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    [–] What is the ”gentleman rule” to do if you and your buddy are the last survivors in showdown? -N3ptun3- 4 points ago in Brawlstars

    I got my darryl from 400-439 yesterday, and like 3/4 of the games it ended with me being with a loyal teammate, so all of them I just let them have second place, no matter who contributed more or had more powerups. I don’t really care about that 1 trophy difference, and half the time I’d probably lose the final 1v1, so suiciding and making someone happy is probably the most gentleman rule for me

    [–] [Epexction] global/android release -N3ptun3- 5 points ago in Brawlstars

    We’ve got a next level genius right here guys

    [–] This is Showdown!... -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    What’s wrong? This is completely normal

    [–] High School Student Nicknamed ‘Trash Girl’ by Bullies Refuses to Stop Collecting Litter -N3ptun3- 2 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Honestly why do bullies have to exist... Like seriously why act so tough and everything just to make everyone around you scared of you and going out of your way to ruin other people’s days.

    [–] Coin doubler buff to 400 instead of 200? -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    We don’t really even know by how much the luck increases/decreases tho, probably not by a whole lot.

    [–] Time to bully noobs again :) -N3ptun3- 15 points ago in Brawlstars

    Except the next time I’ll be unlocking a new brawler is like 3 months later

    [–] Zoom in -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Unexpected

    I took 15 seconds to realise this. I’m retarded.

    [–] What's something that someone said that made you instantly hate them? -N3ptun3- 46 points ago in AskReddit

    woah I’ve seen r/ProRevenge many times but never r/PettyRevenge, and somehow they have around the same number of subs

    [–] [Misc] Ban Him Please (Crashing, loosing people games) IGN: Bryce -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    i think it only crashes whatever app you are in, but weirdly it doesnt crash reddit, only youtube/ the game itself

    [–] High school freak out -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    What kind of policy is that? Is there any possible actual benefits from not allowing the breaking up of fights?

    [–] This is definitely not Ok. -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    You could say that the other way round too...

    [–] This Bryce guy.... Even though I won it’s still unfair for the other side and he should be banned!! -N3ptun3- 0 points ago in Brawlstars

    He’s a 9k player, why would he need coins? And he can gain coins much better without losing cups with bots? Makes 0 sense

    [–] I wish it was possible -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    This reminds me of the guy that played the old song on the piano.. it was beautiful

    [–] The evolution of battle royales. -N3ptun3- 1 points ago in Brawlstars

    This format is so old and has been normified ages ago... you are a normie too lmao

    [–] The titanic compared to a modern cruise ship -N3ptun3- 281 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Yeah, needing to calculate all the shit to have a right density and everything