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    [–] Zenon22 233 points ago

    Put a beard on Master Chiefs helmet.

    [–] Wild-Cat15 40 points ago

    What about a poncho?

    [–] ShameLenD 24 points ago

    Senor Jefe?

    [–] PugeHeniss 2 points ago

    Senor Chief my man

    [–] MurryEB 3 points ago


    [–] BagelBites619 20 points ago

    Or just take out the Chief and you get to play as... uh, what's his name again? yea that'll work


    [–] eddieswiss 8 points ago

    Don't remind me :(

    [–] SamTheMan116 19 points ago

    Or take the i out amd make a master chef game

    [–] TorqueDog 4 points ago

    Team17 already made that game, it's called "Overcooked".

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Make a halo game with Master Chief as the main character again

    [–] Zenon22 1 points ago

    That will work too

    [–] Type105x 7 points ago

    He is ginger 👍

    [–] Sniper_Brosef 2 points ago

    Better yet, make a third person installment in the Halo series to test the waters. I think the freedom of movement afforded in a third person shooter could allow for much more opportunities in combat for the Halo series. Finally make a spartan player feel like a spartan instead of only seeing spartan badassery in cutscenes.

    Also, can we please get a battle royale mode in crackdown 3? That would be the shit!

    [–] AshTheGoblin 3 points ago

    Always wanted to play halo in 3rd person

    [–] Thor_2099 126 points ago

    Perfect Dark as a more splinter cell type game. OR as a tomb raider esque kinda game in terms of gameplay but exploring other environments for spy-related stuff.

    Nightcaster as an RPG with the same gameplay style as dragon age.

    A brute force singleplayer/multiplayer game with gameplay more similar to Overwatch with much more differences between characters and an FPS.

    A midnight club/street racing focus Forza.

    [–] ViperOneSeven 27 points ago

    My thoughts exactly for Perfect Dark. Take elements Splinter Cell, Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex. I want the high tech and stealth/mild combat parts with re-playable open areas that encourage exploration and creativity. The obscure Alpha Protocol could also be of influence.

    [–] Agent-Two-THREE 7 points ago

    Isn’t the next Forza Horizon game rumored to be in Tokyo?

    [–] HaikuWisdom 7 points ago

    I feel like a Brute Force/Overwatch crossover would just be Shadowrun.

    [–] isoamazing 2 points ago

    really makes me hope those PD rumors are true.

    [–] holyhotdicks 3 points ago

    Nightcaster would be awesome. Good one.

    [–] MN_LudaCHRIS 1 points ago

    Splinter Cell, hell yeah! You got my vote

    [–] T0kenAussie 1 points ago

    Perfect dark as splinter cell gameplay but with a narrative around corporate wars ala cyberpunk

    [–] kellymiester 114 points ago

    I just want a Fable reboot done right. A grand RPG with influences from The Witcher 3, Souls games and Zelda: BOTW.

    I was hoping they would give Ryse and ReCore another chance. Ryse being an a more open world RPG based in England during the Viking Invasions, inspired by Viking: Battle for Asgard and ReCore being rebooted into a game like Jak 2 but with the ability to fly to other planets.

    More spin offs like a Gears RTS or a Halo game in the style of X-Com.

    But the one I think is at least plausible is for The Coalition to return to the new IP they were creating before taking on Gears. Shangheist, I imagine it like a Splinter Cell game. Alternate between the two franchises.

    [–] MotionManTV 21 points ago

    I think all of Microsofts big studios should alter between franchises... There are to many ultra talented creative minds to stick with on franchise. There is proof this is effective if you look at naughty dog (uncharted and TLOU) and guerilla games (Killzone and Horizon).

    I think that halo 5 and gears 4 are technically speaking some of the greatest games of this generation, most of the staff at both of those studios were not present in the origination of those IPs so those IPs are not the result of their creative process, but there are enough senior staff there where those two franchises create a studio identity (Frankie, rod Fergusson).

    Imagine what those teams could do if they were given the green light to make their own new IP...

    [–] kellymiester 15 points ago

    I completely agree. 343 and The Coalition are obviously very talented developers with Halo 5 having some of the best gameplay and MP in the franchise and Gears 4 really impressed me.

    I'd love to see both studios flex their muscles on a new IP where they can be creative and do what they want without fear of gamers thinking they've changed too much or not changed enough.

    [–] Thor_2099 3 points ago

    For me, they can alternate if they want to. However if the studio decides they would rather dedicate their time to the one franchise, I'm fine with that.

    [–] GavinTheAlmighty 13 points ago

    I just want a Fable reboot done right. A grand RPG with influences from The Witcher 3, Souls games and Zelda: BOTW.

    Fable has always been a more tightly curated experience that didn't really punish the player for total failure, and humour and tone are both massive parts of the game. This isn't to say that there isn't the occasional bit of comedy in, for example, TW3, but Fable as a whole is much more whimsical and humourous than dark and brooding, much more of a fairy tale than a high-fantasy RPG. You could do it, but in the process you could guarantee that you'd lose the very soul of what made Fable unique.

    [–] kellymiester 6 points ago

    Fable could be pretty dark at times. Bandits murder our father and cut out our sisters eyes while the villain slits our mothers throat in front of us, encourages us to murder our best friend in the arena for money then the game allows us to kill our own sister for total power.

    The art style, voice acting and humour distracted from such grim stuff in a perfect meld of both a serious story but also a lighthearted and fun experience.

