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    [–] Advice on rooting my Galaxy S7 0Pwn 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in GalaxyS7

    Yes but there's rom that has secure folder and or private mode but its not safe as stock

    [–] Advice on rooting my Galaxy S7 0Pwn 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in GalaxyS7

    Mine is


    -HYPER-ROM v4

    -MoRoKernel v5.2


    It's beautiful, fast, and battery monster. If you're going to install hyper rom, install morokernel after as an update sinve it still use morokernel v5 which is battery hungry and don't use magisk cause it will f*ck the messages and heartrate sensor. Use supersu instead If you're going with hyper rom

    Edit: you'll lose Knox dependent apps too, and the knox itself., well it's a good trade for 7-8 hours of SoT while having a great performance that surpasses the stock rom

    [–] *switches to reddit* 0Pwn 12 points ago in dankmemes

    Good NotBot

    [–] Ma hart 0Pwn 6160 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Kana Harada lives in Shirataki, a neighborhood that's home to only 36 people. She takes the train to the closest high school, which is 35 minutes away, every day. And she's the only one who gets on the train. Japan is keeping the train station in her neighborhood open just for her. When she graduates in March, it will be shut down. "I got on and off this train for the last three years, and this station's presence has become something I have taken for granted," Harada told Reuters. "I do feel sad to think it will disappear." The station was built by local residents in 1955 for the purpose of getting their kids to school. With Harada, that chapter will end. .

    Source: businessinsider

    [–] Anybody else feel the stock camera on this phone is overrated? Pictures always comeout heavily processed and oversharpened 0Pwn 4 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Yep, they oversharpen it to lessen the fading details caused by noise reduction. You can always use pro mode though, save the raw image and edit it on Lightroom

    [–] Security Battery Nonstop... How to change this? 0Pwn 0 points ago in GalaxyS7

    You don't really need antivirus or security apps because that's what security patches are for and it usually takes them a year to obsolete if you don't update them and you won't get infected unless you do stupid thing things such as installing cracked apps (if you want to install patched apps i recommend to scan it on virustotal first and check their behavior (they have sandbox function))

    [–] Have some Faith. 0Pwn 0 points ago in Tinder

    !Remindme in 12 hours

    [–] How to change date on photos 0Pwn 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    You can't unless you edit them and sort it by date modified

    [–] Nov security update out for Verizon S7 0Pwn 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in GalaxyS7

    October on G935F.

    Edit : Samsung Members say 11-30-2018 anyways so I'm waiting for that

    [–] Are the pics taken in gCam really that much better than the stock app? 0Pwn 3 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Oversharpening that's painful in the eyes and noise reduction to the point of losing details

    [–] Are the pics taken in gCam really that much better than the stock app? 0Pwn 3 points ago in GalaxyS7

    I just checked the comment in that xda and it seems like they stopped maintaining it and having problems on oreo, but there's one bloke that said this works for him and is still fine

    [–] Are the pics taken in gCam really that much better than the stock app? 0Pwn 3 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Gcam is the stock camera that google pixel phone uses and ports it to other phones so you'll definitely won't find it in the playstore but you can get it on the xda Here