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    [–] [Spoilers All] Just how powerful is Mouse? -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Not rumors, it's been confirmed a few times. He and his sister are tag teaming it.

    [–] Michael vs Lucifer -EG- 3 points ago in Supernatural

    Neither of those count to my eyes. The first one, there was no fight. That was a future where Dean never said 'Yes' and the angels simply up and left, they allowed Lucifer to win. No fight. The second one, there is no evidence of a fight, all signs (including Lucifer's own description of events) essentially point to Michael having a breakdown at being locked in the cage despite being 'the good guy', and is now in the same position as his 'evil' brother. But neither of those is any indicator of what their actual fight would have turned out to be.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Merlin Theory -EG- 28 points ago in dresdenfiles


    (2015 San Francisco signing (Coopersfield Books))

    The original Merlin, does he sound British?

    He’d probably sound so unintelligibly British that you wouldn’t be able to tell he was speaking English. No, he’s not the guy in Demonreach.

    And time travel theories like this rarely ever make sense for any number of reasons.

    [–] [Spoilers all] speculation: who is the ultimate villian -EG- 6 points ago in dresdenfiles


    the mothers - how does a queen become a mother? like after a thousand yrs, old winter dies and mab becomes the new mother?

    Essentially abdication. The previous mother wearies of her duty and moves along. There's been one new Mother Summer during recorded human history. Mother Winter has never retired.

    And we know via other tidbits that Queens and Ladies have died, to say nothing of actually witnessing such events in the text.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Just how powerful is Mouse? -EG- 3 points ago in dresdenfiles

    That's a bit of a generalization, not all temples act that way. And even the ones who do still have people living there, as you yourself state. Generations upon generations of those called to service would have likely lived in these temples. Same general deal with the Vatican, which is for all intents and purposes the catholic equivalent of a touristy/open to the public house of worship. But I would have to believe they too have built up a threshold over time, even without factoring in whatever divine protections might or might not be placed on it. So there's still something there for a Foo dog to build on.

    Because again (via WOJ's) thresholds are the only thing explicitly stated to be the baseline for a Foo dog's power, and Foo dogs do not simply absorb the ambient energy or faith power around them. Butcher didn't forget what, or why he named them either:

    badowntown: Is mouse a Foo dog or a Temple dog? My understanding is that Foo dogs are Tibetan celestial beings, and Temple dogs are Foo dogs crossed with mortal canines (possibly multiple generations removed). You, at one point, referred to mouse as a Temple dog, but Ancient Mai at one point in Turn Coat exclaims something like "That is a Foo Dog. Where did you get it!?". Could you clarify?

    Jim: You're splitting hairs, here. They're the same thing (for every practical purpose). A Foo Dog is a celestial being which chooses to give up its divinity (and immortality) to serve and protect in the mortal world. Part of being mortal is having offspring, who share in their progenitor's power.

    He has a clear view and twist on how things work in the universe, as has been shown with just about every other supernatural entity we run into. Just because something did a job in 'real life mythology' (an oxymoron if ever there was one) doesn't inherently mean they follow those traits in the DV to the letter.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Just how powerful is Mouse? -EG- 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in dresdenfiles

    Well sure, Sith would be incredibly stupid to fight him, or really anything in the general vicinity of the house.

    But again, you're just out and out stating some of these things to be so with no backup evidence. Sure Maggie's precious, but at the end of the day, so what? That doesn't just automatically make her a great well of power...or ANY well of power either. And there is nothing at all that connects the quality of a person as being even remotely important. In fact several of these assertions are directly refuted by WOJ:

    With Mouse and Maggie being guests at the Carpenter house, I have a question relating to Mouse's "cheating" for a power source.

    How did Mouse use Dresden as a mana battery? Is it a question of ambient siphoning, i.e. being around a large enough power source 'gives off' a certain amount of atmospheric grounding that Mouse absorbs, for lack of a better term? Can he do the same for the faith-based energy of Michael, his family, or those tasked with the guarding of it?

    1) He didn't. :) Lea had incorrect assumptions about the source of Mouse's power.

    2) No, he can't. It isn't what he does.

    He isn't using people, like Harry, as a 'mana battery' so he wouldn't be able to do it with Maggie either, nor is he getting a boost just because angels are around or there is a sense of 'well being' by faithful people. He gets his power from the threshold, which is strong because of the way thresholds are made strong. Murphy has a plenty strong threshold too, not quite Michael's level certainly, but her house just isn't as 'full' or lively with a family. That's what strengthens the barrier. Mouse does cheat in some way, a way we have yet to find out, and that is how he can protect Maggie at school or do really any of the things he's done away from his home. But we have yet to find out for certain what that 'cheat' is.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Just how powerful is Mouse? -EG- 7 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Some of these are just assumptions on your part it seems and I think i've seen them before. It's never been mentioned that his power comes from or is even a little bit enhanced by the fact that he is protecting someone. It's a theory sure, but hardly confirmed. Only thresholds have ever been stated as a fundamental base for his power. Nor does it matter that he's on 'consecrated ground' (which is not what Michael's house is anyway, having angelic guardians is awesome but that doesn't inherently make it holy, blessed ground like a church) or has 'faithful' residents to protect. The threshold is what matters in general. On top of which, pursuit of Cat Sith does not necessarily mean he would take a 'massive drop' in power as he is able to 'cheat' in some way, case in point when he threatened Lea and they were nowhere near a threshold, someone well beyond Sith's level no matter how impressive he is. And it was also never stated he was getting his power from Harry directly.

