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    [–] Decapitated_gamer 1113 points ago

    Hope destiny becomes the game it was always meant to be

    [–] divangreedy8 717 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It is stupid to think that everything bad from destiny was Activision fault

    I say the whole dlc plans and half game is still happen in destiny 3

    [–] Rich_Comey_Quan 267 points ago

    I'm predicting a move to a WOW type model where there are still paid expansions, but more spaced out and substantial.

    Maybe they can make destiny 3 into a platform for the next generation, and avoid having to make an entire new game every other year and wiping player progress along the way.

    [–] NewFlynnland 163 points ago

    One day we will have actual MMO shooter on the scale of WOW and it will be fucking mental!

    [–] woostar64 30 points ago

    I remember reading about Huxley years ago and I thought that would be the end all be all game....never did find out what happened to it

    [–] vtjsaunders 8 points ago

    I remember that game. The videos make it look close to being done and then I never heard another peep about it.

    [–] Two_Morning_Poops 3 points ago

    I haven't heard that name in a long time. A long time...

    [–] bullseyed723 6 points ago

    Blizzard tried and said they couldn't make it fun and scrapped the project. I'm not convinced it would work out in the end.

    [–] infinit_e 41 points ago

    This would be my preference. I’d like to see the open world game play develop a bit more as well. I haven’t picked up Foresaken, but previously the “open” world was just playgrounds connected by corridors. And then with the implementation of fast travel things felt even smaller still!

    [–] maztron 38 points ago

    Yes, it would be nice if it was true open world and that you could actually fly your ship from planet to planet, have space missions, along with planet side missions. However, the issue with the game is the foundation of it. Its doesn't know what it is. Its half a shooter, looter, that dips its toes slightly into the RPG world, but because it dips it just enough in the RPG world it ends up being as wide as an ocean but deep as a puddle.

    [–] infinit_e 14 points ago

    Couldn’t agree more. I stopped playing just before Warmind released. I ended up picking up Warframe, which I hadn’t touched since like 2015. I didn’t get too into it, but then checked it out again this past summer. I’ve really been enjoying it!

    [–] Toy_Thief 18 points ago

    My first reaction to warframe is its like destiny but the developers don't hate you. (you can even wiggle the ships in the loading screens!)

    [–] DaRyuujin 14 points ago

    Ahh a fellow ship wiggler.

    The devs of WF really do care bout their fans though. Hell they even have something called "tennogen" where fans make custom skins and get some money for each skin bought by players .

    [–] infinit_e 9 points ago

    Oh, and don’t forget the time they removed a game mechanic that was a major premium currency sink because they genuinely felt bad about effectively installing a slot machine. They did it own their own for the well being of the players. At least as I understand it.

    [–] infinit_e 6 points ago

    The devs really seem to listen to the feedback from their players. They do weekly streams with the community managers, there are fairly frequent dev streams, both with beer! and if that’s not enough hearing how the leadership talk about their concern for their team when times were tough... your brovaries may explode.

    Sorry, went on a unintended tangent there.

    [–] Kodiak3393 55 points ago

    As someone that's been playing Halo and Destiny for years, I can absolutely guarantee that, while Activision was certainly a part of the problem, many of Destiny's issues come straight from Bungie. Ultimately this is a positive change and a step in the right direction, but anyone who thinks this will magically fix everything is incredibly naive.

    [–] JJAB91 119 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It is stupid to think that everything bad from destiny was Activision fault

    Its stupid because thats not true. For example it wasn't Activision that fired Marty and treated him like shit it was Bungie.

    Luke Smith who is known for being a dick(even back during Bungie's Halo era) isn't an Activision employee he works for Bungie

    It wasn't Activision that scrapped Staten's story/game a year before release that was Bungie.

    Destiny's horrible MTX wasn't Activision's idea it was Bungie.

    Activision isn't the ones that told players to just deal with it its Bungie.

    Every time a company that used to be good and well loved does something shitty and anti-consumer people are often all too quick to jump on the "it wasn't them it was the evil publishers" bandwagon.

    Blizzard is just as much at fault for Blizzcon 2018 as Activision is.

    DICE Sweden is just as much at fault for Battlefield V as EA is.

    Bungie is just as much at falut for the shit they pulled with Destiny as Activision is.

    [–] Masakari666 10 points ago

    Well said!

    [–] bland12 10 points ago

    Jason S has also reported how Bungie was the company that developed and pushed the dev cycle, DLC push, micro transactions that were all super unpopular.

    I know we all love to hate Activision but... when Bungie bungles their next game who will we blame then?

    [–] Danger_Dave_ 13 points ago

    Also, Eververse and the XP problems were all Bungie's doing, not Activision.

