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    [–] Game Thread: ALCS Game 7 ⚾ Yankees (3-3) @ Astros (3-3) - 8:08 PM ET -EG- 6 points ago in baseball

    Seems like that call was the highlight of that first base umps life.

    [–] Game Thread: ALCS Game 7 ⚾ Yankees (3-3) @ Astros (3-3) - 8:08 PM ET -EG- 6 points ago in baseball

    Lookit he didn't have it tonight. But without CC we aren't even here to begin with. So big ups to him all the same.

    [–] Game Thread: ALCS Game 7 ⚾ Yankees (3-3) @ Astros (3-3) - 8:08 PM ET -EG- 4 points ago in baseball

    Second refill time. My liquor cabinet is about to take a beating tonight.

    [–] Game Thread: ALCS Game 7 ⚾ Yankees (3-3) @ Astros (3-3) - 8:08 PM ET -EG- 1 points ago in baseball

    Springer's was going off the wall. Not over it. Immensely impressive in its own right, idk who is saying otherwise with any sense.

    [–] Death curse question: so we all know that death curses can be used to destroy or harm enemies, but can they be used in reverse to give boons? -EG- 37 points ago in dresdenfiles

    WOJ says yes.

    Wyrdcon 4:

    I have a question about death curses. I was wondering if what's described in the book it almost seems like a gathering and releasing of energy. I was wondering if they could theoretically be used to give a 'blessing' to really help someone out.

    They really could, they really could especially if it was done with forethought and you were basically doing this and planning to die as a result. Uh the problem is that dying is something that people don't really wanna do for the most part. So it's a little difficult to make that happen's a little bit difficult to believe in that unless you really need to. It is possible although it's something that would be under extraordinary circumstances with an extraaordinary person. Its WAY easier to blow stuff up with that.

    [–] Game Thread: ALCS Game 6 ⚾ Yankees (3-2) @ Astros (2-3) - 8:08 PM ET -EG- 63 points ago in baseball

    I haven't been this excited for us in some time. I appreciate our opponents a great deal and kudos to you all. But...


    [–] [Serious] Next Day Thread: 2017 ALCS Game 5: The New York Yankees defeat the Houston Astros 5-0 (Yankees lead series 3-2) -EG- 120 points ago in baseball

    Every fiber of my being is telling me to be pragmatic, remember we still have Verlander and possibly a Game 7 on the road to contend with.

    But there's just a feeling in my how it was when we rebuilt in the 90's...something more unquantifiable like that old magic is returning.

    I haven't been this excited for us in a long time.

    [–] Postgame Thread ⚾ Astros 0 @ Yankees 5 -EG- 2 points ago in baseball

    It's circumstance. We still love winning the World Series no matter how it happens. But this year simply wasn't supposed to BE that year. And we've had a layoff, yes it's a bit presumptuous to expect this kind of postseason success year in and year out, but hey that's why it's the Yankees.

    That's why i'm saying, years like this are special. Not because we don't appreciate all the years past or need to find new things to be excited for. But because we can see the shades of the late 90's again. Our team is our team, home grown and not even fully realized in potential with more young talent well on the way. We're taking down opponents that no one in even their wildest dreams would have given us a real shot to do this year.

    I loved that we won in '09. But some seasons just feel different. This is one of 'em.

    [–] (McTaggart) Astros players on playing in Yankee Stadium -EG- 5 points ago in baseball

    I was at that game too. First ever postseason game I actually attended live. You wanna see the highest highs and lowest lows of emotional swings in Yankee Stadium...Raul coming to the plate and everyone just knew he could do it again. Tap into that magic that made guys like Jim Leyritz into heroes for the New York effin' Yankees. And he did it. Again.

    But then Jeter goes down and forget hearing a pin drop. Even the bacteria in the air got quiet.

    It was intense.