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    [–] Fucking finally -sUBzERoo- 6 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Nice ! Now check your next goal: "The Centurion" :)

    [–] Underhighlighted Feature of Double Cards: Cannot be Target-Drawn -sUBzERoo- 9 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Yesterday in the stream they said that you cannot overdraw with double cards. You will have 11 cards in hand if you draw it as your 10th card or (if there are such double cards) as a prophecy.

    [–] Fun halls of the dwemer deck list? -sUBzERoo- 3 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    When I get bored with the standard decks, I often play with my sweet little Dwemer/Rage deck:


    Certainly not really suitable for the ladder, but there is hardly a deck for me where a (mostly hard-earned) win is funnier and more satisfying ;)

    [–] Rage warrior -sUBzERoo- 12 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Oh nice, a tuna post. I missed them.

    [–] Visual Bug -sUBzERoo- 2 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Same to me. Every Rank i moved up i needed to win 1 more game to get to the next rank. From Rank 3 to Rank 2 i lost the next match (directly after the "visual bug") and moved down to the upper star of rank 3 again, and then the loosing streak down to the snake of rank 3 happened. Sitting there, just a bit demoralized ;) IGN = sUBzERoo

    [–] [Custom Card] Orc Rager -sUBzERoo- 3 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Yeah, i've misinterpretet this part. But i would still put it in every orc deck and use the ring (if possible) in the first 3 turns - because every game i have the ring, this card would be bonkers. ;)

    [–] [Custom Card] Orc Rager -sUBzERoo- 7 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    So it's basically a 4 Magica 4/4 with Charge ? Every warrior deck would love this and still use the ring in the first 3 turns. Imagine any turn 4,5,6 Warrior lane - would you not play a 4/4 Charge Orc ? It's a Bolt with a body most of the time. I'd play this every time. Seems like a perfect OP Smorc card for me.

    [–] Still no client for me :[ -sUBzERoo- 1 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    I agree, although i call them ID10T or Error40.