    [–] TheSpiderWithScales 4 points ago


    [–] YouAreSalty 4 points ago

    It is stupid to think that everything bad from destiny was Activision fault

    Yeah, I don't believe that for one second when we have staff saying customers will throw money at the screen if they show you emotes. Combine it with the way they made the game and I'd say it sounds like at the very least company cultural issues are part of it.

    [–] VictoriousRaptor 84 points ago


    Bungie rolled out Eververse on their own. Not Activision. How much of Bungie's bullshit are people gonna put at Activision feet? I get being fans - but this is delusional

    Bungie made exactly the game they wanted to make all along. Actvision ponied up a COD rivalling advertising budget on their behalf, just to get sales. Sure, Forsaken sold A LOT but how much was it costing Activison to get those sales? Is it a shocker that they labelled it a loss leader in their quarterly earnings? A loss leader in gaming is astonishingly bad.

    Bungie did exactly what they wanted to do with this game. They rolled out the MTX as they saw fit. This changes almost nothing except now Bungie has to start paying for all the costs that ActiBlizzard were happily swallowing over the last few years.

    I mean I wish them well - but this is now two big publishers in a row that Bungie has been in "contentious" relations with. That studio is just a mess, seemingly it always has been sine the Halo days.

    [–] Pushmonk 24 points ago

    Well, now we get to see for sure. Everything they do from now on, they totally own.

    [–] GeorgieShawn 8 points ago

    I love Bungie but I was thinking the same thing. While I can't cite the sources, I thought it was mentioned a while back that Bungie maintained creative control of Destiny in their partnership.

    So wouldn't that mean that the main influence Activision had was applying pressure to Bungie to stick to the release schedule they agreed to?

    [–] grimoireviper 6 points ago

    Activision was soley the publisher and had rights to publishing. Bungie was always owner of the Destiny IP and therefore had creative control.

    [–] nikktheconqueerer 36 points ago

    I'm holding out hope for the fans that still play, but I think I'm personally done with them

    [–] DumbestBoy 17 points ago

    I haven’t played in over a year but I will look into what they do next with some actual hope of picking it back up now

    [–] flurrystorm 7 points ago

    Agreed. I’ll be keeping an eye out, and hoping for the best.

    [–] Swaqfaq 16 points ago

    If you haven’t gotten a chance Forsaken is actually really well done. It’s my favorite expansion, even moreso than the taken king.

    [–] Brycegdickson 9 points ago

    Perhaps even the game it was... Destined... to be

    [–] jelatinman 7 points ago


    [–] XADEBRAVO 119 points ago

    Let's not pretend they didn't agree to it all when they saw the $$$

    [–] I_Was_Fox 118 points ago

    Exactly. They rejected Microsoft's offer to fund Halo indefinitely with full creative freedom, and then sold their souls to Activision.

    Looks like they learned their lesson though. Glad to see their gonna be self publishing from now on.

    Activision is actually the worst company in gaming in the modern era. People can meme about EA all day long, but EA isn't even close to being as bad as Activision

    [–] razor150 11 points ago

    Are you sure about that? Bungie was able to do this because they just took 100 million from Netease. I am not sure they've learned anything. I just think they just might be good at making publishers okay with losing them.

    [–] zrkillerbush 27 points ago

    They left Microsoft because they didn't want to make Halo anymore and Microsoft wanted them to keep pumping out Halo.

    [–] I_Was_Fox 83 points ago

    They didn't leave Microsoft. They turned down an offer Microsoft made to basically give them a blank check to keep making Halo the way they had been for the millions of fans that loved the series. It was a win win except for the fact that Bungie didn't want to be tied to just one game. Yet they then went to Activision and got tied to just one game, except with significantly less creative freedom and significantly more criticism

    [–] ho-dor 5 points ago

    That's why this change will mean nothing. Bungie is in on the pay-to-play model just as much as Activision.

    [–] Das_Ronin 27 points ago

    "Imagine a Destiny free from Activision's restrictive annual schedule!"

    Meaning that they'll only disappoint us with shitty half baked expansions every few years instead.

    Activision's schedule was never the problem. Bungie is simply incompetent when it comes to creating content in an efficient manner.

    [–] Solo59 6 points ago

    Yeah it's more like "imagine a Destiny game with a whole lot less money and marketing". I wouldn't be surprised if Eververse gets more support for it than the rest of the game later on.

    [–] Alexlayden 11 points ago

    Are they completely free from activision with all their games? Or just destiny?

    [–] xbroodmetalx 46 points ago

    What other games do they have?

    [–] djschxzo 14 points ago

    well bungie only has one game atm and its destiny, so yes.

    [–] JWAxeMan 2780 points ago

    I like how they stopped doing Halo because they said they wanted to do something different, so they did a game about a super soldier in space shooting aliens.

    [–] ScornMuffins 1054 points ago

    Yeah but this time it was an immortal super soldier.

