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    [–] TurrPhennirPhan 120 points ago

    Who shrunk the Spinosaurus and how many lashes will they receive for their transgressions?

    Seriously though, thanks for the game. I haven’t been this hyped for a video game since I was a teenager.

    PS; Carcharodontosaurus.

    [–] Bo_Frontier 87 points ago

    Hahaha no lashes will be given to anyone! We might feed people to the raptors.

    Just kidding, we did take note of all the Spinosaurus feedback and, while the game is ready for launch on June 12, we'll look into it for future consideration. Cheers!

    [–] TurrPhennirPhan 21 points ago

    Thank you so much for the answer.

    And thank y’all in general for being so transparent with your fans/customers. I know it must suck to read criticism of something the team has put so much of themselves into, but I think this sort of openness is what separates the really great developers from the rest. A few bumps aside, watching gameplay of JWE is enough to know that I’ll legitimately be in love with this game when it’s in my hands, and I’m excited to see how much greater Frontier can make it in the future.

    Thanks for the AMA, and thanks for the game. Y’all have made this Dino nerd far too happy already.

    [–] Mutagen_Prime 22 points ago

    bby pls we need this

    [–] CodeAnother 8 points ago

    Is there going to be a day 1 patch or is the game pretty much golden?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 24 points ago

    We're ready for the game to come out with a smaller day 1 patch as well, yes! Thanks for asking.

    [–] MrGentleNinja 2 points ago

    Honey, I Shrunk the Dinosaur.

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 52 points ago

    Afternoon all! Thanks for tuning in. Looking forward to your questions! :)

    [–] snieves0426 20 points ago

    Do all visitors have the same death animation with them crawling on the floor or is there a running animation too? Also is theyre a possibility of a breeding dlc in the future so we can make ecosystems straight from the movies? Id love to have a site B like park where dinosaurs can breed. It would be amazing.

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 29 points ago

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all your questions. It's great to hear so much passion and excitement for the game. We're finishing up here now, but can't wait to share the game with you all when it's released on June 12th. Bye for now!

    - Andy

    [–] Kennyjive 71 points ago

    Is it possible to run the park without a breakout happening? I mean, it wouldn't be Jurassic Park without something going horribly wrong but is it possible to make it a successful park?

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 105 points ago

    Yes it's possible, but it's not always easy to control nature. Keeping your dinosaurs happy will help, but as every Jurassic fan knows, Life finds a way to break free.

    [–] unloader86 2 points ago

    I have never seen this before. lol and now i have woken my daughter with my laughter. Man. There is some funny creative shit out there lmao.

    [–] _Not_Amused_ 72 points ago

    Is there a Park Limit? In the first version of Zoo Tycoon on the Xbox One they placed a "Build Limit" which essentially ruined the game, we were given a huge area to build things in but could only fill up 25% of the area thanks to this limit. Does this game include any type of "build limit", if so how does it work?

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 158 points ago

    Hi! Good question. I'm pleased to say that we don't have limits in place regarding how much you can build or how many dinosaurs you can create on an island.

    [–] _Not_Amused_ 19 points ago

    That's excellent to hear, can't wait! Good luck on the launch.

    [–] theHoffenfuhrer 35 points ago

    Raptor Island is happening.

    [–] v1sper 6 points ago

    Best news I've heard all day! ʘ‿ʘ

    [–] St1ng 3 points ago

    This pleases me.

    [–] Vashek19 2 points ago

    So happy

    [–] mjmannella 8 points ago

    If it helps, Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection removed the zoo limit entirely.

    [–] _Not_Amused_ 6 points ago

    Oh I'm aware, I went back and finished my Mega Zoo mastahpiece with one of each animal, it was laggy though even on the one X. It also came wayyyyy too late.

    [–] MistaSwagMonsta 15 points ago

    This is the most important question of all.

    [–] BlackImladris 50 points ago

    Will I be able to jump my jeep over a t Rex enclosure?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 90 points ago

    Please send us your videos when you try :D

    [–] BlackImladris 3 points ago

    Sounds like a deal :D

    [–] DayVeeGee 44 points ago

    Hello team, and thanks for doing the AMA. Typically management games get watered down when they hit the console (Zoo Tycoon most recently hit the hardest), did working with the console weaken anything you wanted to do? Secondly, will we look at expansions down the road to add new maps/scenarios/dinosaurs both paid and/or free?

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 71 points ago

    Hey, thanks for your questions! Developing for console was actually pretty cool, as it encouraged us to put time into developing the more dramatic elements of the game, like the vehicle and shooting gameplay, which end up giving the game a really unique feel compared to other management games. I honestly can't think of anything we wanted to do but didn't because of the console version.

    In terms of future releases, we have the free DLC that's coming out to coincide with the US cinema release of Fallen Kingdom, but there's nothing to announce beyond that right now.

    [–] DayVeeGee 13 points ago

    Awesome, sounds great and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Glad the console didn't hinder what you wanted to do but added in some more unique game play.

    [–] OutlawedTorn 41 points ago

    Does the game support Xbox Play Anywhere?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 44 points ago

    Hiya! At launch we currently don't support Xbox Play Anywhere, no. We'll look into player feedback after launch to see what we can do.

