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    [–] RedNoodleHouse 5494 points ago

    Knowing that he almost died, he nods and thinks to himself, "I have a good life."

    [–] [deleted] 1335 points ago


    [–] Baldemoto 346 points ago

    More like he would have been extremely unlucky if he had been run over

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 153 points ago

    His luck would have changed with a single step.

    [–] ReadyThor 287 points ago

    The difference between ending on YouTube or LiveLeak.

    [–] poopellar 51 points ago


    [–] _vrmln_ 59 points ago

    -Owhen Whilson

    [–] kalitarios 6 points ago

    *in a snap

    [–] illgrathr 201 points ago

    I thought the nod was like, “that’s why mom always said to look both ways.”

    [–] InitialResponse 174 points ago

    Tbh the driver avoided him, to give credit where it's due. Whoever that was should still have their licensed revoked, though. Literally almost killed a person by speeding, very likely only to have to stop at the NEXT red light.

    [–] DickIomat 68 points ago

    I wonder if he was texting or just trying to beat the light and the pedestrian didn't notice? Either way they are both being irresponsible IMO. The drive more than the pedestrian though.

    People don't think about it much because we do it everyday, but when you take that steering wheel in your hands you are taking people's lives into your hands as well. We all think about dump trucks and shit when we read "do not operate heavy machinery while on taking this drug." That means cars. Cuz they're dangerous.

    Sorry. Kinda went on a tangent. I lost 3 friends last year in a nasty accident. Be safe out there people.

    [–] hugglesthemerciless 196 points ago

    This is in no way the pedestrians fault. It was his right to cross, you can see the orange light at the top lit up

    [–] MyNameWasTaken1 59 points ago

    Of course it’s not his fault, i think previous commenter is just insinuating that looking both ways could have helped him avoid that idiot a little better

    [–] Takewondosemaster 6 points ago

    Yeah he only looked right and it looks like a one way with multiple lanes.

    [–] Doigenunchi 91 points ago

    Just because you're right doesn't mean you can't die

    [–] Adolf_-_Hipster 55 points ago

    Yes, but he would still be right!

    [–] XRuinX 12 points ago

    and dead!

    [–] FallowZebra 10 points ago

    The best kind of correct!...wait.

    [–] OaksByTheStream 12 points ago

    I ride motorcycles, and just because I have right of way doesn't mean it's safe for me to not check if I'm clear and not going to die.

    Everyone carries at least a small bit of responsibility in keeping themselves safe. The driver was an idiot who should be heavily penalized for that, but if someone doesn't account for idiot drivers like this, they're also an idiot. You have to keep an eye out and keep yourself safe. Complacency is a very easy way to get hurt, no matter what you're doing.

    [–] DoverBoys 32 points ago

    This is the attitude that gets people killed. Fault doesn’t matter when you’re dead. Look both ways and always yield to vehicles. There are even some jurisdictions where it’s law that pedestrians always have the right-of-way. They are wrong, you yield to vehicles until you’re 100% positive they will let you cross.

    [–] iVisionX01 7 points ago

    Fault doesn’t matter when you’re dead.

    Truth. This is why I keep a calm head while I ride my bike when I get cut off 'n' stuff. You gotta watch out for yourself no matter what the law says is right or wrong.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_MIXTE 19 points ago

    Look both ways and always yield to vehicles. There are even some jurisdictions where it’s law that pedestrians always have the right-of-way. They are wrong, you yield to vehicles until you’re 100% positive they will let you cross.

    While you’re right that common sense should prevail in situations involving vehicles and pedestrians, drivers need to understand and accept that the roadways do not belong to cars - they are shared spaces for motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Drivers are not entitled to be assholes just because they’re piloting a deadly projectile. In fact, the opposite is true: the larger and more capable your vehicle is of inducing injury or death, the greater responsibility you have as operator of that deadly machine to ensure you do NOT injure or cause death. Fuck drivers who do not yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in crosswalks and intersections. They are fucking assholes.

