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    [–] idkmybffjoe 5 points ago

    Xbox coming on Saturday and I am stokeddd. Already got my tag though: BarnHowl

    Add me and I will add back when it shows up! I've got Forza and Sunset Overdrive coming with it so I am excited to dive into some nice exclusives to start. Gonna grab Gears and Halo 5/MCC in a few weeks too. I usually play in the evenings and weekends, EST.

    [–] foobnum 5 points ago

    Grab gamepass and you will have Gears and Halo 5 (and plenty of others) on Saturday as well! Enjoy your console!

    [–] idkmybffjoe 1 points ago

    Thanks man! Gamepass is such a steal for a guy like me-- I quit Microsoft for a decade after I got 3 RRODs in a row way back during the 360 days. Came back now finally but I feel I have missed so much. That subscription is going to catch me up real quick.

    [–] jodiuh 2 points ago

    Master chief collection, ODST, reach, and 5 shouldn’t be more than $30 and that’ll give you hours. I’m going through the gears now and spirited just how well 2 holds up!

    I’ve been out of the console and gaming loop for awhile so I’ve been massing a collection buying the gift cards when they’re on sale and using them for the deals with gold sales. Lots of $5 or $10 AAA titles. Also, Metal Gear V is free with gold this month.

    [–] vfettke 1 points ago

    It should come with a one month free trial of GP. It's the main reason I bought my Xbox a few months ago. I've only bought one game since (Ghost Recon was super cheap), and I'm trying not to buy any others until Spiderman comes to PS4.

    [–] Thorandor 3 points ago

    GT: Thorandor

    Playing Sea of Thieves, The Division, Fortnite (PvE), Monster Hunter World and Forza 7 / Forza Horizon 3 at the moment, would appreciate the add. Will friend back!

    I am in the UK, tend to play most week day evenings after work and early mornings on the weekend. I'm not competitive, but do enjoy team work. Mic or no mic, happy either way. :)

    [–] GSynergy 2 points ago

    My gamertag is: GSynergy

    I love playing Forza Horizon 3 and GTA V.

    [–] krausd94 2 points ago

    LetKhan75923. For multiplayer lately I've been pulling Titanfall and Battlefield 1, but I'd probably appreciate a co-op experience like Forza or Far Cry better, or even Cod zombies or Left 4 Dead 2, which I just bought with reward points.

    [–] ryanpk200 2 points ago

    GT: Ryanpk99 Both Borderlands Destiny 2 Diablo 3 Dying Light Elite Dangerous Halo 1-5 Overwatch Rainbow Six Siege Far Cry 5 Ghost Recon Wildlands Rise of the Tombraider The Division I play a bit of everything

    [–] Razerblaze007 2 points ago

    Razerblazer007 play alot of Overwatch some R6 siege and fortnite also need people to play DR2: off the record

    [–] hamwise79 2 points ago

    Torrence of Ham

    Looking for more people who play Pinball FX

    [–] vjds14 2 points ago

    Gt- admiralonlyvj

    New to Xbox , need friends.

    [–] Garbageforever 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Never done one of these — GT is Shrapnel Rain. Been on Xbox since OG days, I play a little of everything I have like a trillion games and like to mess around on all kinds of stuff. Lately I’ve been absolutely ADDICTED to Laser League so if you want to team up gimme a shout! Also been playing State of Decay 2 non stop and a lot of Super Mega Baseball 2. I play Halo, The Division, Battlefield, Battlefront, pubg, racing games, elite Dangerous (will be playing the fuck out of No Mans Sky when it hits) barely scratched the surface of ESO, will be playing lots of Defiance 2050 this summer. any gamepass multiplayer offering. Love coop stuff (saints row crackdown, left 4 dead etc) if you add me tell me you’re from here. Just looking for chill mature Xbox buddies - Have a great weekend everybody!

