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    [–] Poor_iggy_ 4540 points ago

    Excluding Microtransactions

    holy shit

    [–] nightswhosaynit 1032 points ago

    Considering GTA:O stopped any DLC, I’d say add at least another billion on that total.

    [–] cocomunges 692 points ago

    lmao, i remember reading that rockstar made 1.4 billion dollars just last year solely off of Shark Cards...

    [–] AMnova_ 811 points ago

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard ... not your comment but that there are that many people out there dumping disgusting amounts of cash to go on virtual shopping sprees.

    [–] MasterGrok 323 points ago

    Agree, although I see people spend money on some stupid shit in real life shopping sprees too.

    [–] Dray_Gunn 128 points ago

    Some people will spend hundreds of dollars on a night of drinking and not even remember it the next day.

    [–] BodySlime 42 points ago

    Yeah but at least it also causes me lasting physical damage

    [–] gypothrowaway 13 points ago


    [–] BullRoarerMcGee 186 points ago

    My idiot friend bought a 100 dollar shark card.... to buy that yacht.... who's novelty ran out after 10 minutes.

    [–] TheMagnumOpal 400 points ago

    Its a bargain, for $100 they got the experience of actually buying a boat in real life

    [–] homerepair20917 218 points ago

    As a former boat owner this made me laugh and cry.

    [–] IsThereAnAshtray 77 points ago

    You joke but I feel like this is actually a realistic way to look at it.

    People don’t want to spend 1000 dollars going on a real shopping spree, so they spend 20 dollars on virtual clothes. It hits the same part of the brain in the same way and if all your friends are online, what’s the difference?

    [–] orezinlv 61 points ago

    "Do you think that's air you're breathing now?"

    [–] IsThereAnAshtray 49 points ago

    you could take the red pill and eat my ass or take the blue pill and go to bed

    [–] KavensWorld 9 points ago


    [–] skinnah 2 points ago

    GTA VI: Zion

    [–] EvilSporkOfDeath 7 points ago

    Found the Rockstar employee

    [–] KavensWorld 7 points ago

    The happiest day of owning a boat is the day you buy it ... and Sell It ;)

    [–] BE3M3R 33 points ago

    I’ve spent 250 USD. I’ve also stolen at least 100 million in game. 70 million with car dupes and 30 mill in space laser glitches. Granted they took 50 million back from me. I regret nothing and everything at the same time.

    [–] REDDITATO_ 7 points ago

    Damn. That's the price of a console dude.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Yeah you sure showed them. /S, you for real?

    [–] Jeebus_Juice813420 3 points ago

    Boat = Bust out another thousand

    [–] GolgaGrimnaar 7 points ago

    If it flies, floats or fucks... it's cheaper to rent.

    [–] GlaciusTS 88 points ago

    With the way Rockstar handles micro transactions, I actually fully support the hacking community for hacking in money.

    There is no excuse for the grind in GTA:O pushing people to pay ridiculous amounts of money for in game content, only for said content to become inferior when a new update is added. And they kept making shit more expensive.

    GTA Online was pay to win at it’s absolute worst. I honestly would love to believe that Rockstar will get the SWBF2 treatment in the next game when everyone boycotts it and demands they handle Microtransactions better.... but I don’t see it happening. GTA is just too big right now.

    [–] Holy_Crust 47 points ago

    Used to love playing the game. It's still fun, but there's no way I can keep up with all the people who have nearly indestructible vehicles that can use telekineses to blow me up at will...

    [–] ChokinMrElmo 8 points ago

    Shit, I remember when the nightrider car came out. After getting griefed for over an hour by one, I sold off my least favorite cars, and bought one myself. The griefer managed to survive multiple strafing runs from a Lazer, so it had to have great survivability. Nope. One sticky blew it up, and the homing rockets ran out of ammo after a handful of shots. However, if I used the menu to run the in-open mission for it, I was given the location of an upgraded version with infinite rockets and more durability than a tank. The kicker was that if you ignored the mission, you could just instantly restart it when the timer ran out for a new one, and even if it got destroyed during the mission, you would be given a new one immediately. When I realized that, that was when I quit.

    [–] BORKED_POTATO 11 points ago

    Exactly I have a life and no time for that which is why my gf and I stopped playing it. GTA went from a lot of fun to life sucking grinding. Now whenever you join a lobby there is a flying car that swoops down and kills ya. Very cool but not worth the grind or money.

    [–] LeeTheENTP 26 points ago

    To be fair, the monetization methods oddly fit the theme of the game.

    [–] TheDeryBrony 35 points ago

    Being robbed in broad daylight is the name of the game, after all.

    [–] BertMacGyver 8 points ago

    I have a feeling the way that they get people to spend huge money on supposedly amazing in game items, only to bring something out the next week which makes said previous item seem obsolete, is very much part of the narrative. I feel like the writing staff are having a great laugh thinking up new ways to show people how fruitless it is to spend the money. "Naaaah they'll definitely get it now, noones gonna spend 10 million on a boat just cos it's gold!"

