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    [–] The Summer Knight Mantle and its effects on the bearers mind? -EG- 5 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Maeve picked Slate.

    "And Summer gains ground despite all. Our Knight has not taken the field with us. He has been seduced, I presume."

    "Yes," I said. "He's with Aurora."

    Mab murmured, "That's the last time I let Maeve hire the help. I indulge her too much. -Summer Knight

    The Knight mantle 'rubberbands' back to the nearest Queen when the Knight dies. Presumably that means that Queen then Chooses who is next to bat. But the Lady in both Courts has chosen a recent Knight.

    [–] The Summer Knight Mantle and its effects on the bearers mind? -EG- 17 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Knights come and go like paper cups. -Summer Knight

    I think you are overestimating the competence angle. Knights are simultaneously important and disposable. The historical history of the Winter Knight that we actually know is riddled with serial killers who were all executed eventually. They gave in to the urges of the mantle. I don't see where one can describe them as being chosen due to 'competence'. They were chosen because they fit the mantle to some degree. Dark, primal urges.

    Harry is different because he's a wizard and a Starborn, but also because things are coming to a head in the magical world. And he's a weapon, one Mab would much rather have pointed at her enemies than herself. His competence is a nice bonus, but hardly indicative of the history of the Sidhe Knights as we know them thus far.

    [–] I don't want tv show based on Dresden Files -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Right. My tv terminology is not as attuned as other areas lol

    [–] Foresight speculation, who has it, how much do they have, how much can they see. (SPOILERS ALL) -EG- 15 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Odin explicitly has been commented on for his foresight by Gard:

    "One can have only as much preparation as he has foresight." -Changes

    Rashid is almost certainly another excellent candidate as he works in those murky future driven areas. Then there is Intellectus which while not foresight proper is reserved for the exceptionally powerful like the Mothers and angels. Even scaled down versions like Demonreach and Shagnasty have are impressive as hell.

    All in all it's a very handy tool if you know what you are doing.

    [–] Who Do You Think Will Be The Next Player To Go Into The Hall Of Fame Wearing Your Team's Cap? -EG- 2 points ago in baseball

    Possible. But on the list of problems with the ballot system, not getting in on the first ballot is probably not an issue in reality. Most of the ppl who have suffered from long waits in recent years were 'steroid' cases or backlogs to otherwise automatic first ballot guys when they themselves could be reasoned as not being 'first ballot' (your Larry Walkers, Edgar Martinez's and so on when guys like Griffey are on the ballot but they've already been waiting). And that is all certainly emblematic of the 'only 10 guys per list' bullshit.

    But until or unless someone like a Jeter/Mo/Chipper are actually shafted out of getting in on the first ballot then it's probably not going to be considered a prime issue.

    Of course eliminating the crap that is a player 'limit' solves many problems all at once anyway. This included.

    [–] Who Do You Think Will Be The Next Player To Go Into The Hall Of Fame Wearing Your Team's Cap? -EG- 48 points ago in baseball

    Which is irrelevant since the Hall decides ultimately, specifically to avoid crap like this. Moreno has no say in the matter and player input is basically just lip service.

    [–] Who Do You Think Will Be The Next Player To Go Into The Hall Of Fame Wearing Your Team's Cap? -EG- 43 points ago in baseball

    And/or because they can only pick so many players, and Mo is basically a lock on the first ballot. Same as what happened with Griffey.

    [–] The Summer Knight Mantle and its effects on the bearers mind? -EG- 22 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Empathy and creativity would be good bets. Ronald Reuel was a 'visionary artist' supposedly, and took Winter changelings under his protection.

    [–] Firefighters who saved a litter of piglets, were served them up as sausages by the farmer to say thanks. -EG- 24 points ago in news

    To be fair though, the chicken's name was Gumbo, and it was her destiny from the beginning.

    "You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would defeat the Gumbo, not join it! Bring balance to the recipe, not leave it in blandness!"

    [–] I don't want tv show based on Dresden Files -EG- 11 points ago in dresdenfiles

    There are several, including one of the more recent ones. It's like the 'what's your writing method' and 'will we ever see the Jade Court'. Comes up damn near every Q/A. He talks about how the guy who just got done doing Charmed was brought in right at the end instead of whoever was initially doing it and decided to serialize everything instead of the direction they were going and so forth.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Questions About Gods And Mantles -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    It feels like the mantle of Kringle was made specifically for Odin to use.

    Considering the way he talks about himself when Harry first meets him, the opposite is also possible. He had this Wyld mantle that sort of became tied in with his already established set of myth, probably thru actions and steps he himself took over time, and so it morphed into the Kringle we know today...more or less.