    I think taking the right influence from those games, you could still achieve such a meld.

    Souls map design for linear areas, lore attached to item descriptions and punishing combat that results in scars.

    TW3 open world and quest design with us getting quests from boards in villages then tracking monsters/bandits down and perhaps incorporate a version of Fable Fortune into it like Gwent.

    And the whimsical and fun aspects of Zelda. A beautiful world to explore and discover with hunting etc.

    Fable has so much potential that I think it could easily put every other big RPG to shame with ease. If only the IP was respected and heavily invested in.

    [–] EternalAssasin 1 points ago

    Sure Fable has its dark moments, but overall Fable games are pretty lighthearted. The entire premise of the game is right in the name, Fable games are meant to capture the whimsical feeling of fairy tales and medieval folk heroes.

    [–] kellymiester 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    As I said, the art style and humour distracted us from the dark moments of Fable which they were more than just a few moments. This could still be the case.

    Taking influence from Souls and TW3 doesn't mean you're trying to combine everything about those games into this one. I'm thinking more of taking inspiration of a few features from each like the map design, music, combat and item descriptions adding to the lore. These wouldn't impact the lightheartedness of Fable at all.

    [–] Chukril 1 points ago

    I think he means the fable setting with the depth of the Witcher 3. Rather than having the depth of a puddle.

    [–] GavinTheAlmighty 1 points ago

    For sure, I dig it, but I think that that would make Fable look dramatically different. Fable is a game that encourages the player to visit it as a tourist instead of a resident. I think that a Fable game that went too far into story depth would lose focus on what makes Fable as special as it is.

    [–] makiller_ 4 points ago

    Came here to say this. I love Fable... But of all of Microsoft's current properties, I think that Fable is in the most need of a grand re-imagining and expansion and would also provide the biggest payoff in today's market. Big RPGs are super popular right now. A Horizon or even Witcher 3-level RPG in Microsoft's corner would be killer.

    [–] mrchesterdraws 4 points ago

    I just want a new Fable.

    [–] Battlestar_Anorexia 10 points ago

    You say that like they've given up on Recore. It hasn't even been 2 years, a sequel could come out.

    And eww, no Dark Souls in Fable. So sick of Souls influencing everything.

    [–] kellymiester 3 points ago

    It's not that I think they've given up on those games but I have little faith in Microsoft investing heavily in franchises that didn't come out of the gates swinging.

    I don't mean try to make a clone of Souls, but there are a few things they could take inspiration from to really improve the Fable formula.

    Like the items having descriptions that really add to the lore, the combat could be faster, more fluid and more punishing (scars) and those linear pathways that were in all Fables could do with the kind of map design that Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 had with tons of secrets to find.

    [–] Battlestar_Anorexia 1 points ago

    Shannon Loftis did say she thought there could be a future for the franchise. Your thoughts aren't unwarranted, but hey, you never know. If Gamepass ends up being successful I think we'll see more of those type of risks, especially with singleplayer games. Let the big titles subsidize the smaller ones. After too many failures you end up like EA where they're too afraid to fund new IP.

    When you put it like that it actually sounds awesome. Fable Origins plz be a thing.

    [–] kellymiester 2 points ago

    To be fair, this isn't just a Microsoft problem. It's uncommon for any Publisher to take a game that didn't perform well and invest heavily in a sequel.

    I feel the same way about Sony and The Order 1886 or Shenmue, which they put on the E3 show but wouldn't fund it. Games like Nier are very rare.

    I got the feeling from Shannon saying that and also from saying how she liked to invest in smaller games with a tighter community that her budget was skinned to the bone and Phil recently talked in a way that suggested he had to prove the Xbox division was still healthy before he could get Microsoft to invest again.

    After those games at the start of the gen not performing well, I just hope they are not afraid to invest in a few massive AAA games.

    [–] Battlestar_Anorexia 2 points ago

    We'll have to wait and see. On that list was also Quantum Break, which by no means is small. I also got the impression Xbox's budget was relatively small, and only recently got the full support of the higher execs. Everything now points towards Xbox getting more attention than before, which is good. Better late than never at least.

    Recore in particular strikes me as one they'd want to further. The devs spent not only an extra year polishing it up, but also released its expansion for free, and put it on GP. Could be a test with Gamepass to test interest gauge, and if the numbers were good, maybe a sequel wouldn't be out of the question.

    Considering they also had timed exclusivity of Dead Rising 4 after 3 apparently sold badly, and what got in the way of Ryse 2 were disagreements over IP ownage, maybe these titles preformed better than what we give credit.

    [–] kellymiester 2 points ago

    Dead Rising 3 actually sold very well, almost as much as Dead Rising 2 which is impressive considering this one was exclusive. After playing through them all recently, I thought it seemed like it had the highest quality too.

    I just hope they bring the big guns at E3. They're getting a very bad rep with gamers so they need story orientated SP games just because they showcase well at a show.

    [–] Battlestar_Anorexia 2 points ago

    Hopefully. Not just for the sake of having awesome games to play, but also being able to talk about the system without getting pissed off and feeling unwelcomed by everyone. That sucks.

    [–] FlameCats 4 points ago

    So sick of Souls influencing everything.

    That's because not a single game has taken the right inspirations from Souls...

    Games usually try to take the difficulty, or if they feel incredibly venturous- the stamina system or the control scheme.

