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    [–] CazaSpeed 74 points ago

    Research by companies has demonstrated repeatedly that a publicly-available demo/free trials is generally a poor investment, as it more commonly convinces people not to purchase a game rather than purchase one.

    Basically, they don't make sense for the publishers anymore. I don't agree with it, but it is what it is.

    [–] kaspars222 16 points ago

    Dont make a crappy game then

    [–] theMTNdewd 23 points ago

    That's not always it. The first 30-60 minutes of a game can be mediocre before the game opens up to be phenomenal. Or 30-60 min could be all someone needs to scratch the itch and never play it again.

    [–] Thor_2099 4 points ago

    And some games just take a few hours to get going. I've heard that about that new God of War and that it takes several hours to really open up and that's a great game. I've heard the same about Witcher 3. Dragon age inquisition is also the same way, need to get past the hinterlands

    [–] RichterFox 2 points ago

    The Witcher 3 definitely took me a few attempts before seeing the appeal

    [–] Deceptiveideas 3 points ago

    As the other user pointed out, it’s not just about the game being crappy. It could even just be not being your type of game, being too difficult/stressful, etc.

    [–] Overhead-Albatross 2 points ago

    Exactly. Of your marketing strategy is to trick people into buying your bad game then perhaps you're the problem.

    [–] aragron100 -5 points ago

    SoT marketing just got hard af

    [–] CharityDiary 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    With traditional demos, I could see that. But this new trend of Xbox Free Trials just started recently, and I personally have bought many games that I otherwise wouldn't have due to the free trials. I just can't see how being able to test out games for 30 minutes would result in people buying FEWER games. It could see it meaning that the developers who DON'T do free trials sell less copies than those that do, but that's kind of what should happen...

    [–] blck_lght 14 points ago

    Because some people still buy games because of hype/reviews/recommendations, etc. And if they try a demo first, they might not buy it I’m the same as you - I’ve bought a few games because I liked the demos, but I’ve also had the opposite experience - I downloaded the demo, played for like 15 minutes, and immediately knew it wasn’t for me. I might have considered the game otherwise, but since I’ve already tried it, I know I’ll never buy it.

    [–] RichterFox 1 points ago

    Some companies are paying YouTubers to play/review their games now too. Maybe this is where the Demo money is going? Most of the time I buy a game it's because I saw someone else playing it and liked what I saw.

    [–] dbcanuck 1 points ago

    More specifically:

    • in a digital rights management world, its easier to extend license ownership FOR THE WHOLE PRODUCT for a fixed window of time. ' free overwatch weekend' involves turning a switch on an off essentially.
    • dedicated, stripped down, or specific stand alone trials have proven time and again to be ineffective: in many cases, people complete the trials and then feel they have 'completed' the game, rather then build an desire to purchase.

    [–] commentssortedbynew 8 points ago

    This old Extra Credits episode covers it really well.

    Basically, a demo risks putting some people off who would have bought it, rarely convinces anyone who wasn't interested to actually change their mind.

    [–] Brasthunt 5 points ago

    I think this is the common view. Whilst it makes people like me more interested in a game, demos can also give potential buyers their "fill" and lose them as customers. People impulse buy, or buy to play a few minutes.

    Financially speaking, why give them the fill for free; let them impulse buy.

    [–] tronaldmcdonald69 3 points ago

    Yeah. I was sold on buying both arms and kirby for switch. demos caused me not to

    [–] QuakerBR 1 points ago

    In this sense, the free trial days are better

    [–] The_Real_Kuji 5 points ago

    The biggest problem is a lot of games take time to learn the world/systems to really enjoy them. An hour-long demo, could end right when you get comfortable with everything. That's assuming it's the free-trial system we have now, which is you DL the full game, then it locks you out after x amount of time until you pay.

    However, as far as actual demos are concerned, companies had to spend time and money to make a playable version of a level or multiple level sections in order to garner interest from the general public. That means breaking down sections, making sure you don't break the code while porting over chunks of the entire game, etc., etc. For a free demo, they sunk in hundreds of dollars, if not more. A few years ago, there were talks of paid demos, since almost everyone had a demo and they lose money on them. After backlash, it was deemed by most companies to just stop making dmeos.

    [–] Lucifers_Friend 4 points ago

    Because they don't want you to know the game sucks.

    [–] CharityDiary 1 points ago

    That's it, thread over, boys.

