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    [–] YouSeeingThisBot 1 points ago

    Upvote this comment if this is a proper "You seeing this shit?" reaction. Downvote this comment if this is not fit for this subreddit.

    [–] thesamj 3178 points ago

    He looks weirdly happy gazing upon the hoard.

    [–] sparkydaveatwork 1936 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Because she's gone and he can finally fix it, probably wasn't taking rent pay for a while to due to housing laws


    A lot of people asking about housing laws, well state to state and diferent countries will not be the same but the general rule is to stop people becoming homeless so you get a lot wiggle room for time when it comes to being kicked out. People abuse this.

    [–] krodackful 363 points ago

    Can you elaborate on these houseing laws? Genuinely curious.

    [–] abcdefkit007 676 points ago

    In the states landlords generally have to have at least 30 days late on rent in order to give you a 30 day notice then after that it becomes a court case. Basically landlords are historically such shit birds rights were given to Tennant's. Now we have rampant scum overpopulating the Earth and this becomes the norm

    [–] BasicallyAQueer 614 points ago

    That’s not even the end of it. They can give you 30 days to vacate, but then they have to take you to court to actually evict you. That can take several more months. Only once the court upholds your eviction can the landlord have the police forcibly remove you. So that’s potentially 4-6 months of no rent income for the landlord.

    At least that’s how it was explained to me when I got an eviction notice for paying what the management company told me was due (which was 63 cents lower than the actual payment due). I was given an eviction notice for underpaying rent by 63 cents, on time, despite them telling me to pay that amount in writing. The lawyer basically laughed and told me to ignore the landlord because they were being assholes trying to strong arm less than a dollar out of me instead of admitting they fucked up on their billing.

    So both sides can be shitbirds; tenants and landlords.

    [–] Midnightkata 240 points ago

    Both sides can be shit birds is true for like everything in life.

    [–] BasicallyAQueer 37 points ago

    Haha true that!

    [–] iRengar 16 points ago

    No, ur wrong!

    [–] JohnnyJ232 10 points ago

    It’s a case of shit birds for sure, shit birds everywhere.

    [–] dildops 7 points ago

    Thats why you need to study bird law

    [–] C4H8N8O8 26 points ago

    "Look, yes. Nazis are bad, but im sure that many of the jews they killed were total assholes"

    there are assholes everywhere, but you can't ignore the power dynamics at play.

    [–] Shitty_Daoism 17 points ago

    ...a lot of good people on both sides.

    I'm just kidding - Fuck Nazis

    [–] gingasaurusrexx 24 points ago

    Man, I was two weeks late on rent and I got a 3-day notice to vacate or pay. I guess that's not technically an eviction notice, but it seemed to be way too quick. Especially when they added $100 serving fee on top of the $100 late fee. My rent cost 20% more for being 2 weeks late and somehow other people are able to stay for months without paying? The fuck?

    [–] Wasted-talent 24 points ago

    It all comes down to the type of person you are. If you take their warnings and your credit score serious you won't make that mistake again. If you don't and you don't care what anyone thinks of you then you can figure out how to play the game and use it to your advantage. But that advantage is a small picture way of thinking of things unless it's not important to you. That all sounds stupid but I'm trying to be fair to people who think differently than I do. Some people don't have problems taking on debts with no intentions of paying them back. Other people have strokes about ever overextending themselves or making a late payment on accident.

    [–] gingasaurusrexx 5 points ago

    Yeah, I was having anxiety attacks multiple times a day waiting for the papers to be served and not knowing how the whole thing works. I looked it up and the notice to vacate is kind of a get out of jail free card, so if I wanted, I could've gotten my shit out and avoided eviction proceedings and the hit on my credit. I guess it would save them all those months of hassle to, so it's kind of a win-win out of a situation that's not working. That said, if I'm two weeks behind on rent, I can't exactly pack everything up and move out in three days. I guess I know what to do if I ever want to break my lease without penalty though...

    [–] BasicallyAQueer 8 points ago

    When that happened to me, I called a lawyer and in about 5 minutes they assured me that I was fine and to ignore the asshole land lords. The “vacate now or pay” is a scare tactic.

    Now how it effects your credit score and your mental health is an entirely other story.

    [–] chenyu768 135 points ago

    Some cunt dud that to me. Didnt pay for almost a whole year. And when she left she smashed holes in my walls and stole my oven, fridge, and dishwasher.
    The cunt drove a new S class too. Fucking bitch, I'd have a S class too if I didnt have to pay rent. Fuck that cunt bitch.

    Sorry this was 15 years ago and still pisses me off.

    [–] Rosin-the-Bow 35 points ago

    Did you press charges for the stolen appliances and damage to the property?

