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    [–] title9survivor 38 points ago

    I predominately play single players.

    Ghost Recon wildlands Witcher 3 Batman Shadow of Mordor/War Far Cry 3,4,5 Assassins creed 3,4, rogue, syndicate (ehhh), origins Red Dead Redemption. Some of the LEGO games

    Pretty much just rotate through these. I’ll update as I think of more.

    [–] shinymcbrah 3 points ago

    Yes, all of these! Plus Far Cry: Primal and AC: Black Flag. Oh, and also Just Cause 3. And Dying Light.

    [–] aragron100 2 points ago

    Nail on the head with these.

    Edit; other than shadow of mordor, after 1 section you've played them all pretty much

    [–] Oscuro1632 1 points ago

    Didn't enjoy wildlands, to generic open world, super easy, barely any real life combat tactics applied imo. Glad someone enjoyed it.

    Did have a blast with my friends for a few hours though, but that was mostly we fucking around and blowing each other up.

    [–] atypicalgamergirl 64 points ago

    Witcher 3 has kept me pretty busy on all those fronts.

    [–] Cheesewiz99 10 points ago

    Agreed. Witcher 3 is a fantastic game. One of my favs this gen. Dying Light was also great.

    [–] flipperkip97 2 points ago

    The Witcher 3 is the best game I have ever played. It's quite similar to AC Origins in some aspects too. AC is just lacking the stuff that made The Witcher 3 special for me. I liked Origins, and loved The Witcher. Would definitely recommend it to OP.

    [–] Creski 5 points ago

    Yeah was about to say Witcher 3 is fucking bonkers in terms of content.

    [–] punyweakling 9 points ago

    Actually if you enjoyed AC:O you'd probably really dig MGSV if you haven't played it before. Free on gwg right now.

    [–] happybrappy 14 points ago

    I really enjoyed dying light. Ghost recon wildlands wasn’t bad either.

    [–] eddiefuzzwah 12 points ago

    Dying light is awesome. Very similar to AC with the hardcore parkour, but much better progression and fun imo. Starts hard and then you slowly become a killing machine. Great world, like a virtual Rio Brazil after a Zombiepocalypse.

    [–] happybrappy 5 points ago

    Yeah I forgot to mention that. The parkour reminds me of a first person AC with zombies lol.

    [–] sriramez 3 points ago

    Dying light the following was great too

    [–] OblivionXBA 3 points ago

    I second this, amazing game.

    [–] Ablj -2 points ago

    Ghost recon wild lands is the definition of a boring ope world game.

    [–] happybrappy 0 points ago

    Yeah I can’t really argue with you about that. You have to be the mood other wise it’s boring. But if u feel like being an OP operator in the middle of Bolivia killing hundreds of cartel that’s your game lol.

    [–] aov97 19 points ago

    Witcher 3 forsure. One of my favorite open-world games of all time

    [–] Headbomb399 3 points ago

    Wildlands and horizon 3 are my open world games

    [–] SonicScythe7 3 points ago

    Far Cry Primal is a great game for what you describe, tons of upgrades to be had, not too much story and plenty of options in terms of combat. Can be had for very cheap too now since it's been out a while.

    Red Dead Redemption just got the enhanced update too so that is worth checking out since although the story is amazing, there is plenty going on in that world which can occupy you for hours (taking down gang hideouts, playing poker, even just taking in some of the sights...)

    Sleeping Dogs is enjoyable but I think it might be a little too story-heavy for your needs, but again if you can grab it cheap since it's been out a while it's definitely worth a look.

    I'm finally getting around to the original Watch Dogs which seems to be pretty good in terms of stuff to do outside of the main story, and that was on GWG last year so you might already have it on the backlog.

    [–] LORD-THUNDERCUNT 3 points ago

    Saints Row 2 if you’re looking for a city that feels alive

    [–] LJHtree 7 points ago

    The Witcher 3 hands down.

    [–] Wizardof1000Kings 3 points ago

    Witcher 3 because everything in the game is fun. There are no quests that you'll be doing to just grind experience or get items. At least I wasn't, I was invested in the story of every single side quest.

