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    [–] Baltimore Ravens follow Atlanta Falcons, slash food & drink prices. 007v2 7 points ago in nfl

    Got back from a trip to Baltimore about a month ago, and I’m here to say Faidleys is the truth.

    [–] Rappers for prison abolition 007v2 35 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Worst part about prison was the dementors!

    [–] Dave? 007v2 12 points ago in DaveChappelle

    That light turned red and chip took off, zig zagging so the other car couldn't pass him. The guy didn't even know he was in a race!

    [–] Advertisements 007v2 1 points ago in TheWire

    Dominos sugar is always getting a nice plug!

    [–] "I Rip'n'Run" 007v2 2 points ago in TheWire

    And I keeps one in the case you's ponderin'

    [–] [PD]Ryan Anderson 007v2 1 points ago in fantasybball

    He also can't guard most teams big men, so he gets pulled for a guy that can.

    [–] Swedish Pole Vaulter leaves the judges split 007v2 2 points ago in instant_regret

    I thought this was pole vaulting, not the dong jump.

    [–] Daughter finished the HP series, what should she read next? 007v2 4 points ago in HarryPotterBooks

    Enders game by Orson Scott Card

    If she enjoys this one there is a whole lot that she can read as well written by him.

    [–] huh. the more you know 007v2 7 points ago in Kanye

    Wanna bump?