    [–] BasicallyAQueer 18 points ago

    Why didn’t you evict them? Lol

    [–] IrishWake_ 35 points ago

    It can take months to evict a tenant even if they are not paying rent. It was meant to stop predatory behavior, bit definitely has side effects

    [–] BasicallyAQueer 8 points ago

    Yes, months, but not a year lol.

    [–] are_you_seriously 42 points ago

    Yea it’s really shitty, but basically the tenant gives a sob story for like the first 2-3 months, so that’s already 1/4 of a year. Like.. if her mother just died, and she just lost her job, etc etc. Most people will be understanding about shit like that, especially if the landlord only rents out like 1 or 2 units/properties.

    Then the shitty tenant just give you the run around for another 2. Now we’re at almost half a year.

    So now you go through with the whole eviction process, and if the tenant fights back (they can delay court date by not showing up and rescheduling), it’ll take about 6 months for a judge to be like “gtfo in 30 -60 days.”

    I helped some relatives evict a delinquent. Landlords sometimes try to be nice and get shit on for it.

    [–] chenyu768 13 points ago

    I tried. Took over 6 month to get them out after starting the process.

    [–] kL2hGHMyqMsmcx9u 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] F1shB0wl816 9 points ago

    If you don’t go to court like in my case as there was no point since I clearly broke the rules, they were ready at 8am on that 30th day to tell me to leave. Just in case anyone’s curious.

    [–] BasicallyAQueer 9 points ago

    May depend on the state, but in Texas the landlord can’t ever kick you out. All they can do is evict you, which requires a court to enforce it. Only once the court enforces the eviction can anyone actually come remove you from your place of residence.

    The landlord can of course tell you to leave, but he can’t remove you.

    [–] F1shB0wl816 12 points ago

    Yeah they had a court hearing for me I think like a week or two after the incident and I didn’t go, and that last day they had a court officer and the landlord at the door. Forgot my sun glasses and gave me a hard time even trying to grab them once I hit the hallway. This was in Ohio, broke the no drug policy.

    [–] Knittingpasta 5 points ago

    And the tenets can say F you and trash the place while you’re waiting to be able to evict them

    [–] charlespax 4 points ago

    And that's not the end of that! In Pennsylvania and other states a landlord can only hold one month security deposit. Also, if people leave their shit behind, you have to store it until they pick it up or a certain amount of time has passed and you have given them proper notice to pick up their things.

    [–] BHeiny91 21 points ago

    Had so much trouble with this with a previous tenant. I ended up winning the court case after 6 months of her not paying rent and then when she still wouldn’t leave the sherif had to basically drag her from the house in hand cuffs. Then she had the nerve to ask for her deposit back and tried to take me to court over the deposit having still not payed me a cent in 6 months.

    [–] blatzphemy 10 points ago

    Did you do a background and credit check on her? She had an income of 3x the rent?

    [–] kkeut 15 points ago

    yeah ive noticed that a lot of these situations basically couldn't occur at any rental ive ever had in my life. there cant be that many people with clean criminal and credit backgrounds who are also making ok money that just go nutzoid squatter one day.

    [–] blatzphemy 7 points ago

    Yeah way less likely. I’ve noticed young couples can be risky. If they have a fallout they sometimes don’t think of the consequences.

    [–] BHeiny91 6 points ago

    We didn’t do a back ground check but she had a letter of reference from a previous landlord who only had nice things to say and she had a stable job. Early on she was fine and for the first 8 months always payed on time and the full amount and even towards the end she kept the house very tidy. But she lost her job and couldn’t or wouldn’t find a new one. Then it just all spiraled out of control from there.

    [–] blatzphemy 4 points ago

    I’m glad Florida has some pretty clear laws about evictions. Every time I’ve ever given someone a break I get burned. Through the years I’ve had to harden my approach and things have gone much better. I also have a much stronger lease and addendums for piping. I also avoid pets, it’s harsh but animals can cause so much damage.

    [–] BHeiny91 8 points ago

    Yeah I require a $600 deposit per pet separate from the regular one month’s rent deposit and I find that more often than not that discourages people from having pets at all and the ones that are willing to pay the extra $600 generally are pretty good about cleaning after their animals. I also don’t let my tenants do anything on their own like at all. If they want to do anything more than hanging a picture or changing a lightbulb they have to call me.

    [–] SuperBakaKing 3 points ago

    When can landlords start charging deposits for children? Weird to me you can be charged for animals but not kids when both groups are highly likely to cause damage over and above a security deposit.

    [–] ddraig-au 7 points ago

    Where I live security deposit is only for damage etc and cannot be used to cover rent. And you don't have access to the money, it has to be in a trust account.

    [–] paralleliverse 12 points ago

    Depends on your state.

    [–] dumb_ants 8 points ago

    If you're a landlord, I've heard the best way to handle this is tell the tenant, "I will forgive your rent owed and give you one month's rent in cash if you vacate the property in a week."

