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    [–] Let's talk about premium cards... -sUBzERoo- 6 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    They should do that with mudcrabs only. Every normal mudcrab should look amazing, premium ones should crab around doing crabby stuff.

    [–] The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.2 Patch Notes -sUBzERoo- 66 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    This seems huge. Great job !

    And for the small fixes, i'm really happy about this one : "Returning to the main menu after a Practice, Casual, or Ranked match will put the player at the final screen of that play mode, ready to start another match."

    [–] The maintenance is complete -sUBzERoo- 11 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Dunno, no patch notes and nothing remarkable new. Maybe server fixes and stuff to prepare for the real announced fixed 200+ Bugs Patch ? Communication is definately not at an enjoyable level atm...

    [–] I don't like to boast but this time I have to. -sUBzERoo- 11 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Welcome to the club. You've shown extraordinary commitment and perseverance.

    [–] 4k Games Won - A lot of memories with this game and this is one of those feel good moment -sUBzERoo- 15 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    Nice ! But, uhm... 668 Elixirs Drank... maybe you should consider about slowing down your drinkin behaviour a bit. This could be one reason why you throw so many stones. ;)