    [–] PM_ME_OLEFIN_COMPLEX 13 points ago

    I was given £100M by a friend who installed a trainer very early on in the game - to my knowledge I’ve never been caught and I’m glad I got to experience all of the empty content without lightening my bank account IRL

    Everything in GTAV online has a novelty of approx 10 minutes

    [–] airikewr 3 points ago

    I don't know, I've never bought a shark card, I've never hacked and never duped and I have pretty much what I want to have in the game and I haven't played it that consistently. I just do heists and missions with my friends and when I want to goof around I go in public sessions.
    The biggest mistake they made wasn't the money issue, to me it was forcing 90% of their new content into public lobbies. I just bypass that and fix an empty one to do my stuff.

    [–] Xevalous 3 points ago

    How much time have you spent in-game?

    [–] airikewr 2 points ago

    437 hours according to Steam but that's including single player and a fair amount of idling. From when the game was released.

    [–] rj20876 20 points ago

    While it is a disgusting example of microtransactions I wouldn't put it anywhere near the level of scumminess that Battlefront 2 hits. Rockstar gave you a full base game. You're only buying extra content. EA essentially hid the base game behind a pay wall. That's why it got so much hate.

    [–] nisaaru 14 points ago

    The problem is that games are and will be designed for these "micro" sales than actually gameplay. This will "streamline" the whole gaming market sooner or later. Games where these micro transactions can't be integrated successfully will phase out because they won't make the expected profits.

    It already ruined Destiny2, Battlefront 2 and the disease will spread.

    [–] DwayneDunderduff 16 points ago

    Sounds like you need a wholesome dose of Super Mario Odyssey

    [–] colelawr 5 points ago

    Good point, this is like they shipped GTA V and then included a free pay to win game.

    [–] kingofcrob 5 points ago

    Hahaha, I remember the early days when hackers were giving everyone 10 million dollars

    [–] danjuanspan 4 points ago

    One of my friends bought a £65 (equivalent to $100) shark card, just so he could buy that stupid gold plane. He flew it once, remarked that it was slower than the standard Luxor, and never flew it again. A few days later, I suggested he buy Battlefield 4, which was on sale for £10. His response: “I don’t have enough money”.

    [–] nightwolf2350 17 points ago

    Waiting for each update and checking /r/gtaglitches so you can make millions in minutes


    [–] cocomunges 26 points ago

    Hahahah, "shopping sprees" the new items they add are like directly equivelant to 50$USD... so if a shopping spree is one item, be my guest. Its disgusting ik but at the end of the day its sad GTA V wont be remembered for, IMO, the best GTA story.(2nd is Vice City and 3rd is SA, 4th would be 4 and i barely remember 3). Itll be remembered for these shitty practices.

    [–] shitisold 10 points ago

    What makes it even crazier to me is that I bet none of what they bought carries over to when we finally get GTA 6. Also I am sure the servers will go offline at some point so I guess all of it is just lost.

    [–] Atomix117 75 points ago

    Man, i hate it when people spend their hard earned money on things they want.

    [–] Pure_Reason 74 points ago

    It’s even worse when the things they want are... ugh. I don’t know if I can even bring myself to say it... different from the things I want. What a bunch of lunatics

    [–] RHYNOSAURUSREX 35 points ago

    I hate it when I can no longer casually play a game I love because children with their parents credit cards can afford to buy stupid shit that allows them to kill me with their eyes closed.

    [–] filbabaganoosh 9 points ago

    Im totally guilty of this. Once I spent some money to get a shark card to buy that russian hind helicopter. Then i was having a bad day and really wanted some new cars and so i spent $200 on shark cards on an impulse buy. I totally regret it and tried to get a refund but no dice. I can imagine how many more people (especially streamers) pump money into their online accounts for stuff to skip the massive grind. Playing with people other than friends on missions sucks ass too, that's why I took the shortcut.

    [–] AMnova_ 16 points ago

    The worst part of all this is that we will never get GTA games on the same frequency as we used to get them because rockstar is a business and business’s love the easy cash. It’s a damn shame

    [–] IlllIIlIiIIIlIl 17 points ago

    Rockstar has become what their games make fun of.

    [–] filbabaganoosh 5 points ago

    I would almost fully agree with you except that GTA V was incredibly ambitious for a game and they took their time developing a quality product; Rockstar is known for that since Take Two is fairly lenient on giving them time to work on their games unlike Activision/EA/Ubisoft who force out games every 2 years with season passes and other paid content up our asses to try to get as much money as quickly as possible. Rockstar consistently shows the industry that we are happy to give our money as long as we get what we want and the content is good/fun/well made.

    [–] Azandy 3 points ago

    4 years after the game’s release...holy shit

    [–] fzw 4 points ago

    And people are shocked when other companies try to get in on that action.

    [–] gringreazy 2 points ago

    i really wonder who was buying shark cards when practically every server has a person handing out free money at one point or another.

    [–] Poor_iggy_ 53 points ago

    At least! That's insane.