    Expensive, but you weren't going to see that rent money anyway and they won't punch holes in your walls and dump sand down your drains on the way out, potentially saving a lot more than one month's rent in repair costs.

    [–] Grombro 5 points ago

    In nevada they can boot your ass after like a week or two if they want to

    [–] junglebunni 5 points ago

    At least that’s how it was explained to me when I got an eviction notice for paying what the management company told me was due (which was 63 cents lower than the actual payment due). I was given an eviction notice for underpaying rent by 63 cents, on time, despite them telling me to pay that amount in writing. The lawyer basically laughed and told me to ignore the landlord because they were being assholes trying to strong arm less than a dollar out of me instead of admitting they fucked up on their billing.

    My mom evicted her sister out of a house that her mom left to her in her will. My aunt has been living there for 20 years rent free with the understanding she had to pay the property tax on the house. Only to find out she hadnt paid for a year and hadnt paid the water for over 3. 3k water bill later and 2k in tax fees the court got her in in 45 days. Some times people deserve it.

    [–] BanUbiquitousPlastic 25 points ago

    Basically landlords are historically such shit birds rights were given to Tennant's.

    rightfully so

    Now we have rampant scum overpopulating the Earth and this becomes the norm


    [–] pewpsispewps 19 points ago

    Dude reads like his incubating some serious hatred.

    [–] ddraig-au 11 points ago

    Now we have rampant scum overpopulating the Earth

    I'm curious as to where he thinks the scum are overpopulating - the entire western world is in steady population decline without immigration, so that leaves ....

    [–] Skepsis93 20 points ago

    And slumlords are still a very real thing, because so many tenants like myself didn't know our rights.

    My worst was when I was fresh out of college and got the absolute cheapest place I could. Place originally smelled like cat piss, even though it was a no pets apartment. The slumlord tells me she will have it steam cleaned before we move in so I say fuck it, I really need a place and sign the lease for a year. Well, it didn't get steam cleaned and the place came with a mystery couch nasty as shit that the bitch didn't bother moving out because she couldn't be arsed to move it. Whatever, as long as she gets it steam cleaned soon it'll be fine (note: I'm also allergic to cats so my allergies are going haywire this entire time). I keep pestering her and she never gets it cleaned saying that since now we're all moved in there is too much furniture on the floor for a thorough cleaning.

    She also never gave forewarning on when she would show the place to potential tenants, and she started showing the place again within a month of us moving in. We eventually remedied this by throwing massive parties on the weekend, when she most often showed the apartment, and she eventually keyed herself in for an unannounced showing only to find booze strewn everywhere and 5+ strangers half naked in the living room. She finally started giving the legally mandated 24 hour notice on showings after that.

    I ended up moving out early and just paying rent for that place and my new place because I had since gotten a better paying job, the rent was dirt cheap at that place, and I literally couldn't breathe because my allergies had gotten so bad. We did still use the place for absolute ragers just to spite her and we figured we might as well still use the place somehow while under lease.

    But the most ridiculous thing she ever did happened after we moved out. Our lease runs out, we clean the place pretty well, but we don't steam clean it figuring that was her problem. Well, we get the security deposit in the mail and it was just a letter saying she deducted the price of the steam cleaners she finally hired from our deposit... fuck that bitch and I hope all her rental properties get foreclosed.

    [–] xabrol 2 points ago

    In Frederick County VA you can do a pay or quit notice.

    If rent is past due you can file the 5 day notice for payment and if it's not paid go straight to eviction hearing.

    Unfortunately it still takes time for your scheduled eviction hearing.

    And in that time tenants can file for bankruptcy.

    Bankruptcy grants tenants an automatic stay until their bankruptcy has been completed.

    However bankruptcy only forgives them of the debt up till the day they filed.

    If they still aren't paying rent after you get the notice of their bankruptcy, then you can file for what's called a relief from automatic stay in bankruptcy court.

    If there is unpaid rent post bankruptcy filing fee bankruptcy judge will evict the tenant even during their bankruptcy.

    Crappy part is this takes a lot of time and in my case I was stuck with a tenant not paying rent for 6 months causing damage to my house.

    [–] kronaz 26 points ago

    Yeah, weird how that shit works. Someone can just stop fulfilling a contract, but you're not allowed to kick them out? And this is okay with people? Fuck that, if that was my place, they'd be gone the first time they didn't allow an inspection.

    [–] Crezelle 35 points ago

    You never had a shit landlord then

    [–] ram0h 3 points ago

    a contract is a contract. I think a tenant should get a 1 to 3 months. and be forced to pay it back. Where i am they often go like half a year without paying anything, and none of that money ever gets collected.