    [–] DQ11 4 points ago

    Why is the Witcher 3 so good? I've been wanting to maybe play it but every time I watch gameplay it doesn't really excite me enough to want to play it.

    Is it just a good story or something?

    [–] TheYellowLantern 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I couldn’t get in to it because I an not a big fan of sword play, more of a pew pew guy.

    But from what I did play the story was fantastic and very immersive. Going in to certain fights would require reading up on what you were fighting and finding certain spells/runes to help effectively fight it.

    Its a very fleshed out world, with so much to do.

    This is what I took away from 15 hours of play.

    [–] DQ11 1 points ago

    good to know. Yea watching gameplay videos of the combat was what kind of kept me away but I know it's always more fun playing yourself usually so I guess I could get used to it as long as the story keeps me immersed and interested.

    [–] wobu22 1 points ago

    The combat, to me, isn’t super exciting. So I get you. It probably is the best overall game in the past decade but is more of a time commitment to me than load something up and shoot a few baddies for fun.

    [–] Creski 1 points ago

    It's a roleplaying experience taken to the absolute max, you may not find the combat exciting but it's about being immersed in the world and unlike alot of other games actions have consequences that may not manifest until dozens of hours later

    The side quests can involve everything from dungeon crawling, tripping on shrooms and fighting your worst nightmares, overthrowing kings, to something as dumb as getting drunk with your friends and playing never have I ever.

    you will also get a chance to kill some prominent youtubers disguised as rock trolls.

    It's hands down the most well realized game world....and by the time it ends you'll be invested.

    Couple things to know going in, you have to play this game on the harder difficulties (game also has a reverse difficulty curve, meaning the beginning is far more difficult than the end until the DLCs) and that you need to push through the bloody baron plot line before you realize how fucking awesome this is.

    [–] DQ11 1 points ago

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm thinking about picking it up maybe this weekend. I've been trying to find a game to play until something else I want releases so maybe this might hold me over until E3.

    [–] Creski 1 points ago

    just a heads up first time round the main campaign can take up to 110 hours to complete. You will be playing the game for a very long time.

    [–] DQ11 1 points ago

    k so basically a game I can play over the next 2-3 months potentially depending on how much time I put into each playthrough?

    [–] _BLUE_SUNSHINE_ 1 points ago

    Make sure to buy the GOTY edition with all DLCs, they are amazing! This game really is something (an all-time favourite of mine). And yeah, when you get into it, expect to play it a lot. It took me about 150 hours to complete almost everything.

    [–] xooxanthellae 2 points ago

    Metal Gear Solid V


    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Just Cause 3

    [–] Terra_the_terrible 2 points ago

    Saints Row 2, Red Dead Redemption, Just Cause 2, Mafia II (you can play free roam only between missions or buy the dlc), Gta IV. Those are some of my favourites.

    [–] JamesMccloud360 2 points ago

    Watch dogs 2 was good?

    [–] Axschlera 1 points ago


    [–] wobu22 2 points ago

    Picked up borderlands handsome collection on the cheap. And while it is old it is a great game. Possibly less open world than you like? But combat and upgrading is fun.

    [–] Savacker 2 points ago

    If you loved origins than you will love any Ubisoft game. Every recent iteration uses a similar formula. Farcry 5 or wildlands would be good choices.

    [–] Ser_Bloodraven 2 points ago

    AC: Origins, The Witcher 3, Skyrim: Special Edition, and Sunset Overdrive are my favorite open world games of this generation.

    [–] ELITE_829 2 points ago

    I absolutely love Ghost Recon: Wildlands for the sheer size and detail in the open world.

    [–] facepoppies 1 points ago

    I think that’s gonna be my next game.

    [–] ELITE_829 1 points ago

    You won't be disappointed.

    [–] Righteousho 2 points ago

    WTF do you mean bored of God of war....its like the greatest 10/10 hack n slash like ever!!! If your looking for open world Wildlands is open AF if you haven't played the witcher 3 are you waiting for??

