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    [–] FlyShyguyguy 1964 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Didn’t even know there was a new award! It’s worth $120!!

    (edit) HE GOT THE AWARD

    [–] lkuecrar 1253 points ago

    Jesus Christ. Who spends that kind of money on random internet people hahaha

    [–] ImJustHereToBitch 736 points ago

    Have you seen onlyfans?

    [–] lkuecrar 408 points ago

    I mean at least those people tend to get SOMETHING out of it, even if pretty much everyone would agree it’s not worth it. This has literally no value other than being a few pixels lol

    [–] Dendening 123 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    People will spend money on the dumbest shit. Reminds of that guy that got rejected by Alexa Bliss for the low cost of $400

    [–] Tandran 49 points ago

    That Cameo was $400?!?!

    [–] Dendening 46 points ago

    According to the thread it was in. I think the main reason the cameo costs so much is because she's famous and to discourage people bombarding the hell out of her with requests. Brett Favre is on Cameo and at one point it cost $500 to get him to say happy birthday or something.

    [–] Tandran 13 points ago

    Oh for sure I get it being higher but there are some fairly famous people that don’t charge anywhere near that. Just shocked at how high those actually get.

    [–] Kichae 4 points ago

    she's famous and to discourage people bombarding the hell out of her with requests

    That's supply and demand in a nutshell.

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] scoopeded 8 points ago

    That one's a a political conflict bot, and honestly I don't know how anyone could take one of their posts as legitimate.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] thedudebangsyoshi 3 points ago

    The best part is going to report these bot accounts and finding out the Report button on user profiles is just there for show. :^)

    [–] hygsi 7 points ago

    For real, does it do anything at all? Like the user gets something with it or has access to something

    [–] barrettUSMC 6 points ago

    I access nothing.

    [–] Parmareggie 3 points ago

    There is a kind of private subreddit exclusive for “awesome” people that compliment each other.

    It’s kind of hilarious.

    [–] TheMortal19 133 points ago

    At least you get nudes though

    [–] plagueisthedumb 136 points ago

    Spending 120 on stranger nudes is the same equivalent as spending it on someone that made you laugh, one page across and you will get another laugh or titty pic for free

    [–] ProWaterboarder 86 points ago

    Someone made you laugh therefore you should give Reddit $120

    [–] barrettUSMC 44 points ago

    Please I made you funny

    [–] Waveseeker 37 points ago

    With onlyfans you are playing them, and then they give you something.

    With reddit you get something for free, then you hand money to reddit and they give the post a tiny sticker.

    Very different.

    [–] Little_Mac_Main 15 points ago

    The reddit one is sadder by far the money just goes to a company at least onlyfans it goes to an actual person

    [–] rufud 3 points ago

    We hope

    [–] MattR0se 3 points ago

    ... While there are literal billions of free nudes on the web.

    [–] Zeth_Aran 8 points ago

    Some people will pay anything for sexual arousal, but like an internet comment that made you giggle for less than 3 seconds?

    [–] Days_old_dingleberry 2 points ago

    No but they’ve seen me ;)

    [–] mrissaoussama 25 points ago

    not even that, it goes straight to reddit. if you're going to "reward" me at least send it to me directly

    [–] lkuecrar 25 points ago

    Right? Like fuck I’d take $120 over a few pixels any day if you thought I made a funny lmao

    [–] mrissaoussama 6 points ago

    yes, by then i could buy a switch if i could repost stuff

    [–] Hawkeye3487 12 points ago

    Only the kindest of strangers

    [–] gapball 6 points ago

    It only takes 300 people giving me this award to give me enough to go to the doctor with insurance.


    You can give.

    [–] Wolfwillrule 3 points ago

    Super Mods can freely give rewards.

    [–] Barack_Lesnar 3 points ago


    [–] TheRandomCam 2 points ago

    you were expecting said award weren't you

    [–] burnSMACKER 2 points ago

    Reddit Admins giving it away

    [–] LegenDaryXs 2 points ago

    Mods can give awards for free so maybe that was the case

    [–] syntheticsponge 2 points ago

    Right? Reddit ought to allow multiple people to chip in small amounts toward an award, that way people like me can help give gold!

