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    [–] Custom antique-style brass weights? beaverbanker 2 points ago in halifax

    I think the price of gold is somewhere around $50/g. That'd be a nearly $35,000 weight if you went 24K

    [–] Sometimes the cards just don't go your way... beaverbanker 1 points ago in Cribbage

    I was close. The score was 100 to 30 at one point, a run of three at the end of the pegging round allowed me to get over 61

    [–] Sometimes the cards just don't go your way... beaverbanker 2 points ago in Cribbage

    It's Cribbage Classic. I'm using the Android app, but you can play online (vs the computer) at

    [–] New license plates? beaverbanker 2 points ago in halifax

    I had heard there were going to be new plates for Search and Rescue workers.

    Was it this symbol?:

    [–] Just made 22 burritos for lunches instead of chipotle beaverbanker 2 points ago in Frugal

    Allowing food to rest after cooking is key, whether it's a 50c Pizza Pocket or a $50 cut of beef.

    [–] Coming to South Bedford - elementary school for kids and where to stay beaverbanker 3 points ago in halifax

    I have two kids at Basinview. It is certainly overcrowded and there are all sorts of challenges that come with that, but I have nothing but praise for the school staff and administrators, along with a very dedicated bunch of parent volunteers. It's not perfect, but it is a great school.

    [–] What’s a good “bar argument” topic to spark up a fierce debate ? beaverbanker 1 points ago in AskReddit

    How old is the youngest person on Earth who could beat you in a 1-on-1, no weapons fight?

    [–] Can we talk about American trolls in r/Canada? beaverbanker 14 points ago in canada

    C'est L'Halloween, C'est L'Halloween! HEY!

    [–] Best jobs for a high school student in HRM? beaverbanker 1 points ago in halifax

    I worked at Payzant's in Sackville from Grade 10 til I left town after university, in a number of different departments. Was a good gig with a pretty flexible work schedule. It was basically as many hours as I wanted in the summer and fewer through the school year.

    [–] Free pallet in Bedford or Sackville? beaverbanker 2 points ago in halifax

    Try Payzants on Sackville Drive. They should have something.

    [–] It's time for giving. beaverbanker 1 points ago in dndnext

    It's been quite the year for some of the wrong reasons, but one of the highlights has been finding a regular gaming group. If someone out there would like to send a copy of Volo's or Xanathar's to help out a new gaming group in Eastern Canada, we'd be ever grateful!

    [–] Anyone know what this thing is? Lower Main Avenue, it was strapped to the next pole down for a few days the other week, too. beaverbanker 8 points ago in halifax

    It's a traffic data collector. This type captures video data instead of using tubes. This helps determine not only the number of vehicles, but the classification (car/bus/bicycle/etc) as well.

    [–] Air Canada centre changing name to SoctiaBank arena next summer beaverbanker 1 points ago in hockey

    Upvote for Alfredo, Weinstein and Ho! Halifax's beloved pseudo-racist mascots!

    [–] Halifax restaurant to shut down amid summer road work beaverbanker 1 points ago in halifax

    For most of the project you should be fine. Only when the trench is right at fenwood might you have an issue