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    [–] [longpost] Another no-life level 121 giving his 2 cents about the game, a review 12hoyebr 3 points ago in WWII

    Now, I don’t want to push you into “jetpacking” games, but I very much enjoyed Black Ops 3 and I have also enjoyed the other games you’ve listed. Just my two cents.

    [–] Magnesium wave(UV protection recommended) 12hoyebr 20 points ago in shockwaveporn

    Okay, but where is the shockwave in the gif? All I see is the whole screen going white.

    [–] Bones unlocked the rank of 'Father' 12hoyebr 18 points ago in funhaus

    See, i was nervous to click on that link

    [–] moon Love [1920X1080] 12hoyebr 1 points ago in wallpaper

    No, this image is not in those dimensions. It is in 1024x601, like the other commenter said.

    [–] Gal Gadot Is the Highest-Grossing Actress of 2017 12hoyebr 44 points ago in movies

    This is my first bashing, do you have any first-timer tips for me?

    [–] I've peaked as a Lucio main 12hoyebr 16 points ago in Overwatch

    Had to google myself

    Woah there buddy

    [–] [Game Mode Idea] Hide And Seek 12hoyebr 2 points ago in Overwatch

    But... that’s already a thing. I’m confused as to what your point is.

    [–] Actor Terry Crews looking incredible at the age of 48! 12hoyebr 3 points ago in gifs

    Why do you seem so angry about this? Do opinions offend you?

    [–] Floating Solar Panel System[1024x600] 12hoyebr 19 points ago in wallpaper

    This is so pixelated even at the resolution you have listed. This is shitty content and I don't know why this is getting upvoted even once.

    [–] I hope we get this menu and not the actual crap. 12hoyebr 5 points ago in WWII

    Not really, no. MW2 or 3 never had any soldiers standing around during lobby wait times