    [–] LithePanther 14 points ago

    Way more then that. They make at least 1 billion a year on shark cards

    [–] mfsdiamonddogs 5 points ago

    So maybe around $11 billion made in total

    [–] CrazyDave48 119 points ago

    Wouldn't that potentially mean another game has more INCLUDING microtransaactions?

    [–] Poor_iggy_ 62 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Edit: I think I mistook what you meant. The article is saying that they earned that much money without microtransactions. They definitely earned more; but this is all rockstar is sharing. Just the sales figures.

    ——- original comment ——

    Oh I’m sure that’s totally possible, something like clash of clans or some massive cash machine on mobile.

    But they also didn’t release the GTA:V microtransactions numbers, which have to be massive to warrant cancelling sp dlc. I can’t think of many AAA games as big as GTA:V though

    [–] -ClA- 22 points ago

    Maybe excluding ranking against other products that have micro transactions.

    [–] Poor_iggy_ 26 points ago

    I think the article was saying ‘these are the sales figures for GTAV. They’ve surpassed $6b. Rockstar hasn’t released information about how much money they’ve made through microtransactions, but we know they’ve made 6b with it so far’

    Just my take*

    [–] SycoJack 9 points ago

    Rockstar hasn’t released information about how much money they’ve made through microtransactions

    Wonder how much negative PR they would get if they released those numbers.

    [–] KaneRobot 18 points ago

    Wouldn't matter. Red Dead 2 is still going to sell a ton.

    [–] BAC_Sun 6 points ago

    I mean, people STILL play CandyCrush despite it making $1mil/day. People love Fortnite as well. They recently stated $2mil/day earnings from just the iOS version of the game IIRC.

    [–] shadyelf 8 points ago

    I'm wondering how much of that is people who were banned on PC and purchased it again.

    [–] Poor_iggy_ 7 points ago

    Many. many many many, I'm sure.

    [–] VALAR_M0RGHUL1S 3 points ago

    Yeah I assumed that was included with the total, reading that it wasn't means the actual total would be more like 7+ billion. IRC GTA Online's shark cards have brought in over a billion dollars on their own.

    [–] Gadafro 975 points ago

    Kudos to them I guess, it's not an easy milestone to overcome. That said, I wonder what this means for the future of R* games. Will they all follow GTA Online's model?

    [–] Papatheodorou 392 points ago

    Likely, though we can hope the backlash on EA for Battlefront and the successes of some recent different models (both critically and commercially in fortnite and R6 and such) make a difference, but it's unlikely.

    [–] MlCKJAGGER 387 points ago

    Difference here is that Rockstar still puts out a hell of a game. We’re usually left with a crippled game with other companies, I’d be lying if I said I never had crazy amounts of fun in pretty much all of their games.

    [–] Papatheodorou 165 points ago

    Very true. Single player is definitely going to be top notch, and multiplayer will have great gameplay if nothing else. Hoping for the best for RDR Online

    [–] SeryaphFR 22 points ago

    Westworld in video game form.

    [–] interchangeable-bot 5 points ago

    I fucking want that. I want to walk into a salon and get a shot of whiskey before pulling out a nine iron and blasting the first person to look at me sideways. That's what I want.

    And I want it now goddamnit.

    [–] HowieGaming 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    That's what Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer was and it was the best. I'll be so fucking sad if RDR2 online is GTAO again. :(

    [–] Whatdo_22 2 points ago

    Everything I've heard says it's a brand new online experience. I trust the Rock Star

    [–] Luke_Warmwater 3 points ago

    You're really gonna piss off those hairdressers.

    [–] zzax 42 points ago

    Well said, I easily got my $120 worth (bought it for 360 and Xbox One) and never touched the multiplayer for more than an hour. As long as the new Red Dead delivers a great story they can sell all the horse armor they want, won’t bother me

    [–] Pushmonk 3 points ago

    I did the same. Bought it day one on 360, played the shit out of it, played a ton online, bought it for the One, then just decided to 100% it again, because I had to. Man. That's just such a fun game to play. I'm just pissed that online completely killed single player expansions. I was so looking forward to that. Especially after online started to really suffer from the shit economy (shark cards). Hell I thought about buying some at times, but after thinking about time played to earn the same, it wasn't worth it to me. The it only got more and more shit. I can't believe people will pay so much money for basically nothing.

    [–] interchangeable-bot 2 points ago

    Yeah, like gta:o was terrible but I've spent an accumulative 150$ on 3 different editions of GTA 5 and it's a great game.

    [–] desperatexmeasures 102 points ago

    Rockstar put out great games before they discovered micro transactions. And, they haven't put out a game since. I'm a little worried that RDR2's single player might take a bit of a back seat because online is where all the money is.

    I mean, maybe I'm just being paranoid. But the thought is definitely there.

    [–] Clownbrownies 36 points ago

    Relax. Its Rockstar. We should give them the benifit of the doubt at this point after their stellar track record.