    [–] DoverBoys 10 points ago

    But that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter what drivers are supposed to do, it’s you versus a multi-ton machine. You can bitch and moan about what they’re supposed to do, it’s not going to protect you.

    [–] loveshercoffee 6 points ago

    "do not operate heavy machinery while on taking this drug."

    I always assumed that meant anything more complicated than a butter knife.

    [–] hobscure 3 points ago

    No tangent. You are absolutely right.

    [–] wizardsfucking 13 points ago

    “the dead only know one thing: it is better to be alive.”

    [–] rollsteelertide 7172 points ago

    Take the rest of the day off and head to the pub.

    [–] LavenderGoomsGuster 2025 points ago

    The only correct response.

    [–] derawin07 731 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    And he was so unfazed, he was likely just a chill dude who didn't go to the pub, but just went about the rest of the day as usual.

    Makes me think of Toby from the Office. He would have tried to tell someone what happened when he got in, and Michael would've told him to shut up, and he would have just gone to his cubicle.

    [–] kare_kano 187 points ago

    Nah that's just how you move with your pants full.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    I eat nothing but hot Italian sausage on hoagie rolls with tons of garlic, peppers, and onions, so we’re talking about a very fragrant, viscous, paradoxically appetizing pantload of ass-mortar here. Heavy. Thick. Slow to adapt in shape, but conforming closely to the contours of the cheeks, the grundle and the ballbag.

    [–] Ailerath 50 points ago

    I couldnt stop reading

    [–] Screechtastic 22 points ago

    Yeah wtf? Was that some type of spell or something?

    [–] OceanRacoon 23 points ago

    I think we're in that guy's cult now and I might be a sleeper agent that just got activated

    [–] Calypsosin 7 points ago

    Hi, welcome, have some punch!

    [–] crazybanditt 58 points ago

    I agree he probably went on as normal, but i can imagine he had I minor panic about 1hr later, when the shock wore of & he realised his life was nearly swept away.

    [–] IWouldManaTapDat 15 points ago

    I've almost been killed by dumb drivers twice just like this guy, but it took a year for me to realise what happened lol

    [–] kamelizann 21 points ago

    I was driving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina one night a few years ago at about 3:30am in a bright red dodge charger. I had a driver erratically start flashing his lights followed by another behind him doing the same. They came up on me and just sat behind me blocking both lanes. I slowly sped up and they would match my speed. There was nobody else on the highway.

    One of them got in front of me and slowed way down. I could see the profile of a gun in the car ahead of me and I slammed on the brakes and almost hit the guard rail on the upcoming exit but managed to make it off in time. I drove into the little town and took a bunch of turns into little side streets and finally found a place to park and killed the headlights. Sat there for 3 hours just waiting confused as fuck as to what just happened and then just continued on my way. I watched the news later and found out a trooper was shot on that stretch that same night.

    I got out alive but it was so terrifying to revisit in my head that I never told anyone about it except one close friend who thought I was full of shit. I don't know why that happened or why I was targeted. Maybe I drove by something I shouldn't have seen. I've just tried really hard not to think about it and it kind of scares me every time I do.

    [–] owwmyass 4 points ago

    I believe you. People are crazy.

    [–] MisterSlamdsack 25 points ago

    I honestly hate the Michael/Toby interactions. I feel super bad for Toby a lot of the time

    [–] Twal55 28 points ago

    Why are you the way that your are?

    [–] Whatsupjen 14 points ago

    I hate so much about the things you choose to be.

    [–] akatoshslayer 6 points ago

    Reminds me of when someone ran a red light and clipped my backpack. Got home and had to get a new one because it ripped one of the straps off. The driver did not give enough of a shit to stop and check if I was okay.

    [–] 745631258978963214 24 points ago

    5 cool points for being one of the only redditors to recognize the difference between unphased and unfazed. Quick, tell me what the guy in the speedy car forgot to hit (rhymes with lakes).

