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    [–] His son is strong and wise and he is very proud of him. -EG- 4 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Rey is shown to know how to use a lightweight melee weapon in the beginning of the movie

    A bo-staff does not equal a lightsaber. All melee weapons are not created equal.

    Rey still gets her ass kicked the entire time until she taps into the Force, which is kind of stupid but it makes sense given it’s the Force.

    There is no reason that her 'tapping into the Force' in a concentrated way like that for the first time ought to suddenly make her able to merc Kylo. He sorta kinda has the Force too.

    Kylo killed his own dad and took a bowcaster bolt - a gun previously shown to send grown men flying across a battlefield - to the stomach like 10 minutes before meeting Rey and Finn in the forest, as well as Kylo himself having probably about the same training as RotJ Luke at this point. He is emotionally distraught, severely physically pained, and has decent training.

    How can you possibly just state these things as a given? Where in his actions or expression do you see emotional distress after he guts his dad. There is none. He appears far more focused. He showed more emotion when he chose NOT to kill Leia than anything he showed after stabbing Han.

    He started training around the same age as Anakin did, was late teen by the time Snoke started working on him...hell he didn't even find out about Vader till he was like 23 when he finally began to Fall.

    Dude had years and years of training. Luke by RoTS had about 3-5 depending on what you even call training in his case.

    Even if all of that weren’t true and ‘Rey is OP’ was a legitimate argument to make, the main character of a Star Wars trilogy being OP isn’t exactly new. Not that it makes it ok for lazy writing, but it falls easily in line with Anakin and Luke

    This is such a nonsensical argument. Which main character was so OP that they succeeded in every single task they undertook with such ease? How did Anakin and Luke do in their first on screen major lightsaber duels? Both got their asses handed to them and lost body parts. The Chosen One and his son.

    Rey just flits along being OP.

    I know this argument has been done to death but

    Because the rebuttals are never strong unfortunately, yet they keep being repeated as if they are self evident.

    [–] His son is strong and wise and he is very proud of him. -EG- 26 points ago in PrequelMemes

    There's a difference between lack of training and zero training. Luke got taught by the Grand Master of the Order and still got his ass handed to him because he was impatient and Vader had years of experience. It made sense.

    Rey closed her eyes for five seconds and merc'd Kylo. Injured or not, that's crap.

    [–] Mirror Mirror Thoughts -EG- 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in dresdenfiles

    Mirror Harry is summoning 'prime' Harry to his reality to kill him and fake his own death. They will not simply be at philosophical odds but ultimately working together.

    [–] Anyone else feel like the Earlking (SPOILERS) -EG- 33 points ago in dresdenfiles

    I mean he outright states he respects Harry for his wit and wilyness. His mom doesn't have to have something to do with every single being that takes a shine to a guy who survives punching outside his weight class as often as Dresden does.

    [–] Question about soul gazes -EG- 7 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Wizards base a great deal of their perceptions of people on the soul gaze. In theory, when you look into another being you see into the core of them– their true nature. But it seems to me from the evidence we have so far that this is not always totally accurate. When Harry gazed into Molly, he saw numerous potential outcomes, but judged that she was at the core worthy of his help and support. We know he soul gazed Ebeneezer, and yet he was surprised to find out he was Blackstaff. If the soul gaze is so open to interpretation, can it actually cause a wizard to believe an untruth? Is a soul gaze a truly accurate way to determine the nature of a person?

    What it shows you is /true/. But it isn’t necessarily /all/.

    For instance, a ‘gaze could show you that a man was self-disciplined, sober, highly organized, dedicated to his principles, and that he loved dogs, and all of that would be /true/. But it /doesn’t/ tell you /everything/ about Adolf Hitler.

    Granted, a soulgaze of Hitler would probably have given off a big vibe of either “crazy” or “ruthless” too. They tend to give you a pretty good core sample of the individual in question. However, every wizard gets things a little bit differently than any other, in terms of how the soulgaze is perceived. Not every wizard sees things in symbols and allegory, the way Harry does. There’s a whole spectrum of different “filters,” I suppose, of how the basic natures of others are perceived.

    As for misinterpreting what they perceive, or putting their own preconceptions on their interpretations? Please. EVERYONE does that, wizard or not. It’s part of being human. -Jim

    [–] What is your least favorite line in the series? -EG- 23 points ago in dresdenfiles

    "Uh," I said, feeling somewhat off balance. "What do I think of gay guys?"


    "Boink and let boink, more or less."-Cold Days

    [–] Wizard sight failed Dresden? -EG- 63 points ago in dresdenfiles

    There was a peal of thunder, and flame leapt from the shaft of light in her hands. The Renfield, now deformed with muscle like some kind of madman's gargoyle, accepted the blow, and batted the shaft of light from the angel's hands. She dove for the weapon. The Renfield followed, reaching for her neck.

    Something hit it hard, a second shaft, though this one was made not of light but of what looked like solidified smog of black and deep purple. The blow drove the Renfield from its feet, and the angel recovered the fallen weapon. Another shaft of light thundered into the Renfield's head, and it collapsed abruptly to the ground.

    I shook my head, trying to tear away from painful clarity of my Sight. I heard a footstep nearby. Still stunned, I looked behind me.

    For just a second I saw something standing there. Something enormous, malformed, something silent and merciless and deadly. It had to crouch to keep from brushing the ceiling with the horns curling away from its head, and batlike wings spread from its shoulders to fall around it and behind it, to drag along the floor, and I thought I saw some kind of hideous double image lurking behind it like the corpse-specter of Death himself. -Blood Rites

    He might well have caught her, but in all the action he didn't recognize her for what she was since he was focused on Kincaid's 'true' form. Might have even chalked it up to just being part of him.