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    [–] Stripping the gas tank 1978manx 7 points ago in HondaCB

    Absolutely. I’ve done half a dozen tanks. If it has factory paint even under a custom job, then sand it down to the factory paint & do your thing.

    So much easier. Saves you from a bunch more priming & a bunch of sanding.

    Plus, if you strip it, it’s really difficult to see any small dents or scratches. You end up needing to paint it just to see where to patch it.

    I don’t know if you’re aware, but you can get color matched and/or professional grade put into a rattle can at a paint shop.

    I used a two stage paint & two-stage clear coat on my last tank & it’s held up for five years perfectly.

    [–] Late stage Capitalism is slavery with extra steps 1978manx 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    No, it’s not. Capitalism by definition is wage theft.

    Why don’t wealthy work? Because they own the means of production.

    The median wage in the US was $31,000. That is smack dab in the middle. Half make less, half make more.

    $31k is less than $2200 gross a month. Average rent in the US is $1200 a month. You include utilities, insurance & a car payment and that doesn’t leave much.

    Meanwhile, just 8 men have more money than the bottom 50% of Americans. Jeff Bezos has a personal fortune of $135,000,000,000.

    He didn’t ‘earn’ that — Amazon relies on public roads, the federal post office & practically slave labor at its fulfillment centers.

    Amazon uses a system of piece-labor, whereby workers get paid by the amount of work they do, which is why injuries are common. They are temporary workers, often having to show up at 6 in the morning to find out if they have work that day.

    Jeff Bezo’s obscene fortune is a testament to the broken American system.

    Amazon made $11,000,000,000 last year & paid ZERO in income taxes.

    There at dozens of other companies like General Electric that did the same thing.

    There is a class war going on, but only one side is fighting. More than a trillion a year gets dumped into the defense-industrial complex, more than the next closest eight nations COMBINED. Six of whom are our allies.

    50% of Americans are in poverty or near-poverty. Honestly, unless you just ha e a political axe to grind. You really should do some more research. BLS is skewed, or minimum wage is ridiculous — $7.25 an hour — that just over $15,000 a year. No one can survive on that.

    Before 2007, min wage was $5.15!

    If you think it’s okay to steal peoples’ labor to add a few billion a year to Jeff Bexo’s fortune, then you’re just not paying attention.

    Billionaires are a failure of policy.

    [–] Stripping the gas tank 1978manx 14 points ago in HondaCB

    Because I stripped my first CB tank to bare metal.

    First, it flash rusts really really easy, and super fast. Like, minutes.

    Then, you need etching primer followed by regular primer to properly adhere to the bare metal.

    Unless the factory paint has something wrong, it’s very good paint, and you’re going to get a better surface by sanding that smooth rather than stripping it.

    There may be a reason to strip it — I’ve painted quite a few tanks at this point, but if at all possible just prepping the factory paint is way less work and will probably be a better surface than you’re ever going to get with a diy paint job.

    Sometimes you need to do body work, etc, but very rarely do you need to strip it. A body shop wouldn’t strip it

    But, if you do need to strip it, or it’s too late, just make sure to use etching primer. Acetate works pretty well to scrub the bare metal clean, and will remove any flash rust (it can literally flash rust in less than an hour).

    [–] Stripping the gas tank 1978manx 3 points ago in HondaCB

    Don’t take it bare metal if you can help it! Ask me how I know, lol.

    [–] IsItBullshit: Unlike most authority figures, it's legal for police officers to have sex on duty? 1978manx 0 points ago in IsItBullshit

    Unfortunately, you’ll see that rape is pretty common for cops, and they’re very rarely held to account.

    The pig in that link raped or harassed at least three times, but of course over 20 years it was certainly more.

    The DA avoided prosecuting him that whole time.

    It’s really nauseating.

    [–] IsItBullshit: Unlike most authority figures, it's legal for police officers to have sex on duty? 1978manx 3 points ago in IsItBullshit

    You’ve got a lot of people on here commenting and making guesses.

