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    [–] Stranger Things Season 4 Begins Filming January 2020 -GregTheGreat- 2 points ago in television

    They're all teens now. Looking awkward as shit is basically their entire existence.

    [–] Stranger Things Season 4 Begins Filming January 2020 -GregTheGreat- 1 points ago in television

    The main issues with Season 2 is that it really just felt like a retread of Season 1 only with higher stakes. Plus, that one notorious episode significantly dragged down the pacing of the season. That being said, it was still enjoyable. Season 3 was much stronger to me though simply because it managed to differentiate itself and feel unique again.

    [–] Stranger Things Season 4 Begins Filming January 2020 -GregTheGreat- 1 points ago in television

    I'd say there are still good arguments for Season 1 being the best still. That being said, at least on Reddit the general consensus appears to be Season 3 is better than 2.

    [–] Marvel to Shutter Television Division -GregTheGreat- 39 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in television

    Yeah, it’s definitely tragic that we’ll never see any Punisher/Daredevil level of subject matter and violence anymore, but that’s already been evident for a long time.

    [–] Marvel to Shutter Television Division -GregTheGreat- 162 points ago in television

    I don’t think anyone is surprised. It’s been pretty clear for awhile now that Marvel Studios is going to take over the television aspects under a single banner.

    [–] 'The Irishman' Viewed By 26 Million Members, Netflix Says -GregTheGreat- 8 points ago in boxoffice

    No, it’s all manual. I’m not in a Nielsen family specifically, so I don’t know the exact details, but I’ve picked up the rough idea from following TV ratings. Essentially, every member of a Nielsen family has an ‘account’ with your demographic info that you sign into when you turn on your TV. Part of that has you input how many other people are watching with you. It’s all on the honor system.

    [–] 'The Irishman' Viewed By 26 Million Members, Netflix Says -GregTheGreat- 10 points ago in boxoffice

    Nielsen TV ratings does directly track how many people are in front of the screen though, at least in theory. When you ‘sign in’ to the box you essentially put how many other peoples are watching with you.

    [–] Maybe he is our Borch? 🤔 Thoughts? -GregTheGreat- 5 points ago in netflixwitcher

    When I first read the books, I somehow mixed up the description and thought that Borch was Zerrikanian too. So I always imagined him as looking similar to Idris Elba. So yeah, my imagination is going to be a lot different then what he’ll probably actually look like.

    [–] Spinning Out - Official Trailer (2019) Netflix figure skating movie -GregTheGreat- 30 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in FigureSkating

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the red dress the girl was wearing is almost identical looking to Tessa Virtue‘s when she won gold last Olympics (Moulin Rouge)

    [–] Just for fun and games, and passing time, which tv shows (fiction) pass the Bechdel test? And which ones fail? -GregTheGreat- 3 points ago in television

    Orphan Black may be one of the few shows in history that fails the reverse Bechtel test. I can’t think of any conversation in the entire show between two males that doesn’t discuss a female.

    [–] 'The Irishman' Viewed By 26 Million Members, Netflix Says -GregTheGreat- 1 points ago in movies

    No, because that’s how Netflix operates. They have their big ‘tentpole’ shows and movies where they pour a lot of time and effort into promoting, and then a ton of other shows they simply release a trailer for and dump on the service to fill content space.

    It’s also why Netflix has gotten the reputation of being so ruthless about their cancellations. They only really care about their tent poles that drive new traffic to the service. The rest are afterthoughts that they will quickly do away with if not seen as financially beneficial.

    [–] The most popular first season of the series in the history of mankind? -GregTheGreat- 20 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in netflixwitcher

    Most popular first season streaming show? Sure, that’s possible . Most popular first season of ANY show in the history of mankind? Very unlikely.

    You’re underestimating just how many people watched live TV back in the day. Friends was getting over 31 million live viewers in its first season for only Americans, meanwhile, in four days Stranger Things Season 3 hit hit 40 million for the entire world combined. Extrapolating a 70% American market share that’s 28 million viewers, for Netflix’s largest and most established show.

    [–] The Witcher | Character Introduction: Yennefer of Vengerberg | Netflix -GregTheGreat- 2 points ago in television

    It covers the first two short story books (The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny). Yen’s history is mostly a show-only thing though, there’s a scene in the books where Geralt has a realization about her history, but it’s never delved deeply into.

