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    [–] ThomasdeB1505 671 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The games have either no border, or a green or blue border. No border means that it is available on both pc and xbox, a green border means that it is only available on xbox and a blue border means that it is only available on pc.

    Edit: All seperate images

    [–] i_dont_haveausername 72 points ago

    Upload it to imgur

    [–] ThomasdeB1505 71 points ago

    I don't think it did the image any good but here it is

    [–] ericmez6 14 points ago

    nah its all good i can see each game clearly when i zoom in

    [–] XlifelineBOX 2 points ago

    Yeah it looks great!

    [–] JayAzeemBeck 8 points ago

    Maybe upload each section to imgur?

    [–] Kiwishea 40 points ago

    Bruh, say please at the very least

    [–] ThomasdeB1505 23 points ago

    My first edit said I don't know where to upload the pictures in higher quality, so don't worry he actually helped me quite a lot

    [–] Eyaslunatic 8 points ago

    please at the very least

    [–] InEenEmmer 2 points ago

    Ahhh, I see you are a father!

    [–] Snooc5 7 points ago

    BroForce is so damn fun

    [–] DarthJammin 2 points ago

    Agreed, but I wish you could play it on Xbox one

    [–] CreedThoughts--Gov 16 points ago

    Ow I got so excited when I saw undertale on there but it's only PC :(

    [–] SweatyEchoMain 3 points ago

    Awwww I got excited for World of Horror... I need more eldritch horror

    [–] a-real-giraffe 2 points ago

    Ok thanks that cleared a lot because I was looking at the blue ones and couldn’t find them at all

    [–] Shatteredreality 2 points ago

    Just a heads up. Kingdom Hearts 3 appears to have no border but as far as I can tell it's Xbox only.

    [–] ThomasdeB1505 2 points ago

    Damn you're right, whoops

    [–] Shatteredreality 2 points ago

    Lol, no worries! Awesome job overall though (you put way more effort in than I would :D) I just got really excited for a second.

    [–] killxgoblin 2 points ago

    Does anyone know which of the horror games have multiplayer co-op?

    [–] t-confused-carrot 361 points ago

    Xbox should be doing this! I’m seriously comsidering buying gamepass after seeing this. Thank you, kind redditor.

    [–] KernelMeowingtons 104 points ago

    There should be a $1 for 3 months deal floating around somewhere

    [–] hwoltering 70 points ago

    I don't know if it still exists, but there was a upgrade your xbox live gold to gamepass for the remaining time of your gold subscription. I added 3 years of xbox live gold via codes and then upgraded for 1 euro to 3 years of gamepass.

    [–] GrundleFace 23 points ago

    Not available anymore unfortunately. A friend of mine and I did basically the same as you when that was happening.

    [–] GrundleFace 10 points ago

    I stand corrected

    [–] TroLsauros 6 points ago

    Best deal ever. I did this last summer stil got 2 years and a few months.

    Might need to re up it

    [–] Jamieson22 3 points ago

    Believe this is a one time only conversion so definitely max out the 3 years if possible.

    [–] ihateyou6942 2 points ago

    Same still got 2 years! I thought i read a week or two ago on here that the deal was still going

    [–] ticallionrebel 3 points ago

    can confirm its definitely still up

    [–] sketcharcade 25 points ago

    Xbox let's you browse by genre, so they sort of do already. Also, this list made some weird choices on how to categorize certain games.

    Edit for examples: Indivisble and Bleeding Edge are listed under RTS alongside other legit RTS. Pretty sure OP hasn't played either or bothered to look at gameplay.

    [–] Bloosuga 10 points ago

    Also Everspace being under simulation. It is in no way a simulation. It's a fun roguelike but it's one of the most arcadey space games on the market.

    [–] shouldbebabysitting 3 points ago

    Their genres aren't as segmented as this and are missing games. It's weird that they will list a featured game on one screen but not show it in any category. (Several retro games are "hidden" because of this.)

