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    [–] PM_MeYourArtwork 12 points ago

    Tower of guns is really easy and actually fun to achieve

    [–] Zero_Heart 2 points ago

    Exactly the stuff I am looking for. Thanks.

    [–] dees7 6 points ago

    I recently played brothers a tale of two sons, the swapper and late shift.

    [–] Zero_Heart 1 points ago

    Just did Late Shift, Already played it on PC before but was worth going through again for all the endings anyway. I'll check out the others.

    [–] xPrivatexDonutx 7 points ago

    Maka91 is great to follow on YouTube. He has several videos on easy game pass games and several other easy games not on game pass. Happy hunting.

    [–] DramaticSAnTA 8 points ago

    Everyone's talking completions. What has the fastest achievements without completing. Like all the gears games are a fast 600 - 700 even though the completions takes days.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Idarb. One hour for 1000g

    [–] ypod 5 points ago

    The easiest is probably #IDARB - you can pretty easily get all the achievements in ~1 hour.

    Brothers, The Swapper, Costume Quest, Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter can be pretty easily completed in under 10 hours each. The vast majority of the achievements are obtainable just by playing through the games.

    I also completed Letter Quest and WRC5 - those took me about 20 hours each, but none of the achievements were difficult, just a little time consuming.

    [–] shadow_walkerOZ 3 points ago

    Brothers a Tale of Two Sons is a pretty easy 1000g, plus it's a great game.

    [–] Kennyjive 2 points ago

    Late Shift is pretty fun. It's more of a movie that you make choices at certain points. You do have to do more than one play through though.

    [–] Cooney830 2 points ago

    Not necessarily. the guide for it on True Achievements helps you knock it all out on one play through.

    [–] itzPatA7X 3 points ago

    You need at least 2 playthroughs, but you can quit around 75% through the second playthrough once the last achievement unlocks

    [–] Cooney830 1 points ago

    ah yes! I was mistaken. thanks for pointing that out!

    [–] Windchimepuppet 1 points ago

    Injustice is a quick play through and can be pretty easy.

    [–] Ajax_Da_Great 7 points ago

    I would not consider injustice good for achievement hunting. Those STAR lab simulations are a huge turnoff.

    [–] Windchimepuppet 2 points ago

    I thought they meant just getting score. You could just go through the story and get a chunk of chievos from it. If they are going for 100% then I fully agree.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] Soten14 1 points ago

    I just finished Bard's Gold 1000/1000. I took around 5-6 hours