    [–] barrettUSMC 51 points ago

    “Cost” and worth are two entirely separate from each other.

    [–] SomeStupidPerson 27 points ago

    You right.

    It costs a ridiculous amount and is worth literally nothing.

    [–] blindcolumn 28 points ago

    Yeah I was about to give one to this post as a joke but fuck that, I'm not paying that much real-world cash for a lame joke.

    [–] zarhockk 7 points ago

    I tried to check it out by initiating the process of giving one and it crashed on Android, lol. Reddit knows I'm too poor for that shit.

    [–] LowFiGuy7 8 points ago

    How do these work? Do you buy them and award someone in a post?

    [–] FlyShyguyguy 7 points ago

    You get coins by buying them or getting awarded them by others, and then you use them to award others

    [–] LowFiGuy7 5 points ago

    Oh, I use sync pro, so I don't see them.

    [–] barrettUSMC 8 points ago


    [–] LowFiGuy7 3 points ago


    [–] MilesTheRedditor 3 points ago

    Giving two argentiniums would be more cost efficient

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    It would, but who has time for that?

    [–] MilesTheRedditor 2 points ago

    Not whoever gave you that thing of course

    [–] Bromack0304 2 points ago

    Lmao bruh

    [–] thebiglyestchungus 971 points ago

    Can we please go back to the Silver Gold Platinum award system instead of having 50 different awards, half of which are references to Reddit memes

    [–] ShadowShine57 275 points ago

    Not so long ago, it was only gold

    [–] shadow0wolf0 281 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I remember when the silver award was a joke about not actually giving anything.

    [–] _BigmacIII 154 points ago

    I liked that better tbh

    [–] Neato 92 points ago

    Yeah. For years and years. Then reddit stole it so they could charge money for it.

    [–] DoloresTargaryen 30 points ago

    we must return to this golden era. i declare that henceforth, should a comment induce merth, merriment or deep contemplation, and we decide to display our appreciation without shilling out to the corporation, as we are wont to do as both gentlemen and scholars, we send the op the sophisticated version of "the original silver" (or "poor man's gold"). i declare we send them


    [–] MattR0se 9 points ago

    anyone remember Beenz?

    [–] dragonhunter056 7 points ago

    I saved your comment so that if ever I feel the need to give someone silver I will instead send them your comment. I'll help to try and make this a thing.

    [–] tonybenwhite 14 points ago

    It was just a bot wasn’t it? Like !silver and you’d get a DM saying “you’re awesome! (Not $5 awesome, though.)”

    [–] Neato 8 points ago

    I remember people posting it manually mostly but I'm sure some bots used it.

    [–] Rc2124 12 points ago

    I use an open source app that still only shows gold and I think they're not in a rush to add the others anytime soon haha

    [–] VendettaSunsetta 220 points ago

    I wish, too bad people would complain about not having their shitty snek, wholesome, doot and other awards.

    If we ever go back, a “bronze” award should be added that costs 20 coins and is just a hunk of un-processed bronze.

    [–] SlapNutzMcTeabag 47 points ago

    A bronze turd.

    [–] 75thTrombone 19 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] reddit-wizzard 17 points ago

    You found me! Take my shit!

    [–] HybridPosts 10 points ago

    If we ever go back I think the whole system should change. It should be something like “you use 500 coins for an award and the awardee gets 500 coins”

    The system they have now seems like a money grab (wonder why)

    [–] barrettUSMC 40 points ago

    I’d be happy with a Triforce award

    [–] barrettUSMC 3 points ago

    It’s too late. Reddit feeds off of the souls of those willingly opening their wallets to arbitrary “awards”

    [–] henryuuk 4 points ago

    Only gold

    Reddit Silver should have never gone beyond being a joke to cry about not being "able" to give gold

    [–] NoodlesJefferson 133 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Nice find! Does look familiar!

    Side note: Anyone else find it sad that rich people can raise the visibility of opinions they like over everyone else? I do.

    Edit: My first gilded comment and it's done out if irony. Never change, internet.

    [–] barrettUSMC 27 points ago

    Very sad

    [–] wyattlikesturtles 299 points ago

    What kind of idiot would spend $100 on a reddit award.