    So yeah, the fight is situational like most in the DV, but alot of the rest i'm not sure where you are getting that from.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Just how powerful is Mouse? -EG- 10 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Like most battles, circumstance matters. All things being generally equal yes he can.

    [–] [Spoilers all] speculation: who is the ultimate villian -EG- 14 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Mab brought Molly confirmed by WOJ, not Rashid. He may have been indirectly responsible, hell she may have even made it so that was possible and used him in some way (whether he knew it or not), but in the end it was her machinations. Certainly the idea of that line and its relation to the BAT has come up before. And Old Ones will almost certainly be the big enemies as the Outsiders are simply their 'foot-soldiers'.

    [–] AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government -EG- 3 points ago in news

    Can we seriously not dillute discussion of these unprecedented developments with the noise of typical half assed reddit humor?

    Last I checked, all the 'top' comments were all discussing and leading to discussions related to the topic at hand, and this little thread line has done nothing to derail that in any way. There's room for both.

    [–] AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government -EG- 839 points ago in news

    ♫I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna...

    I wanna really, really, really, wanna get a new job♫ -Sean Spicer.

    [–] Dumb question from a newbie -EG- 14 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Huh, well whadda ya know. /r/todayilearned

    [–] [Spoilers ALL] Thoughts on a Good Man -EG- 7 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Sorta been picked up on or discussed in various bits before, there are certainly common elements (i.e. his 'Rent' being for him to keep his power, or his free will, etc). Can't say that I recall his name being a hint at that being brought up before.

    [–] [spoilers cold days] Laura -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    If Raith had any Nemesis ties it would likely be as a result of the fact that his magical 'protection' that allows spells to basically not work on him was Outsider related, having made a deal or alliance somehow with one. That too is just a theory, but I doubt it would be quite the way you go into above.

    And the Three Eye drug just gave people the Sight, not power.

    [–] [spoilers cold days] Laura -EG- 1 points ago in dresdenfiles

    That's only a theory, not confirmed.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Mac Theory -EG- 25 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Can we get a break down of the biological relationships between the various Fae Queens we have seen on screen? Of particular interest - Maeve and Sarissa, were they actually Mab's kids (biological sense)? If so, who was Mab's baby daddy?

    Mab and Titania are actual twin sisters.

    Maeve and Sarissa were twin sisters, from Mab. Their father was an Austrian composer and musician who died young.

    Probably Schubert

    [–] [Spoilers All] A few questions about Blood Rites and how they impacted the overall series -EG- 11 points ago in dresdenfiles

    1. 2011 Atlanta signing:

    In Blood Rites, Harry uses this bear shaped belt buckle, and it just gives him an instant recharge; it never came back!

    He used it, and then it left him semi-comatose, so it’s not the kind of thing you want to rely on in a life and death situation. All of the stuff he has like that takes him months of work to upkeep, he spends two days a week – his weekends are just staying at home and making sure his magic items still work. He’s such a nerd; he’s a magic nerd. So he doesn’t get out a lot

    2: No, not in that way. He's mentioned again in WK as being an Outsider, then we see the 'flashback' of his 'fight' with Harry in Ghost Story. But HHWBehind is also not just up and walking around in the world now either.

    3: White Court are all about subterfuge, subtlety and backstabbing. They'd happily take credit for anothers work, especially if said vampire was dead and unable to refute the claim.

    [–] [spoilers cold days] Laura -EG- 14 points ago in dresdenfiles

    Since it's far more likely that she's getting more in the know and can see what she needs to be more than just a player, that is why her tactics have changed. Just like when we were first introduced to mantles and the new flavor of the week was always 'is X a mantle'...not everything is a mantle. Similarly, not everyone is N-fected.

    [–] Angel and Demon Vessels -EG- 2 points ago in Supernatural

    Both were needed as components for the weapon to kill Dick Roman, seems like they don't have a negative reaction to one another.

    [–] [Spoilers All] Theory About the Denarians and Nemesis -EG- 10 points ago in dresdenfiles

    I was at Jim's book signing for Cinder Spires last month, and asked Jim more or less that exact question. I asked if the adversary could cause an archangel to act against it's nature. My thinking was more along the lines of Lucifer, as there is a precedent of an angel acting against it's nature, but Jim's response is still appropriate (Transcribed as best I can from memory):

    "If you're asking if Nemesis can control an archangel, the answer is no. One of the things that makes any angel an angel is that they are absolute. They can't be changed. Nemesis isn't all powerful. We'll learn a little more about what it's capable of in future books."