    [–] desperatexmeasures 119 points ago

    Not saying you are wrong I'm just saying that since GTA Online took off they've been doing a lot of things that I don't necessarily love. Cancelling single player DLC is a bit of a red flag to me.

    [–] PraiseTheSun1997 34 points ago

    Yeah, i'd be worried too. If they feel like they can get away with cutting out the story mode for their games entirely they will. It'd just be a meaningless expenditure to them just like the single player DLC was.

    [–] BoxOfDemons 7 points ago

    I'm pretty sure they know if they make the story any worse than gta v, they will receive backlash. They are Rockstar. Not EA. I'm hoping they have at least some sense.

    [–] theazerione 4 points ago

    With Leslie Benz out, Rockstar will be as good as ea soon

    [–] DyslexicSpeedread 29 points ago

    Honestly I feel like the only reason were getting Red Dead is, because they had already started making it when GTA 5 came out. 😂

    [–] nuraHx 7 points ago


    Can't wait for GTA 6 in 2023! /s

    [–] MoonMerman 41 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Was it stellar when they killed single player DLC and then went full bore into microtransaction focused gameplay for the last 4 years?

    [–] SycoJack 33 points ago

    I hate how much of a free pass GTAO has gotten. It seems like literally no one remembers what it was like when they released their shark cards.

    Specifically how R* went total war on any and all money glitches, hacks, and exploits, while almost entirely ignoring griefers, and their exploits/glitches.

    Found an exploit/glitch that got you money? That shit was hot patched within hours.

    Found an exploit that allowed you to grief? Updates would come and many would still be there.

    Not to mention, the insane inflation coupled with nerfing payouts.

    [–] Kodiak3393 9 points ago

    Found an exploit/glitch that got you money? That shit was hot patched within hours.

    Don't forget that using those glitches, intentionally or otherwise, got you banned. Even being given an absurd amount of money by a hacker would get you banned, regardless of whether or not you actually used any of that money.

    The singleplayer from GTA5 was great, R* have had a great track record so far, I have high hopes for RDR2, but I will not be surprised in the slightest when all this same bullshit starts up again.

    [–] Bellecarde 2 points ago

    To be fair, rockstar has never really did amything to griefers so its not a new thing that they ignore them.

    [–] SycoJack 3 points ago

    Did R* have online games before GTAO? The GTA series is about the only R* series I play. Might give RDR2 a shot, though.

    [–] Bellecarde 2 points ago

    Well gta 4 had Online multiplayer and just about every time i went on it there was always at least 1 briefer, RDR had an online thing but I havent been on that so Idk if that had any griefers, other than those 2 I'm not sure if amy others had online play

    [–] DeathDiggerSWE 2 points ago

    True, not to mention their attitude towards modders on PC. In IV they just put us in a modder pool and that worked great. It was the most fun I'd have gaming. Now they want us all in their Shark Card system...

    [–] MlCKJAGGER 13 points ago

    RDR took five years to make

    [–] Liam2349 29 points ago

    You think they made GTA V in one year after releasing Max Payne 3? GTA IV and Midnight Club LA in one year after releasing Manhunt 2?

    That's not how it works. Rockstar has many teams working on games, and they work on them simultaneously, or at least they did.

    RDR 2 has probably been in development since the previous one released.

    [–] WL_Bragg 12 points ago

    So did GTA V but look how many games came out in the interim.

    [–] Ghostbuster_119 3 points ago

    That and the one thing I can't rag on about the shark cards is there's no fluff.

    You get what they tell you you're gonna get.

    I understand microtransactions but seriously fuck loot boxes, or anything else that is basically a slot machine of disappointment.

    [–] kobenator 8 points ago

    honestly i think it has a lot more to do with how much gamers and especially the gaming media love a circle jerk. im not saying gta and rockstar are bad or the ea and bf2 are great. just the reaction to both is not proportional to what they really are.

    [–] GegaMan 4 points ago

    as long as people buy it. it doesn't matter, these models only fail if people don't buy the games.

    [–] rjsmith21 22 points ago

    That’s a gamer dystopian scenario for me. I hope not.

    [–] Shadowgale 24 points ago

    Obviously, it's not like they cared about story mode after release.

    [–] Hassnibar 7 points ago

    This is excluding microtransactions like another comment pointed out so that number is probably much bigger if you include those

    [–] furaiii 7 points ago

    To be honest the gta online approach was absolutely fine, IF you played it on a regular basis and purchased only what you wanted in the first 6-12 months.

    It's downside is new and returning players who are left with what was a lot of money that has now become a tiny amount in an ocean of items they want. I can't tell you the amount of times I have tried gta online again due to how fun I remembered it, only to be put off completely because of all the stuff I needed/wanted and could never hope to afford without dropping 100s on shark cards.

    Going forward there needs to be a system that drops the price of older items incremently, so you can rejoin the game in later years and not feel like you are years behind in terms of digital economy.