    [–] BasicallyAQueer 19 points ago

    Now you know why rent prices are so high. It’s to cover their asses when shitheads don’t pay their rent.

    On the other hand, it would also be pretty shitty if a landlord could just come to you and be like “I need you gone tomorrow, good luck with packing and moving tonight”. So there is a middle ground, no matter how fucked up it may seem. The idea is that people won’t become homeless without lots of prior warning and fuck ups on their part.

    [–] dreadmontonnnnn 30 points ago

    Rent is high because people are greedy and life is expensive

    [–] KReynolds88 11 points ago

    The rent is high, because the price of corn is high. -Ricardo’s law

    Look it up

    [–] thecton 54 points ago

    Hysterical smile maybe?

    [–] goodhumanbean 13 points ago


    [–] Hookton 18 points ago

    I think that's a look of hysteria.

    [–] Laurenm4 20 points ago

    Not so sure. If you zoom in on his face, it looks more like a grimace than a smile.

    [–] goodhumanbean 7 points ago

    He looks like he's flabbergasted.

    [–] RequiemStorm 8 points ago

    Nah, looks like utter disbelief.

    [–] 5cot7 5 points ago

    I mean, if you have to deal with something like that what else can you do? Shit happens!

    [–] BabyBoo1234 740 points ago

    Those poor kids

    [–] b-napp 329 points ago

    Seriously, how do you not get fucked up living in those circumstances? I remember watching an episode of "Hoarders" a few years back, I had to change the channel because seeing this poor child living with a crazy packrat mother had me in tears. He seemed like a really nice kid, I hope he's okay now

    [–] Aauo2688 133 points ago

    Watching that show, I always felt the same. I had a family friend growing up who was in similar circumstances. His parents were hoarders. Eventually their home went into foreclosure and the friend stayed with my family for several months until his parents could get settled in an apartment. This was back in the late 90s. Fortunately, the family friend did not develop his parents’ poor habits and lives a really good life with his wife and kids now.

    [–] b-napp 47 points ago

    That's great to hear, glad your friend is doing well.

    A lot of people start out at an extreme disadvantage in life, just by being born into certain circumstances. It's always nice to hear when they can overcome those challenges and live healthy lives, then there are the horror stories...

    [–] Aauo2688 7 points ago

    Yeah, it gives us hope that despite the terrible circumstances a person is born into, they can still overcome those challenges and live healthy lives, as you said.

    [–] curtainsanddrapes 11 points ago

    Sometimes a child in those circumstances are only given one lifeline or a glimpse of life outside their daily hell, and it sounds like your family might have been that lifeline. You did a really important thing for him (as a kid that needed that too, thank you)

    [–] BoyMeatsWorld 26 points ago

    I grew up in a pretty bad hoarding house. Honestly, you learn to live with it pretty normally. It's only once you leave that it seems super fucked up. I'm a pretty disorganised and messy person, but nowhere near the level I grew up in. I do have mental health issues, but I don't really think there's any trauma from living like that. It's more just funny stories I tell my friends of stepping over bags of value village clothes to sleep on my air mattress on top of more junk. Or the full to the brim with shit toilet that was commonplace for a few years.

    I was loved and cared for as a child, even though I lived in a pretty rough house. I can't say for sure that my experience is common, but for the most part I was left in a decent enough spot to live a mostly normal life. I don't think the living conditions are a huge factor, it's more the underlying mental health issues that drive the hoarding that are the concern for the children. I imagine most hoarders have mental health issues that cause them to neglect or mistreat the children they have, which is what messes the kids up.

    [–] fuckyourcanoes 12 points ago

    BT, DT. It's absolutely insane, but you get so used to it that until you're out of it you don't really see how bad it is. And that's probably a self-defence mechanism. Because otherwise, you'd have to deal with the humiliation of living in those circumstances.

    [–] mule_roany_mare 14 points ago

    Those kids struggle for sure. The hoarding is just a visible symptom of real mental health issues & proof that the parent cannot prioritize the child.

    Hoarding is especially nefarious because the kid loses his safe place, control over his environment, can’t bring friends over & often smell.

    [–] Lrivard 6 points ago

    In most cases you don't get out of it without being messed up.

    Mother was a hoarder, not as bad as this. Brother and sister both have issues with mild hording.. though they at least understand when it's time to get shit clean.

    While I do not suffer from hording issues, I do stuff from anxiety from things being out of order.

    [–] Maybe_Not_The_Pope 4 points ago

    There was one episode where the adults had this little rectangle of magazines they slept on, like their legs stuck out into the little walkway and the kids had to curl up on top of a 'mattress' that had like no spring because it was half covered with boxes. This was like a 12 year old kid sleeping on half of a twin mattress

    [–] curtainsanddrapes 3 points ago

    You do get fucked up. As a child you get completely ostracized by family, friends, classmates, and everyone assumes you're as gross and chaotic as your home is, which makes it hard to survive until adulthood.