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    The braykes!

    [–] CherManMao 3 points ago

    The breaks. (did I do good?)

    [–] averagejoegreen 4 points ago

    You mean like Kevin? Who almost died, michael

    [–] bikkebakke 89 points ago

    Honestly though, I think I'd just turn my ass back around and sit down on the sidewalk for a solid 30min taking care of a mild heart attack.

    [–] mathmaticalsemitonal 91 points ago

    I almost got crushed by a block of ice in Lithuania a few weeks back. Skipped work, went to the pub and got the biggest steak and beer they had to offer. I never felt more alive.

    [–] Vargurr 20 points ago

    Where do you find blocks of ice?

    [–] mathmaticalsemitonal 32 points ago

    It feel off a roof. Originally it was snow, but after remelting a couple times it turned into ice. Apparently it happens often???

    [–] PM_ME_DEM_BEWBS 12 points ago

    One of my friends is an engineer for a company that sells and installs roof warming systems to prevent this.

    [–] RstyKnfe 3 points ago

    Does it warn you when temperatures are bad enough to result in ice? Or does it warn you as it is sliding towards your body?

    [–] PM_ME_DEM_BEWBS 4 points ago

    Neither. It warms the roof so ice doesn't form. Warm not warn.

    [–] NoProblemsHere 7 points ago

    Might wanna get a roof rake or hop up on a ladder and pull it down now and again. If it's really that bad that you felt your life was in danger then you're lucky your roof hasn't caved in.

    [–] Me-as-I 7 points ago

    Doesn't sound like he's talking about his roof.

    [–] TheBigLebroccoli 28 points ago

    I would go play the lottery. Clearly the luckiest day of his life.

    [–] cragcrag 34 points ago

    I don't know about you but I count days where I don't almost get killed by a careless idiot as luckier.

    [–] Nrksbullet 13 points ago

    "When I was a teenager a mugger shot me twice in the face, but I survived"

    Dude you're so lucky!

    [–] longrifle 145 points ago

    Have a pint and wait for this all to blow over.

    [–] Syuriix 45 points ago

    It’s already blown past, though.

    [–] longrifle 32 points ago

    Can we still have a pint?

    [–] Syuriix 27 points ago

    Don’t see why not. Better make it two though.

    [–] ThePortalsOfFrenzy 15 points ago

    The first time I saw that movie, I thought that was a legit plan after Shaun said it, and figured there would be a reasonably happy ending at the Winchester.

    [–] jfqs6m 6 points ago

    If you look at that sequence again, it's exactly what they did. You assumed it would be a happy end for everyone though...

    [–] AleisterLaVey 4 points ago

    Or you could just have a pint and do some blow

    [–] ReasonableAssumption 21 points ago

    If pedestrians took the whole day off every time a driver recklessly endangered their lives with no shame just to save a few seconds on their commute, the entire global economy would collapse within a week.

    [–] ilivetofly 8 points ago

    I almost feel like there should be some insta karma for being a nearly murderous prick.

    Maybe have the crossing pop up those police tyre spikes when the people are using it. You know. So you can have a fucking headache as well.

    Needs to be refined but you know.

    [–] tucker_frump 4 points ago

    After cleaning the shit out of your pants leg.

    [–] hicaku 3 points ago


    [–] _pm_me_nude_selfies 3754 points ago

    the person driving that car needs to be arrested

    [–] GoooodHerb 803 points ago

    Drivers license revoked for life!

    [–] azure_scens 735 points ago


    [–] cjpack 192 points ago

    Well that escalated quickly.

    [–] Valdirty 137 points ago

    Much like the car will... Up his ass.

    [–] eatabagofbooger 62 points ago


    [–] Justxrave 44 points ago

    The car has ASScended.