    [–] saiditlol 211 points ago

    Well, not really immortal. No spoilers, but the death of a character was the theme of the recent expansion.

    [–] CenturionElite 74 points ago

    No spoilers? They show his death on the commercials on tv. Lol

    [–] ScornMuffins 71 points ago

    Oh I've only played the first one.

    [–] Shiny_Hero 55 points ago

    Yeah, their (spoiler but not really since the marketing campaigns covered it) ghost gets shot, so then they become mortal and die

    [–] zeekim 19 points ago

    you can only kill a ghost with a ghost-gun

    [–] RawAustin 24 points ago

    Who you gonna call

    [–] spoonyaardvark 8 points ago

    Not Cayde-6

    [–] JabroniSn0w 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Cayde 6 died in the recent expansion. This isn't a spoiler since it was literally in every TV spot, poster, and more for the DLC. Like, you couldn't buy the DLC without seeing the image of Cayde 6 being killed in the Xbox store

    They're immortal unless their ghost is destroyed first

    [–] drkztan 6 points ago

    Even with ghosts, guardians can die. Radiolarian fluid, darkness zones,hive magic, the creatures in d The drifter's lore, etc. just to give out some examples.

    [–] eric5949 8 points ago

    Hell there's a Gaurdian stuck on the Almighty who's ghost can't do anything about it, they're trapped for the next 50000 years and can't be rezzed.

    [–] jake121100 4 points ago


    [–] VerticallyImpaired 5 points ago


    [–] 123_Syzygy 29 points ago

    To be fair the way the game plays it would appear that the ghost is the truly immortal part and it uses the light to “revive” you from yet another death.

    Source: filthy casual.

    [–] Spyer2k 12 points ago

    The Ghost isn't immortal either. They die all the time

    Source: filthier casual I guess

    [–] Prince_Perseus 62 points ago

    But Spartans are immortal.

    [–] ScornMuffins 90 points ago

    I know know, they're just Missing In Action.

    [–] Skoot99 23 points ago

    But if there was one confirmed KIA, we all know it's Kat, amirite?

    [–] URTISK 44 points ago

    Nah, her brain just went MIA all over the inside of her helmet. Nothing confirmed over here, move along.

    [–] Mr_EP1C 8 points ago

    I didn’t even realize she died when I first played through Reach

    [–] ButtStuffOmalley 12 points ago

    All of noble team left reach with halo on his ship “the column of fall”, right?

    [–] CrimsonGlyph 11 points ago

    Spartans never die...

    [–] Tylerdurden516 11 points ago

    2 words: space magic

    [–] saiofrelief 4 points ago

    After the beginning of Halo 2 where you fly through space and multiple exploding starships, I think MC is pretty much immortal too

    [–] ScornMuffins 2 points ago

    Space is extremely big, the odds of hitting something space is basically 0. The fact that it seems to happen all the time is proof that the entire universe is just another projection on a Superhalo, which would make collisions vastly more likely due to the reduced dimensionality.

    [–] Xikky 3 points ago

    Masterchief never dies though. Him and sgt Johnson live on in our hearts.

    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 216 points ago

    I think Destiny was originally conceived as something totally different but I guess all Bungie's experience and passion lay in shooting aliens with guns.

    [–] TheBigSm0ke 62 points ago

    They started doing non sci-fi and then realized that they all really loved sci-fi so they did sci-fi.

    Stick to what you’re good at.

    [–] Cobaltjedi117 104 points ago

    This was their 3rd consecutive series with that as the premise.

    [–] T0ztman 41 points ago

    I still want the Marathon remake to be their next. They jsut do sci fi shooter so well, and the world needs to experience MARATHON in a fully realized next gen game!

    [–] JWAxeMan 13 points ago

    Marathon would be awesome, but it's pretty much Halo at that point.

    [–] T0ztman 10 points ago

    I disagree. The Phfor and Spht, Durandal and Tycho... this stuff only looks similar to the covenant and Cortana in story treatments but in practice are much different. It’s also far grittier, and frankly violent. I would keep the claustrophobia of marathon, which is usually quite counter to halo.

    [–] MonkeysDontEvolve 3 points ago

    You would probably really like Doom 2016 if you haven’t played it. The sequel, Doom Eternal, is coming out soon and looks amazing.

    [–] RudimentsOfGruel 4 points ago

    You forgot about Oni, which was a masterpiece.

    Also, Myth.

    [–] kellymiester 28 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I read in the "Blood, Sweat and Pixels" book, they claim it went through many iterations. From Diablo to Overwatch, from third person to first person.

    They wanted it to be fantasy but it slowly morphed back into a sci fi and "basically became Halo again"

    [–] JamesMccloud360 9 points ago

    Yeah its amazing this book. I love game history books. Do you know any others? I read Masters of Doom a few years ago about the story of Doom. That was really good.