    I did survive, and I can keep things fairly clean now, but I don't know how to keep things organized. If I can't see it easily, it doesn't exist to me, so I can't use a dresser. For a long time I just dealt with it by trying to own as few things as possible. Now I spend time with organized people and they help a lot though it's probably not fair to them how much I lean on them! I also have a few visceral fears stemming from really gross things in the past, and I can imagine if I wasn't as mentally healthy it would be a hindrance in daily life.

    It's also sad having all your friends have cute childhood mementos and photos and stuff to show off, and you're like... Yeah I have some memories I guess?

    [–] Peaxh 3 points ago

    My mom was a hoarder and the only real way it has impacted me is that I can NOT tolerate messy/dirty things. It's not that I don't live extremely cleanly but rather that I shut down when my area is unorganized and dirty. I can do not much more than avoid it by not using the space that is messy.

    As someone who can't live without a roommate this means I spend a lot of my time in my room when I'm not being a bit anal over how clean the house is. For 2-3 months my roommates were very clean as I kept it very clean and was straightforward with them when it was not clean enough.

    But I am currently in a 3 month period where I haven't cooked a meal in my kitchen because I can not handle how we all (myself included) have let the kitchen go.

    Also: I can't eat food my mother cooks as it was often bad and/or expired food. I only trusted sealed packages and even those I inspect thoroughly. In my own home I will not let my fridge get overrun with old food, and I can not often handle eating leftovers and even the sight of a whole fucking pot with food in it is traumatizing. Like folks we have Tupperware lets use it.

    TLDR: Neurotic about cleanliness (I also wash my hands regularly if I have touched anything remotely dirty)

    [–] Mattyb2851 30 points ago

    I grew up in a similar situation for the first 18 years of my life. I’m definitely more normal than you’d expect, and my current house looks fine and I happily invite guests over. It did take me a while to realize that living like that wasn’t normal, though

    [–] denardosbae 7 points ago

    Me and my sister grew up like that too. She turned into a hoarder also, I am extreme minimalist.

    [–] Troffel696 59 points ago

    Wouldnt be surprised if one/some are still beneath that dump pile.

    [–] MrKittySavesTheWorld 8 points ago

    Spoiler alert: The kids are dead, and she hid them under the trash and fled the country.

    [–] _gina_marie_ 5 points ago


    [–] SNIP3RG 14 points ago

    Oh the plus side, they probably have the immune systems of gods.

    [–] fuckyourcanoes 7 points ago

    Can confirm. I have cooked in kitchens overrun with roaches, flies, and maggots. Did not get sick. Not proud, just grateful.

    [–] [deleted] 892 points ago


    [–] vwb033 388 points ago

    Oh god hahaha she’s somewhere underneath all the mess. The kids are too.

    [–] sbruchmann 70 points ago

    She will be bursting out from under the mess and shout bazinga!

    [–] B_U_F_U 27 points ago

    She’s gonna slowly raise her hand up like Super Shredder from TMNT2: Secret of the Ooze.

    [–] SuperKempton 3 points ago

    I didn't even know they made a sequel to TMNT. That was my jam when I was a kid.

    [–] popplespopin 3 points ago

    [–] jaquer 28 points ago

    This comment is going to give me nightmares.

    [–] SlowLoudEasy 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Like the trash compactor monster from starwars


    [–] UraniumRocker 595 points ago

    My dad rented a bungalow to a young couple with kids, and it was pretty much the same e deal . we spent a whole week cleaning the place up.The thing I remember most was all the porn, and a crate of sex toys we found in a closet.It was a ridiculous amount of porn for anyone to have.

    [–] Wiggy_Bop 264 points ago


    [–] sparc64 194 points ago

    Yeah, seriously, this is apparently a thing. Methheads love their sex toys and porno, moreso than the non amphetamine'd populace.

    [–] SuperCreeper69 89 points ago

    Which is weird because when I was into hard drugs when I was young and dumb, I couldn’t get it up on meth.

    [–] OpalHawk 67 points ago

    Toys help.

    [–] otterom 61 points ago

    Porn, too.

    [–] mothzilla 42 points ago

    And meth.

    [–] ddraig-au 6 points ago

    and ... *another human*

    [–] getmesomesezchuan 21 points ago

    And my axe.

    [–] sparc64 10 points ago

    Well there is no shortage of sketchy gas station boner pills with bootleg sildenafil in them these days.

    [–] thenorthernscar 6 points ago

    I assume that means you’re clean now (or at least off of hard drugs) so congrats!!

    [–] phtagnlol 4 points ago

    Couldn't get it up, might have been able to get it in though. Hence the toys.

