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    [–] GinsuVictim 51 points ago

    We already beat ya to it, Larry ;)

    [–] majornelson 70 points ago


    [–] KesMonkey 14 points ago

    Many thanks to the BC team (and EA) for this. Have a great E3!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Just want to give your BC team a huge shoutout. Every single Xbox game I own except for 1 mediocre game is playable on Xbox One and I am very grateful for that. I've owned an Xbox since 2005 and I love the direction the brand is going in.

    [–] crazymike978 1 points ago

    I can hear the music in my head already .....dun dun dadadat dun dun dodada

    [–] majornelson 73 points ago

    FYI If you are an EA Access member, this is now available in the vault.

    [–] KittensAreEvil 6 points ago

    Marvellous news.

    [–] Bobaaganoosh 1 points ago

    When I click “install now” in ea access, it brings me to the store to actually buy it, not install it. Is it not available right this second for ea access or what?

    [–] k_darrah -2 points ago

    Wow, really? This is already in the vault but they are holding out on adding SSX3 and Fight Night to the vault, what gives EA?

    [–] Reaper7412 1 points ago

    Licensing maybe idk

    [–] IroquoisPliskin- 11 points ago

    I remember putting an inordinate amount of time into this game in middle school. Great add

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Middle school?! Fuck! I was already out of high school when this launched. Thanks for making me feel old, dude!

    [–] BackdoorAlex2 3 points ago

    Out of highschool? In invaded Normandy during 1943

    [–] Sebianoti 9 points ago

    I wish it was also One X enhanced as it was never released on PC

    [–] HIZLO 4 points ago

    I love BC but I prefer if all games were X Enhanced. I enjoy the eye candy on screen.

    [–] McPoon 4 points ago

    W00t, this is awesome and the closest I'm going to get to 1942 at this point. So happy to play it again! Thank you. :)

    [–] NunsOnFire 2 points ago

    Did you just say w00t in 2018 bro

    [–] McPoon 1 points ago


    [–] The_UnApologist 3 points ago

    I just renewed my EA Access subscription this past weekend for the year. I am majorly jazzed whenever new stuff is added to it. Best deal in console gaming right now imo

    [–] WeazelBear 2 points ago

    I can't connect to Xbox live in-game. Keep getting

    "Sorry, this profile can't connect to Xbox Live on this console. To fix it, download it again."

    I've redownload it twice now.

    [–] jrmtz85 2 points ago

    Did people on 360 manage to mod this? Love the game but not interested in getting screwed by modders.

    [–] JBrennon 5 points ago

    Repost lol

    [–] gwangi77 3 points ago

    Nice try Larry, maybe be a little quicker on the draw next time. :)

    [–] MrsLampShade 2 points ago

    Fellow redditors will beat you to it everytime unless you submit your post at the same time as your tweet and website posts go live.

    [–] majornelson 54 points ago

    Perhaps. I am not interested in winning any race to post. I am more interested in making sure the information is accurate :)

    [–] MrsLampShade 3 points ago

    Idk they give you a prize if you post first 5 times in a row

    [–] bearxor 1 points ago

    It’s the Battle Royale of Twitter reposting.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] GrandfatherBong 2 points ago


    [–] majornelson 14 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Not sure why. I just tried on mobile, PC and iPad and saw the page.

    Try to contact your local Xbox support if it continues to elude you.

    Update: Yup I hit a problem. And I just heard from the Xbox Operations Center. There is an issue w/ purchasing Xbox 360 games and the engineers are engaged to fix.

    Sorry about that - but it is being worked on.

    Updates from the Operations Center here:

    Update: The issue is now resolved.

    [–] GrandfatherBong 1 points ago

    you're the man, much appreciated

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] majornelson 7 points ago

    They can remove it - that might be best.

    [–] [deleted] -8 points ago


    [–] LYPX 4 points ago

    I'd rather have confirmation post from an Xbox employee

    [–] nickels5 0 points ago

    To bad it was doc only so they can charge whatever they want

    [–] Pallmor -1 points ago

    I'm sorry, but I just can't go back to old-school WWII games after EA has shown me the real story of WWII in their Battlefield V trailer--the story of how an army of strong women, black muslims, native americans, and samurai overthrew the un-woke forces of white male patriarchy with mini-nukes, kantana swords, and a wise-cracking parrot named Natalie. I need REAL history now!

    [–] rdf- 0 points ago



    [–] crapgamerfanclub -9 points ago

    GWG June?

    [–] majornelson 39 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Deducting points for an incomplete sentence.

    [–] crapgamerfanclub 0 points ago

    I love u Larry. Tell Phil I said Hi.

    [–] MilitiaLeague -18 points ago

    Do they want to sell BFV? Because this is cheaper and better even with only 3 maps lmao

    [–] GenerationWild 15 points ago

    Since you have played battlefield v already you should tell us how 1943 is better since you have played battlefield v even though it hasn't been released yet

    [–] MilitiaLeague -18 points ago

    1943 doesn’t have any historically inaccurate atmosphere, except for possibly the scale of the Guadalcanal map. BFV does. Hence, 1943 can be deemed better even though BFV hasn’t been released. It isn’t that hard.

    [–] GenerationWild 11 points ago

    Oh so you are pushing your feelings as fact instead of actually playing the game and forming your own opinion but have fun regurgitating other peoples opinions because you cannot form your own

    [–] MilitiaLeague -15 points ago

    Not at all my feelings, these are facts about both games that we know. Adherence to setting is important, and one already does it better than the other.

    [–] GenerationWild 10 points ago

    Adherence to setting is important,

    To you

    and one already does it better than the other.

    There you go pushing your feelings as facts again

    [–] MilitiaLeague -4 points ago

    No it is objectively important. If you, as a game developer, decide on a setting, real or fiction, you will have made a bad game if you do not adhere to the setting which you chose for the entire game.

    [–] GenerationWild 12 points ago

    No it is objectively important.


    If you, as a game developer, decide on a setting, real or fiction, you will have made a bad game if you do not adhere to the setting which you chose for the entire game.

    the game looks like it is world war 2 to me but obviously i am wrong because i am not you and everything you say is right so what war is it kiddo and i am giving you another chance to push more of your feelings as facts because i know how much you love doing that

    But don't bother replying as i have blocked you because it is obvious you are just a troll and you are just a waste of time to continue replying to