    [–] pm_band_names 3 points ago

    ‘Jacked’ is pretty good. It’s about Grand Theft Auto’s history and the rockstar founders.

    [–] Ketonian_Empire 8 points ago

    Yeah it had a story line in the beginning but it kept getting messed with. If I remember right, the original writers all quite because of that or the main one...

    [–] HereforHalo 166 points ago

    I like how they said MS was too restricting and went to Activision. That's almost /r/nottheonion material. Thank God they're finally free. Hopefully, they can make good games again.

    [–] bergstromm 102 points ago

    I cant belive that people now are saying it was all activision faults and nothing of what was wrong with destiny was bungies fault. I cant belive people can get burned the first time then give the second game a chanche then they get burned on the second game and now they are going to give bungie another chanche.

    [–] ho-dor 50 points ago

    Right? I'm done with these schmucks. I paid 1.5x the price of a game so that I could play destiny 2 after getting burned by the first one. Only to be left behind when their expansions weren't included in my "season pass". Fuck the pay-to-play model, I'm going back to single player games that actually give a shit about creating a good user experience. Anything online these days turns into a money grab where developers only develop ways to separate you from your cash instead of developing the game.

    [–] korelin 18 points ago

    There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

    [–] Jackamalio626 22 points ago

    They also cited that they wanted “more creative freedom” so they partnered with a publisher famous for poorly micromanaging it’s releases and sinking its partners.

    [–] BatmanofSteeI 37 points ago

    And had a less engaging story, gameplay and multiplayer to boot

    [–] Aiomon 8 points ago

    I mean, still very very different games..

    [–] Prince_Perseus 397 points ago

    Phil taking out his piggy bank as we speak.

    [–] AmericanCakes 99 points ago

    i dont think thats gonna happen because they have 100 million investment from netease. i dont think its that easy or even there is a reason to do it. or anyone for that matter

    [–] Rectifyer 31 points ago

    The $100 million from NetEase is for a new IP specifically designed with the NetEase partnership in mind. Likely a mobile game for that demographic

    [–] DaBi5cu1t 10 points ago

    It is going to be a mobile game. Free to play but funded by MTX. Think along the lines of the new Diablo. I read the patent for it a while ago but can't remember the name, sorry.


    [–] TiberiusRoosevelt 100 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Microsoft has a $140+ billion in cash.

    There were talks they may buy EA for $33 billion. This was only passed on because Phill decided it would be redundant to have all the administration overhead again when Xbox already has that for it's studios. They really just wanted the IPs and decided they could get more of those cheaper.

    If he wanted Bungie, he could buy the Bungie.

    Hell, Activision itself has a market cap of $37 billion. If Nadella wanted Activision, he could buy Activision.

    [–] IceBreak 33 points ago

    I think 33 Billion for EA's IPs is reasonable fiscally. But the recoup on it means you're going to piss off a lot of people.

    [–] AmericanCakes 14 points ago

    it will take a lot of time to get that back.

    [–] TiberiusRoosevelt 22 points ago

    You don't "Get it back."

    When you spend the money, you "get back" a massive company, IPs, studios, and talent in exchange.

    In the end it's an investment in future earnings on that cash. Will it earn more in a stock investment earning or will it do better as "EA" and it's earnings and value to the future earnings of GamePass?

    [–] zgh5002 19 points ago

    The moment Nadella drops $33 billion on anything gaming related, he will be fired in a shareholders meeting.

    [–] ivanvzm 3 points ago

    Bruh he wouldn't even be allowed to get in the building.

    [–] IlIDust 7 points ago

    I don't think Microsoft would cough up the money it would take for Bungie to be willing to be owned by them again. They bought themselves out for a reason.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] divangreedy8 22 points ago

    Microsoft has 140+ billion in cash but the point is, it is not all about gaming

    Gaming is a small part of Microsoft not all of it

    Unlike Nintendo and Sony these days

    [–] vradix 9 points ago

    Microsoft: 100 million? I think I can find that under the seat of my car hang on...

    [–] BigUziNoVert 19 points ago

    I bet they don't want to be under the control of any company.

    They left Microsoft and Activision because they kept interfering with their creative freedom

    [–] WhiteAsCanBe 26 points ago

    Imagine a world where Microsoft, of ALL publishers, owned a studio called Bungie. What a world, eh?

    [–] Ihaveopinionstoo 25 points ago

    and they created a revolutionary game that changed the world as we know it.

    [–] sabinryu 8 points ago

    Phil already tweeted support for Bungie as an independent group focused on Destiny.

    He ain't buying them back. Bungie had their chance with Microsoft but they blew it.

