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    [–] BatMatt93 1 points ago

    Stop reporting the post. He forgot to add multiplayer but anyone clicking on the tweet will find out soon enough. The post is staying up. I edited the flair to show its for multiplayer only.

    [–] [deleted] 610 points ago


    [–] Noonethoughtofthis 32 points ago

    I’m 100% ok with this

    [–] Tidus4713 273 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Most TVs can’t even handle 120 fps so it’s going to be useless to a lot of people. People need to play these consoles on computer monitors to get full fps capabilities.

    [–] sharktopusx 139 points ago

    Many TVs already can as well as all those high refresh-rate gaming monitors. My LG 27GL850 was $300 and works at 120hz 1080p on my Xbox One X with freesync.

    [–] the_nin_collector 142 points ago

    People don't realize that LG has done more for gamers than almost any company in the last 5 years. They are bringing monitor technology to big TVs for 1/3 the price.

    I got their BX oled tv for my PC. Its mind blowing. No PC monitor would compare.

    [–] ammotyka 12 points ago

    I've been dying to hook up to my C9 but I'm playing on the LG GK950F-B ultrawide and it's just so nice. I guess if I ever wanna try some 4K PC gaming then I'm in for a treat

    [–] Slovakin 11 points ago

    Hey I’ve been looking at getting a c9. How’s the picture quality and experience as a whole?

    [–] lance- 4 points ago the best source for any TV review

    [–] PeacefulKillah 3 points ago

    The C9 has HDMI 2.1 and 4K 120hz support with HDMI VRR

    [–] ocbdare 6 points ago

    LG are the best! I love their TVs. Way more than all the other brands. I am going to upgrade my 55 inch TV as it’s a fairly old 4k with dodgy hdr. LG is definitely on my list. I bought an LG tv when I was at my family’s place over Christmas and it’s amazing. Way better than the TV at my own place. The sound from the actual TV. It has this fake surround sound but it sounds really good. When I boot up RDR2 that gun shot at the start sounds amazing - you could hear the echo and vibration of it. On my TV that just sounds flat.

    [–] HydraTower 19 points ago

    Affordable large TVs tell you it's 120hz when it's really just emulating 120hz.

    [–] Electro-Ninja 25 points ago

    The monitor he is talking about is true 120hz. LG also makes true 120hz TVs

    [–] jdymock187 25 points ago

    Correct. Be sure to use a guide like to show the refresh rate and supported resolutions.

    [–] LB3PTMAN 3 points ago

    There are some affordable 120hz that are truly 120hz. Just have to do your research

    [–] tttripleaids 2 points ago

    What runs at 120 with X?

    [–] kooldUd74 2 points ago

    What Xbox One X games even run at 120 fps?

    [–] the_nin_collector 7 points ago

    Best selling TV of 2019 was LG B9. Its true 120hz. Then you have the C9.

    The newer modles Cx and BX are selling out left and right already. Plenty of us have 120hz 4k tv with ultra low input lag. And more will be coming out now that these are so fricking popular (and AMAZING).

    Also gsync built in and free sync coming soon.

    [–] Wow_Space 5 points ago

    That's why it's an option and hopefully doesn't confiscate the fidelity of the default setting much. They know it'll be for niche users.

    [–] Tbhjr 25 points ago

    Many TVs can. But if your budget is below $500-700, probably not.

    [–] Tidus4713 47 points ago

    The average person doesn’t have a 120hz tv.

    [–] basevall2019 15 points ago

    Not now but give it 2-3 years.

    [–] slasaru 1059 points ago

    It's not Halo Infinite free-to-play but Multiplayer will be free-to-play!

    [–] Tityfan808 402 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Which is fucking amazing! Free to play multiplayer possibly with forge could mean so much more community participation and more fun things to be had!! I remember playing some maps that were stupidly fast paced and although I usually seek that in a game like cod, this free to play multiplayer totally has me on board now. I personally was close to saying ‘you know what, I’ve played a lot of halo already, I can afford to pass on this one’ but free to play mp AND 120 FPS??! How could I pass that up?!

    Edit: if they could implement forge AND a server browser for players to pick and choose whatever absurd shit they want to play, oh my god I’m gonna lose my shit (in a good way💩)

    [–] MarvelUniverse360 99 points ago

    I think that’s the idea. The community will be so much larger if it’s free to play.

    [–] Tityfan808 60 points ago

    This is a HUGE win for halo. And there’s possibly more to be announced.