    But since he likely took this mantle as a way of remaining active and influential while the powerbase of the 'Gods' were waning it's gonna be hard to say for sure where everything begins and ends in cases like this.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Astronomical events related to Harry (and Elaine) -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Again you're making some conclusions that don't need to be there out of hand. Like that Nemesis is in Justin in order for him to be working with the Outsiders. There is no need for that as a necessity, in fact it would pretty much violate Nemesis' core tenets (as a selective, strategic infiltrator) if it were in everyone that were potentially aiding and abetting Outsiders.

    And whatever the Walkers plan(s) for Harry he may have intended for him to go after Justin, he may not...but just because they are theoretically working together doesn't mean for one second that the Walker either cares for Justin, nor sees him as even remotely worthwhile especially when stacked up against Harry.

    [–] There's Something About Elaine (Spoilers All) -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    There's evidence that Maeve might have infected Aurora

    There's no evidence of that whatsoever. Mab specifically notes that Lea got to Maeve, but Aurora was already taken by then and had set her plans in motion leading into Summer Knight. Lea was still very much herself at that point despite already having the Athame.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Astronomical events related to Harry (and Elaine) -EG- 2 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Winter replaced the Norse, the Greek likely were replaced by the Norse.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Astronomical events related to Harry (and Elaine) -EG- 2 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Everyone always gets caught up in the 'Harry is their Kryptonite' bit, but power cuts both ways. He is almost certainly also capable of being a power up, a positive influence on them too. Perhaps to give them better access to reality, to tear down the Gates, to be stronger in general. All that jazz.

    It comes up in the text that Justin wanted Enforcers of his own, also in Ghost Story from Lea as I recall it. I don't think Justin was working against the Outsiders at all, I think he was working with/for them...but also having a few Starborns enthralled to you is a none to shabby insurance policy whichever way he decided to slice it.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Astronomical events related to Harry (and Elaine) -EG- 6 points ago in dresdenfiles

    That doesn't really change anything at all because Harry is also a 'potential candidate' via Lash's description. We know definitively that he has access to that power thanks to the attentions he's gotten from those IN reality (Mab, Uriel, so on) and those OUT of it (The Walkers).

    But no matter which way you slice it, Elaine is still a Starborn because she was born under the same conditions. The only remaining thing to see is if her power and magic turn out to be also the same as Harry's to whatever end it can be used for, or against, Outsiders.

    In the same way that the second born son of a King is still royalty. And has the potential to one day rule the Kingdom. The first born will (barring an early death) rule after his Father...but the second son is still there with just as much 'potential' as the elder to rule if circumstance allows for it. Both sons are still royalty, one is just...for all intents and purposes...definitely a King and the other is possibly a King.

    Elaine is definitely a Starborn, she has the potential to wield power over them.

    [–] McCoy and Thomas -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    I knew there was another WOJ I was forgetting.

    Anton: Does Ebenezar know Harry and Thomas are siblings?

    Jim: Sort of, he's kind of in denial about it. We'll get to see some of that in the next book.

    From this podcast

    [–] [Spoilers All] Astronomical events related to Harry (and Elaine) -EG- 9 points ago in dresdenfiles

    not so much for Elaine, may be interesting to come back to whenever Elaine is confirmed starborn or not.

    I mean she is a Starborn, whether or not anything comes of it for her like it seems to have for Harry is another matter. But she is sill a Starborn

    2010 Lee’s Summit signing

    Q: Is Elaine another candidate to wield power over Outsiders (the way Harry supposedly is)?

    A: Yes. There’s a reason Justin picked the two of them.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Astronomical events related to Harry (and Elaine) -EG- 15 points ago in dresdenfiles

    October 31, 1974 was also a relatively 'rare' Full Moon on Halloween, another reason ppl like this date for his birthday.

    The last one is interesting, but one wonders still (since we only have so much detail...i.e. pretty much none) what the requirements are. Elaine and Harry do not share the same birthday after all, so was he just lucky (prepped) to be born during that Triple Conjunction and Elaine was herself just an earlier lead up to it that got similar, but not necessarily as strong, benefits?

    [–] [SPOILER] Speculation: Bob The Skull's primary purpose -EG- 18 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Idk how far ahead you've read but no, Mab wants him dead for reasons that we find out in Cold Days. And WOJ tells us the nature of Bob as an SOI is inherent, DuMorne is not responsible for the 'loyalty of the possessor' bit he has going on. It's due to his inherent nature and the 'deal' he makes by getting to claim the skull as Sanctum. Harry is able to get him to aid him only when Cowl puts him down...which Bob himself says in the aftermath...and because Harry has a stronger connection to him since he gave him a Name and treats him as much more than just a tool.

    [–] Smooth Criminal -EG- 34 points ago in UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG

    Authorities (and would be Kinksters) Hate Her For This One Simple Hack!

    [–] The Hitman's Bodyguard -EG- 2 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Just saw it yesterday. Was certainly entertaining enough.