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    [–] To Dr. Jennifer Melfi, 007v2 1 points ago in thesopranos

    Well he definitely never had the makings of a varsity athlete!

    [–] My phone knows what’s up 007v2 5 points ago in Fantasy_Football

    Do we have the same commute? Haha I do the same thing

    [–] ESPN Has Not Solved One Single Bug So Far! 007v2 2 points ago in fantasyhockey

    Weekly generally means you set your lineup once a week right? So none of the claims will happen till the end of the matchup! I may be mistaken, I play daily leagues.

    [–] Stephon Diggs’ Custom Necklace 🔥 007v2 26 points ago in minnesotavikings

    I’m gonna need him to dig his way into the end zone this week!

    [–] Brick Racing! 007v2 152 points ago in theocho

    It’s probably those foam bricks!

    [–] Baltimore Ravens follow Atlanta Falcons, slash food & drink prices. 007v2 7 points ago in nfl

    Got back from a trip to Baltimore about a month ago, and I’m here to say Faidleys is the truth.

    [–] Rappers for prison abolition 007v2 39 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Worst part about prison was the dementors!