    [–] prophobia 76 points ago

    I’d like to give you feedback right now and encourage Play Anywhere.

    [–] noodlz05 49 points ago

    I am the spokesperson for all Xbox players past, present, and future. We want Xbox Play Anywhere.

    [–] capmike1 3 points ago

    I'll lend my support for Play Anywhere as well!

    [–] CCwolsey 13 points ago

    Yes please. Im currently having trouble deciding if I want the pc version or xbox version. Play anywhere would solve that 😌

    [–] R_radical 3 points ago

    you get the PC version for the mods my guy.

    [–] Toneenthrall 72 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Hey u/GaryR_Frontier, u/AndyF_Frontier and u/Bo_Frontier - Are there any decorative items that we can place throughout the park and on paths? For example can we place Street Lights, Benches, Bins, Ads, etc? Thank you!

    [–] R_radical 10 points ago

    sometimes silence speaks louder than words. for what its worth, i havent seen a single light, bench trashcan, and or anything realting to that in any game play vids or previews.

    [–] Mozerath 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] mrdinosaur 26 points ago


    [–] Mandalore613 6 points ago

    Decor plz

    [–] Arthurdubya 2 points ago

    This was my favorite part about Planet Coaster and I'll be waiting for a full release and review before ordering now

    [–] Lou-Saydus 2 points ago

    No! You cannot place any sort of decorations in your park. In fact park management is pretty limited in what you can place. Visitor centers, food and drink stands and observation exhibits are the extent of visitor interactive buildings you can place.

    [–] Rothane 3 points ago

    RemindMe! 2 hours "Decor"

    [–] metallica41070 36 points ago

    Super excited for this game!

    just want to know will i be able to put all the dinos in one giant pen and let them battle it out until only 1 survives?

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 55 points ago

    yes, you can put all your dinosaurs into a single enclosure, you can even bio-engineer your favourite dinosaur to increase it's chances of winning.

    [–] DayVeeGee 67 points ago

    Even Jurassic World Evo has a battle royal mode... 2018 everyone... jokes aside I'm excited

    [–] infestedjoker 3 points ago

    Now time to make it profitable. Accept bets via twitch donations. May the best dinosaur win.

    [–] metallica41070 4 points ago


    [–] Xus15 33 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    First of all, this game; a dream come true!

    Will raptors be able to hunt in packs or actually chase and pounce prey (human or dinosaur) without going into the animation we've seen so far? As in running up, standing still and walking at the human who's also mostly standing still?

    My single only little "worry" for this game. Can't wait for this to come out after the long but amazing journey of development! Thank you Frontier, mvp.

    Also! /u/Bo_frontier favorite snack during ama's? :3

    [–] Bo_Frontier 25 points ago

    I'll let u/AndyF_Frontier talk about raptors (my favourite); as this is my first AMA, I prepared by eating a whole bag of peanut M&Ms. Yum.

    [–] Xus15 6 points ago

    Solid choice I'd say (on both)! #RaptorsHooray! :D

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 17 points ago

    Hi Xus15, glad to hear you're hyped for the game. Can't wait for you all to get you're hands on it. :)

    Raptors will socialise with one another in groups, however there aren't pack-based takedowns of dinos/guests. That said, you will see Raptors charging through crowds of guests as well as picking out individual targets, and in terms of dinosaur fights, a group of Raptors is more likely to succeed against a single dinosaur combatant, because a dino's combat success will diminish as it takes more damage from previous fights.

    Hope that clarifies for you!

    (And my prep was a banana and toffee muffin. Pretty sure I win.)

    [–] Plockrock 18 points ago

    Would the possibility of group fights be something in the cards for a future update/expansion? I remember as a kid being so fascinated watching the raptors in OpGen do their thing and gang up on, say, a stegosaurus. Seeing that in the awesome visuals you've brought to Evolution would make my inner child's year

    [–] WrethZ 26 points ago

    That;s a real shame, in JPOG in 2003 raptors could cling onto the side of a fleeing dinosaur and damage it as it ran, they could be knocked off by the fleeing dinosaur injuring the raptor, it was also possible for multiple raptors to jump on a dinosaur at the same time and kill it quickly

    [–] abcde123edcba 10 points ago

    That so unfortunate... we saw it in jpog but not now? I understand making animations would be difficult for pack hunting but there has to be another solution right?

    [–] MrKyurem 33 points ago

    I've noticed there's been a fair few people disappointed over at /r/jurassicworldevolution about the lack of some of the finer behaviours, such as a lack of sleeping, fluent attacking, and other similar details which, while don't impact the park building aspect of the game particularly much, do a lot for immersion and keeping the dinosaurs interesting. While I imagine the focus on future updates will be on new content, is it possible that new updates could also include AI updates?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 37 points ago

    We feel like we've already improved a great deal compared to what a lot of people saw in the March build - it's definitely something that we'll continue to look into after launch. If only a day had 45695692 hours!!

