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    [–] Ready ... 0moorad0 1 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    I always keep large necklaces in my bag, when someone goes out of their way to give me kandi at a cool set or during an Anjuna set I always try and make their day with a dope necklace.

    [–] Nice plates for Easter dinner 0moorad0 7 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I remember when I moved in 99’ from a house with just 1 living room to a place with a “living room” and a “family room” it’s literally used for Xmas, thanksgiving, and maybe, pool parties. But most of the time it’s where all the grand parents would fall asleep sitting up.

    [–] PLUR is Real! 0moorad0 2 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    Similar story (kinda) homie I met at HTID and really befriended ended up being at Tomorrowland, kicked it with him there and then just ends up keeping in touch here and there. Fast forward to early March and he offers me and 2 other friends VIP Coachella with lake elderorado camping...all I had to do was swoop him from the airport. The friends we make via music really do have a great impact, I love the community, it’s not all about getting messed up and just going to shows. You meet some real ass people, and I’m glad you’ve got an Fam that would do that for you, it just means to them, you’re a good person, and without you it wouldn’t be the same, good luck in all you do!!

    [–] Pizza leftovers from my guest 0moorad0 2 points ago in AirBnB

    I’m trying this tonight, thank you, you sweet angel.

    [–] Help me convince my friend to buy a ticket last minute!! 0moorad0 4 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    A quote from above and beyond as well “life is made up of small moments like this” this is one to definitely enjoy with a great friend.

    [–] Can we talk about Friday Night?! 0moorad0 2 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    I’ll be coming after work Friday, but I’ll def have some themed kandi, maybe some Anjuna Fam kandi will tickle your fancy ;)

    Went to a meetup in EDC last year, it was super sick haha so I would def recommend it.

    [–] Anyone else? 0moorad0 1 points ago in funny

    Just a couple of us weedheads in here

    [–] Can we talk about Friday Night?! 0moorad0 3 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    We have similar tastes liking ur list haha

    [–] Ohio prison guards laughed as white supremacist stabbed cuffed black inmates 0moorad0 184 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in news

    This quote always comes to mind "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

    • LBJ (the president, not Bronbron lol)

    [–] 'Who has bewitched you?’: Conservatives alarmed as Christian students protest Pence speech 0moorad0 579 points ago in politics

    “Doesn’t Isaiah 1:17 say, “Stand up for the oppressed?” Did you forget that our Lord and Savior was a minority from the Middle East — not the west — who was so radical that they (and by extension, all of us) crucified Him?”

    There’s a lot of zingers in the post.

    [–] let's be honest 🤔 0moorad0 4 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    Just another reason to fuck with the back of the crowd...sure you’re not gonna get that sick vid of the dj you like up front, but at least you get to vibe out without having someone directly behind u digging into your back pack.

    BUT if you must chill in the front...use a running belt, it’s what I usually use if I just wanna have the essentials on me.

    [–] Trump goes after Fox News for 'weird' Sanders town hall 0moorad0 1 points ago in politics

    JHC, Vought is speaking back so nonchalantly like none of this matters (to him at least), fucking awful.

    [–] A Day To Remember - All Signs Point to Lauderdale 0moorad0 28 points ago in PostHardcore

    As a multi racial kid growing up in a SoCal suburb in the inland empire adtr and a lot of other bands spoke to me like none other lol

    [–] We haven't even scratched the surface 0moorad0 230 points ago in wow

    “Mooooom, bathroom bathroom”

    “What hun?”


    [–] Mario Camarena and Kenny G before the Coachella show 0moorad0 1 points ago in mathrock

    One of the highlights of coachella for me, even saw cuco after, really sick treat seeing chon cuco and Kenny g together.

    [–] Keyblade / totem that I made for EDC this year! 0moorad0 3 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    This person is about to get a lot of Kandi, I’m joining too lol

    [–] Yotto Coachella 0moorad0 6 points ago in AboveandBeyond

    It was great, chill vibes saw some anjuna fam and it was also a nice way to stay out of the heat for a bit. I was only able to catch the last 30 minutes though :/

    [–] The Angry Beavers 0moorad0 3 points ago in nostalgia

    I watched ka-Blam recently, really enjoyed it lol

    [–] I made some perlers 0moorad0 1 points ago in electricdaisycarnival

    Made a soraka one last year, but this is very on point haha super sick!