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    [–] Tuesday Tune-Up - Post all your vehicle maintenance and repair questions here mrm3x1can 1 points ago in cars

    I’m more worried about a scenario like the transmission or engine having issues, whether that’d be covered under the warranty. It was number to bumper.

    [–] Tuesday Tune-Up - Post all your vehicle maintenance and repair questions here mrm3x1can 1 points ago in cars

    Gf just had her first accident. She recently bought a CPO car from Audi. It was a minor collision. My question is, does this void the warranty? Google isn't very clear. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this.

    [–] [NA] Ant-Man And The Wasp $11M+ Thursday Bigger Than Doctor Strange – Early Read mrm3x1can 17 points ago in boxoffice

    Not just two, its four for sure. There's currently four confirmed MCU movies in production

    • Captain Marvel
    • Avengers 4
    • Spider-Man: Far From Home
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

    All absolute locks for $100m+ openings. Its after that, that things get interesting, in terms of rumored movies.

    $100m+ OW - Locks

    • Black Panther 2

    • Doctor Strange 2 - (after being featured heavily in two Avengers movies)

    • Potential X-Men reboot

    • Potential FF reboot

    Really, if Ant-Man and the Wasp hits it, then I don't see how the MCU doesn't keep this up until the Black Widow solo or The Eternals movie, and knowing the strength of the MCU brand, I'd note those as likely too. Really hope this movie keeps the streak going this weekend.

    [–] I opened Plex this morning and got this popup from Comcast. Is this new? mrm3x1can 5 points ago in PleX

    OP is torrenting on public trackers without any security overlay at all. It’s probably the latter lol

    [–] I opened Plex this morning and got this popup from Comcast. Is this new? mrm3x1can 10 points ago in PleX

    We're not talking about your house, we're talking about OP's house, and he most likely didn't use a VPN or any other security method, so that's why his ISP is forwarding this message that a 3rd party flagged when they saw his IP address on a public torrent.

    [–] Finally!!!!! After two months, my Snake is back home. New engine, new transmission. Back to loving life and living the dream. mrm3x1can 1 points ago in Mustang

    I’ve seen people finance $50k+ cars on minimum wage. Some banks will finance almost anyone if you’re willing to get rammed up the ass with your interest rate

    [–] Redbox Begins Renting 4K Ultra HD Movies for $2.50 per Day mrm3x1can 2 points ago in cordcutters

    I haven’t seen any 4K TVs under $1000

    Basically every 4k tv nowadays, outside of top-of-the-line OLEDs and/or 75"+ size models, are under $1000.

    [–] Why is Jay Leno's Garage not more popular on this subreddit? mrm3x1can 12 points ago in cars

    After he gave Dodge Demon 10/10 for acceleration I realized he just reads press releases.

    This is kind of ironic since I think its safe to assume that you've never driven either the Demon or the ZR1, which you mentioned below, and you're the one actually only going off press releases. Doug is the one that has driven both.

    Once you get to that level of fast, its all fucking 10/10 fast. The doug score isn't comparing just top 1% sports/super cars. Its all cars.

    [–] After Years Of Saving, I've Finally Got The Sports Car Of My Dreams. Now It's Time To See What It Can Do. WCGW? mrm3x1can 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Lol right. Its a multi-million dollar supercar. No one who's ever bought a car like this took a "after years of saving" path. This isn't a Mustang or Camaro.

    [–] [WW] Black Panther crosses $1.3 billion. mrm3x1can 10 points ago in boxoffice

    People smarter than me: Will it top 700m dom?

    [–] New 2019 Chevy Camaro Preview mrm3x1can 22 points ago in cars

    I think it looks even more aggressive, and I say that as a '16 owner. Here's a photo someone posted today on /r/Mustang showing them side-by-side. Like /u/_COREY_TREVOR said, they look much better in person.

    [–] Shannon Sharpe on the Cavs' win: "I learned last night that only Genghis Khan has conquered more of the East than one LeBron James." mrm3x1can 139 points ago in nba

    Yeah thank you. I don't understand the hate for Skip or SAS, even after all these years. They're literally salaried trolls basically shitposting live on the air. You'd think that Reddit of all places would be able to recognize this. When I want in-depth analysis, I'll read Lowe or whatever. Sometimes its okay to just want to listen to two people shoot the shit and call the other person's sports opinion "Blasphemy!".

    [–] The most profitable movies of the past 5 years mrm3x1can 5 points ago in boxoffice

    Interesting that Civil War only made $20-30m more than Winter Soldier and Thor Ragnorak. I know people will argue that it was still a massive success and I don't disagree but I'm sure Disney expected more than that.

    [–] [WW] Justice League ends box office run at $657.9M mrm3x1can 211 points ago in boxoffice

    Man I really wish they would have just let Snyder finish the movie. Not because I care about "Snyder's vision" or anything like that (I could not be more indifferent about him or his movies), but just so the hardcore DCEU fanboys wouldn't have that excuse for why JL bombed. There is still countless of them that legitimately believe if WB had "just continued to appease to us true fans, Justice League would not have bombed!"

    Had we gotten Snyder's complete film, a 2hr 40min+ BvS-like successor, I really do think the movie would have made even less than it already did. Now we gotta hear about the damn "Snyder Cut" from delusional fanboys for the rest of eternity smh.

    [–] Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War - Official Trailer mrm3x1can 138 points ago in marvelstudios

    Thanos feels guilty, instantly becomes best friends with Cap, and teams up with the rest of the Avengers to take on Galactus

    [–] After the Latest Update mrm3x1can 2 points ago in WWII

    I haven't played since early December but this post popped up on my front page. Can anyone link me a couple of the updates that have happened since then?