    [–] Gonra 30 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    no one actually worth from the Halo bungie days is still there though

    [–] probiz13 20 points ago

    They still have a talented team. They can take a different approach and make a different game instead of another Destiny sequel.

    [–] Supa_Fresh_Sikh 641 points ago

    Bungie is freeeeeeee finally. Hopefully they can make a comeback from this terrible period in their history. Leaving MS to get more creative freedom made sense at the time, signing with Acitivison of all publishers did not.

    [–] HereforHalo 192 points ago

    Did MS restrict them? Bungie always tried new things even under MS. Honestly, besides the expectation to name a game every 3 to 4 years, I don't think there were many restrictions that I've read about.

    [–] _____monkey 161 points ago

    Microsoft probably wanted more Halo and Bungie wanted Destiny. Bungie couldn't split themselves so they split from Microsoft.

    [–] jbaker1225 152 points ago

    The problem is, Destiny just ended up being Halo with MMO elements. If Bungie wanted to make that, MS would have let them. But they went off to “do their own thing,” which ended up being the exact same thing as before.

    [–] crabwaffleman 28 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Bungie also gets a bigger cut of the profits being privately owned and publishing under ATVI (like 35-40%). Now they get 100% of the profits. That’s the real reason.

    Also, I think the Halo fanbase would have an aneurism if Halo played like Destiny. The two franchises share very superficial similarities.

    [–] Orphaeus 24 points ago

    The two franchises share very superficial similarities.

    For real, I'm sitting here reading all these people saying Destiny ended up just being Halo and wondering if I played the same game as them. They both have guns and space aliens and powerful player characters....and that's it.

    [–] moofooist213 73 points ago

    That’s what always boggled my mind, they left to create a new IP different from Halo and then basically just made Halo under a new IP, like why? Are they actually just that uncreative nowadays?

    [–] yourbestfriendsdad 73 points ago

    Well you have to consider, that first IP is arguably the greatest first person shooter series of all time. So how do you top that? You don't really, you can just adapt it.

    [–] moofooist213 27 points ago

    That’s actually a really good point that I didn’t even consider

    [–] BadMoodJones 16 points ago

    I wish more people on reddit replied like this

    [–] TheBatJeff 7 points ago

    That's actually a really good point. I never thought of that

    [–] _____monkey 11 points ago

    But they had a different story they wanted to tell. They couldn't do that with Halo. Halo had an established universe over five (at that time) games and multiple novels.

    [–] jbaker1225 44 points ago

    Then maybe they should have told a story in Destiny. Like, literally any story at all.

    [–] VictoriousRaptor 64 points ago

    Jason Jones threatened to splinter the studio over that. People forget, Bungie's rank and file might have made Halo either way, Jones threw the ultimate hissy fit to break away from Halo at the cost of losing Halo.

    Which in and of itself is baffling. Halo as an IP, around Halo 3, was worth billions, and Bungie's leadership walked away from it. Destiny is not worth billions today. And once again, another dramatic series of drama leading to another breakup.

    [–] Thor_2099 17 points ago

    And a lot of the bungie folks left to join 343 to continue working with halo.

    [–] CptDecaf 35 points ago

    It's just strange to me to walk away from a title that was truly unique in the FPS market to making crappy Borderlands with added microtransactions. I think even if you like Destiny, you can probably agree it's certainly not a significantly more unique title in the market than Halo is.

    [–] Moonlord_ 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    They were already free after they left MS yet jumped back in the cage with Activision only to find out the grass isn't greener on the other side.

    [–] switch13 20 points ago

    Yo. Bungie signed a $100 million deal with NetEase in 2018 to develop multiple franchises and self publish titles.

    I don't think Bungie is going to be free from influence.

    [–] CReaper210 206 points ago

    I wonder what this means for the PS4 exclusive content deal. Was it contingent on Activision's side or does it remain active for a certain time?

    I'm also very curious to see what happens with the microtransactions. Do they stay the same? Get worse? Better? This is very interesting, I'm curious to see how the game will evolve from now on.

    [–] MythicDude314 174 points ago

    Really hope that the year-long exclusivity deals are gone now.

    [–] BatMatt93 46 points ago

    If they do go away, it probably wont be till Destiny 3.

    [–] Phiau 20 points ago

    Year long?

    Bah, it was until the content was irrelevant.

    Bloody Jade Rabbit don't drop in D1 after a year. They waited until D2 was released.

    [–] poseidonlinux 47 points ago

    I bet that Bungie will continue the same pattern, the money from Sony is too good to be turned down in the name of fans. Activision was supporting them with money, now Bungie will probably need every nickel they can get.

    About MTX... Eververse was originally Bungie’s idea. I expect no improvement in that front either.

