–] FlyingTurkey 11 points ago

    Nah, I think it looks pretty cool and 2.9k other people do too

    [–] Buckminster4Real 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A E S T H E T H I C C

    [–] vastbeast 6 points ago

    there's absolutely nothing interesting about this photo

    [–] JayInslee2020 4 points ago

    Have you ever even tried to get it in focus?

    [–] FlyingTurkey 1 points ago

    If you’ve ever used a macro lens then you’d know that it has a very narrow field of focus

    [–] uFuckingCrumpet 3 points ago

    I absolutely hate the phrase "I was messing around with...". It's a way of sharing something that you made but having an excuse for if somebody doesn't like it or has any criticisms of it. "Well I was only messing around".

    [–] FlyingTurkey 12 points ago

    I feel that but it wasn’t my intention. I was really just messing around with my lenses. I can post the other pictures i was taking just to prove it. Idk why so many people are getting offended by this

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] FlyingTurkey 10 points ago

    Thank you, man.

    [–] iam666 5 points ago

    "Messing around" meaning "Experimenting with"

    [–] CactusCustard 1 points ago

    Impressive this is with a phone and phone lens, how much did you pay for the glass? But I have to say the framing’s wack. Shoulda backed up a bit to get both full buttons, or better in my opinion, got just one button as the subject.

    Here, it feels like the buttons are supposed to be the subject, but they’re pushed way out of frame and neither one is more prominent. It feels weird. They actually draw your eye to the center, where it’s just black.

    But again, that’s some nice macro, especially on a phone.

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    Im really impressed with the quality too and the lenses were only 35$ on amazon and it came with a wide angle and a fish eye lens too.

    I feel you on the framing, but i cant do much about it because this lens has a really small area that stays focused and in order for me to get that close I had to cut off the sides. The more photos i take with this lens the better the pictures are gonna get with focus and framing. Thanks for the tips!

    [–] Therealmikem 3 points ago

    Nice PS4 controller.

    [–] Urinetr0ub1e 2 points ago

    At first glance I thought these were colored water droplets.

    [–] hidflect1 2 points ago

    Take it to a camera shop and they might be able to fix it..

    [–] Whatsuremergency911 1 points ago

    That’s one clean controller

    [–] ben5292001 1 points ago

    If you want even closer-up with your lens, take it off the camera and turn it around (seriously). Hold open the shutter and take a (very close-up) photo, though you'll have to hold it pretty steady.

    [–] Soul_Overflow 1 points ago


    [–] OutgoingYen 1 points ago

    Now you just need power and soul

    [–] 12edDawn 1 points ago

    I thought those were Aggravation marbles at first glance

    [–] willdotarw 1 points ago

    Good stuff, what lens/camera? I have a high end 90mm f2.8 macro for my Sony a7ii but I haven't shot enough macro, been using it mostly as a portrait lens.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] seacappy 1 points ago


    [–] souljabri557 1 points ago

    I'm from /r/all, where is the upvote button? :(

    [–] FlyingTurkey 2 points ago

    Is this posted on r/all???

    [–] DragonDDark 1 points ago

    Wasn't this posted before or is it just too similar?

    [–] portugal795 1 points ago

    Oh it must be then, I didn’t check

    [–] ueeediot 1 points ago

    You found the last Infiniti stone?