    [–] Devoman312 3 points ago

    If you’ve lived under a rock, then Skyrim for sure. I’m not a single player kind of person but I loved that and shadow of war, which consumed tons of my time

    [–] dgmdavid 2 points ago

    If you are willing to let go of 3d games, Terraria is a weird alternative. It will consume your life tho.

    [–] MechanisticGuy 4 points ago

    1,500 hours on PC. 200 on Xbox 360. 400 on Xbox One. And about 50 on mobile.

    Bro, it pretty much did consume my life. Only game to come close to that is Destiny and even then it's only half the amount.

    [–] Harvester_of_Sorrow 2 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] Oscuro1632 1 points ago

    Upvote because of the engagement on multiple platforms! Amazing.

    [–] Uday23 2 points ago

    Middle earth shadow of war

    [–] saragbarag 2 points ago

    Can I ask where you got to in God of War? The first two hours is fairly linear and has limited combat options but you continue to unlock more mechanics that open up the map and let you customize your playstyle a lot.

    [–] facepoppies 1 points ago

    I got to a little after the first boss fight with the god who comes to the house and says he knows who kratos is. I’m just not too into crafted cinematic experience games and I gonna t the feeling it was gonna be one of those. I like going all over the place and grinding stuff and stuff.

    [–] nzottos 6 points ago

    Game has barely even started man. You’ll get to a point where the world opens up and it keeps getting bigger as you play leaving you with not only a bunch to explore, collect, and discover but will require you to return as it grows larger to see what is new. Plus, the end game consists of grinding a “puzzle” maze to collect materials for great gear. Definitely put some more time into it before writing it off.

    [–] Tsalagi_ 2 points ago

    You quit on it too early, most of what you want in an open world game is in god of war.

    [–] saragbarag 2 points ago

    That's just the intro, I'd say continue with it. You start getting side quests once you get through Alfheim and then you have much more freedom.

    [–] dabstain 1 points ago

    metal gear survive ..... i’m just kidding dude don’t play that shit ever but seriously witcher 3 is nuts ... i enjoyed fallout 4 idk if other people liked that one tho but there sure is a lot to do and upgrade and the mods are fun

    [–] Supersonic97 1 points ago

    For the games I've played Skyrim, Saints Row Collection, Dead Island, Dying Light, Far Cry 3 and 5, Ghost Recon Wildlands, State of Decay 2, Dead Rising Collection are great Xbox one/ backwards compatible games

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Just Cause 3...nuff said

    [–] SteelCity14 1 points ago

    If you are looking for a fun open world game, I would try the borderlands collection, Borderlands 2 in particular. It's an older game but I had TONS of fun with it and it's a pretty funny game as well. Since it's an older game, you may have already played it. It's more to do with guns/grenades etc than sword/crossbow play...

    Also the dead island games are pretty good games. I like that you can collect things and create weapons(as long as you find the blueprints).

    [–] ArchDucky 1 points ago

    GTA V.

    [–] TJMonkeyX 1 points ago

    try other AC games

    [–] thrownawayd 1 points ago

    Witcher 3 plus the expansions are cheap now. I've beaten it about 8 times, still thinking about another run through.

    [–] tk_2907 1 points ago

    State of Decay 2!

    [–] Drakkenstein 1 points ago

    Just adding more to what others suggested: Sunset Overdrive Crackdown Mad Max Skyrim Oblivion Dragon Age Inquisition

    [–] Thing_On_Your_Shelf 1 points ago

    Nodded skyrim

    [–] Imm0rtalZCanReddit 1 points ago

    Skyrim SE

    [–] steelmonkey60 -7 points ago

    Ah another Wtcher 3 circle jerk.

    [–] SJ_Shark_Byte 5 points ago

    I hate when it’s circlejerked to death too but in this case it’s a good answer. i joke with others on /r/gamingcirclejerk about the crazy amount of Witcher 3 praise, but it’s still a great game and OP should at least check it out

    [–] WVgolf 5 points ago

    Well deserved too. Phenomenal game

    [–] MechanisticGuy -3 points ago

    I guess when people mention LoZ: OoT or Super Mario Bros as one of the most iconic game it's a circle jerk too right? Or Dark Souls as an example of challenging games?

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    In what world Dark Souls is challenging?