    You’re spot on — a professor sleeping w students is likely to be fired. A teacher having sex w students would go to jail. A doctor having sex w patients would go to jail & lose their medical license.

    Cop unions & FOP will fight any attempt to fire, censure or reign in police.

    US cops are rogue. I’m an upper middle class white dude, so I had no axe to grind.

    I started looking into police this past two years, along with judges & prosecutors & prisons.

    These people are parasites on our society, especially for poor people.

    Cops are absolutely unaccountable. They have contempt for citizens & consider themselves a special breed.

    They are the only public servants who get paid overtime to sit their squad cars & surf Twitter & Reddit, spreading copaganda & antagonizing people.

    The US system is broken. This nation is turning into a police state.

    I dunno is you’ve ever subbed to r/bad_cop_no_donut but it’s a dark glimpse into what the blue mafia really gets up to.

    You think it’s just rare instances until you’re subbed for awhile, then you realize these people are corrupt AF, and rarely if ever pay the price.

    Cops are always on there, starting arguments — you always know it’s a cop because they like calling people, bud & bub.. They also get enraged when you debate using facts, like 40% of cops are domestic abusers or cops killed 10,000 family dogs in 2017, a number that’s increased every year for more than a decade.

    [–] My one meal of the day. Simple, delicious, and filling. [food pic] 1978manx 1 points ago in Paleo

    You’re spot on. If you’re overweight, you can fast. I did a mix of keto & fasting & dropped mad weight quickly.

    Fasting & OMAD is proven to have health benefits as I’m sure you know.

    I loved the way my system got so clean. I’m eating ‘normal’ again (kinda), but it took awhile to revert. I got so used to eating clean that it was hard to reduce regular food back in my system.

    I still prob only eat two meals a day.

    People can go two or three months w/o food. Fasting is great for your system. You’re spot on, but I’m pretty you know that!!

    Congrats! 65 lbs is life-changing!!!

    [–] IsItBullshit: Unlike most authority figures, it's legal for police officers to have sex on duty? 1978manx 10 points ago in IsItBullshit

    Yes, most cops can not only have sex on duty, they can legally have sex with detainees.

    Cops like to brag about screwing women then giving them a ticket.

    NY fought hard to make this illegal, as the Blue Mafia - aka the fraternal order of police & cop Unions — fight tooth & nail to keep this legal.

    Cops are pretty much unaccountable. It’s why the “few bad apples” argument falls flat. They’re cops, supposed to uphold law, but you rarely if ever see cops busting other cops. If they do, it usually ends their career, if not their lives

    [–] My one meal of the day. Simple, delicious, and filling. [food pic] 1978manx 4 points ago * (lasted edited 18 hours ago) in Paleo

    That’s awesome! I heard the test for a sous chef in France was to make a French omelet in a cast iron pan, using only a fork.

    I dunno if you’ve ever seen the great cooking movie, The Big Night, but there is an amazing scene at the end where Stanley Tucci makes a French Omelet done entirely in a single tale, one camera. Probably my fave cooking scene in any movie, ever.

    EDIT: my bad, he makes it olive oil not butter, but it’s still an incredible scene.

    [–] Selena Gomez 1978manx 1 points ago in Celebhub

    Nice — thanks for sharing. I could very well be wrong. This is why I love Reddit.

    [–] Why do you train judo over bjj? 1978manx 2 points ago in judo

    Keep in mind Judo is jiu jitsu. Both are bastardized versions.

    I used to roll with a judo bb and he was def lethal on his feet. He did these standing armbars that just killed me, lol.

    But, once I got him down, he was through. He picked up bjj quickly, as the mechanics are similar. If we got into an actual fight, I’m pretty confident I could have beat him (as a blue belt).

    There are standing techniques for bjj, but they just don’t teach them very much. They’re similar to judo. BJJ came from a judo instructor, modified for a frail person (Gracie). Our Master was old school Brazilian, and he required us to learn standing techniques to progress.

