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    [–] I think this fits in the category and it's so damn cute!!! 12hoyebr 23 points ago in ContagiousLaughter

    I’m so confused. He made an innocent comment and you’re coming back with some aggressive talk, man. Take a break from reddit for a bit.

    [–] Math is his porn 12hoyebr 0 points ago in iamverysmart

    Did you take the million dollars first?

    [–] Natalie Portman 12hoyebr 1 points ago in gentlemanboners

    Good ol’ Bang Ding Ow

    [–] Tuscany Italy Natural Landscape [3840x2160] 12hoyebr 9 points ago in wallpaper

    Is nobody going to point out that this image is actually 768x432 instead of 3840x2160? This isn't even close.

    [–] BIITCOONNEEEEEEEEECT 12hoyebr 1 points ago in h3h3productions

    The OP did a solid job writing it out, though.

    [–] If you look at a blank space in between stars in the night sky, you COULD be looking at another planet with life on it that we haven't discovered yet. 12hoyebr 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Well, yeah, look at the stars, too, but I was looking up at them the other night and the thought occurred to me that I could be looking at some intelligent life without even knowing it.

    [–] Funhaus the Movie 12hoyebr 168 points ago in funhaus

    You mean Ellen

    [–] Requisitions users 12hoyebr 13 points ago in WWII

    “It was boring” - IGetBoredFast

    No surprises there.

    [–] stunning sunset [1920x1080] 12hoyebr 0 points ago in wallpaper

    Let it go dude. Just let it go.

    [–] stunning sunset [1920x1080] 12hoyebr 0 points ago in wallpaper

    I read it again. It's a bad joke.

    [–] stunning sunset [1920x1080] 12hoyebr 1 points ago in wallpaper

    No, I get what you’re saying, it was just a bad joke.

    [–] stunning sunset [1920x1080] 12hoyebr 1 points ago in wallpaper

    That’s exactly what he’s saying, to not categorize art. It’s subjective meaning it’s up to a specific person’s interpretation.

    [–] [KH3] Target listing: Kingdom Hearts III - November 1 Release 12hoyebr 6 points ago in KingdomHearts

    Guys, it's because the date comes out to 11/1, for Kingdom Hearts III. Three 1's, three I's, it's all there.

    [–] I the Mighty - Sleepwalker (My personal favorite from WTMWTG) 12hoyebr 1 points ago in PostHardcore

    I still think Playing Catch with .22 is the best song off Connector, but (No) Faith in Fate is also a strong contender, for me.

    [–] Emilia Clarke 12hoyebr 8 points ago in gentlemanboners

    Oh no, maybe we should take this post down, guys. /u/ozzymomo123 doesn’t like it! We should respect his opinion and just get rid of it.

    [–] [longpost] Another no-life level 121 giving his 2 cents about the game, a review 12hoyebr 5 points ago in WWII

    Now, I don’t want to push you into “jetpacking” games, but I very much enjoyed Black Ops 3 and I have also enjoyed the other games you’ve listed. Just my two cents.

    [–] Magnesium wave(UV protection recommended) 12hoyebr 20 points ago in shockwaveporn

    Okay, but where is the shockwave in the gif? All I see is the whole screen going white.

    [–] Bones unlocked the rank of 'Father' 12hoyebr 15 points ago in funhaus

    See, i was nervous to click on that link