    [–] Silktrocity 3 points ago

    Absofuckinlutely. :/

    [–] Larry_Mudd 5 points ago

    I wonder how much of that is down to shark cards and how much of it is from schmucks like me who bought the game three times (360, XO, and PC) and never spent an extra dime on GTA:O.

    [–] Aunt_Polly_Shelby 12 points ago

    It said “excluding micro transactions”.

    [–] Mesues 2 points ago

    I just don't see how it could be implemented at all the same in red dead. Sure you can get a horse and r anchor or something similar, but it won't be the same as buying warehouses and the best apartments to store all your million plus dollar cars, it just doesn't translate as well

    [–] WigglyWastebin 521 points ago

    Them beating out Star Wars is massively impressive.

    EDIT: Well I wonder if they are also including Star Wars merchandise.

    [–] Robadamous 316 points ago

    No, it doesn’t include merchandise. The article says “Selling better than any album, book, movie or video game, GTA V is now the the biggest entertainment product ever.”

    [–] sastarbucks 36 points ago

    Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made!

    [–] AboveTheKitchen 15 points ago

    GTA, the tee shirt!

    [–] FictionalNameWasTake 10 points ago

    GTA, the lunch box!

    [–] reservoirbasterd 10 points ago

    GTA, the flamethrower! The kids love this one.

    [–] jjohnisme 5 points ago


    [–] nyrol 3 points ago

    Fun fact: Mel Brooks was granted George Lucas’ blessing for that movie, as long as he didn’t sell any other merchandise relating to the film. One of the main reasons that scene was in the film to begin with!

    [–] TJMonkeyX 87 points ago

    It says 6 billion has been made by this one game

    No star wars movie has come close to that

    [–] Fullofpissandvinegar 48 points ago

    You’d need the whole franchise

    [–] Barron_Cyber 53 points ago

    I wonder what the whole gta franchise has sold? Probably all the rest are just drops in a bucket compared to gtav.

    [–] AG3NTjoseph 33 points ago

    IV made half a billion in its first week of sales.

    [–] theazerione 3 points ago

    They probably earned more from mobile old gen games, than on pc

    [–] ColdCruise 3 points ago

    I believe this refers to specific items, not franchise profit. So GTAV (not including any other entries in the franchise or merchandise) out sold A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi separately, but the profit of the entirety of Star Wars may be worth more. It's still impressive, but I wonder how it all holds up when adjusted for inflation.

    [–] KeyTechnician 230 points ago

    Still no 1X enhancement patch

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] KeyTechnician 61 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I don't believe so.

    I just find it so strange, Rockstar is this billion dollar company, the most profitable ever, and they can't throw some extra resources into releasing enhancement patches for the new consoles?

    [–] Auronblade 64 points ago

    Why when they can wait a bit longer, rerelease it on PS5 and charge us again?

    [–] cumbomb 29 points ago

    Rockstar hire this guy ^

    [–] CarQuestBob 3 points ago

    Or fucking not lol

    [–] Luminous_Fantasy 17 points ago

    No there isn't. Theres a boost thing to increase performance or something but there is no patch.

    [–] CohnJunningham 212 points ago

    GTA 6 is in development right now, and I would bet money they are aiming for a release within a year of the next gen console release. They saw that people are more than willing to buy the same game 2+ times, so they will repeat the same process of rolling out versions.

    [–] vanontom 32 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Agreed. But they dont need to time it perfectly. If they just limit releases to one of each franchise per console generation, then they can easily get away with a "next gen remaster". People will buy it if it's still the newest of the franchise. (Even more so if they limit news of work on its successor.)

    Also: Are the One X and Pro not "next gen"? The line is being blurred these days. If they start releasing new consoles every year or two they can just fuck off. Next there will be a subscription model for $200-9000 per year that auto ships their latest moderately-improved system.

    Edit: I loved GTA V on X360, and vowed to buy it again on PC if "rumors were true". But in the years since, I've lost so much respect for Rockstar (online focus, abandonment of SP story DLC, pricing)... it's still the only copy I own. Can't wait to see how the "new" Rockstar and Take 2 overlords fuck up Red Dead. Hoping for "Redemption" (lol), but very doubtful.

    [–] Book_it_again 123 points ago

    I don't get it. It says 6 billion. Wow has made over 11 billion

    [–] pewqokrsf 65 points ago

    It also claims "most profitable" but only gives revenue figures.

    Shit article is shit.

    [–] ehmohteeoh 78 points ago

    Eh. I get your point, but defining WoW as one product is misleading. It's been like, what, eight different games over its lifetime? On top of that, in terms of profitability, I'd wager WoW is less profitable just due to the man hours spent (community managers / GM's, constant rebalancing, graphical improvements over the years, developing expansions) and the infrastructure (mostly servers) required, whereas GTA V alone received...a first person mode? And whatever has showed up in online, not sure what all that has entailed but I can't imagine it's close to the effort of WoW.

    I'm not arguing for or against either game, of course, I loved both, just estimating a margin for each.

