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    [–] Anyone have a solve for frozen loading? -sUBzERoo- 2 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Just wait. The app still loads a lot of data during the start screen at the first start. It took me about 10 minutes.

    [–] Orc Clan of Orc Clan Captains -sUBzERoo- 14 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    "Impressive" - Quote of an unknown Cradlecrush Giant, manically laughing.

    [–] Not using individual's names for Legendaries seems weird? -sUBzERoo- 1 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    You definately can put 3 Vigilant Giants in your deck, they are just "Legendarys". Only Legendarys with the orange orb at the top of the card are restricted as a one of in a deck - and those cards are called "Unique Legendarys".

    [–] Ah, life ist just wonderf... Bee !!! -sUBzERoo- 2 points ago in gifs

    How the hell did you find out ;)