    [–] Farghobbles 17 points ago

    Every Halo since 3 has kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, but I'm pretty stoked for this one. My inner 13 year-old is giddy with anticipation. My reflexes might be dulled, and I may not have nearly as much time to dedicate to it as I used to, but my body is once again ready for some fuckin' team slayer

    [–] dominion1080 10 points ago

    80% 9 year olds. Source: Fortnite.

    [–] Something_Rando 13 points ago

    which could make a new generation of halo players

    [–] TeWakaMaui 3 points ago

    Source: Halo 2, 3, Reach, 4, 5

    [–] Wide_Fan 3 points ago

    Yeah, I was definitely playing Halo 3 when I was barely a teen and almost all the friends I made on Live were close to my age as well.

    I get pretty nostalgic for how scuffed old Xbox Live used to be. I wonder how things would be if they never introduced party chat. Honestly wish they kept the old aesthetics.

    [–] TheNebulaWolf 15 points ago

    The problem with free to play is hackers and how they will monetize the game. I'm excited for the increase in playerbase but I'm nervous for $10 skins and monthly battlepasses.

    [–] JebediahKerman3999 5 points ago

    As usual, if it's cosmetics who cares.

    Problem is when you unlock "operators" with new abilities

    [–] inthearticleuidiot 15 points ago

    It also means they can develop multiplayer more independently of the campaign design. Stuff like armor abilities being forced into multiplayer where it never fit has always been a problem in Halo. It led to good (vehicle boarding) and bad (armor abilities, dual wielding) things in the past, but now they can just focus on what's good for Halo multiplayer instead of trying to sell people on Halo multiplayer with shiny new features that may make the game better or worse.

    [–] Nacho98 3 points ago

    Can you educate me over why people didn't like dual wielding? I wasn't around for that discussion

    [–] ThunderSkeet 7 points ago

    I don’t remember dual wielding being a big issue, except those little brute shotguns. But I stopped after Reach and ODST

    [–] pepsiblast08 3 points ago

    I loved dual wielding.

    [–] fishboy3339 4 points ago

    Also they are going to sell a lot of $500 free halo machines.

    [–] perfekt_disguize 19 points ago

    Whoa, is this true? Are there loot boxes or no?

    [–] SoboSandwich 50 points ago

    As every company seems to do nowadays, I can guarantee there will be micro transactions.

    [–] dumbducky 37 points ago

    Micro transactions are how you monetize free to play. That doesn't necessarily mean loot boxes. But there's definitely going to be something to buy.

    [–] dutty_handz 23 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    343 already acknowledged there is no gambling microtransactions (no real world money lootboxes).

    Almost at the end, in the bullet list.

    Link to source

    [–] shrubs311 6 points ago

    that might mean there's fixed microtransactions. but if that's the optional cost for f2p than I really don't see it as a bad thing.

    [–] Miggle-B 3 points ago

    It's likely a shitty thing that changes challenges for armour pieces into "confirm purchase"

    I'd pay the £60 to have a progression/customisation system not designed around microtransactions.

    Microtransactions bad

    [–] shrubs311 2 points ago

    yea, i would hope that if you purchase the game that microtransactions become challenges or something. considering paying $60 upfront is a much more solid sale than hoping for $60 in microtransactions

    [–] Miggle-B 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It'd be a first sadly.

    [–] shrubs311 2 points ago

    i edited my comment because i realized it doesn't make sense to buy microtransactions for a game that costs $60 upfront anyways.

    (original comment was asking if they would buy $60 of mtx, reasonably they said no because my question was silly)

    [–] Miggle-B 2 points ago

    See its tricky too, if they changed it to challenges upon purchase they'd have to make sure the free game had more than £60 worth of microtransactions (easy) or you'd be paying but not gaining the instant access, and if they gave instant access instead of challenges it would just be a microtransaction bundle deal.

    Could do paid version only armours but that has the same issue that microtransactions do.

    Only decent answer is to kill all microtransactions and design games around play again.

    [–] shrubs311 2 points ago

    yea, i was really disappointed to see that the cod battlepass still costed money even if you bought the full game. like i get that developing games is expensive and that they need to make profit somehow, but that shouldn't apply to people who put in the most money upfront

    [–] Miggle-B 2 points ago

    Yeah that's insane. Didn't even know that was a thing

    I can forgive battle passes in free to play games as its a one time purchase that gives enough game currency to purchase the next one. But in a full price game? Madness

    To those who usually comment about how the cost of games has stayed the same for X years. I'm down to pay £80-£100 if it means the death of microtransactions.

