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    [–] Roller coaster completed. Way bigger then anticipated. Banana man for scale. BrickBuddy 3 points ago in lego

    I heard mention, don’t remember where, of a booster pack of pieces. I’d be a great opportunity to add in more!

    [–] I got the CMF brick guy and now he’s a helicopter BrickBuddy 3 points ago in lego

    It’s 4 plates thick (instead of the standard 3 for a brick) but otherwise perfectly connectable

    [–] 1992 Lego Set Poolside Paradise (6416) REMAKE BrickBuddy 3 points ago in lego

    So first, remember that Lego friends sets aren’t made for all girls. Before Lego friends and after, plenty of girls bought plenty of non-friends Lego.

    Lego friends is a response by the LEGO Group to missing a large demographic that were previously NOT buying Lego, more ‘girly’ girls, for lack of a better word.

    After spending millions of dollars on RnD looking into why they were not hitting this demographic, they came out with friends, and also the new Mini-Doll (as opposed to the minifigure).

    You, who I assume is an adult, is not the target audience of the friends line. So they really don’t care I feel you’re buying.

    I used to work at a Lego store. I can’t emphasize enough the amount of girls (and parents), that adore the line, and believe me, we had absolutely zero trouble moving that product. Sometimes the launches were harder to keep in stock then the superhero sets.

    Knock it for lack of appeal to you, but don’t judge the company for doing it. The demand is definitely there.

    [–] LEGO thought I wouldn’t notice BrickBuddy 79 points ago in lego

    I LOVE when mini figs have standardized print ratios. It makes mixing parts for customer characters so much easier. Even though this is a direct reuse, the principle I do applaud!

    [–] The Whomping Willow set BrickBuddy 0 points ago in lego

    Hogwarts gate looks nice.

    The willow looks incredibly underwhelming.

    [–] 40291 New Image BrickBuddy 1 points ago in lego

    Yeah, also used in the Disney castle and nexo knights.

    It is not a new piece.

    [–] 2018 Hogwarts Express! BrickBuddy 3 points ago in lego

    As the design is now, no. But it’s never hard to mod them in!

    [–] 2018 Hogwarts Express! BrickBuddy 26 points ago in lego

    In the last 9 years there’s been the Lone Ranger train which was a fabulous steam engine, as well as the winter village train.

    [–] When you realize GoFundMe takes 3.0% and .30 cents from every donation. BrickBuddy 2 points ago in reactiongifs

    Naw it’s all good, because I was worried this might happen, but didn’t know how to avoid it without making the reference too obvious. :)

    [–] Baklava man spotted hustling Downtown today BrickBuddy 1 points ago in vancouver

    I passed him a month ago and didn’t have cash :( haven’t crossed his path since :,(

    [–] Lego June Store Calendar New storybook Promo set BrickBuddy 2 points ago in lego

    It’s a simple in store play event. Build a ship, slide it down a mini half pipe. That’s it. No sticker, no giveaway. Really nothing special tbh

    [–] June 2018 LEGO Store Calendar BrickBuddy 6 points ago in lego

    The March and October events are. I never made mention to the predictability of other events. The weekend events, that you mention, have happened 7 times by my count over the last 3 years. They never make the calendar and are only announced, by Vip email, about a week in advance. So you’re right, little to no planning could be done for that. But it also negates any outcry you’re doing over the calendar, because it wouldn’t be listed there anyways.

    But the other two are like clockwork. And you’re right it wasn’t on the calendar, but everyone knew it was coming. They talked about it in stores. They just, for once, decided not to print it. So I’ll give you March. But if you talk to anyone at Lego, you’d have known.

    [–] June 2018 LEGO Store Calendar BrickBuddy 5 points ago in lego

    Do tell. When the in last 5 years have they not done it on those dates?

    [–] June 2018 LEGO Store Calendar BrickBuddy 11 points ago in lego

    Traditionally double Vip comes twice a year. March and October.

    This has been true for years. No sense to complain over something that’s never existed. Be patient. Learn the calendar, and plan your purchases. It’s not rocket science.