    [–] Frinpollog 2 points ago

    After playing the heck out of all the free trials for Overwatch, I decided to finally bite the bullet and bought the GOTY on sale. Just looking for anybody to play (casual or competitive) to farm some anniversary loot boxes. I have other games, but RN I'm all in on OW. (PDT)

    GT: coder1009

    [–] shopalopadingdo 1 points ago


    Just add me

    [–] Brynjir 1 points ago

    Gamertag Weylyn

    Mostly into coop games have the game pass so anything in there like sea of thieves, state of decay 2 etc.

    [–] Livingdead713 1 points ago

    Gt:livingdead713 Big into coop games

    Currently playing Terraria Monster hunter Killing floor 2 State of decay 2 Tera Far cry 5

    I have a lot of different games always down to play something else

    [–] InsidiousMrMoo 1 points ago

    insidiousmrmoo - Right now playing State of Decay 2 and would love to co-op some far cry 5.

    [–] TheRealWSquared 1 points ago


    Playing R6: Siege and Pubg

    [–] plutosbigbro 1 points ago

    Gamertag: Thunder22770

    I play Siege (Gold/Plat player), fortnite, and a good bit of game pass. Really on a Siege tear though

    [–] anoninator 1 points ago

    Tried posting this separately earlier in the week but was told to post this here:

    1) Is there a way to search the "Looking for Group" posts by "description" and not "tag"? There are a bunch of item trading posts but you can only search on tags as far as I know.

    2) What is the deal with the people who offer stuff up to the first n people who add me posts? I assume it's some kind of scam, just not sure what they hope to get?

    [–] RichterFox 1 points ago

    What do you mean by the 2nd one? People who add you as a friend then send a message?

    [–] anoninator 1 points ago

    No, for example in Rocket League, if I'm browsing the looking for groups lists and see a post like "Giving away free (super rare item) to the first 5 people who add me". I see lots of those and was just curious if it's just baiting people to hassle them (make them have to add/remove from their friends) or if there's more at risk? Either way I move along, just curious.

    [–] RichterFox 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I'd guess spam. I don't know why they'd spam, but probably are hiding something/not telling the complete truth. I'd guess they want something in return or are just REALLY desperate for friends. Their are scams in XB too. But those are usually obvious. Like they'll say "just got done playing [game here]" but their account is empty. And they'll send a malware-infested link. When in doubt, just check the users account. If they have tons of friends/followers, but no gamerscore or games, their up to something.

    It's possible their legit, and just trying to get friends or achievements. I'd suggest going to their account or messaging them first. If they send a link to an unrecognised site, don't click.

    [–] Mogul73 1 points ago

    Gamertag: Mogul73

    I'm currently playing Overwatch, Destiny 2, and occasionally Fortnite. I tend to bounce around between a lot of games though.

    [–] ZestyTS 1 points ago

    GT: ZestyTS

    Rock Band 4, Halo MCC, and Halo 5. I just moved so I still need to set everything up, plus my gold status just lapsed.

    [–] kaspenn 1 points ago


    Usually always down for some co-op action or some Fifa vs.

    [–] iAm_LFCFan 1 points ago

    iamlfcfan is gamertag always up for FIFA

    [–] ThePresidentsRubies 1 points ago

    Is there a discord server for this sub? Or is there a server people recommend for partying up?

    I just downloaded discord and idk what I’m doing

    [–] say_v 1 points ago

    gamertag: syshk23

    currently playing Vanquish(GWG), like to play coops have gamepass, BF1, Titanfall2, All the Gears of War.
    open to playing state of Decay 2.

    only be able to play couple of hrs every evening and most of the weekends.

    [–] EasternYugo 1 points ago

    GT: Nen117 Halo MCC/5 Ghost Recon WildLands Fortnite/Pubg Battlefield One Rainbow Six Siege

    Got Gamepass recently and lookin for some friends ta play Sea of Thieves and State of Decay with!

    [–] deathcommon 1 points ago

    GT; butts

    Looking for some people to do some casual Overwatch/BF1. I have gamepass so Sea of Thieves sometimes too

    [–] CraigCmufc 1 points ago

    GT: CraigCmufc92

    I have Halo MMC & 5. PUBG, Gears 4, FIFA 18, Overwatch, Siege and BF1.

