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    [–] Elusive mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8 comes into the open mrm3x1can 9 points ago in cars

    Waiting for the C7 Z06s to drop in the mid 40s. Seen some in the mid 50s recently. So close.

    [–] Christian & Scooby Halftime Performance Arizona Basketball mrm3x1can 5 points ago in sports

    Doesn't look like the guy recording is the guy reacting so it could be another guy just walking into the room

    [–] Starting cheap. mrm3x1can 0 points ago in turo

    Don't photos have to be from within two hours of pickup? I heard the check metadata

    [–] VROOOOOM mrm3x1can 16 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    I have an adjustable one on my car. I always leave it on the "quiet" mode when i get home at night so when i cold start it the next morning, it doesn't wake half the neighborhood, but once i get on the highway, i turn it to track mode so i still get the best of both worlds.

    [–] New Cars vs. Used Cars - Doug DeMuro mrm3x1can 7 points ago in cars

    Idk man. A friend of mine bought a CPO M4 a couple of days ago. I believe he got 4 years of BMW warranty, out the door for a total of $48k. This was for a car that was stickering at almost 80 grand only ~2 years ago. That's pretty damn great imo.

    [–] A truck driver from Brooklyn wins $298 million Powerball Jackpot mrm3x1can 82 points ago in news

    I see that said a lot but I'm assuming this includes all the non-Powerball/Megamillions winners too. I knew someone who won 10 grand and he would probably qualify under this statistic. A few days after he won, he got an $80,000 truck cause "he could afford the payments now."

    He was bankrupt within six months.

    While I don't doubt that there's been a handful of nine-figure lottery winners who have managed to go bankrupt, I doubt its 90% of them.

    [–] What's your (realistic) preferred 2-car (or more) setup mrm3x1can 1 points ago in cars

    My daily - Nissan GTR

    Wife daily - Tesla Model S P90D

    [–] MoviePass Explores Reintroducing Unlimited Plan as It Tries a Relaunch mrm3x1can 6 points ago in movies

    I gave MP an honest try but after so many issues with policy change, billing issues, movie availability, and general reliability, I’ll stick to AMCs for the time being. It’s been virtually flawless since I started it about three months ago and they locked in policies and pricing through the year so im set for at least 2019.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope MP is able to recover and be successful since it’ll keep things competitive with A-List. If it goes under, I could see AMCs offering becoming unreasonable if there’s no other players on the market.

    [–] MoviePass Explores Reintroducing Unlimited Plan as It Tries a Relaunch mrm3x1can 9 points ago in movies

    Movie pass wouldn’t let you book ahead of time. You had to physically be at the theater so the app could geolocate you and fund your Moviepass debt card. That often meant shitty seats for new releases since you could only book within 24 hours of the showing you wanted.

    A-list lets you book ahead of time for your tickets on the app as part of the subscription. For example, I already have opening night Captain Marvel seats booked and that’s in March.

    [–] MoviePass Explores Reintroducing Unlimited Plan as It Tries a Relaunch mrm3x1can 300 points ago in movies

    A-List is sooo much better than Moviepass ever was. Three movies a week is more than I will ever need and the convenience of being able to book my ticket ahead of time online along with being able to use it for Dolby Digital or Imax, makes it an easy choice.

    [–] Unpaid Fyre Fest caterer in Bahamas gets over $90,000 in donations after doc profiles scam mrm3x1can 1 points ago in news

    It really gets me how, despite fucking over thousands of people, and tens of millions of dollars in fraud, he probably could have gotten away with a slap on the wrist sentencing, had he just not committed massive fraud again, while out on bail and under the massive microscope of the feds.

    What a fucking idiot.

    [–] [Domestic] Dragon Ball, playing in 1,250 theaters, earned another $3.4 million on Thursday for an estimated two-day total of $10.4 million. The opening numbers are the best showing in the history of Funimation Films. mrm3x1can 2 points ago in boxoffice

    The Dragonball property is missing out on sooo much potential. The fact that countries like Brasil and Mexico filled stadiums to watch the sub of the last anime arc, along with the numbers this is producing, shows that it would make a killing if it were dubbed and broadcast around the world simultaneously. I heard it has something to to with Toriyama not carrying about the west but I'm not sure.

    [–] Hispanic Supermarket in the United States Starter Pack mrm3x1can 12 points ago in LatinoPeopleTwitter

    Those phone cards annoy the shit out of me cause every time I go to my mom's place, she has a stack of em and I'm like "Your cell phone plan has unlimited calling to Mexico!!!! Why are you still wasting money on that" lol

    [–] The Mandalorian Update! mrm3x1can 46 points ago in StarWars

    But this is also sourced from Making Star Wars....

    [–] McLaren announces record sales in 2018 — sales up 43.9% from 2017 mrm3x1can 3 points ago in cars

    Pardon the stupid question: What are the advantages of a carbon tub?

    [–] Best phone sub $100? (Used is fine) mrm3x1can 14 points ago in tmobile

    If audio is a big reason for this extra phonea and you're willing to stretch your budget a bit, I'd suggest a LG V20 on Swappa that are going for $130. The DAC in it is awesome.

    [–] [WW] Aquaman Has Beat Justice League's WW Gross in only 22 Days. mrm3x1can 8 points ago in boxoffice

    The Batman would need to start filming really, really soon for it to make a 2020 release date, no?

    [–] Purchased My Dream Car - 2018 Destroyer Gray Challenger Hellcat mrm3x1can 14 points ago in cars

    Leaving your moonroof open during the rain is not at all equivalent to leaving this on the Hellcat. Come on now