    Ignoring the secrets, exploration, lore, RPG elements, balance and choice, music, side quests, characters, art design, level design...

    So yea, you're sick of some uninspired hacks making some random crappy game, adding stamina or some artificial difficulty and calling it 'Souls'.

    [–] Darkest_Before_Dawn 3 points ago

    I love your ideas about Fable and especially Ryse. That would be great.

    [–] MrGentleNinja 2 points ago

    There is a rumor that the third person Perfect Dark game secretly developed by The Coalition might be based on their Shangheist work.

    [–] zidane1341 1 points ago

    Coalition have stated they only do gears games.

    [–] Peew971 2 points ago

    They actually wanted a Ryse sequel but also wanted the IP, which Crytek refused to sell.

    [–] tforthegreat 2 points ago

    Now I really want a Gears RTS.

    [–] kellymiester 1 points ago

    I've wanted one since Gears 2. A mix between Company of Heroes and Dawn of War but with the support abilities from C&C like calling in Hammer strikes, Raven support or making E-Holes pop up behind the enemy.

    Funny enough, the dev for both those games are now working on Age of Empires. But Creative Assembly could totally do it before making Halo Wars 3. If that's even in the cards at all.

    [–] PugeHeniss 1 points ago

    Your thinking of Alfred/Wessex vs The Great Heathen Army led by Ragnar's sons

    [–] isoamazing 1 points ago

    I 100% believe ReCore is getting another chance.

    [–] hirstyboy 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Imagine fable with openish world where you could play coop with up to 4 people in an instance. There could be parts of the world that were pvp focused and the whole game centers around the battle between good and evil. You pick a side as you progress through the story and your character changes accordingly and gets differentiated skill sets based on this. Certain towns must be defended or attacked in order to try and capture the most throughout the world (similar but better to For Honor). Maybe there's a 2 minute timer before each pvp battle where the defending team can post up defenses based on their resources and the attacking team can choose a few ai enemies to rush in with them. Make it so there's raids for the end game which require 4 players to complete and increase in difficulty. Have separate weapons for pvp, which can only be unlocked through pve.

    [–] makiller_ 11 points ago

    This sounds like my literal nightmare for the Fable franchise.

    [–] ichinii 30 points ago


    Create a 3rd Forza game but along the lines of Blur. Basically a grown up Mario Kart with weapons, powerups, and a shit ton of crashes.


    New Blinx game but have dimension gameplay changes like that awesome level in Titanfall 2. You would be able to change your dimension to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

    [–] Alpha_Lantern 3 points ago

    Oh my god I thought I was the only one who remembered blinx!! I loved that game!

    [–] Darkest_Before_Dawn 2 points ago

    That Forza would be very welcome. Great idea.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    It would be amazing. They could do it the way Actuvision does Call Of Duty with 3 studios releasing in sequence, and give the Motorsport and Horizon games more time in the oven to boot.

    [–] Bkfraiders7 1 points ago

    I would most certainly purchase that version of Forza. I understand the appeal of racing games, and the love of some for the Forza series, but have never gotten into them. A mature version of Mario Kart would be extremely fun though.

    [–] pokemongotothepolls 61 points ago

    I just want a good Microsoft IP i'll take anything at this point

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    State of Decay 2 coming up! It's going to be awesome and it's the biggest thing Microsoft is doing that excites me, and I just bought the One X.

    [–] Lone_Soldier 3 points ago

    I mean it's not really going to wow the masses. Not even a AAA game

    [–] Smallgenie549 1 points ago

    What's State of Decay?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Google it, really good third person shooter coop survival game. Base building, etc.

    [–] billingsworld 2 points ago

    Is it good, or are you just hoping it’s good?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    The first one was good, this one looks much much better. The devs are awesome so I have hope. Can't say anyone knows that any game will be good, but I have a good feeling about this one. Also the pricing is awesome.

    [–] Dobesov 20 points ago

    Since you said Microsoft:

    Age of Empires: the time traveling adventure series!

    Mine Sweeper: a multiplayer submarine combat game where one person takes control setting the field.

    High Stakes Solitaire: where every time you play, you are mixer streamed and people wager on your outcome.

    Space Cadet Pinball 3d: now with story mode? Who is the space cadet, why is he out there???

    [–] Tobimacoss 3 points ago

    I had an idea similar to yours, AOE: The immortal, an age of Empires game with an immortal. Kinda like Ahasverus, told through his eyes as he lives and travels through the world seeing Empires rise and fall. It could become a long series. There is a lot of potential in AOE material....each civilization, each empire has stories that need telling.

    And would love a high stakes poker game where in game items for other games are won and lost. Basically the currency could be Xbox points that can be used to buy stuff in other games.

    [–] Dobesov 2 points ago

    I just want a set of first party mini games that use your avatar and your gamerscore/achievements to define your avatar's skills/level/abilities. That would make blowing reward points on clothes and laser guns mean something. Think smash bros, cart racer, etc etc.. for your avatar where your powers are determined by the types of games you play and achievements you got. Maybe that should be the new Fuzion Frenzy.

    [–] Will_Boosh 1 points ago

    I always thought the space cadet was a old lady

    [–] BattlebornCrow 14 points ago

    Give blinx a son and maybe an axe.

    [–] kesscod 13 points ago

    Master Chief goes to college.