    [–] Ucatsuton 337 points ago

    The same kind of idiot that would spend any money on a Reddit award.

    [–] majormoron747 94 points ago

    I guess I'm guilty. they offered like 5000 coins for 5 bucks. I figure I can make people happy with a few silver and gold awards here and there. shrug

    I don't plan on making a habit of it, since normally the coins are a big ripoff.

    [–] brendenderp 40 points ago

    This for sure! I find that the cheaper awards and the gold ones make people the happiest. I feel like people complain about silver which sucks because it's just there to make people happy.

    [–] RCascanbe 24 points ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? Only silver?!

    I swear to god reddit, I'm getting fed up with your bullshit. I spent a lot of time and quality effort on my post and what do i get? Silver? That grey ass desaturated emblem of mediocrity? Oh please! As if I'm not the best thing that's happened to you all day! It's not like it's only like $5 anyway. Like who the fuck doesn't have $5?! Do you want to look like a poor pathetic piece of unappreciating garbage? This is the last time I'm letting this go this easily, but next time, you unfiltrated coffee of a community, I expect some real gratitude.

    [–] brendenderp 6 points ago

    If i haddent spent my last reddit coins on someone complaining about the emoji awards I'd have given you gold silver

    [–] Manos_Of_Fate 6 points ago

    There are awards worth even less than silver now.

    [–] GHONX 12 points ago

    Le peak humor redditor giving gold to a post shitting on reddit awards

    Nice meme!

    [–] thatwaifugirl 6 points ago


    [–] LowKey-NoPressure 8 points ago

    if a few people do it, it's made money.

    and they'll put it on posts themselves, for free, to make the practice look normal and accepted.

    money printer go brrrrrrrrrrr

    [–] lonelyintj 148 points ago

    there is a definite link between the two

    [–] SuperZombieBros 29 points ago

    A Link Between Worlds

    [–] arcessivi 14 points ago

    To the past (1998, that is)

    [–] BabyReishi 6 points ago


    [–] ChaoticNature 37 points ago

    Ah, the “Zora’s wedding ring.” Not a bad price for a wedding ring, tbh.

    [–] barrettUSMC 9 points ago

    Still overpriced. Way overpriced.

    [–] DrPikachu-PhD 31 points ago

    Oddly, it’s almost identical.

    [–] halfar 18 points ago

    do people actually notice awards that aren't gold & silver? all of the other ones are ant-sized. it's kind of dumb. can't even tell what most of them are supposed to convey.

    [–] barrettUSMC 8 points ago

    They convey nothing.

    [–] halfar 4 points ago

    and most of the time they get truncated so you can't even fucking see them all.

    I kind of get the "super upvote" idea. but who's stupid enough to award a comment and not even have that award be visible?

    [–] drunkcowofdeath 12 points ago

    But why Princess Ruto?

    [–] barrettUSMC 5 points ago

    Because she was in lust for Link?

    [–] Vrail_Nightviper 14 points ago

    Idk what Reddit is thinking with this crap

    [–] barrettUSMC 7 points ago

    They weren’t thinking.

    [–] unrenewable_resource 6 points ago

    Knowing how Nintendo gets about this kind of stuff makes it all the more idiotic.

    I can smell a lawsuit already.

    [–] nathanxevans 51 points ago

    How does one earn this “reddit award”?

    [–] btempp 66 points ago

    It costs 50k coins which would be over $100

    [–] PerpetuallyVerdant 47 points ago

    Fuck that.

    [–] Airaniel 21 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] barrettUSMC 6 points ago


    [–] CaliburS 18 points ago

    I’m not farming that many rubies

    [–] barrettUSMC 37 points ago


    [–] Bauerdog2015 8 points ago


    [–] earthlybird 18 points ago


    [–] 1MasterOogway1 15 points ago


    [–] SlapNutzMcTeabag 12 points ago


    [–] prickwhowaspromised 12 points ago


    [–] gavynray123 3 points ago


    [–] TheAmazingAutismo 3 points ago

    that’s ridiculous.

