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    [–] [Spoilers] Sorcerers and the Laws of Magic -EG- 11 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Murphy frowned. "What do you mean, a sorceress at least?"

    "Kind of an industry term," I said. "Plenty of people can do a little magic. Small-time stuff. But sometimes the small-timers practice up, or tap into some kind of power source and get enough ability to be dangerous. A sorcerer is someone who can do some serious violence with magic."

    "Like the Shadowman," Murphy said. "Or Kravos."


    "Good thing we got a wizard along then," Kincaid said.

    Murphy looked at me.

    "Wizard means that you can do sorcery if you need to," I said, "but it also means you can do a lot of other things too. A wizard's power isn't limited to blowing things up, or calling up demons. A good wizard can adapt his magic in almost any way he can imagine. Which is the problem." -Blood Rites

    'Sorcery' seems, more or less, predisposed to the areas that would violate the Laws. Because generally speaking it seems you are less of an innate talent, and more just grabbing power how you can, where you can, when you can...etc. And 'blowing stuff up' or conjuring demons is the 'easiest'/'quickest' route to power.

    Doesn't mean you can't be one without violating the Laws necessarily, but, it seems like a common avenue.

    [–] Han Solo hates Ewoks -EG- 1 points ago in equelMemes

    Good to know, thank you.

    [–] Han Solo hates Ewoks -EG- 1 points ago in equelMemes

    Uh huh. So if I had posted it with some title or oblique reference to the prequels or something like this post but the content of the post itself still only showed one reference, it would have been ok?

    [–] [spoilers all] the ragged lady -EG- 5 points ago in dresdenfiles

    "Yes," Aurora said. "And after that?"

    "You decided to take me out. You sent Talos, Elaine, and Slate to kill me. And you created that construct in the garden center."

    Slate stepped closer. "Spooky," he said. "He doesn't look all that smart."

    "Yet he used only reason. Plus knowledge doubtless gained from the Queens and Mothers. He put it together for himself, rather than being told." -Summer Knight

    It was Aurora's.

    [–] [spoilers all] the ragged lady -EG- 4 points ago in dresdenfiles

    It's a vessel for the Summer Queen, who is explicitly given a limitation on whether or not she can directly harm mortals. Like all the Queens are. Not the same thing.

    [–] [spoilers all] the ragged lady -EG- 3 points ago in dresdenfiles

    The Redcap was one of those figures I had hoped was a story. According to what I knew of legend, he got his name by greeting travelers in a friendly fashion, and then murdering them horribly. Once that was done, he would dye his cap freshly scarlet by dipping it in their cooling blood. -Cold Days

    Can you point out to me where debt or bargain is mentioned in this description of him?

    And please don't argue a negative to me. My quoting a passage wherein it explicitly state the Queens have restrictions does not suddenly then mean the other Sidhe are similarly restricted because no one explicitly says they aren't somewhere else. That's not how it works. Certain extra rules apply to certain beings. The only implication in the passage you provided is that Lea had power over him. A deeper connection.

    Lea also turns everyone in the quest party going to save Maggie into Hounds. What bargain did she ever make with anyone there beyond Harry? Yet she displays 'power' over them. Your passage comes from Grave Peril, a much earlier story when world building is still being fleshed out. Many things from the earlier books end up being rehashed in different ways later on.

    [–] [spoilers all] the ragged lady -EG- 7 points ago in dresdenfiles

    You're extrapolating and assuming without any actual evidence. Nowhere is it ever stated that anyone other than the six Queens cannot harm a mortal. The Redcap could absolutely stroll into Chicago and start killing anyone he wanted if he so chose. Lea killed people as the Rag Lady. The Wild Hunt runs rampant and kills anyone that doesn't join them for the night.

    "Of course you do," Bob said in a cheerful tone. "It just means that the Queen isn't allowed to actually, personally end your life. They could, however, trick you into walking into quicksand and watch you drown, turn you into a stag and set the hounds after you, bind you into an enchanted sleep for a few hundred years, that kind of thing." -Summer Knights

    Even the Queens can do all of that to a person, the High Sidhe can do as they please.

    [–] [spoilers all] the ragged lady -EG- 9 points ago in dresdenfiles

    High Sidhe can kill mortals all they want (see, Redcap). All fae can. Only the six Queens are restricted.

    [–] Question about Titles of Wizards. -EG- 3 points ago in dresdenfiles

    It's because she's 400 years old.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Has it ever been stated why Nic doesn't use magic? -EG- 23 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Why take one priceless holy relic when you could take five of them?

    And I knew exactly what relic Nicodemus truly wanted.

    I’d tell you to give me the knife, Dresden,” Nicodemus said, still smiling. “But unlike your friend, I don’t do second chances. And you won’t have any need for it in a moment.” -Skin Game

    [–] [Spoilers All] Has it ever been stated why Nic doesn't use magic? -EG- 12 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Also, he was going after the Shoud again.

    Are you referring to Skin Game here? He was after the Spear, not the Shroud. I mean, he probably would have taken everything given the chance but, it wasn't his explicit desire to have the real Shroud.

    [–] Theory about Rashid [Spoilers all] -EG- 2 points ago in dresdenfiles


    "Also, people have a few things wrong about the Gatekeeper and the island. The Gatekeeper did not hurt Demonreach. Gatekeeper has been on the island a couple of times, and it’s never gone well, but he didn’t cause Demonreach’s limp. That’s the work of the glacier that carved out Lake Michigan."