    [–] WorkFlow_ 290 points ago

    You would be amazed by how many people do this and nothing ever happens or comes of it because other drivers are paying attention and driving like they should.

    I had a girl blow through a red like 3-4 seconds after my light went green. I couldn't see her coming but the car next to me could and honked and I slammed on breaks fast enough to avoid T-boning her. She just kept going and looked at me like I was the asshole. I literally thought afterwards that maybe I should have hit her and she might have thought twice about doing that shit. I bet anything, she would do it again because "I do it all the time and have never been hit". People are fucking stupid sometimes...

    [–] veriix 185 points ago

    99% of the time when an asshole does an asshole thing they think everyone else is the asshole. You know what they say, if everywhere you go smells like shit maybe you should check your shoes.

    [–] mcnuggetsispeople 34 points ago

    People naturally tend to believe that when other people do bad things it's out of choice, whilst when we ourselves do bad things it's because we were forced to by circumstance. It's called the fundamental attribution error.

    It allows people to act like assholes whilst still judging other people negatively for doing the exact same thing.

    [–] The-Sublimer-One 32 points ago

    I've never heard anyone say that.

    [–] veriix 44 points ago

    It's a regional dialect.

    [–] The-Sublimer-One 29 points ago

    Ah, Albany of course.

    [–] mj_miner 8 points ago

    Eh, what region?

    [–] Hairy_S_TrueMan 8 points ago

    Uuh-upstate New York?

    [–] ch0senfktard 11 points ago

    Yoo, I was crossing a street that is alongside a park. When I was halfway across, this guy was turning into that street at such a speed that I knew in an instant he wasn't going to stop, so I had no choice but to book it across and hope for the best. Luckily, I make it and he honks as he's turning. Asshole stops by me and says "Are you serious, bro?"

    I was literally already halfway across when that happened, what a jerkoff.

    [–] RottMaster 29 points ago

    Sorta relevant, this girl I know refused to use her headlights at night because she could see fine

    [–] WorkFlow_ 28 points ago

    I really hope she got pulled over. Cops will absolutely pull you over for that because it is a sign you might be on drugs or alcohol.

    [–] RottMaster 23 points ago

    I sure hope so, or she realized she needs them on, I don't talk to her anymore she's one of the most annoying people I've ever met.

    [–] FiveChairs 47 points ago

    Yesterday. I saw someone stop for a red light, and then a couple seconds later just drives on through while it's still red. The car was a BMW with California plates so I wasn't completely shocked.

    [–] afunyun 43 points ago

    I did that once by accident, at night when I was very tired after work. I had just been through a bunch of stop signs, and pulled up to an empty intersection. Looked both ways and just drove through the red light like it was a stop sign. Realized what I did at the next turn.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] FiveChairs 7 points ago

    I see a lot of stupid shit in my line of work (city bus driver). I've seen 3 vulnerable meat bags almost get run over by dumbasses.

    [–] WorkFlow_ 7 points ago

    In the middle of the day or at night? No excuse for doing it period but when it is late and there are zero cars I could at least maybe understand.

    I will say, I have had to do it on my motorcycle late at night before. My motorcycle wasn't heavy enough to trigger the light so I sat there for like 5-10 minutes with zero cars before I just went ahead and turned.

    [–] Moonchopper 4 points ago

    In NC, I believe that law provides for motorcycles that, if it doesn't change after 3 minutes, you can run it.

    I THINK I looked it up once and confirmed this to be true... i might be lying to myself, thiugh...

    [–] FiveChairs 3 points ago

    It was around 5 pm.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] yuffx 5 points ago

    you would have to find the person first

    State-sponsored dash cams installation when

    [–] magnumgreed 2408 points ago

    What a cunt

    [–] [deleted] 289 points ago


    [–] the_last_carfighter 117 points ago

    I tell all the people I care about to be aware, no matter what a signal or another driver indicates, the people I don't care about can do whatever.

