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    [–] [Spoilers: ALL] Grey Council -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Podcast Interview:

    Is the Blackstaff an office appointed by the Senior Council or does the Blackstaff get to choose his successor?

    The Blackstaff chooses his successor.

    So yeah, I think via written will, or simply magical will, Eb has a successor in mind whether he dies or retires from the job.

    And all the rest of that stuff is great...if you assume that A) Langtry knows or believes all of that (you're writing it through the prism of we the reader, who are literally 'in-the-know' as to what goes on in Harry's mind and see all his actions firsthand), and B) that even if he did he would then view Harry as more trouble than he is worth now.

    Even granting there is a case to be made that Langtry might see Harry as an asset, or useful to some degree, that does not in my eyes inform any sort of likelihood that he would be on the Grey Council, which was the original premise anyways.

    [–] [Spoilers: ALL] Grey Council -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Right, all his power-ups will have quelled Lantry's concern on the matter. Like how he wanted Harry put under constant surveillance after he became Warden of DR. And now his loyalties are at best split, between the Council and the Winter Court.

    And the Blackstaff chooses their own successor. Eb would not leave it to someone who wasn't capable.

    [–] McCoy Short Story? -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Response to a forum question. He's mentioned the French and Indian War bit in other interviews/panels.

    [–] [Morosi] Evan Longoria is certain to be mentioned as a trade candidate in the coming week. When that happens, remember this: He leads MLB with 798 games played over the last 5 seasons. He hasn’t spent a day on the DL during that span. -EG- 1 points ago in baseball

    That was entirely circumstantial. Especially in NY, you know how many times papers, radio hosts, fans...the same ones who were so up in arms about the way this went down...have called for him to be benched or traded in the past few years?

    The response this time is hardly the norm for NY or even towards Eli, let alone most of the rest of the league's players.

    [–] McCoy Short Story? -EG- 22 points ago in dresdenfiles

    I will probably continue to do short pieces from the viewpoints of alternate characters as we proceed. They aren't my favorite kind of writing, but it's fun (for ME, I mean) to see how different the Dresden Files world looks through the various sets of eyes.

    If I ever do any major work (IE, novels) from alternate characters, I probably could not set them in the time period of the Dresden Files. I have several neat ideas, and the one that appeals to me the most is writing the French and Indian war years from the viewpoint of a young Ebenezar McCoy and his associates. The first duel between Eb and Listens-to-Wind is pretty epic in my head. :)

    Alternatively, I might write up some Civil War/Western stories from the Dresden universe. I mean, there's a /reason/ all those sheriff's badges are five pointed stars within a circle.

    If I was going to do anything in the modern era, it would have to be set after the Dresden Files climax, and I would probably focus on characters in the non-powerful-nation parts of the story: Guys like Vince, the Venatori, and the Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress. (Do NOT screw with the Librarians. Holy moly. Just don't.)

    But, at the end of the day, I'm not sure what I'll be doing next just yet. There's plenty of time to decide. :)


    Eb's background is too cool for a simple short story :P

    [–] [Spoilers All] A small observation on a reread of Grave Peril -EG- 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in dresdenfiles

    Well yeah, plenty of stuff detail wise can be like that. But a fairly central group of figures (who are mentioned, appear and are fought in the climax) in what typically is considered the most memorable of all the case files so far seems like it wouldn't fall into that category. Which is why I asked if they had read through the whole series rather than assuming they had, because why spoil it unnecessarily if not.

    [–] [Spoilers All] A small observation on a reread of Grave Peril -EG- 10 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Have you read the entire series? Idk how you could have missed this if you got through Changes...

    [–] [Sherman] Castro is likely only veteran in the Stanton deal. Will mainly consist of good, but not the best, prospects. -EG- 5 points ago in baseball

    They’re sending guys with long DL stints.. They’re sending Tommy John surgeries. They’re steroid users. And some, I assume, are good contact hitters.

    [–] [Spoilers: ALL] Grey Council -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Someone who is considered to be unquestionably the strongest wizard on the planet would have a vested interest in not only the survival of his unofficial hit man

    Why? It's not as if Eb dies and the Blackstaff goes away. There will be another.

    and the atomic bomb that is Harry Dresden along with the future of the White Council. The staff you mention may not be his personal one but one of office like Luccio carries in Turn Coat.

    You mean the wizard he tried to kill in the first book we meet him in (by giving him over to the Reds, then later with Morgan as his proxy) in Summer Knight, suddenly he has a vested interest in his survival? And if you think that isn't his personal staff, i've got a bridge to sell you.