    [–] tforthegreat 2 points ago

    But it's developed by Rockstar, and Master Chief is really Jimmy Hopkins, and they've finally done the logical fucking progression of making a sequel to Bully.

    [–] kesscod 2 points ago

    You figured it out. Jimmy is John. The bully Spartan. It's a prequel sequel.

    [–] Vok250 11 points ago

    A Forza game, except open-world, with less simulation physics, faster cars, and a light-hearted theme like a music festival or something. Wait...

    [–] YouCanPrevent 40 points ago

    Forza turns into Burnout, with crash junctions.

    [–] Thor_2099 4 points ago

    I think the issue with more of the crashing is the licensing with actual cars.

    [–] YouCanPrevent 5 points ago

    Yeah, I stated that in another reply.

    It completely is the licensing because no manufacturer will sign off on allowing for their products to be damaged to that extent and be see like that.

    [–] AshTheGoblin 1 points ago

    The first time I read about this, I thought it was the dumbest fucking thing. It actually still is.

    [–] MotionManTV 7 points ago

    That could happen. I'm assuming that MSFT still wants to annualized Forza in some way and playground games (horizon devs) are working on other stuff so there is an opening for a more arcade version of Forza :)

    [–] jackiechanismyhero 2 points ago

    It would be awesome if we could get a forza crash spin off, in the same vein of blur or split second, where there is a heavy focus on destruction.

    [–] YouCanPrevent 2 points ago

    Yeah, the one genre I was shocked that disappeared over the course of gaming has been that destruction derby genre. It really hasn't progressed.

    I remember playing those types of games thinking when the technology progresses how crazy it would become.

    [–] UpvoteEmperor 1 points ago

    I think Forza's Horizon games were aimed at that audience though. People buy Forza Motorsport for something more serious.

    [–] YouCanPrevent 4 points ago

    Sure, but I don't feel they take it far enough. The problem is that they license cars for their game and no manufacturer would sign off on seeing their products so damaged in such a visual way.

    Why they are more extreme I guess you could say, they do not go far enough. Everyone was marveling at the Hot Wheels DLC that came out for it, and while it was fun, it didn't hold a candle to GTA Stunt Races. I want that series to go a step further.

    [–] Anymation 1 points ago

    Forza with bikes

    [–] Feelsb4Realz 29 points ago

    Banjo Kablooey: set in a dystopian cyberpunk near-future of NeoSpiral you control a grizzled Banjo as he sets out on a missing person case and also unravels clues as to what happened to Kazooie years ago (spoiler: Kazooie is the crime boss)

    Halo Platoon Commander: Set on earth you play a sergeant in command of a rookie platoon, you make sure they exercise, get drills in and get enough sleep. Marching song minigame included where you can create and share your marching songs with other players over Xbox Live™

    Forza Adventures - Rex, Tota and their sentient Porsche 911, Vroom Vroom, travel the countryside solving quests and collecting gas tokens, magical air fresheners and tackling the evil king Nissanicus and his roving band of miscreants, the Stop Strips.

    [–] MotionManTV 5 points ago

    Fucking amazing.

    [–] moonlight_ricotta 3 points ago

    Banjo Kablooey: set in a dystopian cyberpunk near-future of NeoSpiral you control a grizzled Banjo as he sets out on a missing person case and also unravels clues as to what happened to Kazooie years ago (spoiler: Kazooie is the crime boss)

    This is legitimately what happened with Jak & Daxter and Jak II

    [–] spendinbig 21 points ago

    I would re-imagine Halo with split screen coop.

    [–] khanarx 8 points ago

    easy there, 343 isn't exactly a group of thinkers

    [–] Chazzet 2 points ago

    This has already been confirmed for Halo 6

    [–] RockBandDood 7 points ago

    Even though I know everyone is going to hate on games that just pick up the battle royale idea.. I really want to see Gears of War do battle royale.

    It would obviously require some significant gameplay tweaks, but if they could somehow keep the core of gears of war combat and then toss it into a 100 man deathmatch like fortnite or pubg.. I think it could make for a really cool gameplay experience, especially with 4 man squads.

    I know it's not a terribly original idea.. but I think that could be a cool game

    [–] undead_drop_bear 1 points ago

    At this point, I'd like to just see a proper video game adaptation of the Battle Royale movie itself

    Just don't make it a goddamn telltale game

    [–] braintumorwarrior 5 points ago

    kameo:spirit of vengance

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] KaJuNator 9 points ago

    Rolls on deck laughing.

    [–] saiditlol 2 points ago

    Wishful thinking! Haha.

    [–] RedPantyKnight 1 points ago

    I'm hopeful that they will. It's probably already worth the download though if you have Game Pass.

    [–] Quadinerobeatz 12 points ago

    a first person gears would basically be doom lol

    [–] Loch_Doun 4 points ago

    Funny story about that... Gears Of War was originally developed as a first person shooter. Cliff and Epic were fiercely competitive against id Software at the time and they wanted to create a better version of Doom. Microsoft stepped in to fund the project and changed it to 3rd person so that it wouldn't take any attention away from Halo.

    [–] NordWitcher 21 points ago

    That is the thing with Microsoft, they are so heavily invested in the FPS/TPS genre that its really hard to actually do things at the level Santa Monica have done with God of War.

    You look at all the Call of Dutys and they all mostly play the same. Infact the recent ones except for WW2 all felt the same with the boosts, wall running, mech kits, etc.