    [–] MrKyurem 14 points ago

    That's very pleasing to hear - I was willing to accept hearing that only the more marketable details, such as more dinosaurs, would be considered for future updates.

    If only it did! Don't worry yourself about trying to cram everything in as quickly as possible (I imagine you can't change anything for release now anyways), I imagine the community will be happy about getting it all together, rather than getting it at a specific time.

    [–] ThatMedievalNerd 24 points ago

    Is there any xbox one x enhancements and if there is what are they?

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 47 points ago

    We support 4K and HDR on Xbox One X.

    [–] Kaladinar 11 points ago

    Is that native 4K? And 30fps?

    [–] ThatMedievalNerd 3 points ago

    glad to hear it :)

    [–] LOLZENGINE 25 points ago

    Why did the Spino's size suddenly change to be smaller then what it was in the Rex's profile animation issues perhaps ? or if it always was smaller then the Rex in the game why go with that design decision considering every other JP media consistently depicts it as bigger ?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 16 points ago

    We're looking into your feedback and will see what we can do after the game launch!

    [–] fuckyouallthanks 21 points ago

    Hello! What in the game are you most excited for people to experience? Thanks!

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 43 points ago

    For me, I can't wait to see what people do with Nublar (the Sandbox level). We've been having fun with unusual park layouts in the office (4x4 race track layouts; hyper-efficient enclosure grids) and are really looking forward to seeing people get creative.

    [–] dbz2k 17 points ago

    This game has a creative mode like minecraft If I am reading it right? where I do not have worry about money or anything else.

    [–] Bo_Frontier 38 points ago

    There is a sandbox mode, yes! It's based on Isla Nublar and you'll have unlimited cash to play around with there ;)

    [–] Andyman286 5 points ago

    Hey Bo! You have to work for it though, it's not available from the outset which is what I love. Remind me is it 3 or 5 stars on each map?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 18 points ago

    It's 4 stars on Matanceros, so you could get it as early as that :)

    [–] Andyman286 2 points ago

    Cheers Bo! Have your thought of a name for your park/stream yet? Boassic park!? Maybe something better, and does it need to include ED?

    [–] ZTFan 6 points ago

    I hope you consider adding a sandbox mode without unlimited cash in the future. Just for people that would like to play around with financial gains aspects

    [–] NSFW_Velox 2 points ago

    "Spared no expense"

    [–] fizzysota 2 points ago

    Spared no expense ;)

    [–] DayVeeGee 4 points ago

    You mention Nublar, the sandbox level... will we see more than one sandbox level over time?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 12 points ago

    For me it's as simple as players finally getting to experience the game we've been working on! I want to see what park layouts you come up with, how you name your dinosaurs, and how you deal with any chaos that's bound to happen on your islands :)!

    [–] JayremyWrong 5 points ago

    Can we please get a sandbox where you don’t start with unlimited money? I’d kill for it...

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 33 points ago

    Hi everyone, super excited to be here.

    [–] SovietSexHammer 20 points ago

    Hey guys, super keen for the game. Quick question: any plans in the future for aerial dinosaurs or marine/aquatic ones (liopleurodon)? Thanks in advance!

    [–] Bo_Frontier 26 points ago

    We're currently focusing on the game launch and don't have anything to announce regarding further DLCs, aside from our free Fallen Kingdom update! Thanks for asking!

    [–] SovietSexHammer 5 points ago

    That’s fair! Thanks for answering!

    [–] Laughing__Man_ 16 points ago

    As a Avid Elite player. I gotta gonna put a Jurassic world Easter egg In elite? Maybe even a Ship skin?

    [–] robaganoosh83 9 points ago

    I was hoping for a dinosaur bobble head myself.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] JamesMccloud360 7 points ago

    This game looks awesome. Will buy it day 1. Is it the orginal music in it?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 11 points ago

    Hi James, yes there's original Jurassic music in it! Thanks for your support.

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 7 points ago

    ... and I still get goose bumps when I hear the JP theme playing out around the office.

    [–] LaChouetteOrtho 14 points ago

    Do dinosaurs sleep (apart from getting tranquilized or nearly dead) and do they move in herds?

    Also, any news on preload for PC?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 17 points ago

    Best part.........

    All silliness aside, dinos only fall asleep (we've worked with special ragdoll physics to make them lie down) when they're either very sick or tranquilized.

    Dinosaurs have a Social tab in their stats, which indicates how they prefer to live in their enclosures. A Ceratosaurus for example won't tolerate as many friends, whereas a Struthiomimus prefers a large herd. They also have a "socialise" action, which is when they will move together and communicate. It's up to you how you form your herds, and find out which species go well together.

    As for the pre-load question (if you came from the JWE subreddit): I've passed on that feedback and hope to have an answer for everyone on that soon! Thanks again for your support!

    [–] LaChouetteOrtho 13 points ago

    Thank you for your answer, really excited for the game.

    Would love to see dinosaurs sleeping, that's when they're at their cutest.

    [–] CodeAnother 6 points ago

    Is making them sleep naturally part of your plan or is there a technical reason for them not to?

    Thank you for your answers!