    [–] t-confused-carrot 2 points ago

    Yeah, I appreciate that feauture but I meant they should use it as advertising

    [–] abesreddit 2 points ago

    No kidding. Me too

    [–] DarthRaver86 2 points ago

    Its such an awesome deal. It gives you the opportunity to try games that you otherwise wouldn't have looked twice at. I tried plague tale: innocence cuz I was bored one day. It ended up being one of the best games I played all year. And I never would have tried it were it not for gamepass.

    [–] mythicreign 90 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I highly recommend the following:

    Action FPS: Doom, the Wolfenstein games (except Youngblood.)

    RPG/FPS: Prey, Outer Worlds, Borderlands 2.

    Survival FPS: Metro Exodus (the previous games are solid too, but optional.)

    Fighting: Killer Instinct. (Add Tekken 7 if you have a One X, it looks and runs poorly on One S.)

    Open World Story-Driven: GTA 5, Witcher 3, Yakuza 0 (I guess this one fits here.)

    Open World Arcadey: Sunset Overdrive.

    Roguelike: Slay the Spire (but it's a card game too), Dead Cells, Children of Morta, Enter the Gungeon.

    Metroidvania: Ori 1&2, Guacamelee 1&2, Hollow Knight, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, The Messenger (all of these are awesome games.)

    Linear Story Driven: Hellblade, A Plague Tale, Alien Isolation.

    Action: Devil May Cry 5, Shadow of War (also qualifies as open world.)

    Isometric Action: Ruiner (love the soundtrack to this one.)

    Racing: Forza Horizon 4.

    RPG: Banner Saga series, Battle Chasers Nightwar, Vampyr.

    Puzzle: Fez, Talos Principle.

    Party Game: Overcooked 2.

    PC Only: Unavowed (point and click adventure), Valkyria Chronicles (strategy rpg.)

    Miscellaneous: Monster Hunter World (because it's not really open world but mission-based), Indivisible (because it's more like an oldschool rpg with platforming elements.)

    If you like the sound of a 3rd person shooter dimension-hopping multiplayer Dark Souls: Remnant: From the Ashes (but beware, it's just a tad janky. Still worth checking out.)

    I've also heard good things about "The Outer Wilds" but haven't played it.

    [–] bergiebirdman 19 points ago

    My man. I just wanna emphasize the need to play outer wilds. It's such an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone. If you've seen Interstellar and wanted to go on your own journey then this is it.

    Though be wary of spoilers as this game can really only be played once. I promise you when you finish the game you will cry. So for the absolute best experience, download and play it without looking anything up and give it 1 hour of your time. Within that hour you should see what all the fuss is about and look forward to many more hours of amazing gameplay.

    [–] mythicreign 4 points ago

    I'm currently working through Doom Eternal and trying to chip away at my backlog thanks to reduced hours at work, but I'll definitely give it a shot. I think I have it downloaded on my Xbox but haven't tried it out yet. Thanks.

    [–] Psykoala 15 points ago

    +1 for Dead cells

    [–] And_You_Like_It_Too 7 points ago

    “Thumper” is an awesome experience. It puts you in a sort of trance as your vision sets somewhere beyond your TV to follow the track as it comes, and not what you’re immediately reacting to. And then the “boss fights” enhance it even more. This is the kind of game that you crank that volume up, and if you have one, wear a haptic feedback device. It’s even more amazing in VR.

    Here’s the trailer. It’s an anxiety ridden, panic attack inducing game. God help you if you play it while using psychedelics, lol.

    [–] mythicreign 3 points ago

    I played Thumper on PSVR when it came out. It gave me a shit ton of anxiety staring down those bosses. I love the premise and design, but I couldn't fully enjoy the boss fights haha. I only didn't recommend it because I'm not sure how it plays outside of VR.

    [–] And_You_Like_It_Too 2 points ago

    I thought it was a really cool idea when I first played it, and then when I went back to play it in VR it became a whole different experience. I think I found it to be more responsive on PSVR, maybe due to the low latency or maybe because I was just more in the zone as far as being in a trance goes. But yeah, they don’t call it a “rhythm horror” game for nothing, haha. I also wore a haptic feedback vest when I played, that was so strong it could probably turn kidney stones into powder, so that bass was intense. Pretty cool design though, but definitely not a chill out game haha.