    You’re getting great advice on here. Judo is a blast and powerful against an untrained opponent.

    I found bjj to be more real-world effective — it so far has been the most effective martial art I’ve ever trained in.

    But judo is killer — the ideal is to do both. BJJ generally sucks at any stand-up. It’s why wrestlers have such an edge w take downs & the like.

    If you’re young enough, do either. You can train a lifetime.

    If you want to get lethal as fast as possible, then take bjj. It’s the most dangerous MA I’ve ever experienced, altho it was much better in the 90s when no one had any idea what you were doing, lol.

    [–] My one meal of the day. Simple, delicious, and filling. [food pic] 1978manx 13 points ago in Paleo

    Looks good, but damn those eggs are WAY over cooked! You might look up French omelet on YouTube. I mean, whatever suits you of course.

    It really upped my egg-game & changed the way I make omelets forever.

    You might not want to use all the butter (although it replaces the need for cheese). But the technique of making the omelet really helped me out.

    Plus, cooking the eggs less well done really increases flavor & tenderness.

    Hope you don’t think I’m being rude. But w only OMAD, you may as well make the most awesome omelet possible.

    Your omelet looks exactly like mine used to — w the French technique, you kinda scramble the eggs before they get solid, so you’re not trying to do the American technique, which ends up overlooking the eggs & making them tough.

    [–] Late stage Capitalism is slavery with extra steps 1978manx 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    I used to think $100k a year would make me wealthy. But as a single wage earner, you find that taxes, student loans, health insurance, etc take a huge chunk out your pay.

    Trying to self-finance retirement is a massive burden as well. I was certainly comfortable, but I was not rolling in money by any means.

    I wasn’t quite paycheck to paycheck, but I didn’t have a huge cushion. You’d think grossing $10k a month would be plenty, but I think after deductions my net was something like $4500.

    [–] Late stage Capitalism is slavery with extra steps 1978manx 9 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    To clarify, wage slavery is slavery without extra steps.

    Slave owners used to complain about having to maintain their ‘stables’ of slaves.

    Wage slavery is more & more ideal, as workers lose health care, lose homes & increasingly funnel a huge portion of their wages back to the wealthy.

    More than half of Americans live in poverty or near-poverty. This is oppression & subjugation.

    Why do we fear cops? Some of us fear violence, but most of us fear getting financially raped for being poor.

    [–] Selena Gomez 1978manx -2 points ago in Celebhub

    Sure, but she prob has 100,000’s if not millions of followers. So it’s not like she doesn’t have an audience.

    I manage social media — nothing like this goes out without a lot of thought.

    I just find it disingenuous.

    It’s hot AF, but isn’t she like a really talented singer? This is like Kardashian-level douchiness.

    But, it may just be me. This seems like My Space era social media. Or mom’s Facebook.

    [–] Selena Gomez 1978manx -2 points ago in Celebhub

    Gotcha ... i knew photoshop wasn’t quite right, but I don’t use any SM other than twitter & Reddit these days.

    I think the rest of it’s valid though.

    Or maybe I’m just being a curmudgeon?

    I despise these fake “casual” shots. They not going to age well — another ten years & most people will be cringing right along w me, if they are not now.

    [–] Selena Gomez 1978manx -3 points ago in Celebhub

    Valid point, my friend, but ... Dressed like that, full make-up & she does a photoshop caption?!? Rehearsing, my ass, lol.

    I dunno — prob just me, but that borders on psycho. If my sister did that I’d prob call her & ask what’s wrong. And I don’t call anyone, lol!

    Girl is a multimillionaire. That isn’t an off-the-cuff photo — look how carefully exposed her panties are in the image. Her tits, etc. That took planning & angles.

    The image is hot, but to caption it as casually “rehearsing” in the shower is just ludicrous. I’m sure that’s just how Selena rehearses — made-up for soft-core porn, lol.