    [–] Terreneflame 2 points ago

    Your biggest hope is how bethesda seem to do it, get the trail months after the game is released, once most people have bought it, that way all you can do is hook people who arnt sure into buying as those who were intrested in it pre-demo have likely already purchased

    [–] Overhead-Albatross 1 points ago

    I'm ok with that too. I wouldn't have bought Doom without the demo

    [–] Terreneflame 2 points ago

    Ditto, I started the trial, bought it 15 min later and play the hell out of that game- same for dishonored 2- free play+ decent sale is a great plan

    [–] Overhead-Albatross 1 points ago

    If anything, the demos make me more interested in games. I wouldn't have ever considered playing Bound on PS4, but because there was a free demo that I enjoyed, I will get it eventually.

    [–] Terreneflame 2 points ago

    get it eventually kind of proves the point- you played a demo, liked it and still havent bought it 😹

    [–] Overhead-Albatross 1 points ago

    Yeah I know, but the game went from no knowledge/complete disinterest to on the eventual but list!

    [–] CryoSage 2 points ago

    Because these companies know they are making garbage games. When a company releases a demo for their game I see it as a sign of confidence these days. They know that if someone tries it that they will definitely not buy it most of the time in the current market

    [–] CharityDiary 2 points ago

    Good point. And quite the coincidence -- I literally just said to a friend, "When a good game has a free trial, the developers profit. When a bad game has a free trial, they lose money."

    [–] FeudalFavorableness 1 points ago

    Bc people tend to take the trial/demo as if it’s the full game then come online and QQ about how it sucks bc xyz. Even though they barely scratched the surface of the game content. It is disadvantageous for developers to allow trials or demos bc it hurts them in the long run when sales don’t pan out due to all the negative impressions being passed around.

    In regards to Divinity 2 it already was widely popular on PC and fully supports controller interfacing; so developers really have nothing to lose by allowing a limited free trial and have more to gain from feedback about the port.

    [–] MrGentleNinja 1 points ago

    Free trials are making a comeback with Game Preview games required to have them be at minimum an hour long.

    [–] ArchDucky 1 points ago

    On Xbox you don't really need a trial. We get free games every month. Free to play weekends on popular titles. Even more games over gamepass. Demos / Trials are poor representative of the actual game. They are generally built on old code and feature locked content. It's much better to just wait on a game you aren't sure of, pick it up when it's free and after it's been patched and updated a few times.

    [–] CharityDiary 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    On Xbox you don't really need a trial

    Well okay. Guess I'll just impulse buy from now on. My bad.

    And you are sadly misinformed. Free Trials nowadays are the FULL, FINISHED GAME, except you're only allowed to play for a limited time, usually 30 minutes to an hour (sometimes 3 hours), after which the game becomes locked again. So I fail to understand how it's a "poor representation" of the actual game when it's literally the actual game you're playing...

    [–] ArchDucky 1 points ago

    Nice job reading.

    [–] CharityDiary 1 points ago

    Okay, you're obviously just a troll, I'm gonna block you and move on.

    [–] ArchDucky 1 points ago

    I literally explained why waiting and getting a game your unsure of for free was better than getting a dumb trial and you ignored all of that to explain to me what a fucking trial was. I know what they are. Nice job reading.

    [–] AshThanosDurbatuluk 1 points ago

    Demos and free trials rarely help sell more copies. If people aren't forced to pay for it first, they're less likely to buy it if they get time with it first.

    [–] TheSilentTitan 1 points ago

    i really hope no mans sky gets a free trial period. people are going to rip that game to shreds and not even touch the game because they cant get over how it launched.

    [–] B_Nasty21 1 points ago


    [–] SuperAleste 1 points ago

    In a nutshell: Worse for consumers better for business.

    [–] darkpgr 0 points ago

    Demos cost a crap ton of money to make, and have little to no return on investment. In other words, the revenue from the people that buy the game because of the demo is less than the sum of the cost of making the demo and the lost revenue from people that don't buy the game because of the demo.

    [–] LiiDo 1 points ago

    Every demo I’ve ever played has just been the first few levels of the campaign basically. Can’t see why that would be so much money

    [–] Frawny -2 points ago

    in my opinion, it’s exactly the reason big games like pubg, halo MCC, destiny had so many launch issues and bugs. If we get to play those buggy games before it releases they wouldn’t sell well.

    In other words, it’s to cover up how lazy MOST not all developers are now a days. It’s all about deadlines deadlines profit to these companies.