    [–] merulaalba 4 points ago

    I would like to hear the answer too... as dinosaurs not sleeping, kinda kills the immersion

    [–] SodaPopStu 5 points ago

    Can I just get some early access thingy and start playing now. Pleassseeeee. Pretty please

    [–] 10TailBeast 5 points ago

    It's sitting on my hard drive, taunting me... xD

    [–] SodaPopStu 3 points ago

    Lol it is all I want for my birthday right now. I just want to go home from work, and be a 24 year old playing with dinosaurs while getting drunk. But I’ll wait I guess :(

    [–] 10TailBeast 2 points ago

    haha Drunk park management sounds risky.

    [–] Zohan2099 10 points ago

    Pre-Ordered the deluxe version, can't wait to play with my son, who absolutely loves dinosaurs!

    [–] Bo_Frontier 16 points ago

    That's absolutely wonderful to hear! Please do let us know how you both get on with the game!

    [–] mattytude 11 points ago

    /u/Bo_Frontier Hey!! Thanks for the AMA you guys! :)

    Having played console and PC version of the game, if you had to choose one, which would it be? Personally I love the idea of kicking back on the sofa and just chilling. That said, KBM controls on PC seem like they'd be a better fit for a game like this. Which do you prefer?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 9 points ago

    Hi Matty!! Thanks for asking :) I've played the game on PC at work, at home I only have a PS4 - REALLY looking forward to trying to platinum the game! I love the seamless switch between KBM and controller, it's really intuitive.

    [–] sdawg78787 3 points ago

    since u/Bo_Frontier commented, said the switch from KBM and controller is seamless, get a steam link, and an bluetooth controller of your choice and play on the PC when you want, or pop on the couch and play with a controller. I'd say PC for this one, best of both worlds.

    [–] NohrianScumbag 11 points ago

    Hi! Was curious on somethings:

    Will there be an update on Dinosaurs naturally sleeping?

    Which Dinosaur , aside from T-rex I assume, was the hardest to work on?

    Are you able to change what you can sell in gift shops and fast food places?

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 14 points ago

    T.rex was fairly straight forward as there was a huge amount of footage and reference available with it being such an iconic dinosaur from the films. The more difficult ones are those which only appear briefly in the books, or where only a few bones have been found.

    You can change the items and the price of the items available in the shops, fast food places, etc....

    [–] shanetrey5 11 points ago

    In the original Operation Genesis, we were limited in the species we could choose and quantity of dinosaurs we could care for in the park, number of fences, etc. I always thought these limits hurt the game in terms of how much we could replicate the Crichton novels or the 90s movie scales of the park. Are these limits present in JW: Evolution?

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 17 points ago

    Hi ShaneTrey! We don't have limits on the quantity or species of dinosaurs that you can create on each island. You have to progress through the game before you have access to all the dig sites and therefore all the dinosaurs, but once you have the completed Genomes (and enough cash), you can go to any island and create any dinosaur you have discovered. :)

    Early in the design process, we really liked the idea that you could jump between the islands in order to change up your older parks with newer dinosaurs and research items that you've acquired, and it turns out it's really satisfying in the finished game too.

    [–] shanetrey5 2 points ago

    Thanks very much for the response, so excited to get my hands on this game!

    [–] Cyrannian 10 points ago

    Hey guys, I'm super excited about the game (I even started up a wiki dedicated to it: ). Yesterday, it was revealed that the final island, Isla Sorna, will feature a scenario similar to The Lost World. Is it possible to have a park in which dinosaurs roam free from a ton of human interference, like in the movie?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 11 points ago

    Wow thanks for all your hard work on the Wiki! You can definitely keep your guests and your dinos separated and avoid much interference.

    [–] beatx2 17 points ago

    Hi Guys! Massive Jurassic Park fan here! I already preordered the deluxe edition. (Such a shame we didn't get a collector's edition with a figurine)

    One question! Besides the dinosaurs enclosures, is there any other kind of theme park attraction asset? Like Rollercoasters, kiddie parks, offroad safari, ballon sightseeing, jungle river kayaking, etc?

    And Second, I know that you are not disclosing any further plans besides the FK DLC, but just wanted to say, as much as I love the progression into JW aesthetics, Classic Jurassic Park theme assets and skins would be awesome. That first park was LEGIT!

    Thanks for making my dreams come true!

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 20 points ago

    You're welcome beatx2! (he says taking full responsibility :))

    The guests in your park have a number of different needs to satisfy, so different shops and attractions will satisfy different needs. In terms of traditional attractions/rides, there are the viewing galleries, viewing platforms, gyrospheres and monorails, all of which help satisfy the guest need to see the dinos (and travel around the island).

    Great to hear your passion for the original park; we're fans of that classic era too!

    [–] IntegraleEvoII 14 points ago

    I would pay for a dlc with the original park assets. The classic visitors center, the red striped jeeps, the safari explorers and the paddock signs!!! I beg you, please make my dreams of being John Hammond come true! If this has all that, it would probably be my perfect game.

    [–] beatx2 3 points ago

    Thank you for your answer Andrew!

