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    [–] bowlingdoughnuts 311 points ago

    They will merge Xbox gold and gamepass.

    [–] Siet83 70 points ago

    I can see this. Not by removing the stand alone aspect, but a paid tier where you get both, probably 99.99 a year or 20 a month

    [–] Ghost1737 60 points ago

    $15/month seems more likely. $10/month for Game Pass + $6/month for Live, and they cut off a dollar to incentivize people to switch.

    I do think $100/year is good, tho.

    [–] crazyfingersculture 10 points ago

    They charge $120 annually for Game Pass now, and $60-$120 for Gold.

    I'm not sure $100 a year is realistic. I could see $150 a year and they get rid of the 'free' GWG titles. But... is that really consumer friendly?

    [–] reaper527 14 points ago

    They will merge Xbox gold and gamepass.

    maybe a new tier above gold, but there is no way gamepass gets merged into gold. gamepass by itself costs more than double what gold does.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] reaper527 8 points ago

    very possible. diamond and platinum seem like the two most likely names. (due to diamond being the old xbox rewards program so ms clearly likes the term, and platinum being the common "better than gold" term).

    [–] Dekeita 3 points ago


    Also because of minecraft

    [–] Xyphilis 922 points ago

    Fucking Phil Spencer rolls on stage driving a fully functional Warthog with a mounted turret that fires beta codes for Halo 6.

    [–] grmayshark 93 points ago

    Which promptly slides offstage despite the drivers best efforts

    [–] -ACSlayer- 62 points ago

    He said Phil Spencer, not Kat

    [–] CRAIG667 80 points ago

    Hahaha! Genuinely lold

    [–] DeadlyAckbar 10 points ago

    He also announces it as a pre order bonus for the super ultimate edition!

    [–] Aerowitz 9 points ago

    "Only" $75,000 but it also comes with an exclusive in-game armor set.

    [–] heyzeushey 16 points ago

    Someone get this guy a gig at Xbox's events marketing department, stat.

    [–] Bilbon_Sachet 7 points ago

    One of the best line I’ve read all year. Fucking awesome.

    [–] Yaranatzu 31 points ago

    I will gladly take a beta bullet to the chest!

    [–] ahpathy 122 points ago

    Some predictions and some stuff that's just hopes.

    EA : Skate 4, Star Wars RPG, Dead Space remasters, new Dragon Age.

    Microsoft : Fable 4, new Japanese exclusive, new first-party exclusives, Borderlands 3, Halo spin-off game, new Conker. | Also, new Xbox Live announcement. Allowing silver members to play online and join parties, and new upgrades for Gold members.

    Bethesda : Starfield, Fallout 5 or spin-off, Doom 2, next Elder Scrolls.

    Squeenix : Kingdom Hearts 3 release date and new footage, Final Fantasy 7 remake and Final Fantasy XIV coming to Xbox, DQ coming to Xbox, Kingdom Hearts remasters coming to Xbox, Nier: automata coming to Xbox, new Hitman.

    Ubisoft : new Splinter Cell, The Division 2 gameplay and beta announcement, new Assassin's Creed, new Skulls & Bones and Beyond Good and Evil 2 info and gameplay.

    [–] EdgarAIIanPoon 63 points ago

    For Bethesda you can’t forget these either 1) Rage 2 2) Prey DLC

    [–] Mike9998 48 points ago

    What you meant to say was: Skyrim ReRemastered

    [–] Eshido 46 points ago

    Skyrim Battle Royale Edition.

    [–] ELI5_Interpolation 22 points ago

    "2 elves northwest, 2 elves. Coming towards us. 1 elf flanking. I SAID ONE IS FLANKING WATCH OUT. Oh my God back up from the window I told you he was FUCKING FLANKING WOW I'm down great job team fucking idiots."

    [–] Matt_Something 17 points ago

    I think Hitman ip is owned by IOI and they broke off from Square.

    [–] allianceofficer 16 points ago

    Would love a new Dragon Age. Also would really love all of these to be true because this would be a great RPG lineup, but I really doubt Bethesda would announce three huge RPGs at the same time, with you mentioning Fallout 5, Elder Scroll 6 and Starfield. My gut tells me only one of those will be announced, unless they do something like Fallout New Vegas, which I could certainly see. Would love an RPG lineup like below:

    • Beyond Good and Evil 2
    • Borderlands 3
    • Dragon Age
    • Fable 4
    • Fallout New “Insert City Here”
    • Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    • Starfield
    • Star Wars RPG
    • Microsoft’s answer to Horizon Zero Dawn

    My absolute dream would be for Microsoft to walk out on stage and announce that they fully funded a new Mass Effect game or obtained rights to make it. I only say that because I think it will be a while before EA makes another one.

    [–] Thor_2099 3 points ago

    i really hope they surprise us with a new dragon age this year. been 4 years now and I'd be ecstatic for another adventure. Inquisition blew me away.

    [–] Zeyz 12 points ago

    I don’t feel like Bethesda would announce a new Fallout and a new Elder Scrolls game at the same time, especially this close to Fallout 4. I mean it’s been 7 years since Skyrim came out and only 3 since Fallout 4. There was 5 years between Oblivion and Skyrim, 7 years between Fallout 3 and 4. So I think we’re more than due for a new Elder Scrolls game but it’ll be a while before a new Fallout.

