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    [–] When to charge new phone? Galaxy A50 0Pwn 1 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    You can charge your phone to 100% everytime and you can leave it over night plugged at 100% for the whole night. Charging to 100% of what BMS allows doesn't harm your battery AT ALL. In fact number of charging cycles for li-ion batteries is based on DOD which is Depth of discharge e.g. >1000 cycles @ 100% DOD, >2000 cycles @ 90% DOD etc. Depends on a paricular lithium battery, manufacturer etc. And as to leaving phone connected to charger when it's already 100% does NOTHING because BMS disconnects the charger itself, you don't have to do it by unplugging the battery. Lithium battery has to be controled this way or else it blows up (literally). When you have 100% battery and your phone is still connected to the charger, battery is on stand by and your phone use power from charger only. That's why you'll always have 100% battery while plugged.

    The moment BMS decides to end charging is usually when current reaches so called CUT OFF value which means battery can no longer take current that is more than e.g 150mA so when your phones charges <150mA for a set period of time, BMS knows it's fully charged and it has to be disconnect or else the voltage can rapidly increase, overloads battery and cause the damage, usually blow-up.

    The process of charging li-ion batt goes like this (let's start from full current): a) CC (constant current) stage which means the battery takes full current, in this case 4A but frankly it's 3,4-3,6A. For 3,3Ah battery it's current around 1,1C, it's perfectly good value for battery life. b) when battery reaches certain point of voltage (on Dash I noticed it's around 60-70% approx.), current drops naturally and it keeps going down with increasing voltage c) CV (constant voltage) means BMS sets 4,2V (usual value for 100% capacity of lithium cell) and current is going to 0A since your battery is almost charged at this point e.g 4,1V and charger gives 4,2V which is 4,2-4,1V = 0,1V, it allows really low current. But it's important to charge to 100% because last stage lasts long but it gives you significantly more capacity, especially for only 3,3Ah cell. Moreover, this stage is most dangerous because voltage for almost fully charged cell becomes unstable and when it takes current, it'll increase voltage easily and rapidly. That's why cut off current has to work and stops charging when it's time. The process can go a few times e.g. if battery goes >4,2V, the charger disconnects, waits few seconds, lower current from charger and starts charging again. And after e.g. 3 repeates, it ends the charging process for good.

    In a nutshell, don't let your battery discharge lower than 10% and it'll keep capacity longer. That's kind of additional way to enhance battery life because BMS itself will never let your battery to discharge to 0% capacity. They can't allow it because number of cycles would be too low and capacity would drop too fast. You can charge to 100% everytime and keep it through the night, it'll do no harm at all. And if you can, you use your phone connected to the charger when battery's full. That way you don't use your battery at all.

    [–] Update to new Android 0Pwn 1 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    A9? I think you won't get any major android updates aside from marshmallow

    If you want later updates you need to flash custom rom

    [–] Emulator for Windows 0Pwn 1 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    No, you can only do trial and error on your phone as windows doesn't have the hardware that you have in phone and you can't just simply simulate that.

    [–] What kinds of apps can be problematic on a rooted device? 0Pwn 5 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    Well, if you root your device you'll definitely trip knox eFuse. Means you can't use samsung pay or any knox dependent apps

    [–] Performance of Factory Reset vs Flash Stock Rom? 0Pwn 1 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    Try flashing custom roms, as stock rom have bloatwares in it

    [–] S7Edge Rom 0Pwn 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Oh, change the i/o scheduler to noop then turn on the FSync

    [–] S7Edge Rom 0Pwn 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Hmmm, that os is way too high. Try wiping dalvik-cache first then do your normal thing for a few hours, i think its cache conflict. That the system doesn't know what to do with the older cache when you replaced the kernel

    [–] S7Edge Rom 0Pwn 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Can you send your screenshot from settings>device care>battery>battery usage

    [–] Nokia 3. I updated from Android 8.0 to android 8.1.but now I can't use my external sd card as internal.there is no option to format it as internal. please help. 0Pwn 3 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    It's called adaptable storage, formats the SD card to expand the internal but most manufacturers don't enable it as it makes the SD card unusable on other devices and shortens the Lifespan of SD card

    [–] S7Edge Rom 0Pwn 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    If you cleared the dalvik cache the system will have to rewrite those, it will take an hour or two to settle the important cache. It's normal, just think of it that the system is adapting to changes

    [–] S7Edge Rom 0Pwn 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    The camera is already fixed with morokernel 1.1

    It's stable enough to be a daily driver if you don't care about the bugs like

    fingerprint fails to work on banking apps (works on everything else)

    AOD touch to wake i think

    samsung gears doesn't connect

    There's no significant changes in performace (i still get 165k - 170+k on antutu ) and battery ( still get 7-8hr SoT ), i just use it as it's aesthetically pleasing to me.