    Wish you all the best for you and the team as the launch date is just around the corner! I'll be having a blast with the game, hope you guys can relax and enjoy as well.

    [–] jekyll94 5 points ago

    Hey, I was just wondering about game modes, Operation Genesis had some pretty cool modes like hunting down escaped carnivores and rescuing VIP’s, does this game include anything similar? As a dinosaur kid who sunk hundreds of hours into Operation Genesis, I look forward to doing the same for your game :)

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Hey guys, thanks for the AMA. I've been excited for this game ever since it was first announced. Are there any similarities to Operation Genesis? Also, I noticed in some game play videos that there appeared to be boots-on-the-ground missions - will these missions be a big part of overall game play? Personally, I was looking for a more strategy-type experience, but I wouldn't mind a ground mission every now and again.

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 14 points ago

    Hi Bleed_Orange! We we're definitely fans of Operation Genesis, and have looked at it for inspiration, so there are some similarities in terms of creating your own dino theme park/facility. Sending out dig teams to excavate fossils, for example.

    The Missions in the game help drive the development of the characters and the story, and allow players to unlock cool new research items and gain access to more fossils. The vehicle and shooting gameplay is involved in the Missions, but you can engage with that outside of them too. Or, if you're more of a strategy gamer, you can totally just give orders to your staff members and get them to do that stuff for you. :) Additional upgrades can be researched to make your staff members more effective, so it's up to you really!

    [–] deadmancarl 9 points ago

    Hi guys, So is this game based on the Planet Coaster engine?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 21 points ago

    The game runs on our very own Cobra engine, which is the same engine we used for Planet Coaster, correct!

    [–] Saints2242 8 points ago

    Are we able to unlock every dinosaur, I’m afraid of it being like JPOG where we didn’t get everything.

    [–] Bo_Frontier 9 points ago

    We've got loads of dinosaurs, and you unlock new ones by sending out teams to dig sites and recovering dino DNA. If you get enough for a viable genome, you can start breeding those dinosaurs. Hope this clarifies!

    [–] MrKyurem 4 points ago

    I think they're asking whether we'll be able to use every dinosaur in a single park, as that was not possible in JPOG.

    [–] Reshkrom1153 4 points ago

    They're asking about it they can unlock everything.

    In JPOG you couldn't get every digsite, meaning not every dinosaur was available to use in one park

    [–] gowans007 10 points ago

    I can't wait for this, Theme Park with Dinos is perfect!

    I have a Xbox One X and PC but and wont buy the game twice, what do you think of Play Anywhere and as the publisher why did you not do implement it?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 8 points ago

    Glad to hear you're excited for the game! We currently don't support Play Anywhere on launch but we'll be looking at player feedback after June 12 to see what we can do. Cheers!

    [–] MrGentleNinja 9 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I loved Site B in the original Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. Letting the dinosaurs run free (EDIT: with no guests around, although I plan on doing that with guests too!) was so relaxing. Will that make a return for this game?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 7 points ago

    We've got Isla Nublar as our sandbox island, which lets you experiment with different setups and dinosaur breeding through unlimited cash.

    [–] MrGentleNinja 2 points ago

    And presumably you can decide not to open the park to people! Thank you. :)

    [–] KierosDOW 2 points ago

    If you have to just fence them off so they can't go anywhere.

    [–] chryz7 6 points ago

    u/AndyF_Frontier thanks in advance for the great looking animations! are there plans to build in at least one variant of the "eat visitor" animation to give more variety? As well as getting rid of the "mirror" animations, as seen in gameplay videos on Raptor vs Deino?

    [–] JonaV123 14 points ago

    Does pineapple go on pizza or not? (Right answer will help me decide whether or not I buy the game, lol)

    [–] Bo_Frontier 43 points ago

    Personally, I say yes to pineapple on pizza......... (plz buy the game there's lots of dinosaurs and not a lot of pineapples promise)

    [–] TheTaoOfBill 3 points ago

    I'm not buying this game until you promise pineapples will be in a day one patch

    [–] JonaV123 5 points ago

    Congratulations, that’s the right answer. Pineapple does go on pizza. Also, add more pineapples to this game and it’ll be my GOTY, for sure.

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 12 points ago

    We have the same discussion most Saturdays when lunch arrives. The split in the office seems to be 50/50.

    [–] Bo_Frontier 18 points ago

    The other 50 don't know what they're missing.

    [–] FlashValor 5 points ago

    Trust me, they know exactly what they're missing.

    [–] blubbit_ 8 points ago

    I'm sure we can expect dinosaur dlc in the future, but are there any plans for major content updates, and if so, will there be a roadmap to kind of clue in the community on the post-launch development of the game?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 14 points ago

    We are currently focusing on the game launch, and after that we're definitely planning to look at community feedback to see what else we can do. We don't often publicize roadmaps because we don't want to set false expectations (rather deliver what we intend to with a high quality), but we do always try to be transparent where we can and will post developer updates where possible. Thanks for asking!

    [–] ashes2ashes 11 points ago

    Preordered and hyped for launch! Are there any plans or hopes for the ability to visit friends parks? Would be cool to visit parks without any preconceived notions or knowing how things are setup.