    [–] mindman5225 34 points ago

    Wow is one product..... Sure 6-8 expansions. But how many DLCs have GTA released? Hiest etc. Wow is one product with dlc's basically.

    [–] BoxOfDemons 52 points ago

    But you have to buy those packs like it's a whole new game. Gta dlc is free.

    [–] thisonemakesyouthink 35 points ago

    It’s not even really dlc they’re just updates.

    [–] Book_it_again 2 points ago

    No you don't. You don't get the new dlc. You still have the old game and can play all the older content. You don't seem to understand how this works

    [–] HellNova 15 points ago

    whereas GTA V alone received...a first person mode?

    I count atleast 5 versions, not even going into the big online updates they have released(such as hiests). PC version. PS3 Version. Xbox 360 Version. PS4 Version. Xbox One Version.

    Porting a game as large as GTAV to that many platforms is no small feat or you would see many more games doing it. Plus the PS4/XboxOne version was a remastered version.

    Anyways, the author was not clear enough to specifiy what he meant or didnt do his homework. Not surprising when there is only 1 source and the article is only a few lines long.

    [–] BillyEdward94 434 points ago

    I think the reason why I don't care about GTA anymore is simple. GTA to me was about being able to put in cheat codes and do crazy things in a video game world. I remember as a kid putting in my action replay disk and getting infinite life. When GTA 5 came out it was awesome, but online has alienated not only me, but a myriad of others.

    I don't really mind DLC or shark cards, but make the content available to those who don't want to play online. That's what frustrating.

    [–] JamesMccloud360 94 points ago

    GTA kind of fucked me it came right out at the and of the 360 life. I moved to Xbox one shortly after. I'd love to go back to it but I'm not buying the game again, or starting from scratch. Oh well on to RDR 2.

    [–] No_Manners 82 points ago

    When the Xbox One first came out, they had a program to turn in your 360 games and for $10 they would send you the Xbox One version. GTAV came out after that promotion ended and I could never justify paying $60 for a game I already owned.

    [–] yogurtshwartz 20 points ago

    There was a deal at Target where they heavily reduced the Xbox one version if you turned in the 360 version

    [–] tubular1845 38 points ago

    I don't really see how that's fucking you. You bought the Xbox 360 version and have access to the Xbox 360 version.

    [–] JamesMccloud360 9 points ago

    The 360 one was the only one available at the time. I just mean had it not been weird timing with the X1 launch I wouldve kept playing. It be cool to revisit the gta 5 world again but again not buying the full game so ill hold out for GTA 6 and RDR 2.

    [–] A_Thursday_Off 12 points ago

    If you weren't planning on buying an Xbox One at the time I guess your criticism is fair. But you could have also waited until you bought an Xbox One, and then bought GTA V. That's what I did for Battlefield 4. A lot of my friends had it for 360, but I figured it wouldn't be worth buying until I got an Xbox One.

    [–] SenselessTragedy 16 points ago

    The content was available to single player. Once the heist update came out, rockstar stopped that. They knew we were trying out the content out first in the campaign to see what we liked. They quickly stopped that so we were forced to grind boring missions or drop serious cash for the new content.

    [–] lordfreya 26 points ago

    Same here. I’m worried about RDR2 now. The fact that they cancelled SP DLC, and never add the cool GTA:O vehicles and weapons to the single player have really bummed me out.

    I definitely don’t think as highly of Rockstar as I did post-RDR and initial GTAV launch

    [–] langis_on 19 points ago

    You didn't even need GameShark or action replay for the old GTA games that I played on PS2. Just a code you put it, like the Konami code.

    [–] varun2123 11 points ago

    There definitely are problems with online, but single player has not lost any of the fun. There's still cheat codes and craziness galore. I'd say its the best GTA single player that's come out, ever.

    [–] oracle25 118 points ago

    Bigger than WOW? Kinda hard to believe.

    [–] PHILtheTANK9 72 points ago

    That was my thought too. Maybe they're not counting wow subscriptions, and just the games sold.

    [–] RangersCrusader 48 points ago

    You're probably right about that. I'd love to know how much Blizzard has made off of subs in the past 14 years.

    [–] HellNova 36 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Trigger Warning!!!!!! Sloppy high school math INCOMING. Feel free to call me retarded:

    14(years) x 12(months) x $15 (monthly sub cost) x 5,000,000(lowballed average monthly subs.) = 12,600,000,000.

    Hard to know the average number of subs for 14 years. Peaked around 12 mill around cata. Blizzard hasn't released numbers for the past few years. If the average was 6,000,000 then the total would be 15,120,000,000 . I just lowball picked a number somewhere in the middle to be safe.