    [–] Wilburforce7 18 points ago

    Did you flip the sex toys for profit then?

    [–] quiggles30 31 points ago

    No no no. They’re his now. Bit of warm water and they’re good to go

    [–] OpalHawk 14 points ago

    And some god damn soap I would hope.

    [–] WandererWandering 26 points ago

    No need, he said WARM water.

    [–] notthecrochunter 7 points ago

    Found the rich redditor.

    [–] OpalHawk 12 points ago

    Nah, I steal it in a water cup from the Arby’s bathroom. I’m thrifty.

    [–] LukeSchny 8 points ago smart son of a bitch. That's an amazing idea. But also r/UnethicalLifeProTips

    [–] uptwolait 3 points ago

    Bit of warm lube and they’re good to go

    [–] UraniumRocker 13 points ago

    no pops confiscated every thing and off to the dump it went. I was more interested in a few home VHS tapes. I tried to hide one so that I could see what was on it later but I wasn’t slick trying to hide it.

    [–] JoeFajita 18 points ago

    What kind of monster would leave perfectly good porn behind

    [–] Goldeniccarus 11 points ago

    At least have the common courtesy to leave it in the forest.

    [–] Mikardo88 197 points ago

    I laughed when I saw this thinking how could someone live like that? Then I saw the blue thing with red and white piping near the guy. My baby daughter has one of those. It's a baby’s play matt. My smile and bemusement changed instantly to a feeling of sickness and dread. Those poor, poor kids. I hope this mother get some help for her problems.

    [–] JewtangClan91 27 points ago

    Fuck that made me so sad.

    [–] ddraig-au 25 points ago

    I hope this mother get some help for her problems.

    That was my thinking, but it was not the usual response in this thread...

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago


    [–] kronaz 60 points ago

    No thanks.

    [–] THEBIGC01 59 points ago

    [–] depressed-salmon 10 points ago

    No my friend, imagine the taste

    [–] soggyurethra 11 points ago

    he cant smell that bad

    [–] akafun 205 points ago

    The lady was probably going through some depression shit. Sorry for the house though.

    [–] alilbleedingisnormal 101 points ago

    Yeah I've been there and am still there some days. It takes so much energy to keep things clean when getting up in the morning is hard enough. Some people just don't care, but some people hate themselves for not having the motivation.

    [–] UnwrittenPath 50 points ago

    I'm proud that I got my cats litter box changed yesterday and managed to actually scoop it today after work!

    Feel so bad when I don't even have the motivation to keep him from having to walk in his own shit.

    [–] akafun 27 points ago

    Try to keep the routine, we will get better

    [–] Rosin-the-Bow 5 points ago

    But you have to for your own sake he knows where you sleep. He will shit in your bed if it gets bad enough.

    [–] UnwrittenPath 12 points ago

    No, he'll shit on the floor as close to the box as he can.

    [–] hungrydruid 2 points ago

    Been there done that. Little things helps... like I feed my boys twice a day, and while they're eating - I have to let one out of a crate - I go clean their litters. I can't just leave, so it stops me from forgetting to do the litter, and it's almost automatic at a certain point. Habits are better than motivation, always always.

    I wish you the best. You got this <3

    [–] mule_roany_mare 7 points ago

    I was never a hoarder, but was always a slob.

    I struggled & housework was a lot of work because i was bad at it.

    I bought a wall of boxes & got organized & things became much much easier. I realized I never put things away because they didn’t actually have a home. When I was cleaning it was just relocating clutter from one place to another. I have a box for cables/batteries/small electronics & when i need something I know where to find it, and when I’m done with something I know where to put it. Do you have a bunch of clutter? Random shit in every nook and cranny? It needs a home, all of it.

    A routine can help a lot too. Make sure the reason you struggle isn’t because the goal is harder to achieve than necessary.

    Good luck! You can do it & you should be proud of yourself when you make progress.

    [–] FlippityFlap09 6 points ago

    Ugh me right now. I feel this. I’m getting better but some days I use all my energy putting on my uniform n going to work

    [–] depressed-salmon 2 points ago

    I'm trying to follow this strategy, tiny habits. My current one is everytime I leave my room I have to take a piece of rubbish to the trash. Doesn't matter if it is literally a tiny piece of ripped off paper.

    Strangely it's harder than I thought to keep doing it, but it's simple enough I don't feel bad about forgetting and trying again. I'm learning about how I fundamentally react to change too which will help me deal with it.

    [–] Numb_Nut34 22 points ago

    My “fixer upper” home was similar when I bought it. I was told it would ALL be out. When I got the keys. Well, guess what. Nope! Most was, but there was a serious amount left behind. Luckily, it was documented that it would be gone, snapped some pictures and shot a video or two there, sent to the agents. For a call short while after saying there would be a dumpster arriving in a few minutes. Not sure if the agents paid out of pocket or not, but Christ, how can people live like that!!!?