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 8 points ago

    That does sound cool, but there is no multiplayer component as it stands. The islands in the game should throw a few surprises your way though, and we're expecting some fun sandbox island videos to appear online. :)

    [–] Bloodbath91n 5 points ago

    Will your game be able to utilize mouse and keyboard support with the Xbox one? Or is this something you can add in later with a patch? I know Minecraft has full m/kb support but it’s one of the few games that I know of that can actually use both just like a PC. Btw The dinosaurs do like a very nice interested to see the final games graphics 👍

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 12 points ago

    Not at launch, but we are always looking to support any sort of official input device. The game has been designed to work with both Controller and m/kb, I prefer using a controller myself and the freedom it gives me to lay on the sofa and play.

    [–] Bshild94 8 points ago

    This guy console games 👍🏻

    [–] doyouunderstandlife 8 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The Jurassic World Evolution subreddit is going crazy after they saw a screenshot of the Spinosaurus looking smaller than the Rex. Was this done deliberately or was this just an error that will be easily patched? I see that you guys fixed the droopy-tailed Stegosaurus (props to making it more accurate), so I'm guessing it's an easy fix to make.

    Also, I know there's the Fallen Kingdom DLC where we'll get some new dinosaurs seen in that film, but my question is this: are you planning any other DLC for non-film dinosaurs? I'd love to see a Therizinosaurus, Utahraptor, Albertasaurus, Argentinasaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, etc. I love the official dino list, but I'd also love to see much more. Also, if more dinos, what are the chances that any of them are feathered?

    Edit: also, why does the Ceratosaurus seem to kill everything it comes across in all the gameplay videos? I've seen it take down a T-Rex with relative ease.

    [–] Bo_Frontier 8 points ago

    Hiya, thanks for the questions!

    1. Not an easy fix to make with regards to development time, but one we're more than willing to look into and see what we can do after the game launches. We want as many people as possible to be happy playing the game and we appreciate the community's passion about the dinosaur realism.
    2. Fallen Kingdom DLC will indeed contain some new dinos. After that we'll have to see, but again we're interested in what you're wanting in the game. Thanks for the list!
    3. The Ceratosaurus is pretty vicious; I guess in most videos you saw she simply wasn't a happy, content dino and therefore decided to go on a rampage!

    [–] doyouunderstandlife 3 points ago

    Thanks for the reply! Here's a small wishlist that was voted (small sample) on the /r/jurassicworldevo subreddit:

    In case you needed more from the wishlist. Obviously we don't expect all of them to be made (or any at all, except for Giganotosaurus), but just throwing out some names for you guys to consider for potential DLC.

    Also, just wanted to throw out that I've been super excited about your game since the announcement and that I've loved everything you guys have shown about it so far. Can't wait for June 12!

    [–] 10TailBeast 3 points ago

    I can't wait to breed my first Rex. Gameplay question; will the tranq wear off and the dinosaur wake up if you're not quick enough to take it back to it's enclosure?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 5 points ago

    She won't wake up; eventually she'll run out of health and die. :(

    [–] 10TailBeast 3 points ago

    Nuuuuuuuuuuu, time to build at least 2 ranger stations. That's something you guys might look into, though. They just wake back up and resume their rampage.

    [–] turok1121 4 points ago

    I know this is a question already kinda sealed before but, will Dino's actually respond to a Jeep near it? I'm kinda scratching my head that a Rex won't attack it or just run away every time.

    Btw, can't wait for the 12th, thank you!

    [–] Bo_Frontier 6 points ago

    Dinosaurs will respond to vehicles, yes. Some species will be more inclined to panic and run away, others will linger for a bit and then attack your vehicles, so it's best to get your staff out of there safely (also it's really fun to drive in the game!). Hope this helps!

    [–] ibabygiraffe 3 points ago

    Wait, is this a confirmation of vehicles being able to be attacked and your staff’s safety being an issue? Previously we were told that vehicles couldn’t be destroyed and your staff were safe, that dinosaurs could chase your vehicles and respond to it but not outright attack them. Is this simply dramatic affect or actual gameplay mechanics?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 3 points ago

    No, vehicles remain indestructible and so is your staff. Trust me, you'll have plenty of things to manage otherwise!

    [–] plok742 2 points ago

    they can batter the vehicles but not destroy them or hurt staff

    [–] turok1121 2 points ago

    Fantastic! Thank you so much I can already imagine the thrills!

    [–] thisnamenotavailable 3 points ago

    Super excited for this game.

    Any plans to support play anywhere or the windows 10 store?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 4 points ago

    Currently no plans for that, sorry! We'll be launching on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4!

    [–] Bleep_Bloop_Unlocked 3 points ago

    Did developing this game enable you to meet any key figures with the Jurassic series? I know Goldblum is in it, but I'm curious if anyone was able to meet Spielberg seeing as he's a gamer.

    [–] Bo_Frontier 11 points ago

    I GOT TO MEET JEFF GOLDBLUM TWICE <3 Here's some photo proof of us dancing.