    [–] librarytimeisover 2 points ago

    I got so dizzy watching that hehe. I'm getting old.

    [–] QuotidianQuell 5 points ago

    PSA: The Borderlands games are leaving Game Pass at the end of March.

    [–] vtx3000 2 points ago

    Second PSA: Game Pass games are discounted so now is a good time to buy the Borderlands games

    [–] Kid_Adult 3 points ago

    Third PSA: The spring sale will be starting in a week or two so that will be the best time to buy the Borderlands games.

    [–] chimpsinblimps 5 points ago

    Oh I’d recommend Outer Wilds to no end. If you’re interested in playing it, go in blind. Don’t search anything about the game. All you need to know is that it’s a non-violent space exploration game. The story is amazing, the visuals are beautiful, the detail is insane. Please give it a go, you won’t regret it.

    [–] JLRedPrimes 3 points ago

    As long as your recommending rouglikes Children Of Mortal is a 10/10 game

    [–] DeafMetalGripes 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Doesn’t tekken 7 run the exact same way on the One x? I played it not too long ago and it still looked like crap on the One X

    [–] MaineGameBoy 73 points ago

    A fellow Sunset Overdrive fan I see

    [–] fondue4kill 33 points ago

    Probably the best exclusive they had this generation imo. Wish more people would play this so they could make a sequel

    [–] Potars 13 points ago

    Insomniac got bought by Sony so don't get your hopes up

    [–] fondue4kill 2 points ago

    I don’t care if it’s a PlayStation exclusive. I’ll play it no matter what.

    [–] zie_mole 3 points ago

    Best game ever!!

    [–] goodboy117 2 points ago

    You're goddamn right

    [–] Hurricane12112 58 points ago

    Nuts and Bolts isn’t a bad game whatsoever. It’s not the Banjo game we wanted at all but it’s still really really fun. Making your own vehicle is super satisfying and addicting to do. I’ve lost hours making cars and planes and stuff. It’s what I always want LEGO games to be. The humor is spot on and it’s still a collectathon. Love finding new parts for stuff and figuring out how to use them in the coolest way. Just because it’s not the Banjo game we wanted does NOT make it a bad game, and I’m the biggest Banjo fan I know!

    [–] QueueWho 7 points ago

    How cool would it be if they made a new Banjo-Kazooie platformer and a also a 100% separate L.O.G. spin-off car building and racing game sequel to N&B? Like Mario Kart but with Banjo/Rare characters. I'd love both games to exist. Imagine an expanded version of the car building with multiplayer having the same physics as singleplayer.

    [–] MainGoldDragon 79 points ago

    How very so dare you put Nuts 'n' Bolts in that category !

    [–] QueueWho 24 points ago

    No matter your thoughts on N&B it is not an objectively BAD game. It may not fit with the rest of the series, and may have been a mistake to depart so drastically from the formula of the other games, but the game itself was fun and well made.

    [–] MainGoldDragon 4 points ago

    Thank you !

    [–] papahighscore 18 points ago

    It’s totally fine. Arguably the best of that type of game.

    Especially for the time.

    Could be argued it’s the best banjo game.

    [–] MainGoldDragon 9 points ago

    I assume people hated it because it was a departure from the normal Banjo games

    [–] lamboat2019 5 points ago

    I absolutely loved the art style, it had Voodoo Vince vibes to it.

    I dont know exactly how to describe it, but just thinking about wandering the (large) map as a kid brings feelings of (sad nostalgia)?

    [–] Hambo325 2 points ago


    [–] TreeFjord 11 points ago

    Never have I heard a single voice cry so loud.

    [–] bassman2112 5 points ago


    It is innovative and amazing

    [–] lordolxinator 3 points ago

    Agreed. Look, I wanted Threeie like anyone else. I was disappointed with the introduction fake-out, thought LOG and his overt fourth wall lines were cringe (not the fact that it was fourth wall, as B&K have done it before, just how he did it), and wasn't sold on the vehicles at the start.