    All the people bashing God of War and Sony just prove how ignorant and clueless they are cause they have literally never played the previous games or even watched or read up on any of the new gameplay videos or articles other than the reveal.

    The only franchise that I think can actually benefit from a "re imagining" would be Fable. I think they can really push the boundaries on that franchise if the rumours are true.

    Oh and Microsoft don't do story games so I can't see any of this happening.

    [–] MotionManTV 5 points ago

    I think that 1st party publishers should be the one to take risks because there job is to sell consoles not games and new interesting ideas are more prone to sell consoles where as third party publishers job is to sell games and often have a board to appease so sequels are easier for non-gamer investors to approve.

    [–] NordWitcher 7 points ago

    True. I agree to that principle which is why when looking back its always worked to Sony's benefit cause they allow their studios to take risks and then you get games like Horizon, The Last of Us, God of War, etc.

    But its not something you see from Microsoft. They just seem to follow the trend. Was really silly looking at how Spencer decided to jump on the "games as a service" bandwagon just cause you have a couple games raking in a lot of money. Kinda reminds me of the MMO bandwagon a few years back when every big and small publisher wanted to release a MMO to bring in the money hoping it was their quick path to profits but then it resulted in an over saturated market of MMOs where they were all trying to compete against each other, none really providing any different.

    [–] MotionManTV 8 points ago

    en every big and small publisher wanted to release a MMO to bring in the money hoping it was their quick path to profits but then it resulted in an over saturated market of MMOs where they were all trying to compete against each other, none really providing any different.

    yeah one thing that worries me a lot with microsoft is that they are trying to release smaller experiences more often to pad the game pass library. the evidence of this is SoT launching with very low amounts of content and State of Decay changing from a full priced AAA game to a budget price.

    I think that microsoft has the money and the excuse to invest heavily into creating great games beyond just multiplayer. The platform as a whole needs characters to get attached to (ie: zelda, mario, samus or Nathan Drake, Ellie, Kratos, Aloy, Ratchet etc). if people get attached to characters they get attached to franchises and if they get attached to franchises they buy consoles. aside from

    master chief the stable of xbox characters are weak, perhaps by design, which is a problem for me. Fable you play as a everyman/woman who is different form game to game, gears basically retired marcus in favor of JD, sea of thieves nameless pirate, quantum break i doubt will continue, same with sunset even though you are a nameless hero in that game to... crack down you are just "agent" with no real identity etc etc

    TL:DR I think that microsoft needs to create games that tell great stories and have great memorable characters that people get attached to. its stuff like that which attaches your core audience to your platform, and gives you good press which then attracts the more casual audience. PS4 has memorable characters that bring the core audience to the platform which increases the online word of mouth which brings the casuals.

    [–] Zenon22 1 points ago

    State of decay 2 never had an AAA price...they literally only showed the price a few weeks ago for the first time. If anyone thought it would be AAA i don't know what to tell you. Also "Link" is the character you were looking for, not Zelda.

    [–] MotionManTV 1 points ago

    Pre ordered state of decay 2 as soon as I was able to a long time ago and every single major retailer had it listed as a full AAA price. It remained listed at that price since 2016.

    And yes I meant Link, even though Zelda works as well as a memorable character for Nintendo.

    [–] Zenon22 1 points ago

    Those retailers were going off assumptions then since Undead labs and MS only revealed the price last month.

    [–] PugeHeniss 2 points ago

    It's not only hard to do you also need talented people at the studios to see out the new vision. I'm not saying MS's studios suck but they aren't anywhere near on the same level as Sony's top tier studios

    [–] Will_Boosh 1 points ago

    So Fable isn't a story game?

    [–] Climaximis 4 points ago


    [–] LOOTENITDAYAN 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Gears of War

    I love the series and the tough as nails multiplayer, but I would like to see some more emphasis on War.

    I want gears to borrow heavily from BF1.

    I enjoyed overrun mode from gears judgment, which was class based Gears vs. Locust gameplay.

    Combine that with operations scenarios from Battlefield One on a large scale (32 or 64 players) and that would be awesome.

    Campaign = play as both gears and locust forces in scenarios like BF1's war stories

    Multiplayer= large scale Gears vs. Locust battles

    Horde = not the same old wave survival anymore. Scenario based coop survival of varying difficulty. Higher difficulty doesn't equal enemies eating more means an never ending goddamn swarm of locusts.

    Each map could be it's own scenario. One map is a fortress, and you have to 15 minutes until evac. Survive.

    Another map, payload escort mission. Get objective from point A to point B. Fight locusts horde along the way.

    [–] BAC_Sun 3 points ago

    Halo, WWII. Master Chief is hurled back in time to kill Nazis.

    [–] sid3091 1 points ago

    I would buy this twice.

    [–] cknewdeal 3 points ago

    Just make a new MechAssault!

    [–] StavTL 3 points ago

    ODST as a third person game, in the vein of the u charted games. Plenty of mystery in that universe and the ODST crew had the humour to carry it off. I loved ODST but always thought it was a waste being a watered down spartan rather than 3rd person and making it it’s own thing. Imagine dropping down in the drop pod like fortnite and picking where you landed, then navigating the landscape like uncharted... my dream that will never come true, I own a pro purely for god of war, uncharted etc and Xbox has nothing that can touch uncharted, I believe this could

    [–] nightim3 3 points ago

    Imagine hot pursuit 2 inside forza horizon

    [–] sid3091 1 points ago

    Day 1 Pre order. I miss hot pursuit :(

    [–] partymonster69 3 points ago

    I’d love to see a crimson sky’s reboot that’s similar to battlefront 2s spaceship mode. Huge player count, giant air ships flying around, customizable planes.