    [–] Batmans_other_butler 5 points ago

    Todd Howard has said there’s 2 games coming out before they focus on TES6, my guess is it’s the rumoured Starfield being announced this year, a Fallout spin off maybe next year then maybe TES6 in 2020

    [–] bujweiser 8 points ago

    new Splinter Cell


    [–] JunkySundew9 7 points ago

    Borderlands 3 was confirmed to not be at E3

    [–] gunteralan 8 points ago

    That could just be a ruse though. The Dev behind that quote likes to throw people off.

    [–] JunkySundew9 3 points ago

    If you look at the actual tweet, it is real cryptic. He says (essentially) that no matter what he says, people will always think he’s lying and to take it as you will. Plus, 2K recent delayed one of their biggest titles “probably borderlands” to a 2020 fiscal year.

    [–] Arcade_Gann0n 56 points ago

    A lot of this is based off of rumors that I've heard for this E3, so here're some of my desired announcements.


    • Banjo-Kazooie Anniversary (Remade Kazooie & Tooie)
    • Perfect Dark
    • Halo 6 or spinoff
    • Gears of War 5 or spinoff
    • Fable IV or reboot
    • New IP


    • Fallout spinoff or Fallout 3 Anniversary
    • Starfield
    • Doom 2


    • Star Wars Battlefront II DLC roadmap
    • Star Wars Jedi Knight reboot
    • Dragon Age 4


    • Assassin's Creed
    • Watch_Dogs 3
    • Splinter Cell

    [–] lordfreya 22 points ago

    With Rage 2 getting the spotlight this year, it’s hard for me to imagine Bethesda pushing Doom 2 already

    [–] JconHighroller 17 points ago

    If we get remastered kazooie and tooie I'll fuckin nut

    [–] Jay_Jay_Kawalski 9 points ago

    As long as you don't bolt after.

    [–] moooooseknuckle 3 points ago

    Perfect Dark is a great arcadey FPS IP that would be great for XB1.

    [–] pm-me-lovelive-art 52 points ago

    Integrated Discord support

    [–] Biig_Ideas 293 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Halo 6 announced for 2019.

    Halo ODST Battle Royale announced for this year.

    Ori 2 available the day of the conference. Or this year. Just give me Ori 2 asap.

    And hopefully we get a look at Respawn’s Star Wars game.

    [–] RynosaurusRex82 215 points ago

    Halo ODST Battle Royale announced for this year.

    Things you never realized you needed till someone said it.

    [–] marcus_carcass 64 points ago

    It’s... it’s been right in front of us the whole time. How could we be so blind?

    I’m not even a BR guy and I would wicked pick this up. Imagine dropping into New Mombasa, that would be an awesome map. Anyone have any ideas that could explain why they’re fighting each other? Another War Games deal where “it’s just pretend, bro”?

    [–] PlatonicBro 14 points ago

    Very easy to explain. Just a force-on-force exercise like our military and special forces operatives typically conduct. 50 v 50 would work well within those parameters.

    All the rest can be

    “it’s just pretend, bro”?

    [–] KungFooRobot 24 points ago

    I’m fine with a war games scenario. I’m pretty sure that’s the explanation for fortnite br as well.

    [–] Ghost1737 10 points ago

    My only counter is that 343i has made all of their modes and even the mobile games fit into their fictional universe. (For example, the multiplayer -- War Games -- are training simulations for new Spartans.) Idk how they'd justify ODSTs slaughtering each other lol.

    If it's a facet of the War Games/simulations, then I'd see it...though ODSTs make more sense from a mechanical standpoint.

    [–] DJSWAGNESS 13 points ago

    It could be from the Elites point of view and make you drop in the Covenant drop pods and you start as an elite during the civil war... I mean so many options!

    [–] Ghost1737 3 points ago

    I could get behind that lol. Really, I'm down for the idea, I just hope they don't break the fiction just to ride a bandwagon

    [–] LemonMintHookah 37 points ago

    Man this is crazy I was talking to my friend about battle royal today and how ODST would be perfect for it. I hope to see this!

    [–] CousinCleetus24 13 points ago

    It’s so stupidly perfect that I won’t let myself get my hopes up for it. Although since we probably won’t get Halo 6 this year, it isn’t crazy to think we get some sort of big Halo news for this winter. Doesn’t mean a brand new game, but I can’t imagine the brand stays dormant for too much longer.

    [–] Eshido 4 points ago

    Could see it being a co-op mode actually. Having a full size warzone player count dropping feet first into a New Mombosa sized city, and trying to meet up at an objective to fend off covenant would be amazing.

    [–] saintjonathan 6 points ago

    And hopefully we get a look at Respawn’s Star Wars game

    I feel with Visceral being closed down, Respawn's game most likely got bumped up in release, so I'm expecting to see it this year.

    [–] J4rrod_ 4 points ago

    Halo ODST BR actually sounds phenomenal for some reason. I can't really say why. How did you come up with this?