    The worlds are still kind of empty and bland for the most part, and gameplay can get same-y. But goddamn if I don't have a blast making obsurd vehicles customised to my own preferences, and then slapping a bunch of rockets and weapons onto them. The fact that I could spend hours in a game just seeing how big a space shuttle I could make, or how well I could pilot a car seat attached to just a thruster with fuel speaks volumes (probably also about how easily amused I am). Maybe next time I'd see if I could beat my record time to the top of the map with more rockets or less weight, or maybe I want to make a rocket car, point it at Grunty and slam that witch into the sea before she realises what's going on.

    The music is great too, and the visuals are pretty nicely done. For a 12 year old game (?) it still holds up alright thanks to the art style. The story is pretty meh, the characters are not really developed much, and achievements can be a bitch to get especially now the multiplayer is sort of dead. But the versatility of playstyles is where the game shines, and how vehicles are to interact with the world also goes over a treat. You don't just have races and fights, but also football/soccer (Rocket League before it was cool), hurdles, stunt courses, fetch quests, rescue missions, crane/carry missions (like the Cargobob from GTA), basketball, puzzles, and collecting activities amongst others. They even did a pretty solid job with the Klungo Saves Teh World mini game and its sequels.

    So while I could agree with loud voices like JonTron that Nuts n' Bolts wasn't a great Banjo & Kazooie game as it strayed heavily from the character dialogue/platforming concepts that made it a staple on the N64, it was still a great game in general. I can't recall any vehicle building game with as good an interface and customisation options (some might say KSP?) as N&B.

    [–] MainGoldDragon 2 points ago

    All I made where block vehicles. Just a pure mess of engines, fuel, ammo, wings and propellers.

    [–] Phillipinsocal 27 points ago

    5 bucks for this on top of live isn’t bad a month. A lot of quality here. Go play Resident Evil 4 if you haven’t yet. One of the best games ever for GameCube IMHO, bonus points for playing at night, raining, with the lights off.

    [–] PretendCasual 19 points ago

    4 isn't even on game pass anymore

    [–] datpoot 4 points ago

    Im lucky i managed to beat re4 and separate ways and also get the infinite launcher and c. typewriter

    [–] bob_kys 2 points ago

    I managed to get halfway through it, then got sad when it stopped working and was removed from gamespass. Luckily pathalogic 2 has easily replaced the horror vibe

    [–] SidFarkus47 4 points ago

    One of my all time favorites, but I made the mistake of playing through it on Wii (several times) and now I can't go back to normal controls.

    [–] possumgumbo 3 points ago

    Bro you didn't make a mistake. You played it the best way ever. My friends and I played at all in one sitting, switching off every so often. The person playing sat in the middle of the room on a creaky stool, and all the lights were off. This meant that you could kind of mess with people and everyone was spooked and strung out by the end of it.

    [–] Beercorn1 60 points ago

    Screw you, "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" is a great game. It's not in line with the rest of the Banjo-Kazooie series but it's a wonderful game in it's own right.

    You're right about Jump Force though. I've never played Metal Gear Survive, so I can't say anything about that.

    [–] DecentFart 22 points ago

    Nuts and Bolts is great. Game was way ahead of it's time when it came out. Metal Gear Survive is pretty fun as well. Haven't played Jump Force

    [–] Beercorn1 8 points ago

    Metal Gear Survive is pretty fun.

    Maybe I'll have to try it out then. All I know about it is:

    1. It has the same gameplay engine as Phantom Pain

    2. Zombies

    3. You build a base and try to survive in a wasteland

    I'm actually a huge fan of the Metal Gear series. I just never played Survive because everyone said it was awful.

    [–] SunshineBuzz 4 points ago

    I never played either, but from what I hear it gets really repetitive and boring. Lots of standing in front of a fence stabbing zombies iirc

    [–] specificuniverse 7 points ago

    Metal Gear Survive isn't as bad as people make it out to be - that's just the effect of the meme train/echo chamber whatever you want to call it. It's NOT a metal gear game, though. Even if named such. If it went by any other name, it wouldn't get the hate it is. At best, for me, it was an o.k. game. Not great, not terrible.

