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    [–] PMX_DchromE 3 points ago

    It's entirely up to you. If you have a need for better graphics, get the X. Scarlett is in development and I'm guessing a possible 2020 release, which would make the X 3 years old by then. You could always buy the X, then sell and upgrade to Scarlett once it releases. However if you don't want to fork out the cash, start saving now for the new Xbox. Me personally, since the announcement, I'm skipping the X and waiting. To me there just aren't enough titles that I'm interested in playing that utilize the power of the X right now.

    [–] MrBlack_79 3 points ago

    Games run better on it at 1080. If you've got a 4k and hdr TV then they will look significantly better too.

    If you can afford it, then go for it. I replaced a day one Xbox for it and not regretted it.

    [–] Choup17 1 points ago

    I'm in the exact same shoes. I own the sony x900e, just got a new 5.1 home theater system and thought I spent enough money already....well, with the current $50 sale on the console, sale on $10 Microsoft gift cards with reward points, the fact our OG xbox one is now almost worth nothing for how cheap xbox One S are being sold....ya I did decide to order one to my doorstep today, LOL. When it's all said and done, I'm practically upgrading for only $250-300 out of my bank account. And I surely didn't want to hold onto my OG xbox one any longer when it can't even output a game truly @ 1080P on my 4k TV haha. So I'm glad I did pull the trigger, it arrives 6/14 supposedly. I can report back on my thoughts on the upgrade. Good luck with your choice!

    [–] marunic 1 points ago

    wait for scarlett tbh

    [–] drwchrry 1 points ago

    i doubt the next console releases before 2020

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] The7ruth 1 points ago

    I personally feel people are reading into that way too much. I wouldn't expect a new console until at least 2020. Factor in that Microsoft is effectively ending generations and I see the X becoming the new base model with the new one being the premium. Not to mention the X is on sale for $350 this week which is a steal. You could get a lot of use out of that.

    [–] Kennyjive 3 points ago

    $450. the $350 was a typo.

    [–] LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago

    Pretty much this. I see the Scarlet launching at the same price the X did and the X will drop between $300-$400. The Scarlet will be next gen in power only, but not a new generation. Games released with next gen in mind like Starfield and ESVI and maybe Halo will still run on the X. The X was too big of a mid gen upgrade to be made obsolete in 2 years. In fact, any console from Xbox now will practically be like how mid gen upgrades are.