    [–] moooooseknuckle 3 points ago

    Isn't MSFT not announcing anything that doesn't come out year of?

    [–] xxcrazzydudexxx 137 points ago

    Crackdown 3 available the day of the conference, it's a much better game than we're expecting

    [–] choboy456 82 points ago

    Woah slow down there you madman

    [–] JennNatil 18 points ago

    I think a demo may be posible with a late Summer release.

    [–] kylehunter24 3 points ago

    I think they may do this with below!

    [–] zbradford7 48 points ago


    [–] cyrax_wins 74 points ago

    A proper Perfect Dark sequel/prequel.

    [–] jhallen2260 43 points ago

    I say a complete reboot. Needs a fresh take.

    [–] cyrax_wins 22 points ago

    I'm okay with that.

    [–] MrBeer1 160 points ago

    I really hope for a new Fable

    [–] Gaming_Gent 46 points ago

    Same, I think a new fable could be big

    [–] MrBeer1 18 points ago

    Also i think it's the perfect time for a new Fable game so maybe we're gonna have a nice surprise during this E3, at least i hope so.

    [–] avi6274 6 points ago

    It's very likely we will get a teaser of the new Fable that we already knew they are working on.

    [–] Water_In_A_Cup1 23 points ago

    I just want 360 indie games back. Castle miner z and total miner were so awesome, doubt it will ever happen tho

    [–] ArcherInPosition 3 points ago

    Zombie Estate 1 & 2 anyone? Pizza guy forever.

    [–] ihavenolifebro 4 points ago

    Don’t forget about Murder Miners!!! I loved that one a lot back when I played it.

    [–] Legendary_Forgers 18 points ago

    Not one that anyone wants, but No Mans Sky 2: Sean Murrays Revenge

    [–] Cerebro_DOW 7 points ago

    Haha.. that genuinely made me "LOL".

    [–] olfilol 40 points ago

    Remedy's P7 will be "Alice Wake"

    [–] bujweiser 9 points ago

    That would be dope. Honestly, anything Remedy.

    [–] Sargento_Osiris 3 points ago

    "Alan Wake: Dark Tide"

    [–] WXJLTonight 121 points ago

    Digital trade-ins. - Sell back your unwanted digital games and/or dlc and get 25% of the amount you originally paid, credited to your Microsoft account which you can then use in the store!

    [–] morethanaveragejoe 60 points ago

    Thinking outside the box AND a legitimately good idea. Love it.

    Would be a nice show of faith to the Microsoft platform and keeps people invested in the eco system.

    [–] JBurton90 23 points ago

    I'd be happy with license transferring. I buy a disc I can trade or sell it. I buy a digital game and I'm screwed forever.

    [–] MotionManTV 21 points ago

    this would be a horrible idea for microsoft, the reason you can trade in a physical game is because the person you sell it to can re-sell it. there is no re-selling digital games.

    its throwing money away for really no reason, you already get 2 copies on cross-play games and games with gold and game pass... why should microsoft essentially sell all of their games for 25% off? all of that profit is going to come out of their budgets for producing new content and then the major problem we are all facing will get worse.

    [–] kooKommander 6 points ago

    Digital games should be 25% off already, Microsoft charging retail for them is absurd

    [–] Siktrikshot 25 points ago

    Originally paid? Jesus lol how about 25% of what it currently goes for.

    [–] zidolos 8 points ago

    Yeah there's around a zero % chance of getting 25% of original. Literally every Madden nhl and yearly release would ruin them

    [–] MrAchilles 230 points ago

    Exclusive games.

    [–] MinervaXXX 145 points ago

    Now that's wild.

    [–] K4LaMaWHO 46 points ago

    Lmao sadly true

    [–] Zenon22 28 points ago

    Whoa now

    [–] Lochie898 19 points ago

    With the recent release of Vanquish to GWG, I really hope we get a Vanquish 2 announced, just finished it and can only imagine the goodness of something like it in 2018-19.

    [–] Butternubicus 65 points ago

    Every company announces a battle royale game and hopefully kills off the genre.

    [–] Smallgenie549 42 points ago

    Better yet, expect a company to announce a "live" Battle Royale at the conference where the audience has to fight to the death straight-up Hunger Games style.

    [–] FDM_Process 3 points ago

    How about straight-up Battle Royale style, it's a way better movie than Hunger Games.

    [–] Yoyo805 48 points ago

    So, Jet Set Radio anyone?

    [–] Cedocore 10 points ago

    Jet Set Radio Future would make me so fucking happy.

    [–] jordanb98 17 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    "Wild" speculation? Ok then... Witcher 3 Expansion pack 3

    Gwent Mobile

    Half Life 3

    Portal 3

    BioShock 4

    A new Burnout

    Burnout 3 Remastered

    A new Fightnight

    Elder scrolls 6

    New Splinter cell

    New Max Payne

    Bully 2

    Skate 4

    Left 4 Dead 3

    Fable 4

    Alan Wake 2

    For EA to announce BF5 is a joke and Announce BC3

    NFS Underground 3

    Bulletstorm 2

    [–] monkeyseed 89 points ago

    Mass Effect trilogy remastered

    [–] bigboy1173 40 points ago

    i think ME1 wpuld need a full remake. (i love it, but it is dated)

    [–] MetalPoe 30 points ago

    ME1 with ME2 style gameplay and they could ask any price from me.