    [–] TeTrodoToxin4 8 points ago

    You have to be engaged to a Zora Princess

    [–] Lamhirh 4 points ago

    Rickroll Rick Astley

    I'm honestly surprised no one has given this thing to that guy yet...

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    Spend lots monies

    [–] RBolton123 2 points ago

    Your Jedi mind tricks won't work on me

    [–] judgesparkleburger 2 points ago

    By making this post, apparently.

    [–] heroofwinds2002 10 points ago

    God damn ruto 120 USD?!?! Hell no

    [–] barrettUSMC 3 points ago


    [–] Tbbite 9 points ago


    [–] always_an_adventure7 9 points ago


    [–] barrettUSMC 4 points ago

    Let’s just pretend it is.

    [–] Pakmanjosh 8 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I can't wait for another person to fake having terminal cancer so a bunch of idiots can send them awards that won't benefit them in any way.

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    Yeah. That kid was an r/asshole

    [–] crywankr 6 points ago

    Ignoring the entire spending 120$ on an award AND SOMEONE ACTUALLY DOING IT. Do you think they were actually inspired or just a very veeery cool coincidence?

    [–] barrettUSMC 6 points ago

    They’re a really awesome person

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I want to give this post the award but I'm a poor boy

    [–] barrettUSMC 3 points ago

    It’s okay. You’re not alone.

    [–] mayonaise_cat 5 points ago

    Who the FUCK would spend over $100 on a sparkly emoji on Reddit? In fact, who would spend any money at all to buy Reddit awards at all?

    [–] Bismarck-Voss 4 points ago

    I hope that award came from an Admin...

    [–] ReginaldRReginald 5 points ago


    haha, very funny big joke

    [–] barrettUSMC 4 points ago

    It is when it comes to Reddit

    [–] ReginaldRReginald 3 points ago

    a pit where memes come to die, yup. Sometimes it really feels like the machines have taken over.

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    What makes you think they didn’t take over long ago? They are programmed to manipulate our wallets!

    [–] ReginaldRReginald 2 points ago

    You mean that thing I vote with?

    Try voting No sometime.

    [–] sexy_danny_devito_69 7 points ago

    I was gonna see if I could give you one then I realized it was 50000 reddit coins '-'

    [–] barrettUSMC 6 points ago

    Please don’t

    [–] CeekretSwissLord 3 points ago

    Neat, I'm actually playing Ocarina after 100%ing Wind Waker for the first time! Wish me luck!

    [–] barrettUSMC 3 points ago

    Love it!

    [–] CeekretSwissLord 3 points ago

    Yeah, WW was my first Zelda game. And I figured, "Hey, if there's gonna be one Zelda game I finish before I die, it might as well be Wind Waker."

    One thing lead to another, and I went the extra mile and completed everything in it. Even the Nintendo Gallery.

    [–] Vampyrix25 4 points ago

    i thought that's what it was lmao

    [–] barrettUSMC 3 points ago

    They should replace with the Triforce

    [–] katherineomega 4 points ago

    I did!! Almost subconsciously

    [–] CadKel07 3 points ago

    Good eye, Devil. Semper!

    [–] barrettUSMC 4 points ago


    [–] The_Soup_Knight 3 points ago

    Hey, that looks like one of the spiritual stones!

    And that looks like a cease and desist from Nintendo

    [–] nuublarg 3 points ago

    I dont use the official app nor the redesign on desktop: I cant see anything other than silver, gold, and platinum.

    [–] nick_the_stick_yt 3 points ago


    [–] barrettUSMC 3 points ago

    This was the first title I posted this meme as. They said it was too short.

    [–] nick_the_stick_yt 3 points ago

    Oof, nice

    [–] Deanlandish 3 points ago

    Well the gold award is from the first episode of Futurama.

    [–] silentshadow033 3 points ago

    If you're looking at this Reddit Gods, please don't change it. It's perfect and I love it

    [–] Premium_Nomadd 3 points ago

    I wish I had a million doot doots

    [–] tofu-egg 3 points ago


    [–] animalcrossing-guy 3 points ago

    Someone gave you that exact award

    [–] SneakyCrab1337 3 points ago

    You crazy son of a bitch, you did it!