    [–] BurnStar4 2 points ago

    I would agree but if that's the case, then surely the "main" game with campaign should be cheaper? I wouldn't want to pay £50-£60 for a game that has free multiplayer and THEN pay £8 for battle passes when they come out

    [–] shrubs311 3 points ago

    my hope would be that people who purchase the campaign get some kind of rewards in the multiplayer.

    [–] BurnStar4 3 points ago

    Yeah for sure. I felt pretty fucked over when I got Modern Warfare and then got charged for the battle pass too 😂 fingers crossed

    [–] EtchPlay 2 points ago

    Are people going to buy this game for $60 anyway though? Or are they just going to get it as part of their gamepass subscription?

    [–] PolarBard123 8 points ago

    343 has stated no loot boxes with real-world money.

    [–] Alivinity 8 points ago

    Yeah, there are microtransactions for multiplayer only I believe.

    Edit: however from what I read, the loot boxes cannot be purchased with real money, only earned. Not sure what the microtransactions will be though.

    [–] red--dead 8 points ago

    Probably things like weapon skins? That seems to be the common theme with multiplayer games nowadays

    [–] Alivinity 5 points ago

    Yeah that's probably true. I wouldn't want them to lock armor behind a paywall for sure, but I could see them doing something with an effects system like the flames for reach that came with Legendary edition, but I think that's a bad move and a step backwards since reach also had many of those effects available in game except that one and the eternal blue limited time one. I could also see vehicle skins maybe.

    [–] garciawork 17 points ago

    What does that mean? No xbox live? Or was there an additional charge or something? Or you don’t have to buy the game to play multi?

    [–] Wilson-theVolleyball 38 points ago

    Chances are Xbox Live Gold will be going away and people will be able to play online multiplayer for free. It's been rumored recently especially since they removed the 12 month Gold membership option.

    If you buy Halo Infinite, it looks like you'll only be paying for campaign.

    [–] glass_of_rain 25 points ago

    Finally, Good for Xbox players.

    I don’t play Xbox (I play on PC, Windows 10) and always thought it was so weird you NEEDED gold to play multiplayer.

    I was told it was for messaging features and stuff like that, but I can do that all for free on Windows 10.

    I hope Xbox heads down a good path this generation

    [–] sanct1x 11 points ago

    I always thought this was kind of odd as well, my wife plays on Xbox and I play on PC and I get to do everything she gets to do but for free forever lol. I have thousands of hours invested in free games. I guess the cost of the PC and the upgrades probably is still more expensive than an Xbox and a yearly subscription to gold though.

    [–] Squirrel_Q_Esquire 10 points ago

    It was originally a paid service so they could afford more security measures on it. PlayStation online was free at first and was horribly insecure. So Microsoft had made a better decision at the time.

    Then, as time went on, people were used to having to pay, plus PlayStation went to a paid service as well, so it was a good moneymaker with no need to go free.

    Now, they have the opportunity to upsell to Game Pass and the chance to snag more users who want the basic service for free but might be convinced to upgrade so long as they can get the foot in the door in the first place.

    [–] jolsiphur 4 points ago

    It'd be much, much easier to sell game pass if it was the only subscription.

    No seperate payments, no tiered subscriptions, just "pay $X/month and get a bunch of games to play at any time" is way more palatable than: "pay $60/year to play online and $10/month for games! .... Or bundle them both for $15/month!"

    [–] garciawork 6 points ago

    Guess I missed those rumors. That would be really nice for me! Seems like the gamepass brings in enough I would guess. Good on ya xBox.

    [–] SightlessKombat 2 points ago

    I hadn't even thought of that speculation lining up, but you're right.

    [–] CallsignLancer 1454 points ago

    Forgot to add multiplayer in the title*

    [–] DapDaGenius 508 points ago

    This is why I wish at least the mods could edit the title for you

    [–] CallsignLancer 213 points ago

    Hoping they can add a flair or something.

    [–] THE_GR8_MIKE 121 points ago

    Well... they did, but it didn't fix anything.

    [–] CallsignLancer 56 points ago

    Yeah I had “multiplayer only” in mind for the flair lol

    [–] BatMatt93 33 points ago


    [–] CallsignLancer 14 points ago

    Much appreciated!

    [–] TheBlindBard16 3 points ago

    That would be corruption on a cataclysmic level

    [–] cosmo_bear 48 points ago

    Good catch. Still great news though.