    [–] The Witcher | Character Introduction: Geralt of Rivia | Netflix -GregTheGreat- 0 points ago in television

    That’s actually a fairly difficult question to answer. On one hand, we know they’ve heavily restructured (and added a lot of new material) for Ciri’s early story due to aging her up, as well as heavily expanding on Yennefers backstory. However, the overall general story plot and major events remains pretty true to the books, albeit with timeline and minor other changes to make things flow better as a TV show (instead of the mostly disconnected short stories that are the first two books).

    I guess the best description is that it is true to the overall spirit of the books, but not necessarily a 1:1 adaptation.

    [–] The Witcher | Character Introduction: Yennefer of Vengerberg | Netflix -GregTheGreat- 13 points ago in television

    It’s adapting a book series (which the games are a loose sequel to). So you absolutely can

    [–] The Witcher | Character Introduction: Geralt of Rivia | Netflix -GregTheGreat- 4 points ago in television

    Because Netflix is clearly banking on The Witcher becoming one of its flagship shows. Netflix generally treats them well, like Stranger Things or OITNB. It’s the throwaway shows that they make one trailer for and then dump on the service to fill space that they treat ruthlessly.

    [–] Damn, imagine this badass girl with a sword in the future. -GregTheGreat- 6 points ago in netflixwitcher

    That very reason is why I'm super excited for the Rats arc in the future. The plotline itself has a ton of potential, and on paper I love many of the aspects explored in it. However, it fell quite flat because the Rats themselves weren't interesting at all and it felt like it dragged on at times. Given a bit of tweaking though, I honestly think it has the fundamentals of becoming one of the strongest plotlines in the series.

    [–] The Witcher | Character Introduction: Geralt of Rivia | Netflix -GregTheGreat- 28 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in television

    To be fair, most of what happened to Yen also happened in the book. She was canonically a deformed hunchback until she got taken into Aretuza and trained by Tissaia. The only difference is they're showing it and expanding on it compared to it just being a realization from Geralt's heightened senses like it was in the books.

    [–] The Witcher | Character Introduction: Geralt of Rivia | Netflix -GregTheGreat- 191 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in television

    Yeah, they've been open about the fact they're expanding Yennefer (and Ciri's) backstory for season 1 of the show. It probably would be a bit jarring to have those characters only appear in a handful of episodes in season 1, just to become two of the main leads afterwards (especially Ciri, since she arguably takes over as the main character as the saga goes on)

    I think Yen's actress herself has made a remark about her still being around 80 in the show too. Just she magically stopped her aging in her early 20's like nearly all the sorceresses do.

    [–] First look of Jaskier/Dandelion -GregTheGreat- 1 points ago in witcher

    Honestly, I’m not really sold on his costume, or really his look in general. His outfit and fabric just looks too fake and ‘costume-like’. He has the singing voice though, and we haven’t seen enough to gauge his charisma/personality, so I’ll wait before making any real judgements.

    [–] The Witcher | Character Introduction: Geralt of Rivia | Netflix -GregTheGreat- 28 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in television

    Geralt is canonically a very attractive person. Its just that he thinks he's ugly, because his mindset is warped due to constantly looking down on himself due to self-hatred from being a mutant. But the guy literally walks around the continent, having supermodel-looking sorceresses (and plenty of other women) lusting over him the entire time.

    [–] Killing Eve: should I watch season 2? -GregTheGreat- 21 points ago in television

    Yeah, given from your post I wouldn't suggest season 2 for you. It leans even harder on the "cat and mouse between two women who want to fuck" aspects in Season 2. I personally enjoyed it from the acting and the way they've developed the characters, but its fair to say you probably won't.

    [–] We are cultured party people! -GregTheGreat- 0 points ago in PoliticalCompassMemes

    Memes aside, isn’t Hitler closer to Auth-Center?

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread: 12/08/2019 -GregTheGreat- 3 points ago in bodybuilding

    There’s a very distinct difference between the natural noise of setting heavy weight down and slamming weights. Ones completely normal (especially as the weights get higher), and one makes everyone in the gym think you’re an asshole.