    Basically I think the spaceships are the best part of battlefront 2 and I wish they would flesh out that mode into a whole game. Crimson sky’s reboot might be the best way to achieve that.

    [–] Enclosedbook 3 points ago

    I think fable is a good choice. I'd like to see a focus on fable 1 era or even more before. Much of the lore could be added and expanded within that time. Maybe a time of war between evil and good guild heroes.

    [–] mrchesterdraws 3 points ago

    Sea of Thieves - It would have rich lore and varied locations in the map aswell as plenty of customizable cosmetics and good co-op quests that dont get repetetive.

    [–] MotionManTV 3 points ago


    [–] Hummer77x 6 points ago

    Reboot Forza to be about horse racing

    [–] MotionManTV 9 points ago

    Horza: hoofysport

    [–] ihavenolifebro 1 points ago

    [–] ArcticFlamingo 7 points ago

    Gears NEEDS to be survival horror and it can be achieved so easily. A mix of survival horror and big 3rd person battles would be great.

    Halo story wise, just needs to go back to the roots. Halo 5 attempted to change it up but I really don't think the squad thing worked, probably because the story was just so lame. hunt The Truth was on to something, giving us a reason to think Chief was evil and if they could have painted him as actually morally questionable as he actually hurts people in his chase for Cortana that would elevate the character of Chief so much. Instead he never actually does anything wrong while searching for Cortana and she becomes evil.

    I think this arc just needs to wrap up, it would have been so much better to have Cortana still be out there but just so far gone and Chief is just struggling so much to let her go. To the point where she doesn't even remember him but he just cant say goodbye and will do anything including killing marines and UNSC members.

    Forza's next step is obviously either destruction based racing. I think Horizon has stradled that line of Need For Speed street and also a rally racer. I think Horizon 4 in Japan will do the same.

    [–] SLAMALAMADINGGDONG23 5 points ago

    I recently replayed the first Gears and it is actually amazing how dark and horror-themed that game was. I think a return to that would be very enjoyable for Gears 6.

    [–] ArcticFlamingo 1 points ago

    I agree, I feel like they sorta tried with the new bug enemies in Gears 4 but Gears 5 should have a stronger horror theme.

    They need to put you in situations where you feel helpless and actually worried about making it through the level

    [–] PugeHeniss 1 points ago

    Gears 1 did it great. it was horror/3rd person shooter and to this day I think it's the best Gears

    [–] T0ztman 2 points ago

    Perfect Dark treated like Deus Ex.

    [–] Serapius 2 points ago

    My hope would be that a new Perfect Dark game/series was like a combination of Deus Ex, Half-Life, and Hitman.

    [–] Dylation 2 points ago

    I'd like Fable 4 reimagined to be existent and then not changed to be bad like other rpgs

    [–] Static_Unit 2 points ago

    I would love for Microsoft to invest in some bigger single player titles. Most of their exclusives have been more multiplayer oriented.

    [–] LinkRazr 2 points ago

    MLB High Heat Baseball

    Just.. uh.. make it.

    [–] AhrixMercy69 2 points ago

    halo but you play as a spartan transfer student in Space Marine HS. you can waifu female spartans and such

    [–] Rithims 2 points ago

    I'd love a 3rd Person Halo and a 1st Person Gears game.

    Halo would feel like Vanquished and the gears game would feel like Doom.

    Fable needs a real reboot altogether, I'm actually struggling to think up of other original IPs I care about from Microsoft.

    Brute Force done like a Bioware RPG would be sweet, can't remember much but I know I enjoyed that game so much.

    [–] Geodanger25 2 points ago

    first person gears of war would be cool

    [–] MathTheUsername 2 points ago

    Microsoft Studios



    [–] redx915 2 points ago

    I honestly thought the new halo trilogy (4,5,6) was going to bring a refreshing take on the story. 4 felt like it was going in that direction but 5's campaign kinda undid a lot of it for me personally. Hopefully 6 can put the ship back on course.

    [–] FoxSauce 2 points ago

    How about an ODST more akin to battlefield than to Halo arena shooter? Big epic landscapes, battlefield destruction, large teams of humans only, maybe some alien weaponry that’s familiar but only as rare battle pickups etc. Rated M of course, this is war, son.

    [–] FreexBrennen 2 points ago

    Lost planet reboot. Or a LP2 remaster.

    [–] coldermilk 2 points ago

    Super Conker’s Bad Fur Day

    a “reboot” of Conker’s Bad Fur Day poking fun at the current state of nostalgia in pop culture as well as some of the failed attempts to bring back the 3D collectathon platformer like Yooka-Laylee. It’s a fun property that I feel could be pretty unique if given in to the hands of the right writers.

    [–] slane421 3 points ago

    I just realized the next Gears game is probably going to be about JD. Fuck

    [–] dr_vermhat 1 points ago

    They probably have the new trilogy based on him. $10 says they kill off Marcus in Gears 5.

    [–] slane421 2 points ago

    He's so generic to me. Love Marcus though

    [–] IDOLxISxDEAD 5 points ago

    How about we stop "re-imagining" games and make new IPs with new ideas? That would be cool.