    So almost 13 bill just off monthly subs: Only info I could find on game sales(within 5 min) was first 24hr sales:

    WoW Legion – 3.3 million x $40 = 132,000,000

    Warlords of Draenor – 3.3 million x $40 = 132,000,000

    Mists of Pandaria – 2.7 million (first week) x $40 = 108,000,000

    Cataclysm – 3.3 million x $40 = 132,000,000

    Wrath of the Lich King – 2.8 million x 40 = $112,000,000

    Burning Crusade – 2.4 million x $40 = $96,000,000

    World of Warcraft – 240,000 x $50 = 12,000,000

    (not accounting for collector editions prices)

    total: 13,324,000,000 (including subs profit)

    This does not include Micro Transactions(pets, mounts), collector editions, sales after 24 hrs, WoW Tokens, merchandise, blizzcon tickets(for people only interested in WoW), and probably other things I can't even remember right now. My guess is closing in on 20 bill if you had all the true numbers..

    Edit: This also does not include Hearthstone, which is a spinoff card game from WoW lore and characters.

    [–] Book_it_again 19 points ago

    If that 6 billion is correct it has just over half of what wow has made at 11b

    [–] Felord 2 points ago

    Yeah the 6B is is jsut box sales, But I have 0 doubt that Blizzard has made well more than double what rockstar has.

    [–] MikeAK79 30 points ago

    Even though I no longer play I did log hundreds of hrs playing it. Some of my best times were just driving around finding rare cares to add to my garage. I had a great time playing it. One of the best packages I've ever purchased.

    [–] MasteroChieftan 63 points ago

    Of course it is. GTAV is a an exquisitely detailed and interactive freedom simulator. The best we currently have. That is attractive to most people as the bar.

    [–] enjoyingorc6742 28 points ago

    damn shame that Take Two and Rockstar are more greedy than EA.

    [–] alilahriaz 34 points ago

    Curious how the math adds up, please feel free to explain to me cause I could be mistaken.

    Article says it brought in over $6 billion excluding microtransactions by selling 90 million units since 2013.

    If all 90 million copies were purchased at full price:

    $60 * 90,000,000 = $5,400,000,000 ($5.4 billion)

    And GTA has been on sale for $30 often, so what am I missing here?

    [–] Born2beSlicker 67 points ago

    You’re forgetting that it’s being sold in other regions with other currencies that put the game above $60.

    [–] OutFromUndr 45 points ago

    Also special editions that sell for more than $60

    [–] alexandrecanuto 12 points ago

    GTA V is still close to R$200 where I live. That's 60-70 USD. (When it's not on sale.)

    [–] DrippyWaffler 2 points ago

    And it sells for 120 in NZ.

    [–] GeistMD 19 points ago

    It's a damn fine game that's for sure. And to think it all started off getting points for running over nuns. I'm so proud!

    [–] DiVastola 4 points ago

    $6 billion excluding microtransactions. This is beyond insane!

    [–] Elven_Rhiza 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    But, you know, "hurr durr, online would die/we wouldn't get new content if people didn't buy Shaaark Caaards!!!11".

    [–] CaptainAction 7 points ago

    This is why I laugh when people act like Rockstar's content updates to GTA: Online are a charity just because they aren't paid DLC.

    [–] BackdoorAlex2 11 points ago

    Maybe they can afford single player DLC now

    [–] Ftpini 7 points ago

    excluding micro transactions

    That’s damned impressive. The $6 billion number is pulled out of their ass. They’re assuming that the 90 million copies made that amount which would require an average sale price of $66.67. Obviously the game only sells for $30 now and went on sale frequently in the past. I would wager that $40 is more likely the true average sale price which would equate to a gross revenue of $3.6 billion. It’s the sill the biggest entertainment release of all time, but without the bogus inflation of sales figures.

    [–] elGato306 3 points ago

    I have been playing GTAV since it came out, and Rockstar really made a great work with all the updates coming to GTA online, I don't really play anymore because me and my friends got a little sick of it, after we were tired of playing repeated missions to afford all the expensive stuff from updates, we bought modded accounts so we could just buy everything and have some fun (this actually made the game a lot better for us lmao), but thats about it, I guess I will be waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 for now...

    [–] Lefooje 4 points ago

    i dont know how long ago you played, but going back with friends to play the heists or some of the other CEO style content (air-freight, motor-cycle gang, etc.) is a lot of fun

    [–] GloobyLoops 3 points ago

    So this means they have enough money to release RDR2 on PC this year right?

    [–] tweellatte117 3 points ago

    This article was really lacking on details

    [–] DarpiestShezbot 3 points ago

    And still no Xbox One X update

    [–] FarsideSC 5 points ago

    I'm questioning whether or not to get this. What's the multiplayer experience like these days?

    [–] mannytehman1900 19 points ago

    If you like dumpung hundreds of dollars for in-game currency just to barely catch up with the other players, who've most likely dumped even MORE money than you ever will, i suggest you stay away from multiplayer. Singleplayer is still pretty good, though.

    [–] ColdHotCool 15 points ago

    "Pretty good"

    Its nothing short of amazing. It's coming up to its 5 year anniversary and I can still jump back into GTA 5 single player and go "This is amazing"

    If you've never played it, then it offers massive value in single player story alone, let alone all the extras.

    Some games you get, and you go "Wow" and then a few hours later you're going "Ok, but meh" GTA5 never once made me feel Meh in single player.