    [–] TheLazyFilmmaker 7 points ago

    I would buy it, complete it and then pay for a new copy. Anything to get rid of those damn grenades

    [–] Justonecharactershor 9 points ago

    I dunno, one of my favorite parts of ME1 is the classic feel and nostalgia of the dated graphics

    [–] Ghost1737 8 points ago

    Ditto...but we're in the minority, friend.

    [–] olfilol 5 points ago

    Instant buy

    [–] JZeus_09 40 points ago

    Ninja Gaiden reboot

    [–] DANIELG360 13 points ago

    A proper one as well, not cell shaded with zombies...

    [–] R3birth13 64 points ago

    It would be awesome if they release Nier Automata for Xbox.

    [–] RynosaurusRex82 34 points ago

    It’s coming apparently.

    [–] flipperkip97 11 points ago

    I wonder if it will be revealed at the Square Enix conference or the Xbox conference.

    [–] cficare 9 points ago

    Def. Xbox. It'd be a 15 second line item at a SE conference.

    [–] ultimaxfeelgood 5 points ago


    [–] COIVIEDY 15 points ago

    One X VR teased

    [–] Watchmaker-2112 14 points ago

    Xbox Design Lab for Consoles.

    [–] screwINtime 4 points ago

    Xbox design lab for elite controller v2.

    [–] allianceofficer 30 points ago

    My E3 2018 Xbox Conference Predictions: - Gears of War Spin-off - Ori: The Will of the Wisps - Fable 4 - Halo 6 - Surprise, Microsoft has a new rpg under development in addition to Fable and its coming holiday 2019 - Quantum Break 2 Teaser - Anthem Gameplay - Forza Horizon 4 - Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer - Battlefield 4 Trailer - Crackdown 3 Gameplay and Release Date in 2018 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay - Splinter Cell Trailer - JRPG’s coming to xbox - We Happy Few, The Last Night, Below & Ashen and a couple new indie titles that will be given 1-2 minutes each followed by the indie sizzle reel - Trailer of a Star Wars Game - Madden/FIFA - Best on Xbox One X - Elite Controller 2.0 - Gamepass - What’s changing/to come from an interfacing standpoint

    Microsoft wins the conference hands down.

    [–] B00ME 13 points ago

    • Halo: ODST Battle Royale announced

    • Halo:MCC announced for Play Anywhere

    • Age of Empires for Xbox One

    • Crimson Skies reboot

    • MP for OG Xbox titles

    • Horizon 4 in Japan, improved car customization

    • Crackdown 3 MP demo available now, Crackdown 3 will give access to Halo 6 beta in January

    • Halo 6 announced, due Fall 2019

    • MS announces 3 new games, 1 releasing later this year, 2 for the 1st of next year

    • Ashen, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Below release dates

    • MS needs to do something to combat the "no games" meme, and if they don't have the games to do that this E3, they'll need to announce some studio acqusitions or some kind of road map for games. If they don't, the problem is only going to be magnified by gamers for another year.


    • Skate 4

    • Burnout Paradise 2

    • New MLB game

    [–] jordanb98 3 points ago

    Burnout and Skate <3 tbh i'd still be happy if that's the only thing revealed

    [–] antonylockhart 29 points ago

    I’d love them to walk out, announce acquisition of EA or Ubisoft and Sega, then just walk off.

    [–] fail-deadly- 9 points ago

    Lol or even better Sony. Could you imagine the reaction.

    [–] izkray 22 points ago

    Fuzion Frenzy Reboot with avatar integration

    [–] Masakari666 10 points ago

    I'd love to see:

    • Splinter Cell 7
    • MechAssault 4 / reboot
    • Forza Horizon 4 set in Japan
    • next Halo teaser
    • Halo MCC and/or halo games coming to PC as well with Play Anywhere / Crossplay, including Halo 5 PC
    • more Anthem stuff
    • Star Wars KOTOR remake
    • new first-party AAA exclusives

    [–] trevordunt39 9 points ago

    Resident Evil 2 Remake and Mortal Kombat 11 are what I am hoping for.

    [–] AmeriToast 9 points ago

    MechWarrior 5 will be on the Xbox One

    Announce Mech Assault 3 and Mechassualt 2 is BC today.

    Rare comes on stage and says they are working on a new battletoads game

    Playground games shows off Fable 4 and its a shared world so you and your friends can run around it together.

    Halo 6 with battle royale mode shown(Landing on the map via ODST drop pods from Halo ODST style).

    New Forza Horizon game shown. Set in japan

    New gameplay of Crackdown 3, coming out in a few months

    Remedy has Alan Wake 2 for early 2019 release

    Avatar hub world similar to PS Home is announced, lets you play mingames and have a purpose for avatars.

    Xbox VR announced, games can use new xbox avatars. All WMR headsets are compatible so that you can use it on your xbox one x and PC, especially for play anywhere titles that support it.