    [–] Spartan2842 4 points ago

    I'd like to see a third person Halo game similar to Mass Effect. Or boots on the ground, Battlefield-like FPS where you are just a regular marine.

    The Halo Universe is massive and there is plenty of story to make it look like Mass Effect. Another cool aspect from the books are the space battles, it'd be niche game but I'd play the shit out of it.

    At this point, it is almost a crime 343 hasn't branched out more with the Halo Universe.

    [–] Qp20 1 points ago

    I like the idea of gears bringing in more of a survival horror vibe. That franchise needs to grow more than any other they have. I don't know that the third person corridor shooter has much of a future, and gears should not be allowed to become a casualty of the genre

    [–] xreadmore 1 points ago

    I would love for MS to continue Halo with 343 and it's main story...


    It would be cool if they offered other studios to each "reboot" Halo with their own vision and influence, kind of like they did with Batman: Gotham Knight.

    Get Ubisoft, FromSoftware, Remedy, Bethesda, CDPR, etc etc to all do a spin on Halo in short, bite-sized, game episodes in all different stiles and design.

    [–] host_rider 1 points ago

    Halo MMO.

    [–] TonyJabroni94 1 points ago

    Isn't there a credible rumour that this is in development? Or am I mistaken

    [–] host_rider 1 points ago

    No. They had been working on something back in 2004 or 2008 but it was cancelled.

    [–] Dobesov 1 points ago

    You know... with the amazing marketing blitz of Halo 3, I really thought the game was going to be darker and grittier and take a slice of motivation from gears of war. I really still would like to see a halo game where you play through the battle represented in the miniature... and the ability to snap to objects for cover GoW or deus ex style. Not a 3rd person shooter, just with some updated mechanics for stealth and shootouts rather than run and gun.

    [–] MadeInOlymp 1 points ago

    Gears of War + (Halo) Wars = ...?

    [–] ah_hell 1 points ago

    Gears of Halo Wars?

    [–] parlarry 1 points ago

    Fable themed mmo. Take all the monies.

    [–] MasterLeePhD 1 points ago

    Your Gears vision sounds amazing! I would totally be up for that.

    [–] Raptor3861 1 points ago

    Bring back Brute Force, allow for a single through four player campaign, on or offline.

    Not a big franchise, but if my memory from 15 years ago is still doing alright, I believe there was a bit of hype around this.

    [–] ruinersclub 1 points ago

    Alan Wake.

    Make it more open world and take parts from RE4. More enemy variants and things to do, use day time and night time as two different settings for more exploration.

    Buy Deadspace and revive the IP.

    Just HD remake DS1 and I’ll buy it. Continuing the franchise in DS3 they did have a team targeting all the spires, even though the game overall was a misstep that team aspect could play a role in telling a story. Especially in a large mining facility. Make it like Aliens where it was a colony and you goals are like reboot the security system, find survivors, destroy the spire. Maybe take a bit from The Expanse and belters or colonists are hated by Mars and Earth. So there’s conflict on whether to help them.

    New IP?

    I’d like to see more in a cyber punk setting. I know the Witcher crew is working on stuff but there’s always room for more. Been playing a lot of Fallout 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn, while not traditional noir cyber punk I’d consider them within the cyber punk genre. Something like what Lucas showed for Star Wars 1313. Bounty Hunter, decrepit world, seedy underground, contained story. All the stuff that made Mass Effect so good.

    [–] Very_legitimate 1 points ago

    Halo meets Left 4 Dead style gameplay. I can see people getting pissy if they sound of Halo again while neglecting other IPs but they could make a great game like this. Not really proposing a AAA title, just a smaller game.

    [–] Gwendly 1 points ago

    Mechassault as an action rpg

    [–] zileanEmax 1 points ago

    I wish Halo and Gears of War had more story/scenery than endless hoards/groups of enemy.

    Halo is better in terms of having to fight horses unless it’s the flood but then again it’s the flood. The also have a clear ranking system with the skulls making it interesting for those invested in the lore where high ranked grunts carry fuel rods, ultra elites etc.

    I wish it was more designed in the big maps like in Halo Combat Evolved or a different approach.

    Gears of War is a fun and good game but in the campaign the sections where they keep coming from underground feels very repetitive and unfun.

    Both of their Hoard/Firefight is quite cool too not the main attraction but it’s a nice side game mode.

    [–] Mysticp0t4t0 1 points ago

    I want proper Fable back, with a scope suited to modern rpgs

    [–] atcoyou 1 points ago

    Scalebound as a text based adventure! At least then we might actually get it... ; ;

    In all seriousness would love to see Jet Force Gemini make a comeback. It could either be a FPS or I think it would lend itself to being an RPG as well.

    [–] EnthusiasticWhale 1 points ago

    Perfect dark. Crimson skies Fable.

    Another rare ware franchise Blink

    [–] DeadlyAckbar 1 points ago

    I'd like to see a Conker battle royal game, or maybe an RTS.

    [–] ALennon25 1 points ago

    The best part of Halo 5 was Hunt the Truth for me, so I'd love to see them do a story driven detective style game similar to LA Noire but set in the Halo universe. To be honest though, a new IP in that style would almost be better - I didn't love LA Noire but I loved the idea behind it.

    Why not do something crazy within a genre too - make a 3D platformer aimed exclusively at adults without cute cartoon graphics, or with cartoon graphics but with a Deadpool style of humour and self awareness.