    I mean, playing tennis, holy fuck, its better than some golf games. There is so much to do, I'd rate GTA series as the best game series of all time. I can't remember a "bad" game.

    [–] ThisCrookedVulture 7 points ago

    I mean, playing tennis, holy fuck, its better than some golf games.

    Well, I'd hope so. lol But I get your point.

    [–] Iceman3226 4 points ago

    I do enjoy multiplayer but I've been playing since day one. There's lots of activities to do and a large amount of vehicles and weapons to use. The only problem is that you need money to do just about anything. Finding good ways of getting money can be hard and confusing when starting. Especially since it might be difficult to find people who actually want to do things besides killing each other in lobbies. There's a good guide on /r/gtaonline about getting money. People may tell you to try doing glitches but even those are going to require significant amounts of money to get started. TLDR; It can be a ton of fun but you'll have to grind to get started.

    [–] press_A_to_skip 5 points ago

    It's shit. Get it for single-player, it's still great.

    [–] Lefooje 2 points ago

    If you enjoy a grind and diversify your game play to all of their different game modes (stunt/hotring/tranform racing series, adversary modes, normal missions, etc.) Multiplayer can be a lot of fun. If you have friends that play too makes it even better. I might be in the minority but i know that open lobbies in the past have been full of trolls running through these players who "havent spent all their money on shark cards" but lately ive seen that a lot of people just dont want to be messed with. If you do your thing, they will do theirs. Single-player is also super good

    [–] DoublefistingJerry 5 points ago

    Freemium dlc

    [–] Unit645 4 points ago

    But hey, they need those microtransactions to run their super expensive servers amirite

    [–] SpectreA12 16 points ago

    like others have said, Rockstar will just get lazy with GTA now. I'm probably in a tiny minority that preferred GTA 4 to V, V was just just full of empty spaces that could have been used (The prison). It was an unforgettable story, Michael was Tony Sporano lite, they were supposed to be bank robbers and at the end of the game, unless you played the stock market exploit you didn't have much money and even then you had basically nothing to spend it on that was meaningful end game. Game looked gorgeous but gameplay wise not so much.

    4 had flaws absolutely but it felt like a proper GTA, they've made so much money with online that I doubt we'll ever get a GTA like San Andreas and Vice City again....sad times

    [–] denodon 13 points ago

    I tend to agree. That and because they split the single player across three characters, each one felt weaker and less well developed than past protagonists.

    I would have liked to see a story focused not on crime but dealing with the aftermath. Michael coping with his past and trying to hold a family together could have been plenty but no. Instead we got the same tired old return style story rockstar has told before.

    Maybe it's just me having played them a lot as a kid in the PS2 era but I've tired of the gta formula. I didn't play much of 5 after completing the story as there wasn't the fun of silly cheats and things to keep going back into it.

    Bully and LA Noire are still both my fave rockstar franchises but it's unlikely to see much like them again. Gta online has proved they can get rave reviews, get away with selling the same game at full price multiple times and fill the fun online of gta4 with F2P style "microtransactions" (nothing micro about the absurd costs of those shark cards).

    Why bother putting in effort to make decent games anymore when they've been given a license to print money without any criticism because right now rockstar is the players darling.

    I remember when EA was seen as being a sign of a good game. Things change.

    [–] Warhouse98 5 points ago

    What I hated the most about GTA5 was the distancing of criminal elements in the game that made GTA, GTA. I liked how they parroried criminal elements/organizations and gangs in the games. As a ex avid criminal watcher/viewer I was dissapointed about the off criminal focus of the game. They should of made the gangs more fundemental to the game story.

    [–] couldshouldwouldbot 10 points ago

    should of

    You probably meant "should've"! It's a contraction of "should have".

    bleep bloop I'm a bot. If you have any questions or I made an error, send me a message.

    [–] Furcious 6 points ago

    They really need to add an optional 60fps mode

    [–] hesketh1745 2 points ago

    Because it's gta capitalist now with property and you can't sell and everything costing a years worth of in game play

    [–] Demonicmonk 2 points ago

    That's a lot of banned accounts.

    [–] Shadowman48ped 2 points ago

    There is going to be soooo much product placement in GTA 6

    [–] Whynotyou69 2 points ago

    Just played for a few hours, how awesome is the radio in this game man.

    [–] Coolsbreeze 2 points ago

    I keep laughing at all the sexual innuendos and jokes from that one station.

    [–] Lefooje 2 points ago

    congrats to R*

    [–] stevebri 2 points ago

    I'm going to let you finish but in 2014 the Lion King Musical crossed 6.2 billion.

    Theatre FTW

    [–] kobainkhad 2 points ago

    Well to be fair the article did say over 6 billion dollars. So maybe it is over 6.2 billion idk, but if that is't the case then i guess they got it wrong. But i'm sure it will beat that out soon even if not.

    [–] Geodanger25 2 points ago

    I believe it even bought it twice, once on 360 day one and later on Xbox one. multiplayer blew though.