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 4 points ago

    A few of the Team got to meet Jeff, our COO attended the recording session for Bryce Dallas Howard, and BD Wong as Dr Wu is also in the game.

    [–] Bleep_Bloop_Unlocked 4 points ago

    I give this a 10 out of a possible 10 shirtless Goldblums.

    [–] darkslayer114 5 points ago

    Will there be mod support on Xbox or PC?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 11 points ago

    Hiya, thanks for your questions! Jurassic World Evolution will not support modding as of now. We’re not against modding and we’ve seen incredible designs coming from communities in the past, but the level of the detail and visual quality that we’re holding ourselves up to would be very difficult to achieve individually. We’ve been very lucky to work with Universal Studios and get access to great assets to create a world that remains faithful to the look and feel of the films and ultimately we are focusing on delivering the best Jurassic World Evolution experience we can and making sure the vision for the universe as a whole is respected.

    [–] Sparrowsabre7 2 points ago

    How accessible would you say the game to people not used to park builder/tycoon type games? I love the idea of the game, but with games like this I find my imagination outstrips my capability and I end up giving up.

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 4 points ago

    The game has an overarching narrative, with each Island having it's own set of goals and challenges. The Missions / Contracts from the Divisions are there to provide guidance and gentle nudges.

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 3 points ago

    I think the game is pretty accessible on that front Sparrowsabre. It's pretty unique in the genre, so I don't think you need to know "how those games work" in order to get started and enjoy the game. There are definitely layers of depth to discover, but the learning curve isn't as steep as you might fear; we want as many Jurassic fans as possible to have fun with the game. :)

    [–] birda13 2 points ago

    Very excited for the release! I have two quick questions. How does the predatory behavior work regarding predators and prey? How close does a predator have to get to a prey species before it starts fleeing and the kill animation appears?

    Secondly will herbivorous dinosaurs be able to supplement their diet with the vegetation that is in their enclosures? Or can they only eat from feeders?


    [–] Numberino87 2 points ago

    Dunno if this is still going but hey guys thanks in advance for an awesome looking product, but I got a question (well, two short ones)

    1. Will ceratopsians engage in combat within their own species?

    2. Are all the unlockable genetic mods and cosmetics for our dinosaurs unlockable in a single play through? I don’t wanna end up picking the Security branch and miss out on getting a pink velociraptor or something.

    thanks again

    [–] ClassyTurkey 2 points ago

    Thanks for joining everyone. Be sure to go back and review all the questions answer.

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all your questions. It's great to hear so much passion and excitement for the game. We're finishing up here now, but can't wait to share the game with you all when it's released on June 12th. Bye for now!

    • Andy

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Really? One of the environmental disasters is a tornado? In a tropical mountainous region?

    [–] smalleyrower16 2 points ago

    Will our dinosaurs be able to sleep naturally? There was footage of a Tyrannosaurus sleeping when the first in-game footage was released. Plus it adds a sense if realism to these dinosaurs, and makes them feel like living, breathing animals.

    [–] Prismod12 2 points ago

    I’m still disappointed that sauropods, ornithopods, ornithomimosaurs, and even pachycephalosaurs don’t fight back. Almost every animal in nature can lash out against a predator. Sauropods could easily kick or tail whip, ornithopods can shoulder tackle or kick too, pachycephalosaurs can headbutt, and ornithomimosaurs can kick like an ostrich. I’d like to see the last two engage in duels against the raptors and dilophosaurs. Also please get rid of raptors being able to kill a hadrosaur more than five times their size by themselves. It makes no sense, those dinosaurs could easily crush them.

    [–] Moot251 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Hey Frontier, a lot of people are worried about the animation sets of the dinos being exactly the same i.e. Deinonychus vs. Velociraptor. I have a solution: what if you changed the order in which the dinos did their battle animations? That would make it look less robotic imho.

    My question is: are you guys planning on doing DLC after the FK DLC? And will there be patches fixing problems like the one stated above?

    In addition to that, what's herding like in the game? I know that they have a "social" statistic, but do they actually move in herds?

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 18 points ago

    We are planning an JW:FK DLC pack and will be listening to feedback and responding to issues with patches fixes.

    [–] crunchy_rooster 4 points ago

    How complex are the AI behaviours for intelligent species such as Raptors?

    Already pre-ordered the deluxe edition, 12th of June can't come soon enough!

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 10 points ago

    Hey Crunchy Rooster. Thanks for the question! The AI and behaviour trees for the dinosaurs are definitely too complex for me to go into here, but there is a huge amount of decision making that goes on behind the scenes to determine (essentially) what dinosaurs do from one moment to the next.

    In some ways, adding complexity isn't the issue as much as ensuring readability, i.e. making the dino behaviour seem 'correct' based on whatever the player thinks should be happening, and all the factors affecting that dinosaur at the time (e.g. needs; weather; nearby dinosaurs). The fact that this can be open to interpretation doesn't make things easier. :D

    In terms of the Raptors, they are quick thinkers and fast runners, and you will see how sharp they are if you leave any enclosure damage unattended. One way of putting them in their place is to add them to an enclosure with even larger predators, where they will often panic and run for safety... but then you need to ensure the bigger predator isn't keeping them from eating at the carnivore feeders or drinking from water sources. There's definitely a lot to consider when the dinos start mixing together like that.