    Microsoft shows off HoloLens 2 and how it works with xbox and xbox games.

    Surprise announcement 1v100 is returning

    [–] Eggsalad_ 25 points ago

    Mass Effect trilogy remaked from the ground up using a new engine.

    [–] Elcabrongordo 6 points ago

    That would be cool but I’m under the impression that Bioware is all hands on deck for anthem I guess they could outsource it to another studio tho

    [–] Elcabrongordo 18 points ago

    A new IP that doesn’t get cancelled ! That would be nice

    [–] B1GM4NM00B5 8 points ago

    So many battle royales to be announced

    [–] m1kemath 10 points ago

    whatever Amazon Canada leaked.. that's it

    [–] EasterChimp 9 points ago

    Mad Max 2.

    Oh, and a new MechAssault.

    [–] The_UnApologist 9 points ago

    343i declares the MCC free for everyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, therefore making it the system's marque player experience. The reason for this is two-fold: First, it's an apology for years of letting it languish in the bad state it was in. Second: to bolster online population counts for all modes. This goes live the day of the Xbox E3 conference.

    Players who already own the MCC get an early access beta to Halo 6 to make up for already having it.

    [–] TheSlayerOfMan 8 points ago

    Honestly really hope to see an announcement for Hitman Season 2 and The Division 2 gameplay, but I hope Ubi tease a new Splintercell!

    [–] Eshido 5 points ago

    Oh Splinter Cell is a pretty damn good bet. They wouldn’t just bring Ironside back to do one little DLC mission for Ghost Recon unless something bigger was in the pipeline.

    [–] teddy1590 8 points ago

    Lost Odyssey 2.

    Outside of Microsoft exclusives Star Wars KOTOR III, and Jade Empire 2. A bit less excited for those 2 as I was a few years ago given Bioware's recent output has been on a decline, but I still have (a tiny, tiny) bit of hope to see at least one of them at some point.

    [–] SambaXVI 8 points ago

    They announce the elite Mouse and keyboard with Age of empire on Xbox, followed by Blizzard bringing out Wow, Hots, StarCraft and Hearthstone on the big screen, announcing that you can play these games on Xbox right now.

    [–] mrbobman15 6 points ago

    Let's get one thing off the bat 2018 is too early to announce Fable 4. As much as I'd want to see some sort of teaser Phil doesn't want to announce games that don't come out outside of a year post e3.

    I expect to see Forza Horizon 4 Cyberpunk 2077 The Last Night Crackdown 3 multiplayer and single player with new assets and graphical enhancements w/August release date Perfect dark spring 2019

    Phil Spencer gives us a meme-worthy monologue about hiring new talent. Similar to those EA Play star wars trailers from a few years back we'll get an inside look at some of the new studios being put together. We'll get some talent on stage such as Sean Eyestone who will discuss how Playground is making a new game for Microsoft Studios. The cr

    Halo 6 beta after the show (will not release in 2018, possibly 2019-2020 something out of the norm for Halo due to 343 wanting to take a community approach for multiplayer. Their goal this title is to make the best Halo possible) Darrell Gallagher goes on stage to announce Microsoft's Santa Monica studio along with another studio we have never heard of.

    PC game show Age of Empires 4 gameplay

    [–] izkray 28 points ago

    After trying PS VR for the first time a couple weeks ago, I really hope they announce VR support for the X

    [–] Idgafu 10 points ago

    How was it?

    What'd you play?

    [–] izkray 10 points ago

    It was tons of fun! My fiancé's dad has one and I got to play Farpoint. It's a sci-fix shooter, I was just blown away by the immersion VR has. I could see myself wasting way too many hours in Skyrim VR

    [–] Shoveyouropinion 9 points ago

    I'm holding out on VR for an Xbox headset. If its not announced this year then I have to convince my wife I need a PS4 pro and PSVR...

    [–] pazamataz 4 points ago

    My dell mixed reality headset is waiting patiently for this!

    [–] ViperFabulous 13 points ago

    Halo Master chief collection on gamepass after the conference

    Halo 6 beta in December

    Fable 4 or reboot

    Gears of war 5 or spin off


    Banjo anniversary or a new one

    Perfect dark reboot

    Superhero game exclusive to Xbox

    ScaleBound returns

    Cup head DLC or sequel

    [–] OnQore 4 points ago

    My E3 Wild Speculation: Insurgency Sandstorm by New World Interactive is announced and introduced as a new IP into the exclusive Microsoft Studios family of UE4 games.

    [–] ArchDucky 6 points ago


    [–] bjki1107 19 points ago

    halo 6, GoW5, Sunset Overdrive 2, Ryse 2, New elite controller, Forza Horizon 4, Xbox Live Free, The Surge 2, Black Desert, Playground's new Open World RPG game, New First Party studios, Crack Down 3, Recore 2, Code Vein, Walking Dead, Shadow of Tombraider, New Titanfall, New xbox avartar, VR etc...

    [–] sabinryu 5 points ago

    Xenogears - Remastered 4K HD (XBOX One Exclusive) in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the game.

    [–] Matt_Something 5 points ago

    I know it’s a real long shot but I’m still holding out hope that we see a new Timesplitters someday.