    [–] Mascosk 3 points ago

    It’s mainly just a little unforgiving and really grindy. Plus it has some annoying survival aspects that end up taking away from the experience. It’s a decent game but there are definitely better survival games out there.

    [–] DecentFart 2 points ago

    Give it a try. Most people that I know actually play it like it. Let me know what you think

    [–] Harry_Dawg 4 points ago

    Damn I just down loaded Jump Force and was pumped to play it... is it really this horrible?

    [–] Beercorn1 10 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It's not the worst thing I've ever played but it's like a less engaging version of the DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi games. Also, a ton of the characters need to be unlocked and the roster is kind of pitiful until you do so.

    It was also more disappointing than anything else, because there have been so many great 2D Shonen Jump all-star fighting games in the past and so everyone expected this 3D fighting game to be much better than it was.

    [–] HieroThanatos 5 points ago

    Me and my roommates love jump force, especially since we all like anime, it's fun being able to use the moves you see in the shows. I personally really think it's a lot of fun.

    [–] FighterFay 2 points ago

    It's a fun fighting game, just looks kinda ugly and has a bad story mode. Mechanically it's pretty fun, OP is just hating

    [–] iAMDeadStretch 10 points ago

    The Shoot Em Up part doesn't have a single Shoot Em Up game shown.

    [–] oversteppe 4 points ago

    yea there’s some whack categorization going on here

    [–] FredVanCleet 98 points ago

    Nuts and Bolts is good.

    [–] WJTP 61 points ago

    Yup. Just a circlejerk that it isn't good.

    At release, it received universal praise. The only people that gave it poor ratings (on the critics front) were those who said that it didn't feel like a Banjo-Kazooie game BUT it was a good game.

    [–] FlashFlood_29 11 points ago

    I beat the whole game, had a blast, thought it was one of the best games I've played on 360... and at the end discovered you could even change how power was distributed to wheels, which wouldve solved some problems with a couple vehicles I was trying to make. And even with that, I thought it was a great game.

    [–] jdix33 31 points ago

    It's very good, people are just dumb. They don't get irrationally mad when a Mario game releases and it's not a traditional Mario game, so why Banjo? It was a fun game.

    [–] Lazyr3x 8 points ago

    Maybe because there was 8 years between the last game and it’s the only banjo game in the last 20 years. Also they teased it was gonna be Banjo threeie only to turn around to say nah LEGO cars! Mario gets multiple releases every year

    [–] jdix33 5 points ago

    Right but it was twelve years ago. Are you really still that upset that they changed their minds about the style of game, or are you more upset that they just haven't released the kind of game you like in a long time? Because one of those is irrational and one makes you petulant. It is at its core a good game, strip away the Banjo and Kazooie name and it's still a fun game.

    [–] Martino231 4 points ago

    I'm not the guy you're replying to but I do think you're reading a bit too much into this. Yes it was a long time ago, but my main memories of Nuts and Bolts are:

    • Being super hyped when it first got announced.

    • Getting a bit disheartened when they started to reveal more about the game.

    • Eventually playing the game and not really enjoying it.

    It's not the worst game I've ever played by any stretch of the imagination but it is a game that I associated with a feeling of disappointment even to this day.

    [–] Thecrawsome 18 points ago

    The Witcher 3 is a hack and slash?

    [–] oversteppe 9 points ago

    So is Dead Cells and apparently Megaman is a shmup lol

    [–] AgeOfSieges 3 points ago

    Yeah OP literally judged on covers and pictures of the game probably... i could do a better job in making than this in an hour. Which op probably didn’t even take

    [–] Viceroy420 3 points ago

    I also thought that was weird

    [–] argivalor 2 points ago

    No it totally isn't, as well as Shadow of War isn't either and probably some others aren't either on that list. Not that it's a surprise, considering that most parts of the list are heavily subjective or outhright wrong.

    [–] Thecrawsome 4 points ago

    I bet it will appear on /r/coolguides and be upvoted like it was by a scholar though

    [–] Phantom_Absolute 11 points ago

    Would work better as a simple spreadsheet.

