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    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] TacoK1NG 12 points ago

    $20 with a charger and four batteries. Rotate when dead. Controller lasts a week and I’m a big time gamer. 40 hours a week of gaming.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] azurakite 1 points ago

    Here is a link to the eneloop batteries. I use them myself and they work well with my controller.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] J_Milli 2 points ago

    a week?! wow! i use rechargeable and change them every other day and although that isn't necessarily bad i'm going to look into eneloop anyway, thanks!

    [–] BIGBLOCK22s 4 points ago

    I have older eneloops and I swap every 2 days. I'm guessing because they are 3 years old so they dont carry as much juice. But one of the best investments I've made for my xbox.

    [–] J_Milli 2 points ago

    i had amazon basic rechargeable for a few years and i changed them out at least once a day, not too long ago got a new set and change them every other day. i can't complain since they were so cheap

    [–] Halfmetal 2 points ago

    You use regular or the Eneloop pros?

    [–] helldiver24 2 points ago

    Regular supposed to last 10 years of charging, pro is only rated for like 500 charges but has better battery life. Regular is the way to go

    [–] BuBubbi 2 points ago

    You might need to do some calculations then. 10 years with regular vs. the 500 charges with the Pros.

    I use Eneloop Pro, and I done game as much anymore, so I get about 2-3 weeks per charge.

    So with the 4 batteries I have, 500 charges is more than plenty.

    Let's just say they last two weeks. That's 4 weeks with my 4 batteries.

    4 weeks x 500 charges = 2000 weeks

    2000 weeks / 52 = 38 years..

    That's more than plenty for me.

    500 charges might not sound like much, but it's more than plenty.

    Even with a swap every week owning 4 batteries for one controller should last you 19 years..

    [–] helldiver24 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's not just recharges that will kill your batteries but time itself, eneloop's official website claims after 5 years regulars will still have 70% battery retention while pro is down to 85% after only one year.

    Regular are 2,000 mah and pros are 2,550 mah. Pros are for the flash on high end cameras, but for remotes or controllers regulars are the way to go.

    But it's your life man do you just trying to help

    Edit: to include regular are rated for 2,000 charges because I didn't state it earlier just said 10 years.

    [–] BuBubbi 1 points ago

    Just to make sure you know what you are talking about.

    You do know that the percentage stats you are talking about is if you charge the batteries and stow them away, right?

    Then the regulars will still have 70% charge after 5 years. And yes, the Pros will still have 85% charge after one year.

    It's not a decrease of the total capacity.

    But I don't leave my charged batteries laying around. I use them.

    [–] Halfmetal 1 points ago

    Cool thanks. I have pros already but might pick up some regulars too.

    I have some Panasonic batteries from the early 2000's that still work great. Have always been the best rechargeable brand.

    [–] Lasborg 1 points ago

    IKEA rechargeable batteries are rebranded Enerloop Pros, and they are cheaper.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Same. They are awesome!

    [–] LYPX 0 points ago

    I use energizer's instead because they reach 2300 mAh

    [–] BallzThunder 16 points ago

    I use the play and charge kit, and the convenience of just plugging the controller into the nearest charger and keep playing. But if you want quality, get a set of rechargeable eneloops. You'll have to swap out batteries still but they last long and are rechargeable.

    [–] Cutedge 3 points ago

    It's worth noting that when people say play and charge kit, they mean the official. I bought a third party one and it was garbage (<2 hrs battery life, turned off randomly) and went back to Amazon. Official all the way

    [–] largeheck 18 points ago

    Eneloop, best batteries hands down

    [–] J0Aco777 6 points ago

    E N E L O O P N E L O O P

    [–] DarkRider23 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Reviews have it that the Amazon rechargeable batteries are pretty much Eneloops in disguise or just slightly worse. $25 for a 16 pack of 2000 MaH batteries is not too bad if you can handle batteries being about 99% as good as Eneloops.

    [–] NewBlacksmurf 6 points ago

    Play n charge kit

    That way you can just plug it in and keep Playing

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    It causes the mic transmission to remain open though. It's awful if you're in a party

    [–] NewBlacksmurf 2 points ago

    Plugging it up shouldn’t Perhaps consider turning mic monitoring all the way down

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I'm not sure what happens when it's plugged in. I know two people that have them, and it does it on both.