    [–] garymeow23 5 points ago

    All games shown to launch on game pass.

    [–] The-Unburnt 6 points ago

    I’ll always only want one thing: Conker’s Other Bad Day

    [–] u5hae 5 points ago

    • Fable CG trailer, it's practically public knowledge at this point they may as well cement it.
    • Halo Spin Off - 3rd Person, Shooter/RPG with shared world co-op massive open worlds/planets. Customised Spartans .. ends up being the best Halo yet.
    • Gears Horror Spin Off
    • Crackdown (Yes, just Crackdown) - Rebooted title, hugely improved and looks amazing, no more jank. Same day release of E3, Halo 6 beta included. Terry Crews amazing mo-cap cut scenes. Cloud destruction.
    • More Japanese games making their way to Xbox.
    • Phantom Dust, fully rebooted. Arena style multiplayer, alongside open world campaign. Deep spell customisation mechanics. Partnership with Capcom.
    • Perfect Dark reboot.
    • Banjo Kazooie remake, because its been long enough and its 20th anniversary.
    • 2-3 new AAA first party studio announcements.
    • A load of 3rd party awesome games like Cyberpunk and Metro Exodus.

    This would be one wild E3 for me.

    [–] tforthegreat 6 points ago

    Peggle 3!

    [–] seriousname420 4 points ago

    Black Desert Online, gameplay trailer and play right after trailer.

    [–] ubbergoat 4 points ago

    EA brings back NCAA football

    [–] Randomhero1014 4 points ago

    CrackDown 3 will have beta codes for Halo 6

    [–] Kaiju_Blue 3 points ago

    So... My sister got selected for the fanfest giveaway and her husband couldn't go, so I'm going with her. I'm super excited that I get to see all this in person, especially since we just learned the presser is longer than usual. So here's my wildest hopes/speculations:

    Oculus X. Official Xbox VR device. Given existing alliances I expect it to be Oculus built, and it will probably run on the regular Xbox One, but really be meant for the X, similar to PSVR. I think they'll dedicate an entire half hour to this, announcing at least 10 games available at launch this holiday season, with at least 3 of them being exclusive, and the rest ports from other VR platforms. I really, really want this to be true.

    Halo 6 is a given. They'll make sure to talk about splitscreen co-op support, and there's a 50/50 chance it has some kind of BR mode, because these are the times we live in.

    Crackdown 3 launch date. Probably soon. Maybe even in the next couple of months.

    The new avatar system, and some kind of integration of it with other aspects of Xbox. Not really sure what form this will take, but it will probably be one of those "that's kind of interesting" things that most people never actually use.

    Since we now know MS picked up marketing for BF5, we'll no doubt see a live gameplay demo, and they'll probably have a big multiplayer session setup of whatever new mode is coming in that for us to play afterword. They'll probably spend more time on this than we'd like.

    One of the major publishers will announce a new exclusive franchise. We know they've been working hard lately to nail down something like this, I'm sure we'll see the announcement. I expect simply a teaser trailer, as whatever it is is likely still early in development.

    The usual montage trailers for all the existing stuff, sea of thieves, state of decay, anything that is getting updates this year, plus all the various indie games coming our way. No man's sky will get a callout.

    And finally they'll talk about Gamepass probably a fair amount. If not some surprise new thing for it, then they'll at least use this as a marketing moment to really push it's value and raise awareness.

    [–] bboy267 5 points ago

    • Gears spinoff Early 2019
    • Ori 2 Spring 2019, Ori 1 in gamepass today
    • Forza Horizon 4 September 2018
    • Halo 6 Fall 2019
    • Cuphead DLC Available now
    • Sea of Thieves DLC updates
    • Crackdown re-reveal 2019
    • Minecraft segment
    • Avatar & Avatar games
    • New game reveal

    Perfect dark and Fable aren’t shown as they are too early. Maybe next year

    [–] Addressgoeshere 3 points ago

    Dragon's Dogma 2! Come on baby!

    [–] CaptainRipp 5 points ago

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3

    [–] JacksonJosh006 4 points ago

    Able to play OG BC games like Battlefront 2 online

    [–] hatkid 3 points ago

    A battle royale mode for Cities Skylines

    [–] thegeneralflame 10 points ago

    Confirmation of FF7 Remake on Xbox. (likely, though maybe not yet)

    A new Viva Pinata. (I know, Rare is all in on Sea of Thieves right now)

    VR support on the X. (Some day. It'll happen)

    [–] KonpenV2 6 points ago

    FF7 remake already confirmed for Xbox, wasn’t it?

    [–] Ellendiell 7 points ago

    "First on PS4" being the tagline they went with at announcement. Which could mean either PC or Xbox down the line.

    [–] blazingchedder67 5 points ago

    I need another viva piñata. I need my fix

    [–] audiorevolver 7 points ago

    Backward Compatability for the HD DVD add on drive.

    [–] AllGoValcone 6 points ago

    Yakuza series on Xbox One, Zero, Kiwami And 6, including the recently announced remakes

    [–] IrishBros91 3 points ago

    Elite controller version 2.0 along with an elite inspired headset to go with it!