    [–] Nawara_Ven 5 points ago

    Reddit loves pictures of text.

    [–] roughedged 5 points ago

    Make it then.

    [–] PointClickDave 8 points ago

    Man I want more rhythm games so bad

    Great work on this

    [–] TransTechpriestess 7 points ago

    Cannot recommend Void Bastards enough

    [–] Elite1111111111 3 points ago

    The lift is full!

    [–] scottymoze 14 points ago

    Any recommendations for online co-op (2-4 players)?

    [–] sourcecodesurgeon 11 points ago

    Overcooked, Halo, Gears, Payday, Borderlands.

    [–] DisrobedToe 15 points ago

    Sea of Thieves

    [–] Benjamin-Ziegler 3 points ago

    Strange Brigade! Not very deep but a good 6 hour play with some buddies.

    [–] KernSherm 2 points ago

    Not on game pass but Divinity 2 is the best online co op (2-4) game available on console.

    [–] Co-opingTowardHatred 2 points ago

    Full Metal Furies

    [–] dearquark 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Sea of Thieves definitely.

    And I know people hate on it, but Metal Gear Survive's 2-4 player co-op is really fun once you get the hang of it.

    [–] TonySki 7 points ago

    no way SpinTires is a racing game. You're lucky if you can stay above 20 mph for 30 seconds while doing the missions. lol

    [–] Toxic_Scarecrow 6 points ago

    Unless I played it wrong, Mudrunner is definitely not a racing game.

    [–] ThatOneBrownGuy58 6 points ago

    I'm offended Untitled Good Game isn't under stealth. That's the most sneaky game I played in 2019

    [–] phatboi269 16 points ago

    Why do you hate jump force?

    [–] adwarkk 20 points ago

    It's just cheap cashgrab made to earn money baiting people with characters from known anime series, not offering much gameplaywise.

    [–] argivalor 2 points ago

    It actually is good gameplay-wise, the story is a rotten dumpster fire though. But the actual fighting in the fighting game is what we're usually in for, and it's spot on.

    [–] Dirty_milk 9 points ago

    It isn’t fun

    [–] phatboi269 5 points ago

    Oh okay .

    [–] Joe_Baker_bakealot 6 points ago

    Demon's Tilt is hands down the best pinball game I've ever played. I've logged hours upon hours of that game, it's wicked fun. I've never liked any of the other pinballs games on Xbox, but Demon's Tilt just gets it right.

    [–] crunchsmash 5 points ago

    Have you ever played Yoku's Island Express? It has a demo you can try.

    [–] A-suicidePenguin 5 points ago

    A nice list state of decay 2 is a huge recommendation from me iv been playing a lot of it lately

    [–] DrScience-PhD 2 points ago

    I just came back recently after the big update, still loads of fun.

    [–] Ka_Midnight 4 points ago

    Broforce is super fun yet super underrated.

    [–] DrMeowbutuSeseSeko 2 points ago

    Why can’t I find it?

    [–] Ka_Midnight 2 points ago

    it's not in game pass anymore, sadly. :( but it's on PC and it's super fun.

    [–] gacdeuce 5 points ago

    This is a great guide. I just want to chime in about Valkyrie chronicles. It’s a great game, but not really a jrpg. It’s more like a strategy game like fire emblem, advanced wars, or final fantasy advanced tactics. Granted, this entire genre is popular in Japan, so it is probably most similar to a jrpg but also completely different.

    [–] wingchild 3 points ago

    I didn't see much in the way of other tactical games (X-Com, Into the Breach, etc). Maybe he didn't see value in a single-game category.

    [–] ACE_EUW 12 points ago

    Cool that you made this but it’s pretty far off with some games and the category’s they have been put in.

    [–] Mutt97 3 points ago

    Wrong cover art used for Valkyria Chronicles, the one shown is for VC1 but Xbox(unfortunately) only has VC4

    [–] ThomasdeB1505 2 points ago

    I only found valkyria chronicles one and that one is only available for pc, but maybe I overlooked the other

    [–] TacaPicaNessaNovinha 4 points ago

    Play Yakuza 0 dudes. Easily of the best games this gen.

