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    [–] AO Day 1 Schedule -Makishima- 17 points ago in tennis

    Bizarre decision not to have Nadal at RLA night session. Could've put Novak at night on another court in the off chance that he wins his appeal.

    [–] Djokovic AO/Visa Megathread -Makishima- 1 points ago in tennis

    LL because the order of play is out any moment now.

    [–] Djokovic AO/Visa Megathread -Makishima- 4 points ago in tennis

    Why didn't they use Lloyd for the first court case?

    [–] Djokovic AO/Visa Megathread -Makishima- 17 points ago in tennis

    I guess even Craig Tiley has had enough if he's scheduling Novak's half on Monday.

    [–] What’s the worst tennis match of all time? -Makishima- 101 points ago in tennis

    Thiem vs Zverev US Open has to be the worst final

    [–] AO 2022 men’s singles draw -Makishima- 1 points ago in tennis

    Shapovalov can only be a QF

    [–] Djokovic AO/Visa Megathread -Makishima- 11 points ago in tennis

    Anyone have a link for the draw?

    [–] Djokovic AO/Visa Megathread -Makishima- 8 points ago in tennis

    If the minister is still undecided after all this... Novak's playing unfortunately.

    [–] Minister Hawke won’t make a decision today. -Makishima- 3 points ago in tennis

    Doubt it, he still wants to play here for the next few years after all and that wouldn't help.

    [–] [Megathread] Novak Djokovic AO Visa/Court Hearing -Makishima- 11 points ago in tennis

    If Novak wins the case but the border force revoke his visa again, can Novak appeal that too?

    [–] Could Djokovic take the vaccine today and be allowed entry? -Makishima- 5 points ago in tennis

    No J&J (single dose) in Australia so he would have to fly out to another country and come back.

    [–] Who do you think is the best female villian in anime? -Makishima- 126 points ago in anime

    Female Titan from Attack on Titan. Loved the horror vibe of that forest arc.

    [–] S3 Reignited: Saving Rapunzel -Makishima- 1 points ago in Spyro

    What I heard is Reignited's difficulty is based on the easy mode of OG Spyro 3 (the game had a hidden adaptive difficulty). Kinda disappointing.