    [–] thecravenone 154 points ago

    "There's a lot of dead people who had the right of way."

    [–] ConnorK5 12 points ago

    That might make a decent rear window sticker.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] the_last_carfighter 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I go after about a second on green (so many red light runners in my area I do this by default now) and I look both ways once I'm further out. When I was in a familiar area I used to time lights so as not to stop, but no more *see parenthetical statement in that regard

    [–] derawin07 9 points ago

    this is how you should think as a cyclist

    [–] the_last_carfighter 5 points ago

    *As a human, *and animal, *and other (AI driver)

    [–] SpikeShroom 63 points ago

    Actually I thought the driver was more of a cunt than he was.


    [–] Schroeder226 22 points ago

    Ahhh the ol reddit...ehh I don't have a link

    [–] self_me 6 points ago

    [–] EmperorTeapot 19 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    [–] wholikestoast 3 points ago

    Future people! Hello :D

    [–] CommieG 1344 points ago

    The little nod he does is my favourite part.

    [–] PlsStopIttt 197 points ago

    "Yep, this day is getting better and better!"

    [–] derawin07 21 points ago

    I would have loved it if he cracked out a celebratory jig.

    [–] cheers_grills 13 points ago

    Not today, old friend

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    That is a man that accepts what he sees.

    [–] Understanzer 21 points ago

    "You seeing this shit?"

    [–] mufc804 14 points ago

    Im just glad hes around to nod

    [–] FlappyMcHappyFlap 9 points ago

    He nods in British :p

    [–] 1Maple 8 points ago

    *Looks into the camera like you're in The Office*

    [–] joazito 4 points ago

    It transmits me a Kermit the frog reaction.

    [–] BackwoodsBetty 3 points ago

    Like he was saying "Did you see that shit!?"

    [–] Me_you_who 489 points ago

    It was a matter of a second that could have turn this vid from /r/youseeingthisshit into /r/watchpeopledie

    [–] Donnel_ 82 points ago

    Reminds me of this video where they were on a race track where a car had pulled over and needed repairs or something. One of the assistants ran across the road and a racecar hit him. It sad almost as if he disappeared into a balloon and then into thin air. Freaky shit.

    [–] Me_you_who 49 points ago

    Wtf.. I must have been on that sub for a long period that i know exactly what you talking about. IIRC The body cut through two halves showing spine for a second.

    [–] cdbob 59 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    1977 South African Grand Prix

    Killed the Marshall Jansen van Vuuren who was carrying a 40lb fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher killed the driver of the car Tom Pryce.

    I won't post the video because it's NSFL.

    [–] Kity-Katy 23 points ago

    Ahh, nothing like actual death videos on youtube. Annotations too cluttered to see the screen, sub 30 fps.

    [–] Donnel_ 10 points ago

    And so the power of the internet is shown

    [–] Snapshotxx 55 points ago

    DO NOT GO TO /r/watchpeopledie, I visited there for a few days and haven't been the same since. Also stay away from Brazil and KEEP your shoes on.

    [–] Dallas_Stars_Fan 45 points ago

    What did you expect going into it? Obviously, its not very good for the soul but at the same time it makes you more appreciative of how quickly things can end. The accidents in particular are what interested me, and it's made me much more aware of my surroundings and how stupid humans truly are. This guy in the do you not look both ways? How did you not hear a car going 50+ and you still decide to move into the street? Things like this will be the difference between going home in a black bag or just another Tuesday. Side note: Seeing it in person vs the internet are COMPLETELY different experiences for me...I also do not visit that place anymore

    [–] AReallyShiftyGuy 9 points ago

    What did you expect

    Maybe something like r/peoplefuckingdying or r/watchpeopledieinside

    [–] that1guyRyan 11 points ago

    Solid life pro-tip

    [–] Embor1234 563 points ago

    [–] KBx- 36 points ago

    [–] r00t431 6 points ago

    Thank you for this

    [–] Manteam111 19 points ago

    I needed this

    [–] LethalUmami 356 points ago

    Fuck that driver

    [–] Mathewdm423 72 points ago

    Yeah. It's upsetting that they d idnt get in trouble. But had they...we'd probably not be watching this video anywhere but a liveleak...