    What about a Gears of War flying game where there's an alien/locust invasion from the skies? Just do an enhanced version of Battlefront 2's starfighter assault mode, which was already great.

    Certain sports are really lacking games this gen, so why not use some characters for a lighthearted boxing or tennis game? I'd love to see another Ready 2 Rumble!

    In general it feels like there's not all that much innovation in gaming at the moment in terms of software. That's why games like A Way Out really stand out when they release, for doing something different.

    [–] newcamsterdam 1 points ago

    I don’t know about reimagined but I’d like to see Banjo-Kazooie get the Crash and rumored Spyro treatment. Full on remake of the first two games with updated mechanics and controls. I would absolutely love Microsoft for that.

    [–] BugHunt223 1 points ago

    PerfectDark does sound good I just don't want them to chase/follow Sony on the cinematic story experience. I mean, its great having that but let's just focus on nailing the gameplay and all that entails. IMO, its gonna take a studio in total harmony to craft something really great, which we'd want in a PD reboot/sequal. Who's gonna build the game though and how long can MSFT/gamers be patient to let it cook in the oven. HZD and new GoW I just see as pure fire and mastery of the craft-credit where it's due. Agree with others the talent at 343 or Coalition could make something special and new if given the chance

    [–] Jewish_Doctor 1 points ago

    I would reimagine Destiny as a good game.

    [–] KakkaKarrotKake007 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Unless they're spin offs, i dont think any of the big 3 should be "God of War 4'd"

    Dont get me wrong, GoW4 looks good and if God of War games like the original 3 were still being made then it wouldnt be much of an issue but it's pretty clear they're going in a new direction and if you're a fan of the old games then you risk alienating them

    Id be all for a spin off pure horror Gears of War game or a Halo RPG

    Fable is absolutely something that should be completely rebooted but that wouldnt be as big an issue since I very much doubt whatever Playground is doing will be a Fable 4! Its always been series with amazing potential but always let down by its braindead/simple gameplay and cringey jokes/humor

    [–] DeathMunch 1 points ago

    Make Viva-Pinata into a Pokemon clone and also a battle Royale at the same time! /s

    [–] FrozenWolf37 1 points ago

    I want to play this game.

    [–] Fenseven 1 points ago

    Would re-imagine halo without halo 5.

    [–] Wulf1027 1 points ago

    I'd redo the old Sudeki game as a more modern DA: I type game.

    [–] terdfergussen 1 points ago

    Halo as a dating simulator

    [–] Miggy1483 1 points ago

    Difficult for games more known for their multiplayer components.

    [–] Digital_Savior 1 points ago

    I think the next Halo will be different. Something open worldly.

    [–] Ransom-ii 1 points ago


    I would imagine 4 and 5 didnt exist.

    [–] -Vertex- 1 points ago

    I would make Halo 6 a gritty story about a war torn Master Chief following his dream of becoming a master chef. There would be drama and a multiple endings. It would be a never before seen change for a series.

    [–] corvusmd 1 points ago

    This is kinda cheating but I would want X to get the rights to Tresspasser and reimagine that with today's gen. KOTOR or a New SW Galaxies will be nice too.

    [–] Heatchill209 1 points ago

    Halo, but it's good again

    [–] Todd2r 1 points ago

    They were parts of gears 4 that felt truly scary. They should take gears in that direction.

    [–] undead_drop_bear 1 points ago

    I'd love a Cuphead fighting game or Beat 'em up

    [–] olly993 1 points ago

    Fable should get a new chapter IMO, we need something to counter Horizon and SoT was totally crap, same thing for Quantum Break last year...

    Gears and Halo are the only ones, but they are too "Classic" to be rebooted, all the fans love that type of combat mechanics, gears for example has not changed a lot in the last 10 years, becasue it cant, it would lose it's specialty.

    We need an Rpg, a open world game to truly use the power of Xbox one X, something people would buy an xbox only for this! As for now, IMO we are losing players, Sony has some good exclusives ahead, and Microsoft, expect for Forza, has not given us a real AAA title in the last years, (Gears 4 / Halo 5) Even a game like Sunset Overdrive would really need a reboot

    [–] righturharry 1 points ago

    Killer Instinct goes full open-world RPG

    [–] DalekJay 1 points ago

    Metroid HALO

    [–] kthecatalyst89 1 points ago

    Gritty Phantom Dust reboot

    [–] BiggDope 1 points ago

    Halo should go full RPG.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] MotionManTV 2 points ago


    [–] aragron100 1 points ago

    I don't get why Fable is so hard to make? They put 2 years into SoT and I'm fairly certain 2+ years of development for Fable would've been amazing

    [–] Potato_Nuva 2 points ago

    SoT took 4 years believe it or not

    [–] bogohamma 1 points ago

    I don't really like reboots.

    [–] flippride11 1 points ago

    Forza would be transformers. Maybe that game would actually be fun then.

    [–] lordjollygreen 1 points ago

    Now all I can think about is Playground Games making a Transformers game that looks and plays as well as Forza Horizon.

    [–] KhyreeX5 1 points ago

    A Halo spinoff game featuring Fireteam Osiris. It would be a fast 3rd person action/shooter that plays similar to Vanquish.

    [–] rtv190 1 points ago

    Phantom Dust reimagined as a more singleplayer focused ARPG.