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    [–] When you love StarWars Lego and Chess BrickBuddy 4 points ago in lego

    TONS of chess sets have different styled pieces on each side, and they are quite usable.

    Your second point about space is quite valid.

    [–] My son's collection on Ikea shelfs BrickBuddy 0 points ago in lego

    I’ve literally done this with my shelves, these ones from ikea. I’m not saying take out every one, just some here and there. None of the Lego is that heavy. Just don’t overload them with books and you’ll be set.

    [–] Best build ever BrickBuddy 2 points ago in lego

    Check your connections?

    I’ve handled my bottle plenty and never had it break. Seems plenty strong to me. Adding any more structure to it would ruin the asthetic, and totally isn’t necessary for a nice display piece set.

    [–] My son's collection on Ikea shelfs BrickBuddy 3 points ago in lego

    Can always pop out a few of those vertical dividers easily enough.

    [–] The ”annoying people on the train” Starter Pack BrickBuddy 2 points ago in starterpacks

    So you mention queue for busses. This is incredibly common I would argue, especially at larger transit transfers. Vancouver, Athens, London, Madrid. Spent time in all 4 and lined up for the bus in each one

    [–] Extra Lego BrickHeadz Stickers are Great for Blank Torsos. BrickBuddy 1 points ago in lego

    Try using the back end of a brick separator next time. Allows for much more exact sticker placement :)

    [–] WANT TO BANG LOUDLY ALL NIGHT? BrickBuddy 21 points ago in pettyrevenge

    I’d just pull your fuse. Or flip the breaker, or whatever.

    Not direct enough! But a good start.

    (And of course, I assume before banging on walls and doors you tried to sit down, multiple times, to have a serious and adult conversation... right? :))

    [–] I knew buying the Detective's Office was going to get expensive... BrickBuddy 2 points ago in lego

    one chunk

    It’s actually thousands of pieces, and would be incredibly simple to modify into two baseplates. There’s a natural split between the flower shop and entrance to the music shop, just tweak the tile work underneath

    [–] It's LEGO day!!! BrickBuddy 1 points ago in lego

    See that box. That’s a niiice box.

    [–] Going to Brick Fest Live this weekend! Any tips or advice for a first timer? BrickBuddy 2 points ago in lego

    Ive only been to two Lego cons,

    Both times I hit up the merch booths first. Scored some much sought after Lego pretty cheap. By noon all the good stuff was gone.

    [–] I created my own "personal" LEGO rules to avoid any problem... Here is one of them ;) BrickBuddy 3 points ago in lego

    It’s actually incredibly simple to is apart as an adult.

    I understand kids struggling, but r/Lego isn’t exactly full of kids.

    [–] I got this as a gift at the new Lego Store at my city. Should I open it? Or does it have collectible value? BrickBuddy 2 points ago in lego

    Well a year ago they changed to this store opening set. The original store opening set has gone in value since the change. If you’ve wanted one for years I’m guessing you had the old one on mind?

    3300003 if memory serves

    [–] For people with Santa’s workshop (10245) and Toy workshop (40106), do you MOC then into one? BrickBuddy 1 points ago in lego

    I did. I’ve since added another Santa’s Workshop to the mix.

    Each year I just use the pieces, So the build is always different

    [–] This just feels wrong BrickBuddy 1 points ago in lego

    Looks quite solid to me!

    [–] Costco storage canisters BrickBuddy 3 points ago in LegoStorage

    Do they stack well?

    [–] These lovely people...filled a shopping cart then dumped the entire thing in the donation bin. BrickBuddy 26 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in vancouver

    You’re absolutely right.

    And while it’s incredibly unlikely this was their intent, I will say this single act and reddit post has more effect than either choice. Because of the publicity of this couple donating an entire shopping cart, now millions of people have seen this act, and maybe thought, I could toss in a can or two as well. This is great, and had far reaching implications! Including the education you’re offering by guiding a donation. That being said, lots of people won’t go out of their way to donate.

    But here’s an idea. Each time you shop, you’re there anyways, grab 1 can. One preserved food. One something. And toss it in the bin. Zero effort. Life changing reward.

    Or, go above and beyond, donate cash. Many employers have opt in programs to automatically take a %of your pay check and donate to a registered charity. Research of course. But always remember.

    A single raindrop raises the ocean.

    [–] Akro Mills Cardboard Divider BrickBuddy 3 points ago in LegoStorage

    This is brilliant. Thanks

    Having never bought this item, is there anything special I should be looking for? What do you cut it with?

    [–] Expert Modular Buildings? BrickBuddy 1 points ago in lego

    Sounds good. Post it’s when done.

    [–] Can I get some help identifying minifigs? BrickBuddy 2 points ago in lego

    1 is from a city space subtheme. Unsure of dates, but looks mid 90s at first glance

    2 is Ice Planet

    3 is castle, the blue wizard

    10 is classic city, like 1980/90s

    6,7,11,12,13,15 are generic city, so have been in many sets and also the build your own station from Lego Stores.