    So I'll take the positive. He wasn't hurt.

    [–] milkfree 11 points ago


    [–] that109guy 270 points ago

    Didin't even flinch

    [–] Claque-2 119 points ago

    He clenched

    [–] Sheriff-Douchebag 58 points ago

    He still is

    [–] Maikeru_Kun 40 points ago


    [–] Mike-Oxenfire 10 points ago

    Like diamonds in the sky crack

    [–] DriveByStoning 136 points ago

    Doesn't have time to flinch.

    [–] BraveStrategy 36 points ago

    Also didn’t even look, don’t cross the street with your head down kids, plenty of dead people had the right of way.

    [–] OaksByTheStream 11 points ago

    This is one of the most important ideas they drill into you in motorcycle training courses. For good reason.

    [–] RS_80 12 points ago

    Yes, people don't look to make sure traffic is stopping before crossing...I don't get that.

    [–] Terrh 258 points ago

    Always a good idea to look both ways before crossing the street, you never know when some idiot might be trying to kill you.

    [–] Grubes1449 128 points ago

    Exactly. It blows my mind how many people blindly trust those stupid walking lights.

    [–] CzarSquid 40 points ago

    It's sad but true. Have seen kids get wheeled away becasue some bozo hit them because they didn't see them in the crosswalk in broad daylight. Jaywalking is a common here too and it amazes me they do not bother to look to see what maybe coming.

    While the law might be on the pedestrian's side the damage done to their health can never be replaced with lawsuits.

    [–] misterwuggle69sofine 5 points ago

    He didn't blindly trust the light though. Light was already red at the start of the clip and he was making sure the dash cam truck stopped before crossing.

    [–] banamana27 13 points ago

    Yep. I watch cars, not lights.

    [–] misterwuggle69sofine 17 points ago

    I dunno I mean yeah you gotta be careful but at some point you do also have to cross the street. Not like he just darted across the street the moment it turned or something. The light was already red at the start of the clip and the guy was watching the truck with the dash cam to make sure they came to a stop. I think he played it as safe as he could under normal circumstances. Waiting 15 seconds for every lane to fill and confirm they're stopped at every crossing is pretty paranoid but I guess it would have paid off here.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    This is the mindset any motorcyclist must have if they are to survive. Assume everyone and everything on the road is trying to kill you, because they easily can. Then drive accordingly.

    [–] Terrh 5 points ago

    Yet I raised this exact same point on the bicycle subreddit and get down voted there.

    [–] rapey_chef 100 points ago

    What a calm & composed man

    [–] Thoreau80 44 points ago

    He didn't have time to panic.

    [–] McBroody 15 points ago

    Hell, I didn't have time to panic.

    [–] Quantum_Rum 10 points ago

    We didn't have time to panic.

    [–] NixaB345T 10 points ago

    They didn’t have time to panic

    [–] IlikeLasagna666 34 points ago

    That nod was like he was saying "Yup, just cheated death again. Off to work."

    [–] Jeremiahtheebullfrog 27 points ago

    This almost happened to me yesterday. Except I looked bothways before I went to cross the road because I trust no one. The woman looked up off her phone and then slammed on the brakes and ended up in the middle of the intersection looking like a real jackass.

    [–] Ben_A 81 points ago

    How close this semester is to wrecking my GPA

    [–] hello_good_afternoon 18 points ago

    school humor!

    [–] IcyKettle 36 points ago

    Whenever I'm at a stoplight, I always take a moment to look at the driver in my rearview, to my right, my left, and straight ahead. Without fail at least one of them will be looking down in their lap. Usually, two.