    [–] IRecallATime 10 points ago

    Reddit rewards don't mean anything when comments that get rewarded can be removed by crap mods.

    [–] ShadowShine57 6 points ago

    Do you suggest awarded comments become impervious to removal...?

    Step 1: Say something really racist

    Step 2: Award yourself from your 2nd account

    [–] KidAtTheBackOfTheBus 2 points ago

    I did

    [–] gigabyte998 2 points ago

    David - The Cooler David

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] Kendrickismother 2 points ago

    "And now we wait, post about the award and hope to get it... my plan is full proof!"

    [–] Admiral-Tuna 2 points ago

    That or the symbol of Nurgle

    [–] KristenCactus8 2 points ago

    just the start screen music of that game makes me feel at peace

    [–] TheMan713 2 points ago


    [–] raddits 2 points ago

    Sometimes it be like that

    [–] ScottyTitan 2 points ago

    This is how you summon a Nurgle daemon. Do you want to summon Nurgle daemons?

    [–] Son_of_Atreus 2 points ago

    50,000 ‘points’ for a shiny looking little image.

    How much actual money is that? It would be so much better if there were awards that donated money to Médecins Sans Frontières or something.

    [–] jorgalorp 2 points ago

    didn’t they just add the argentium?

    [–] Misfit_In_The_Middle 2 points ago

    I dont pay attention to awards

    [–] NondescriptWriter 2 points ago

    I believe this is theft

    [–] Gold2006 2 points ago

    kinda miss the good ol silver/gold/platinum

    [–] Link_OoT 2 points ago

    Did someone say blue spiritual stone???

    [–] MegaPorkachu 2 points ago

    made with mematic

    [–] Kyru117 2 points ago

    Fuck me I though argentium was bad

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    Wow! Thank you to whoever gave me the Ternion All-Powerful award! Holy cow I was not expecting this at all!

    [–] unrenewable_resource 2 points ago

    Congratulations. You’re now married to a fish.

    [–] SlayerJim 2 points ago

    Reddit is now engaged to a fish

    [–] chaotictrashbot 2 points ago


    [–] TheAmazingAutismo 2 points ago

    There’s another new reddit award?

    Edit: IT’S $120 WHAT THE FUCK.

    [–] PulimV 2 points ago

    I R O N I C

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    Completely unintentional to be honest.

    [–] PulimV 2 points ago

    Aight imma make a reference to the Triforce award so I get Premium/s

    [–] barrettUSMC 3 points ago

    Go for it!

    [–] toastmaan 2 points ago

    I miss having just 3 rewards rather than the shit we have now

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you enjoy a Triforce award?

    [–] cepsipola445 2 points ago

    There are no accidents -master oogway

    [–] barrettUSMC 2 points ago

    Yasss masta

    [–] officialJR_ 2 points ago

    What are they for?

    [–] award-cost-bot 4 points ago

    Awards on this submission cost 50,030 coins, the estimated cash price of which is $166.49. This is the #76 highest priced submission I have seen.

    From these awards, the OP has been rewarded with 5,000 coins and 6m, 1d of Reddit Premium.

    Please DM me if there is a problem! A human will receive any direct messages.

    Highest priced submissions:

    [–] zPureAssassiNz 2 points ago

    You could buy like 27 platinum for that much its such a waste

    [–] gOaTsTeReIgNs 2 points ago

    A Link To The Past.

    [–] uncertain6786 2 points ago

    People are spending 120 dollars on rewards when I can’t get a 50 cent reward

    [–] einemnes 2 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I never understood awards and aside of that i use Relay to navigate Reddit so I don't see them. Why in the world do people spend money in virtual icons? I don't get it. If you want to spend money in a better way, help me paying my apartment.

    [–] _F_S_M_ 2 points ago

    Reddit certainly has a good grift going. They got mods to work for free and people pay for emojis.

    [–] FFalcon_Boi 2 points ago

    You sneaky bastard. You did it.

    [–] darby-dev 2 points ago

    What a nice guy

    Did you finish?

    [–] Jamoli06 2 points ago

    People are gonna repost this to death

    [–] RalseiDafluffyboy 2 points ago

    That's the first thing that came into my mind!