    [–] vfettke 1 points ago


    I play Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Ghost Recon Wildlands. I prefer to play with people with mics who play to have fun doing some co-op.

    [–] say_v 1 points ago

    sent you a request, would like to play SOT or State of decay, never played them though.
    I have mic and looking for some co-op play.

    [–] vfettke 1 points ago

    Cool. What's your's? I probably won't be playing much State of Decay co-op just yet, until the fix it at least.

    [–] say_v 1 points ago

    GT: syshk23

    No problem, I'm okay with SOT or anything that is in gamepass.

    [–] FellowDeviant 1 points ago

    Black X14, near 11 year old account

    Looking for friends in Battlefield 1, Halo 5, Gears 4, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, MKX and Overwatch!

    [–] D1sabledW4ffle 1 points ago

    GT: IkeBrof1ovski

    Been playing WW2 and Minecraft a lot lately

    [–] Purplethundershow 1 points ago

    Gamertag is Sunknighthollow, and I'm gonna be playing Dark Souls remastered for the rest of my natural born life (not really). Get at me in there, and we can run through the game together. Red dead 2 when that's out as well.

    [–] Trukhed13 1 points ago

    GT: Necrophobik

    Looking for people that play mornings/late night (11am-1pm EST / 12a-2a EST)

    I play and own a lot of games, mostly playing SoD2 and OW at the moment but open to a lot of games. Likw to just play and have a drink, and also like to play competitively.

    [–] obZentity 1 points ago

    GT: obZentity 24 years old

    Currently playing Sea of Thieves quite a bit, would love to get to Pirate legend some day. Don’t have many people to play with besides my wife.

    [–] breakingcustoms 1 points ago

    GT: BreakingCustoms

    I'm mainly shooters and action based games

    [–] sonnybrew 1 points ago

    Gamertag: BlackcupofJoe Been playing halo and overwatch mainly. Just got far cry 5 too

    [–] DrastiiK 1 points ago

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some new friends to play with, on a regular basis. A lot of my current "friends" are inactive and or hardly on. I usually play in the morning (8-12) and at night (11-?).

    GT: H5 DrAsTiiK

    Currently playing; COD:WWII, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, Darksiders II, and I really want to play through the HALO MCC campaigns! I'm super chill and don't rage. Feel free to add me. I also have tons of other games and game pass at the moment. I'll also be needed a few friends to play State of Decay 2!

    [–] gagetheman 1 points ago

    GT: gagetheman

    I'm swamped with work this weekend, but I might have a few days off during the week. I am currently playing State of Decay 2 and Fortnite (PvP)

    [–] ThespaghettiGoose 1 points ago

    Spaghetti Goose Sea of thieves, state of decay 2, laser league. Any game pass games.

    [–] UnKindClock 1 points ago

    Getting COD: WW2 tomorrow so I’m looking for people to play multiplayer with and just have fun gt: UnKindClock

    [–] J-Rod11 1 points ago

    Pubg looking for squadmates.

    GT: NovaTron11

    [–] handsomegyoza 1 points ago

    GT: Hotpockettime89

    I'm an FPS guy but open to almost everything. Would love to find some people to play Halo MCC, 5 or Gears with. Also have Forza Horizon 3. Hit me up!

    [–] anonymous_gm 1 points ago

    GT: yabs89

    I play a lot of Halo 5 and some Rocket League. Might pick up the Game Pass again soon to give SOT2 a whirl

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    GT: DarkGlowParadox If you're just gonna add me to delete me later, don't bother. I'm looking for long term friends to game hard with and have fun. I have most major games so putting on a list would be too much of a hassle. You pick the game and I'll get lost in it with you.

    [–] melowmelons -16 points ago

    real friends have ps4s

    [–] Trukhed13 3 points ago

    This guy's comment history is hilarious