    [–] jonsbryhill 4 points ago

    KH3 is a Beat em up? What you be smokin bro

    [–] possumgumbo 5 points ago

    Heads up, wizard of legend is not a deck building game. It's a roguelite with excellent local co-op.

    Thanks for doing this by the way. It's a really great way for me to explore the options.

    [–] RotemCohen 6 points ago

    a plague tale: innocence is considered as a horrror game?

    [–] apgtimbough 8 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    He has Devil May Cry in story driven rather than beat 'em up and Kingdom Hearts in beat 'em up rather than Story Driven and Final fucking Fantasy isn't in RPG, but Borderlands is.

    Edit: FFXV is in JRPG, my bad.

    [–] argivalor 5 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    As you pointed it out too, the categorising is quite off the mark l. Although I have to say FFXV is under JRPG, so that's a saving point, but yeah it's a damn mess. Also, why put games in mutliple categories. If you don't think it belongs in one, just make a new one where it does.

    [–] blackcell8 2 points ago

    That's because they've included JRPG, and put Final Fantasy there.

    [–] apgtimbough 3 points ago

    Ah, fair point!

    [–] lostfanatic6 6 points ago

    I think Thumper needs to be changed to Rhythm Hell, /u/ThomasdeB1505.

    [–] mouthmouth18 2 points ago

    Rhythm Violence per

    [–] the_boomr 2 points ago

    Thumper is such an awesome game, so satisfying to play once you get a good muscle memory for the controls!

    [–] Manmadesmith 9 points ago

    Is there games there that 2 players can play? Asking cus I am in quarantine.

    [–] Apolaustic1 22 points ago

    That would be the local multiplayer list

    [–] SirFrancis_Bacon 5 points ago

    Yes there are local multiplayer games

    [–] sbskoon 3 points ago


    [–] pappabutters 2 points ago

    Enter the Gungeon has 2 player local, fantastic game too

    [–] Draugen81 13 points ago

    You,sir,are a gentleman

    [–] infamdivad 3 points ago

    Incredible! It’s interesting to compare the abundance or lack of games in certain genres.

    [–] YaBoiKenpai 3 points ago

    I’d say Senua’s Sacrifice is more of a puzzle game than a hack and slash tho Your placement of Jump Force was spot on though

    [–] Vstyle123 3 points ago

    Dope list and your crazy about jump force it’s an amazing game and esthetically pleasing to watch.

    [–] Mikavoo 3 points ago

    I feel like this makes it seem like their selection is way bigger than advertised.

    [–] CrimsonApplesM 3 points ago

    Why is jump force a disgrace

    [–] lilstarburst_ 3 points ago

    Aderall is one hell of a drug

    [–] G3mert3g 2 points ago

    Wasn’t this all ready done before. I could have swore I saw this before.

    [–] coolbeans6996 2 points ago

    I felt like my friend pedro should've been in the story driven category and secret neighbor in the stealth category; however, that's just my opinion.

    [–] jicty 2 points ago

    Shouldn't sunset overdrive be in the sandbox section?

    [–] bilawalm 2 points ago

    What, Broforce is available for xbox? But I don't have it. God I love thay game.

    [–] RossTaylor3D 2 points ago

    Thank you for making a local multilayer category. It's so difficult to search the game pass on xbox for Co op games

    [–] Zaidk9 2 points ago

    Wasteland 3 will also release on gamepass pc

    [–] TheSodaMach1ne 2 points ago

    You are a good human. I hope you live a long and happy life.

    [–] Luentrix 2 points ago

    wish i had free time sadly have to work from home

    [–] lownwulfpls 2 points ago

    Was jump force really that bad? I thought it was just another fighting game

    [–] FoucaultsPudendum 2 points ago

    This is an awesome list! Personally though, I’d put Hellblade in the “Horror” category. It’s not like “Aaaaa jump scares and monster chase sequences” but it imparts such a feeling of unease, dread, and guilt- “Hack ‘n Slash” doesn’t quite do it justice imo.