    [–] Theory about Rashid [Spoilers all] -EG- 4 points ago in dresdenfiles

    SK: He didn't know and couldn't imagine that Harry would succeed. If he leaves Harry in the tree, a whole bunch of stuff goes down but the Starborn is in the clear.

    And he should take the chance because...?

    Again, no one is around. He can kill him right then and there as you suggest is a motivation for 'helping' him into the middle of a battle.

    PG: Sending Harry to Arctus Tor means that there is a chance Harry could be infected via Lea. I don't think he could predict Molly's ultimate role as Winter Lady.

    The dude's whole deal is about foresight but now his character hinges on a lack-thereof? Again, I think you are completely misreading his character.

    TC: He wants to get a read on what Harry knows. Harry trusts him at this point and that trust is a more valuable resource to betray later than a possibly botched kill attempt on the Warden of Demonreach.

    And he can't kill him after he gets that info? Harry literally just claimed the place as Sanctum and has no idea what is beneath the surface, let alone how to 'imprison' anyone inside. Rashid knows this, he comments on how Harry's ignorance is going to cost him. So you can't then turn around and tell me he's worried about Harry taking him down below. Harry has no idea what is down below then, let alone to do anything to Rashid.

    CD: Exactly, he's going to the battlefield OVER the wall. The way I read it, his eye is a piece of the gate. So, it can do the same function as the gate. I'm guessing that the gate operates even without his intervention. A metal detector will alarm even if there isn't a security agent standing by it.

    I don't understand what this 'over' the wall bit you keep coming back to is supposed to mean? They are already on the edge of Faerie, inside the Nevernever. The Outsiders are already there. There is no 'over' the Wall like he's hopping into the Outside and another reality. The Outsiders are on the very edges of our world, trying to get in fully.

    Again, none of this makes any sense taken as a whole. And it seems you yourself can't decide whether your main point is that Rashid wants Harry alive as a resource or dead as a threat. But either way, there are dozens of different, better ways to go about the way things have gone if Rashid was in fact compromised.

    [–] Theory about Rashid [Spoilers all] -EG- 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in dresdenfiles

    He's the most dangerous because of several factors. His job, his knowledge of the Ways and the Nevernever, his not inconsiderable magical muscle. All are components.

    Summer Knight why help Harry at all? He ended up ruining Nemesis' plans and killed their agent, Aurora. Obviously out and out killing Harry has not yet been part of the Outsiders plans, both Walkers have personally tried to recruit him. And he could simply do it himself, there, in the Nevernever with nary a witness to say boo. No need to send him to a fae battle where he might not die.

    Proven Guilty why clue Harry onto anything at all, rather than ultimately setting a chain reaction that allows another Nemesis agent to die and get replaced by a competent vessel (Molly becoming the Winter Lady can never happen if she isn't trained as a wizard under Harry's tutelage. Harry never finds out about the assault on Arctis Tor and that a Denarian was in league with Nemesis/the Black Council).

    Turn Coat (not Small Favor), that just seems like a complete misread on your part. Again, he could have simply killed Harry or knocked him out the same as he did Molly if he wanted Dresden out of the way. And never given him any info on Demonreach at all, or basically tell him 'yeah you bought yourself a winning hand today' when he 'read' him with his eye. After all if Harry doesn't survive, Peabody gets to stick around and all those mind broken wizards stay under his spell.

    Cold Days.

    He took several rapid paces out from under the towering gates and gestured. A second later, I kid you not, a freaking woven carpet, maybe ten feet by twenty, came sailing neatly down out of the sky, coming to hover about six inches off the ground beside him. Rashid stepped onto the carpet, slipped his boots into some kind of securing straps on it, and then lifted his staff. The carpet and the Gatekeeper rose serenely up out of sight, and a second later went streaking out over the storm-lit battlefield in a howl of whirling winds.

    Rashid didn't go 'over' the Gates. He flew out over the battlefield. And the 'spiritual CAT Scanner' is the Gates feeding through to his eye so he can 'scan' those coming back.

    And again, it lacks sense. There is a major assault while a plan exists to try and crack DR open as well as one Lady N-fected already, and another being strung along by her. Why is Rashid fighting at all if he is a plant? Why not sabotage the effort at the Gates to ensure double success potential?

    Rashid is missing because his job dictates he must be missing. He's at the Gates. And he saved the Council's bacon by helping Langtry to raise that Ward that stopped an entire army of Outsiders and Rampires in Dead Beat. He could have done nothing and let them get decimated if he is on the 'wrong side'.

    No, none of this as you illustrate makes much sense.

    [–] Kincaid's priorities -EG- 5 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Granted, he was on a time limit. But the reason for that was:

    "All right." Kincaid stepped forward and brushed the salt circle with his toe. The tension of the circle's barrier vanished. "But I'm on the clock. I've got to get back to Ivy's place before Sunday."

    Whichever way you slice it, Ivy comes first.

    [–] Kincaid's priorities -EG- 11 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Murphy scowled at Kincaid. "What kind of attitude is that?"

    "A professional one. I have a midnight flight to my next contract."

    "Let me get this straight," Murphy said. "You'd just walk away because these murdering creatures didn't fit into your schedule?"

    "Yes." Kincaid kept eating. -Blood Rites

    Guy who's willing to break a contract for a different one would happily tell who or whatever to shove it if he had to go after Ivy.

    Kincaid is a pro but, he's not Goodman Grey levels of devoted to his contracts.