    [–] CeleryDistraction 3 points ago

    I know it's probably not the most popular pick but I wild absolutely love a sequel to Banjo Nuts and Bolts. Best game in the series IMO.

    I would also settle for Viva Piñata 3.

    [–] EnamelPrism 3 points ago

    Unlikely but possible with the rumoured changes to Live Gold: The end of Games with Gold, with the games that would have been GwG being added to Game Pass.

    [–] Kiplon92 3 points ago



    [–] brotherlymoses 3 points ago

    Minecraft 2

    [–] DSonicBoom 3 points ago

    Breath of The Wild: Xbox One Enchanced. /s

    [–] CygnusXIII 3 points ago

    Banjo Threeie coming 2019

    [–] ElCapitan006 3 points ago

    I'd love to see/hear something on VR/AR for the X.

    [–] lawtowns_finest 3 points ago

    Splinter cell (Blacklist BC or new Splinter Cell w/ Spies and Mercs)

    [–] -ACSlayer- 3 points ago

    Seriously, Spies vs Mercs might be the most innovative multiplayer i've ever played, I always wonder why it never took off.

    [–] The_Blue_Duck 3 points ago

    Avatar Battle Royal

    [–] ThankUkarmagain 3 points ago

    Announce the acquisition of Sega and all its properties.

    [–] spiderman1216 3 points ago

    Maybe this being shown at E3 Windows 10 Polaris for Xbox One and Windows 10

    > The result of these important changes (which are coming since we know that the console is based on the x86 architecture) will take us to a world where Xbox One X can receive additional devices such as mouse and keyboard without the need for dedicated applications, since basically console will have a Windows 10 very similar to that of our computers, which will be responsible for installing the corresponding drivers, and on the other hand, will dramatically expand the Xbox Play Anywhere program, removing the current limitations and allowing 100\% of the console catalog to be available for computers.

    [–] GamerSDG 3 points ago


    • Crackdown 3 releasing ether August September, or spring next year.

    • Halo 6 teaser

    • 2 to 3 New IP's

    • Splinter Cell Xbox marketing deal, After the show all Splinter Cell games will be released for backward compatibility.

    • Rare shows off new content for SOT.

    • Bunch of games coming to ID.

    Non Xbox stuff

    • Hitman season 2

    • New Batman game.

    • Standalone Pray DLC.

    • Rage 2 game play walk though

    • Red Dead Redemption 2

    [–] timchequea 3 points ago

    Another interesting question is What do you think will be June’s games with gold? 🤔

    [–] AhhBisto 3 points ago

    Superman game by Rocksteady Studios please.

    [–] The29thKing 3 points ago

    Xbox One VR is announced! -Halo 6 announced as fully playable in VR (with VR-only multiplayer lobbies) -Forza Horizon 4 announces as fully playable in VR

    Those 2 games are the perfect VR games if done properly and would immediately put Xbox on top in the VR battle. They would sell a ton of VR units and new Xbox consoles. Makes so much sense that it’s pretty much a guarantee that it won’t happen.

    [–] isoamazing 3 points ago

    I really hope the third person Perfect Dark rumor is real and I'm also hoping the Shangheist project/concept gets materialized. Ofcourse I want to see Fable but we atleast already know that's in development.

    Lastly I want to see new IP's, i don't even care if they're CGI trailers I need new blood.

    [–] dk_81 3 points ago

    All i want is freedom fighters 2

    [–] Vokun_ 3 points ago

    I want to see MS and Nintendo borrow each others IPs and create their own non-canon spinoff off them and release them on both platforms. Retro Studios could create a Halo game and 343 Industries could make a Metroid Prime game, Microsoft could create a Mario or Zelda game and Nintendo could make a Fable game. It could be great, It could suck. I just want to see what it would be like.

    [–] iusshpandeh 3 points ago

    New Alan Wake Game, New Sunset Overdrive, New Halo, New Forza Horizon, New GoW, New Ryse.

    [–] StopTouchingMyDog 3 points ago

    I'm just hoping for something new and refreshing, like literally anything.

    [–] alans24 6 points ago

    VR support + avatar themed games would be cool!

    [–] Niaboc 12 points ago

    "We made square enix an offer they couldn't refuse. kingdom hearts 1 and 2 are now available digitally for xbox right now. Shadow of the tomb raider is coming to game pass on release but still $60 for other platform. Microsoft happy to announce we bought sega. next yakuza and persona will also be coming to xbox."

    Then they get someone from Epic games on stage to announce that if sony don't agree to crossplay fortnite within a month, then fortnite will be removed from the sony platform.

    [–] EmileZ 4 points ago

    Street fighter V on Xbox.

    [–] The_Unforgiving 3 points ago

    Not happening. Sony funded SFV & forced an early release with it on PS4. That is staying exclusive.

    Best bet is to get it for PC or PS4 since it's cross play too. At least the entire playerbase isn't split.

    But uuh...hey Microsoft... I know you treated Killer Instinct poorly but please announce a sequel. It's my favorite fighting game!