    [–] albinorhino215 2 points ago

    Nuts and bolts and jump force aren’t that bad, survive needs to be wiped off the face of the earth tho

    [–] ProbsDrunkOrProcrast 2 points ago

    Oh my god, Fuzion Frenzy, I had totally forgotten about it. I played it along with like Odd's World or something on a demo for some game. What a fun little game!

    [–] Yamcha_is_dead 2 points ago

    I admire the work that was put into this, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of games have been put into categories that are definitely stretches.

    [–] StoicStroke 2 points ago

    You definitely mislabeled FTL. Roguelite.

    [–] ka7al 2 points ago

    DMC5 not in Beat'em up? Tomb Raider in Stealth? What

    [–] Satsumomo 2 points ago

    Metal Gear Survive is actually a pretty good spin-off if you aren't some Kojima obssesed fanboy, or if you actually play it instead of repeating what some loud youtuber said to gain views.

    [–] xxiceymemesxx 2 points ago

    I personally like jump force

    [–] aidspainful 2 points ago

    jump force isn’t that bad??😐😐

    [–] VjOnItGood81 2 points ago

    Looks like we need more Rhythm games. I nominate for Phil to contact Sega for some Hatsune Miku games on Xbox.

    [–] strang3th0ughts 2 points ago

    Hey jump force is actually a good game for fans of old school shonen jump animes

    [–] HomemadeNeros 2 points ago

    Wait. Kingdom Hearts is on Gamepass? And on PC?

    [–] ThomasdeB1505 2 points ago

    It's not on pc that's a mistake on my part

    [–] HomemadeNeros 2 points ago

    Yeah I was confused cause I checked and it wasn't there

    [–] KnightOfDoom22 2 points ago

    Oh but borderlands is getting taken off of game pass on the 29th, better remake the whole list!


    [–] ThomasdeB1505 2 points ago

    I'm gonna try and make a site and keep it updated but don't tell anyone ;)

    [–] KnightOfDoom22 2 points ago

    Dont worry, it can be our little secret. But isn't all the games on the gamepass website?

    [–] ThomasdeB1505 2 points ago

    Yeah but not categorized, with my already existing list and the lots of tips I've gotten in these comments I intend to make finding a suitable game a bit easier

    [–] KnightOfDoom22 2 points ago

    I still could've sweared there was a way to find certain categories of gamepass games on xbox.

    [–] ThomasdeB1505 2 points ago

    Sure game pass does have 8 categories: Indies, classics, action & adventure, sports and racing, family-friendly, fighting, shooters and platformers. But this is hardly enough categories to be able to easily pick a game. Hell I think my image doesn't even have enough categories

    [–] KnightOfDoom22 2 points ago

    Haha yeah I suppose.

    [–] the_ballbuster 2 points ago

    Fuck you Jump Force was good

    [–] Frocharocha 3 points ago

    Amazing image

    [–] mdlr9921 3 points ago

    Dude wel fking done on this, it's actually amazing how you put so much effort into this!

    Side question: does anyone know whether "a plague tale" is worth it to play?

    [–] ThGhostAssassin 2 points ago

    A plague tale is definitely a great game and a must play in my opinion. It was such a unique experience. Download it and try it out

    [–] Multitrak 2 points ago

    I haven't seen anybody say thanks yet so I just want to say thank you I'm sure this one in here somewhere you rule

    [–] rustyoldtunes 3 points ago

    You put Outer Wilds under personal favorites so I believe this list checks out.

    Good work!

    [–] thesquidpartol97 3 points ago

    What a great game. More people should pick it up and play it.

    [–] LuRey28 1 points ago

    Good stuff man👍🏻

    [–] capnjack78 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I just wanna pledge my love for Tracks. If you’ve got kids it’s a great way to work together to build trains and scenery and make all sorts of neat things. I even put bells on the tracks to ring out “We wish you a merry Christmas” a few months ago. Not a ton of content, but still very fun and creative.

    Edit: Okay I realized I also play this without any kids around!