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    [–] Please visit my SoundCloud jaxspider 21 points ago in freefolk

    These shitposts are way too good to be called shitposts.

    [–] Miley Cyrus : Happy Easter jaxspider 9 points ago in WhyEvenWearAnything

    I thought she went back to doing country music?

    [–] One year ago today my then 5 year old daughter was taken off life support. I miss her so much. jaxspider 3 points ago in lastimages

    We do not allowed links to that site at all. You are welcome to copy paste the text for more context.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    [–] Black Amateur Booty 3 - Scene 1 jaxspider 1 points ago in MotionBooty

    Sydnee Capri & Kurt Lockwood - White Chocolate (Demolition) (2005) - Scene 2

    [–] Uma Jolie - Cabana Creampie (🔊) jaxspider -2 points ago in UmaJolie

    KKL Tanned Jennifer Lawrence.

    [–] Whare can I find clash of clans r34 jaxspider 9 points ago in rule34

    But then I'd have to use COMMON SENSE?!?!?! :(

    • OP

    [–] Bunny Ashe (Firebox Studio) [Overwatch] jaxspider 1 points ago in rule34


    Don't make a self post. It has to be a link post.

    [–] Frogbutt 🐸 (CuteSexyRobutts) [Boku No Hero Academia] jaxspider 1 points ago in rule34


    No name of the character in the title. Also, this is a repost.

    [–] Wiz [KonoSuba] jaxspider 1 points ago in rule34


    If you knew the source of the picture, you have to put the artist's name in the title. You are welcome to repost this with the correction.

    [–] Mordred in Sexy maid outfit. (Yang-do) [Fate Series] jaxspider 1 points ago in rule34

    Thats not how CP works in USA or on reddit.

    This is how it works.

    Please refrain from spreading misinformation. This isn't a debate. I have removed your comment for this reason.

    [–] Mordred in Sexy maid outfit. (Yang-do) [Fate Series] jaxspider 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in rule34

    I have reviewed this post. It's fine and meet our standards of what isn't CP. And this isn't CP. You're all clear.

    [–] Jessie Makes You Blast Off Again 💕 (LumiNyu) [Pokemon] jaxspider 7 points ago in rule34

    If you post the source, make sure to set the link flair to [SOURCE]. This subreddit appreciated those that provide the source. I've already done if for this post.

    [–] When you first hear about r/watern!ggas being quarantined jaxspider 4 points ago in HydroHomies

    You made me laugh like that tom cruise meme pic. Have your upvote.

    [–] Sauce? jaxspider 0 points ago in SauceForScience

    In this subreddit OP is the one that provides the sauce, you moron.

    Easy rule: You have to submit image/gif along with video sauce in comment.

    In this sub, OPs are required to provide a non-spam link to a source in the comments. If you are looking for the source of an image or clip, please use /r/tipofmypenis.

    /u/IHasAnAlt You know what to do.