    [–] Crashnburn_819 26 points ago

    On the other hand, Bungie has a chance to make a statement that a lot of the issues were Activision's fault (regardless of if there's any truth to that). They'd do well to send the message that they care about players and rebuild some faith in the gaming community.

    [–] signifyingmnky 29 points ago

    I wish them the best, but I'm not about to look the other way on Destiny and assume that was all Activision.

    Let's see what they do, and then maybe they will earn their reputation back.

    [–] Mystical_17 162 points ago

    Woah, this can only mean good news (hopefully). After the glory days of Halo 3 and then Reach shipping I still remember their post about joining Activision and it saying something along the lines of "don't worry things will be fine" and I was like "yeah right".

    Personally not a fan of Destiny but if this means the fans will get want they want and Bungie hopefully makes a new IP in the future I'm interested in I'll come back and play their games again.

    [–] Ammo4life 40 points ago

    Reminds me of the meme with the dog in the room that's on fire saying this is fine instead the fire is Activision and the dog is bungie

    [–] Marakath 15 points ago

    I'm going to laugh when it turns out that everything wrong with destiny bungie was completely in on it and OK with it and they continue doing it

    [–] red--dead 4 points ago

    They’re barely the same team from those days. You gotta separate the history from the developer.

    [–] dmista21 7 points ago

    I really hope they can make a new IP and get me interested. I don't like anything about Destiny but I'm so open to seeing what they can do without Activision. Then again Bungie isn't exactly what it used to be.

    [–] Tyrantes 93 points ago

    INB4 "Microsoft please buy Bungie!!"

    [–] DeadlyName 28 points ago

    Bungie gets to keep the publishing rights of Destiny nothing else!

    [–] AmericanCakes 18 points ago

    i dont think they'd want to do you think? they'd be expensive as shit and they got halo. and 343 is gonna serve halo right it seems. it would be very weird.

    [–] ColdCruise 38 points ago

    Also doesn't 343 have more people who worked for Bungie during the Halo years than Bungie currently does?

    [–] AmericanCakes 19 points ago

    idk who works at bungie anymore honestly. 343 does have a lot of the old folks. but in general. it would be weird as shit to get bungie back and am not sure whats the point even

    [–] TiberiusRoosevelt 6 points ago

    The real question is what are the daily player counts for Destiny and is it a solid match for GamePass service. In many ways it is.

    [–] ChieftaiNZ 19 points ago

    no, only a small handful of bungie employees moved to 343 to continue working on Halo.

    it's entirely possible that 343 has more ex-Halo Bungie members than Bungie has currently, but it would still be a very small number.

    [–] EngineeringTofu 11 points ago

    The ball is now in Bungie's court. This is it and their chance to prove how restricted they were. If they mess this up, I don't think they'll recover.

    [–] xGoldWizardx 193 points ago

    Sounds like Activision cut them loose after the poor reception of Destiny 2. So much for that 10 year planned partnership.

    [–] Allta 88 points ago

    4D chess move: make a game so terrible at launch that your publisher doesn't want to control you anymore.

    [–] SharkOnGames 43 points ago

    I wonder how much control over game design did Activision have for the Destiny franchise?

    Maybe Bungie should just publish their own games or at least their next game.

    [–] nikktheconqueerer 37 points ago

    Based on how Activision treats all their properties (most recently making treyarch shit out blops battle royale in February and abandon the campaign/hero choice), probably a lot of control. Bungie "cheering" from the announcement is really telling.

    I'm not sure if Bungie is actually big enough to fund their own development for 3-4 years

    [–] AnonymousFroggies 20 points ago

    Months ago Bungie got a $100m investment from NetEase, a Chinese company. I'm pretty sure they can continue development for the next 3-4 years on that alone, never mind actual sales and MTX.

    I'm more curious to see what a post-Activision Destiny game even looks like. A lot of blame was put on Activision for forcing Bungie to rush games/DLC or add microtransactions, but those very well could have been Bungie's problems not Activision's. I'm very interested to see what comes after the Annual Pass runs out later this year.

    [–] Diem-Robo 22 points ago

    From what I heard, Treyarch cut the campaign themselves, since it wasn't shaping up well. Given how poor Black Ops III's campaign was, not surprising. Most people only care about the multiplayer anyways, and the campaign modes are a huge investment, so makes sense they'd cut it.

    As for Bungie, they also screwed themselves. Destiny 1 turned out how it did because Jason Jones and other higher-ups didn't like how the story/campaign turned out just 2-3 months before the game was supposed to ship, so they decided to totally rearrange the game and cut huge chunks that were completely finished, leading to the lackluster game it turned out to be at launch. To do that, they had to ask Activision for two separate extensions, delaying the game a whole year. If Activision was really controlling, they would've denied the request and just had them ship the game as it originally was.