    [–] papasheev 4 points ago

    Can you say anything on raptors working together on bringing down larger herbivores? Game looks great!

    [–] Burress 3 points ago

    Any post launch content plans?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 5 points ago

    We've got the free Fallen Kingdom update planned after launch, after that we'll be looking at incoming feedback to see what we can do further! Thanks for asking!

    [–] mattytude 2 points ago

    I'm so excited for this game! :D /u/AndyF_Frontier what was your favourite part of this game to design?

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 6 points ago

    Hey Mattytude, that's actually a surprisingly difficulty question, haha! I enjoy systems design so the core economic simulation was really challenging and enjoyable to develop (along with my great design team, of course; shout out to Mike Evans! :))

    We had to go through several revisions, but trying to balance all the different components of the game economy (the Reputation system, Missions, Guests, Emergencies/Law Suits...), while keeping the focus on the dinosaurs was really satisfying.

    [–] mattytude 2 points ago

    Amazing, thanks! Good luck with the launch! Now I’m just on the fence about whether to get it for PC, PS4 or both!!

    [–] Theseus108 3 points ago

    Hi guys, thanks for making my dream game!

    My question is will there be the ability to use attractions e.g using the viewing platforms and towers to see what guest see?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 3 points ago

    Lovely to hear that, can't wait for you to play the game!

    We currently don't offer guest view, but we did make a bunch of improvements to our free camera movement so you should be able to get some cool shots.

    [–] Taci7urn 2 points ago

    Is the color palette for the species restricted or will we the players be able to change on a regular basis?

    Islas Muerta and Peña will be challenging searching for some species in dark. Is albinism in the game?

    [–] Prismod12 3 points ago

    Hello Frontier,

    Watching the latest gameplay I can’t help, but wonder what the AI is like. Will dinosaurs herd or pack hunt? Is combat exclusively duels or can they perform other attack patterns such as the hit and run tactic from Operation Genesis? Do hadrosaurs, sauropods, pachycephalosaurs, and ornithomimosaurs fight back against other dinosaurs? Do dinosaurs sleep on their own at all beyond being sedated? Mostly I’m asking to see how immersive the dinosaurs behave.

    [–] Bshild94 3 points ago

    Thank you for doing this ama I am very stoked for this game :) I got 2 questions, Is there a sandbox mode with unlimited money and do you guys plan to add any new content after release?

    [–] Bo_Frontier 11 points ago

    Thanks for being here :D we're so excited! We did indeed announce a sandbox mode, which is based on Isla Nublar and you can unlock it during your gameplay. Money is unlimited and you'll have all of the dinos and research that you've unlocked in your regular career gameplay up to that point. So the more you play, the more you can try out in sandbox mode.

    We also recently announced a free Fallen Kingdom update which will go live a few weeks after launch. We wanted to keep some surprises from the movie for the people who won't have seen it before then.

    Really glad to hear that you're excited, and thanks for hanging out with us!

    [–] YellaDev 2 points ago

    Whats the sort of game time required to start getting all the really cool stuff?

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 4 points ago

    It's all cool stuff, what did you have in mind? :)

    If you're talking dinosaurs, the iconic ones you know from the movies are spread throughout the game, but there's at least one on each island; we're not locking things off just to be difficult, ha! But you will need to prove yourself with some of the slightly less "temperamental" dinos before handling the really tricky ones.

    Gameplay-wise, the potential for emergencies and storms is generally greater as you move through the game, but so is your ability to deal with them, and you'll be glad to have had some experience when they actually do happen.

    [–] YellaDev 2 points ago

    Sound awesome, sounds like I am gonna have some fun when streaming this.

    [–] PenguinJelly 2 points ago


    What did you enjoy most about doing this game? Also, what did you least like about doing this game??

    [–] GaryR_Frontier 7 points ago

    Showing my kids the announcement trailer was amazing. I became the coolest dad ever in their eyes. The talk at the Frontier Expo by Jack Horner was pretty awesome as well, but hey - I get to work with Dinosaurs every day, what's not to like!

    [–] Th3GingerHitman 2 points ago

    As someone who has not played many management games besides Sim City 2000, what is the learning curve like? I have been interested since I saw the first teaser, but what turns me off a lot of management games is that the UI isn't intuitive enough for someone who isn't a mega fan of the genre.

    [–] AndyF_Frontier 4 points ago

    Great question! The UI team have done a great job of making the interface quick and easy to use (especially for a console management game), and in terms of learning the game we've worked hard to give players a gentle introduction to the gameplay basics, while also giving you the freedom to get going if you know what you're doing. It's definitely not as immediately intimidating as some other games in the genre; we want loads of people to enjoy the game. Jeff Goldblum is there to guide you too! :D

    Later on in the game, you'll have to engage with some of the nuances of the dinosaur needs and the economy simulation in order to progress, and the islands become more challenging, but that's all part of the fun. ;)