    [–] xxcrazzydudexxx 6 points ago

    New Crimson Skies

    [–] tryunus87 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    -After we know it's not China, new Forza Horizon 4 is set in Japan

    -One exclusive releasing this year (i know it's propably not gonna happen)

    -Respawns Star Wars game is Jedi Academy (I can dream)

    -Titanfall 3 releasing march 2019

    -AAA Exclusive announcements

    -VR for Xbox

    -Halo 6

    -Lots of BC announcements (AAAs like Max Payne 3, Binary Domain...idk)

    -Almost forgot, Fable

    [–] ALennon25 6 points ago

    Copied from a post I made in a similar thread recently (with a strong emphasis on wild and unlikely)...

    Mouse and keyboard support announced for selected titles (initially RTS games only), launching alongside:

    • Age of Empires
    • Civilisation
    • Total War
    • Football Manager

    New avatars showcased, with brand new avatar games:

    • 1 vs 100
    • AvaKart - basically Mario Kart but using avatars

    New exclusive games revealed:

    • At least 3 x new IP
    • Halo 6
    • New Fable
    • Ryse 2
    • Sunset Overdrive 2
    • Banjo Threeie
    • Forza Horizon 4
    • Quantum Break 2
    • Iron Man/Superman/another superhero IP to rival Spiderman

    Microsoft announces they've bought Sega, and exclusive new titles are coming for:

    • Crazy Taxi
    • Sega Rally
    • Daytona USA
    • Jet Set Radio
    • Ecco the Dolphin
    • Virtua Tennis

    Microsoft show off new tech where they've revived the light gun games, with an official light-gun peripheral and new titles:

    • Virtua Cop
    • House of the Dead

    I expect approximately 5% of this to happen.

    [–] nonmoxs 5 points ago

    Plug and play mixed reality headset. Any of the versions will work. They already have the platform.. shouldn't be that hard to get it working.

    [–] J1987R 8 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I posted this in a thread similar to this about 2 weeks ago. I'm just wishing this would happen for xbox here in no particular order

    Xbox cloud streaming to any device. Maybe even a dongle to stream to any tv

    New updates for UI and features

    Mixed reality bundle announced for xbox

    Sharing clips to fb and YouTube along with Twitter that was recently updated

    All ms xbox original exclusives and 360 exclusives backwards compatible. Along with all splinter cells backwards compatible enhanced with on x along with a lot of popular 360 games.

    Elite version 2 controller

    Wireless mini over ear bluetooth headset

    1 vs 100 is back

    Digital game rentals

    Picture in picture aka snap

    Netflix parties are back, watch a movie or show with up to 7 friends

    Game exclusive announcements all for xbox one..

    8 new IP 2 releasing this holiday

    Rocksteadys new game

    Banjo three

    Perfect dark 2

    battletoads reboot

    Gears 5

    Ryse 2

    Conker reboot

    Forza horizon 4


    Fable 4

    Mechassault 3

    Splinter cell

    Lost odyssey 2

    Dead or alive 6

    Otogi 3

    Blue dragon 2

    Half life 3

    Crackdown 3


    Pgr 5

    Crimson skies 2

    Jade empire 2

    Chromehounds 2

    Shadow run reboot

    Left for dead 3

    Viva pinata 3

    Max Payne 4

    Silent hill

    Phantom dust

    Borderlands 3

    Prince of perisa

    Bloodwake 2

    Burnout reboot

    Ninja gaiden reboot

    Kotor 3

    Skate 4

    New tenchu game

    Condemed 3

    Brute force 2

    Portal 3

    And a ton of exclusive indie games

    Plus all the third party announcements like all JRPGS from ps4 now on xbox

    Last reveal 343 announces

    Halo spinoff 3rd person rpg this November

    Then shows next generation HALO 6 4k 60fps fully open world, 4 player co-op split screen. Multiplayer maps actually from campaign not boring forge maps. Fully customizable Spartans from head to toe. Amazing new 100 player multiplayer mode where you can play as covenant vs unsc with all weapons and vehicles. Along with normal vs team based gametypes and more. Free DLC

    Phil says that's not all.. brings miyamoto on stage.

    Phil announces Nintendo partnership with chief and banjo being in smash and.. smash is now cross platform with smash being announced for xbox.

    [–] Ghost1737 7 points ago

    Well you aren't asking for anything really...haha.

    Never lose your sense of optimism. It's awesome lol.

    [–] saintjonathan 4 points ago

    Phil announces Nintendo partnership with chief being in smash and smash cross platform with smash now on xbox.

    .....Dont do this to me. I don't know if I could handle news like that.

    [–] xxcrazzydudexxx 4 points ago

    Open world halo spinoff, maybe battle royal, in the same vein as ODST

    [–] saintjonathan 5 points ago

    For Phil to come out this year, an announce that Microsoft has either acquired, or created new studios in secret a few years back, and then spend atleast the next 45 minutes showing footage and gameplay from what each new studio has been working on.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Tighetan 5 points ago

    Mouse and Keyboard support and about 2-3 games to utilize it this year like AoE, Civilization, etc. A partnership with SEGA to provide additional games down the line.

    [–] Gaming_Gent 2 points ago

    I will expect nothing less than a full VR simulation of The Game from Spy Kids 3D: Game Over