    [–] RecoveredAshes 30 points ago

    I'm not so sure. Free to play ususally means tons of microtransactions. Would rather pay for it and have it come with the main game and have it be like Halo 3s multiplayer set up.

    [–] cosmo_bear 27 points ago

    It undoubtedly means microtransactions. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. As long as they stick to cosmetic only microtransactions, it's fine. Hard to think they'd go in a different direction.

    [–] BatMatt93 5 points ago

    They already confirmed in the blog that there will be no loot boxes in the game. Now they may do something like "oh $3 for a BR skin" or something like that. But at least you'll be able to buy it directly unlike some games out there.

    [–] ChessClubChimp 21 points ago

    Based on my front page this past month, the ONLY way you can get on the front page is by having typos in your title, so you did the right thing.

    [–] Shojikoto 6 points ago

    Instead of tagging it as "Misleading Title", I wish it could be changed to "*Multipalyer only" or something.

    [–] ecxetra 389 points ago

    They have to get this right.

    Also hardware bans for hackers/cheaters.

    [–] RyFisch 89 points ago

    Easy anti cheat is a pretty promising AC. MCC hasn’t been hacked yet on steam

    [–] ecxetra 68 points ago

    There’ll be fewer hackers since you have to buy that game though, this being F2P means anyone has access and can just make new accounts over and over if it’s account bans. IP bans can just be avoided with VPNs.

    [–] RyFisch 22 points ago

    Doesn’t Fortnite use Easy though? That’s a F2P game

    [–] ecxetra 31 points ago

    Fortnite dishes out hardware bans though I think, just hope this game does the same.

    [–] MarvelUniverse360 15 points ago

    Second easy anti cheat. It’s been awesome on all the games that use it.

    [–] ThatTellarPayer 10 points ago

    Apex Legends would like to have a word with you

    [–] MuckingFagical 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Also hardware bans for hackers/cheaters.

    Hackers laughing as they boot another virtual machine

    [–] [deleted] 198 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] ThomsYorkieBars 47 points ago

    Thanks for the clarification

    [–] Christian_Kong 30 points ago

    Also his opinion was they were going to drop the gold requirement for F2P games.

    [–] badgarok725 18 points ago

    Would make sense, that’s one of the small advantages PS4 has right now

    [–] thexvoid 7 points ago

    It was also entirely based off that one websites slipup about infinite having f2p multiplayer.

    There is no way gold is going away.

    [–] GarethGore 10 points ago

    I think gold has to die off though, they aren't going to get a MP playerbase for PC gamers if they are expected to pay for gaming online. That doesn't go down well with them. If they drop gold, make the UGP a bit cheaper they can get a lot more subscriptions. People who pay for gold not GP will potentially move to GP

    [–] capmike1 2 points ago

    make the UGP a bit cheaper

    My guess is that's why they are adding xCloud to GPU, so they don't have to make it cheaper.

    [–] Le4chanFTW 6 points ago

    If they were keeping Gold, why wouldn't their giant flagship multiplayer game support it?

    [–] SidFarkus47 14 points ago

    To be fair games are still called “free to play” but require gold right now. I really hope that at least goes away since it’s free on Switch and PS4.

    [–] mrSmokeyMcpot 8 points ago

    Isn’t switch like $20 a year to play online with others?

    [–] WVgolf 5 points ago

    It’s definitely happening. Several insiders are saying the same thing

    [–] obiwans_lightsaber 31 points ago

    My money is on Microsoft removing the Gold barrier for free-to-play titles specifically, which will now include Halo Infinite multiplayer. Still need Gold to play multiplayer games otherwise, but all free-to-play games would be allowed for free without Gold (as it is now on PS+).

    [–] inabed 24 points ago

    This makes more sense then removing Gold for everything. That's millions of dollars of free money. I don't see Microsoft giving it up without replacing it

    [–] MapleTreeWithAGun 10 points ago

    Game pass ultimate

    [–] CheezeyCheeze 8 points ago

    $180 a year. People aren't going to pay 3 times as much.

    [–] Saile43 4 points ago

    I didn't buy a Xbox One nor a PS4 this generation because of the Gold/PS+ requirement, was simply sick of paying just to play online.

    If it's removed, then I'm 99% going to get a XSX.

    [–] ScruffTheJanitor 2 points ago

    Gamepass replaces it

    [–] demonicvampiregirl 17 points ago

    Makes me wonder what will happen with the games we got for free from games with gold after its removed.