    I think that he despises most of the Grey Council's actions but is willing to work with them in select mutually beneficial situations. When it comes down to it Langtry realizes that surviving is much more important than pride in some cases.

    Again, this is a typical argument with zero basis. Langtry's pride very nearly got Molly killed. Even if that particular aspect of him was being highlighted by Peabody's influence at the time, it was not enough of one to say his pride and need for authority are not already inherent weaknesses. Eb himself warns Harry that if Langtry ever found out what they were up to, they'd be killed themselves and likely branded as the so called 'Black Council' for the purposes of quelling hysteria.

    I'm not trying to say he is cool and misjudged. He's a bona fide grade A douchebag but in the end he still plays for the same team. Who knows he may remember when Kemmler was a "misjudged" guy learning the ins and outs of the craft. Kemmler could have looked a lot like Dresden when he got started.

    This is what i'm talking about with the idealism when it comes to Arthur. Even as you are saying 'yeah I recognize he has sucky qualities', in the next breath you are will to ascribe this notion to basically being experiential. As if Harry can somehow win him over in the future. And if, as you say, Harry reminds Arthur of Kemmler...why in the hell would he ever agree to be in a secret organization with him? He barely sees him as a necessary evil for the moment on the Council proper (before his promotion to Winter Knight mind you), you mean to tell me that he's gonna risk his political career and influence as leader of the White Council by not only joining this clandestine group of subversive wizards, but he's gonna be cool with Dresden on the team?

    I'd contend this argument is still based more on the 'want' side. Like 'wouldn't it be cool if...' rather than on the actual character we are discussing.

    [–] [sPOILERS,Grave Peril,Changes] Harry/Thomas -EG- 4 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Q: How did Harry forgive Thomas for kicking Susan into that vampire pit so easily? (35sec)

    A: Which vampire pit?

    Q: The one at the party.

    A: Did he kick her into it?

    Q: Thomas kicked her right in the middle of her back pushed her right in.

    A: Oh yeah that’s right he did, well you know, you can choose your friends you can’t choose your family, I think we’ve all experienced that to one degree or another at some point, he didn’t find out about that till later though.

    That was one of the things that all got swept under the rug under- it all worked out. Or at least everybody walked away breathing still.

    [–] [Spoilers: ALL] Grey Council -EG- 5 points ago in dresdenfiles

    He also has the most easily recognizable staff on the Council, (one that Harry has made note of on two separate occasions and he specifically noted each person there was carrying a staff, don't tell me he wouldn't have also noticed the pure white one again), Eb has no reason to trust Langtry or believe he will act any way other than how Eb predicted...seeing the Greys as a giant security threat and actively seditious/treasonous, and finally...Langtry would never be on a group that Harry was a part of like that.

    I know everyone and their mother seems to want Langtry to be this cool but misjudged wise old uncle who actually doesn't have his head up his ass and would be on the Grey's, but it makes no actual sense in the context of his characters or actions.

    [–] In 2017, the ten worst position players earned more money than the ten best position players. -EG- 1 points ago in baseball

    Well yeah so you stipulate the money has to be used towards the stadium directly, otherwise they get fined that amount back. Or the league itself pays the portion directly instead of giving it to the owner. Or whatever mechanism ensures it gets used how it's supposed to.

    [–] In light of what happened to Eli Manning this past week, what was the worst thing your team did to a beloved member of the organization? -EG- 13 points ago in baseball

    Not quite the franchise itself but, the fans and media were utter shit to Roger Maris during the HR chase. Everytime I watch 61 or read about that year it angers me anew.

    [–] In 2017, the ten worst position players earned more money than the ten best position players. -EG- 9 points ago in baseball

    Stadium funds so franchises don't have to rely as much on the good graces of the taxpayer, or be forced to move? Could also be used for renovation and refurbishment of them.

    Just a thought. I think the players should get what they are worth but, you asked.

    [–] Marvel Looks Back at 'Iron Man'—the Movie That Started It All -EG- 9 points ago in movies

    I don't disagree with your main point, however, it is worth noting that the post credit scene for Iron Man is in fact Nick Fury approaching Stark to discuss the 'Avengers Initiative'. And in Hulk, Stark then approaches Ross at the end with the same deal.

    So they were in fact 'universe building' or at the very least considering it. They just didn't make it the focal point right off the bat, so that there was room to be more organic.

    [–] Sleeper Agent Molly [Spoilers all] -EG- 3 points ago in dresdenfiles

    There is no angelic protection on the house until after Small Favor. That was Michael's 'retirement' package.