    Maybe some people buy it, but it’s moronic to me. It assumes we’re all a bunch of idiots.

    [–] Selena Gomez 1978manx -13 points ago in Celebhub

    Are you really rehearsing in the shower, in your underwear? With socks & shoes?!

    Seems idiotic. She’s hot, no question, but this nonsense deflates any desire.

    She seems like a narcissist, TBH.

    [–] Watching the latest JRE and noting all of Joe's inconsistencies to chat about on r/JoeRogan 1978manx 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    Makes sense — appreciate the clarification. I’m sure part of it is simply listening too much period. You’re gonna get sick of anyone you listen to them 4 hours a week.

    [–] Watching the latest JRE and noting all of Joe's inconsistencies to chat about on r/JoeRogan 1978manx 2 points ago in JoeRogan

    Brilliant response! You really got me there, man.

    I loved hearing from Mike Baker the first time. But he’s a CIA shill, still in the payroll.

    I’m a wartime vet — just a disposable enlisted grunt. Iraq fucked up my life trajectory. Jacking off to War porn gets old. Especially when it’s the third or fourth show.

    I work in public relations. It became obvious the war complex got an in to the show and it was inundated for awhile there.

    I enjoyed Milo’s visit — no need to follow up.

    But honestly, he used to do a lot more astrophysics, science & just cool thought experiments.

    The politics are fine to a point, but the other stuff is what I really enjoyed, along with the long form interviews w dudes like GSP.

    It just went in a weird place. But you don’t really give AF, you weren’t looking to have a thought out response, you were just looking to shit on someone.

    [–] It’s time to change the climate disaster script. People need hope that things can change 1978manx 1 points ago in environment

    I KNEW you were a STEM. I worked with engineers for many years and they are fundamentally incapable of critical thinking.

    Worse, they worship the pseudoscience of psychology and are the classic “smart people are the easiest yo manipulate.”

    STEM people are just these linear thinkers, convinced of their own superiority, and certain there “data-driven” approach is the way to approach the world.

    And don’t get me wrong - STEM is much needed, but when you lack training in critical thinking and try to do it on your own, it falls flat.

    One of the biggest jobs I’ve had is taking your dry, data driven and jargon rich reports and translates.

    No one is talking about needlessly scaring people. It’s about appropriately communicating the severity of what we’re facing, no more, no less.

    If you’re STEM, then you know the climate scientists will be and have been ultra conservative in their predictions. So far, it’s all been worse.

    In addition, STEM do not look at the other pressures on society, such as the wealth gap, uncontrolled oligarchy and a total disconnect between the govt & the people.

    There is no need to exaggerate ecosystem collapse — climate change isn’t happening in a vacuum. Fisheries worldwide have collapsed 93%, and a million species have gone extinct since 1970.

    As a mass communicator, I take all these factors into consideration and I interpret them.

    No, I’m not going to get sucked into providing an annotated & footnoted thesis, because I’ve gotten sucked into that too many times.

    I’m not lazy — this is my field and I’m not going to feed you a graduate degree & 30 years of experience on a Reddit post. I most recently worked for the department of the interior — I know exactly how this shit works.

    As far as my “conspiracy theory” you don’t understand how funding works. I’m not going to bother drilling down on those studies, but if you don’t get our universities, think tanks & research groups are funded overwhelmingly by fossil fuel, military industrial complex & oligarchs, then you’re woefully ignorant.

    But that’s STEM. You all are linear thinkers, you think things are binary — it’s why you need people like me. I absolutely understand the scientific process, engineering, etc etc etc, but my talent is explaining it in a compelling way to educate the public & students.

    Only time we ran into problem were when our STEM people started thinking they didn’t need the classically trained communicators. Everything from office design to gaffes to the media would not just sink officials, but more importantly, it would destroy good programs.

    What I’ve found and studies show — people only panic in rare situations. An immediate threat, like a fire, and a limited escape, like a crowded doorway.