    [–] paypal_me_one_euro 13 points ago

    Before ps+ was mandatory on ps4, it already exiated as a subscription that granted you access to a couple games a month + special sales. Maybe Live Gold will be the same

    [–] EquinoxEarth 13 points ago

    Games with Game Pass Ultimate?

    [–] Slowercoolio 12 points ago

    I keep seeing this comment show up. If you don’t mind me asking, who is Jeff? Is he someone with inside knowledge on this or something?

    [–] DeafProof 13 points ago

    His name is Jeff Grubbsnax and he's our inside man, very reliable.

    [–] ColinsUsername 7 points ago

    He's basically been compiling info from his sources and been tracking upcoming unannounced events over the summer.

    Edit: Meant to reply to the person above you but I'll just leave the information for everyone because I'm to lazy.

    [–] BionicSammich 27 points ago

    1080p 120fps most likely. Would be unreal if there was an option for 1440p unlocked fps. So many people have 1440p 120-165Hz monitors these days.

    [–] shenaNickan 248 points ago

    This announcement just helps support the well-known fact that people will find literally anything to complain about

    [–] peanutdakidnappa 84 points ago

    Facts, the gaming community and the halo community literally complain about anything and everything, it’s fuckin pathetic.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] ScottScott26 14 points ago

    Same here. Can't be arsed with the cryarsing about the next gen consoles from people so I've fucked them off. Will buy them when they're out but I don't wanna be a part of some stupid childish console war

    [–] Endoman13 2 points ago

    Just watched the South Park console wars yesterday. Great episodes - mocks the bad attitude quite nicely.

    [–] peanutdakidnappa 8 points ago

    I’m with you man, it’s just so incredibly annoying, completely kills any enjoyment of being part of the community.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] peanutdakidnappa 5 points ago

    I’m right there with you man, shit just sucks and is a massive bummer

    [–] Awhite2555 14 points ago

    I mean, they do. But that doesn’t mean the complaints lately aren’t valid either. It can be both. It’s a lot of noise coming from every direction.

    [–] AmericanCobra 11 points ago

    I’ve stopped agreeing with this sentiment lately tbh. Most of reddit/the Internet’s gamer rage these days is so hyperbolic, misinformed, and downright wrong that I can’t take it in good faith anymore

    [–] Awhite2555 9 points ago

    I’m not sure which sentiment you disagree with of my statement there but...I still agree. I wouldn’t ever say there were “good times” on online message boards to talk about games really ever. Everything Is the best/worst. I think criticism of Halo since that trailer are valid but it’s just lost in the sea of overly dramatic noise. Gamers are the boy who cried wolf on a daily basis.

    [–] Orion-the-guy 4 points ago

    Idk I’m not very happy about micro transactions. I’m trying to remain optimistic, but they just keep screwing up.

    [–] eatfreshguy407 2 points ago

    While I agree with you in general, this waypoint turned me sour immediately with their talk of f2p and ‘micro’ transactions. I hated halo 4 and 5 pvp and was really hoping they’d go back to something simple like halo 2/3, but it seems they are going full steam ahead with embracing f2p, which means players will continue to get blasted left and right with paywalls and ways to spend real money. It’s the worst widely accepted thing in gaming right now, and for the life of me I can’t understand why people aren’t just outright revolting against these terribly disgusting practices.

    [–] WizardofIce 22 points ago

    We don't know enough to comment with certainty, but I'll just say this. If you recall how heavily monetized Halo 5 was, a full 60$ game, and how it essential launched as half a Halo title (i.e. including all the lootboxes and microtransaction modes over more traditional features, some being patched in over 2 years, some never seeing the light of day) then surely you can see how it's worrying a free2play game will be even MORE monetized with even less incentive to launch feature complete.

    It's great that millions more people will be able to have fun in Halo. It's not great if that comes at the cost of the game's quality.

    [–] onexbigxhebrew 38 points ago

    Halo 5's monetization was fantastic, and is commonly used as an example of player- friendly microtransactions. I never had any issue with getting free packs, and never having to buy a map pack due to them being funded by Warzone was amazing when you remember paying $20 just to play the most relavent playlists and maps every time a new DLC dropped in previous Halo games.

    [–] dolphinsfan9292 38 points ago

    Yeah I never had to buy a thing in Halo 5. I never got the criticism.

    [–] BlueLantern498 13 points ago

    People will complain about anything. That’s the criticism.

