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    [–] Multiplying by 9 with hands -N3ptun3- 2 points ago in gifs

    This is supposed to be new? I’m no math genius but this is pretty basic

    [–] I just met you but I think I love you -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in gifs

    Glad to have helped in some way :)

    [–] Join the battle for Net Neutrality! The FCC plans to kill Net Neutrality and it will affect everyone unless YOU fight for it! -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Delaware

    I don’t repost lol (they all get deleted anyway), if you’ve seen them before it’s a crosspost from another sub. Okay using my username as an insult lmao wow I’m so affected and hurt :( There’s not really a need to comment on my posts unless I have the source and someone asks for it. Oh and yes I do admit I’m a karmawhore, love that sweet sweet karma!