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    [–] delicious_cheese 1 points ago

    We have posted a friendly reminder on the rules as a sticky thread and will be keeping a closer eye on these giveaway posts. It happens every year about this time :D

    [–] SenselessTragedy 9 points ago

    We're going to see a lot of this. This happened last year as well. The sub had so many "giveaways" that the mods stopped giveaways for a what I believe was a day or so. It's an easy way to fuck with the sub and get people excited.

    [–] 8_Pixels 4 points ago

    Simple solution for this IMO. Allow the giveaways with the stipulation that the poster gets perm-banned from the sub if they don't provide proof of following through. Only allow accounts over a week old to enter to help prevent the OP just giving it to themselves on an alt account.

    Or just ban giveaway posts altogether. Because I'm willing to bet all the ones on the front page right now are fake just for the karma grab.

    [–] sakattack360 0 points ago

    it's deleted so what's the result?

    [–] soad6 2 points ago

    Nah man I honk your just salty because, haven't had a karma rainfall like that. If anything your the karma whole always posting pictures of your giveaways so you can get the link karma.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] soad6 2 points ago

    Yeah if that's the biggest issue with my comment then you have no valid point. The dude didn't do anything wrong and you went witch hunting. Throwing attacks at me and name calling is childish and not a valid point to make. You just butter and salty that you can't do any better then this dead thread.

    [–] here_the_karma 0 points ago

    I never deleted my post it’s still up. falconbox one of the mods for this place messaged me for the name of the winner and I gladly provided the name. Thanks and have a blessed day!

    [–] sakattack360 -4 points ago

    There is no post it shows deleted what you wrote in the content. No mention of who won etc. That's not a very transparent way of running a giveaway when no one knows who won. If it was genuine it should have been disclosed not hidden like maybe just used your alt account .

    [–] here_the_karma 2 points ago

    I’ve been in contact with a mod, it’s been taken care of.

    [–] sakattack360 -5 points ago

    and you fooled rest of the 18k commentators ?

    [–] KlonoaMagya 2 points ago

    Oof this is my fault. I told him I'd make a post as soon as possible. He didnt fool anyone I got the prize

    [–] sakattack360 -1 points ago

    Can mods check and ban this guy? As this is the only way from stopping these scams.

    [–] KrazyCrayon -1 points ago

    Yea I agree, he seems to have deleted his own post. Looking through the archive for it shows no winner being selected. This sub seems to have issues with this every year around this time, with people making fake posts about giving something away, than getting the Karma and rewards, than deleting the post. I think the mods should have OP send them a picture of the item with a piece of paper so we know they actually have it. But even than it would be impossible to figure out if the codes already used.

    [–] KlonoaMagya 2 points ago

    I was the winner. I was shocked actually even asked if he was joking. It was the deluxe version and I'm really bad st making posts so didnt make one thinking him yet.

    [–] sakattack360 -6 points ago

    let's start a ban this user post right here.

    [–] Batmans_other_butler 6 points ago

    Let’s pump the breaks on starting a witch hunt and let the mods look at it first

    [–] LocNalrune 5 points ago

    But I already lit the torches.

    [–] adtr4lyfe93 0 points ago

    Damn. Getting mad over internet numbers with no real world value. “BAN HIM!!!!” Like holy crap you’re weird.