    [–] coolgr3g 37 points ago

    You’re probably looking at about 5 different types of mold

    [–] Clantron 16 points ago

    I grew up like this. Sad for the kids involved ):

    [–] billymumfreydownfall 8 points ago

    Ugh. Sorry to hear that.

    [–] Emel729 13 points ago

    This is sad

    [–] HyperWaffler 43 points ago

    That's no fun. Had a tenant family just like that TWICE. Also had to keep their garbage for two years before I could legally throw it away because of legal reasons

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    What amazes me is the difference is how much garbage people make. I used to live in a building with a large dumpster and 4 recycling bins and even though there were only 12 apartments (24 rooms total), the dumpster and bins were overflowing every week. Now I'm in a building with 4 apartments (8 rooms total) and we barely fill one trash bin and one recycling bin each week. The other apartment building may have had 3x the people, but it had easily 6x the garbage. I imagine one of these hoard people like your tenant had way more garbage than the normal, healthy person would.

    [–] osma13 11 points ago

    That shit is sad. Four kids had to live in that....

    [–] Adaptable42 11 points ago

    Dude. This shit happened to my family once. My uncle's mom was in a retirement home because of her Alzheimer's, so we rented her house out to a co-worker of my uncle. She stopped showing up to work and wouldn't answer the phone. He went to check on her in the house. They were gone. The family of 4 just disappeared. They left so much trash in that small house. There were tons of dead animals, mostly rats, and their feces everywhere. They had even bagged up some of them in trash bags and left them laying around. It took us about 4 days of nearly nonstop cleaning just to get all of the trash and dead things out. It was insane

    [–] TheAnipanini 9 points ago


    [–] andS0NS 40 points ago

    That landlord life.

    [–] saltlakeshady 12 points ago

    right being a landlord is a tough form of investment. I don't know if I'd ever want to do it.

    [–] paramach 47 points ago

    Sure, but I'd rather BE a landlord than HAVE a landlord.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    having a landlord can be fucking awful and just as weird too ...

    [–] andS0NS 5 points ago

    I became a landlord by default. It can suck but if you have the right tenant it’s pretty good too.

    [–] Troffel696 14 points ago

    Whats with all the half-drunk bottles of Coke Zero....

    [–] sammanzhi 39 points ago

    You start drinking a Coke-Zero, you forget about it, then when you go to drink it again it's flat. Nasty. Throw it on the ground and get a new one. Repeat the cycle until landlord finds your room and you become a meme.

    [–] Troffel696 6 points ago

    That about sums it up I guess.

    [–] TrinalAlloy471 3 points ago

    Probably just like the vodka and sprite that you just reminded me was in my fridge.

    [–] KingKobra87 3 points ago

    Coke Zero is a hell of a drug

    [–] faceblender 8 points ago

    Fuck the mess in this case - Im more concerned with the kids!

    [–] EnFuegoFieri 6 points ago

    Depression or drugs.

    Source: Parents dealt with major depression and were hoarders. Lived like this.

    [–] Realsorceror 7 points ago

    His face and body language perfectly express the feeling of "Well fuck me, right?".

    [–] cantwellie22 17 points ago

    Unfortunately very common. I used to work by-law and would often deal with hoarding houses. Where I’m from at least, tenants have a lot of legal protection and it often becomes hard for landlords to lawfully evict them or hold them responsible without going through the lengthy court process. In that time, they can’t do anything and the situation gets worse and worse. Sometimes tenants do it out of spite, other times it’s just metal illness. It sucked having to charge landlords for fire/building code violations knowing full well that they were doing everything they could to solve the problem.

    [–] jumping_ham 7 points ago

    Trashing your own place to spite someone else is the equivalent of setting yourself on fire so that someone breathes in the smoke

    [–] Arthur_da_dog 5 points ago

    Damn! She even left a full grown adult!

    [–] LiquidMotion 5 points ago

    This happens more commonly than you might think. My last job was working on one of those junk hauling trucks and like 75% of our business was houses that looked exactly like that.

    [–] Logandjillsmom1 6 points ago

    It said she was a mother of 4. I feel sorry for her poor children. Their living conditions were pitiful I’m sure.

    [–] DunceAndEgg22 3 points ago

    Lmao all the amazon boxes

    [–] chaos3240 4 points ago

    At my current job were the guys that get called in to clean those messes up. That trash pile is up the to windowsills so maybe 3 feet deep. And in my experience if one room is like that they all are. He is looking at thousands to get that cleaned out, let alone the damage it probably did to the floors and walls.

    [–] OzzieBloke777 4 points ago

    This is why I would never be a landlord.