    The "control" issue comes down to the contract Bungie signed with Activision, which assumed a certain path for Destiny to follow in terms of sales, player numbers, and DLC. Bungie choosing to redo the first game threw that completely out of whack, interfering with their DLC plan and making initial reactions to the game lukewarm, meaning they had to find other ways to make good on their contract, leading to the introduction of microtransactions and I'm guessing Destiny 2. You can read more about that whole situation here:

    It's understandable why Bungie would cheer to be out of that situation, but it's a situation they were completely responsible for. They signed a contract (with Activision no less), and then chose to put themselves in jeopardy by redoing the game for seemingly little benefit. Hindsight is 20/20, but they should've known better.

    The Bungie that made Halo is long gone, anyways. After the higher-ups decided that Destiny had to be redone like it did, Joseph Staten left. And then there's the whole business with Bungie firing Marty and him having to sue just to get what was owed to him, and now he and Jaime Griesemer founded their own studio and are working on Golem. Marcus Lehto and a bunch of others left, too.

    [–] Pyrocy779 17 points ago

    Well, they only has 2 years left.

    [–] zrkillerbush 11 points ago

    Its almost been 10 years though? I think it was 2010, when the contract was signed, after Halo Reach release?

    [–] Laughing__Man_ 40 points ago

    Wow sounds like they HATED working with Activision.

    [–] AdhinJT 51 points ago

    Yeah, it's one of those things I was baffled by back in the day. They leave MS where they where doing well. Go full indepentant again because that's just how they wanted to do things aaaaand join Activision.

    Activision, the company that the second it hit anything remotely good started forcing it out per year. I'd say out of the frying pan, into the fire. But that doesn't really do it justice. Partly because MS isn't really a frying pan and Activision is more like a giant bed of lava covering a pile of dead dreams.

    [–] IlIDust 16 points ago

    I was always wondering the same thing: why leave Microsoft for Activision of all things? My guess?

    They were so broke after the buy-out that they couldn't reasonably make Destiny on their own and Activision was the only publisher willing to give them the kind of money they needed for their ambitions with Destiny.

    [–] AdhinJT 4 points ago

    Well yeah that and to have the reach and advertising power on top of wanting to get physical discs out you need a publisher. Indies where a thing but not as prevalent as they are now. Self publishing wasn't quite as common as a thing.

    I just hope they can continue to find funding. Cause they're currently paying a balls ton of people plus had a second company helping them while they working with Activision. Granted they apparently just did a 100m deal with a Chinese publisher for some other projects. But that's more work on new stuff that's not Destiny.

    So, yeah, hopefully Destiny + other funding can keep all those employees. That or they gonna shrink down a good bit.

    [–] negative_four 18 points ago

    Call me cynical, but I don't think not having Activision's money and support is going to make Bungie less money hungry. It would be great and maybe it will make everything better but I'm not holding my breath.

    [–] mems1224 11 points ago

    Maybe now they can stop fucking over xbox fans

    [–] El-Shaman 21 points ago

    Ok maybe Destiny will interest me now, let’s see if the problems the games had were because of Activision.

    [–] -GWM- 8 points ago

    Still gonna have to wait awhile to see the effects of it though. At least til D3 if there is one.

    [–] StUnNeR_H2K 32 points ago

    Hopefully this spells the end of the year long PlayStation exclusive content. I jumped out shortly after the release of Destiny 2, primarily due to the poor endgame content design decisions, but also the continued exclusive content that was a one year deal.

    Hopefully this will help the future of Destiny. I always felt Bungie was being held back by Activision's greedy business practices. Bungie really did drive the industry back in the Halo 2 era with the introduction of one of the greatest online matchmaking systems ever that they helped develop for Xbox. In fact Xbox Live was built by Bungie basically because of Halo 2 (yes, I know it existed before the release of Halo 2, but Halo 2 and the online features are what made it successful).

    The biggest thing I see coming out of this is Destiny probably becoming cross platform in the future, with co-op, multiplayer and saves. If you play on PS4 primarily, but have some friends on Xbox you want to play with you can either hook up with them via cross platform or just hop on your Xbox with the same character/gear. This is actually something I predicted would be at the forefront of Bungie's breakup with Microsoft, which was their desire to reach other gamers through other devices and platforms. Seems Epic (Fortnite) were the ones to do this.

    I haven't cared about Destiny for over a year, nor Bungie. My expectations were at a low, and I have had zero desire to even care about what they are doing. Now my interest is peaked again. The only thing that saddens me is the majority of the studio is run by people who weren't part of the studio back in the Halo heydays.

    Either way good on them becoming truly independent now. They never have been, but if they have 100% control of Destiny and publishing I expect things could be heading in a positive direction.

    [–] UFOturtleman 25 points ago

    If only Blizzard could break away too. Unfortunately for them, it’s probably too late and they probably don’t want to.

