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    [–] [Spoilers All]: The Four Artifacts Harry Took. -EG- 6 points ago in dresdenfiles

    One is incorrect, or at least incomplete:

    An ancient wooden placard, its paint so faded that the symbols could not be recognized. -Skin Game

    This is most likely the Placard upon which was inscribed 'INRI' denoting both the title, and 'crime' of Jesus on his cross. Now It doesn't preclude the idea that it is PART of the Cross and therefore can theoretically be considered in the mold of the 'true cross' legend. But it is not just a random part of the cross, it is pretty specific.

    [–] Take a first-ballot Hall of Famer and state a case why they shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame -EG- 14 points ago in baseball

    For me it'd be Kirby Puckett and I think it's not all that close. I think he got in primarily due to a defensive reputation (which doesn't jive with his career, he posted a -29 runs in '93 and 14 runs below average for a career despite SIX gold gloves) and for the way his career ended and what 'could have been' considering how quick he got to 1000 and 2000 hits respectively.

    [–] Third Walker -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    We do not 'know'. We assume based on pattern.

    [–] TIL Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki have nearly identical K%'s -EG- 67 points ago in baseball

    It won't likely happen but it would be really cool if these two retired the same year and got inducted the same year, bring it all full circle.

    [–] What would a peak-only Hall of Fame look like? -EG- 22 points ago in baseball

    Is it renamed to the Sandy Koufax Hall of Fame?

    [–] [Spoilers Skin Game] Tam Lin on Mab -EG- 20 points ago in dresdenfiles

    With his luck? Sure why not.

    [–] Predicting every Hall of Fame class through 2045 -EG- 1 points ago in baseball

    No Bernie was still the better player. Posada's still under Bernie in every stat of note, WAR included. He just gets more credit recently cuz he was a catcher.

    [–] The 2018 HoF ballot position players, plus a few recent snubs. -EG- 1 points ago in baseball

    But Thomas was far and away the better overall hitter. When I say Thome was one-dimensional I don't just mean essentially incapable of playing the field. It was pretty much either homer or strikeout with him much like Harmon Killerbrew, who also didn't make it in on the first ballot.

    [–] The 2018 HoF ballot position players, plus a few recent snubs. -EG- 1 points ago in baseball

    I go back and forth. He'll get in of course but first ballot idk. He was entirely one dimensional, and while he was legitimately great at that dimension, I could see voters not just rubber stamping him on the first ballot. But i've been wrong before.

    [–] The 2018 HoF ballot position players, plus a few recent snubs. -EG- 1 points ago in baseball

    Chipper, Vlad and Hoffman due to where they finished this year are my guess as the 3 locks for next year.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Skin Game Foreshadowing -EG- 48 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Hannah, but it gets to have some fun double significance thanks to the eventual reveal of Lasciel.

    [–] Whos the greatest one and done player? -EG- 3 points ago in baseball

    He had a pretty solid 4 years.

    [–] Gone but not forgotten: The players who fell off the ballot this year -EG- 12 points ago in baseball

    Oh that's right I forgot about Magglio. He was never gonna get in but that's kinda sad just the same.

    [–] Curt Schilling drops to 45% of the HoF vote -EG- 5 points ago in baseball

    Sadly that's more about humans in general. No one cares about the second guy to do something, especially if the first was groundbreaking.

    [–] HOF voting for the next 4 years: voters will have opportunity to clear the logjam starting in 2019 -EG- 4 points ago in baseball

    He might not suffer as much. He was widely considered one of, if not THE best, pitchers for a solid five to seven year stretch and has the hardware with 2 Cy's (and 5 other top-5 finishes).

    [–] Curt Schilling drops to 45% of the HoF vote -EG- 184 points ago in baseball

    Undoubtedly a lie. But admitting he cares would be tantamount to an admission that these writers hold sway over him and his legacy which I cannot imagine someone like him wants to give credence to.

    [–] Curt Schilling drops to 45% of the HoF vote -EG- 4 points ago in baseball

    True. But they have a well established track record OF those giant egos over a variety of time periods and subjects. If you deliberately act demonstrative towards them (on to of all the other charming aspects that make him easy to dislike) you're kinda digging your own grave.

    [–] Is Molly A Maiden, in the full sense of the word? (Spoilers all) -EG- 5 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Probably not only. I think your actions AS the Lady are the important factor.

    [–] Is Molly A Maiden, in the full sense of the word? (Spoilers all) -EG- 3 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Pretty sure she's a virgin in every 'real' sense of the word. Butcher is big on sexual repression in Dresden's world it seems.

    [–] [SPOILERS ALL] the Fourth Option -EG- 7 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Why not? Besides powering a few giant magical circles, what has Lucifer done that denotes he has more influence than a Denarian without a host. Hell what else has he done period? Because i'm quite sure those circles were not powered without a ritual, Lucifer didn't just do it all on his own. He required Denarian's to set it all up and so forth.