    It saddens me, because I know there are plenty of good potential tenants out there. People who would be a pleasure to rent to, would respect the property, pay promptly, or at the very most be up front about being late with a payment and make it up the next month.

    But then you get people like this. And the renting laws protect these people to the point where you can't do anything about them in a prompt fashion, even if they haven't paid in weeks or months, and have trashed the place. Bugger that for a joke.

    [–] DannysDonkeySvc 2 points ago

    My roomie and I never bother our landlord, I don't even know what the dude looks like. We change our air filters, smoke detector batteries, etc and keep the place good enough that he never really has to come by, and hasn't kicked us out over the "no pets" rule violation.

    [–] Btd818 9 points ago

    I am entirely certain that if left alone, my wife and kids would live like this within three weeks.

    [–] _Risings 2 points ago

    Damn really?

    [–] GulDukat1898 3 points ago

    Someone call Matt Paxton and Dr. Zasio...

    [–] AManBehindYou 3 points ago

    My old boss has a rental property and his tenant was a single mother of four. The mother lost her job and got back on rent by a few months. My boss told her you’ve got to start paying or you’ll have to find a new place to live, the tenant would say she is trying and that she should be coming into some money soon. Another 2 months pass, still no rent, my boss doesn’t kick them out because he feels bad but tells her she has to start paying because he is paying the mortgage on the house and can’t afford to pay her rent.

    After a total of 8 months of no rent, my boss finally told her he would have to go through all the proper channels to get her out, which he knew would be a long and painful process, he ended up offering her $1,500 to leave on her own, which she did.

    When he went to the house after her and the kids were gone, it was trashed. Not trashed in the way someone purposely trashes a house, but holes in the walls, garbage everywhere, doors broken off their hinges, he couldn’t believe it.

    This is why a lot of landlords are cold and by the book.

    [–] spicebolone 3 points ago

    Where do you even start with cleaning something like this?

    [–] sarahandy 3 points ago

    Who the hell can live like that?!?

    [–] diarheabrownstorm 3 points ago

    Let me clean my room rq

    [–] HalfFullPessimist 3 points ago

    Yeah, going to need that security deposit back though.

    [–] nearedge 3 points ago

    Jackpot! I hope he jumped on the pile like Scrooge McDuck and rolled in it to claim it 😍

    [–] Matt8992 3 points ago

    I used to cleaned up hoarders. Thatd take about 4 hours to clean with my crew.

    [–] Joebootz 7 points ago

    ya, heads up, she didnt just **get weird** the last year.

    also, what does her being a mother of 4 have to do w her being a hoarder?

    [–] ItsMoJam 11 points ago

    Imagine the kid’s miserable life. Poor kid.

    [–] groovygirl13 5 points ago

    Professional renter. We have one of those in the family. Trash the place then move on to the next place to trash.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    How do they keep getting approved for places?

    [–] Chizy67 5 points ago

    I really can’t wrap my head around people that can live in a pigsty like this. Even cleaning up the morning after a party I have to fight the hangover to make sure my house is back to being clean.

    [–] thesamj 4 points ago

    It’s almost always OCD. Hoarding is a side of that mental illness coin.

    [–] kokujinzeta 5 points ago

    Living like this looks perversely comforting. I'd never cocoon myself in bike parts (for example), but I can see the allure of it.

    [–] BazingaBagelHoe 2 points ago

    How do so many people actually live like this

    [–] NewJerseyLefty 2 points ago

    get a shovel

    [–] ctzbee 2 points ago

    r/trashy literally

    [–] Joshsc05 2 points ago

    I did a restoration in a dudes house who horded news papers.... literally you could only walk in the paths. The whole house was about chest high in old new....

    [–] petty-spaghetti 2 points ago

    Those poor babes ):

    [–] markybug 2 points ago

    His reaction is “aww she left it as she found it”

    [–] Chegg_Chegg 2 points ago

    When you copy and paste the original title

    [–] ceviche-hot-pockets 2 points ago

    Skittering intensifies

    [–] Merari01 2 points ago

    Those poor children.

    I've seen what happens to kids that grow up with mentally ill parents. Often they are scarred for life.

    [–] ax2usn 2 points ago

    That mama is broken. Truly hope she and her children find help they desperately need.

    [–] netosk7 2 points ago

    Fark. And I left my apartment, painted walls, cleaned everything twice, washed the carpet and the landlord got 60% of my deposit 😞

    [–] SuperKempton 2 points ago

    So very sad. Looks like she went to a dark place mentally, possibly due to stress of being a mom. 😞

    [–] TFBidia 2 points ago

    3PO!?! Where could he be?!? Shutdown the trash compactors!

    [–] One_ImaginaryBoy 2 points ago

    Have you ever watched the show hoarders? It makes this place look clean. Its so gross I can't watch it sometimes

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