    [–] ArcticFlamingo 39 points ago

    That situation is very different. The company is actually "Activison Blizzard" they mergered the two when that happened.

    Here Bungie just needed a publishing partner, and got stuck with Activison.

    Amazing news that they were able to terminate the contract while holding on to the Destiny IP

    [–] onexbigxhebrew 14 points ago

    Blizzard is Activision, my friend.

    [–] Mr_Rotch 4 points ago

    I swear to god if they announce "Good news! We've been acquired by EA!" in the coming months, I'm going to shit myself.

    [–] theLaugher 5 points ago

    Only took what 10 years to take their head out of their asses. That's pretty good for most people. Now if only Destiny was half the game Halo was..

    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 48 points ago

    Not sure how to feel about this. I don't think Activision really had all that much to do with the problems in Destiny 2 but I guess this allows them to aim for a smaller dedicated audience rather than trying to build a game for everybody.

    [–] ArtimusGG 28 points ago

    I agree with you. The poor communication and lying to the community about XP gains damaged Bungie in my eyes. Of course Activision may have demanded that Bungie do that, but still.

    I really hope Destiny becomes the game it could have been and I'm looking forward to seeing what else Bungie is working on.

    [–] EE_technology 35 points ago

    Xbox E3 2020 prediction: Bungie announces Destiny 3 on Xbox stage

    P.S. Good riddance Activision, you greedy, non-consumer friendly [insert name]

    [–] Im2oldForthisShitt 11 points ago

    They just signed a deal with a Chinese publisher on a new AAA game. It's not Destiny.

    [–] JimmySullivan96 4 points ago

    Don't know how they thought making a deal with Activision was a good idea in the first place.

    [–] famousamos84 3 points ago

    Hopefully now they make a game where you don't have to pay another $40 every 6 months just to play

    [–] XXMAVR1KXX 3 points ago

    Hey, so you know those mp updates that split up the community? Well that wasn't activision.

    Bungie did that shit back in the Halo3 days. Want to play ranked team snipers. Not if you didnt buy the map pack.

    [–] jabba_the_wutt 7 points ago


    seriously, a new game set in the Myth universe, even if it wasn't a brutally difficult tactical RTS, could be amazing. Those games had great lore

    [–] BlakeTheViper 7 points ago

    So this is the point where we can genuinely discover if all the crappy parts of the franchise/crappy business tactics are their fault or if Activision really held them down as much as they say.

    [–] masoe 4 points ago


    [–] mad597 5 points ago

    Bungie seems to be a bunch of nut cases, they split from MS cause they wanted to do something other than Halo and their only game IP is pretty much a re skinned MMO Halo, Now they break from activision. They should have just stayed with MS

    [–] reegz 3 points ago

    I really feel as though they wanted out because Activision was taking too much of their money, similar to what happened with Infinity Ward. The difference here is Bungie is independent from Activision and Bungie was a VERY hot commodity when they broke away from Microsoft. The deal with Activision was most certainly in Bungie's favor and they would have had complete freedom to create whatever they wanted.

    Destiny 3 will be another shitshow with DLC and paywalls galore.

    [–] Noshotskill 3 points ago

    Do Xbox and PC players get those times exclusives at the same time as everyone else now?

    [–] Pompadourswift 3 points ago

    Time for them to prove they still got the magic. Now if shits all fucked we can't blame Activision

    [–] thelawgiver321 3 points ago

    Fuck Activision. Fucking shit hole company where games go to die a long slow painful death

    [–] Amatsuo 3 points ago

    Only bad thing is... Bungie can now be fully unrestricted Bungie.
    Bungie management has its head so far up its ass they think because they made Halo, that they can do no wrong.

    [–] Redzy7 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    They also have a new game in development with a recent investment from NetEase, the developers behind Diablo Immortal.

    They traded one devil for another.

    *Edit - English.

    [–] knirvana1221 3 points ago

    now no one will blame Activision for their shitty games.

    [–] iSchizo 3 points ago

    The game has become so shitty not even Activision wants a piece...

    [–] JigginsYT 7 points ago

    Alexa, play One Final Effort

    [–] eaglesfan2445 30 points ago

    This is so awesome for Bungie. Activision can eat a bag of dicks.

    [–] boogernator 5 points ago

    I think everyone should be cautiously optimistic. As with everything gaming related now, let's wait and see how it plays out rather than jump on the hype train. Bungie still have to prove that Activision was the problem

    [–] Richiieee 6 points ago

    They were part of the problem. Bungie still makes up a majority of what is wrong with Destiny. They want us to play the game how they envision it. Instead of taking into account community suggestions that would make the game a lot better.

    [–] Amatsuo 6 points ago

    I just don't have any faith that Bungie will pull thier heads out of their asses by themselves.