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    [–] My friend tried this... -N3ptun3- 2 points ago in Brawlstars

    Ikr some of my big boxes look worse than a single box

    [–] [idea] gift for one year anniversary . -N3ptun3- 2 points ago in Brawlstars

    1 year anniversary should be made the global release date, together with some rewards for veteran players and a mini update to hype everything up

    [–] MRW an NSFW gif has no boobs -N3ptun3- 63 points ago in shittyreactiongifs

    I actually thought posts with nsfw in the title was automatically made nsfw

    [–] New Heist -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    Ikr. Back when I played heist when it was super unbalanced I got the attacking side 8 times in a row, and lost all 8 times. I was flipping out.

    [–] Called out -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in quityourbullshit

    I actually don’t understand how these kinds of things happen. How does one with the intent of using another account somehow forget to change the account....

    [–] 2meirl4meirl -N3ptun3- 3 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    True. This may be quite insensitive but I don’t think random memes about suicide and depression makes actual clinical depression any less severe

    [–] Some friends are assholes -N3ptun3- 3 points ago in Unexpected

    He means karma in someone’s profile, not upvotes/downvotes of a single comment. They are different things...

    [–] May Brawl Talk! -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    well as beta testers they don’t really care about us anyway

    [–] May Brawl Talk! -N3ptun3- 2 points ago in Brawlstars

    Yes, that’s probably what is gonna happen!

    [–] May Brawl Talk! -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    Sorry I can’t understand, English probably isn’t your first language I assume

    [–] May Brawl Talk! -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    If you played from day 1 you should have gotten enough to get mortis for 50 chips. At least that’s what I did, and I didn’t start from day 1, and got it about 2 weeks before mortis became mythic

    [–] May Brawl Talk! -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    I think he meant balanced such that neither attacking or defending is favoured

    [–] May Brawl Talk! -N3ptun3- 3 points ago in Brawlstars

    I’m pretty sure they don’t know the exact date themselves. They have to see how well this update will go first

    [–] May Brawl Talk! -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    Exactly, these people have nothing else to do but hate.

    [–] Please fix this sort of matchmaking. -N3ptun3- 2 points ago in Brawlstars

    What do you want? This is completely normal. Expect to face top players if someone in your team is 400+

    [–] Developer Q&A - Round I -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    Probably 2 years after the game goes global, cuz that’s what happened with coc and cr

    [–] Lol nobdy watches BS in twitch -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    Nobody known streams BS on twitch, they usually stream on