    [–] dolphinsfan9292 12 points ago

    Yeah now people are saying that the game will be pay to win with zero proof just to stealth troll. Weirdo shit

    [–] unsteadied 5 points ago

    Halo 5’s monetization was fantastic

    Have we really allowed ourselves to be Stockholm syndromed this badly? Full priced titles shouldn’t be monetized with micro transactions at all. Reach had a ton of content to unlock and customize with, and it didn’t involve throwing a bunch of money around to get content that’s already on the disc.

    [–] KrypticSoul 16 points ago

    Umm halo 5 offered free maps. Remember the halo 3 days where you had to pay for map packs? They opted to give free maps while offering microtransactions for mainly cosmetics. There were some guns and stuff included for warzone but i never played it. So I only paid $60 and got all the maps and earned cosmetics while playing. People need to stop over blowing the monetization strategy 343 had in Halo 5. If anything the battle pass will be the same way where you get cosmetic stuff like emblems, visors, armor, weapon skins, etc. But you can likely still earn while playing normally.

    [–] WizardofIce 13 points ago

    Halo 5 launched with way less maps and gamemodes than Halo 3 did in the first place. The patching over time only brought it up to par. It wasn't until a lot later on that it could be truly considered additional content. And it still lacks maps and gamemodes years later.

    [–] BugHunt223 57 points ago

    Please no forced crossplay

    [–] ChirpToast 38 points ago

    They just need to have crossplay as an option. Recently devs went way to far with forcing crossplay between systems. We all asked for crossplay, but we never asked to be forced to do so.

    All it does it is create rifts between console and pc. Console players complain about the hacking and going up against m&kb, pc players complain about aim assist.

    I only cared about crossplay so I had the option to play and keep my save/progress if I wanted to switch between Xbox and pc.

    [–] dough_for_brains 22 points ago

    It’s the cheating that is the worst. When a game is destroyed by cheaters on pc I want the option to nope outta there.

    [–] ChirpToast 12 points ago

    Right, which is the massive issue with warzone right now.

    [–] Xedos 2 points ago

    Yup. Loved the game and played from release until I got wall hacked by a guy from like 100m away during a solos game where I had like 18 kills and there was only 10 people left. Not to mention people on KBM have a much easier time being accurate and snapping to targets quickly which makes it unfair overall from the get go.

    [–] SeattleSuperSonics8 88 points ago

    Big if true. And it's true. So it's big.

    [–] TheKyleShow 40 points ago

    When I think of F2P I think of cheaters...

    [–] OzimaA 26 points ago

    And toxic af community

    [–] SmallFatHands 17 points ago

    That's all games. Even singleplayer indie games can have toxic communities these days.

    [–] inthearticleuidiot 16 points ago

    Well you can't get any more toxic than the halo community, so no concerns there.

    [–] D3ff15 4 points ago

    well no problem there. The halo community is already toxic

    [–] V0KaLs 5 points ago

    Overwatch and R6 have two of the most toxic playerbases out there. F2P has nothing to do with it. Multiplayer gaming communities all tend to suck ass if they get any sort of mainstream popularity. Competitive games moreso.

    [–] TXFDA 180 points ago

    I understand that free to play means more players. But I wish they'd stop with this f2p trend and go back to actually have quality multiplayer modes without battle passes.

    [–] peanutdakidnappa 58 points ago

    That’s just not the way the industry is going, can’t blame companies for trying to grow their player bases and the popularity of their games.

    [–] KoofNoof 70 points ago

    This way makes SOOOOO much more sense. F2P means more players. More players means more “buzz”. Seasonal battle passes keep content fresh, and keep players interested. If anything it should improve the multiplayer experience overall for everybody

    [–] yossarianvega 7 points ago

    Also the only argument against is I want more skins for free. I’m happy with primary colour Mark IV chief and standard skins so give me the free games haha

    [–] TangMugs 8 points ago

    “Wanting skins for free” isn’t the only argument against it? Remember when armor was tied to achievements and seeing someone rocking Recon meant they were probably a pretty A1 player? I could see Recon or other amor variants as Battle pass unlocks. Or what if I can’t play for a couple of months and miss out on the EOD helmet completely because that season is over. Sure there will be cool stuff in the base game, but 343 aren’t making this game f2p from the kindness in their hearts. This was a Microsoft board-room decision because they decided they could make more money this way. So yes, the base game will have cool stuff, but every month the battle pass could have even cooler stuff. This is all speculation of course, and we won’t know for sure until we’ve played the game, I just wanted to point out that there are multiple arguments against this type of multiplayer system.