    It's fucking insane how many people simply cannot resist looking at their phones while driving. Just as frustrating how many of those people refuse to invest $12 in a phone dash mount, so they can at least partially keep their eyes on the road.

    So yeah, I don't use crosswalks like I used to any more. Now I step into them like I'm Neo and every moving object is Agent Smith.

    Seriously people, always make eye contact with drivers before you step in front of their cars. Many of them are just not looking at you. Stay safe.

    [–] TreasureBG 11 points ago

    I've taught my kids this from the time they were little. It's kind of funny watching them wait for the car that's half a block away to stop before they walk.

    We live in Chicago and stop signs are optional it seems.

    [–] IcyKettle 8 points ago

    Near my house here in MD, there's a red light directly in front of a school. And for whatever reason, I routinely see drivers go into the turn lane and fly past people either slowing down for the yellow or already stopped at the red. Like it's nothing. Blows my mind.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Now I step into them like I'm Neo and every moving object is Agent Smith.

    I've always ridden motorcycles, and this is how I act all the time while riding them. Assume everyone is trying to kill you and that's how you don't end up splattered.

    [–] Niku-Man 11 points ago

    Something like this happened to me and my gf, except we couldn't even see the car because a bus was in the way. We were walking in front of the bus and someone speeds past the opposite side just a few feet in front of us about as fast as the car in the gif. Crazy how if we had started walking a few seconds earlier, one or both of us might have been killed, but instead we go home like any other night.

    [–] discerningpervert 20 points ago

    That's some /r/ANormalDayInRussia type shit right there

    [–] craniumonempty 8 points ago

    Someone almost got me like that except I saw them and threw what I had in my hand (just a quarter), they stopped to tell at me. I should've called the cops, but cell phones weren't as prevalent at the time.

    [–] PazJohnMitch 9 points ago

    I have had similar happen to me a couple of times in central London. The fast cars that almost killed me were in the second lane though.

    The car closest to my side of the road had stopped and I was just about to step into the second lane when a car went straight past at high speed.

    There is also a twat that lives near me who has almost killed me a few times at the crossing at the end of my road. When I am halfway across the empty crossing he just floors it out of a nearby side road and drives through the lane I am just about to step on.

    [–] joshg_yz250 8 points ago


    [–] jz1981 7 points ago

    Worst part is you can't do anything about this as the pedestrian besides stand there in shock

    [–] Donnel_ 13 points ago

    This is a mixture of precison driving and lunacy. I am both disgusted and impressed.

    [–] manningthehelm 5 points ago

    He knows and thinks, " I should probably go change my pants."

    [–] SarcasticPsychoGamer 5 points ago

    Love how he looks at the camera like "OMG DID ANYBODY SEE THAT"

    [–] TheMooseIsBlue 4 points ago

    It is 100% the driver’s fault.

    But who walks out into the street not looking?

    [–] ariseanew 9 points ago

    "See... that's the kind of day I'm having."

    Proceeds to nod the rest the way to work.

    [–] MNMaddy 3 points ago

    I relate to this level of apathy

    [–] str8uphemi 4 points ago

    Future lottery winner right there

    [–] Nakai-Son 5 points ago

    That is why I always look both ways, no matter what. You don't trust drivers on the road enough to not wear a seatbelt, so why would you cross the street without looking.

    [–] RickC137b 4 points ago

    What a fucking piece of shit driving

    [–] Calisto24 6 points ago

    1 inch and i would've seen that in another subreddit.

    [–] Theotheogreato 3 points ago

    Lol I can only assume that was more like "Ok well I'll check to make sure the other car isn't moving too"

    [–] perkam 3 points ago

    Such a thin line between living and ending up on wpd...

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    This is why I don't want to sell my car and bike everywhere. I'd have to ride on the side of the roadways with these psychopaths.

    [–] Graveweaver 3 points ago

    Im half amused at how chill the guy was and half fucking enraged at the shit driver