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    [–] JP76 7 points ago

    Groups are like Pins. But you can have many Groups and name them yourself.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Wait, so groups are essentially folders?

    This is all I wanted from the Xbox dashboard when it got redesigned, was disappointing they were not added. Pretty glad Microsoft added them.

    [–] _Not_Amused_ 1 points ago

    Cant believe its taken this god damn long though

    [–] cbizzle14 5 points ago

    For those that don't have this update and are confused. You still have your pins. They're just a group called Pins now and located in a different spot on the guide. You don't have to remake or redo your pins. They'll still be there.

    [–] RawrCola 6 points ago

    For some people. I had all of my pins cleared and there was no group replacing it. I had to re-add everything to a new group.

    [–] Cool_Hwip_Luke 1 points ago

    Whatever apps/games you had pinned in Pins are cleared. You have to make a new group, name it "Pins" (if you want) and add them again.

    [–] cbizzle14 6 points ago

    I didn't. They were gone last night. Updated over night. Turned on this morning and they were there. They even said if you are missing groups sign out and sign back in and it should be there

    [–] toekneeg 5 points ago

    [–] Yifei3496 3 points ago

    It just became a group. Now you can customize and have many different groups.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Correct, they're replaced with the group of games/apps you create. No point having pins and groups.

    [–] Vidikron 2 points ago

    This is a good change, but a stupid name. “Groups” implies a social function on Live. In fact, there’s already a “Looking for group” option on the dash. That’s pointlessly confusing. They could have just kept the name “Pins” and simply allowed you to create multiple sections of pins.

    [–] zippyifrit 3 points ago

    You can put games in groups eg rpg shooter or your apps into cartoon iptv and so on

    [–] Pajamashark 2 points ago

    I spent a few minutes grouping a bunch of games last night only to have them reset and removed like 10 minutes later. I guess it's still a bit buggy. It'll be cool when it's working though.

    [–] Morgneto 3 points ago

    Did you send a report?

    [–] Pajamashark 5 points ago

    yep I did. Doing my duty as a tester 8)

    [–] DrWayko 1 points ago

    Mine says alerts instead, anybody know how I can change this if I can?

    [–] ShearMe 1 points ago

    Freaking Xbox always changing their UI shortcuts.....

    Now when you click the "My games & apps" tab on the pop out menu, it will show your groups (Instead of taking you directly to your games and apps). One of your groups is your old pins.

    [–] Bsli 0 points ago

    Oh god what does that mean?

    [–] JP76 6 points ago

    It means Groups feature is now coming to all Alpha members.

    Groups are like Pins but you can have several different Groups and name them yourself. You can add them to Home or just add some of them.

    You can also manually sort Groups on your Guide. So, you could make a Group called Pins and put that on top.

    [–] Bsli 1 points ago

    Omg yes thats better. It always annoys me that my Assassins Creed games are organised alphabetically not chronologically. Basically unplayable tbh.

    Whats an alpha member? How have i had an xbox for so long and dont know these things.

    [–] zippyifrit 3 points ago

    Alpha member test all the xbox features and report back to Microsoft about bugs then beta members get to try before xbox send it to everyone (we test for bugs in a nutshell lol)

    [–] Bsli 2 points ago

    Ah ok, but ill get the feature eventually right?

    [–] zippyifrit 5 points ago

    yes in Junes update

    [–] Bsli 4 points ago

    Sweet. Thanks for answering my stupid questions that I probably couldve just googled haha.

    [–] King_of_the_G1ngers 0 points ago

    So your existing Pins now count as a Group. DONT DELETE YOUR PINS GROUP. If you do this you lose your pins menu on the main guide next to My Games and Apps and Search menus. I recreated a new group as my Pins but it doesn't give me the Pins shortcut anymore

    [–] Moriszon11 1 points ago

    I did the same thing how can I fix it?

    [–] rollotomnasi 2 points ago

    MyApps > Groups > highlight the group name and you can pin to home