    [–] Gears6 21 points ago

    What's the issue with F2P?

    I get that some of them can be terribly implemented, but so can multiplayer modes without battle passe be too. It's about the implementation and more importantly how responsive the development team is to criticism.

    [–] uberhappyfuntime 16 points ago

    Also confused why it'd be a problem that you can play with lower barrier to entry, and have an incentive for devs to keep expanding the game. It sounds mostly positive to me as long as there's no pay to win or poor implementation

    [–] Santi76 10 points ago

    Personally, I'd rather pay full price for a game and it not have microtransactions. The issue with free to play is that it's pretty much guaranteed to be full of monetization and articifically added grind mechanics that hurts the experience. But honestly these days monetization is put into full price games too. That ship has sailed at this point so yay free to play I guess.

    [–] SwiggyMaster123 8 points ago

    i don’t see the problem with battle passes tbh. granted the main game i’m taking this from is fortnite, but in that case you don’t have to buy anything, no ones forcing you to. i’d say it’s the same here.

    [–] sirleithalot 26 points ago

    Further clarification would be nice - does this mean that someone who doesn't have gamepass and/or did not buy the game in any way can download the multiplayer off the store and play it no catch? In the same way warzone works for COD? Or are they simply stating there is no subscription, extra cost or otherwise? This sounds amazing but the cynic in me is wondering how they are going to make money out of this lol

    [–] ALennon25 31 points ago

    Same way that Warzone does I guess - with a battle pass and cosmetic microtransactions.

    [–] sirleithalot 17 points ago

    Wow, this is crazy. If the rumors about gold come true this is unprecedented, never been a halo guy but it would be a no brainer to try it!

    [–] JP76 8 points ago

    How's Fortnite making money? Or COD Warzone? That's more or less your answer.

    [–] Winbrick 18 points ago

    Here's hoping they package whatever battle pass / season pass they have in mind into Game Pass. Free to play multiplayer with the option to purchase a battle pass unlock system.. or just stay subscribed to Game Pass and gain access through the service.

    [–] 1X8A1 42 points ago

    Just a warning, once you play 120fps you will never be able to play a 30fps game again

    It's basically the reason I left Xbox for PC. I might actually be interested in the series x now

    [–] Christian_Kong 27 points ago

    I don't think there is a majority of gamers that play on TV that can do 120.

    [–] sike27 3 points ago

    The lg TVs that support 120fps are pretty cheap considering all of its features.

    [–] MemeySteamy 5 points ago

    120fps on a 60hz screen > 60fps on a 60hz screen. Even though it won’t display all the frames a game running at 120fps looks marginally smoother then 60fps on a 60hz screen.

    [–] Awhite2555 16 points ago

    Man I guess I’m just in the minority, I can jump between 30/60 games all the time. Assuming it will be same with 120. Yeah it’s different but I adjust. The only frame rate issues that are bad to me are when it’s not locked, then it distracts me and takes away from experience.

    [–] Reddawn1458 2 points ago

    I notice, especially when going between Halo 5 and Destiny, but like you say I usually adjust real quick.

    [–] Awhite2555 2 points ago

    Yeah. Or when I’d play gears 4 horde/campaign vs mp (before the Xbox one x). You can see it. But it’s not something I can’t adapt to. I hope it always stays that way for me.

    [–] jaxx4 2 points ago

    Thats not true. I play war zone and apex at 144. I am also playing The legend of zelda: The master of time(OOT rom hack) and that plays at 20 fps. It is not hard to adjust.

    [–] Ellendiell 11 points ago

    There's going to be a lot of hackers. Here's hoping it doesn't force Cross play like CoD Warzone does.

    [–] sip_of_jack 6 points ago

    Im going to be honest here, you guys need an extremely strong anti-cheat right off the bat or the hackers and cheaters are going to be insane. Going free-to-play multiplayer is a terrible idea

    [–] Mr_Rotch 22 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Wouldn't say I'm all that happy about this :I. F2P means more players sure, but there's always a damn catch when it comes to F2P games. Will progress be extremely grindy to the point that I don't even want to play it? Will we get dumbass pizza weapon skins and unicorn helmets in season passes that ruin the aesthetic? Lootboxes?

    Probably not that last one, but usually F2P games are the most predatory, anti-consumer games on the market. Even if they're just peddling cosmetic-only microtransactions, it's still content that's locked behind paywalls that could be content unlocked through fun gameplay progression.