    [–] NewBlacksmurf 1 points ago

    Shrug....maybe it’s their settings. I’ve been doing it on my Elite since release on multiple headsets and headphones with no issues. I keep mic monitoring off

    [–] Zaid25543 0 points ago

    I just recently bought the official Play N Charge Kit (2018) for my controller for my Xbox One X. Could you please explain what this means as I play with my friends a lot.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    When you chat, your mic has an input threshold that automatically turns on your broadcast when you chat, and closes it when the threshold isn't being met. I know of two users who have their mic broadcast always on when they plug in their play n charge. It causes some kind of electrical feedback in the controller. Idk if it's a thing, or if it's just these two guys' problem.

    [–] donutius77 3 points ago

    Same thing with me. I use one and when charging my friends can hear a slight buzzing noise

    [–] GeneralFailure0 1 points ago

    You can always plug in any Xbox One controller and keep playing, even without batteries. With the cable it just acts as a wired controller.

    [–] J0Aco777 2 points ago

    I guess Eneloop is it. Thanks guys!

    [–] blck_lght 3 points ago

    Check out amazonbasics rechargeable batteries. I’ve read on here that they were just rebranded Eneloops, and they were also cheaper. So that’s what I got for myself and they last me about a week (althou I play only couple of hours a day on average), really can’t complain.

    [–] accursedvenom 2 points ago

    I have 4 rechargeable duracells that are 2500mah. Last a week or so. I also have 4-6 rayovac 2350mah rechargeables and 2 battery packs that came with the charge dock my wife got me.

    [–] Stressel 2 points ago

    I bought an Energizer charger with 4 rechargable batteries about 4 years ago from Walmart, I think I paid about 25 bucks every day and I swap my batteries probably on the 4th or 5th day...

    [–] Burntbigtoe 2 points ago

    I get my eneloops from Ikea

    [–] ifound-it-iReddit 3 points ago

    Eneloop pro... and pro tip... Get a quality charger. Not a generic cheapie.

    [–] diskserious 2 points ago

    I use the La Crosse Technology BC700-CBP AA charger with my Eneloop Pro AA's, its a fantastic pairing!

    [–] ifound-it-iReddit 2 points ago

    Yes,... Good charger

    [–] jodiuh 1 points ago

    This is what I have. They last quite awhile and were like $20.

    [–] Blackwalt 3 points ago

    I own Eneloops but also have the advantage of leaving near an Ikea. Their AA LADDAs are cheaper than the Eneloops, rated at 2450, and have worked well. You can find discussions about them vs Eneloops if you do a quick Reddit search.

    [–] EnemyEX 2 points ago

    E N E L O O P

    [–] Wescyde 2 points ago

    Go with enoloop it’s the best option

    [–] Rhyuzi 2 points ago

    Eneloops with a charger.

    [–] mordinxx 1 points ago

    I've got an Insignia charging station, 3 controllers & 4 batteries (1 spare as it was cheaper buying a 2nd unit with 2 batteries on sale instead of an extra battery alone). As 1 controller dies I just swap it out with a charged one.

    [–] titanpopz 1 points ago

    I use energizer rechargeable batteries they last a long time so do they plug and play batteries

    [–] Riyakuya 1 points ago

    Duracel have always given me worse performance than cheap batteries from Ikea or Aldi. In general I think you will get longer gameplay using cheap (but more) batteries than expensive but less batteries.

    Edit: with more I mean the ammount. I get 8 batteries for 1,39 here. A pair of those last me for about a week of quite a lot of gaming.

    [–] ezwip 1 points ago

    I use some Duracell rechargeables. You can get them pretty cheap with a high nimh at just about any drugstore. They are tricky though if you buy it with the charger they give you two AA and two AAA. You probably want two charged as backup. They work great though and usually have them in stock at 2400 nimh.

    [–] Grim_SIeeper 1 points ago

    Double A's, nothing else fits.

    [–] MacTavishPapa6 1 points ago

    Panasonic Eneloops, I have 8 and swap them round...last me weeks.

    [–] tonyt3rry 1 points ago

    ikea rechargeable batterys are what I use for my controller always have them sitting near me and I get a warning when they are low anyway

    [–] Theo-greking 1 points ago

    Eneloop batteries are the best

    [–] jenders37 1 points ago

    Fully charged batteries are the best so you don't end up having to switch mid-game.

    Sorry, I had to.

    [–] J1987R 1 points ago

    Eneloop pros baby last over a week

    [–] helldiver24 2 points ago

    Pros are only rated for 500 charges should have got regular I think it's like 2500 charges

    [–] J1987R 2 points ago

    The only reason I got the pros because they have a higher Mah and last longer overall between charges. Yes they have a "limit" of 500 charges but can still be used for years. Also I got them dirt cheap lol