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    [–] GF made her first pearler art in preparation for our first EDC this year! 0moorad0 1 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    In 2017, we made all of our Kandi Pokémon themed, the colors and cuffs/necklaces all looked great so we’ve been going pokemon heavy since, hopefully we cross paths and can trade pokemon ;)

    [–] My premier shuttle leaves at 3am, will I be missing good sets? 0moorad0 8 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    His 6am set was A sunrise set where he played strobe light seduction for its 10 year anniversary, amazing set.

    [–] [FRESH ALBUM] Drake - So Far Gone (Re-Release) 0moorad0 1 points ago in hiphopheads

    Damn, this album was bumping throughout the second half of senior year in high school, time flies lol.

    [–] The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening releases in 2019 0moorad0 2 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I’ve been waiting, this was my first LOZ game, can’t wait!!

    [–] When you’re not ready to accept the fact your Disneyland Vacation is over. 0moorad0 1 points ago in Disneyland

    Of all the parks, they have been my favorite to visit! Japan is a wonderful country, I’d highly recommend it. Hope you find s great travel buddy, adventure awaits! ;)

    [–] When you’re not ready to accept the fact your Disneyland Vacation is over. 0moorad0 2 points ago in Disneyland

    It’s pretty sick at disneysea o-o. Actual either park in Japan at anytime is amazing lol.

    [–] Donald trump invites people to pay $15,000 to take a photo with him 0moorad0 5 points ago in politics

    A bunch of $1 grillers should do the trick, maybe throw in a nacho fry order.

    [–] Thanks, I Hate It 0moorad0 17 points ago in funny

    Legitimately lol’d in the train right now, that last facial expression is so good!

    [–] Promo: MEET SHAZAM! 0moorad0 16 points ago in DC_Cinematic

    I love the way he transforms, the last scene of him jumping off the building was great!

    [–] I thought class google docs to study to for before an exam were allowed?? Anyone else experience this? 0moorad0 21 points ago in ucr

    Wait what? I’m telling u rn, I know there’s at least 10 shared docs between my former classmates and I chilling in my UCR email drive.

    [–] Grandparents are the best <3 0moorad0 29 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Seriously, as a kid in high school who had just gotten his license I used to just blow my grandma off. When I turned 19 I found myself missing home a lot more due to being away at college, specifically just being around family. I’d make plans to visit my grandma and take her out to something even small like Carl’s jr. She always made a big deal and got ready for it, it reminded me of when she used to take me out as a kid. She passed away about 5 years ago, but I cherish the memories I made with her the last couple years of her life, we had great conversations and I learned so much about the women I thought just nagged at me for being home late when I was young.

    [–] 100% thrifted living room in San Francisco, CA 0moorad0 3 points ago in AmateurRoomPorn

    There’s som good vintage and used furniture shops in the mission with ok prices. Also Craigslist is pretty good in the city.

    [–] Enter the Snake: Twist of Fury 0moorad0 2 points ago in videos

    Yea definitely, just gotta get the name out there since I’m noticing the vid is getting a lot of traction, and as TT enthusiasts we gotta shed more light on the game for the non fans lol

    [–] Enter the Snake: Twist of Fury 0moorad0 48 points ago in videos

    He has some vids on his Instagram of the opposite side, look up Adam bobrow.

    [–] Enter the Snake: Twist of Fury 0moorad0 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in videos

    This guy is not only an amateur tt player, but he’s also an ITTF play by play announcer. HIS NAME IS ADAM BOBROW; He’s called Olympic Games, crazy matches involving the worlds top players, both men and women.

    [–] Enter the Snake: Twist of Fury 0moorad0 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in videos