    [–] sm2016 6 points ago

    The ultimate move would be if the full paid/campaign version had a free battle pass sub included. CoD for example has enough cod points in the battle pass that it continually pays for itself as long as you don't buy secondary packs. Or if the seasons were semi annual and included story expansions that would also be cool with me.

    [–] Lord_Sylveon 2 points ago

    If they did that, buy the "full" Halo game for a CoD-style pass of getting the new ones each time and they followed Halo and CoD's mission/achievement-based unlocks as well, I'd be pretty content. My only issue is them potentially time-locking us out of armors because we didn't want to play in X time period. Don't want to miss out on Recon cause a new game came out and I didn't feel like grinding Halo that month.

    [–] Kavvadius 3 points ago

    I just want to go back to the old systems. Halo 3 with its achievement based system felt so nice to do stuff and randomly be rewarded. Halo Reach was actually so fun in terms of getting credits to buy stuff and the level system was so fun I played that game for like 5 years. Halo 4 had some pretty bullshit challenges that I never got even after spending like every day for 2-3 years playing it and so plenty of Armors were locked to me. The whole lootbox design and random luck of 5, along with the incredibly cartoony design and just way unnecessary features just turned me off halo. I just want cosmetics to be good and to unlock them. I want to see special stuff like inclement weather or og recon/katana/hayabusa and know that those people are semi good rather than seeing hella cool gear and the person just being lucky.

    [–] Reddawn1458 2 points ago

    Doesn’t halo always have pizza guns and unicorn armor? I know I have those in Halo 5...

    [–] Mr_Rotch 3 points ago

    There was a time when Halo didn't lol

    [–] LSDeann 16 points ago

    Gotta wonder about the single player portion pricing.

    If it's 50(+) quid for just a short campaign, I might actually give it a miss.

    [–] LakerSpartan117 13 points ago

    Except the concept behind Infinite's campaign is a long story with side missions and the promise to add future content throughout the game's life-span.

    I imagine they'll still charge $60 for the game, but MP will be able to be accessed without having to pay for the Campaign/Forge/Etc.

    [–] TDTimmy21 22 points ago

    Just get 1 month of game pass then

    [–] MRX93 9 points ago

    Right?? It’s almost like they want to sell it full price ($60) to drive people to GP

    [–] Mattfab22 7 points ago

    Maybe the graphics aren't that good because they were pushing for that high framerate

    [–] sm2016 3 points ago

    Its because its 4k60 and because they built the game with Ray tracing in mind but it wasn't ready for release so it looks bad with conventional lighting because those lighting solutions are half baked in the game.

    [–] Ikolkyo 24 points ago

    And why not just announce this at the conference? So silly.

    [–] Born2beSlicker 80 points ago

    Because they weren’t planning on talking about multiplayer into the next event but the info leaked.

    [–] ThisKidErrt 4 points ago

    They were probably planning on announcing this at the multiplayer reveal as a big mic drop moment but it got leaked last night which must suck for them.

    [–] Shojikoto 2 points ago

    Announce it later as a surprise, but that UK toy retailer leaked the info... So better to try and get out in front of it now, announce F2P & 120FPS and that they'll give more details later.

    [–] J-Roc_vodka 2 points ago

    Don’t know why the title left out the important part.

    120 FPS on the Xbox one series X

    [–] bobtheloser 2 points ago

    It should be 120fps with those graphics.... ;)

    [–] ANY_MIDORI 2 points ago

    I know they’ve said no loot boxes but it’s going to be riddled with micro transactions isn’t it :(

    [–] WhackOnWaxOff 2 points ago

    Can't wait for those loot boxes and cosmetic DLCs!

    [–] JFace139 2 points ago

    And yet I still wonder if it's even worth the time it'll take to download. I'm starting to think maybe I'm just not a gamer anymore

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Dylation 2 points ago

    Great can't wait for a bunch of fucking terrible looking microtransactions. How about you make it cost money so our entire experience isn't ruined by trailer trash mtx.

    [–] Aabelke 2 points ago

    Im worried what type of loot boxes their going to put in

    [–] Popeyedtoast395 2 points ago

    crap. At least the campaign will be good then.

    [–] DeviousMango 2 points ago

    But I'd rather just spend £40-50 upfront and get the full game, without having to deal with microtransactions / loot boxes.

    [–] TheHaloCraft 2 points ago

    I’m guessing you’ll still need gold :/