    Just like psychologists used to warn us against “panicking” populations when I did disaster communications, we found there was zero basis to that concept.

    What’s worked for me consistently is to be honest, concise & sincere. Treat people like adults.

    You say you deal with data — again, climate change has gotten more traction in the last two years, because people are seeing it and writers have stopped sugar coating it, than it has for the last 20.

    Everyone says we turn people off — but as I said, you are privileged. You don’t want to the status quo upended — so you preach moderation.

    And psychologists are NOT scientists — they’re pseudo-scientists.

    I’ve been communicating for 30 years and my salary depends on results, not theory. What’s happening has been being downplayed and disputed for 30 years, starting in the 1990s.

    Rhetoric is my life’s work. The obvious and crude techniques being used stick out like a sore thumb to me, so I try to let people know.

    Do some research into corporate/military funding — it’s often hidden behind foundations, etc, but it all comes from a few big players. That’s not conspiracy, it’s just fact.

    [–] It’s time to change the climate disaster script. People need hope that things can change 1978manx 1 points ago in environment

    Yeah, that’s neat. Are you’re actually a true centrist in the wild, aren’t you?!?

    You know you’re kind is dying out, as your third-way Democrats are really just Republicans. All kinds of hand-wringing about the “far-left” who just want a modicum of what every other industrialized nation has for leave, healthcare & retirement.

    You’re stuck in your own head — a pseudo-intellectual who works backward from a conclusion.

    You apparently don’t understand what a graduate degree & undergrad degree in .org comm & public relations entails — but there’s a reason we craft the messages to manipulate weak minds, NOT psychologists.

    And I’m suspecting you’re actually a conservative, as “conspiracy theory” is the only thing you can actually re it with — and that’s absolutely just like Trump’s climate “hoax” and has been an easy point for morons to remember & regurgitate when they’re shallow bit of knowledge falls flat.

    But it sounds so reasonable. large, multinational corporations funding universities & symposiums and grants to skew the science?!?!?

    Thats all a conspiracy!! Not like it took 500,000 deaths a year from smoking to finally get scientists to conclude smoking was bad for you — they just could t figure it out, right?!?

    You really don’t read. You’re a flat ear ether type, but you stick to milquetoast stances on issues people are confused about.

    I’d say you’re a shill, but you’re actually a Useful Idiot who we used confirmation bias to get you to repeat our talking points because we know you want to act smart, but you’re too intellectually weak to actual dig for answers.

    8 men have more wealth than 50% of Americans, but that’s just hard work — no conspiracy theories.

    What’s funny, is “conspiracy theory” has been well-known for 20 years at least as a propaganda technique. Although in truth, Goebbels used it regarding Nazi death camps.

    But I’m sure, your literally reading articles telling you to not worry too much about climate change — the jury is still out.

    Besides, you won’t have to deal with it for 50 years. Which bullshit — but anything to keep the tiny slice of the pie you have.

    You sound like Joe Biden on segregation, and MLK’s critics — don’t be so radical.

    Weak mind.

    [–] Watching the latest JRE and noting all of Joe's inconsistencies to chat about on r/JoeRogan 1978manx 2 points ago in JoeRogan

    Exactly what I do — and as I mentioned, and you know if you’ve been listening that long, there just wasn’t good podcast around back in those days.

    Now there is SO much good content, I can’t keep up with it all.

    He still gets top notch guests on, I mean, that Elon Musk was GOLD, lol.

    And I defend Joe — he’s done more for martial arts than any single individual in long long time. He’s done a lot to rehabilitate the concept of stoners as slackers.

    Naw, I don’t have any hate for Joe at all. He even said T one point that he was going to get over-exposed. That’s a lot of it for me ... that, and just kinda of tone-deaf on the plight of the working class.

    But for as many hour as I’ve listened, he’s still one of my favorite popular figures. If nothing else, Joe is sincere.