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    [–] Mozzarella... sloth_on_meth 5 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    200 reports holy shit

    I was asked to let you all know this is FAKE NEWS

    [–] yo... sloth_on_meth 7 points ago in dankmemes

    Thanks! We'll reply soon :)

    [–] yo... sloth_on_meth 6 points ago in dankmemes

    to our modmail? im not seeing it

    [–] yo... sloth_on_meth 13 points ago in dankmemes

    Hi! r/dankmemes mod here. we would love to talk to you. hit us up

    [–] Ching chong your freedom is gone sloth_on_meth 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Thank you for submitting to /r/dankmemes, /u/ReturnoftheSnek. Unfortunately, your submission, Ching chong your freedom is gone, has been removed for the following reason(s):

    • "ching chong" is racist. We don't condone racism. by the way, fuck china and #freehongkong

    If you have any questions about this removal, please message the moderators. Resubmitting a removed post without prior moderator approval can result in a ban.

    [–] Stöp frick sloth_on_meth 2 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Which is not against our rules

    [–] Tiny Lion Cub Scares Mom sloth_on_meth 2 points ago in StartledCats

    You work for these guys? Awesome!

    [–] Google home driving me crazy sloth_on_meth 2 points ago in googlehome

    What? His post said "every time i ask alexa..." Before lmao

    [–] [SLWIAY EPISODE] How to NOT get into LWIAY ft. DayByDave sloth_on_meth 2 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Not all of them, that's just one of our bots. And not every removal gets a comment :P