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    [–] Bayonetta Switch Giveaway! (NA Code) -ElloAsty- 1 points ago in nintendo

    My most anticipated at the moment is probably Tropical Freeze, only because I never got it for the WiiU

    [–] [OFF-TOPIC] Weekend Lounge - (February 24, 2018) -ElloAsty- 4 points ago in comicbooks

    Found a copy of Pokémon Black 2 at EB Games for $30. I'm so happy I never pulled the trigger on buying it from Amazon for $80 last week!

    [–] What was the song that got you into Kanye? -ElloAsty- 1 points ago in Kanye

    Dark Fantasy. I was in the car with my 45 year old dad, and he stated bumping MBDTF. I've been a fan ever since.

    [–] WIFEY -ElloAsty- 30 points ago in Kanye

    His smile makes me smile

    [–] Joss Whedon Drops Out of DC's 'Batgirl' Movie -ElloAsty- 44 points ago in DCcomics

    I thought he did great with The Avengers and alright with Age of Ultron

    [–] fuck I'm sold -ElloAsty- 1 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    uj/ Yeah, I'd definitely get it

    [–] Here’s my find at my LCS today! -ElloAsty- 3 points ago in DCcomics

    This is hilarious! Barry's probably excited to see his good friend Supes, and the next thing he knows he's being knocked out by him

    [–] Regret -ElloAsty- 2 points ago in pokemon

    I've never traded in or sold any of my childhood games or consoles, because I'm looking forward to my children one day playing with them

    [–] Friday Free Talk! [February 16, 2018] -ElloAsty- 3 points ago in DCcomics

    I loved Killmonger so much, and Shuri also stole every scene she was in

    [–] [Weekly Questions Thread] 12 February 2018 -ElloAsty- 1 points ago in pokemon

    If I played Pokemon Black, which version of 2 should I buy?

    [–] [TV] Legends of Tomorrow just did a fantastic tribute to Constantine -ElloAsty- 8 points ago in comicbooks

    Not caught up on this season of LoT, but do they use his theme? It's so badass

    [–] [SPOILERS] Avengers Infinity War LEGO box sets -ElloAsty- 8 points ago in comicbooks

    Which also means that that 4chan leak seems to be true. Kind of regret reading it now...