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    [–] My Training map, give me your feedback LookMomImAPede 2 points ago in FortniteCreative

    If it was just gunplay I would agree with you. But speed building can definitely be practiced, especially if you have a friend and try and build against each other. It's nice to practice with unlimited resources to get good at speed editing and bindings. The idea that this doesn't help you at all is ridiculous.

    [–] Anything I should know before my first playthrough? LookMomImAPede 3 points ago in thewitcher3

    Just started my first playthrough as well - what does this mean? I just killed the griffon.

    [–] Friend Requests not showing LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in fo76

    a menu for friend requests would be great - ya know so when someone sends you a friend request when you're offline you know who the fuck it is.

    [–] Reenlistment for OCONUS Station of Choice LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in army

    So I'll be meeting with my career counselor soon and I just want to make sure I know what I'm saying before I go in. There are positions for my grade and MOS available at three separate locations in Germany - landstuhl regional medical center, miesau army Depot and Graf. My mos is a reclass only field where nearly everyone is e-5 so e-5 slots are largely the only ones available in these locations to begin with.

    As I qualify per the Milper messages for an OCONUS reenlistment there is no reason I can be denied my choice as long as my mos and grade exist in that location, correct?

    [–] Reenlistment for OCONUS Station of Choice LookMomImAPede 0 points ago in army

    So I know that there are slots because I have friends there right now that PCSd as SGTs to Germany for this MOS. There are definitely 100% slots there. Did he maybe not request it as a reenlistment option?

    [–] Reenlistment for OCONUS Station of Choice LookMomImAPede -19 points ago in army

    It says PEDE - short for CENTIPEDE. It doesn't say PEDO, tard.

    [–] Giving a piercing to a baby LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in trashy

    Good to know, thanks.

    [–] Giving a piercing to a baby LookMomImAPede 75 points ago in trashy

    My wife wanted to get my daughter's ears done. I simply said that I think we should wait until my daughter is old enough to make that decision on herself. I'm not talking 18 year old, but certainly not infant. She's a toddler now and asks about getting earrings and we just tell her if she still wants them when shes 6 she can have them on her birthday.

    Spend 9 months making sure a baby comes into the world in perfect health then drill a hole in it's fucking head. Logic.

    [–] It's fine bb, just a cold sore LookMomImAPede 5 points ago in trashy

    I like how you made all the letters in separate posts. Really opened up the opportunity for extra downvotes.

    [–] Why I love my wife! LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in The_Donald

    Anyone who represents a medical worker group and wants to support medicare for all either doesn't understand or doesn't care how shit socialized medicine is for healthcare workers. I reclassed to a respiratory therapist in the army to have a better skill set when I get out and pray we never move to this system. The hospital I work at covers VA as well and that's fucked up enough.

    [–] Congratuloations NYT! This is the dumbest thing I will NOT read all day. LookMomImAPede 3 points ago in The_Donald

    I got in a heated argument with a patient's family (heated on their side, I had science so I no reason to be mad) at my hospital. I'm a respiratory therapist and when calculating tidal volumes (amount of volume in someone's lungs) so that we can set the ventilator up to breath for them, we use ideal body weight - which is calculated using the persons height and - wait for it - biological gender. News flash, men and women have different sized lungs - even at the same height.

    I asked the doc in the room (I didn't have patient history yet, it was an emergent intubation) for the patients height and he additionally specified gender, which was opposite of what my eyes would have told me. Too easy, I supremely don't care if you've had transition surgery - it's 100% your choice. Annywho. I'm mumbling under my breath "patient is blah tall, male so I use this constant" and the patients partner goes 'Um, excuse me - that's a female'. So, in the best way I could I simply say 'Yes, I understand that she now identifies as a female, however since she was born a male I need to use those constants for calculating her lung volumes for when we breath for her.'

    The partner continues 'but she's a girl'. Again, in a calm voice - "How she identifies does not change her biological anatomy, which is that of a male. We have to treat her body as what it genetically is, which is a male.". This was apparently too triggering and I was then yelled at for being transphobic, heartless, wanting to kill the patient (couldn't figure that one out), and more nonsense that I couldn't understand. She literally had to be escorted out by security. Truly amazing.

    Gender politics have no place in a health care facility. Use the pronouns they want, it's polite and you don't want to raise stress in a hospital, but you have to treat a person based on their biology. Period.

    [–] America, this is your NEXT Braveheart themed moment... LookMomImAPede 2 points ago in The_Donald

    That.... that wall is beautiful. It brings a tear to my eye.

    [–] Here at The Wall. LookMomImAPede 23 points ago in The_Donald

    SOY BOY! SOY BOY! Omg I'm dying.

    [–] This is the most fun COD since BO2. It also has the worst matchmaking in the entire franchise. LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in Blackops4

    Thanks for the tips, I'll try bot games first. I don't have any friends that play black ops unfortunately.

    Appreciate it!

    [–] This is the most fun COD since BO2. It also has the worst matchmaking in the entire franchise. LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in Blackops4

    I want to play multiplayer so bad because it seems like so much fun, but I can't. I'm still level 1 after 6 matches or so because it's just a steamroll every time. In games these days calculating average accuracy, k/d ratios, etc to match-make isn't a tall order. I'm usually on a team of sub 20s while the other team is all 45+. It's not even a close competition and there's no way it's fun for either side.

    The only way to get better is by playing but when you spend an average of 10-15 seconds being alive after each spawn and usually not even getting a chance to fire your weapon because you're against people with apparent god-like accuracy and die in .5 seconds when you see your kill cam - you're never going to get better.

    [–] Ballistix & PC Master Race Giveaway LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I'd print "Consoles Don't Have RGB #PCMR"

    [–] New player: how do you find people without global chat? LookMomImAPede 1 points ago in FORTnITE

    Yeah. It's public. I think it's because repair the shelter is a shit mission. Can't get anyone to help in discord either.