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    [–] Don't Care It's Only Day 5, First Time I Broke Top 50 -sUBzERoo- 3 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    For someone like you, who regularly posts valuable and interesting articles and comments every 2nd post i read in this sub, I'm almost a little surprised about it :D - I thought you've reached that before. But nevertheless - congrats, man !

    [–] What is everybody playing while waiting? -sUBzERoo- 3 points ago in Artifact

    I hope you plan to dive a bit deeper into the game - can't wait to watch your upcoming Artifact content. (And maybe a glorious new cosplay video with Justin ;D )

    [–] Drawing the Metropolitan Museum of Art -sUBzERoo- 69 points ago in gifs

    Artist: lukeadamhawker @ Instagram

    [–] Just a Funny Idea for the Search Function -sUBzERoo- 2 points ago in elderscrollslegends

    First of all "Toby". And for sure "Elephants". And "OP" for Enraged Mudcrab ...